Thursday, April 23, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: EXCLUSIVE Report By Greencrow -Vancouver BC Sleuths Visit 11 Hospitals And 2 COVID-19 Testing Sites And Find Silence And Crickets!

I am continuing to blast away at this COVID-19 bullshit, as I am truly disgusted by the ignorant morons around me that have allowed their own common sense to disappear and have fallen for the propaganda and fear porn..... I honestly have gotten to the point that I can no longer tolerate their ignorance and have begun to walk away from them rather than even try to knock sense into them!

I have gone three times now on walks to the nearest hospital from where I live just to see for myself if there is any kind of evidence of a "pandemic"... Logically you would assume that if there actually was a real "pandemic" then the hospitals would be overflowing with patients suffering from this disease, right?  But all I have seen here in Manitoba over the last while is deathly silence and NO activity anywhere around the hospitals.... The hospitals are more like morgues and absolutely should have EVERYONE realizing that this entire "pandemic" is indeed a well orchestrated hoax!

And I am not alone in seeing the truth about this fraud through the inactivity at hospitals... For my fellow Canadian colleague, Greencrow, who of course writes the excellent blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at, has sent me a personal email earlier asking me to take a look at a string of videos that she received and has up at a new article today where some astute researchers did indeed go to ALL of the major hospitals in the Vancouver area as well as two "testing sites for COVID-19" and found nearly ZERO activity at each!  In fact, I do want to present Greencrow's article right here, where those amazing videos are also enclosed, right here for all to see for themselves.. I absolutely have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Vancouver sleuths visit 11 Hospitals and 2 Covid-19 Pandemic Treatment find....Crickets

Covid-19 Global Pandemic 2020 - Vancouver Update

Hi folks:  Below you will find a series of videos sent to me by some local sleuths who recently went around and visited 11 hospitals and 2 treatment sites for Covid-19 in the Vancouver lower mainland over a period of weeks.  As you'll view in the videos below, they discovered that all the sites were unusually quiet--for what we've been told is a global "pandemic".  This is proof positive that Canadians/Vancouverites have been terrorized and swindled out of our normal lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness and, as taxpayers, we've been doubly swindled out of all the public funds spent on very expensive dedicated...but ultimately empty spaces.  When will the insanity end?  I want to thank and commend these Canadian citizens for doing their patriotic duty...and for doing the job that today's mainstream media so-called "journalists" absolutely REFUSE to do!

Vancouver, Canada Hospital Tours 
April 21, 2020
We visited 11 hospitals and 2 testing sites in the Metro-Vancouver area.
What inspired us was the #FilmYourHospitalmovement that has gained momentum around the world.
Check Our YouTube playlist below with the Video Series on the topic and come back regularly for updates.
Part 1 - Burnaby, BC / Covid-19 Testing Center

Part 1A - Burnaby, BC / Covid-19 Testing Center 
(Two weeks Later)

Part 2  - Burnaby Hospital

Part 3  - Royal Columbian New Westminster, BC

Part 4  - Surrey Memorial Hospital

Part 5 - White Rock Peace Arch Hospital

Part 6 - Delta Hospital

Part 7 - Richmond Hospital

Part 8  - Mount St Joseph Hospital Vancouver

Part 9  - Cambie N 33rd Testing Center, Vancouver

Part 10 - Vancouver General Hospital

Part 11 - - Lion's Gate Hospital, North Vancouver

Part 12 - St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver

Part 13 - UBC Hospital, Vancouver

Part 14 - Vancouver City Hall

"End Lockdown Protest" (Apr 17, 2020)

Greencrow concludes:  Lives are being destroyed.  Chronically ill people are being ordered to stay away from these hospitals, as elective surgeries are cancelled.  Mentally vulnerable citizens are being driven to the brink--due to isolation, coupled with the terror that they will have to subject themselves to forced vaccinationbefore they will be freed from lockdown.

And yet there is NO mercy, NO relief and NO end in sight. 

NTS Notes: I again want to thank Greencrow for bringing those fabulous videos to my attention, for they are absolutely very revealing and reinforce our evidence that this entire "pandemic" is probably one of the most elaborate scams every concocted on human beings in all history!

I am not and never have been a video producer as I find the criminals behind Youtube to be so vile... BUT I will make the point here that if anyone out there has some videos that they have taken by themselves to show what is really happening in hospitals and does need a platform to inform others of their findings, I would gladly help here at this blog!  They can send me the videos through my comment section and I will look at them and if valid, may indeed post them up here in future articles....

Yes, lives are now being destroyed as people are living in bullshit isolation and are having their jobs and their very livelihoods ruined and probably permanently.... And as Greencrow points out there are so many people out there now with REAL illnesses who are not allowed to go to hospitals and many are stuck having to suffer and/or die from those real illnesses while under this bullshit "isolation"!  And I need not even bother to go into details here about my thoughts on the fuckers responsible for this fraud gunning for everyone to be forced to be vaccinated!

This is indeed a WAR, and we must be the foot soldiers now to get people to get angry and fight back against this criminality... Our very futures are at stake!

More to come



greencrow said...


Thanks for sharing these videos. My husband received a letter today from the Kidney Transplant Clinic at St. Pauls' Hospital in Vancouver telling him not to go in for regular follow-up testing again this month. The clinic is not doing its usual follow up on Kidney transplant recipients because of the so-called "pandemic". Can you imagine all the complications that could happen due to this interruption of treatment? Imagine what the cancer patients are going through. Yet these taxpayer-funded hospitals are virtually empty--with only 149 cases of Covid-19 currently in ALL of British Columbia.

Tribe of Dab said...

And those videos are just the tip of the iceberg .Mossad , I mean Google must be going apeshit trying to find them then scrub them.Burning thru resources like crazy now.
Bring on the vaccines Jooos, we gotta plan for that shit too. Goddamn Goblins.
You know what you do when you're out and about without a mask and some lowlife sheepeople wanna get pushy about it? Tell them not to worry , because a vaccine is right around the corner then recommend that they get double dosed. Makes their shifty little heads spin like Excorcist went to Amityville.

CoronaGate said...

Thank you Green Crow & NTS for helping us spread our videos to a wider audience.

Hopefully, people will start asking themselves questions & begin to question the mainstream narrative which has nothing to do with the current reality...