Thursday, April 23, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Excellent Video - Surprise! Surprise! NO ONE Knows Anyone Suffering From "Coronavirus"!

I have continued to monitor the situation in my province Manitoba very closely... And today when that asshole of a Health Minister got to the podium to put out his bullshit, the "numbers" here continue on a rapid downward trend... As of today, there are supposedly "262" cases of this fraud "COVID-19 virus" here in Manitoba, as the criminals in charge have "upped" the ante by claiming "5 new cases proven positive" (bullshit of course, as the tests are frauds and these new 'victims' probably just have either the common cold or even Influenza..) and the number of "deaths" sits still at 6 and has not changed in 5 days.... And they have been forced to reluctantly state that there are now 174 cases of this bullshit disease that have "recovered"..

Looking at those numbers from this province, what we have in truth is the fact that there are now ONLY 82 "active or suspect cases" of this supposed "virus" in a population of 1.35 million citizens, down rapidly from the "97" they reported yesterday... I would also bet dollars to donuts that these 82 cases if any of them even have a "disease" is in fact either the common cold or even Influenza as well... So what we have in reality is a bunch of lying cocksuckers in charge still pushing this fraud pandemic here in Manitoba without ANY reasons to continue the fucking lock downs and "social distancing" bullshit as well!  Fuck them all, and lets stop this nonsense and get people back to work!!!

One thing that I have always wondered since these criminals launched this bullshit "pandemic"... And that is in spite of all of the constant lies put out by the Jew spew media where they claim that there are victims, I honestly do NOT know anyone even here in this province that came down with this disease at all!!!  I have heard "rumours" and some claim that they know someone, but upon real questions to them about those supposed individuals, it is mostly "hearsay" and "second or third hand knowledge"....

Which leads me to the following most fabulous video, where a woman in Virginia took the time to stop people in front of a supermarket and ask them flat out if they knew anyone that actually has or had this "Coronavirus"... .And the answers are so obviously NO..... Here in fact is that video for all to see for themselves right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well, honestly.. No shock here, when the reality is that people are TOLD by the liars in both the Jew spew media and our corrupt governments about supposed victims... But the reality is that they personally almost guaranteed know of no one that actually has this disease....  Therefore their entire world of fear is based upon what they are listening to from either the media or said governments!

But hey... What the heck right?  I will say that my best friend's hairdresser's neighbour's mother-in-law's butcher's daughter's best friend's pen pal's brother's cousin's teacher's assistant's girlfriend's boyfriend knows of someone that came down with the Coronavirus... And therefore that is good enough for me that this is indeed a legitimate pandemic, right????

Get the hint here, people... This entire pandemic is nothing but one of the greatest lies ever concocted in all human history, and its about time people stopped the lies and took back our planet from these bastards!

More to come



Cloud said...

"fucking prick..." lol

that's me everyday in this loony bin

Unknown said...

...and just to ALL started with the TV
"docu-drama" called "holocaust" all made for the
sheeple who are now coming down with the "virus"..
back in 1978..starring of course...Jewish actor
James Woods! I smelled a rat then...and I smell
a BIGGER rat now, especially here in SC! This
Governor of SC down here..McMaster...rumor says
I went to the same high school and grad class he
did back in 1965. If anyone and everyone in that
AC Flora Class has any "class" at all...they will
ALL call off ALL of this BS NOW! I thank you, NTS!

FreakedOut said...

Love that nurse!
Thanks for the video NTS!

Number-Cruncher Man said...

I'm in the minority, as I was told that a former student of mine came down with coronavirus. Now, who knows for sure, right? Likely enough, it's the sort of respiratory illness with which all of us are already familiar -- but under the circumstances, ANYONE with a respiratory ailment is deemed to be suffering from the big bad coronavirus.

John said...

I've been having my wife ask the same question at work on a regular basis for about 8 weeks and the answer has always been the same with one exception. One of her coworkers has a niece that works at a hospital and she'd seen covid-19 patients there. I had her do this more to prove to her that it's all BS rather than than for my own edification.