Friday, April 24, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Amazing Polly - To Serve Man, The Lie Of Philanthropy!

I once again want to give my daily report on the changing situation here in Manitoba on this fraud COVID-19 "pandemic".... The so called "health minister" whom to me is either the biggest moron possible in this province, or obviously one of the biggest sell outs to the CRIMINAL WHO in this province, has come out and stated that there is ONE (yes, one!) "new case" of this fraudulent COVID-19 "virus" meaning that the grand total for this province since these assholes started this fucking lockdown at the beginning of last week sits at 264 cases!  Yes, 264 fucking bullshit cases in a population of 1.35 Million and we are fucking locked up like rats???

But lets break down this "264" for this province... There have been a grand total of 6 deaths, that in all probability were caused by "underlying illnesses" or most probably by... INFLUENZA!.... AND, I must point out that these bastards have reluctantly stated that there are now "196 victims" of this bullshit "virus" that have "recovered"... That means, with the simplest of mathematics, that there are now 62 (YES, 62 out of a population of 1.35 Million!) so called 'active cases' of this BULLSHIT virus for the province of Manitoba and that number is rapidly falling!!!   And again these fucking pricks locked up an entire province for this laughably ridiculous and ludicrous "disease"???  I have a message for these pricks at the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg, which is  QUIT FUCKING AROUND WITH US AND HAVE US RETURN TO FUCKING WORK IMMEDIATELY!!

OK, I got that off my chest..... Now onto the business at hand, and apparently my fellow Canadian known as Polly St George who lives in southern Ontario and does fabulous videos via "Youtube" (until those fuckers shut her down of course..) has released a new video that to me is a must see by everyone and takes shots at the fucking master criminals behind this entire fraud Pandemic and have the nerve to call themselves "Philanthropists"..... Here in fact is Polly's video, entitled: "To Serve Man - The Lie of Philanthropy" and I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I am glad that Polly produced this video and how she takes shots at these criminal psychopaths and especially that fucker Bill Gates...

Yes, as I have seen so many times before and has been exposed in a lot of videos and articles before, this entire Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is nothing more that one of the most evil and vile organizations on this planet and has the aims of not the betterment of mankind, but for its destruction..

And Polly does once again bring forward a LOT of information the even I have not been aware of... It is so ghastly to think about what these criminal fuckers are indeed planning for our futures if we do NOT stop them now!

Once again, and sometimes I do hate to have to repeat myself, this is a WAR and one that we must win or our futures will indeed be toast.... I do hope that readers take this video and pass it around for everyone to see for themselves....

More to come



Unknown said...

This is one awesome video! These leaders are satanical garbage. If you are Christian (not like the crazy the pope or other organized religions) , I give you one biblical quote. When Christ was tempted on pinnacles of the earth.. Lucifer said " Kingdoms of the Earth are mine, I give them to whom I want"...Christ didn't argue! Look it up. Now makes sense? I know this pisses off the Christians? Resist and choose a side.
Also, I hear one more commercial "we are in on it together" and they get bailouts for 2 trillion dollars.. and jack burrito for little guy..I'm gonna vomit.

RickB said...

I was impressed with it also. That's why I posted it on my blog.

cb said...

Because Jesus is not playing games. He set it up like that so only the sincere ones would find Him. The satanic rule this world. You break principles, you reap it. People want AI? He lets them. We will all get our reward and I do NOT want the reward BGates will get if he does not repent. It grieves me for the cursing. Polly even said she does not like cursing. Mr. Truthseeker, I feel your heart and thank you but you will have more authority if you put bleep in place of the cursing. I still wish blessings and protection on you to keep speaking. Does anyone know what we do beyond passing information? When you see riots on the streets you know those are provoked. Serious thinkers would probably riot on the estates of the ceo's, don't you think? I'm a peace lover though. Just commenting on the origin of riot.s