Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit:Absolute BOMBSHELL Report Shows That Hospitals Are Purposely Murdering Coronavirus "Victims" Just To Meet Their "COVID-19 Pandemic" Death Numbers! Updated!

I am continuing my reports on this fraud pandemic.... I was hoping that by this point the majority of people would have at least been asking the hard questions about this "Pandemic" and especially why we are still locked up like rats in cages and unable to even work for our livings!   But again, most of the ignorant masses out there are simply too stupid to live and I have given up on the whole rotten bunch because of their ignorance..

I put out an article just the other day showing the reality of exactly what has been happening in Italy and how the "number" of supposed victims of this "disease" have been skewered and falsified purposely to create the illusion that people everywhere are "dying" from this "virus".... I found it disgusting to see how our elderly were being treated in those hospitals and senior centres in Italy...

Which has led me to a troubling thought... If the elderly were being horribly mistreated in Italy, then what about here in North America?   And what was sent my way via email just a few hours ago shook my very foundation and made me realize that these BASTARDS are in fact KILLING OUR ELDERLY just to meet their "Pandemic" fraud numbers!!!!

I want to present the following most important report that was originally issued by Jim Stone through his website at www.jimstone.is, but comes courtesy of the "Before It's News" website, at www.beforeitsnews.com.... I absolutely want everyone to look at this report and the accompanying videos, for it shows how truly disgusting these bastards are that they are indeed murdering our senior citizens!  Here is that report, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

PROBABLY, and DEFINITELY banned everywhere. I figured I'd translate this and paste it in here before it totally vanishes, the audio has now vanished.

Patient with coronavirus reported that she and other patients were murdered at a New York hospital with a lethal injection.

pacha Produccion Mujer infectada de coronavirus muere y deja mensaje denunciando la mataron con inyección

NEW YORK.- A woman from the Dominican Republic infected with Covid-19 left a voice message before dying, in a New York hospital. She stated that they are killing the sick with an injection that they give them to get rid of them quickly.

Gertrudis Taveras, a native of Santo Domingo, lived in Brooklyn and was diagnosed with the coronavirus, so she was admitted to a hospital where she died.

Before she died, the 49-year-old woman sent a voice message to a relative of hers, who is also her compadre, in which she states that all the patients who were with her died after being injected.

In the message, in a tearful voice, Gertrudis explains that she was also injected and shows resignation, because she knew that she would die like the others who were confined with her in that hospital.

The audio was posted on social media by the victim's cousin's husband, who calls on people with relatives in New York hospitals to be vigilant about how their relatives die.

NTS Notes: This all makes sense now, and is very morbid... The fucking hospitals have been going around to so many elderly patients and are trying to get them all to sign "do not resuscitate" forms.... And apparently if those patients do not sign those forms, they may be doing away with them through other means such as lethal injections!

I do want people to get exactly what is going on here, and I want to state this clearly so that everyone can understand:


There can be no other logical reason for this morbid and ghoulish behavior by these hospitals... It is no wonder the numbers that we are seeing "dying" from this fraud "pandemic" are said to be so bad in places such as New York City, for the fuckers are killing not only their elderly, but apparently a LOT of "patients" supposedly suffering from this 'virus"!!!

I for one am so very angry right now!!!  THIS report must be seen by everyone you know to knock some sense in them and to get them to realize what is really happening here with this fraud pandemic....

And I cannot help but to think of my own elderly mother who is in a nursing home and is presently "isolated" to "prevent her from contracting this virus".... I have been keeping tabs on her and to make sure that she is still well taken care of... And now I will definitely get her to NOT sign a "do not resuscitate" order and I will request my other sibling that has the "power of attourney" for her to not sign one as well...

I will state it again as clearly as I can... THIS IS A WAR!!!  And is one that we all must win, for not only are we going to have a very dark future if these fuckers get away with this, but now they are resorting to outright murder of our elderly and do not give one crap about that at all!

Spread this to everyone you can see and get them to wake the fuck up to what is really happening...

More to come


*Update April 24th, 2020:  My fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, sent me the English translations to what has been said above, and I do want to present those here for everyone to see for themselves:

First, here is what the lady is saying:

"I was brought to the hospital a while ago (recently). They are injecting (giving shots to)  everyone.  So that they die. 

Don't be scared (alarmed) but I was given a shot as well, but God will charge (punish) them. 

None of us was given any pills or medicine. They don't let us see (talk or communicate to/with)  each other.  Nobody,... nobody can talk to anyone. 

I love you all."

Next, here is what the man, the victim's cousin's husband says:

I'm sharing this with you all so that you can decide for yourselves how to handle a potential situation.  if the person doesn't feel bad, it's not necessary to go to the hospital.  It seems to me that there so many people in the hospital that, it makes sense to "get rid of them" rather than try to cure them and possibly spread the infection (to staff) 

It looks like they've decided to deal with the problem (virus) in an inhumane manner without taking into consideration the well being of the individuals. It's painful for me personally because she (the woman in the audio) is a very close family member. It has really affected me and this is the reason I'm taking the initiative to share this case with all of you. I know that you too have many loved ones that can find themselves in the same situation. I'd suggest that if you have the means to help your loved ones at home with natural medicine or whatever is available to you ...  It is a better option, because if they go to the hospital they (the staff) may decide that it's better to get rid of the person, rather than .. (I couldn't understand the word there) 

This girl came (I guess he means the hospital)  the other day.  As you can hear (from the audio) she sounds healthy and in very good condition. For some reason, it was decided to inject her & the next day her family was informed that she has died. 

So I decided to share this with everyone in my contact list. God bless you and take care of each other. 

How much more proof does anyone need to see that these pricks are indeed murdering anyone just to have the bullshit COVID-19 numbers increased?

Wake up, everyone!


greencrow said...

Hi NTS: This is a very extreme end of the HOAX spectrum. I would like to see corroboration from another source. But, in NYC anything could happen. It's the centre of the Satanic universe, IMO.

Freeborn said...

No-one's gonna wake up. They got Disney for news.

They're comatose and not worth saving.

They love lockdown + social distancing.

They love the government and the bankers.

They want the shot + the chip + universal credit.

Fine and dandy with the NEW WORLD ORDER!

RickB said...

Rounding up the easiest first, elderly and homeless.

andie531 said...

My Spanish isn't the greatest, but this video shows an empty hospital in the Dominican Republic (hospital's name is Luis Morillo King located in La Vega) - title says she escaped the hospital after being suspected of having the virus - she is showing an empty ward - it is 4 am, and obviously they're not keeping it very clean (blood on the floor, for example). No patients at all there. Taken about a month ago https://youtu.be/1NyJEG93ufA

Joselyn said...

You wake up yourself first, and don't worry about others, for they will wake up too just at the right time which only God knows.Just pray and believe that they will eventually be awakened.