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Prisoners And Guards: Last Chapter For Humans!

I waited patiently for the "news" about the "number of "COVID-19" patients in Manitoba, but again could not stand to bother and listen to that heinous criminal "health care minister" for this province go up to the podium and continue to lie his ass off.... I am sick and tired of the Pallister regime and their lies, for the reality is that there is NO pandemic, period, end of story.. And therefore NO reason why this province should be opened up fully and put every Manitoban back to work immediately!

OK, Here are the numbers... There is supposedly ONE (!) new "patient" of this "COVID-19" bullshit, which I seriously doubt of course... Therefore raising the total number of "patients" since this "pandemic outbreak" came to this province nearly 7 weeks ago to "273"... And of those "273" we still have only "6" that have died, and I again will state that every single one of those "6" actually died from other underlying conditions... Thus that leaves "267" left over, and reluctantly that ass clown Health minister has stated that "213" have now recovered..... Therefore with even the simplest of mathematics we have a grand total of 54 (!) "COVID-19 patients" still in either quarantine or at our nearly empty hospitals!!!  Yes, readers, you shut down an entire province for 273 people coming down with most probably the common cold, or even Influenza, and you still call this a "pandemic".... Honestly, Pandemic my ass!!!

But I digress and I do want to focus in on the subject at hand... And thus I do want to present right here right now the latest essay from John Kaminski, through his website at, which is entitled: "Prisoners And Guards" with the subheading of "Last Chapter For Humans"  for all of my own readers to view for themselves... Here is that essay and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Last chapter for humans
Final call for revolution
before the lights go out 
You can’t tell if the lady in the mask is smiling or crying. In Coronaville’s quarantined supermarkets, everyone wearing a mask is regarded as an enemy and everyone without one presents themselves as a fool in the minds of those who have taken in the media poison through their ears and become something less than human in that instant when decision is decided by panic.
I said a long time ago that one day our entire society would be divided into prisoners and guards. That day has come. You’re either a resourceful research trying to debunk the lethal lies of The Man or a robot working for him.
Now that living a happy life seems to be completely out of the question, people who try to stay on the side of the government have become enemies of the rest of the people who are simply trying to stay alive.
You see it in the nasty behavior of those frustrated souls who are hooked into the mainstream media fables and get irate when you suggest that the highest leaders of our country just might not be telling the truth. It doesn’t matter if you point out the other numerous examples in the recent past where our leaders told us anything — sometimes even multiple versions of the same story — except the truth in life-or-death situations.
There seems no way to predict who will contract the quarantine-based, Sudden Elevation of No One to Someone disease of this current pandemic season. This worldwide scourge is called Airport Security Syndrome, when every punk west of East Cheesecake flaunts the insecurities of his powerless past by assiduously checking out the crotches of old ladies and little babies on the pretense of looking for bombs.
And as these certifiable malignant narcissists become the sworn enemies of those Luddites among us who simply wish to continue the beautiful life which we had been comfortably living before we were so rudely interrupted by this totalitarian Big Pharma brainrape, both our individuality and our lives are being served with defacto notifications of our termination dates.
Bulletin on malignant narcissists
Bill Gates is the J.P. Morgan of his time. He knew the virus was coming because he invented it. But like Morgan, he doesn’t have the real money; he only has the stock certificates. The real money still resides in the friendly folks who funded the Bolshevik Revolution, the Great Depression, and World Wars, 9/11 and now The Invented Disease that Paralyzed the World. Gates has now been admitted to this fecal fraternity at Rothschild-level rank. Gangsters have always ruled the killers
So I asked myself, “What would Eustace Mullins have to say about the Coronavirus?” In his bestselling “Murder By Injection” (1988) he wrote:
Despite the great power of the hidden rulers, I found that only one group has the power to issue life or death sentences to any American—our nation's physicians. […]
I was able to document the shocking record of these cold-blooded tycoons who not only plan and carry out famines, economic depressions, revolutions and wars, but who also find their greatest profits in their manipulations of our medical care. […]
. . . their most constantly used weapon against us is their employment of federal agents and federal agencies to carry out their intrigues. The proof of this operation may be the most disturbing revelation of my work.
What does COVID-19 stand for? Certificate Of Vaccination — ID2019. Do you have the presence of mind to understand what this means, and more importantly, can you explain its significance to someone else who desperately needs to understand it?
Understand this media mind invasion. Everything will be fine if we all just get our vaccinations. Please observe the teeth in the smile. This is a real life Twilight Zone episode materializing at this moment in time. More on what the vaccine will actually do to you in a later episode.
Malignant narcissists: 
A popular new category
for today’s introspectors
I love the phrase. It has such a nice ring to it. Not too offensive but slightly confrontational when mixed with the element of surprise.
People are feeble in trying to come back from this subtly rude assessment, if you blurt it out unexpectedly.
Malignant narcissists! It’s the perfect description of everyone in the world. It has become my favorite label because it applies to every single person anywhere at some unscheduled point in their day, that pivot point in reality when ‘what I should do is really right’ comes in second best to ‘I don’t have the time and energy for this so I’ll ignore it but still pretend I know what it’s all about.”
How many nervous 9/11 narratives have you heard like that? Or how many explanations of this CIA-19 ‘pandemic’ can you imagine being said by people like this, many of whom directing traffic inevitably send you in a direction you don’t want to go (which is what is happening to society).
Malignant narcissists. They are the type of people who would destroy the world without a second thought if it meant they could acquire their fondest wish by simply looking the other way, or telling a small lie by saying a certain thing was good when it really wasn’t.
My favorite antisocial label used to be “sociopathic autodidact” which I utilized to describe the lemmings who still believe Arabs who couldn’t fly Cessnas flew jetliners into skyscrapers as a way a person acts when they try to follow an argument but can’t really understand the finer points of it, yet agree, saying something like “mmm . . . OK” while looking off in another direction.
The offspring of all these crassly crafted creatures are the same bunch that eagerly infects everyone with their own personal version of the Airport Security Syndrome that arises when shallow people are given reins of authority too powerful for their little minds to keep from deteriorating into nihilistic nepotism, which is how all crime syndicates, from religions on down, operate.
That’s what the creators of the virus finally realized.
These sheep have already had their fleecing and continue to be too stupid to realize what’s actually happening to them. So now they are ready for their shearing, with the slaughterhouse their ultimate destination in order to shore up the food supply. SalĂșd Ray Kroc.
How the jaded politicians must glow with glee at the thought that Bill Gates is providing more flesh for this faggots’ feast, and also that Mr. Microsoft has a vaccine ready to give his government-locked-down captive audience that will guarantee an unbreakable connection with the central source who forevermore will dictate our new schedules as obedient and grateful citizens.
After all, isn’t this what the ouroboros really means — that snake eating its own tail? And now it has come to pass, we’ll be eating our own species in front of big screen TVs at the FEMA camps! Not for very long, though. But mostly this message applies only to malignant narcissists — who wind up destroyed by their own thoughts. But also for Democratic Party hopefuls, now that they have gone full Communist on us. I guess their plan is that we will just consume ourselves. Which, by the way, we seem to be doing.
Sociopathic autodidacts wound up in this position long ago, and are being swept toward the waterfall without a clue as to their own necrotic mental condition. This conclusion is why the new Deep State has decided to put the hammer down in 2020 — the population is helpless to prevent its lobotomization and standardization.
The lockdown turns people into shadows of their former selves right before our eyes. They avert eye contact in embarrassment with their faces hidden by antiseptic masks. In a way, the lockdown has made everyone a criminal in the eyes of everyone else. A perfect tool if alienation of the population from each other is the goal.
The rich use the poor as a weapon to drag down the self sufficient in order to make everyone the same level of slave.
Increasing the poverty of the masses makes control easier when people never have adequate time to examine the forces that prevent their understanding.
You can make good money as a guard although the diet of lies is not so good for your health. As a prisoner, the going is tough without ideal principles to support you, but even in the worst of it at least you can look at your own soul without retching and still fondly remember that hallowed time in history when at least you thought you were making your own decisions.
Because now we know for sure that we are not.
Today all the communication platforms are ruling that any talk of spirit, soul or consciousness in the same story is evidence of fake news. That the majority of people in the world accept these false editorial judgments as correct is clear evidence that our future will be a lot darker than we had already surmised.

NTS Notes: I absolutely agree with John that THIS is the last call for all of us to stand up and take our world back from these criminal bastards that forced this fraud "pandemic" on all of us... For if we do not take a stand now and end their criminal activities, we will be entering a dark age that will have no comparison with anything ever in human history!

And do not get me started about what I think about idiots out there wearing those ludicrous masks... I have tried my damn best to look at those idiots and tell them that they are either brainwashed fools or nothing more than mutton headed sheep... But all I get is that same look of fear and ignorance... I therefore have given up on the lot of them and think to myself that THEY will be the first to go when the criminals ever decide to cull the herd!

And I too am so troubled by those who have swallowed the Jew spew media bullshit and are now living in constant fear and anxiety... It is nearly impossible now to reach so many of them and to me they too are beyond any hope of human salvation and they will only live to enjoy their enslavement.... I prefer to try to reach those who are still capable of critical thinking skills...

When John states that this "lockdown" has turned people into shadows of their former selves, he is right... The panic, fear, and anxiety levels of morons who sit quietly in desolation is abominable and we as human beings should never accept such imprisonment, period.... And do not get me started on the "social distancing" nonsense, for that to me will be so heavily hammered into the weakest simple minds out there that even if this pandemic fraud ended tomorrow, most mutton heads out there will continue that "practice" like good little robots!

I really do not like the concept of violent revolution for saving humanity, but since the criminals themselves have been limiting our freedoms and our rightful ability to push for peaceful revolution and changes in our governments, the saying does go that when peaceful revolution is no longer possible, violent revolution quickly follows.. That may indeed be our only choice left to save all of humanity from a dark fate.

More to come


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