Sunday, April 26, 2020

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 26th, 2020

Sunday... Another day in paradise thanks to this bullshit "pandemic" and time once again for my weekend rant..

First, it is finally spring time here in the great white north aka central Canada... And with the snow gone (finally) I have been out and about and not only taking long walks to exercise, but am planning my first spring time barbecue to boot.... I have a variety of slabs of beef to fry up and mutate on the grill along with some chicken and an assortment of other items that I am preparing... And screw this "lean" or 'plant based' garbage, for I like my steaks to actually be real beef.....It will take some time for preparations and thus I want to get this rant over and done with as soon as I can...

Meanwhile, in the land of lock downs and the bullshit of 'social distancing', I continue to watch as the sheep out there practice these frauds and especially have to laugh at the morons and idiots out there that are now wearing those ludicrous and ridiculous face masks.... All I can do when I  pass one of these brain dead idiots is to laugh and just keep walking.... People these days are indeed too stupid to live if they have fallen for this 'pandemic' crap, and most do not even have a fucking clue that if this was a REAL pandemic, then the gawd damn facial masks will not save their pathetic lives one iota...

Shopping in itself has been a pain in the ass, especially when you have to follow store guidelines and follow the most idiotic arrows and markers that are everywhere as you shop.... I was in the store again the other day and I absolutely fucking hated it for the fact that morons and dumb ass sheep prevailed once more, and most were absolutely shocked by my refusal to follow the "rules" and keep "social distancing".... I have long said fuck that nonsense, as everyone else should as well, and we should all LIVE LIKE HUMAN BEINGS and resist this enslavement and brainwashing all the time!

And honestly, I have to laugh now for the fact that in that article I just put up here the other day I showed  proof positive that this 'social distancing' bullshit is exactly that; pure and utter BULLSHIT, and that the ass clowns that came up with the fucking 2 metre aka 6 foot 'distance' between human beings did indeed pull that number out of their asses and flung it against the wall hoping it would stick... And guess what?  It did, as the dumb ass sheep out there are absolutely terrified now of any human contact or even being in close proximity of each other and are now screaming out at those who are not adhering to that ludicrous rule... Honestly when I hear someone scream at me saying that I am "not practicing social distancing" I feel like turning to them and telling them to either fuck off or to tell them to prove to me that the fraud works!

AND I am now more than ever convinced that the concept of this 'social distancing' fraud of keeping human beings 2 metres from each other is based upon the criminal psychopaths want for their surveillance system that can only work if human beings are at least 2 metres apart to be able to identify and watch over everyone.... Less than 2 metres distance and the surveillance system sees us as nothing but blurs and their entire network fails.... Therefore I am asking everyone to take a stand and say screw this social distancing  bullshit and do not adhere to the fucking rules unless they want to live their lives being constantly under surveillance and thus losing their very freedoms.

I have continued to keep in contact with my good friend and colleague in the wilds of southern British Columbia, Greencrow, and we talk now at least a few times weekly via Skype... Greencrow in fact told me yesterday about a protest march going on in Vancouver  that will start TODAY in central Vancouver itself at approximately 2PM Pacific daylight time, and proceed to English Bay  and along the parkway and sea wall.... I do hope that people living in the greater Vancouver area that actually read this blog will get out there and march with those brave individuals.... It is a must considering the hell the criminal bastards are doing with this fraud lock down bullshit....  I will probably have a follow up article to come concerning this protest march and I am hoping that a reader does send me a few photos and a few videos that I can post here...

Yes,  protests are happening everywhere, but NOT here in Manitoba for the fact that the criminal Pallister regime early on when this fraud pandemic began issued a "law" that states that there can be no gatherings in Manitoba greater than 10 people, or else such gatherings would have the wrath of the local Gestapo forces up their asses and "arrests" and or fines would be issued.....  Is this a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights as part of the Canadian Constitution?? Absolutely!  But of course the fucking criminals out there that now run our governments will use the fraud of this 'pandemic' coupled with the bullshit of 'social distancing' as their excuse to prevent protests here!    It is sad to see this formerly free province in this formerly free nation called Canada sink so low.....

Well, onto the numbers of so called 'victims' of this fraud pandemic... Latest reports here show a minuscule number of 'victims' and even 'deaths' from this fraudulent COVID-19 bullshit here in Manitoba, and Greencrow did send me the figures for British Columbia as well and their numbers reflect exactly what is happening here and in the same proportion as per the larger  population in BC compared to Manitoba...  AND I would not doubt for one minute that the same can be said for everywhere across Canada and even in the United States...Granted, there are those who say the numbers are higher in Ontario and Quebec, but even there the number of victims is concentrated in a LOT of senior citizen homes and actually minuscule outside of those environs.... And we cannot forget the fact that the majority of 'deaths' that are reported everywhere are absolutely due to "underlying issues" meaning those victims had OTHER diseases that they were suffering from already!   Therefore I am again standing behind my statement that there is NOTHING to be fearful about as the entire 'pandemic' is and always has been a hoax, and we should put our nations back to work and return everyone to a normal life immediately.

Getting away from the COVID-19 bullshit, I do want to put in my two cents worth on that "mass shooting" that took place in Nova Scotia last weekend that took the lives of 23 people including the alleged gunman himself.... The sad part about this 'mass shooting' is the fact that it happened during the time of this country wide 'lockdown' bullshit and therefore independent coverage by those on the scene in Nova Scotia has been nearly impossible... We are therefore stuck with what the Jew spew media has reported on this "shooting", but even that is so full of holes!  The liars in the media have in fact been caught already in changing their story all week just to fit in with the so called "official reports"... .I on the other hand have my usual questions about this shooting, and I will cover a few here in some key points:

(1) The gunman himself, this "Gabriel Wortman" simply does not fit the bill at all as being some 'psychotic lone gunman' that we are led to believe.... Every single person that has come forward that knew this man has stated that he was a gentle loving man with no signs of him being in any shape or form as being 'psychotic' and wanting to blow away people..... Which leads me to the question as to whether he was on some psychotic drugs or was 'programmed' (MK Ultra anyone?)to carry out this 'shooting'

(2) As usual, in almost all of these mass shootings, initial reports came out about "multiple shooters" taking part in this event.... But as usual the liars in the Jew spew media dismissed ALL of those initial reports and has stuck to their 'lone gunman' idea rather than have the concept of multiple shooters even investigated... And sadly the 'official reports' have also stuck to this 'lone gunman' idea without even considering if there were additional shooters involved!   This has happened way too often with these shootings, and everyone should be asking themselves: "Hmmmmm..."

(3) This gunman was able to get a hold of an OFFICIAL RCMP uniform and an OFFICIAL RCMP cruiser car as well.... Now how the FUCK did that happen???  Granted, the guy could have obtained a Uniform by some other means as many have suggested, but the cruiser car???  It is also a fact that when this "shooting" first started, the initial reports claimed that Wortman had a "replica" uniform and a "replica" car, but had to reluctantly change the story by mid week... And few out there are not even questioning this or raising red flags about it???? But of course the "official report" has not even looked more closely into these factors and no investigations have been launched into these issues as well???  Something very fishy and again should have everyone asking themselves: "Hmmmmm.."

(4) NO Nova Scotia emergency alerts were sent to cell phone or television users during the entire time this alleged 'shooter" went on this rampage of shooting up people indiscriminately in over 5 towns along his route, which also raises a massive red flag..... These new 'alert' systems were put system wide right across Canada over these last few years, and suddenly the system suffers a massive failure in Nova Scotia????  This to me is an absolute red flag and should have everyone asking themselves : Hmmmmm....!!!"

(5) The shootings themselves... I have been troubled by the fact that 22 victims are now dead when the towns that this guy traveled through had very few people outside their homes due to this fraud 'lockdown' due to this fraud "pandemic".... I do wonder how these victims were even shot if they were all inside of their homes at the time this guy ran through those towns?  Random shooting of anyone just standing in the major roadway through these towns I guess is possible, right?

(6) The death of the gunman... With no alerts properly sent out, the RCMP in Nova Scotia were stuck trying to determine the exact where abouts of this shooter, but LUCKILY (!) Wortman ran across an RCMP "tactical and special weapons" team that just so happened to be in the  last village along his shooting route just by 'coincidence' (!)...... This one has really troubled me, and I really do believe that if this entire "shooting" was a criminal operation, then the RCMP was indeed pre-positioned at the last stop along Wortman's route just to blow him away and to make sure that "dead men tell no tales"..... Convenient indeed!  And yet another red flag....

Yes, 6 key points of conjecture... I for one am not going to call this one a "fake shooting" for there is too much evidence of real deaths and real injuries with this one... But the questions about the motives of the shooter, and exactly what happened during this 'shooting' does linger and they do have to  be answered..... And I will not slur or desecrate the victims and the families of the victims of this one, for they do deserve closure and absolutely the  real truths behind this entire episode...

OK, I figure I have rambled on long enough with this 'rant' and I have covered only TWO key issues so far... So rather than  bore readers wth any more ramblings, I will cover other issues on everyones' minds here in my closing last minute tidbits...... The US Government continues to try to hammer away with the lie that China created this 'Coronavirus' in a lab in Wuhan, China.  But of course they leave out the facts that they have their bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick Maryland and also have some input into the workings at the lab in China.  But what the heck, perpetuate the lies just to slam China, right?....... Is Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, really dead?  Not sure as the nation of North Korea does not let much news out even on the best of days.  If Kim is dead, then apparently his sister, whom everyone claims is psychotic and even worse than Kim, will be the new 'dear leader'.   We will indeed find out soon enough about exactly what is happening in North Korea.........President Drumpf did indeed say one of the most stupidest things when he went up to the podium and claimed that people can "fight" this fraud  pandemic by 'disinfecting" themselves internally.  And there are indeed gullible idiots out there that may actually swallow some poisonous disinfectants now, stating that the President said it was ok?   Honestly, I do believe that Drumpf was given the wrong information and blurted out those errors, but the Democrats AKA Communist Demon-rats will probably now have a field day with this one!........War in Yemen may finally be coming to a close, as the criminals in Saudi Arabia are now facing financial bankruptcy due to the crash in oil prices and can no longer even afford to continue the war.  I can guarantee those sick freaks will now be looking for their 'way out' of Yemen and will have to pay the stiff price to the Houthi victors for their war that has murdered over a million Yemeni civilians!..........And now southern Yemen itself has declared their own independence and has also turned on their Saudi invaders claiming that the Saudis have been supporters of "terrorism".   Apparently the entire Saudi adventure into Yemen has now indeed blown up in their faces and many of the Saudi invaders will probably running for their lives back to Saudi Arabia very shortly......Nothing much to report on the situation in Syria as with so much of the news concentrated on the Coronavirus bullshit, the fighting in Syria has turned into a near stalemate.... But apparently the US has turned away from Syria and once again has their bullseye set on Iran.  With their 'plan B' of trying to subdue Iran through the introduction of their criminal bioweapon back in March failing miserably, they have turned to "plan A" which to set the groundwork for an all  out war against Iran itself...... One big question that nobody seems to be asking is what will happen to the world's food supplies thanks to this fraud pandemic?  We have seen meat processing plants shut down and demands for farmers everywhere to possibly not even seed this year and thus no crops this fall, and nobody is asking about this for the fact that with no crops, there will be food shortages starting as early as this fall?  I am beginning to wonder if this was the diabolical plan all along, for the monsters behind this entire fraud pandemic have for centuries used starvation of the masses as their weapon of choice.  Agenda 21 project to reduce the world's population to under a billion people, anyone???.......I am indeed taking notice of those massive launches of satellites into low Earth orbit that has now gotten to the point that the satellites themselves are distorting our night skies and confounding astronomers.  Why is nobody even asking about these tens of thousands of satellites being put into orbit and how they will be linked to the new 5G crap that will cause horrific health effects and bring in the criminal surveillance system?..........Few people even noticed that last Monday, April 20th, was the 131st anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler.  I have constantly been asked my opinion about Hitler, and I do not see him as this 'evil' person that everyone has been brainwashed about.  In fact, Hitler did have his weaknesses and was not perfect, but he did his best to free Germany and awaken the world to the dangers of world wide Jewry.   It is no wonder the damn Jews that control the news and our "history books" have vilified him so much, for the reality is he was so spot on about how truly evil they are!......  Still no live sports, but hopefully English Premier League soccer will return by the end of May.  I do not like the part though about wanting to play in front of 'empty stadiums' for the fact that the pandemic is a fraud and people should reject this bullshit "social distancing"......... And finally, its back to slamming the Kardashian skanks, sluts, and trollops.  Apparently skank#2, Khloe, has actually considered "borrowing sperm" from her ex, Tristan Thompson, so that she can have another baby.   Honestly, does this mean that this skank cannot find a decent guy who would actually put up with her insanity and has to resort to this?  And I hope Tristan refuses and  keeps far away from that insanity as well.  Yes, even with people having to be locked up like rats, they can always depend on the Kardashians to turn their minds to mush.

More to come


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Tribe of Dab said...

OK NTS , I got the good news .

A little restaurant cafe surrounded by ( of all places) Jew paradise shithole Commiefornia has not "Locked Down".!!. The faggits from Kern County sent them the drones with warning letters.
They(the Cafe ) said basically to fuckoff. They never shutdown.
So I have been sending them business , two people I know will make the 2hr trip just to support them.
I have also converted somebody to the right side. ( I mean that I have recruited one of the CDC/WHO/US infantry to our side)
Yes yes yes ,you read that correctly ,I recruited them, this is a real war , not an imaginary one and our side is well certain that the Crown ,And it's subordinates like the US ,BRITAIN,CANADA,JAPAN AUSTRALIA , and many other Corporations (persons) are waging a live fire war upon the the People.
I also talked with someone who said it would be fun to beat the living fuck out of Bill Gates on live TALMUDVISION. Fuck-N-A encouraging.
The name of the restaurant for anyone and everyone to support is...
The Roadhouse Cafe , hwy395 and hwy58 Kramer Junction ( near California) .
And a great big Greasefire fuckyou to the Gates Family , the Jews , and the Queen.