Friday, April 24, 2020

Exposing The Truth About Vaccines: Fabulous Video Series - "The Truth About Vaccines" Parts One And Two

I want to be honest with readers here... This fight against the bastards who have created all of this fear mongering by their fraud "pandemic" has been absolutely DRAINING both physically and mentally... I have been working my ass off to try to lose some weight during this "lock down" by exercising and walking as much as possible... But at my age it has been a chore indeed...This has been one of the only ways for me to keep myself from going crazy from being couped up and stuck in bullshit "isolation"..... And in terms of the mental drain, I have been at odds with some of the members of my own family that simply can NOT see this entire pandemic scam for themselves and are thinking that I am some kind of "nut" for bashing away at this scam every chance I can...  But I am persistent and know that if I and others do not prevail in this WAR, then the future for everyone does indeed look rather grim....

And, I do continue to monitor the situation here in 'central Canada' meaning Manitoba, as the criminals in charge of the Pallister regime in Winnipeg continues to lock down the citizens of this province over a laughably ludicrous "pandemic" that has at most some 262 "victims" over these last 6 weeks of this "lock down" with only 6 people dying (most definitely from other causes than this bullshit "COVID-19" fraud)... I have continued to hammer away at those pricks in our government demanding that they stop the bullshit and get this province back to work immediately!  I am still hoping there are others out there that feel exactly the same way...

Anyways, I was sent earlier today the link to a fabulous video that blows the fraud of vaccinations wide open and shows definitive proof that we should NOT be taking ANY vaccines, period, end of story... And I do want to share the first two parts of this video series right here for all of my own readers to see for themselves... In fact the first part of this series, entitled "The Truth About Vaccines" was actually produced back in 2017 but was only recently available the Internet for everyone to see .... Here is the first part of that series here:

And here in fact is "Part II" of that video series that was also released back in 2017 for everyone to see right here for themselves as well:

NTS Notes:  I will continue to put up the next part of this series IF and when it does indeed become available via either Youtube or if necessary "Bitchute"....

Readers are well aware of my stance in terms of vaccines and vaccinations as I have been an "Anti-vaxxer" for nearly 2 decades now, and have absolutely refused to allow these sick bastards to inject their poisons into my body, and I do hope that others feel the same way!

Knowing the facts about "vaccines" is now more important than ever now, considering the fact that the sickos that have been running this "pandemic" scam have indeed an agenda of having EVERYONE vaccinated by having them "mandatory".... The reality is of course that these fuckers want to have their surveillance chips injected into our bodies via "vaccinations" (Bill Gates' "mark of the beast" surveillance chip..).

 And I definitely want everyone to understand and see the truths about Vaccines for the fact that the most gullible out there have been mesmerized and put into such a state of anxiety and fear that they will all stupidly accept "vaccines" as the fraudulent method of keeping them "safe" from this "COVID-19" bullshit!  Education is indeed the key, and hopefully readers will take these videos (before Youtube removes them of course..) and gets others to see the truth for themselves..

More to come


Update, April 24th:  The pricks behind Youtube have already tried to have part II of this series removed, but luckily I did find another copy.... However, I can guarantee these fuckers will do that again as THEY are absolutely behind this fraud of mandatory vaccinations for everyone!


tmcfall said...

Just wanted to let you know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. I have been awake to the scams for 35 years and it has taken a toll and great effort to keep bothering. I rant quite a bit on FakeBook and I share a lot of your articles and your great RANTs. We are indeed on the precipice of full blown tyranny with this latest staged plandemic. I knew this day was coming. I expected it 10 years earlier. Even as jaded as I am, I was still amazed at how quickly and easily they pulled this bullshit off. The brain dead fearful zombies have sealed all our fates! Keep up the great work. You are appreciated!
Tom in Mesa Arizona

greencrow said...


Today Blogger removed one of my posts for the first time ever. It was the one where I quoted Bill Gates verbatim about digital vaccines. Looks like some nerves have been pressed.


greencrow said...

Just finished half of Episode one and it is truly an amazing video. I highly recommend it. I can think of at least a dozen children in my sphere of contacts over my professional and personal life who were seriously and permanently damaged by vaccines.


Tribe of Dab said...

My last vaccine was in the 1980s while in the Marine Corps . I have been way less sick ever since.
I can say from personal experience that a tetinus shot is useless.
I spent 30plus years working in trades , and at my little spread getting stuck by every kind of rusty nail ,sliced by sharp objects around animals etc. Literally thousands of gashes and no infection, no lockjaw.
I have removed a hundred rats nests even when the joospew was trying to spook everyone about the Hanta virus , and breathed all sorts of dusts from those removals and no illness whatsover. Viruses to me are just a 100 year old scam. The Boogeyman.
On the other hand I took up assaying as a hobby. Assaying requires the use of heavy metals like lead , zinc , tin ,mercury , platinum group , as well as mixing those with solvents like ketone , alcohol. This took a bit of toll on me before I quit it.