Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dawn Of Darkness

I keep on trying to hammer home the same points for everyone out there, which are WE have had enough of this bullshit "isolation" and "social distancing" fraud and WE should not have to take it any more if not at all..... People need to get the fuck off their couches and get the fuck outside for some exercise for one.. And second they should be turning off that gawd damn idiot box that I call the Talmudvision as it is the WORSE kind of propaganda imaginable and has done nothing but fuel the fear for this "virus" that in all actually is completely bogus....And third, do what they absolutely can to RESIST the "new rules" for this fraud pandemic that are nothing more than dictatorial laws that will strip everyone of their freedoms and liberties!

I cannot help but to mention that the local fuckers that run this province have had the unmitigated nerve to call their fucking "Blue Brigade" of Getaspo/Stasi foot soldiers that are now out there to make sure that the sheep are all OBEYING and being good fucking brain dead idiots, 'Ambassadors'! I honestly would love to meet up personally with one of these idiots and either try to talk some sense into the moron or punch him/her in the mouth!  But of course if I try to confront one of these agents of stupidity, I could find myself 'fined' for somehow violating the idiotic 'Coronavirus laws'!  Welcome to our enslavement, everyone!

Meanwhile, I was sent an email a while back by my colleague, John Kaminski, who of course lives in what should be called the 'formerly free nation" better known as the "United States".... John has just put out his latest essay over at his website at, and I do want to share that article right here with my own readers... It is entitled: "Dawn Of Darkness" and I absolutely do have it right here in its entirety for all to see for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

The consequences
of media hypnosis
They want you at home, in your house, in front of the TV.
Then they gotcha. Because once you watch the TV,
they own your soul.
— Harry Vox, 2014
It might seem funny to say but people aren’t actual people anymore — we have become consumers of electronic and chemical products who are perfectly happy to be manipulated slaves as long as we get our fix of our own preferred addictions and compulsions.
And when we believe what we hear on TV, we are the mercy of murderers.
Americans are getting exactly what they deserve for failing to recognize the events of the past hundred years that have produced the Jew infested rathole they live in today. As we act like starry-eyed children following the Pied Piper to our own oblivion, this ubiquitous media hypnosis makes us act against our own best interests.
It makes us eat bad food so that we get sick which makes us take a medicine to make us well, except we don’t get well, we just get more dependent on the so-called medicines that have been deliberately devised to make us sicker.
We have become so addicted to having someone telling us what happened that we can no longer accurately assess what’s happening on our own.
Media hypnosis is a fatal disease, inimical to the health concerns of people.
Then, all of sudden we looked around and our freedom was gone.
The overclass
We have no authentic journalistic class of humans to properly investigate the fact that this so-called coronavirus which has been used as the excuse to shut down the economic and social activity of the entire world was invented by an overclass that chooses all the politicians, controls all the educational systems, and tries to keep secret all the mechanisms and assaults by which it manipulates and injures society and oppresses the people it claims to protect.
Or, if perhaps we do have that class of intrepid and unbribeable reporters (of the Liz Crokin or Julian Assange type), we have no viable medium in which they can operate, investigate and report because, by this late date, all the media outlets and government departments are owned and censored by this same hostile overclass aiming to maintain its exclusive control over every activity of the human species.
We observe this very visible Gordian knot all too clearly in the blatant censorship imposed upon present-day reporting by Amazon, Google, Facebook, and all the other mainstream media monsters, both print and electronic, which are all owned or controlled by the same demonic ethnicity that represents the majority of this incomprehensibly wealthy overclass.
Presidential candidates are all either from the overclass or owned by the overclass. They are a collection of Jew-selected losers only able to repeat what they are told to say.
And we see it in the blank faces of people watching TV for shards of hope who are eternally trapped in their own banal boredom, total retards completely uninterested, unwilling and unable to remedy their own self-destructive predicaments, which mostly they don’t even recognize.
Helpless and homeless
In today’s upside-down society, people get punished for being good, but they are admired for doing something bad or illegal and getting away with it, which is what our government continues to do.
We have become so softened by luxury and convenience that we can’t quite construct any viable strategy for our own survival, so dependent have we become on systems that feed us, entertain us and pretend to maintain our health.
Or defend ourselves. Instead we call the doctor. Or worse, we call the cops, which nowadays is a sure ticket to abuse and possible death.
We can’t light a fire without a match. We can’t feed ourselves without a supermarket. And we can’t find our friends without an electronic device.
Lost in all these frustrations is the undertone of all these activities that are all ultimately poisonous in some way, not only in exacerbating our shortcomings but actually diminishing our health.
Trendiness had replaced common sense. To most people, the latest fad is more important than our overall health.
People are being terrorized by fearmongers, and they simply can’t find their way home. In fact, given today’s situation of permanent lockdown and chemical and electronic dependence, our homes are simply not there anymore.
Mainstream media monsters work for the police state to keep people in the dark. This ‘I must have this product’ syndrome has destroyed our ability to think.
This is the slippery slope leading to our demise. Liberalism leads to communism, and communism leads to mass murder and extinction. This is the way it is in today’s gangster state.
Lured by cynics into searching for political correctness, we have lost our backbones.
We want someone to rescue us, and if there is one lesson in life we all should learn — and learn quickly — it is that no one will rescue us. No one ever has and no one ever will. We must do it ourselves.
But it appears we have lost the ability to do it.
The actual situation
This is the battle for everything. I used this phrase may 35 years ago. It was going on then. It is going on now. It will continue to go on whether we win it or lose it.
The consequences of succumbing to a lie are colossal.
One obvious constructive move
In early March, the Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases, hosted by the Shanghai Medical Association, pre-published an Expert Consensus on Comprehensive Treatment of Coronavirus in Shanghai. Treatment recommendations included, “large doses of vitamin C…injected intravenously at a dose of 100 to 200 mg / kg per day. The duration of continuous use is to significantly improve the oxygenation index.”
That’s the reason why 50 tons of Vitamin C was shipped to Hubei province in early February. It’s a stark example of a simple “mitigation” solution capable of minimizing economic catastrophe.
This is something the medical experts will never tell you, controlled as they are by corporations in service only to profits for Big Pharma and not the health of the people.
You can tell who the bad people are, just as you can tell who the good people are. You can tell about them by what they say.
In search of political correctness, we have lost our backbones
The overclass plans to turn us into computerized beings connected to a central source, in which humankind will have no access to regain consciousness of our own thoughts.
In this debilitating dawn of darkness, it seems that humanity will never reach a destiny of its own wishes. The time to do this was yesterday, and because we didn’t, the tomorrow we always wanted will never come.

NTS Notes: John has indeed started this article with that link to the "Real History Channel" that shows proof that the fuckers that want world dominion had planned this fraud "pandemic" for years now... And yes, I fully agree with that aspect, for those monsters were well aware that their economic "bubble" was nearing its end and was going to burst to bring the entire world economies to their knees... They needed something to cover for their want to "reset" and basically crash the world economies using that cover as their excuse, and voila here we have this fraud pandemic at just the right time!

I for one have been sickened by the criminals at the Jew spew media outlets that flood the TalmudVision with their incessant lies about this fraud pandemic... I have no doubts that the fuckers promoting the lies, especially the "hosts and reporters" at those idiotic "news' networks are all fully aware of this entire fraud, but are ALL either Jewish pricks or sell outs.... If we ever do get our planet back from the fuckers, I would love to see every single one of those pricks arrested and either put into a cold jail cell for the rest of their miserable lives, or be hung for their purposeful brainwashing of the idiotic masses.

And John is right that those who challenge this fraud "pandemic" are indeed terrorized by the stupidity of the fear mongers out there... But it is not only those who drive the fear, but those who are inflicted by the fear itself... Heck, I have seen so many people so wrought with fear that when I try my  best to snap them out of it, I am told to either "fuck off" or to "mind my own business"... It only shows that those who have fallen for this fraud are now mostly hopeless and not worth saving at all..

I honestly do not like the prospects of what will happen over the next while... It could indeed be the dawn of a darkness that will basically destroy all aspects of freedom and liberty on this planet, OR as we can hope, enough people will finally get the hint and actually rebel against this insanity and possibly topple governments and arrest the fucking scumbag criminals behind the entire WHO for pushing this fraud.   I am still hoping on the latter myself..

More to come


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