Tuesday, March 31, 2020

We Are Being Electrocuted!

I was once again out and about earlier today to get a few provisions for my forced "isolation"... The provincial government here in central Canada had announced yesterday that as of this Wednesday, ALL "non essential" services and businesses would be shut down to somehow "fight" this fraudulent COVID-19 "pandemic" that is nothing of the sort..... And considering the fact that this province, Manitoba, has at this point fewer than 100 "victims" (If you actually can trust the fraudulent testing!) I question the sanity of people and how this sickening government can do such a horrific and stupid measure that will permanently damage our economy!   Madness and stupidity are apparently the order of the day when it comes to this COVID-19 fraud indeed....

But anyways.... Onto the business at hand..... And just earlier today, my colleague in the formerly free nation called the United States, John Kaminski, has just released his latest article over at his website at www.johnkaminski.org, that is a follow up to his last article and shows further proof that these 'pandemics" may indeed be the result of our exposure to ever increasing electric and electromagnetic fields.... Here in fact is John's latest article, entitled "We Are Being Electrocuted" for everyone to see for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Humanity in jeopardy
as medical mafia denies
obvious proof linking 
electricity with disease
The Invisible Rainbow
A History of Electricity and Life
by Arthur Firstenberg
Chelsea Green Publishing
White River Junction, Vermont
“We are living in a world where information does not increase knowledge, nor open eyes. The cultural barriers are too great. Society has been in denial for too long. And yet it is impossible to continue the present path any longer. Decisions are being made to intensify the global microwave rain, before 2020, from a steady drizzle to a downpour.”
— Arthur Firstenberg, The Invisible Rainbow, p. 385
People are beginning to realize that our world has no future that we can recognize. Trapped in our houses by order of our governments, we are unable to communicate with others and reach a consensus that this Coronavirus hysteria is really a device to paralyze us from thinking critically as we are shaped into cringing robots by a despotic medical mafia and prevented from acting in unison to save ourselves from the most diabolical weapon ever invented.
Arthur Firstenberg’s book holds the key to the real problem that this government quarantine prevents us from understanding. The increasing electrification of the world has done nothing but cause an increase in diseases throughout the 20th century, and now the giant leap into 5G is expected to kill many millions of people who are already suffering from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a bevy of other ailments caused by what was once called “radio wave disease”.
“The problem is that we are all being electrocuted to a greater or lesser extent, and because society has been in denial about that for more than 200 years, we invent terms that hide the truth instead of speaking in plain language and admitting what is happening,” writes Firstenberg, who has researched this subject all his life because he is electrosensitive, and represents a large swath of population which suffers from the same perplexing affliction.
Like rain on a campfire, electromagnetic fields douse the flames of metabolism. [ . . . ] Every person on the planet is affected by the invisible rain that penetrates into the fabric of our cells. Everyone has a slower metabolism, is less alive, than if those fields were not there.
— Firstenberg, p. 156
While the first part of this review focused on his conclusion that flu is not contagious — but rather is caused by the effects of electricity on the body (revealing that the current worldwide quarantine paralyzing human society and the panic it has engendered is a hoax with an ulterior motive) — the remainder of this review will be equally disturbing.
The author concludes that the impact of radio waves from the panoply of technological devices upon which the modern world has come to depend is the principal cause the burgeoning epidemics of diabetes, heart disease and cancer, as well as widespread environmental devastation.
What is worse is the author’s dire assessment of the human future. “You cannot contaminate the global electrical circuit with millions of pulsed, modulated electrical signals without destroying all of life.”
Do you have a headache?
“Even for those who don’t really get headaches,” Firstenberg writes, “their cellphones affect their sleep and their memory. Folk singer Pete Seeger wrote to me 20 years ago. At age 81,” he said, “it’s normal for me to start losing my memory. But everybody I tell this to, says, ‘Well, I seem to be losing my memory, too.”
With cellphones and cell towers now dominating the landscapes of much of the world and affecting populations with a bewildering array of modulation frequencies, Firstenberg writes: “Like the proverbial boiled frog, we are all immersed in a giant pot of radiation, whose intensity is increasing, and whose effect, though unperceived, is nevertheless certain.”
A condition known as “irritable heart” was first observed during the U.S. Civil War, which was also the first war in which the electric telegraph was used. Tens of thousands of soldiers who slept and fought beneath telegraph wires became disabled by chest pains and shortness of breath.
The sickness wasn’t really seen again until World War I, when the British army was outfitted with mobile radio sets, and again experienced shortness of breath and heart palpitations. This is often seen in the modern world as panic attacks.
Then in World War II the debility returned again, as radar joined radio as important weapons in the conflict and soldiers again got sick. This time it was called by its original name, neurasthenia.
Although many of the soldiers who came down with this were accused of being malingerers, these soldiers were not psychiatric cases, Firstenberg writes, they were warnings to the world.
By 1986 the Centers for Disease Control was calling this malady chronic fatigue syndrome, a trend that did not last long. But it was not much later before it was realized that the more electrification, the more heart disease appeared.
The doubling of heart attacks among U.S. athletes in 1996 was the year that digital cell phones first went on sale. Shortly thereafter Congress passed a law banning the regulation of cell towers on the basis of health concerns. It was signed into law by President Clinton.
But even today, the medical community continues to ignore electrification as the main cause of heart disease, despite the fact that this puzzling ailment Freud had called ‘anxiety disorder’ was most often diagnosed from cardiac symptoms.
Electricians and other electrical workers have always been plagued by leukemia, lymphomas and brain tumors. The famous wireless inventor Marconi suffered ten heart attacks before his premature death.
Cancer, diabetes and heart disease have all been related to residential electrification, yet their cause has remained UNEXPLAINED for 70 years.
Electrified illnesses
Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell both had diabetes. It used to be rare. Diet alone is not responsible for this pandemic. When the nation of Bhutan was electrified, diabetes came with it. Indians on reservations have the highest rates of diabetes in the world. When electrification came to the reservations, diabetes came with it.
They became diabetics because of their cells reduced ability to metabolize fats. Cellphones interfere with glucose metabolism. Adding all the numbers together more than half of all Americans have elevated levels of sugar in their blood. In no country in the world is diabetes, or obesity, decreasing.
The relationship of electricity to heart disease also contains a riddle. Industrial electricity in any of its forms always injures. If the injury is not too severe, it also prolongs life. Radio waves increase lifespan even though they may diminish the quality of that life. Medicine still does not pretend to understand the aging process yet maximum age at death has been steadily rising.
In the chapter “Cancer and the starvation of life”, Firstenberg makes the connection that hemoglobin in the blood makes breathing possible but tumors have the ability to grow without oxygen.
Firstenberg concludes that cancer always accompanies electricity. Many cases of lung cancer can be attributed to radio waves as to smoking. Most moles and melanomas occur in unexposed areas. And there is the same upward curve on a graph for cancer as for heart disease and diabetes.
“A media war has pitted the independent scientists who report a tripling to quintupling of brain cancer rates among those who have used their cell phones for ten years or more against industry scientists who report no increase in cancer at all,” says the author.
In the early 2000s the Veterans Administration inexplicably stopped reporting cancer deaths. An oncologist in Sweden, after a long study, insisted that using both cellphones and cordless phones increases one’s risk for brain cancer.
“We are all, to an extent that has been intensifying for 160 years, in a mild state of suspended animation. We live longer, but are less alive, than our ancestors,” Firstenberg writes.
An unwanted ghost
Some people, in particular the electrosensitive, can hear electricity (I might be one myself; Firstenberg definitely is one of those who can hear the disturbing noise that electricity can make.) The late Pyramid Power guru Patrick Flanagan proved this when he invented the Neurophone, which allows the deaf to hear.
But for mainstream science, chemistry is king and electricity is omitted from most calculations and assessments. So for the woman who could hear in the Northern Lights the sound of rustling silk, there is nowhere to turn for help.
All the high frequency currents that course through the earth, and the high frequency electromagnetic fields that vibrate through the air, make millions of people sick. Society was, and is, in denial about that, Firstenberg writes.
In Michigan officials tried to ignore the problem until their cows got sick, hurting their economy. The hum heard in Oklahoma is related to airborne radar scouring the world for potential enemies.
Firstenberg notes that the worldwide trend toward energy efficient lightbulbs is a big mistake because the contain mercury vapor, which gives off ultraviolet radiation when energized by high voltage. Landfills all over the world are being polluted by mercury from broken lightbulbs.
Dimmer switches, power lines, and smart meters all contribute to the demonic choir of electronic noise that deafens electrosensitive ears.
The worldwide epidemic of tinnitus includes people that hear sounds in total silence. The only explanation is that they can hear the echo of noise of microwaves that emanate from computers and all manner of electronic devices.
Animals under attack
House sparrows are disappearing all over the world. Blame microwaves from cellphones and police radios. Birds sense radiation by their feathers. Plucked chickens weren’t affected by microwaves until their feathers started to grow back.
“Attaching a radio tracking device to a wild animal is like giving the animal a cellphone to wear,” Firstenberg writes, as a warning to high-tech naturalists.
The ability to navigate by migratory birds has been seriously affected. The colony collapse disorder in bees is totally related to microwaves.
Firstenberg blames HAARP, the giant array in Alaska that shoots electricity into the ionosphere, as ““an irresponsible act of global vandalism” that has destroyed a significant number of bees throughout the world.
In 2002 a 2 million square mile chunk of the Amazon rainforest was electrified by a Raytheon-built system of radars and sensors so pervasive that Brazilian officials insist they can hear a twig snap anywhere in that important forest.
People in Colorado now mourn the loss of most of their autumn color aspen trees that one observer called “a slow motion suicide”.
How many people, Firstenberg asks, will it take to say, “Your cellphone is killing me?”
As mortality rates in all sorts of diseases skyrocket, a doctor with “a constant stream of patients with ‘viral syndrome,’ typically with excruciating headache, ear pain, swollen gland deep in the neck, nasal congestions they could not get rid of, facial pain, sore throat, and sometimes profound dehydration, reports that the majority of her patients were not responding to medication.
No way to escape
“The invisible tentacles of civilization, in the form of cell towers, radar installations, and two way satellite dishes, have made radiation ubiquitous, impossible to escape no matter how far away you go and how much land you buy. And even if you find one of the last hidden sanctuaries, it can be destroyed in an instant, invisibly and without warning. There is no protection. Quite the opposite — laws have been passed preventing citizens from protecting themselves, or elected officials from doing anything about the radiation. But no one is immune.”
— Firstenberg, p. 373
Women in their 20s and 30s who keep their cellphones in their bras are getting a distinctive type of breast cancer directly underneath where they keep their phones.
Rates of total hip replacements have skyrocketed since cellphones began living in hip pockets.
An American study conducted from 2003 to 2013 found that young men had lower sperm counts than their elders for the first time in human history.
In 2019, the Blue Cross Blue Shield report titled “The Health of Millennials” showed that not only the health of this generation takes a sharp turn for the worse at age 27, but also that the prevalence of many medical conditions had risen significantly in just three years.
“The only reasonable explanation for the alarming decline in health of the millennial generation is the lifelong irradiation of their brains and bodies from their cellphones. [ . . . ] Microwave radiation is responsible for the tragic state of the millennial generation’s health compared to the health of every generation that preceded them.”
Firstenberg’s book is the new Silent Spring, Rachel Carson’s 1962 manifesto against the use of DDT which first galvanized opposition to environmental poisoning.
The safe level of exposure to radio waves is zero.
“Humankind is now willing and able to finally fulfill the original promise of the telegraph, put into words a century and a half ago. That promise, however, is the ultimate Trojan horse, containing within it an unsuspected threat: the annihilation or severe impoverishment of life itself.”
— Firstenberg, p. 386

NTS Notes:  My background is in science and primarily Physics.... Through my years in both University and beyond, I have looked at the ever increasing amount of electromagnetic field "pollution" that our bodies are being subjected to, and it is alarming and to me  personally so sickening...

I have been against the introduction of this heinous "5G" technology for years now, for I know what the effect of high frequency Gigahertz and  primarily Terahertz wavelength microwaves do have on our bodies..... And sadly, in spite of the efforts of myself and others, our criminal telecommunications industries are going full speed ahead with having '5G" in place everywhere....

I cannot argue at all with the facts that John presents in this article, for I have seen the side effects everywhere where I live where people are getting sicker and sicker and have no clue as to what is causing their ailments..... Is it due to the electromagnetic pollution that we are subjected to?  I used to believe otherwise, but from research and seeing it for myself, I can only conclude absolutely YES!

And lets face facts here.... I have stated for the last few years this simple fact... With 5G, you will all be dying but you will indeed have kick ass telecommunications!  What a great trade off, right?

Again, I will continue to present John Kaminski's articles at this blog if and when they do become available.... So stay tuned..

More to come


The COVID-19 (Covert Operation Via Infectious Disease 2019) Hysteria: Charles Giuliani's Renegade Broadcasting Podcast For March 30th, 2020, A Must Listen!

I am continuing my assault on this COVID-19 fraud, for it truly is a massive operation for not only imploding our world economic system that has long needed a "correction", but also for a massive power grab by the Jewish power elite that will remove our freedoms and liberties FOREVER!  

I am so sick and tired of watching everyone around me basically live their lives now as isolated pack rats that are cowering in fear and simply are now too hopeless and stupid to wake up.... The criminals in charge and their fellow idiots in the Jew spew media have done their damage and too many stupid people out there have swallowed the 'kool aid" and are now beyond hope... I am still hoping that there are those out there with some critical thinking skills that have come to the same conclusions that I have about this massive fraud....

Well, in last weekend's rant, I did recommend to readers to listen to Renegade Broadcasting last night for Charles Giuliani's show that was a MUST listen to..... It was indeed a most excellent show that tore this entire fraud apart, and had a lot of callers in the first hour call in to give their own '2 cents worth' on this scam.... Here in fact is the link to that show for those who have not listened to it live right here:


NTS Notes: Yes that was little old me that did call in as 'Brian from Canada" and I did indeed go after the fear mongering in New York City alone, and especially the videos showing the truth about how that hysteria about those "hospitals being overwhelmed" by  "Coronavirus victims" was absolutely pure bunk and bull shit....

I absolutely do applaud Charles Giuliani's efforts in trying to reach people with the truth about this massive scam.... And I again want to ask readers to give the link to that broadcast to others for them to listen for themselves... The only way we will beat the criminals in this sick game is for people to be awakened to the truth and that is so badly needed now more than ever...

More to come


Monday, March 30, 2020

The COVID-19 (Covert Operation Via Infectious Disease 2019) Hysteria: Corona - Creating The Illusion Of A Pandemic Through Diagnostic Tests!

I do hope that readers are by this time SICK AND TIRED of this COVID-19 bullcrap, and all of the stupidity by the sheep out there that have been stupidly programmed by the Jew spew media and the criminals running our governments into the false belief that this pandemic is real..... I for one surely am, and I have been fighting a "uphill battle" with other REAL truth seekers in trying our best to get people to SNAP OUT OF IT! and WAKE THE FUCK UP!...

I decided to turn on the Jew spew media propaganda machine for just a short time earlier today ( I find that I can only stand about 5 minutes of their garbage..) and they were once again screaming that people need to practice 'social distancing' and "stay isolated"... That and they were claiming that more 'tests' were being conducted on supposed 'victims' to determine if even MORE people have contracted this 'disease'....

Knowing though that this entire "pandemic" is nothing more than a MASSIVE world wide psy-op, and a massive "experiment" to see if the criminals in charge can lock down our entire societies, I have been questioning over and over again the very 'validity' of these 'tests", as I have already proven before that the results are absolutely ambiguous and very misleading... In almost ALL cases that these criminals are claiming a "positive result", we are finding that it is in actuality a "false positive" and many "victims" are NOT "contracting" this COVID-19 "virus" but are suffering from other respiratory diseases!  I am absolutely beginning to come to the conclusion that the criminals in charge are wanting MORE "positive" results just to sell to everyone that this is a real "pandemic"!

Well, I am not alone in seeing that these 'tests' are very fraudulent... For according to the following report from Jon Rappoport's blog, over at www.nomorefakenews.com, apparently there is even more evidence that the tests are a scam.... I do want to present Jon's article, entitled: "Corona: Creating The Illusion Of A Pandemic Through Diagnostic Tests" for everyone to see for themselves right here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests

by Jon Rappoport
March 30, 2020

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Nailed them, with their own words.

In this article, I’ll present quotes from official sources about their own diagnostic test for the coronavirus. I’m talking about fatal flaws in the test.

Because case numbers are based on those tests (or no tests at all), the whole “pandemic effect” has been created out of fake science.

In a moment of truth, a propaganda pro might murmur to a colleague, “You know, we’ve got a great diagnostic test for the virus. The test turns out all sorts of results that say this person is diseased and that person is diseased. 

Millions of diseased people. But the test doesn’t really measure that. The test is ridiculous, but ridiculous in our favor. It builds the picture of a global pandemic. An excuse to lock down the planet and wreck economies and lives…”

The widespread test for the COVID-19 virus is called the PCR. I have written much about it in past articles.

Now let’s go to published official literature, and see what it reveals. Spoiler alert: the admitted holes and shortcomings of the test are devastating.

From “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel” [1]:

“Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.”

Translation: A positive test doesn’t guarantee that the COVID virus is causing infection at all. And, ahem, reading between the lines, maybe the COVID virus might not be in the patient’s body at all, either.

From the World Health Organization (WHO): “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Laboratory testing for 2019-nCoV in humans” [2]:
“Several assays that detect the 2019-nCoV have been and are currently under development, both in-house and commercially. Some assays may detect only the novel virus [COVID] and some may also detect other strains (e.g. SARS-CoV) that are genetically similar.”

Translation: Some PCR tests register positive for types of coronavirus that have nothing to do with COVID—including plain old coronas that cause nothing more than a cold.

The WHO document adds this little piece: “Protocol use limitations: Optional clinical specimens for testing has [have] not yet been validated.”

Translation: We’re not sure which tissue samples to take from the patient, in order for the test to have any validity. 

From the FDA: “LabCorp COVID-19RT-PCR test EUA Summary: 


“…The SARS-CoV-2RNA [COVID virus] is generally detectable in respiratory specimens during the acute phase of infection. Positive results are indicative of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA; clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine patient infection status…THE AGENT DETECTED MAY NOT BE THE DEFINITE CAUSE OF DISEASE (CAPS are mine). Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.”

Translation: On the one hand, we claim the test can “generally” detect the presence of the COVID virus in a patient. But we admit that “the agent detected” on the test, by which we mean COVID, “may not be the definite cause of disease.” We also admit that, unless the patient has an acute infection, we can’t find COVID. Therefore, the idea of “asymptomatic patients” confirmed by the test is nonsense. And even though a positive test for COVID may not indicate the actual cause of disease, all positive tests must be reported—and they will be counted as “COVID cases.” Regardless.

From a manufacturer of PCR test kit elements, Creative Diagnostics, “SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Multiplex RT-qPCR Kit” [4]:

“Regulatory status: For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.”

Translation: Don’t use the test result alone to diagnose infection or disease. 


“non-specific interference of Influenza A Virus (H1N1), Influenza B Virus (Yamagata), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (type B), Respiratory Adenovirus (type 3, type 7), Parainfluenza Virus (type 2), Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Chlamydia Pneumoniae, etc.”

Translation: Although this company states the test can detect COVID, it also states the test can read FALSELY positive if the patient has one of a number of other irrelevant viruses in his body. What is the test proving, then? Who knows? Flip a coin.

“Application Qualitative”

Translation: This clearly means the test is not suited to detect how much virus is in the patient’s body. I’ll cover how important this admission is in a minute.

“The detection result of this product is only for clinical reference, and it should not be used as the only evidence for clinical diagnosis and treatment. 

The clinical management of patients should be considered in combination with their symptoms/signs, history, other laboratory tests and treatment responses. The detection results should not be directly used as the evidence for clinical diagnosis, and are only for the reference of clinicians.”

Translation: Don’t use the test as the exclusive basis for diagnosing a person with COVID. And yet, this is exactly what health authorities are doing all over the world. All positive tests must be reported to government agencies, and they are counted as COVID cases.”

Those quotes, from official government and testing sources, torpedo the whole “scientific” basis of the test.

And now, I’ll add another, lethal blow: the test has never been validated properly as an instrument to detect disease. Even assuming it can detect the presence of the COVID virus in a patient, it doesn’t show HOW MUCH virus is in the body. And that is key, because in order to even begin talking about actual illness in the real world, not in a lab, the patient would need to have millions and millions of the virus actively replicating in his body.

Proponents of the test assert that it CAN measure how much virus is in the body. To which I reply: prove it.

Prove it in a way it should have been proven decades ago—but never was.

Take five hundred people and remove tissue samples from them. The people who take the samples do NOT do the test. The testers will never know who the patients are and what condition they’re in.

The testers run their PCR on the tissue samples. In each case, they say which virus they found and HOW MUCH of it they found.

“All right, in patients 24, 46, 65, 76, 87, and 93 we found a great deal of virus.”

Now we un-blind those patients. They should all be sick, because they have so much virus replicating in their bodies. Are they sick? Are they running marathons? Let’s find out.

This OBVIOUS vetting of the test has never been done. That is an enormous scandal. Where are the controlled test results in 500 patients, a thousand patients? Nowhere.

The test is an unproven fraud.

And, therefore, the COVID pandemic, which is supposed to be based on that test, is also a fraud.

“But…but…what about all the sick and dying people…why are they sick?”

I’ve written thousands of words answering that question, in past articles. A NUMBER of conditions—none involving COVID, and most involving old traditional diseases—are making people sick.

[1]: (link)
[2]: (link)
[3]: (link)
[4]: (link)

NTS Notes:  I absolutely agree with everything that Jon presents in this report...

I said in last weekend's rant that even I that has a long history of respiratory diseases such as Bronchitis, could very possibly when that condition flares up take this COVID-19 "test" and most probably test POSITIVE for this 'virus' simply because the person conducting the test would notice  my coughing and sniffling and "conclude" that I have the disease!  Ambiguous testing indeed..

I therefore have ZERO faith in these tests, as they are not giving the true picture of exactly who, if anyone, actually has contracted this 'virus'.... It therefore can be logically concluded that the bastards in charge threw this fraud 'testing' out there just to try to claim that there are indeed a lot of "victims" of this COVID-19 when in actuality there are probably ZERO...

Well... Where do we go from here?  I would say that people do need to be awakened to the REAL dangers that are now in front of us thanks to this fraud "pandemic" ... The criminals in charge are very probably ecstatic at the results of this 'experiment' and may indeed now keep their new "laws" and loss of freedom of every citizen in place even after this "pandemic" passes..... And once we have our freedom and liberties gone, it will be nearly impossible to get them back short of a full blown revolution!

More to come


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Latest Article By John Kaminski - Flu Is Not Contagious!

I have had enough of this COVID-19 hysteria... Or should it be properly called the Covert Operation Via Infectious Disease created in 2019?   I am absolutely leaning in that direction, for I do feel now that with all of the evidence that I have come across over the last few days alone, that this has indeed been a major world wide operation by the Jewish power elite to crash our economies while bringing in a form of one world government that takes away our rights and freedoms... I do strongly believe now that we have all been "played" and the criminals in charge are now LAUGHING in our faces for how gullible most of us truly are...

Meanwhile, I am NOT practicing this fraud of "social distancing" and to those who scream at me saying that I am in 'violation' of any law, they can go fuck themselves, for all they are is a bunch of mutton chomping sheep that have swallowed this "pandemic" horse shit....  I want to LIVE my life and BE FREE... Human beings were never born to be isolated pack rats, and it is about time that everyone stood up and fought back against the criminals and their bogus isolation and social engineering goals....

OK, Now that I have said what has to be said... It is onto important articles at this blog... And of course my fellow American colleague, John Kaminski, has just released a brand spanking new article through his website at www.johnkaminski.org, and I definitely want to share that essay with everyone here... This one is entitled: "Flu Is Not Contagious" and has the subheading of 'World Economy Wrecked By A Hoax" and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves... I do, of course, have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

World economy
wrecked by a hoax
Social distancing,
quarantine are bogus
The Invisible Rainbow
A History of Electricity and Life
by Arthur Firstenberg, 2017
Chelsea Green Publishing
White River Junction, Vermont
This is the best detective story ever written. The flu is not contagious. This quarantine is all a horrible hoax, deliberately inflicted upon the world to usher in totalitarian world government. The flu is not contagious. No flu has ever been contagious.
Arthur Firstenberg has changed the future and won himself a Nobel Prize with the publication of The Invisible Rainbow, which proves, among other things, that . . .
• The flu is an electrical disease. The trigger, Firstenberg writes, is connected to seasonal variations in solar radiation, as so many have suggested over the previous two centuries.
Long ago reports have shown that flu epidemics tend to occur during years of maximum solar activity, and that cases can rise and fall with the number of sunspots.
Famous thinkers who have connected flu with sunspots range from Noah Webster to Fred Hoyle. In 1836 Heinrich Schweich observed that it was a common belief that accumulation of electricity within the body caused influenza. His contention has never been disproven, Firstenberg reports.
The period of 1645 to 1715 is known as the Maunder Minimum, where no sunspots nor auroras were seen. There were also no worldwide pandemics. It wasn’t until 1727 that sunspots numbered more than 100 for the first time in more than a century. In 1728 influenza arrived in waves over the surface of the Earth and lasted by some accounts until 1738. Some 2 million died, Firstenberg wrote.
The pandemic of 1889-94 swept over the entire planet. Firstenberg theorizes that this accompanied the first electrification of the planet with electric lights turnin on everywhere.
A litany of quotes from the past two centuries all testify to connection between worldwide influenza outbreaks and the solar cycle.
Firstenberg targets the beginnings of misdiagnosis of a disease once called neurasthenia, or electrical sensitivity, to Sigmund Freud, who classified it as an “anxiety neurosis” in 1894, ending research into the electrical causes of the flu down to this very day.
“Because of him,” Firstenberg writes, “we are today putting millions of people on Xanax, Prozac and Zoloft instead of cleaning up the environment.”
Thus, all this present day twaddle about “social distancing”, quarantines and business closures are deliberate impostures by medical quacks who have ravaged the population with poison vaccines for the disease caused by electrical sensitivity. A thorough investigation followed by arrests and lawsuits for malpractice are totally in order for the criminals who seek to destroy the governments of the world with deliberately false information. Vaccines for flu have been foisted on the public for many decades and Firstenberg’s research shows they have always been totally inappropriate, not to say criminal.
“The Invisible Rainbow” was first published in 2017 and since has been rereleased in a paperback version by Chelsea Green, based in White River Junction, Vermont.
A more complete review will follow shortly, but the brakes need to be put on this legislative and medical hijacking of the American republic and all the governments of the world by criminal politicians, doctors and billionaires who plan on killing millions of unsuspecting victims with their poison vaccines which are totally inappropriate for the electrical sensitivity disease they have turned into a cash cow for unscrupulous vaccine manufactuers.
Firstenberg also wrote that several prominent virologists have admitted over the yers that vaccination has done nothing to stop epidemics and that the disease still behaves as it did a thousand years ago.
“The embarrassing secret among virologists is that from 1933 until the present day, there have been no experimental studies proving that influenza — either the virus or the disease is ever transmitted from person to person by normal contact.”
In September 1918 tens of millions died from the so-called Spanish flu but there was never any evidence it was caused by contagion. There were nosebleeds and blood hemorrhaging. Blood wouldn’t clot and there was a lot of hair loss from the unprecedented worldwide use of radio waves.
Numerous attempts were made to make it contagious but they all failed.
1889, power line harmonic radiation began.
1918, the radio era began.
1957, the radar era began.
And 1968, the satellite era began. These were the significant times when large changes to the Earth’s electric field were made. Each was accompanied by a significant flu pandemic. And each time the public was hoaxed by phony attempts at vaccines that those who administered knew wouldn’t work.
Then came the wireless era and HAARP, the High Altitude Auroral Research Project, which will be reviewed when this report is continued in part 2.
In the meantime, the measures imposed on the peoples of the world based on false information from unscrupulous doctors and politicians must be immediately reversed. Life must return to normal and those responsible for this fiasco of totalitarian abuse must be punished to the full extent of the law.
Social distancing, quarantining, the closing of businesses are absolutely unnecessary because no flu is contagious. The duplicitous medical community has played a joke on an ignorant public in order to turn the freedom loving American way of life into a diabolical Communist concentration camp, apparently with an idea to reduce the population with totally unnecessary poison vaccines.
Spread this news far and wide. Time is short. And the forces of evil are arrayed against all humanity, with the power of corrupt media and bought-off politicians all willing to end freedom with this cynical barrage of blatant lies that has disrupted the entire world and left its population terrified. For this hoax there is no forgiveness.

NTS Notes: Again, another superb article by John....

I have studied so many different aspects of 'viruses' over the last few decades, and even though I am not in the same opinion that they do 'not exist', many of the aspects presented by those who claim that they are all a fraud are worth noting...

During the discussion that John and I had a few days back via Skype, he did mention to me about this book 'The Invisible Rainbow" that he had and even showed me the book itself in that video call.... John knows that one of my major expertise over the last few decades has been in the study of electromagnetic fields, and I am therefore in agreement that the rapid growth of electromagnetic radiation  has a lot of adverse effects on our health.... That is why I have been a very strong advocate against the usage of "5G" devices and the Terahertz wavelengths that they use......

I do find it fascinating and very interesting that many of the so called "pandemics" that we have seen for well over the last 150 years do indeed coincide with the increasing magnitude of  electric and electromagnetic devices and frequencies..... And yes, all of that increasing "pollution" does indeed have a lot of ill effects on human health, and therefore the 'coincidences" between the pandemics and these ever increasing electric field strengths does indeed garner further investigation...

I agree with John that people do desperately need to wake the fuck up and realize how the forces of evil are indeed now fully arrayed against all humanity.... If we do not fight back now, then there will be no future for ourselves and our children.... And I agree that if people do actually wake the fuck up and fight back, there should be NO forgiveness for these criminals for what they have done...

I will continue to post John's articles at this blog when they do become available... So stay tuned..

More to come


The COVID-19 Hysteria: Some Amazing Evidence That This Global "Pandemic" Is Another Live Drill And That We Have ALL Been Played!

I had an astute reader send me the link yesterday to a most interesting report out of the New York Times (which I call the New York slimes for their incessant lies...) where apparently a "doctor" at the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York City, went out and told a reporter with that newspaper that her hospital has been 'overwhelmed' with Coronavirus "patients" and then went out and did a Youtube video presenting interesting details claiming that hospital was now 'short of ventilators' and that not only was the hospital in a panic situation, but they even had to pack dead 'coronavirus' victims' bodies in refrigeration units!   Here in fact is that video right here for everyone to see for themselves:

I sat down and watched the video and at first I was shocked like everyone else... But after taking a closer look at the video, I had a lot of questions, including HOW this 'doctor' was even allowed to take videos in a hospital OR or intensive care unit, when such video taking is absolutely ILLEGAL everywhere including here in Canada.... .That alone had me thinking that something was terribly amiss here, and I thought: What the HELL is really going on here?....

Well, I do want to thank my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who lives in "Coronavirus stricken" southern British Columbia, and writes her blog over at "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at www.greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com,  for coming forward with some most interesting and revealing facts about this 'video' via another real truth seeker, Henry Makow.... Here in fact is Greencrow's article, entitled: "Henry Makow Says The COVID 9/11 Planned-emic Is Another Live Drill!" and is absolutely a must read by everyone... Please take the time to look over the details in this report for it is indeed a BOMBSHELL:

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Henry Makow says the Covid 9/11 Planned-emic is Another Live Drill

"People are Dying in NYC"
Colleen Smith MD - is a simulation expert

Colleen Smith, M.D.. Associate Program Director, Elmhurst Academic Interests: Simulation, Medical Education, Wellness.
Missing: dr. ‎| Must include: dr.

They rebranded the common flu. Flu claims tens of thousands of lives every year. This is a simulation gone live.
Henry Makow says:
There is no question that this is a simulation gone live, at least In the West. C'mon folks. They're telling you to your face! Pompeo referred to it as "a live exercise." He refused to deny that it was a hoax! They want us to know. That's why Google relaxed its censorship.

Anatomy of a Pandemic
by Henry Makow PHD

9-11, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, Paris, Nice, Aurora Co., San Bernardino, Orlando. We let them think they could get away with anything.
Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth demonstrates that the Coronavirus is a massive drill gone live, which if true, exposes the entire ruling class as liars and traitors.

Last week The New York Times and ABC News ran a terrifying story about the virus:

"...In a 24-hour period this week, over a dozen coronavirus patients died at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, as multiple medical workers inside the public hospital told ABC News they are overwhelmed, treating "hundreds of COVID-19 patients."

Colleen Smith - Simulation Enthusiast

Colleen Smith, [above], an emergency care physician at the hospital, described the area where the COVID-19 patients are being treated as "a parking lot of stretchers." As one emergency care physician told ABC News plainly, "this is ground zero." The city health department sent out a release on Tuesday, calling the 545-bed hospital in Elmhurst "the center of this crisis."
Read the rest here.
A sad commentary on the state of the press that no reporters thought to visit "the centre of the crisis." This was left to a lowly youtuber, Jason Goodman who wandered around the building for 40 minutes and found it as sleepy as a Cape Cod fishing village in July. (See his video below this article.)

There were ten ambulances parked around but none coming or going. Crickets.

No sign of the "refrigerated truck at Elmhurst Hospital to be used for holding deceased bodies." He spoke to some paramedics who were clearly following a script. Doctors were tight lipped, afraid to say a word.

You'd think that a time when the nation was supposed to "pull together" people wouldn't act as though they would lose their jobs if they told the truth.

Isn't that how Communism works? Throw everyone out of work. Then you don't have a job unless you parrot the party line.

He points out that Coleen Smith is a simulation expert. Her claim that the hospital was running out of respirators was contradicted by the city hospital board, indicating they hadn't got the memo. He wonders why the ambulances are idle after Smith claimed the transfer of the 30 patients to other hospitals was "a bright spot in the long fight."

He questions why the NY Times filmed her in front of a restaurant called "A Taste of China."

We are all engaged in a simulation because for Kabbalists, all life is a simulation of whatever their warped minds can conceive. They think they're God and saying makes it so. They define reality according to their interests. Their agenda is to enslave humanity...I think you can see where all this may be going....

We have been living in a Kabbalist simulation for quite some time. The world wars. The Cold War. The false flag terror and psyops. Watergate. Hollywood, TV and the music industry.

We are at war with an invisible enemy, alright. They're our political and cultural "leaders." These include our defenders, like Trump. They're all in cahoots to bring Western society down.

It's as though one part of society is punking the rest.

The elite is willing to participate in this simulation no matter how destructive it is.

If we entertain this occult perspective, then we're not going to bounce back. They are out to destroy us once and for all.

I don't believe this. I believe this will be over by June and we'll return to our old ways, bruised but unbent. But it is a frightening thought.

A friend emailed me: I don't think the quarantine will be lifted. It will just expand to include everybody, and get tighter and tighter. I get the feeling that this is just the start of the hard times. Whatever is closed will probably stay closed, and sports are finished. I'm sure I played my last hockey game. At least that's the way I see it.

I don't want to believe this. I want to believe they'll call off the drill once they have achieved their short term goals. They won't be able to sustain this simulation after flu season ends.

But what if the situation is only going to get worse. What if, this is the beginning of "the hard times?"

Thanks to Tom in Denmark for the Tip!

Related - Jason Goodman--Did a BBC Pandemic Simulation Model the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Arizona Hospital Empty
German Journalist Enters Hospital Teeming With Corona Patients & Finds No one There

Videoblogger Jason Goodman spends
 over 1/2 hr. walking around Elmhurst hospital
finds the scene quiet and nearly empty

Greencrow comments:  I couldn't agree more with Henry Makow's report above.  From the beginning, I said it was a "drill" amongst many other things.  The amount of planning, money and energy they've poured into this latest False Flag atrocity scares me.  It would see there's no turning back at this point.  I don't see a way for them to walk this back without making some very embarrassing [not to say criminal] admissions.  They are punking humanity.  They want their vaccines and they want their microchips.
So the above report is very important.  It shows how fragile their house of cards is.  A single videoblogger can reveal it's transparent phoniness.  The truthers are gaining and folks, you know what that always means...The Satanists either double down and escalate.

Or, they find a patsy/scapegoat to blame and/or pretend it was all a figment of OUR imaginations.  What will it be?

Posted by greencrow at 9:28 AM

NTS Note: I watched both video\s, and I was especially amazed at Jason Goodman being able to go directly to that Elmhurst Hospital in Queens and basically walk around the entire hospital and not finding ANY "panic" at all... It was 'business as usual' as many ambulances were gathered and there was not sirens wailing at all by other ambulances screaming into that hospital with supposed "victims" from this 'coronavirus'.... That alone had me wondering 'WHAT THE FUCK IS REALLY GOING ON?" and called into question all the Jew spew media hype over the last few days claiming that NYC alone was now the "epicenter" of this entire world wide "outbreak", and yet we find ZERO evidence of that even being true!

AND here is a subsequent report that was also just released by Greencrow that contains a bombshell video, and is entitled: "Breaking News: Its Over! It Was A Hoax And A Fraud!"... I have my final thoughts and comments on these bombshell revelations to follow:

Sunday, March 29, 2020


Expert now say that the Official "models"
 predicting Corvid 9/11 Pandemic were wrong

"No Worse than the Ordinary Annual Flu" top UK expert now admits.  Fraudulent "testing" all along.  Hey Folks...THAT didn't last long!!!

The bullshit is collapsing all around.

Posted by Greencrow at 1:39 PM 
NTS Notes: Well, there you have it everyone..... The truth would eventually win out over this evil "drill" that has created so much fraudulent panic across the globe....

I and so many others looked at this entire "pandemic" from the very beginning with so much skepticism... I used critical thinking to dig deep into this 'virus' from the very beginning and had initially thought that this was either an elaborate hoax or that the "disease" was being immensely overblown to drive the people into a contrived state of panic thanks to the evils of our own governments and of course the Jew spew media outlets....  Now we see that the bastards have indeed playing us all as suckers all along..

I do hope that readers do  take this material, and especially that important video by Jason Goodman (before the bastards at Youtube delete it of course..) and show people exactly what is really going on here... We have been  played as fools, and honestly I do NOT like being played and feel absolutely PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW!

More to come


*Important Update, March 29th 2020:  Another very astute reader sent me an email, where he is stating: "Hey, NTS, this "COVID-19" may actually be an anagram of what this entire operation is really all about.... COVID-19 actually stands for "Covert Operation Via Infectious Disease,  launched in 2019" thus we have 'COVID-19' for short.  I want to know what you think?"....

I looked at that email message, and afterwards I thought to myself that IT MAKES SENSE NOW!  AND it once again shows how these criminals are not afraid at all to throw their criminal operations right in our faces indeed and laugh at all of us in the process!

One other note: I dearly want ALL READERS to take this information and get it out to everyone that they know, their neighbours, friends, colleagues, etc.... This is a bombshell report that shows clear evidence that we have all indeed been played as suckers, and we ALL MUST tell everyone to look at this evidence..... We can defeat this criminality by simply doing our parts and that time is NOW!

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 29th, 2020

Sunday.... And welcome to the world of COVID-19 hysteria once again...

Honestly, I have had it with the crapola we are seeing these days in regards to this fraudulent pandemic.... I have been trying to live my life as normally as I can, and yet I am stymied at every turn by this bullshit of needing to keep "social distancing".....  It is to me so detrimental to everyone as human beings and as far as I am concerned will eventually do untold damage to our mental health and our very societies as a whole..

One thing that everyone has missed as the Jew spew media continues to scream "the sky is falling" and the bullshit of "we are all going to die" in regards to this bullshit pandemic, is the fact that the very scumbag "doctor" in the United Kingdom that initially announced to the world almost a month ago that this was a "global pandemic" had actually rescinded that very statement and has come out over the last week in saying that he had made a "mistake" in putting out that assumption... And yet, we find ZERO news anywhere in the Jew spew media at all about that retraction by that very doctor!  Which can only come to one conclusion, in that the criminals in charge of that Jew spew media propaganda absolutely WANT every single human being watching their propaganda to be scared to death and thinking that the "sky is indeed falling"!

Again, I refuse to live my life in any fear of this "disease"..... I have been trying to be a "voice in the wilderness" along with so many others in the REAL truth movement in reaching out to as many people as possible to give them the truth about this entire charade.... Sadly, many have turned on me and said "where are you getting your facts from, Brian?" and some have gotten so mad at me and nearly screaming at me with the usual "You do not know what the fuck you are talking about?".... I simply ask them  again where they are getting THEIR facts, and many say "Well, I have been watching the news on the TV of course, and saying that the news announcers and hosts would never lie to people (!)"...... I can only turn my head in disgust, and walk away knowing that so many have fallen victim to the lies and are nothing more than lost causes...

How bad is the propaganda?   I have turned on the TALMUDVISION during my 'forced isolation' by this fraud "pandemic" and I have been truly shocked by what I see these days.... Every single so called "news" telecast by those bastards is entirely filled with "COVID-19" propaganda and lies... These bastards have the nerve to claim that those who call this "pandemic" a fraud are so wrong and "rightfully deserve to catch this disease"..... And they have even had the nerve to state that we who know the truth should be  put into jail for OUR lying to the public?   The absurdity of this entire scam is now reaching the level of insanity indeed...

And yes, the Jew spew media and our crooked governments have indeed now been targeting the alternative media, claiming that we must be 'shut down' for giving the public nothing but "lies".... Even that crooked heinous bastard that calls himself the Prime Minister of this nation, Canada, has come out on the Talmudvision and screaming that people should not listen to liars who "claim" that this pandemic is a hoax, and should actually now resort to either 'turning us all in" or have us all "shamed' in public.... Talk about taking this fraud to extremes to prevent the real truth from getting out there, for this is abysmal....

I also noticed how the criminals in charge are resorting to the idea of having those who have "contracted" this COVID-19 'virus" now be "tracked" via their own smartphones.... The criminals in charge are stating that this is a "necessity" to make sure that 'infected' people are kept away from others and are practicing the bullshit of 'self isolation".... I on the other hand see the truth about this scam, and see this as the slow introduction of a "surveillance" system, where the criminals in charge will be watching over  everyone and thus remove everyones' personal freedoms..... But hey, the criminals cannot let a good "pandemic" go to waste, and thus are using that fraud as their method of indeed bringing forward their criminal surveillance system that I and others in the real truth movement have been warning people about for years now...

And about this disease itself?  As I have said before in previous rants, the numbers simply do NOT add up at all... Yes, the criminal World Health Organization is now stating that there are some "600000" victims world wide suffering from this Coronavirus and that the majority of the "victims" are now in the continental United States... BUT people so quickly forget that number still pales in comparison to the number of world wide victims of common Influenza and other respiratory diseases... And even the number of "deaths" that they claim are directly related to COVID-19, now at over 8000 still does not even compare at all with the hundreds of thousands who die annually from that same Influenza epidemic.... And nobody is still out there calling "Influenza" a global pandemic? Are they??   Thus again the power of propaganda in pushing this pandemic is so strong and people are still not seeing the reality of this fraud in terms of the actual numbers!

Sadly, many are also believing the liars in terms of their methods of "testing" for this Coronavirus, which I and others are indeed crying foul..... The "tests" are so ambiguous and are indeed giving a 'false positive" result is the majority of the cases of those who are somehow diagnosed with actually having COVID-19.... In fact, in the majority of the cases, anyone that has Common cold symptoms and a high fever from contracting ANY form of Coronavirus may find themselves "diagnosed" with having that specific COVID-19 strain when tested, which is sheer and utter bullshit.....Heck, I with my common bronchitis that I usually catch on an annual basis might go out when I am afflicted with that common ailment and be "tested" and suddenly find myself with a "Positive" result!......Basically, I am saying that the "tests" themselves are so flawed, and are showing positive results when there are none.... But heck, the criminals in charge cannot let a good pandemic go to waste, right?

Last week I did indeed have a most excellent conversation with John Kaminski, and it was great to sit down and discuss this entire scam with that 75 year old real truth seeker... John actually looked pretty good for that ripe old age, and he said that it was indeed a long time since we chatted...... And the conversation did indeed cover so much of this fraudulent pandemic and especially about what John has written about in his last few essays concerning the links between 5G electromagnetic fields and this sudden  pandemic..... I do agree with John about the possible links between "5G" and this sudden outbreak of COVID-19 from the perspective that 5G does indeed weaken the body's immune system and thus make it more susceptible to damages that can be done by this 'virus'..... It was good to talk with John, and I did put it to him that I had hoped that he does not quit any time soon, for his efforts in getting the real truth about are needed now more than ever....

In terms of the linkage between 5G and COVID-19, I do want to point out that in some cases, this "virus" has appeared in areas around the planet that do not yet have "5G" in place and switched on...  I am however looking into other factors in those cases, especially the link between the Meningitis "vaccination" of a large group of people in northern Italy and the outbreak of that COVID-19 strain there.....   Such may be the case in northern Italy, as the ones that have been vaccinated have had their immune systems compromised from the poisons in those 'vaccines' and may indeed be the majority of the ones who have now come down and dying from this COVID-19 'virus'.....

And WHAT IN THE HELL is going on with the criminals over at "Big Pharma" refusing to allow the anti-malaria drug called Hydroxychloroquine from being released to everyone that has "contracted" this virus?  I have seen the actual medical reports online showing that "victims" that have either contacted or have full symptoms of this COVID-19 "virus" have been 100% cured by taking Hydroxychloroquine, and yet we find so many governments around the planet refuse to allow that drug released to the general public to cure patients?   Am I missing something here?  IMHO, this is an abomination and shows how the criminals over at the WHO and Big Pharma want so many people "sick and dying" from this "virus" rather than actually curing them because there is BIG MONEY to be made once again by keeping everyone sick!   It does indeed remind me of the fact that diseases such as Cancer are easily curable by drugs that cost a few dollars, but those drugs are not available as there is BILLIONS to be made by subjecting victims of Cancer to the ghastly 'treatments' instead!   Again, we cannot let a good "pandemic" go to waste, can we?

And yesterday evening, I had a long conversation with Charles Giuliani out of Massachusetts, who has been blasting away at this fraud "pandemic" as well through his podcasts over at Renegade Broadcasting (www.renegadebroadcasting.com) every Monday evening for the last few weeks now...I have in fact been a guest on some of his previous shows, and have talked about a wide range of subjects from the fake Apollo Moon Missions, the fraud of organized religions, to what is really happening in our sick world today..... And now, Charles has been banging away at this fraud "pandemic", and I do want readers to especially take a listen to his show from March 23rd, where he spent an entire 2 full hours blasting away at the scam and bringing up so many important facts about what may indeed be behind this entire "pandemic".....  And last night we touched again on so many factors with this fraud, including the fact that the criminal US President Donald Drumpf has called up some "1 Million reservists" in the US military for the possible imposition of martial law in the United States as a result of this 'pandemic fear'...... I can guarantee his show tomorrow night on Renegade will once again be a real eye opener to everyone and I implore my own readers to take a listen live or listen to the show via the archives posted afterwards...

Well, I could fill this entire rant with even more COVID-19 facts and truths, but I for one am so sick to death of this entire scam.... Human beings were never meant to live their lives in "isolation" and we should not have the fear of socializing with our fellow human beings at all... This entire "social distancing" horse shit is a scam as well IMHO, and has been put in now as part of the "social engineering" testing and programming by the criminals in charge who want to test us as guinea pigs to see how far they can push their agenda, which is to enslave us all under a form of Communism.... Sadly, these bastards are now succeeding as their 'experiment' is exceeding their wildest expectations... I will say that once this 'pandemic' does 'blow over' many of our existing laws that have been drastically changed due to this fraud 'pandemic' will be left in place, and the criminals in charge will use their excuse that 'we must be prepared for another pandemic' as their excuse to leave those horrific changes in place!  We will lose our personal freedoms with no hope of ever having them restored, and communications and transportation as well as 'freedom of movement" will also be permanently curtailed as well.....  The bottom line is this; The bastards who came up with this 'pandemic' fear porn are "going for broke" in their want to have us all put into their permanent enslavement system, and sadly thanks to the 'FEAR PORN' generated by this entire scam, they have  succeeded.....  The world will be permanently changed, and not for the better.

I do recommend that everyone stand firm and do their best to live their lives and not hunker down like pack rats thinking the sky is falling.... Get out there and exercise, and get outdoors as much as you can... Sunlight is always good for us all and does indeed fight against depression... As well, take vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D to keep your immune systems strong.... Turn off the Talmudvision filled with fear porn propaganda and do more reading and actually talking to people by what ever 'social media' is available..... Do NOT live your lives in fear for that is exactly what these criminal bastards absolutely want!

OK, I have had enough of this 'pandemic' as there is indeed a lot of news elsewhere across the planet. I will indeed cover some of that news right here in my closing "last minute tidbits"......I have continued to have a good chuckle at the rantings and insane statements being made by Demon-rat Communist candidate Joe Biden over the last week, and I am sticking to my suspicions that the Demon-rats know full well that he is unelectable, and they have their 'star' candidate waiting in the wings to run against Drumpf instead.  And yes, that appalling Hillary "Killary" Clinton may indeed come out of the wood work shortly to be the demonic choice for these criminals..........The war in Syria has taken the back pages thanks to COVID-19 news, but the rebels aka "terrorists" in the Idlib province are continuing to try to prevent the Russians and Turks from running joint policing along the  key M4 motorway.  And the Americans continue to build their illegal bases in and around the key oil fields in eastern Syria as well to steal Syria's vital oil supplies.  The "civil" war in Syria is therefore indeed far from over by a long shot...... The American forces in Iraq continue to come under increasing attacks from the Iraqi people who are indeed wanting those bastards out of their nation once and for all.  The American government has of course their marching orders from their Jewish masters who demand them to stay in Iraq, and of course since the US government sucks Jew dick they are indeed going to stay there and thus suffer the deadly consequences from the Iraqi people.....The Houthis in Yemen continue to blast away at their Saudi oppressors and invaders and have indeed the full upper hand in the war to boot the Saudis out of their nation.  The Saudis have been all but defeated and are still trying to 'save face' rather than get the hell out of Yemen.  This is why they are desperately trying to reach a diplomatic solution with the Houthi government, and should indeed pay a heavy  price for their campaign of murder and destruction against Yemen's civilian population that has cost millions of innocent lives.......Yes, the criminals in the US (and Canadian) governments are still trying to overthrow the Maduro government in Venezuela, and are now trying to laughingly charge Maduro with "criminal drug charges".   The irony here is of course that it is the US government that supports and runs the drug cartels in South America, and it has been Maduro that has been arresting and stopping these same criminals in Venezuela.  Therefore this trying to charge Maduro on drug related charges is ludicrous and a real bad joke!.........So let me get this straight; President Drumpf announces 2 TRILLION dollars in 'stimulus' to the American people in light of this COVID-19 "pandemic" which supposedly includes '1,200 dollars' to every American worker.  Now, lets do the math here; 1200 x 180000000 working Americans amounts to 216 BILLION dollars, which is about 1/10th of that 2 trillion dollars.  Am I missing something here?  Where is the other 1.8 TRILLION dollars going then?  I would suspect that "missing" money is going directly into the pockets of criminal Jewish bankers!  If someone can prove me wrong on this, let me know........And speaking of the "economic" situation, I am not going to back down from my initial assumption that this entire 'pandemic' has been used as a cover by the criminals who have finally decided to pull the plug on the entire world economy.  These bastards have needed a 'correction' to happen and I am stating that they want this 'pandemic' as their cover for crashing the entire sick house of cards.  I have found nothing to show otherwise........I saw the reports where the Chinese and Russians  are screaming that the "COVID-19" was indeed a biological weapon developed in the US and are now wanting to retaliate against the US for that weapon on their nations.  Well, duh, the facts are indeed that this 'virus' comes from Fort Detrick Maryland and has indeed been unleashed on the planet by the criminals in the US themselves.  When everyone knows this to be fact, there will indeed be hell to pay everywhere!........ Saw more interesting reports claiming that sinister bastard, Bill Gates, may have had his hands in the development of this virus as well and has been funding the ' research' into said development.  Well, duh, everyone should be made aware of how Gates himself has long been calling for population reduction across the planet, and has said many times that a "pandemic" may be necessary for such reduction!........NO sports at all, and I am sick of reruns of soccer games from last year.  At least going outside to burn off some energy and get some exercise is helping me through my withdrawals..........I have seen all of the so called "celebrities" come out of the woodwork and going on the Talmudvision during this COVID-19 bullshit supporting this 'self isolation" and 'social distancing'.  Apparently the propagandists in  charge of this scam know full well that their lies can get a better hold on society by using 'celebrities' to push their agenda....... And speaking of putrid "celebrities", the skanks over at Kardashian slut heaven are out there as well pushing the fraud of "social distancing" as well.  And with people cooped up inside and stuck watching the Talmudvision, their horrid Kardashian 'show' is of course working its magic in poisoning minds.   Having that crap on to turn peoples' brains to mush is probably the best reason turn off the Talmudvision and get outside!

More to come