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The Corona Virus Hysteria: 8 Things To Consider Before Panicking About The Coronavirus!

After I wrote yesterday's rant, I decided to spend some time with a few friends that I had not seen in some time..... We sat down and chatted away at the local Tim Horton's and we covered a wide range of subjects... Someone had alerted me that former NBA Los Angeles Lakers player, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter, had just died in a tragic helicopter crash in California, and we all discussed that for a while... But the subject quickly turned to the "Corona Virus" and many sitting at the table had the look of shock and fear... They talked openly about what we were all going to do if the "virus" came and started killing people locally here in central Canada, and apparently many were indeed brainwashed by the lies coming from the Jew spew media, which especially troubled me.... I tried my best to calm many of their fears and explained some truths about the "virus" and that there was no need to panic.... After I left the group, I knew that I needed to continue to show some real truths here at this blog about this "virus" just to have people realize that the fear mongering out there is just to have people panic and cry out for their crooked governments to do something to "ease" their fears!

Well, I came across the following report, from the Waking Times website, at, that is entitled: "8 Things To Consider Before Panicking About The Coronavirus" and indeed gives some valid points to show that people should think about before they allow themselves to fall victim to the hysteria and panic about this "virus"...... Here in fact is that article for everyone to see right here, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


January 25, 2020

8 Things to Consider Before Panicking About the Coronavirus

If you read the news, you’ve likely heard about the “deadly” coronavirus in China. You’ve probably seen videos of sick people and heard about the impending doom that our great nation faces if we don’t do something about this grave threat coming from China.
But have you ever thought about why we’re hearing so much about this virus, despite it affecting only a relatively small number of people in another country? Who benefits from a mass media hype around the Coronavirus?

1. This Story is Getting Massive Hype

No one can deny the incredible hype that this story is getting. But, why?
Nearly every major news outlet is front-paging the news about the virus. NBC warns of the rising death toll, CNN frightens us with “diving” stocks due to coronavirus fears (the DOW dropped by 0.6% while other stocks like Bowing grew by 1.7%), the Drudge Report sounds the alarm on the spreading outbreak triggering the quarantine of 56 million people, but China’s state run communist newspaper, the People’s Daily, reports only 41 total deaths from coronavirus and 34 cured and released, with the total number of confirmed cases to date at 1287.
Yet, every new development is serious front page news. CNBC released an updating map of those affected by the virus. In China, it looks like they are absolutely swamped with illness, however, to say that the true number of cases is minuscule compared with China’s population of 1.4 billion would be the world’s greatest understatement of the century.
Is the media simply reporting justifiably on a virus that could potentially affect millions of people, or do they have ulterior motives?

2. Nobody Knows Where the Virus Came From

So, where did the virus come from anyway? Some speculate it originated in snakes, or previously from bats or contact with other animals in an open-air food market in Wuham, but if that’s true, is there no connection to the fact that the Chinese government opened up a new biolab in the same city, allegedly tasked with studying the “world’s most dangerous pathogens”? Even the science journal Nature was concerned with the facility prior to its operation in 2017.
So, did the Chinese government accidentally or intentionally release the virus? Did it end up in bats, then snakes, then humans? Why were they working on studying this virus in the first place, and who benefits from its release?

3. The Media Makes Top Dollar from Your Fear

Along with America’s other biggest go-nowhere news story of the week, Trump’s impeachment process, the media rakes in huge sums of money from reporting on medical fear stories. Media executives know that people will tune in to watch a deadly virus sweep the globe. The fear that you experience from thinking about the potential for mass quarantine and death, paralyzes and keeps most people locked into consuming more fear-inducing coverage. Hence, more moola for the fat cats at CNN, NBC, etc. Bad news is good for business, and while statistically speaking you should be far more concerned for your safety every time you get into an automobile, nothing gets clicks like fear and panic.

4. Governments Always Seek More Control from Virus Scares

What is the logical conclusion for a population of fearful and paralyzed individuals with no experience combatting a new and deadly virus? Giving the authorities more power, of course.. Let the government forcefully inoculate you and your family, allow themedical-industrial complex to take more of your hard-earned money, and watch silently with the fear that standing up for your rights might lead to the destruction of the human race.

5. This Happens Every Few Years and Pushes Important Issues to the Back Page

It isn’t hard to find examples of medical hysteria in the past, either. Think back to Ebola, the Swine flu, the regular flu, measles, SARS, or even the plague. Every few years, the media ramps up its coverage of a new virus that often harms a very insignificant number of people. The medical establishment calls for more control, governments call for more control, and important stories get vigorously back-paged. As a nation, we end up wasting valuable time on a non-issue that was never going to matter to begin with, the only net-result being a marked increase in fear and stress.

6. The Coronavirus Doesn’t Affect You

Chances are pretty solid that you won’t even meet someone who was affected in any way by the coronavirus. Statistically, it makes no sense to worry about the virus when you likely know someone personally who was or will be affected by poverty, the drug warjunk food-induced diabetes, opiate addiction, cancer, heart-disease, the looming national debt, war, a lack of clean food or water, stress, taxation, unconstitutional no-knock SWAT raidspollution, depression, etc. Focusing all of your attention on this new fear is illogical when you consider that we live in a world of daily threats and dangers anyhow. And by the way, spoiler alert… none of us make it out of here alive.
Furthermore, those who are dying from the virus are not actually dying from the virus, but rather from health complications resulting from having the virus and a compromised immune system, like pneumonia. If the national media genuinely wanted you to be safe, they would be running wall-to-wall coverage of how to naturally boost your immune system and get your body into a state of maximum health, but they rarely mention this fact.

7. The Institutions Who Benefit from Coronavirus Hype are Incompetent and Dangerous

The institutions, including the CDC, vaccine companies, and media who benefit from coronavirus hype, are incredibly incompetent and dangerous. One might even go so far as to call them diabolical. We all know about the infamous and highly-publicized syphilis experiments that began in the 1930’s, and CDC director Dr. Branda Fitzgerald who was forced to resign in early 2018 after she was caught buying shares of Merck, a major vaccine company that the CDC is supposed to oversee. There’s no shortage of medical corruption in the U.S., both historically and contemporarily, if you look hard enough. Already the pharmaceutical industry is ‘racing to develop a vaccine,’ which when coupled with government mandates equals insane revenue.

8. Grainy Videos of Dead and Sick-Looking People Are Being Used to Scare You

To top it all off, much of the evidence we’re getting from the media is sketchy at best. Earlier, the Daily Star ran a photograph of two men in lab coats, one of which was lying on the ground. The photo is extremely grainy and out of focus. Meanwhile, what are we supposed to make of it? There’s no context here or proof that the photo is really what they say it is. Yet, it was featured in all caps on the drudge report. “DOCTORS COLLAPSE”, it says along with a plethora of other headlines.
Anyone who’s been paying attention could have predicted the rise of the coronavirus and know what the outcome will be. Mass hysteria and collective fear will be used to further erode individual liberties and stoke allegiance to the medical industrial complex. By simply being aware, however, that fearing all the news is illogical, while continuing to focus on your health and wellness, you automatically subvert this attempt at mass control.

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About the Author
Phillip Schneider is a student as well as a staff writer and assistant editor for Waking Times. If you would like to see more of his work, you can visit his website, or follow him on the free speech social network Minds.
This article (8 Things to Consider Before Panicking About the Coronavirus) as originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Phillip Schneider and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

NTS Notes: Many of Phillip Schneider's arguments presented here have already been covered in the previous articles I posted about this hysteria....And he presents a few more that show that we are absolutely being manipulated by the criminals running our governments/media/pharmaceutical industry to panic and ACCEPT ANY SOLUTIONS THAT THOSE CRIMINALS PRESENT to "cure" or "fix" this problem!

Yes, the facts are that there is NO need to panic and to not fall for all the hype and hysteria about this "Corona Virus".....We have seen so many times in the last few decades (H1N1 scare anyone?) that have been used to prey on gullible minds to have them cower in fear and accept the fraud of having poisonous vaccines injected into their bodies that did NOT work at all and actually did more damage than any of the "diseases" they were created to fight!

I will say that the criminals running the media and our governments are obviously banking on "mass hysteria" generated by their lies about this disease, and I do strongly believe that they are doing it purposely to get gullible and stupid people to conform to their "solutions" to this problem....   And sadly there are already so many idiots out there falling for it, and I have personally seen it for myself!

Yes, there are now supposedly "81" victims of this "deadly" virus as of the time I am filing this report, primarily in and around the Chinese city of Wuhan, but again that number is so minor in comparison to other diseases out there... But the criminals that run our Jew spew media and our crooked governments cannot let a good "epidemic" go to waste.....

I for one will continue to find the real truths about this "virus" and have them posted at this blog when available... I will not fall for the hysteria however, because as a man of science and logic, I am seeking facts and truth rather than fiction..

More to come



FC said...

Rense's site is doing more scare mongering on this bullshit than all the MSM put together....Gee what a truth teller....NOT

Jody Paulson said...

I totally agree with you, NTS. This is a hoax, designed to distract, ratchet up fear, and make money. If they come up with a "vaccine" for this, watch out!
Lots of stuff happening right now the news are totally ignoring. Netenyahu was indicted on corruption charges, yet he and Drumpf are coming up with a "peace" plan that the Palestinians weren't even consulted on. Violent protests in France, firefighters being knocked around by police(???), massive protests in Iraq the media is totally downplaying, the Epstein scandal, so many things, not just the ridiculous dog and pony impeachment of Drumpf and this "pandemic" that probably killed less people than Hillary Clinton.