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The Continuing Sad Saga Of The F35 "Lightning II" Piece Of Crap "Fighter" Aircraft - US Pentagon Finds Hundreds Of "Deficiencies" In F35 Combat Aircraft!

One of my favourite topics at this blog is my continuing research into what I have long said to be probably the most wasteful "military program" in the entire history of mankind to this date... I am of course talking about the now multi-TRILLION dollar Lockheed Martin F35 "program" that is producing one of the most horrid "combat aircraft" imaginable; the so called 'stealthy' F35 "Lightning II" fighter.....

I have written in so many previous reports about how this "fighter" is one of the WORSE aircraft imaginable.... It is ridiculously slow for a fighter aircraft, barely carries any armaments and any bombs, has a ludicrously designed VTOL engine that guzzles fuel at an alarming rate making it useless for long missions or sticking around to do any real "fighting", cannot fly in rain or until recently even at night, cannot maneuver and therefore is useless for close air to air combat in "dog fights", is ludicrously overpriced at nearly $200 MILLION a copy, and is claimed to be "stealthy" which is a bold faced lie since "stealth" itself is an illusion and one of the greatest cons ever!   And yet, so many countries, including my own here in Canada, have jumped on this piece of shit bandwagon and are purchasing these duds to replace REAL FIGHTERS!.... Basically this "airplane" is a travesty and should have been scrapped over a decade ago....

BUT, it gets even better... For according to the following report from the Sputnik News online service at, apparently the US Pentagon has put out their annual review on this piece of shit, and they have found over 800 "flaws" in the aircraft and its "capabilities" to boot!.... Here in fact is that Sputnik News article right here for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The annual review of the fighter jet found over 800 flaws in the aircraft’s capabilities, with dozens of them having a direct effect on pilot safety and readiness for combat, if not fixed.
The US Department of Defence found hundreds of deficiencies in Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet in its annual assessment by Pentagon’s test specialists, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.
The Pentagon review, conducted by its director of operational test and evaluation, Robert Behler, pointed out a long list of deficiencies, 13 of which have been labeled as “must-fix”, meaning they are necessary to be fixed due to their direct effect on safety or combat capability.
“Although the program office is working to fix deficiencies, new discoveries are still being made, resulting in only a minor decrease in the overall number,” the assessment reportedly said, adding that there are still “many significant‘’ flaws not yet addressed.
The number of technical deficiencies that have been identified as of November 2019 was 873. Though the number of flaws is less than the 917 found in the previous annual review, it still raises questions about the reliability and availability of the aircraft and its maintenance systems.
The list of F-35 weaknesses included serious problems such as “unacceptable” accuracy in its 25mm gun, that apparently does not shoot straight, unresolved cybersecurity “vulnerabilities”, reliability, aircraft availability and maintenance systems.
Despite the huge amount of unresolved deficiencies and the incomplete testing of the F-35 fighter jet, the US Congress continues to accelerate purchases of the aircraft. Congress reportedly added 11 to the Defence Department’s request in 2016 and in 2017, 20 in fiscal 2018, 15 in 2019 and 20 this year.
By late September 2019, almost 500 jets were delivered to customers worldwide and all will need extensive retrofitting following the findings.
“Although we have not seen the report, the F-35 continues to mature and is the most lethal, survivable and connected fighter in the world,” Brett Ashworth, a spokesperson for Lockheed, said, according to the news outlet.  “Reliability continues to improve, with the global fleet averaging greater than 65% mission capable rates and operational units consistently performing near 75%.”

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by the findings in this report?   This thing is such a travesty IMHO, and the entire "program" to replace the majority of the US's existing fighters with this hopelessly inferior and flawed piece of shit is turning into an unmitigated disaster!

The facts are that the F35 program is such a waste of time and money, as the estimated cost for the entire program at now over 2 TRILLION dollars is the real travesty here... That 2 TRILLION dollars could be spent on much better and much cheaper aircraft that can actually FIGHT.. And the savings alone could give the entire American nation a workable health care system and give every American student the chance for FREE University courses and training to boot!  Heck, a few hundred BILLION may even be left over to try to rebuild America's ailing infrastructure as well...

There are some that are in fact pointing to the fact that the psycho state of Israel has these so called 'fighters" in their arsenal right now and that these psychos have used them in  bombing runs against Syria because of their "stealth" capabilities.... I am not sold on that notion of "stealth" for the fact that Russian radar systems can see every single "stealth" aircraft out there and proved that as fact back in the 1999 Yugoslavian war when the Serbians used their Russian built and so called "primitive" radar systems and easily saw US "stealth" aircraft attempting bombing raids...  I therefore look at the claims that the Israelis were able to use "stealth" for their raids to be either false or pure propaganda....

And lets face facts here... Modern Russian made fighters such as the Su35 and Su37 are far superior in fighting capabilities to this piece of shit.....And this shows how the American and  other nations that stupidly purchase and deploy these "fighters" could be on the losing side of any air war if they meet up with those aircraft......

The sad tale of the F35 continues..... I used to say that if you squeezed this lemon you get lemon juice and I was not kidding!

More to come


The Corona Virus Hysteria: Strange Make Up Of Virus Indicates It May Indeed Be Man-made!

I have been bombarded recently with so many idiotic "comments" (most of which I have not published..) screaming that the Coronavirus is indeed a "pandemic" and that it may wipe out some or most of the world's population.... I will not adhere to that insanity of the "sky is falling" in regards to this disease outbreak.... And in spite of the World Health Organization now stating that it is indeed a world wide epidemic in the making, I am going to continue to present logical and common sense reports about this disease......

Many have read my report from two days ago, about how some researchers have found a few interesting facts about the make up of this Coronavirus, or what scientifically is called "Coronavirus 2019-nCoV"..... In that previous report, it was discovered that the viral infection was mostly targeting Chinese and other Asian victims and carriers as it was most prone to adhere to the lung tissue of that particular race of human beings.... That was indeed a strange and peculiar thing about this "Corona Virus" and showed that more research was indeed needed into the actual make up of the virus' RNA and its genetic structure...

Now comes something very interesting that has been reported by the same website, at For they have presented the following report entitled "Uncanny Similarity Of Unique Inserts In The 2019-nCoV Spike Protein To HIV-1 gp120 And Gag" that shows some strange "anomalies" in the physical make up of the Coronavirus itself, pointing out the strong possibility that the virus is actually a man made disease!     I first want to present the abstract to that report here, and I will follow it up with my own thoughts and comments and try to interpret the findings as simply as I can to readers:

Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag

Prashant PradhanAshutosh Kumar PandeyAkhilesh MishraParul GuptaPraveen Kumar TripathiManoj Balakrishna MenonJames GomesPerumal VivekanandanBishwajit Kundu


We are currently witnessing a major epidemic caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019- nCoV). The evolution of 2019-nCoV remains elusive. We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag. Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site. The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus with important implications for diagnosis of this virus.

NTS Notes: I actually did download the entire PDF file for this report and took the time to read over a lot of the material enclosed.... It is indeed most interesting reading, but the terminology alone would not be understood by most readers, so I will just leave the abstract and leave it up to readers if they want to access and download the PDF file for themselves..

I do not want to bore a lot of readers with all of the technical jargon enclosed, for again they can read it for themselves, and instead I will cut to the chase here: The facts are that this "Coronavirus" is absolutely the most strange virus that these researchers have encountered, and the FACT that it contains "4 unique inserts" that are the same as the key structural proteins as HIV-1 viruses simply means that either this virus has somehow naturally mutated to have the same structural make up of HIV viruses that are the calling card of AIDS, which is highly illogical and would be one of the greatest long shots ever, OR this virus is absolutely 100% a man made concoction!  I for one do not want to be a fear monger here, but I am leaning on the latter....

The big question that everyone should be asking is: WHY IN THE HELL does this virus contain the same inserts and sequences as HIV in the first place?   That alone signals that we are indeed dealing with an artificial construct and most probably a man made virus!

The facts are that it is absolutely NOT normal for a "Coronavirus" to contain HIV-1 similar genetics.... And therefore logically we may indeed be dealing with a nefarious and most diabolically criminal biological weapon that may indeed have been developed at that Wuhan facility in China that was either 'accidentally' or DELIBERATELY let loose into the environment......

BUT, I do want to note that all indications are that the Chinese government and those in Wuhan itself have been able to contain this disease, and in spite of the Jew spew media trying still to magnify the death toll and those who have actually contracted this disease, the threat of it actually becoming a 'world wide pandemic' is not happening....

However, we are dealing with a "mutating" virus and there is still the fear that the present strains could mutate into a real killer..... That is still the real threat that we may face.....

In fact Jim Stone over at has also reported on this strange and most "peculiar" findings about this Coronavirus.... Here is his report on this latest blockbuster report here:


Ok, so at this point it is safe to say it is a good thing it failed. Here is a comment from one of my previous posts on this topic:

"Here's what I think, and you can probably take this one to the bank: The U.S. DOD, WHICH INCLUDES BILL GATES, blundered like Boeing, hired out incompetents to produce a killer virus to start the next pandemic to ram a new eugenics vaccine into everyone's @ss and the virus was unstable and mutated INSTANTLY (you remember those mutation reports, right? they happened early on) and after it mutated, it was WORTHLESS. So much for Crispr I guess and if you want a job done right HIRE **** AMERICANS."
Well there you go. Yes, it is DEFINITELY bioengineered and a darn good thing it failed. That's why at first it was convincing with a convincing death toll, then it mutated because whoever engineered it did not get it stable enough, and now it is not high lethality. THANK GOD, and that reminds me:

About my comment "Wag the Plague" : Obviously the MSM, at first, did not think it was wagging anything and the MSM, along with the people who did this and subsequently hyped it through the roof on social media really thought they had created a monstrous disaster. If it had not mutated, everything they are saying about a global pandemic would have been true.

I was quick to notice however (instantly) when it failed and erroneously thought it was a natural virus, and not an attempt at a mass extermination. So now I'll say something a little different:
We had all better hope this thing does not re-mutate to lethal. If it had 4 different HIV genes embedded in it, and was originally highly lethal, it was an obvious attempt by somebody to create a mass killing event, YOU KNOW, LIKE THE ONE MODELED THREE MONTHS EARLIER FOR THE EXACT SAME VIRUS BY BILL GATES.
We know damn well who did this and THAT they did it if it has HIV genes in it, the HIV genes were to help it implant and increase it's persistence in the environment, and increase it's lethality. Fortunately, because Bill Gates hates hiring American, it struck out before making first base. Let's hope this strike out does not go into extra innings.
I really hate Bill gates, I cannot even begin to describe how much I hate him. I was heavily involved in tech when he robbed the code from so many companies and destroyed them, and was amazed by how he kept going back and forth over the ashes to make damn good and sure someone he targeted hit oblivion. And when I discovered the truth about Palestine, and how thorough the IDF makes damn good and sure there is no evidence of a crime when they are done (they murdered about 4,000 in Jenin and spent over a week grinding them into the dirt with bulldozers to hide the evidence - ) when I discovered that from someone in Jenin it reminded me of Bill Gates and what he did to everyone around him. It's the same soul - that of the heartless "everything for me and nothing for the goy" Jew.
That Bill Gates ran a simulation where this virus killed tens of millions three months before it showed up, and THAT THIS VIRUS IS GENETICALLY ENGINEERED is not a surprise to me, no, not at all.

NOT DEAR BILL GATES: you may be able to smash competing operating systems by denying manufacturers the use of yours if they put a competing operating system on ANY PC product they sell while hiring only Punjabis and Hindus to do your code, while forcing end users to suck up any damages your shitty products cause (that did not work for Boeing) but your attitude of shitting on the American white male just failed you with this virus, and now you're BUSTED WITHOUT RESULTS.

FACT: Bill Gates ran a simulation that had what should have been a mostly harmless coronavirus kill tens of millions.

FACT: Now we know this outbreak, which was run in social media and the MSM as a total killer, is a genetic engineering flop that mutated.


AND GET THIS: The Chinese are using HIV drugs to cure it! THEY KNOW.


To be honest, the criminal "elite" in charge have absolutely been working and toying with viruses and other deadly concoctions as they are hell bent on wanting to wipe out the vast majority of the world's population as part of their sickening "Agenda 21" protocols.....  And I would not put it past those lunatics and maniacs to have thought about turning this Coronavirus 2019-nCoV into their weapon of choice for that to happen.... Luckily as Jim states, they have failed, at least for the moment.....

I will continue to present more interesting and factual reports about this Coronavirus as they come forward here at this blog.... Stay tuned, for this story definitely is continuing..

More to come


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Letter From Alfred Schaefer, Prisoner Of Truth Locked Up In Germany On Ludicrous Charges Of Inciting Hate!

It has been a while.... I already keep tabs on Monika Schaefer and how well she has been doing since her release earlier last year from that prison in Germany for doing nothing more than producing a video calling into question the Jewish Holocaust of the second World War.... Monika is doing fine and back in Canada, and of course I have her blog in my blog list on the right hand column of this blog....

Her brother, Alfred, however is still stuck in that rotten German prison cell also on trumped up and ludicrous charges of somehow "inciting hate" for doing nothing more than wanting the truth about our real history revealed..... I absolutely am so ashamed of the German people for allowing their very souls to be hijacked by the Jewish criminals and to allow such travesties to continue to happen to good people who only want the real truths about their history to be revealed...

I have been waiting for some good news these days on the status of Alfred, and luckily just a few hours ago, a fellow Canadian REAL truth seeker, Wildflower, who writes his/her blog over at "Canadian Wildflower" ( has just released the context of the latest letter that has been sent out by Alfred Schaefer from his prison cell in Germany!  I want to present to my own readers the entire letter right here for them to read for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Thank you so much for your letter dated Dec. 13, it arrived in my cell on 27.12.2019.
It’s great to hear that Monika also had a lot of fun at her Muppet Show. Thats what Muppet Shows are for, to laugh and have fun. I almost peed myself from laughing at my last Show.
The disease is at its end. Like hysterical little brats who are screetching for candy. 
Monika’s Victory is symbolic for the “Wende” or “Tack”, direction change, Paradigm Shift. It is happening EVERYWHERE! I’m very happy that you went to see her show, and that you wrote me that letter, because it supports what we observe everywhere now. The butterflies are coming! I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. 
We are at the point now where the spineless slithering worms will be eating each other up in the mad scramble to present themselves as being higher than a spineless mindless slithering worm. Step on the other worms to elevate oneself. Or bleat something about “Oh, I knew that even before You did!” That worm gets to be minister of education. You know what these Muppet Shows are also good for? Not only laughing and fun, but to remind oneself how desperate and sick our opponents are. One would not otherwise believe that a ‘grown’ person, over the age of 5, would actually oppose us. Maybe they take drugs and are not themselves.
You would be surprised how many people write me and somehow feel sorry for me because I sit in a tiny cage like an animal in a zoo. It is a zoo here with lots of wild animals, and its good that the other animals are in here and not on our streets, for a while, but the time in here is still infinitely better, more valuable, than sitting on a soft couch, eating sugar, watching Jew propaganda on T.V. I have a radio, and if I hit the off button fast enough when they start talking I don’t have to clean up my cell from the vomit.
In your letter you ask how my move was. Fantastic! Stadelheim was getting a bit boring because we were all in Synch. Lots of great stuff happened there and I had a great scout to check it out 6 months before going there myself. So moving to Uncle Adolf’s old home was a challenge at first, because I had to learn which snakes bite and how do we get them to be less aggresive or even lethal. I won’t go through all the details now, but suffice it to say, the move was a priceless boost for our cause. Only one small detail: I got the irrefutable PROOF how Star Wars was used for major indoctrination against us. And keep in mind, Star Wars had the power of a cult over us. Now, this place is coming into synch with me, just like Stadelheim did. 
The greatest fear for any individual is to be caught with their pants down on stage when the curtain is lifted. The last Apparatchik to sell his soul to the devil for a fist full of Shekels. Those are the suicide candidates for after the shift if they don’t get killed before. Keep in mind, it will not be you or me doing the killing. It will be the Next to Last that will be killing those whom they perceive as being the last, in order to prove to the winning side that they do in fact belong to the winning side. It’s about honour, about proving ones own value to hope for a place on the lifeboat called Truth. There is no lifeboat by the name of Lies, it is full of holes and sinking fast. When you climb onto an occupied lifeboat you kick those behind yourself, with your feet, in the face. You, …, are at the helm of a lifeboat, you will not be kicked in the face.
The description above may help to visualize Eustace Mullins prediction of a biological response being triggered for what he could already observe and understand before 9-11, over 20 years ago. This is not a game. This is not a drill or an exercise. It is Real! 
Through a trans-generational slow but steady infiltration, subversion, and demoralization to reduce us to our lowest instincts and base animal instant gratifications, we have lost our ability to uphold even the legacy of our own ancestors who built our civilization from nothing. We can only speculate and surmise how the plague now tormenting us, has taken down past civilizations going back thousands of years. The death blow has traditionally been to open the gates and flood the remains with barbarians to pick the body to the bone. (Then the disease scurries out the back door with the loot)
However, this time will be different. It is global, no place to hide. And the endangered host brought into the picture digital technology. The disease thinks it can control this new variable but it has erred. Everything the disease❌ plague❌ cancer❌ Jews✔️ now do to drive their agenda to exterminate the white race forward will only define the pain of the retribution. 
The only thing stupider than picking on the white race by dividing it to conquer it and then try to finish off whats left of it, is to now continue with this mother of all genocides, as the victim wakes up out of this deep dark nightmare.
This time the Jew has bitten off more than it can chew. Plus, all the variables have changed.
Their magic wand has morfed into a 16 year old stinking fish bone. A Thunefish bone. The finish line has morphed from unimaginable wealth and power and world rule, to a cliff at the bottom of which is the fire of hell. Who will they pass the stinking fish bone to, to run over the finish line? Who is that stupid? They need to be even stupider than those who now carry it. And they want to rule what?!? The earth? Ha ha ha ha ha ha…+6,000,000 ha ha’s. Is this for real? Must be a bad dream.
So you see why we are the most fortunate and luckiest people on earth. Because nobody can point a finger at us for being truly too stupid to see through their utterly pathetic criminal's stupid evil plan.
I would much much rather be dead than that stupid. (my ex-brother is that stupid)- he is what we call “the walking dead.” He parrots the stuff that has been shit in his head and thinks that is where the comfort zone must be. The contempt for zombies like that grows rapidly as the paradigm Shift is left behind and the lies become ancient history.
Never ever, not once, has power been able to sustain itself when everyone and everything beneath it has only revulsion and retribution for treason in mind for this power. There is no easy soft way out. Only hard or extremely hard. Or death.
I could write pages and pages of why I believe we are on the right track, but I want to get this letter out to you. Say hi to Monika and give her a Robert Faurisson Hug for me when you see her. His 88th birthday Hug, I gave her most of it, but still have some left. You can pass it on to her please.
Sincerely yours

NTS Notes: And here is the quote by Canadian Wildflower about this letter:

I encourage all who support Alfred’s courageous stand for truth to send him a line, and tell him so. We truth-tellers must stand together in this fight, there is no riding the fence in this one! You are either on the side of Truth, or on the opposite side. There is no middle ground. Silence amounts to acquiescence with the wrong side. Those who oppose evil must speak out loud and clear!
I too encourage all to stand up for Alfred, and where possible to send him a message if you can to the address in Germany at:

Alfred Schaefer, Hindenburgring 12, 86899 Landsberg am Lech

As a Canadian, I see in this formerly free nation now how truly wretched and horrible the Jewish domination has become.... Speaking the truth in this formerly free nation about anything that defies the Jewish power can get a Canadian into jail on trumped up and bullshit hate crimes... Therefore I do feel for Alfred as he is forced to rot away in a jail cell in the formerly free nation called Germany as well...

I will be keeping further tabs on what is happening in regards to Alfred Schaefer in future articles... He absolutely should be free , for his only punishment has always been for nothing more than speaking the truth...

More to come


Analysis Of The Iranian Missile Strike Earlier This Month Against Ayn Al Asad Airbase In Iraq - Iranian Missiles Are More Dangerous Than The US Claims They Are!

I again want to turn away from all of the continuing hysteria over the "Coronavirus" outbreak.... I am still being inundated by comments that are calling me "crazy" and a "fucking retard" for my stance that it is all a FRAUD and that people are being hoaxed into the false belief that this is the beginning of a "world wide pandemic" that will "kill us all".... I find things differently and I have been using logic and common sense in those reports, and I will NOT fall for the "hysteria"......

Meanwhile, I have other reports to do, and right now I do want to present a most interesting and factual analysis of what really happened with that Iranian Missile strike against the (illegal) American base located at "Ayn Al Asad" in Iraq earlier this month.... This comes courtesy of the Southfront website, at, and is entitled "Analysis Of The Iranian Missile Strikes On Ayn Al Assad Airbase" and clearly shows that the Iranian missiles are much more DEADLY and ACCURATE than what the liars in the US government, and their military, continue to claim... Here is that analysis for all to see here, and it is indeed quite lengthy.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Written by Haider Geoanalyst; Originally appeared
Several sources in the past several days have analyzed the Iranian missile strikes on US forces at the Ayn Al Asad Airbase which took place more than two weeks ago on the 8th of January 2020 as a retaliation for the US assassination of the Iranian general Qassem Sulaimani. The reports have focused on several topics and methods ranging from satellite image interpretation, videos of missile launches and incoming missile strikes to analysis of on-site photos of (unexploded) Iranian missiles in and around the targeted airbases in Iraq.
In this analysis we will look closer at the satellite imagery to give us more insight on what happened at the Ayn Al Asad Airbase and to help us answer some questions like what kind of missiles did the Iranians use, what kind of targets did the Iranians aim for (or destroy) and what kind of information can we derive in terms of accuracy of the Iranian missiles.
It is clear, even prior to conducting any analysis, that the Iranian missiles obviously targeted individual structures with a high rate of accuracy. In this analysis we look at accuracy in terms of how far the missiles landed from their targets. Since the Iranians did not make public the targets they wanted to hit or destroy, we will have to assume that the individual missiles were targeting the actual structures they destroyed or the nearest structures to their impact locations. Another possibility is that the Iranians deliberately struck areas near or outside some of the targets. We will consider both scenarios.

A term often used in precision guided munitions (artillery shells, smart-bombs, missiles, etc.) is the circular error probability (CEP). This is when a circle is drawn around 50 % of the targets that land on a single aim point. This value is not derived from actual warfare statistics but from weapons testing or claims from the weapons manufacturer. Also important to note is that the CEP accuracy is tested by firing the same type of missile many times at a single target instead of directing the same type of missile at multiple independent targets. We will attempt to derive our own statistics from the small sample size of missile strikes at the airbase. This analysis is also a follow up on the very interesting article posted by The Saker which also assessed the initial satellite images made available online of the Ayn Al Asad Airbase strikes, see here .
As geo-spatial experts with experience in aerial and satellite image interpretation, our eyes are trained, through formal training, education and on the job experience, to look for patterns, colors and contrasts among many other techniques to describe and interpret what we are actually looking at. We also apply image classification techniques and manipulate remotely sensed data (orthophotos, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, thermal, LiDAR, Radar, etc.) to capture more information in order to help us further interpret the situation. Most of us are specialized in a certain field within the spatial related sciences like forestry, energy, transport, geology, archeology or urban planning. I must mention that since I am not a trained expert in the intelligence or military field like several of my colleagues in this branch, there could be short comings in my analysis and in the used terminology. Having said that, I have been regularly interpreting military related imagery on and off in my free time in the past several years.
Introduction to Ayn Al Asad Airbase
The US occupation forces between 2003 and 2005 changed the name of the airbase from its original 1980s name of Qadisiyah Airbase to the name of Ayn Al Asad, which in Arabic literally either means “Eye of the Lion” or in this case “Lion spring” due to the hydrological spring which is now located within the perimeter of the airbase. This spring feeds the Wadi al Asadi stream valley located in the northern part of the air base and flows eastwards into the Euphrates River as one of its tributaries. The main part of the base originally had a perimeter length of 21 km, not including other secondary or auxiliary bases located in the surrounding areas. The perimeter was expanded by the Americans to 34 km (Figure 1), giving the base a total area size of approximately 63 km2 and making it the largest military base in Iraq by area size. For comparison, this is almost twice the size of the New York City metropolitan area.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Figure 1 Satellite imagery of the Ayn Al Asad Airbase with the original airbase perimeter in blue and the extended perimeter in red. The two paved runways are indicated by the light blue rectangles. (Sources: © HERE, DigitalGlobe, Navteq, Planet Labs Inc.)
The base consists of two major runways (a third runway is unpaved), several taxiways, a variety of different facilities and buildings for personnel, equipment, communications, including sports and leisure centers with theaters and swimming pools. The base further has soft and hardened aircraft shelters (hangars). The trapezoidal shaped hardened aircraft hangers were built by Yugoslavian companies across many bases in Iraq in the 80s and are nicknamed “Yugos” by the Iraqis. The two hardened runways have a length of approximately 3,990 m. This is almost 1 km shorter than Iraq’s longest aircraft runway of 4,800 m located at Erbil airport, which is also one of the longest in the world. For further historical and general information on the Ayn Al Asad Airbase, see the following websites here ( ), here ( ) and here ( ).

Reports indicate that around 15 to 16 missiles were fired from multiple locations inside Iran, with at least 10 missiles fired from bases in the Kermanshah area. If this is indeed the case and assuming a straight line flight path, the missiles could have traveled a distance of approximately 425 km from Kermanshah until reaching the Ayn Al Asad Airbase (Figure 2).
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Figure 2 Distance between Kermanshah and the Ayn Al Assad Airbase (Sources: National Geographic, Esri, Garmin, HERE, UNEP-WCMC, USGS, NASA, ESA, METI, NRCAN, GEBCO, NOAA, INCREMENT P, DigitalGlobe, Earthstar Geographics, CNES/Airbus DS, GeoEye, USDA FSA, USGS, Aerogrid, IGN, IGP, and the GIS User Community)
Airbase missile strike overview
In recent days, analysts have identified a total of nine separate missile impact strikes within the Ayn Al Assad Airbase perimeter. This does not exclude the possibility of other missile impact sites within the base’s perimeter which have not been identified or published online. Figure 3 shows the location of the nine impact sites which we will look at in more detail. Seven strikes (number 1 to 7) are found at the facilities located just above the northern taxiway and runway, which according to the imagery, houses a variety of drones and aircraft, including V-22 Ospreys, MQ-1 Predator drones, UH-60 Black Hawks and even (K)C-130 Hercules aircraft for transport and refueling. Another missile impact (number 8) is located on the taxiway between the two paved runways and impact number 9 is found on a taxiway in the southeastern complex of hardened aircraft hangars.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Figure 3 Satellite imagery of the Ayn Al Asad Airbase showing the nine missile strike locations where Iranian missiles landed. (Sources: Planet Labs Inc.)
Site number 1 and 2
Strikes number 1 and 2 are approximately 110 m apart. Crater impact nr. 1 is 28 m away from the destroyed soft non reinforced target (possibly a tent structure). Nr. 1 has a small circular blast followed by a secondary semi-circle pattern. The secondary pattern towards the west also gives away the eastern incoming missile direction. Impact nr. 1 is peculiar since it is not a direct hit, but landed 28 m next to the nearest structure. The question is if the Iranians intentionally targeted this point or is it an accuracy issue (off by 28 m) ? We can consider both scenarios for now and later discuss which is more likely when we compare other missile impact locations.
Strike nr. 2 has a similar sized crater and blast pattern as nr. 1 (approx. 27 to 28 m). So it is highly possible that both strikes were conducted using the same missile, with strike nr. 2 having a more obvious blast circle due to it landing exactly in the middle of a series of built soft structures (possible tents). From the measurements we can conclude that strike nr. 2 is more or less dead center on the 5 soft like tent structures and there is no substantial accuracy error.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Site number 3
Site nr. 3 contains two soft structures (possible tents). The missile’s crater and circular blast pattern is located almost in the center of the left building. We estimated that if this building was deliberately targeted, the error is no more than 3 m. For comparison, this is the average accuracy of a handheld GNSS (GPS) device or a current smartphone, which is very impressive for a warhead landing at more than 2000 km/h (terminal velocity).
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Site number 4 and 5
Sites 4 and 5 are two building (soft structures) next to one-another each hit with what seems to be similar type of missiles with primary blast radius of 8 to 9 m and secondary circles of around 20 to 22 m. If we assume that the middle of buildings were targeted, we find accuracy errors of 6 and 14 m for site 4 and 5, respectively. Again, we do not know if the Iranians deliberately targeted a certain part of the structures.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Site number 6
Strike 6 is located on the left side of a long metal roof soft structure, similar to a steel open warehouse. The left half of the building shows a primary blast circle of approximately 17 m in radius, with an overall damage radius of approximately 25 m. If we assume that the center of the building was the actual target, then we find an error of 51 m. Again, the question is whether the left side of this building was deliberately struck instead of the central part. We speculate that it is likely that the Iranians intentionally targeted the western side of the building, having prior knowledge the blast radius of their missiles and the importance of the western side of the building.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Site number 7
Strike number 7 is the most easterly impact site and is found near the end of the northern runway. The impact is located almost exactly in the middle of four soft aircraft shelters. The post-strike image (taken a few hours after the event) shows V-22 Ospreys and MQ-1 predator drones parked just south of the shelters. The first circular blast pattern has a 15 m radius. The incoming direction of the missile caused the complete destruction of the adjacent shelter just left of the impact point, while the shelter to the right was lightly damaged. If we assume the Iranians were targeting the middle point of the second shelter (taken from left to right) than the accuracy error would be about 18 m. However, it is highly likely that the four soft shelters were targeted as a single unit. If that is the case, then the missile was only 7 m off (accuracy error) from the middle point.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Site number 8
If we assume that the Iranians are not randomly lobbing missiles inside the airbase with CEP errors of 100 to 500 m as some of the so called “think tank” experts presume (or have previously presumed in recent years), then we can assume that site nr. 8 was targeting the taxiway located between the two paved runways as previously shown in Figure 3. In the images below we can see an impact crater hitting the side of the taxiway. The impact is 23 m from the center of the taxiway pavement and we use this distance as a measure of accuracy. A clear circular blast pattern is visible and a directional blast cone indicates the incoming missile direction.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Site number 9
Strike nr. 9 is the second strike on a taxiway and is the most southern impact site situated in a hardened hangar complex. The impact crater is located almost exactly on one of the corner points of a paved T-junction. If the Iranians purposely targeted this exact point, then the accuracy error could possibly be no more than 2 meters. However, if the target was the actual center of the T-junction, then the error is approximately 11 m. Like in site nr. 8, we see a circular blast with a cone like fan shaped pattern giving the incoming missile direction.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Assessment and conclusions
There are different ways to assess the accuracy of these strikes based on the fact that we do not have the exact coordinates the Iranians wanted (intended) to target. It is not very realistic to assume that the Iranians were perfectly able to target the exact coordinates they intended to hit with perfect accuracy. There is however uncertainty in whether the Iranians intentionally missed some of their targets. We say “some” because our observations clearly show a pattern of very accurate strikes on individually targeted buildings/structures. So we have two most likely scenarios:
  1. The Iranians intentionally targeted and destroyed some targets. Accuracy errors occurred causing some missiles to miss the exact center point of their targets, with other targets being completely missed.
  2. The Iranians intentionally destroyed some targets and intentionally missed some others.
I personally believe that the Iranians had no reason to destroy entire series of tents and soft sheltered facilities, causing many injuries according to reports that have come out in recent days, while intentionally missing the taxiways. This would make the first scenario the most likely event.
The table below shows the estimated range in accuracy for each of the 9 strike locations based on our observations and interpretation. The green numbers are the most likely errors in meters, while red numbers indicating the less likely errors based on our assumptions of what the Iranians intended to target. We find an average missile target accuracy of 11 m that is based on what we assume are the most likely intended targets (or in other words the most likely scenario). The statistical spread of this small sample size (of only 9 strikes) is 8.5 m. So the lower and upper limits of the accuracy, based on the standard deviation, is estimated to range between 2.5 and 19.5 m. The median value, which is somewhat comparable to the CEP, is 7 m. This means that half of the strikes landed within 7 m. Finally, the average blast (damage) circle is estimated at 21 m.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
So let’s visualize these numbers and assume (a big assumption by the way) that these numbers can be used in circles. The figure below shows a MQ-1 predator drone theoretically being targeted. The yellow line indicates the 11 m mean accuracy value. This is where missiles will land on average. The red line gives the 7 m median value where 50 % of the strikes are found inside this circle. The subsequent figure also includes examples of blast circle (average radius of 21 m) locations in respect to the target.
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Analysis of the Iranian missile strikes on Ayn Al Asad Airbase
Assuming our estimation of the intended targets and measurements are realistic, an Iranian missile accuracy ranging on average between 2.5 and 19.5 m is very impressive to say the least and indicates the use of advanced terminal guidance technology (guiding a missile in its terminal phase). Reports have suggested that the Fateh-313 tactical short range ballistic missile (SRBM) was used in the Ayn Al Asad Airbase attack, with other reports suggesting that the Qiam 1 was also used in the attack, including on Erbil Airport. The Fateh-313 is an upgraded Fateh-110, with an increased missile range up to 500 km. Terminally guidance technologies could possibly have been combined, including inertial guidance systems (INS), GPS and possibly electro-optical guidance. Since I am not a military or weapons expert, and my knowledge on sensors is limited to remote sensing for image acquisition, I will leave this part of the assessment to experts like the Saker and his colleagues. I have to say that guiding projectiles traveling at three times the speed of sound within a few meters of their target is pretty amazing if not mind boggling. After all, it is not called “rocket science” for nothing!

NTS Notes:  I will say that even though this report is very long, it is indeed laid out very logically and factually, and clearly shows that what we have been told so far by the criminals in the US is nothing but bullcrap in regards to Iranian technology and expertise..

The facts are that the Iranians do indeed have a large amount of long and short range missiles that are absolutely deadly and more accurate than what the Americans had expected... Their "demonstration" attack against that base should be a 'wake up call' for the American military and I can guarantee that attack scared the crap out of the head criminals in the US military, who may have had no choice but to call of their "war" on Iran at that time due to what Iran did...

And yes, I am sticking to the idea that this attack was clearly a demonstration... For if the Iranians did want to destroy that base thoroughly, they could of... Their intent was to show the Americans that they were not bluffing and that their missiles were armed and ready to blow American (and Israeli) targets to smithereens if they wanted to.....

Now we see some real truths about that Iranian missile strike earlier this month against that American base in Iraq... The facts are clear now that any war against Iran will not be an "assured" victory by the United States and their criminal masters in that shit hole called Israel...  Iran is armed and their missiles are definitely much more dangerous than what the US continues to claim them to be!

More to come