Friday, November 29, 2019

Northerntruthseeker A Bit Under The Weather

I am letting readers know that I came down yesterday with what I thought initially was just a cough with a slight fever... But today, it got worse and I have been laid up since...

I know, I know... I have been the one advocating here at this blog the vital importance of staying fit, and in proper health... I should be listening to my own rhetoric, for I have been under a lot of stress recently with high work demands as well as so many other projects on the side.... Thus, I have let my own health slide and I have not been properly taking care of myself, especially at my age of 59!

My better half has demanded that I stay off the internet and just lie back and take it easy to make myself better... I am crossing my fingers that I will be better by either late tomorrow, or even by Sunday to fire off my weekend rant....  I am a stubborn mule at times, and I do need to be taking it more easier these days....

Thanks, everyone for your patience with me... And as usual...

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving To My American Readers

I want to wish all of my American readers and supports a most happy Thanksgiving....

And in spite of the shit storm that America is facing right now, and with economic collapse right at its doorstep, there is still plenty to be thankful for.....

I for one, as a Canadian, have NO qualms or hatred of the American people... I am and have always been after criminals, including those criminals that are right now in charge of our governments on both sides of our  border.... I have always had great relations with so many people living in the United States, and have always found most Americans quite rational, friendly, and helpful to others in all situations..... The issue has always been the fact that most Americans are in the dark in terms of what is really happening around the world, and that is why I have been trying my utmost through this blog to bring them the real facts in the hope that the American people can wake up and put an end to the madness...

Yes, my American friends, there is still so much to be thankful for... We should be thankful for our families, and friends, and hope that we will all enjoy and be thankful for what this world has given all of us....

So, enjoy this day and spend time with your families... Just remember that tomorrow is "Black Friday' and the start of the madness of consumerism for this holiday season.....

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Boycott ALL "Mattel" Products! Sickos Running That Corporation Have Put Out A "Gender Neutral Barbie" Just In Time To Indoctrinate Children For Christmas!

I have said it before, but it is indeed getting serious... We are at WAR against the criminals pushing the bullshit LBGTQP shit for brains sicko agenda, and everyone must absolutely fight back against those bastards to save our very society from destruction....  AND it is essential to save our children from those sick freaks, and to do everything to prevent our children from being exposed to their sickness and their lies....

I absolutely want to present the following article that comes from the Vigilant Citizen website, at, where apparently the sick freaks behind Mattel toys corporation has just had the audacity and the stupidity of releasing a "Gender Neutral Barbie Doll" just in time to destroy the minds of our children for Christmas!   Here in fact is the link tothat article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, how sick is this?  This to me is an absolute abomination and everyone should be demanding Mattel change their policy immediately and yank this garbage off the store shelves or they should be boycotted immediately!

I have NOT seen the video yet, and neither do I desire to do so, for I would probably puke at the sick message that this toy manufacturer is trying to convey!

I want everyone to understand this... I took the time to surf and find out  exactly who runs 'Mattel' and lo and behold, apparently the ownership ARE JEWISH!!!   And why am I not in the least bit surprised by this?  The Jewish criminals are some of the ones driving and being behind the sickness of those LBGTQP sick fucking freaks as part of their diabolical and sinister plans to destroy our societies....

Again, take this article and share it with others to show them how truly sick our world is becoming... Absolutely demand that Mattel pull this garbage from store shelves, and if the stores refuse, boycott the stores or do NOT buy an "Mattel" products, period!

Yes readers, this is war.... We must fight back against this sickness to save our futures, our children, and our very societies from destruction....

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The Impending War With Iran: Liars In Media At It Again Claiming Iran Is Going To Have Nuclear Weapons In A "Few Months"!

There was a lot of hype going on last week about "protests" in Iran that according to the liars in the Jew spew media were "peaceful" and were "against the policies" of the Tehran government... But what quickly became apparent about those protests was the fact that they were led by US/Israeli criminal agents that wanted to seek the overthrow of the Iranian government..... As I stated in last weekend's rant, the people of Iran fully understood what these "protests" were all about and quickly had the protesters subdued and/or arrested, and thus the protests themselves quickly fizzled out.... Iran is not stupid, and understands full well that the psychos in Israel are hell bent on seeing their nation destroyed, as Iran is indeed the last major obstacle in the Middle East that can still oppose Israeli belligerence......

Many readers also remember how many times over the last few years that we have seen "reports" coming out of the Jew spew media claiming that Iran had to be attacked due to the false notion that Iran was "months' or even "weeks" away from building its own nuclear weapons...  We have in fact seen these reports surface constantly for years, and in each case their claims about Iran having or wanting nuclear weapons has proven false again and again... But apparently these criminals have not stopped trying with this recurring lie, as we shall see here.....

Well, according to the following report that comes from Tyler Durden over at the Zero Hedge website, at, apparently another writer, Majid Rafizadeh from the "Gatestone Institute" (Jewish run?) has put forward a report claiming that Iran is "months away" from building nuclear weapons.... Here in fact is that entire Zero Hedge report for everyone to see for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments, as I tear this garbage apart, to follow:

Iran To Have Nuclear Bomb In A Few Months?

The Iranian government is shortening its nuclear breakout time -- the amount of time required to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for a single nuclear weapon. Tehran has accomplished this through several steps in the last few months.
Iran's government first increased its enriched uranium stockpile beyond the 300 kilogram limit; it enriched uranium to levels beyond the cap of 3.67 percent, and then activated 20 IR-4 and 20 IR-6 advanced centrifuges. The Iranian leaders even boasted that their government is now exploring new uranium enrichment programs and producing centrifuges.
Most recently, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, declared that Iran has an adequate supply of 20% enriched uranium., "Right now we have enough 20% uranium," he told the Iranian Students News Agency, ISNA, "but we can produce more as needed". He added that the country is resuming uranium enrichment at a far higher level at the Fordow nuclear facility -- an underground uranium enrichment facility which is reportedly located on one of bases of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC­­) -- injecting uranium gas into centrifuges, and operating 60 IR-6 advanced centrifuges.

This marks a dangerous phase in Iran's nuclear defiance. Tehran is now using a kind of prototype centrifuge that enriches uranium almost 50 times faster.
Iran's nuclear breakout time in 2015 was estimated at less than one year. Tehran has advanced its nuclear program since then. In an interview with Iran's state-owned Channel 2, Salehi admitted that the "nuclear deal" initiated by then-US President Barack Obama not only failed to restrict Iran's nuclear program; it actually helped Iran to advance its nuclear program through the flow of funds thanks to the lifting of sanctions. "If we have to go back and withdraw from the nuclear deal," he stated, "we certainly do not go back to where we were before ... We will be standing in a much, much higher position."
Although Iran is a party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), it refuses to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect its sites. The IAEA is also not allowed to inspect or monitor Iran's military sites, where nuclear activities are most likely being carried out.
Among the many concessions that the Obama administration granted to the Iranian government, one was accepting the Iranian leaders' demand that military sites would be out of the IAEA's reach. Because of this surrender, at various high-profile sites such as the Parchin military complex, located southeast of Tehran, the regime has been free to engage in nuclear activities without the risk of inspection.
The Iranian leaders keep claiming that their nuclear activities are solely for peaceful purposes. This claim is bogus. If the Islamic Republic is advancing its nuclear program for peaceful purposes, why has Tehran repeatedly failed to report its nuclear facilities, including those at Natanz and Arak, to the IAEA?
Also, why does the Iranian government keep refusing to answer the IAEA's questions regarding a secret nuclear facility, reportedly located in the suburbs of Tehran? Two nonpartisan organizations based in Washington -- the Institute for Science and International Security and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies -- last year released a detailed report on Iran's clandestine nuclear activities at this site.
In addition, why did the Iranian government place an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system at the Fordow underground nuclear site after the 2015 nuclear agreement? Finally, why does the Iranian regime never adequately address reports about its efforts to obtain illegal nuclear technology and equipment? Germany's domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, revealed in its annual report for 2016 that the Iranian government had pursued a "clandestine" path to obtain illicit nuclear technology and equipment from German companies "at what is, even by international standards, a quantitatively high level."
The truth is that, from the perspective of the ruling clerics of Iran, obtaining nuclear weapons is a must to help Tehran advance its hegemonic ambitions to dominate the region. Also, by having nuclear weapons, the Iranian government can more powerfully support terror groups and proxies to destabilize the region without being concerned that the West might strike Iranian military targets.
Most of all, in the view of the ruling clerics, having nuclear weapons can ensure the survival of their theocratic, anti-American and anti-Semitic establishment.
That is why, before it is too late, which it is fast becoming, it is incumbent on the US and the international community to take seriously Iran's nuclear advances and urgently address its rush to obtain nuclear weapons.
*  *  *
Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is a business strategist and advisor, Harvard-educated scholar, political scientist, board member of Harvard International Review, and president of the International American Council on the Middle East. He has authored several books on Islam and US foreign policy. He can be reached at Dr.Rafizadeh@Post.Harvard.Edu

NTS Notes:  This is so sad and almost laughable... This author is obviously lying his ass off, and I will explain why...

Yes, Iran is no longer tied to the ridiculous and ludicrous "nuclear deal" that it signed in good faith with the criminal United States years ago, only to see President Drumpf basically tear it up almost 2 years ago.. .That deal was in fact NO deal at all, as Iran had agreed in writing to everything that the US Government wanted including full inspections of ALL of its nuclear facilities... In exchange the US was to lift the stupid "embargo" against Iran and allow it to trade freely with other nations... The reality is of course that this "deal" was never kept by the US as it never actually lifted their trade embargo on Iran, while the Iranians did allow the IAEA to inspect all of its nuclear facilities.... What a deal, right?

Meanwhile, the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) went over all of Iran's nuclear facilities with a "fine tooth comb" and found NOTHING that showed that Iran was clandestinely building facilities to make nuclear weapons.... AND it must be pointed out that since that deal floundered, the Iranian government is STILL letting the IAEA into their facilities (unlike the lies that this article portrays) to show the world that they are NOT building nuclear weapons at all...

Yes, the Iranians, since the demise of the "deal" have indeed been purifying Uranium 235 above the "set limit" of 3.67% as part of that agreement... However, Iran is only purifying their Uranium to around 5-10%, which is the level of purity required for nuclear power plants only.... The facts are that most people are not into the science of nuclear weapons and most do NOT understand that to build nuclear weapons, a nation has to purify its Uranium 235 to above 95% purity to make it viable for use in nuclear bombs... Iran is so far below that level of purity and absolutely does NOT have the "centrifuges" or even wants to build those centrifuges to get to that level... The IAEA has indeed verified that as fact....

Therefore the entire premise of this article claiming that Iran is shortening its "breakout time" in regards to developing nuclear weapons is pure hogwash and utter lies....

I for one am truly disgusted by this author and his trying to paint Iran as a nation hell bent on obtaining nuclear weapons... The reality is of course that the Iranian government knows exactly what is at stake here, and they know full well that even if they were to try to build ONE nuclear weapon, that alone would give the Jewish run nations of the planet their excuse to march right in and basically destroy Iran and kill millions of innocent people in the process... Therefore to obtain nukes in Iran is tantamount to seeing the nation commit suicide.. The Iranian people are simply not this stupid...

What we have here therefore is nothing but propaganda BULLSHIT being promoted by some lunatic writer that wants to see Iran destroyed for the psychos in Israel..... I for one am surprised that even Tyler Durden who has written fine reports before for Zero Hedge has fallen for this bullshit!

And lets not forget real facts about nuclear weapons in the Middle East, for the ONLY state in that entire region that has an arsenal of nukes is the psycho state of Israel itself, that numbers somewhere in the neighborhood of 200+ with a multitude of delivery systems that can turn most of Iran into glass.... Those lunatics have indeed even threatened the entire world with their "Samson Option" that could indeed as those lunatics have long speculated take almost 1/2 the world down with them if they are ever threatened!  So... Where is the outcry about the psycho state of Israel with its nuclear weapons???

I can guarantee that we have not heard the last of this type of propaganda bullshit... The sickos in Israel want Iran destroyed and since their latest attempts using "protesters" has failed so miserably, they are out there now crying "wolf" once again about Iran and its non-existent nuclear weapons.... Stay tuned, for we shall see more and more of these reports as Israel will hope the American suckers fall for this bull crap!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

From The Files Of "Are You F*&^%ing Kidding Me?"- The American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU) Has Lost Its Sanity In Claiming Men Can Menstruate, Get Pregnant, And Give Birth (!)

I have been watching the slide towards oblivion in regards to the fraud of "political correctness" and other criminal aspects in our modern society basically run amok..... I have taken a firm stance at this blog against that stupidity, including the criminal and insane machinations of the bullshit LBGTQP horse asses community for a long time, and I have been asking everyone to take a stand as well to protect our very societies from destruction.....

But what I found just earlier today truly "takes the cake" in regards to the sheer stupidity of organizations wanting to suddenly show that they support the bullshit of "political correctness" and the RETARDS behind the entire LBGTQP shit for brains community.... For according to the following report, once again from the Natural News website at, apparently the American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU) has lost its sanity in claiming that men can "Have periods, get pregnant, and even have babies"...... I absolutely want to present that full article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

ACLU goes completely insane, declares that men can get periods, get pregnant and give birth… what used to be a “civil rights” organization is now an anti-science hallucination propaganda hub

(Natural News) Apparently disgusted that there even is an International Men’s Day, the far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took to Twitter recently to claim that men can have periods, get pregnant, and give birth.

According to the ACLU, there’s “no one way to be a man,” and “[m]en who get their periods are men,” as are men “who get pregnant and give birth.” “Trans and non-binary men belong,” the ACLU further insists.

As we recently reportedTeen Vogue, a mainstream periodical for children, is pushing the same anti-male nonsense.

According to Teen Vogue writer Courtney Roark, “the Alabama policy and movement building director at URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity,” young people today “need to think beyond the incorrect idea that periods are just for women.”

Roark, in celebration of “National Period Day,” encouraged anyone reading her article to throw natural human biology out the window and instead embrace the official LGBTQP position that gender and sex are “social constructs” that need to be abolished because they’re “bigoted.”

“The truth is, not all women menstruate and not all people who menstruate are women,” Roark contends.

This is the same position now held by the ACLU, which patently rejects concepts like “male” and “female” in favor of a “fluid spectrum” of gender that allows people to be whatever they personally declare themselves to be, biology be damned.

For more related news about the destruction of science and biology by the Cult of LGBTQP, be sure to check out

Why are leftists so insatiably obsessed with killing unborn children and chopping off children’s body parts to turn them into LGBTQPs?

LGBTQP perversion has reached a point of such dominance in our society that it’s now about the only thing leftists want to talk about anymore – that and murdering unborn and even recently born (infanticide) children in the name of women’s “reproductive rights.”

These deviants simply won’t accept the fact that humans come in two varieties: male and female. And not only do they refuse to accept this scientific and biological fact, but they want to teach the next generation of children that science and biology don’t even exist in the first place.

Even the supposedly “faith-based” Chick-fil-A fast food chicken chain has capitulated to the LGBTQP lobby, all to continue making a buck because money is god in the United States of Mystery Babylon, in case you haven’t noticed.

What this all suggests is that it’s only a matter of time before believing and publicly stating that human beings come in either male or female, and nothing else, is categorized as a “hate crime” worthy of maximum punishment. Chick-fil-A is now onboard with the agenda, as are thousands of corporatized 501(c)3 “churches” that are falling in lockstep with the LGBTQP agenda.

“Deception is running rampant in the minds of the liberal left,” wrote one Life Site Newscommenter in response to a published article about these issues.

“The worst part of the problem is that they are imposing these sick and stupid ideas on normal society and getting away with it, and it’s destroying lives,” commented another. “They’re nuts and should be locked up.”

For more related news about the continued decline of Western society at the hands of LGBTQP perverts, be sure to check out

Sources for this article include:

NTS Notes: Honestly, if this is the way our society is heading then we are done for.....

I actually had to read this report twice just to make sure that it was not a spoof or some type of joke...But readers, this is reality and shows that the ACLU has indeed gone off the deep end and is now run by "left leaning" lunatics...

I showed this article to my better half, and even she was astounded... She is logical and looked me in the eye and said that people should be asking the ACLU how men can have periods, get pregnant, and carry and give birth to babies?   It is NOT biologically possible!  Nature designed men and women to procreate and for WOMEN to be the child bearers, and there is no scientific or biological method that can make that any different....

I have seen so many crazy articles and reports over the last while showing that our society has gone absolutely crazy... And even now a group in the US that actually used to support civil liberties has lost their collective marbles in making such a ludicrous report and statements.....

AND... I absolutely agree with Ethan Huff's assessment of the entire fraud LBGTQP fucking retard group, as I will never see them as anything else than a bunch of brain damaged retards.... These criminals are indeed working right now on destroying the very fabric of our societies through their insanity, and we all must take a firm stance to stop them NOW in their tracks.... Our very futures and the futures of our families, is now at stake!

More to come


Important Health News: Vaccine Warning - Vaccines Can Cause PERMANENT Brain Injury During Brain Development Years!

By now, most readers are fully aware of my stance in terms of the fraud of vaccines.... I have been against the criminals wanting to destroy our bodies and permanently damage our immune systems via their criminal poisons called "vaccines" for decades now, and the more I have studied on the subject, the more I absolutely implore everyone to never, ever, allow the psychos in our so called "medical industry" to roll up your sleeves and inject their diabolical vaccines into their bodies.....

I am constantly searching for new evidence of the dangers of vaccines and vaccinations, and I came across a most important article from the Natural News website at that I do want to share with my own readers... This article is written by "SD Wells" and is entitled: "Vaccine Warning: Vaccines Can Cause PERMANENT Brain Injury During Brain Development Years", and I do want to share this startling article with my own readers right here... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Vaccine Warning: Vaccines can cause PERMANENT brain injury during brain development years

Image: Vaccine Warning: Vaccines can cause PERMANENT brain injury during brain development years

(Natural News) Americans are  scared to death of infectious diseases (almost literally). Most people in this country believe that human babies are born with very weak immune systems, and that most humans would die as children without getting the entire CDC-recommended schedule of “childhood” vaccines. They would be dead wrong. In this case, there is no safety in numbers, and what’s worse than “the herd” of fully-vaccinated “sheeple” spreading the very diseases they’re vaccinated against (it’s called shedding), is the fact that today’s immunizations are far too many, too close together, and all loaded with heavy metals, genetically modified viral strains, and neurotoxic ingredients.

An infant’s brain is vulnerable, but it’s mostly vulnerable to the vaccine chemical cocktails injected into their muscle tissue, that end up crossing the blood-brain barrier and inflicting damage to the central nervous system and brain. There’s very much to cover here in very little time, so let’s get right to it.

Vaccine Warning: Aluminum-triggered activation of the immune-system during the early years of brain development can result in permanent brain injury

Cytokines (immune-system signals) control human brain development, and disrupting these natural signals using chemicals and heavy metal toxins is not natural, and has proven to cause permanent brain injury. Why? Aluminum stimulates and triggers in the brain what’s known to the science and infectious disease industry as interleukin-6 (IL-6). The problem arises when the aluminum also stimulates the activation of Th2, which impairs brain development, according to research run on animals. Therefore, despite the parroted myths perpetuated by the pro-vaccine and “Allopathetic” sick-care machine, there most certainly IS a connection between aluminum adjuvant toxicity and immune activation.

So when the pediatrician assures you all vaccines are “safe and effective,” he/she is flat out lying, and they all know that the vaccine insert (that nobody ever reads or shows to patients) warns otherwise too. Most of today’s vaccines contain mind-blowing ingredients (literally) that you would never feed to your child or put on your infant’s skin, much less have injected, if you only knew.

Top deadly toxins in vaccines that lead to CNS disorders and brain damage in children

First off, the D-tap and Polio vaccines contain monkey kidney cells, per the CDC website, and these alone conjure dangerous auto-immune reactions. Even at just trace amounts, these impurities are injected into babies, bypassing all the natural pathogen and parasite filters we have, including saliva, the skin and our lungs. We’re talking about genetically mutated animal viruses the scientists brew in soy, egg, and even peanut oil. Does your child suffer from extreme allergies? You can stop wondering what caused them now. Read the vaccine insert. Read that flu shot packaging insert that warns you.

Next, there’s latex found in the Hepatitis B vaccine. This causes life-threatening allergies as the needle is often capped with a rubber stopper and the vial contains a latex lid (think of the multi-vial influenza vaccine here). Hep B vaccine is given to newborns in the USA.

Next there are mycoplasma pathogens, the smallest of all free-moving organisms, that literally cause pneumonia. These too are said to “increase the immune system’s allergic response” when injected into baby’s muscle tissue, all while disturbing it and inflicting damage upon it. More money for big pharma. Got insurance? You better.

Next on the chopping block we have ammonium sulfate in vaccines. That’s a toxic chemical fertilizer made from a mix of sulfuric acid and ammonia. Yes, this freaky cocktail stresses the immune system and causes acidosis. It’s toxic to the liver and respiratory system. Add in some MSG – monosodium glutamate (that causes brain damage for infants if simply eaten) – and you’ve got neurotoxins causing CNS disorders and neurological problems. Can you say autism spectrum disorder five times fast?

Medical science is the MOST CORRUPT science of them all

The propagated myth that vaccines are always scientifically proven to be “safe and effective” is all based on fake scientific papers that are written and published by the same folks who fund the medical science journals with advertising money. Yes, green backs pay for speaking fees and accommodations at nearly all scientific-medical conferences and seminars. The truth about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines is then scrubbed, scraped, deleted, blacklisted, banned and book-burned right out of the history books, the medical newspapers and the peer-reviewed anything.

Doctor-caused diseases and damages are now very prominent, as the vaccine industry has already quietly paid out $4 billion for damages, most of which comes from flu shots, HPV, and MMR toxic jabs. That’s just a drop in the bucket of the money made from chronic illnesses arising from US babies who get jabbed with 50 vaccines before age 6. It’s sick and twisted, but these parents have all been brainwashed by the system to think “better safe than sorry” or “benefits outweigh the risk” lies about vaccines.

Tune in to and find out how ethyl mercury in vaccines is far more toxic and persistent in the brain than methyl mercury in fish and water. Yes, they lied about that too.

Sources for this article include: 

NTS Notes: WHY I am not in the least bit shocked by the finding in this important report?

I have been stating for years now that the criminals behind our 'Big Pharma" and the entire so called 'medical establishment' are absolutely criminal in their want to see everyone "vaccinated" and have their bodies destroyed...

But the real sinister part of this Natural News report is the fact that the "brain development years" are of course the years of being children and when their bodies as well as their brains continue to grow... The chemicals in these diabolical "vaccines" are, as far as I am concerned, designed purposely to stunt that growth and thus lower the intelligence of human beings!

I for one am deeply astounded that more parents are NOT asking the big question as to WHY the so called "medical industry" is now demanding that ALL children be vaccinated, and that the poor children that are forced to receive these "vaccines" get as many as  50 (!) so called "shots" before the age of 6!   To me, this is the most diabolical aspect of this entire "vaccine" fraud today, and sadly I continue to hear and read more and more reports of innocent children having their lives permanently destroyed via this fraud of "vaccination"!   Parents, what in the hell are you thinking???

This article comes to the conclusion that "medical science" is the most corrupt science on the planet, and honestly I have found nothing to show otherwise.... We see how the medical industry is in business now for nothing but profit and greed, especially in regards to not only vaccines, but the fraud Cancer industry as well.....  I honestly have found NOTHING these days to disagree with this as being fact....

More to come


Latest Essay By John Kaminski: The Tar Baby - To Own A Slave Is To Be A Slave

*First, my apologies to readers.. I was tied up with important business yesterday, and was unable to even get online to surf the internet until very late last night.. I decided to postpone new articles until today as a result... It is always important to understand that family and personal business comes first, especially in my own life...

Anyways.... I have the newest essay to present to readers here at this blog from none other than John Kaminski, through his website at This one is entitled;  "The Tar Baby" and is subtitled: "To Own A Slave Is To Be A Slave" and I have it right here in its entirety for all of my own readers to view for themselves... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

are always blind to their own faults
. . . liberalism results in rescuing strangers who may one day rise up
and kill you. It keeps you consistent with your abstract moral precepts
but lowers your chances of survival by orders of magnitude . . .
in memory of an honest man
G. Patrick Flanagan
There are opportunists in this world who make us act against our own consciences, immoral people who know that most of us are basically moral, so they play upon our compassion and get us to act contrary to our own best interests.
These are people who urge us to remember our own better natures, yet have no better natures of their own, only a feverish desire within themselves to steal what others own and laugh in the faces of their victims who eventually realize what their misplaced trust has wrought.
So it was in the time of the U.S. Civil War when it was explained to everyone that the Union must be preserved at all costs, and that the evil slavery of the Confederacy was reason to go to war, and for brother to kill brother. What remains mostly unknown, even to this day, was that the force protesting slavery owned more slaves than the Southern plantation owners accused of the practice. The War Between the States was more about keeping the Confederacy a second class region hopelessly indebted to Northern bankers and industrialists than it was about freeing any slaves.
And this is still the way our government treats its own citizens, almost as if some foreign saboteur was running things. Especially as a rationalization for the Civil War, blacks have always been unwitting pawns of the Jews operating from behind the scenes. When you understand who owned the newspapers and wrote the history books, you will understand why you haven’t heard this all before.
Worse still, the Abolitionists who stirred the emotions of the North by stressing the basic unfairness of slavery were cousins of the very people who sold the slaves and maintained the lucrative industry of gathering inhabitants of African jungles and bringing them west for a hefty profit. So when blacks ask for reparations, they should direct their requests to the Jewish bankers who directed the whole operation — they owned the ships and hired the captains — and not from whites, who were victimized by the same scam in a different way (which was the absolute loss of their independence).
Remarkably similar operations have figured prominently in recent years with the Third World invasions of Europe and the United States, though because of their reliance on Jewish media, most people probably never realized that both fabricated “migrations” were conceived and executed by Jewish NGOs (such as the Lutheran church) aiming to further destabilize U.S. society.
They used alcohol to dupe the Africans of old and later used it to swindle and browbeat the Native American tribes into their permanent penal colonies. Bribery, blackmail and murder took care of the rest of the details. All races remain in the same untenable predicament today — screwed by the Jewish financial system, which is soon to be locked into permanence by Jewish AI. This is the quintessential tar baby.
Strength in diversity is a false postulate aimed at diluting and weakening host populations that the Jews want to conquer, subvert and ultimately exterminate.
This idea that people can’t escape the system they are stuck to is the perfect metaphor for the mistaken impression that Americans possess concerning their own Civil War. Originally, “tar baby” was a familiar character in African folklore. It referred to sticky material used to trap a person.
The best known use of the tar baby character was in the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris in the 1880s, in which the character Br'er Fox makes a doll out of tar to ensnare his nemesis Br'er Rabbit. The Oxford American Dictionary defines tar baby much like politician Mitt Romney used it: "a difficult problem that is only aggravated by attempts to solve it." Merriam-Webster says “something from which it is nearly impossible to extricate oneself.”
Recipe for revolt
It is in this manner that the Jews foment every revolution, by creating a tar baby contended for by two diametrically opposed groups. Jews fan the flames of discord until catastrophe and conflagration engulf the targeted population, which then tears itself apart. This was the formula for the French Revolution and has been used by Jews in every revolution since. At the end of the battles, only the Jews are left standing, still arguing from both sides of the aisle, but always profiting from the misery of each side in wars they have so cleverly kindled.
So it happens that today (writing in 2016), when we read of a truckload of dead and moldering migrants found abandoned on the shoulder of an Italian highway, or even worse, that a boatload of desperate refugees fleeing the chaos of war in their homeland has sunk in the Mediterranean, with all hands lost, we are caught agonizingly flatfooted in the emotional chasm between regret and relief, regret for the tortured souls who were killed seeking sanctuary from oppression, and relief for the gratitude that they didn't reach our own shores and destabilize our entire society.
More lately Europe itself has been rivened and ruined by a calculated dump of displaced Third Worlders onto its formerly beautiful shores, leaving a fatal birthmark on the Europe of the future and endlessly jeopardizing its current inhabitants, a bitter reward for loyal citizens of their own countries (which says a lot about patriotism). Tourism to France has been verboten for Americans ever since the landmarks of Paris and Marseilles have been overwhelmed by Muslim invaders. Even now the populations of Europe are too comatose to throw off their totalitarian EU plan of eliminating their independence and their freedom along with it by flooding the continent with Muslim savages who rape anything that moves.
So here is a vivid illustration of the visceral abyss that divides conservatism from liberalism. Conservatism demands that most of the world's population be treated with indifference, and that one's own survival demands you ignore the empirical misery that afflicts most of world's population.
Karmic curve ball
As we observe most vividly in contemporary Europe, liberalism results in rescuing strangers who may one day rise up and kill you. It keeps you consistent with your abstract moral precepts but lowers your chances of survival by orders of magnitude, as so many white altruists have unfortunately discovered trying to bring some level of civilization to Africa.
The one thing that has been proven over time is that when well-off people stoop to help those are not so well-off, when those who are rescued rise up and become well-off themselves, they are invariably prone to killing and robbing the homes and corpses of those who had previously helped them. You only need to observe the violent dispossession of white people in South Africa to understand both the truth of this matter and the ominous scenario now germinating here in America.
You need to tell this to the war weary citizens of the southern Swedish city of Malmö who endure endless grenade wars between Middle Eastern refugee gangs as well being a part of the Muslim rape epidemic that has shattered most European societies even as it is largely covered up by a seemingly complicit government and press.
No further words are needed for South Africa, which is a no-go land for whites as blacks continue to destroy the country that whites built for them, and kill white people for no reason in the most depraved manner possible. People like this should not be allowed to live anywhere, least of all in the United States of America.
Yet Democrat Party Communists like Pelosi and Schiff now seek to import the horrific lessons learned in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Haiti where black governments butchered their native and well-meaning white populations.
A History Lesson on Haiti by Dr. William Pierce
Truth Can’t Be Taught in Today’s Colleges 
This is what the Jewish world braintrust wants to happen in America. It is already well underway in Europe. Yet in Israel, blacks are treated like dogs.
One of the primary ways Jews destroy future generations of a nation’s children is to pollute their children by any means possible. The most scandalous examples of this has always been the Rotherham rape scandal.
It is no coincidence that the inbred, retarded and corrupt countries in Africa most especially resemble black slums in the U.S. Now that would be an epidemiological study worth undertaking.
Doesn’t it seem to be that governments everywhere create the conditions for public distress so they may more forcefully crack down on it? But after 9/11, the bogus Afghanistan war, this continuing string of badly fabricated public shootings to push for gun control, and preposterous impeachment proceedings, how is anybody expected to believe anything the government in Washington actually says these days?
The callous people who create these dilemmas have no second thoughts about their actions, whose purpose is to keep people divided and conflicted while they continue to make profits from whatever their scam happens to be. There is a fifth column in the USA and in every country of the world. It is Jewish and all Jews are a part of it because they always help conceal Jewish crimes lest they be socially and financially exiled from their twisted tribe.
Thus do people with no conscience prey upon people who do have one. No matter how finally cloaked by the polite rhetoric and pragmatic bookkeeping of so-called civilized society, no religion can stem this uncomfortable slide, this inevitable descent into barbarism as societies remain clustered around the lawless worship of money.
Pot and kettle
One of the more interesting observations you may make about the current world scene is the difference in attitude about people of color between the nation of Israel and the number of Western nations which Jews control financially. Among the nations Jews control, such as the U.S. and all its NATO subordinates, Jews trumpet “strength in diversity” and advocate complete integration and the promotion of people of color to high positions; whereas in Israel, Jews advocate complete segregation by race, even excluding pious Ethiopian Jews from their Middle East fortress simply because Ethiopians are black.
This is something most Americans fail to notice because of the complete control wielded by Jews over all American media. It is an aspect of Jewish hypocrisy that poisons all aspects of American life.
Another secret destabilization technique that remains largely hidden by mainstream media is the knockout game, in which young blacks are urged to unleash their inner African savagery. Obama publicly endorsed by urging authorities to “go easy” on Negro pranksters. America’s worst president (I know; let’s have a contest!) had nothing to say to those old white people killed by a single punch from an ignorant teenager.
The refusal of blacks to believe George Zimmerman was defending himself and had a good reason to shoot Trayvon Martin indicates the blindness they have when rationally discussing their own situation. White people are justifiably terrified of encountering black people anywhere because the crime rate continues to be tilted at 12 attacks on whites by blacks for every single attack of whites on blacks, and this despite blacks being only 12 percent of the population.
Making the situation worse has been the technique in newspapers of not mentioning the race of criminals, which further disguises the black physical threat to all white people. Just go to downtown Camden, New Jersey, at midnight and try to tell me that you disagree with what I just said.
Hokey hornblowers
The danger of justifying one's own superiority is nowhere more pathetically illustrated that in the variety of Jewish “holy” books which ritualize the rape and disfigurement of children, glorify the murder of non Jews and recommend the robbery of all the valuables in the world.
Jews don’t make good neighbors for anyone because they are taught from childhood to rob anyone they can and to be utterly duplicitous and untrustworthy in all their dealings with non Jews. This is the exact opposite of normal human functioning which values the welfare of others as a means to a both a healthy life and a stable society.
What is entirely absent from the vast majority of Jewish personalities is their inability to deliver an objectively phrased description of the history of their own people, which is a nonstop production of fabrications designed to destroy nations and kill people.
Being Khazars, they are the literal descendants of Genghis Khan who in all this time have never had a home of their own that they didn’t steal from someone else. The Jews are completely and totally unable to reach a psychologically legitimate position of authentically recognizing the value of other people because of the barbaric commands of its so-called holy books to rob strangers and rape children.
That they control the world’s media and money is a testament to the fallibility of humanity. Now the truth is to be concealed, rather than discovered, so that a small group of may control the entirety species with lies that disguise and glorify what they are really doing.
The maxim that “integrity is admitting your own faults” is wholly unavailable to them because of their proclivity to cover up their own savage and deceitful history (e.g., killing one hundred million non Jewish innocents in the old USSR; or inventing the nuclear bomb, AIDS or Glyphosate, all killers of millions).
In the Gettysburg Address, America’s first Jewish president, Abraham Lincoln, first spoke the words “All men are created equal”. Surely Old Abe never contemplated the reality of 65 IQ Somali gangs prowling around Boise, Idaho, as Patrick Little has recently reported. This myth, along with Affirmative Action programs, have fatally sabotaged America. In raising people up from the depths of their ignorance, the level of intelligence of the society has been correspondingly lowered, resulting in the dullard’s retardation that encrusts American society today, a happy idiocy pill popping to paradise.
Also I’ve noticed that in this push to create mannish women and feminized men assists the Jews in their push to demolish typical heterosexual families and turn the whole world into a giant kibbutz, which differs only in geographical latitude from the old and deadly Soviet gulag.
A self defeating system
To own a slave is to be a slave to a system that exploits others, which you think you have mastered. Like the proverbial snake eating its own tail, this system is designed to destroy itself due to its self-directed focus. The only real way to sustain yourself is to sustain others. This is the large segment of human behavior that Jewish psychology deliberately ignores. As the Earth sustains us, so we must sustain it, a fact that continues to be largely ignored by most human beings.
We won’t gain anything by widening the gap or increasing the misunderstanding. Real humans may not argue with a Jew, for Jews are immune to logic, being trained since birth to hate everyone who is not Jewish, to regard them as farm animals or insects. No other fact illustrates so clearly that Jews are not fully human, so they must pretend to have empathy for other humans in their vain attempt to prove to everyone else that they actually are fully human.
But there is even less to be gained by ignoring the killing of whites by blacks while the newspapers owned by Jews refuse to report these facts, because they are all — being Jewish owned — openly working for the extinction of whites so that they may assume the mantle of ethnic superiority which the whites still occupy due to their creation of the society that essentially every nation on Earth chose to mimic as the best model available.
This is how the Jews gained control of human society and how they are using this knowledge to eliminate everyone they don’t like — which is pretty much everyone except their own clan and those they would prefer to keep around for use as slaves.
The tar baby is Jewish culture. Foul and ugly, it kills everything it touches. It’s not that the Jews care about people they pretend to help; it’s because they champion the cause of the underdog as a way to overthrowing the existing order and establishing their totalitarian dictatorship of money.
All of America’s wars have been false, based on fabricated information, always furnished by Jews.
People opposed to America’s barbaric practices in the world need to openly discuss the influence of Jews on all aspects of our society. To not use that freighted term — Jews — is to admit to the world and the Jews that you are completely under their spell and foolishly entrust your freedom and your future to those have proven over the many centuries that they absolutely must not be trusted.
Just listen to Adam Schiff pontificate to Congress about his totally fabricated outrage about his totally fabricated charge, grinding the gears of government to a needless halt. Notice how Jewish media treat him seriously. Do you find it totally amazing that with two candidates and an entire Congress totally in the grip of Israel, that organized Jewry would attempt to impeach a candidate Jews love for offending other Jews who hate the same candidate?
Would you call that the Jewish destabilization template at work?
The scariest thing in the world is a Jew talking about peace.
So, as it stands now, misguided people of color line up on the left and misguided white people line up on the right, and we all get ready for World War 3, a permanent war that will last forever in the hearts of all men and women who don’t believe in love and get their news from Jewish media. This permanently insulates them from actual reality.
We are all here to provide a foundation for others to build upon, a foundation based upon the truth as we know it, and not on fairy tales that are simply transparent schemes for mind control which create power over others, which by definition is always misused.
Br’er Rabbit Escapes the Tar Baby
(from Disney’s Song of the South) 

NTS Notes:  Another fabulous article from John, and of course contains an important real history lesson for readers to ponder...

I must also note that John put out a subsequent part to this article (which you can read at his website..) where he states that there is NO market these days for telling the truth, which to me is so spot on.... John also points out that his abilities to continue to post essays online may be coming to an end due to unforeseen circumstances.....  I do hope that John does not quit, for so much of what he has written over the years have been eye openers and very factual about the Jewish criminals and their insane push for world dominion...

I will continue to post John's articles at this blog if and when they do become available... I have looked at John as being a trusted ally in this fight, and even though we have had our differences in the past, I do respect him for his diligent and hard work in trying to wake up the masses to the dangers we do face.....

More to come