Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Syrian War: The American "Withdrawal" Is A Fraud - American Forces Are NOT Going To Withdraw From The Key Deir Ez-zor Province's Oil Fields At All!

I have been like everyone else in their hopes that this American "withdrawal" from northeastern Syria was legitimate and was actually going to happen THIS time... We do remember almost a year ago when criminal President Donald Drumpf stated that American forces were going to "withdraw" from Syria then, and we all saw what happened as that "withdrawal" turned into a massive sham and lie...

This time though we have some evidence that the US has indeed been "pulling out" from some key bases and positions in northeastern Syria, which in itself is a good thing... BUT as I stated in an article from last Thursday, the Americans were NOT going to pull out from the key southern Syrian military forward operations base located around the key town of Al Tanf...That position is and always has been to me the entire key to the American operations in Syria, as from Al Tanf these criminals can send off their fraud 'terrorists' to make lives miserable for the Syrian people, and the Al Tanf position gives the Americans a strategic "jumping off" point if and when they ever needed to invade and conquer Syria itself somewhere in the future.....

BUT beyond the Al Tanf key position, I could not help but to think of the American forces that still occupy and control the Syrian oil fields located on the other side of the Euphrates River across from the eastern city of Deir Ez-zor.... The Americans surely are going to "withdraw" from those oil facilities and fields shortly, right??

Well.... Apparently the US is NOT giving up the Syrian oil fields at all and are NOT going to withdraw from those positions any time soon... For according to the following report that comes from Tyler Durden, through the "Zero Hedge" website at, apparently the American military is definitely NOT going to "withdraw" from Syria's KEY oil fields "any time soon", meaning that they are going to try to stay there FOREVER unless the Russians and Syrians force them out!  Here in fact is that Zero Hedge article here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

US Military Unlikely To Withdraw From Syria's Key Oil Fields: Report

The U.S. Armed Forces are not withdrawing from the eastern Euphrates River Valley region of Deir Ezzor or its plethora of oil fields, a military source in Damascus told Al-Masdar News.
According to the source, the U.S. Armed Forces won’t withdraw from these areas because of Iran’s presence in eastern Syria and the reality that Damascus would again have access to Deir Ezzor’s vital oil fields.

US special forces convoy in Syria, via ABC News

He would add the United States' two largest military bases in Syria are in the east near some of the country’s largest oil fields like Al-Omar.
Damascus has wanted the Al-Omar and Conoco oil fields to be returned to their government; however, with the U.S.’ large military presence in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, they have found themselves blocked from these critical petrol supplies.
Above: overhead view Conoco/Tabiya plant. ConocoPhillips founded it, yet is not currently associated with it (since 2005).

Furthermore, with the ongoing sanctions against the Syrian government, the U.S. administration sees the return of these oil fields to Damascus as a benefit to the state and their allies like Iran.
Syria has been under an economic siege for several years now, leaving much of the country in dire need of resources like medicine, gas, and other vital items.
Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is preparing to enter Raqqa city in northern Syria for the first time since 2013, a military source told Al-Masdar News.
According to the source, the army has begun moving its troops to the area around the city as they have been given the green light to enter once the U.S. Armed Forces withdraw.

NTS Notes:  Honestly, with the Americans staying in both Al Tanf and the key Syrian oil fields  east of Deir Ez-zor, then the entire announcement that the US was "pulling out " from Syria is nothing more than a bunch of bullshit!

And the truth behind the Americans staying in those oil fields?  It is absolutely NOT due to the bullshit of "benefiting Iran" as the liars in the US administration are spewing, but to deprive the Syrian nation of that oil for their own usage and their sources of revenue!   The US is hoping that by depriving Syria of any oil, either its own or via tankers from anywhere else, that they can "strangle" the Syrian nation and deprive its own people of a means of rebuilding after the Americans have basically destroyed their nation!

Yes, this is indeed diabolical and shows exactly what the US is now up to in terms of their want to see Syria destroyed... They are indeed going to try to destroy Syria economically by depriving that nation of its means of revenue.... And I can guarantee that the US is indeed still running the production of those fields and either illegally selling that petroleum output, or having the oil shipped back to the US itself or even giving it free to the psycho state of Israel!   That practice is absolutely illegal under international law, but the US has been doing this type of action for decades now in other nations that they have "occupied" such as Iraq!....

It should be clear to everyone that this "US withdrawal" from Syria is absolute bullshit... The US may be giving up some territory and bases that they have illegally operated in northeastern Syria, but they are definitely holding onto the key areas that can be used against Syria itself indefinitely......

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greencrow said...

I have said all along that the only way the Americans will stop squatting illegally in Syria is the landlord (Syria) kicks out the squatters. This will always be a bloody mess but that is the only way to kick out this type of thieving squatter.