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The Climate Change Scam: "Hurricane" Dorian Is An Absolute Fraud! Was Manipulated To Sell Americans Once Again On The "Global Warming" Bullshit

I decided to take a look at what has been happening south of here in the United States, and what the Jew spew media has been harping over these last few days is absolutely atrocious and down right disgusting... They have been playing this 'Hurricane' Dorian to death, making the ludicrous claims that this "hurricane" will be the "storm of the century"(!) and that it will "shortly" be making landfall in the United States as an "enormous" storm of unprecedented power and destruction...

Well, guess what?  Apparently besides the fools out there swallowing this bullshit "hurricane", this 'storm' itself has BARELY made "hurricane status" as the wind speeds have barely scratched the lower limit of 75 miles (115km) per hour to be classified as a true "hurricane".... In fact, the wind speeds from every online source that I have come upon over these last few hours show that it is actually "weakened" and is barely a high ranking "tropical storm".... So, I have to ask the honest question; What happened to this 'storm of the century' and what was the real reason to push this "hurricane" on the gullible people????

I do want to thank one researcher out there that has been calling this "hurricane" a hoax and a dud from the very beginning... Jim Stone over at, has been on top of this 'hurricane" Dorian since it almost magically appeared near the beginning of last week, and has put up a long list of articles over these last few days at his site, showing definitive proof that this storm has been "manipulated" (HAARP weather modification technology at work?) to try to strengthen it into at least a Category 2 hurricane to inflict some damage on the United States.... And in fact I do want to share several of his articles on this "storm" right here for all to see for themselves:

First here is his article from several days ago,called "Unveiling the Dorian HOAX:

Unveiling the Dorian HOAX.

For all the hype, Dorian is STILL not a hurricane as of August 30 at 8 AM CST

Dorian has maximum sustained winds of 61.5 mph. If anyone in the MSM is calling Dorian a hurricane they are lying, and if anyone elsewhere is repeating this lie, they got duped.
The leftists are going to have to face the fact that the Atlantic is simply too cold to give them what they want. What are they going to say to an educated population when Dorian lands as a category 6 and pulls a Patricia, with not even cat 1 type damage anywhere?

Honestly, when I first read this report, I thought that maybe I would "see where this storm actually goes" before joining Jim in stating that this entire "hurricane" is a farce...

Well... In Jim's follow up report, he was proven right, for the "storm" did turn into a dud.. Here is that article here:

What they did with Dorian is disgusting and irresponsible

How much panic did they cause with this storm by lying about what it is? Yesterday trolls decided to say I was misinterpreting the wind map "because buoys can't get accurate readings in hurricanes" all the while they missed the fact that there are no buoys at the elevations the wind map goes to.  I debunked that below, and this morning was treated to Dorian actually being a cat 1. DOUBT IT, after the past lies in addition to the past behavior of this storm, it is probably still sub cat 1 and the NWS used whatever influence they had over that map to feed it false data. That's where we are at with this, you can't trust ANYTHING this government produces with Epstein flying El-Allolita after a prison stint and Comey not being prosecuted.


THE LIE: The wind map is not accurate because it works off of bouys that overload after there's too much wind.. OK then, I'll post ONLY results from 400 feet off the water. There are also separate measurements for other levels of the atmosphere. I guess someone figured they'd find any way possible to make people believe I am mistaken, but the wind map gives readings from 100, 000 feet also. How does a bouy work up there?

POST THIS EVERY WHERE TROLLS ARE SAYING THE WIND SPEEDS ARE FROM BOUYS, THEY ARE NOT. NOT A SINGLE DAMN ONE. This needs to trip bans wherever it was posted. I am NOT misinterpreting that wind map.

Someone is drawing bullshit out of a hat or throwing darts to figure out what to say in response to this site, - someone is writing up total B.S. they hope will stick because they can't answer what is here, like the latest DORIAN update:

LATEST DORIAN UPDATE: As of 10 PM CST Dorian had max sustained winds ON THE WATER of 63 MPH, AND 400 FEET OFF THE WATER WHERE NO BOUYS ARE, (but this does not count for actual hurricane rating because it is off the water) 400 feet OFF THE WATER Dorian's max sustained winds are 73.2 MPH. That would be hurricane force at the absolute bottom of cat 1, but because it is not on the water, it does not count. 


As of 2 PM CST, Dorian MOVED EAST and weakened, max sustained winds are now 61.8 mph.

Ha HA, I am certain this was a weather mod storm and it looks like it's gonna FAIL. Let's hope it keeps moving east!

HONESTLY, I am in full agreement with Jim on this one, for what the Jew spew media did to scare the crap out of the most gullible people across the state of Florida is beyond disgusting and absolutely criminal!  Those bastards should be in jail for their incessant lies about this 'storm'....

And yes, this "hurricane" appears (at least at the time I am writing this report) to be veering off and moving off into the Atlantic Ocean... And the following link from ABC online shows that this is exactly what is happening with "Dorian":

Soooooo.. What gives here?  I would bet anyone that the manipulators of this storm are indeed working their magic now to force Dorian back into the Atlantic and have it avoid any landfall due to the fact that they were unable to even turn it into a "hurricane" at all.... Jim Stone is indeed being proven right that this entire thing is a massive scam...

Well, there is a plausible and very interesting explanation for what these criminals will do next, considering they have failed miserably with "Dorian"....And for that information to my readers, I want to turn to Jim Stone's site once again:


About a thousand miles to the east of Dorian they have (probably one of several) weather machines focused and you can see it in action, trying to work up a new hurricane. The area is turning up green on the wind map and has a large zone of rising wind with NO ROTATION.  GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD, YOU CAN SEE THEM DOING IT NOW zoom in on Dorian and scroll right. You'll see it. Check it at different atmospheric levels by clicking the box on the lower left. Clearly they are causing this with something active at multiple atmospheric levels, this is not a natural rising of warmth of the ocean, it goes WAY TOO HIGH. Then, go back to surface level and look at the West coast of Africa where hurricanes get their start. There's NOTHING in the nursery AT ALL, this is a totally dead year for legit hurricanes. Which means it's not the hottest year ever recorded, that's a bold faced lie if no hurricanes are forming naturally and that's something no troll can allow to be noticed..
One final Dorian comment (for now) Dorian is likely a synthetic storm and they can't get one part of it strong enough once it was pointed out that it was unrealistic to have one part of the eye wall with strong winds and another part passable by canoe. If they can't focus their weather maker in one spot of it, they cannot get any part of the storm strong enough to live up to their claims and they'll probably ditch it to the north without it making landfall so they can maintain their global warming myth. That is what I suspect will happen, and if so, they hoaxed 10 million people with this POS failure.
Over the last few years I have not seen ONE legit hurricane that was not at least accompanied by several tropical depressions or storms or hurricanes, and all of the Atlantic is nothing but a sea of glass both in front of and behind Dorian. That is not normal, but what I would expect if someone just could not have an entire season go without a single hurricane. If they ditch Dorian in the North Atlantic they can have their myth of their 2019 "monster" and how we "all got lucky". Hell, with Jedi troll out there, they could have nothing at all happening anywhere and simply wag the hurricane, why not wag 7 if the wind map is bullshit?



OK, So we are left wondering WHY these bastards did this manipulation?  And I think I know that answer and I will give my honest opinion here..

The entire global warming hoax is falling to pieces.... When you consider that this was NOT the "warmest summer on record" as these incessant liars continue to bark out, we are left with asking the questions as to WHY if this is supposed to be the 'warmest summer', then WHERE are all of the massive "storms" that should be coming in like waves from the warmer tropics???  There has been nearly ZERO major storm fronts at all this year, which points to the FACT that the planet is NOT warming at all, but is actually cooling down very rapidly...

Basically, the criminals that run our crooked governments are wanting their "carbon taxation' in place now before people get wind that it is all a scam... Therefore they are now wanting to force the creation of artificial "hurricanes" to push that scam.... But they are failing miserably as we see now from their "Hurricane Dorian" dud....

I do hope that this is an "eye opener" for those who are still brainwashed with the lie of man caused 'Climate Change' to make them have a wake up call that they have been used as suckers for the last few decades at least....  The evidence that the planet  is not overheating is everywhere and is crystal clear..... This hurricane season's lack of real hurricanes only further solidifies this as fact..

More to come


The War In Syria: Did The US Just Attack One Of Their Own Assets To Prevent Them From Defecting To The Syrian Army?

*First... I do want to thank everyone again for their continuing patience with me in terms of articles coming out sporadically over the last while... I went and spent some time last night visiting a friend who's wife is suffering from the ravages of Pancreatic Cancer... And I have been out and about picking up more supplies and materials for my seemingly never ending home renovation projects... All that and more has dragged me away from surfing the Internet and filing any reports here at this blog... 

I became aware just a few hours ago via email sent from a colleague that said "Hey, NTS... Did you just see how the US went and bombed one of their own assets in the Idlib pocket in northwestern Syria?"  and I figured that something was indeed not as it seemed.... The reports that have been coming out from the liars in the Jew spew media are stating that the attacks were against "those who were attacking "coalition" and "American assets", which to me was obviously a bunch of bullshit and a bunch of bold faced lies.... Something was indeed happening in the Idlib pocket that few have been told about and I decided to try to get to the bottom of it and file a report here....

First, of course, I do want to get everyone "up to speed" on what just happened from the alternative media perspective.... And of course I want to turn to the report that comes from the Southfront website, at, that is entitled: "US Led Coalition Strikes Al-Qaeda Headquarters In Idlib, Kills Dozens Of Terrorists".  I have the link to that article right here for all to see and read for themselves:

OK, I absolutely do smell a rat... And I am troubled by the writers of Southfront calling this an attack against "terrorists" when even they know that these so called 'terrorists' are nothing more than American and Israeli assets!  Something is fishy here, but lets continue with more information....

The writers over at Moon Of Alabama also have a most interesting report on this attack, and I want to present their facts from the link to their article entitled: 'Syria - Coordinated Foreign Airstrike Kills Leaders Of Two Al-Qaeda Aligned Groups", right here for all to see for themselves:

Now I do definitely smell a rat....  All this comes the day after the Russians and Syrians declare a "unilateral ceasefire" over the Idlib pocket, which alone has me most troubled....

The facts are that the SAA should be continuing their strikes into the heart of the Idlib pocket, and finally crush the so called 'terrorists' that occupy the entire pocket, and they suddenly call off their attacks????  And then suddenly a day later, here we have the criminals in the US launching this attack against THEIR OWN ASSETS?    Does anyone else also see that something stinks to high heaven here?

Well... Apparently my fellow Canadian, Penny, who of course hails from the 'centre of the universe' aka southern Ontario, has her own article up about this "attack" and has posted her own two cents worth of what she believes just happened... I do want to share her information right here from her website at, for  everyone to read for themselves... Here is that link to Penny's article here:

Now I am convinced that something is definitely rotten here, and that the US government is indeed once again lying their asses off as usual.....

Penny and I are in agreement that the American argument that the attack was against those who "threatened" US citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians is nothing but a mockery when you consider the fact that the US run "coalition" in northeastern Syria has purposely targeted and slaughtered innocent Syrian civilians, especially in and around Al Raqqa, for the last several years.  And now these criminals have the gall and audacity to claim that they are trying to save "innocent civilians"?.... Does anyone else see the problem here?

IMHO, this attack was most probably to stop these so called "Al Qaeda" leaders from now "switching sides" and very possibly going over to the good guys in the SAA... The facts are that now that the Russians and Turkey basically have an agreement in place for Idlib, these fraud "terrorists" are probably feeling that they have been 'stabbed in the back' by the US and especially Turkey and realize the jig is up for them.. I would place a bet that they were meeting to coordinate efforts to go to the Syrian government forces to possibly arrange for their surrender, and the US most definitely would NOT want that to happen, and thus they were targeted....

One note about Penny's article... I do find it impressive that she brought forward some information about the B2 bombers that were most probably involved in this attack in Idlib... But much like the failed and miserable F35 crapola "fighter", the B2 "Spirit" is a massive fraud as well as it is a multi billion dollar boondoggle even though it does look "impressive" to those who do not know better... And the facts are that since "stealth" itself is nothing more than a multi billion dollar swindle and hoax (I have a multitude of articles here at this blog blowing "stealth" to smithereens) on sucker taxpayers,  the B2 is such a waste when money could and should be spent elsewhere....

The bottom line is this... I absolutely do believe that this was a well coordinated attack to prevent these US run assets from fleeing their control and defecting to the SAA forces.... The criminals in the US and Israel are basically giving up on Idlib and covering their tracks of criminality by attacking their own "terrorists".... Criminals do from time to time do "eat their own".....

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Forgotten War In Yemen: Saudi Arabia Acknowledges Defeat In Yemen - Starts To Sue For Peace!

The war in Yemen has gone on for far too long... When the criminal Saudi regime decided some 5+ years ago to invade Yemen just so that they could overthrow the populist Houthi government and impose their own "puppet" ruler on that southern Arabic peninsula nation, they thought the invasion and subsequent war would be over in about "two weeks"....

Well, it has now been over 5 years, and Saudi Arabia has been in the quagmire of Yemen for way too long and has not achieved their victory at all... .In fact, the Houthi resistance has been able to not only crush the Saudi invasion forces, but they have invaded and seized some sizeable territory within Saudi Arabia, as well as launch missile and drone strikes deep within Saudi Arabian territory targeting vital Saudi infrastructure... Basically the Houthis have made the Saudis' lives a "living hell" as they have achieved a lot of victories in this war against what is supposed to be a "superior force"!

It has indeed gotten so bad for Saudi Arabia, that apparently according to the following report that  just came out from the Moon of Alabama website at, the Saudi Arabian government has now conceded defeat in Yemen, and is trying now to get the hell out of that nation, and sue for peace!   Here is that Moon of Alabama article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Saudi Arabia Acknowledges Defeat In Yemen - Starts To Sue For Peace 

Two weeks ago we wrote that war on Yemen will soon end. The Saudis lost their ally, they lost the war and would have to sue for peace. They are now doing so. But they fighting in Yemen will continue until that country finds a new balance.
Today the United Arab Emirates airforce bombed the Yemeni proxy forces of its 'ally' Saudi Arabia:
Yemen's internationally recognized government accused the Emirati air force of attacking its troops Thursday as they were heading to the key southern port city of Aden to fight separatists backed by the United Arab Emirates. The airstrikes killed at least 30 government forces, a Yemeni commander said.
Col. Mohamed al-Oban, a commander of the government's special forces in Abyan province, said the troops were on the road, headed from Abyan toward Aden on Thursday, when the strikes took place, killing at least 30.
At least six raids were carried out by Emirati warplanes around the temporary capital, according to government military sources who asked to remain anonymous.
Southern separatist forces under the Southern Transitional Council and supported by the UAE hold Aden. Between 1967 and 1990 south Yemen, then named the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, was separated from the mountainous north. After uniting with north Yemen the south became neglected even though its eastern desert holds most of the country's hydrocarbon resources. 

Since 2015 the coalition of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with U.S. and British help, waged war against the Houthi in northern Yemen. The coalition is now falling apart. Both countries claimed to fight against the Houthi, which control the capital Sanaa, in support of the internationally recognized 'legitimate' government under 'President' Hadi. But both countries had from the very beginning more egoistic war aims.
The Wahhabi Saudis want a Yemeni government that is not controlled by the Zaydi-Shia Houthi with whom they fought dozens of wars over two provinces that Saudi Arabia once annexed. They also want to control Yemen's oil and a pipeline from the Saudi oil region to a harbor in Yemen. It would help Saudi oil exports to avoid the Iran controlled Strait of Hormuz.
The UAE is big into the port business. It wants to control the strategic port of Aden and other Yemeni harbors on the southern coast. As it has no direct border with Yemen it largely does not care who controls the rest of Yemen.
The UAE leader Mohammad bin Zayed (MbZ) is not an absolute king. He is the son of the Emir of Abu Dhabi, one of the seven emirates that form the UAE. His aggressive foreign policy, with military engagement in Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya, has come under critic of the rulers of the other emirates. Wars are expensive and bad for regular business. MbZ's alliance with the Saudi clown prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) was seen as dangerous. While the Saudis would like the U.S. to wage war on Iran, the UAE, and especially Dubai, would become a casualty of such a war.
In June the emirs decided to change cause. The UAE retreated from active war in Yemen and started to make nice with Iran. It hoped that the southern separatists it had trained would keep Aden under control and continue to do the UAE's bidding. The Saudis and the 'legitimate government' under Hadi they control do not want to condone that.
The Saudis are extremely angry that the UAE changed course:
But this month, at his Mecca palace, Saudi King Salman took the unusual step of expressing “extreme irritation” with the UAE, his closest Arab partner, according to sources familiar with the matter.The comment appears to be evidence of a fissure in the alliance, which is led in practice by the king’s son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), and the UAE de facto ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan (MbZ).
The king’s annoyance was voiced in a conversation on Aug. 11 with President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, head of Yemen’s Saudi-backed government, according to two Yemeni sources and one other briefed on the meeting.
Hadi’s forces in Aden had just been routed by troops supported by the UAE, as nominal allies in the country’s south turned on each other in a power struggle.
The Saudis must end the war against the Houthi that was launched at the behest of its clown prince. The war cost the Saudis an enormous amount of money even as they are still losing it. Only yesterday 25 of their forces were killed in a Houthi ambush. With the help of Iran the Houthi acquired long range missiles and drones and they now use them in volleys that reach deep into the Saudi's land:
Beginning on Aug. 24, the Houthis said its forces conducted two drone strikes on the King Khaled airbase in Khamis Mushayt and the Abha airport in southern Saudi Arabia. A day later, another round of drone strikes were reported on both targets.On the same day, ten Badr-1 ballistic missiles were reportedly fired into Saudi’s Jizan city. However, Saudi officials reported that the country’s air defense systems shot down six ballistic missiles. The officials did not confirm if more missiles were included in the barrage.
On Aug. 26, another ballistic missile, the newly-announced Nakal missile, was reportedly fired at Saudi troops near Najran. Later in the day, another round of drones were reportedly intercepted near the King Khaled airbase in Khamis Mushayt.
As drones were hitting the King Khaled airbase, a separate attack was purportedly occurring near Riyadh with the new Samad-3 suicide drones. If confirmed, this marks the second time Houthi drones have hit the Saudi capital. The first was a reported strike on an Aramco facility near the capital last month.
On Aug. 27, the Houthis showcased another newly-announced ballistic missile, the Qasem-1, by allegedly hitting Saudi troops positioned near the Yemeni border in Najran. Another drone was intercepted and destroyed by Saudi forces over Khamis Mushayt as well.
And yesterday a new cruise missile, the Quds-1, was launched towards the Abha airport. Though, Saudi officials stated that the missile was intercepted and destroyed.
The Saudi king must have recognized that he has no longer any chance to ever win the war. It seems that he asked the Trump administration to work out an agreement with the Houthi:
The Trump administration is preparing to initiate negotiations with Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in an effort to bring the four-year civil war in Yemen to an end, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.The effort is reportedly aimed at convincing Saudi Arabia to take part in secret talks with the rebels in Oman to help broker a cease-fire in the conflict, which has emerged as a front line in the regional proxy war between Riyadh and Tehran.
The brother of the clown prince came to Washington to prepare for the talks:
Prince Khalid met with Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Wednesday and discussed “U.S. support for a negotiated resolution between the Republic of Yemen government” and a breakaway group known as the Southern Transitional Council, according to a statement from State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus.
The Hadi government is irrelevant. The Southern Transitional Council will demand independence from the north. The Houthi will demand to control the north and reparations for the war the Saudis waged against them. North Yemen's infrastructure is largely destroyed. It will cost several dozens of billions to rebuild what the five year long Saudi air war destroyed. As the Houthi can continue to harass the Saudis at will, even in their capital, their is no way out for the Saudis but to pay whatever the Houthi demand.
It was the clown prince Mohammad bin Salman who launched the war in Yemen soon after he came to power. It was supposed to defeat the Houthi within a few weeks. Five years later and after at least a $100 billions was spent on it, the Saudis lost the war.
Will the King hold his son responsible for the large loss of money and face that he caused? 
Posted by b on August 29, 2019 at 19:22 UTC 

NTS Notes:  Honestly... I do hope the author of this fine article is right... And if he is, I absolutely want to congratulate the Houthis on this outstanding achievement.... Their forces, though pictured as "inferior" to the US armed Saudi invaders made Saudi Arabia's life a living hell.... They gave Saudi Arabia such a bad "black eye" that the Saudis are indeed now suing for peace to get out of their mess that they created....

IMHO.. The Houthis should make the Saudis pay dearly for their criminal invasion that cost the lives of so many innocent Yemen civilians... They should not only (a) make Saudi Arabia pay for every single piece of destruction that they caused, which will be in the neighbourhood of some 100+ BILLION dollars, but (b) they should force the Saudis to be the ones to have to rebuild their nation as well and to provide EVERY single stitch of medical treatment for the Yemen civilians that have suffered from Saudi criminality and brutality.... It may have to turn to an international court with the help of truly independent investigators to determine the extent of the damage and the costs for rebuilding..

But there will never be enough payback for the millions of Yemeni citizens that are now dead thanks to the criminal Saudis....That is something that the victorious Houthi forces should never ever forgive Saudi Arabia for doing to their nation...

Yes, it is a great victory for the Houthis.... But with their country a shambles now, and the fact that the southern and eastern parts of Yemen are still being subjected to US run "terrorists" aka "ISIS" and/or other proxy forces, the war is not over yet.....  It will take a couple of more years of fighting to make Yemen whole again, and without Saudi and American interference!

One quick note... To me, this is a moral and righteous victory over the forces of evil that have made a mess of our planet with their 'wars' for nothing more than resources and for the criminal state of Israel.... The victory by the Houthis in Yemen should show every nation that they should never bow down to criminals and instead take a stand against evil.

More to come


US Interference In Hong Kong: Hong Kong And The Audacity Of The US. Part Of A "Destabilization War" With China

I have been asked over the last while about my thoughts on the "situation" in Hong Kong, especially with the clearly US run and financed "protestors" that are whipping up the citizens of Hong Kong into a frenzy these days, claiming that there is a need for more "democracy" in Hong Kong as well as demands that the Chinese government in Beijing basically back down and accept Hong Kong's "demands" for more independence from China itself....

But as far as I am concerned, and I have stated it in the last few rants... The demands of these US funded "protestors" is absolutely ludicrous, and all that they are doing is pushing the citizens of Hong Kong to the brink of a massive crackdown by the Chinese government that could lead to serious bloodshed in the enclave..... There has to be better solutions, and ones that are done by the Chinese and the people of Hong Kong actually negotiating in good faith and WITHOUT the interference of the US....

I came across the following interesting article from the Global Research group from right here in Canada, at This one is written by Peter Koenig, who is an economist and geopolitical analyst.... It is a scathing report that shows how the US has indeed had the audacity to use Hong Kong in what appears to be a "destabilization war" with China itself..... Here in fact is that report for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Hong Kong and the Audacity of the U.S. Part of a “Destabilization War” with China

People often ask and hint at the similarities between the Hong Kong protests and the French Yellow Vests. The former started on 31 March and are approaching their 19th week – the Yellow Vests (YV) have celebrated last weekend their 40th week of protests. As of recently some voices of Macron-infiltrates into the YV movement – or Fifth Columnists – have suggested that the YVs may support the Hong Kong protesters in solidarity for freedom….
Well, that didn’t go down well with the highly educated and well informed YV. Many of them actually felt insulted by the Macronites – ‘for whom does this guy [Macron] take us?’ – And right they are. There is not a shred of comparison between the two movements, except that they are protests – but for widely different reasons, and serving widely different agendas. The YV can in no way be associated with the Hong Kong “protests” – which are equal to US funded Color Revolutions.
We, the YV leaders said, are fighting against an ever more totalitarian French government that is ever more stealing our legitimate income in the form of all sorts of taxes and keeps a minimum wage on which ever-more French families cannot survive. Life is unaffordable on a regular workers pension. The Macron Government is creating poverty, by shifting the financial resources – the few that are left, from the bottom to the top. – That’s what we are fighting and protesting against. We want a fundamental change in the French economic structure and the French leadership. You see, all of this has nothing to do with the Washington funded Hong Protests that are directed on Washington’s behalf by Hong Kongers against the Government of Mainland China.
It couldn’t be clearer. The French Yellow Vests know what they are fighting for. The Hong Kong protesters, most of them, follow a few leaders under false pretenses against their country, against Beijing. Granted, many of the protesters are pro-westerners, they sing the US National Anthem, and wave the British flag – the flag of their former colonialists.
Actually, funding to destabilize Hong Kong in the future has already started at the latest in 1994, 3 years before the official Handover of Hong Kong by the UK to the Beijing Government. Way before the official date of returning Hong Kong in 1997 to the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), the US built up a network of Fifth Columnists in Hong Kong.
Washington pours millions into creating unrest in Hong Kong, similarly as in Ukraine, when the US State Department financed the preparation of the 2014 coup at least 5 years ahead at the tune of US$ 5 billion, according to Victoria Nuland’s, Deputy Secretary of State, own admission, directly and through NED, the National Endowment for Democracy, an “NGO” which it isn’t. It is rather the extended or soft arm of the CIA, receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from the State Department for their ‘regime changing’ activities around the globe.
In 1991, The Washington Post quoted a NED founder, Allen Weinstein, as saying
“a lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA”.
Couldn’t have been said better. We see the results all over the world.
Precisely this has happened in Hong Kong and is going on until this day – and probably way beyond. The US will not let go. Especially now that most people who have at least a limited understanding on how these western manipulations work, comprehend and see for themselves who is sowing the unrests. Take the 22-year-old student and western hero of the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, Joshua Wong, trained programmed and funded by the US State Department / NED / CIA. He is again a main player in the current protest movement. Wong is the on-the-ground boy for the local media tycoon, Jimmy Lai, who has spent millions of his own money in the 2014 “Occupy Central” protests (Umbrella Revolution).
The oligarch uses his funds widely to finance protest leaders and protest groups. He also created his own National Party, with significant xenophobic connotations. Yet Mr. Lai is very close to the Trump Administration and met, along with many of his protest leaders, with the US envoy in Hong Kong, as well as with National Security Advisor John Bolton – and other US officials. On July 8, Mr. Jimmy Lai met US Vice President Mike Pence at the White House.
Lai has full support of the US Government to fire-on and promote these protest groups. Yet, if asked, the protesters have no precise plan or strategy of what they want. The island is largely divided. By far not all protesters want to separate from the mainland. They feel Chinese and express their disgust with Jimmy Lai’s radical anti-Beijing propaganda. They call him a traitor.
Mr. Lai was born in 1948 in mainland China, in an impoverished family in Canton. He was educated to fifth grade level and smuggled to Hong Kong in a small boat at age 13. In HK he worked as a child laborer in a garment factory at about the equivalent of US$ 8 per month. In 1975 he bought a bankrupt garment factory for a pittance and created Giordano, producing sweaters and other clothing for mostly US clients, like J.C. Penny, Montgomery Ward and others. Mr. Lai today is openly criticized even by his own people as a conspirator behind the violence of the HK riots, or protests, as he prefers to call them.
The protests started with a ‘controversial’ extradition law – which, by the way, exists between most States in the United States, as well as between nations in Europe and to a large extent internationally. Therefore, this is nothing unusual. Yet, its importance was blown out of proportion by the western media and by Mr. Lai’s own local media to distort the picture. A minority, of course, would like their full independence from China which is totally against the agreement signed between the UK and Beijing at the so-called 1997 Handover.
A few days ago, the US sent a couple of war ships into China waters at Hong Kong. They had the audacity to ask Beijing to grant them the right to dock at Hong Kong harbor. Beijing, of course, refused and warned Washington – do not meddle in our internal affairs. Of course, Washington has no intention to heed China’s advice – they never do. They have been inoculated with the view that the exceptional nation calls the shots. Always. Nobody else should even dare to contradict them. Period.
On July 3, The China Daily pointedly reported
“The ideologues in Western governments never cease in their efforts to engineer unrest against governments that are not to their liking, even though their actions have caused misery and chaos in country after country in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Now they are trying the same trick in China.”
The US tactics in Hong Kong, may be combined with Trump’s trade war, with the Pentagon’s greater presence – mainly new military bases and navy presence in the Indo-Pacific region – Obama’s (in)famous Pivot to Asia which prompted Obama to order 60% of the US Navy fleet to the South China Sea.
All of this and more are part of a destabilization war with China. Washington is afraid of China’s rising economic power in the world, of China’s monetary system, that is based on economic output and on gold, not fiat money like the US Dollar and the Euro and other currencies following the western turbo-capitalist system; and Washington is afraid of losing its dollar hegemony, as the Chinese yuan is gradually taking over the dollar’s role as world reserve currency.
Hong Kong was basically stolen by the Brits in 1842 at the heights of the Opium Wars. Under pressure of the British military might, China ceded Hong Kong under the Treaty of Nanking, signed on 29 August 1842. Hong Kong became, thus, a Crown Colony of the British Empire. In 1898, Hong Kong’s Governor Chris Patten and Prince Charles agreed on a 99-year lease and pledged to return Hong Kong to China in 1997.
After 155 years of British colonial oppression of the people of Hong Kong, it was time to normalize the status of Hong Kong as what it always should have been, namely an integral territory of China. The “One Country, Two Systems” agreement of 1997, returned Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China, but the parties agreed to leave the capitalist system in place for 50 years. The agreement also stipulated that all intervention and colonial claims on Hong Kong were supposed to end. Full sovereignty was to return to China. What’s happening now – US-UK fomented riots to seek independence of the island, is in total disregard of the 1997 Handover Treaty.
The US inspired and funded protests are destined to challenge the HK-China sovereignty clause, by mobilizing public opinion that wants full “freedom” – i.e. independence from China.
The 50 years of the usual abusive capitalist continuation, would allow the imperialist US and UK to maintain economic control over Hong Kong and thereby exert economic influence over the PRC. How wrong they were! – In 1997 Hong Kong’s GDP constituted 27% of the PRC’s GDP – today that proportion shrunk to a mere 3%. China’s rapidly growing level of development, especially the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which the west chose to literally ignore until about a year ago, has become a vital threat to the US corporate world.
What the US and UK – and the rest of the West – is particularly interested in is HK’s special banking position in the world. Through Singapore and Hong Kong, Wall Street and key European banks, in cohorts with their not so ‘ethically-clean’ and often fraudulent HSBC partner, pretend to control and influence Asian economics – and especially attempt to prevent China to take over the Asian financial markets. Hong Kong has the most liberal banking laws, possibly worldwide, where illegal money transactions, money laundering, shady investments in the billions can be carried out and nobody watches. Maintaining HK as long as possible with this special nation status and wielding influence and control over PRC’s financial markets is one of the western goals.
But little does the West understand that China and other eastern countries, plus Russia, India, Pakistan, have already largely detached, or are in the process of detaching from the dollar economy and are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Let’s face it, the SCO comprises about half of the world’s population and controls about one third of the globe’s economic output.
Therefore, the SCO members do no longer depend on the western financial markets and monetary manipulations. In fact, Shanghai has in the last decades grown to become China’s financial hub with way more importance for China than Hong Kong. So, it is very unlikely that China will crack down on Hong Kong for the protests. There is too much political capital to be lost by interfering. The West and Hong Kong protesters may as well riot themselves into rot.
But if China gets tired of these incessant western provocations and really wants to put an end to them, the PRC could take over Hong Kong in less than 48 hours, abridge the 50 years of western capitalism and make HK a full-fledged province of China, no privileges, no special status, just a part of sovereign China. End of story.
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This article was originally published on New Eastern Outlook.
Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; TeleSUR; The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author ofImplosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author ofThe World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.
Featured image is from Jimmy Lai from Wikimedia Commons

NTS Notes: I do agree with most of Peter Koenig's findings in this report... The US is indeed running interference in Hong Kong and sadly is using the 10+ Million citizens living in that enclave as "pawns"  in their economic war against China..

And all we need to look at is the present "economic war" between the US and China to understand the importance of Hong Kong and how the US is indeed trying to use the enclave to destabilize China to try to "win" that war.....

The facts are that the present economic war between the US and China is present at "loggerheads" with neither side willing to budge on a long list of outstanding issues... If the US is somehow able to get the upper hand by using Hong Kong against China itself, the entire economic "war" could be won by the US without the need for further "tariffs", "sanctions", and even "negotiations"... But at what cost???  Apparently the US is indeed willing to sacrifice Hong Kong's millions of citizens just to get the upper hand in this economic war!

And yes, with China now wanting to move away from the US dollar in international trade, the US is desperate to try to keep the present status quo for the fact that having nations to trade in US dollars is the only reason why the US dollar is even able to stay afloat.... That again shows the importance of Hong Kong, and I do agree with Peter Koenig's assessment here...

I also am not sold on a "link" between what is happening in France and the Yellow Vests protests movement in France.... The French protest movement is and should continue to be focused in on the criminal Macron government's ridiculous and criminal want to allow so many illegal migrants to flood into France and disrupt the nation... That should be the issue at hand in France, with economics coming second....Hong Kong is a whole different situation therefore...

It will indeed be interesting to see what happens over the next while in regards to Hong Kong... But I am calling it exactly what it is; US interference in the internal matters of China, and for that the US has NO business at all and should back off and mind their own business!

More to come


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The "World Ending" Fires In Brazil Are BULLSHIT! Satellite Pictures, Brazil Data, NASA Data All Show "Amazon Burning Down" Is 100% Fake News

I got around to taking a shot at the "fires" that the Jew spew media is reporting now almost around the clock happening in the Amazon rainforest areas of the nation of Brazil, in last weekend's rant.... I for one will not even bother with all of the bullshit hype that the 'sky is falling' with all of the outrageous claims that these fires in Brazil signal that it is somehow the "end of the world" as so many liars in the Jew spew media are reporting... Something is terribly amiss here, and I do smell a rat....

Well, my suspicions about the Brazil "fires" appear to be well founded... For according to this interesting report from the 'Hide Out Now' website, at, apparently all of the fear mongering hype about these Brazilian "fires" is indeed unfounded and being done on purpose to scare the crap out of gullible people once more... Here in fact is that very amazing article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Satellite Pics, Brazil Data, NASA Data All Show 'Amazon Burning Down' Is 100% Fake News

Just because something gets posted to Facebook doesn’t mean it’s true. You’d think that people would realize this by now — it is 2019, after all — but yet another exaggerated narrative has been making the rounds on social media lately.
You’ve almost certainly seen posts about the wildfires in the Amazon rainforest being shared by friends and acquaintances. Some of the dramatic imagery is heart-wrenching, with animals fleeing flames and smoke billowing across the sky.
But as you might have suspected, reality is a bit different than what is circulating on social media. What’s really spreading like wildfire is disinformation. Yes, there are some fires in the region, but the facts don’t match the wild claims about the Amazon or “the world’s lungs” disappearing.
It turns out that most of the fires in the Amazon area aren’t burning down the untouched rainforest, but are actually smoldering on farmland that has already been cleared of trees.
“Scientists studying satellite image data from the fires in the Amazon rain forest said that most of the fires are burning on agricultural land where the forest had already been cleared,” The New York Times reported on Saturday.

“Most of the fires were likely set by farmers preparing the land for next year’s planting, a common agricultural practice, said the scientists from the University of Maryland,” the newspaper continued.
Scientists studying satellite images of the fires in the Amazon rain forest said most of the fires are burning on agricultural land where the forest had already been cleared through years of deforestation. 

In other words, claims that the huge Brazilian Amazon is burning down just aren’t true. A map created by The Times, based on data from NASA and Brazil’s National Institute of Space Research, shows that almost all of the fire locations are on land that was deforested last year.
Satellite images of the current fires confirm The Times’ reporting. In most cases, it isn’t pristine jungle that is burning; it’s long-cleared agricultural land that farmers have purposely set ablaze to prepare for crops.
“Brazil has turned certain states like Mato Grosso into Iowa,” explained University of Maryland researcher Matthew Hansen. “You’ve got rain forest, and then there’s just an ocean of soybean.”
Browsing on social media, you may have gotten the impression that this month’s fires are shocking and unprecedented. But that, too, appears to be a blatant exaggeration of the facts.
August, September and October have always been peak fire times in the Amazon region, according to fire data going back to 2001. A graph of the current fire trends compiled by The Times shows that the region is on track for a roughly average number of fires, compared to the last decade and a half of data.
“As of August 16, 2019, an analysis of NASA satellite data indicated that total fire activity across the Amazon basin this year has been close to the average in comparison to the past 15 years,” an Aug. 22 NASA report explained.
Translation: The fires aren’t unprecedented, they’re taking place in areas that have long been cleared of trees and they aren’t even close to burning down the Amazon rainforest.
The misinformation and hand-wringing has been made worse by pictures being shared by celebrities and other social media users who don’t bother to fact-check what they post.
“Emmanuel Macron, president of France, posted a picture that is at least seven years old. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s photo was originally posted in 2013, and reposted throughout the years,” The Western Journal explained Sunday.
There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about the environment. And it’s only human to feel sympathetic when dramatic photos of fires and terrified animals are posted online.
But facts must triumph over hysteria. Some healthy skepticism over what is being shared will go a long way toward reeling back fear and discerning reality clearly.

NTS Notes: When the heck will people finally learn?  Have we not seen this constant fear mongering so many times being played on so many gullible people?  And yet there are indeed so many saps out there that fall for this garbage all the time!!!

Lets face reality here...The fires in Brazil are mostly natural and even those that are "man made" are indeed planned and have been conducted for many decades... The rainforests of Brazil are very vast, and are in fact in a state of constant renewal.... And when we consider that most of the world's rainforests are actually growing thanks to the higher levels of CO2 in our atmosphere, all of this "Chicken Little" rhetoric is absolutely pure garbage and totally unfounded..

So why are they pushing this Brazil "fire" crap on us now?  I do suspect that it is being pushed by the same lunatics that run the Global Warming aka Climate Change bullshit and fear mongering, as they want to brainwash people with this constant propaganda that we as mankind are indeed destroying the planet's ecosphere.... But the reality is that in spite of pollution and a lot of damage over the years, the planet is actually doing quite well and as I stated already some regions are actually in a state of major recovery!

What people need to do is not allow this bull crap to cause them to worry.. They need to get the facts straight and do their own research first and foremost and realize that the Jew spew media is now constantly subjecting everyone to a round the clock dose of fake news.....  The reality is indeed a lot different than the fiction being spoon fed to us.... Only gullible people out there will accept this type of falsehood as being true!

More to come