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The Western World Is Finished: Over And Done With

Readers to this blog know that I will pull no punches when it comes to my views on the ridiculousness and sheer stupidity of opening our borders wide to every nefarious criminal from some third world sewer to come marching in to ruin our societies.... That and the so called 'political correctness" is pure and utter bullshit and has been used to stymie anyone from speaking the truth and giving their very honest opinions.. People are in fact stuck with the fear that what they say and what they do these days can be misinterpreted as being "hateful" and "hurtful" to a few individuals and therefore just stay quiet when in fact they should be screaming from the top of their lungs.... Our very society is on the road to destruction, and sadly few are willing to stand up and end this crisis ....

Which of course brings me to a new article from Paul Craig Roberts from his website at, that is entitled: "The Western World Is Finished: Over And Done With" that absolutely shows how the present madness of bullshit political correctness and the unwillingness of people to stand up for their basic rights and freedoms these days has doomed our societies..... Here is that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Western World Is Finished: Over and Done With

The Western World Is Finished: Over and Done With
The white world is overrun with immigrants taught by Identity Politics to hate white people and all their works.
Classical music, being a white activity, has been branded racist.  There is an effort underway to prove that Beethoven was partly black so we can continue to listen to classical music without being white supremacists.
Vladimir Putin wonders why countries with core white populations decided to destroy themselves with unimpeded immigration of different cultures and races. Why is it racist for governments to consider the interests of their core white populations?
Math teacher in private school fired for racist act of defending Western civilization.
Suicide of the Left: America Destroyed by Diversity
Multiculturalism has a free hand to erase the history of the core white population:

“From European Russia and the rest of the Eurasian landmass, there is a distinct sense of sadness in watching Europe die.” — Dmitry Orlov
Orlov explains that diversity and multicultralism are the weapons that were used to destroy Western civilization.

The Deconstruction of White Society Shifts Into High Gear
Cambridge to assign white academics an ethnic minority mentor to combat racism and assist ‘institutional change’
White professors at Cambridge University assigned black political commissars to stamp out whiteness in British education.
The Camp of the Saints at Cambridge University
Cambridge University is running a “reverse mentoring” scheme for staff to combat “structural racism”.
Under the project, white senior academics and management staff are assigned one of their black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues as a mentor in order to encourage “institutional change” at the university.
It is part of a raft of initiatives that the university’s equality and diversity department has introduced over the past year, aimed at boosting diversity and driving out racism.

Who was responsible for the destruction of Western civilization?  Jews explain that it was them: 

NTS Notes: I must congratulate Paul Craig Roberts on one major  KEY issue from that entire article, which is the last point presented:  He links an important article to the Renegade Tribune website that clearly shows that the criminals behind this destruction of our societies is none other than the Jews!  This is actually quite refreshing, for the fact that Paul has for so long avoided the reality that those criminals are behind this madness, and finally puts up a link that shows it to be true... It is quite refreshing, and all I can say is "Its about time"!

Yes, the links to those articles enclosed in Paul's article are quite revealing....The facts are right around us as we watch our nations continue to allow filthy and disgusting third world scum to come flooding into our nations without any of them even trying to "assimilate" to our societies and our cultures....And again, most people are unwilling to say "peep" due to the fraud of "political correctness" and of course suddenly being labeled as "racist" for standing up for what is obviously so wrong...

I also must reiterate what I said in my weekend rant... It is absolutely perfectly normal and right to be white.... Those who are out to bash whites are obviously the real racists who are paid well to work the minds of gullible people into the false belief that whites are "supremacists" and being white is somehow wrong!  White people must stop being propagandized by such bullshit and be proud of their heritage....

People must resist the fraud of "diversity" and all of this 'political correctness" bullshit and stop the madness or indeed we may be witnessing the destruction of our societies....That has to happen before it is too late!

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