Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Jeffrey Epstein Saga: Where It Stands At This Point, And Will This Perverted Pedophile Actually See Jail Time?

I have received several emails these last few days asking me WHY  I have not put out more material concerning this recent arrest of that Jewish prick lowlife scumbag pedophile Jeffrey Epstein....

I stated in last weekend's rant that this creep will most probably NOT see one single day in an American jail cell or any where else across the planet, for the simple fact that he knows way too much and if he is in danger of being incarcerated he will spill his guts and possibly not only bring down the entire US government that is full of sicko pedophiles, but much of the world wide Jewish elite as well!

I therefore am stating that it is simple logic that this criminal scumbag will most probably never see any jail time and rather than receive another ridiculous plea bargain like he did before, he will most probably meet an untimely end to his perverted life and die of "mysterious circumstances" before he is able to spill his guts and bring down the entire Jewish criminal establishment...

However, in spite of my not posting much of anything about this Jeffrey Epstein saga here at this blog, I have been following other real truth seekers as they have posted material at their own blogs.... Here in fact are a few links to some of their works, starting of course with my fellow Canadian, Penny, who hails from the insanity of southern Ontario and writes her excellent blog: "Penny For Your Thoughts" at www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.ca... Here is the link to her recent article here:


And of course I cannot forget the works of Greencrow, who of course hails from the wilds of southern British Columbia, and writes her blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at www.greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.ca.... Here is the link to her recent artilce about Epstein here:


I honestly am very happy that my two fellow Canadian real truth seekers have been keeping up with this Epstein sickness....And I do agree with Greencrow's assessment that this "arrest" is probably nothing but "fluff" for I see this "arrest" as nothing more than manipulation of America's already sick Justice System (run by Jews of course..)... For again the reality is that Epstein knows way too much and the criminals involved will do anything to keep him from squealing...

To me, the timing of this "arrest" seems to be very significant, especially right after the Jewish criminals were unable to get their nice little war against Iran off and running...IMHO the Jewish criminals may be now dragging this Epstein pedophile "out of the closet" at just this time to have President Drumpf brought back "in line" with the threat that if he does not obey their orders to have Iran destroyed, they will use Drumpf's links to this sicko Epstein as their method of destroying him and his Presidency!

AND I cannot forget the fabulous works of Aangirfan, who as usual has been keeping close tabs on this sickening Epstein episode, and writes his/her blog "Aangirfan" at www.aanirfan.blogspot.com... Here is the link to Aangirfan's continuously updated report on this Epstein sickening saga here:


NTS Notes: I see this Jeffrey Epstein "arrest" as more fluff to cloud American minds, like so many times in the past.... The timing again seems to be too perfect, as coming out right after the Jewish criminals were indeed unable to get their war against Iran off and running, and they may indeed be using this sicko and his corruption to bring so many of their controlled politicians back "in line".... There is so much dirt out there and so many "skeletons in the closet" associated with Epstein that full disclosure and full exposure of everything that this prick knows could indeed bring entire political systems world wide crashing down, which means that many governments will do anything now to avoid that disclosure and will obey their Jewish masters' new commands, and especially their demands about destroying Iran...

It will indeed be interesting to see what now happens with this sicko Epstein..... I will keep tabs on this pervert and his sickness with further updates in future articles here at this blog... Stay tuned...

More to come



greencrow said...

NTS says:

"...the timing of this "arrest" seems to be very significant, especially right after the Jewish criminals were unable to get their nice little war against Iran off and running..."

This is indeed the main "tell", NTS. It points to who's behind it and why. Now the web is full of disinformation...in a desperate attempt to obscure that fact. Some are even saying that Trump himself is behind the Epstein arrest.

Typical smoke and mirrors.

Penny said...

Hey North
thanks for the link to...

Hey GC:

Generally, it's doubtful that Trump is behind this at all- way to embarrasing

Rather then thinking it's about Iran..though it is to some degree. I'm seeing it as a reminder or a wake up call to all the political scum- you're owned and don't forget it.

All this talk about some Prime Minister that's going to be outed..
Years ago Tony Blair and Ehud Barak were mentioned in the Jeffrey Epstein black book
so unless it's someone new it's feeling like a bit of a rehash

Dershowitz is also under lots of pressure

As I mentioned in my post, notice that two bit phony contrived "me too" movement is missing in action?

That was such a psyop anyway...