Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I Am Back! Articles To Be Posted At This Blog Very Shortly

Yes, I am back.... It was a much needed vacation break to "recharge" my batteries....

I must say that being away from the Internet and especially the sickness that our world goes through for over a week was great for my peace of mind and well being....

I will not go into great details about this vacation, but suffice to say it was enjoyable, especially with the great entertainment that I saw and time spent with my family.... I tried to avoid a lot of the fatty foods that were enticing and available during this trip, for I am trying to lose a few pounds off of the mid section at my ripe old age of 59....  Other than that, I was able to catch up on a lot of much needed sleep, which alone was worth the trip!

I know that I have missed a lot these last 11 days, and I figure the first order of business will be to post a "mini rant" very shortly to give my two cents worth on what I interpret as what REALLY happened..... I will try to have that fired off shortly, after I do a lot of much needed personal business and family issues that have been left until my return from this trip....  So... Stay tuned.....

Northerntruthseeker is back and raring to go!

More to come



FreakedOut said...

Welcome back! Awaiting your report on what you've found.


greencrow said...

Welcome Back, NTS. Glad you enjoyed your holiday.


Airport Engineer said... has some great videos exposing the Garlic Festival. As usual the FBI had agents patrolling the festival BEFORE it happened! Same BS, different location.