Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Northerntruthseeker "Mini" Rant For Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Yes I am back from a much needed vacation, and as I stated I would use the first new article at this blog to post a "mini" rant to blow through all of the crapola that I missed over the last 11 days...

First and foremost, is anyone as sick and tired as I am of this bullshit "squad" of 4 mentally incompetent women that have taken over much of the propaganda that we see over the last two weeks via the Jew spew media in the formerly free nation called the United States?  Honestly, how in the hell are these foul creatures: Reject from clown college Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar who is probably an illegal alien who "married" her own brother to gain entry into the United States (Yikes!),  Ayanna S Pressley (Honestly, who is this foul creature?), and and Rashida Tlaib (again.. who is this foul creature and who cares?), being given the amount of air time over the Jew spew media to spew their leftist Liberal bullshit and garbage?   These "women" are an insult to everyone, both men and women alike.... They are nothing more than a new "force" being driven by probably Jewish money to once again destroy America itself.... And I actually spent a bit of time earlier today watching a video of these foul creatures speak, and I found it revolting and one where these idiots showed that they do not have a clue about ANYTHING, while spewing nothing but Liberal trash.... Honestly, they should all shut the fuck up and stop being such stupid idiotic dumb asses....

Well, I see that we had another "shooting" in the United States, this time at some Garlic Festival in Gilroy California, that has once again filled the Jew spew media over the last couple of days..... And once again I am smelling a rat, for the Jew spew media is again out there trying to use this "shooting" of some 3 people, as well as the gunman himself dying, as yet another excuse to push their gun control agenda on gullible and stupid Americans..... I saw the reports about this "gunman" the 19 year old Santino William Legan, being some pretty fucked up "white" guy who snapped and decided to gun down some  spectators at this festival..... Honestly, this may indeed be a legitimate REAL shooting, but for the fact that the Jew spew media has been heavily emphasizing the fact that the shooter was "white" and once again pushing hard for gun control.......If I do come across any information that shows that this may be yet another 'false flag' attack, I will indeed post that information at this blog and soon....

I saw that the US Congress voted overwhelmingly last week for yet another bill to suppress free speech while they all grovel for their masters in that shithole called "Israel" and once again hammer down on anyone that calls out the Jews for their evil ways.... And I saw where one of the supposed frontrunners for the "Democrat rats" in 2020, Tulsi Gabbard  has indeed shown her true colors as she voted and fully supported the new bills that support the criminality of Israel.... I always knew that there was something bad about this Gabbard character and I stated in a previous rant that Americans should NOT think that she is somehow "different" and would stand up against Jewish supremacy... Well, the truth is now out there, and this foul creature is just as bad as the rest of the US Congress as they all chew on Jewish dicks and bow to their Jewish masters and Jewish money every chance they get.... IMHO, come 2020 and the US Presidential elections in November next year, America will be fucked once again with the Jews continuing their control of the nation...

Yes, that hideous Theresa May is gone as the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, and has been replaced by the JEW Boris Johnson..... And this Johnson character has been selected for his supposed "hard stance" in wanting the UK out of the criminal Rothschild controlled European Union?  Are you honestly kidding me?  This Johnson as a Jew himself  has his orders from his fellow tribe members and he will most definitely claim eventually that he could not 'work out a deal' for getting the UK out of the EU.... I stated before and I will state it again, the UK is fucked for the Rothschilds will never ever allow one of their slave nations escape their grasp, and therefore this whole concept of "Brexit" is nothing but smoke and mirrors for the British people are never going to be able to attain their freedom by escaping the EU's grasp unless they actually march into their own parliament in London and force the Jewish controlled bastards and that Jew Boris Johnson to leave the EU immediately!

I see that the "sabre rattling" by the US towards the innocent nation of Iran continued during my absence.... The US is desperately now trying to form some type of "coalition" for an attack on Iran but is failing miserably... The plan to try to set up some type of "Arab NATO" in the Middle East turned into a laughable dud thanks to nations suck as Qatar, Oman, and a few others, that would be essential bases for an attack on Iran have not only backed out of that coalition of force and many have in fact turned themselves into ALLIES of Iran itself!   What little is left of any coalition in the Middle East against Iran has now been reduced to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the US itself.... Basically, the chances of the US actually attacking Iran now using Iranian neighbouring nations against Iran has disappeared and the US has once again lost a lot of its friends in the Middle East thanks to their stupidity in continuing to support and bolster the psychotic state of Israel.... Therefore, the only way that the US can now attack Iran is if there is indeed a brand new "false flag" attack that can be blamed fully on Iran... But knowing now that most people have their eyes opened and can see that an attack by "Iran" will be total bullshit, even that chance for a war on Iran is disappearing rapidly...

And what about Turkey?  IMHO, Turkey has all but in name now fully withdrawn from NATO and is fully aligned with both Iran and Russia.... Turkey was to be the major player in any war on Iran, but thanks to the sheer stupidity of the US government, especially in trying to actually overthrow Erdogan a few years back, the Turks are no longer "friends" of the US and have indeed thrown their support rightfully in the direction of Iran...... The Turks also and very rightfully exercised their own sovereignty and their independence from American hegemony by purchasing and now deploying Russian advanced S400 systems across their nation..... The US has stupidly tried to strike fear in the Turks by "threatening" to take Turkish participation in the woeful F35 fighter program off the table due to the deployment of the S400 systems.. But honestly, considering what pieces of crap the F35's actually are, the US has once again stuck their foot in their mouths by doing Turkey a favour by canceling Turkish participation in the F35 program!  I honestly must applaud the Turks on their move away from the criminal NATO group of US puppet nations, and standing up to the criminality of the US itself!

I have been keeping tabs on the increasingly dangerous Ebola virus "outbreak" in the Congo these last few weeks, and I will state the obvious that the criminals in the US and EU have indeed been working very hard to 'weaponize' Ebola to have the virus changed slightly to give it the capability to survive in climates outside of the equatorial rainforests of Africa.... And of course we have the reports of so many Congolese "immigrants" now being allowed into the southern United States, especially in south Texas, without any "screening" for possibly being carriers of Ebola!   This to me is the most alarming aspect of this Ebola "epidemic" that is indeed sweeping across Congo itself, and I do believe that the criminals in charge are indeed wanting to see Ebola 'outbreaks' across the planet as their method of both getting stupid people to line up and take their poisonous "vaccines", but also as part of their evil and twisted Agenda 21 program for population control for the entire planet... It will be interesting to see where this one goes, and I am indeed waiting to see if and when we see the first reports of possible "Ebola" victims in the US itself..

I come back from vacation, and I see that the 'WHITE bashing" is continuing unabated all over the Jew spew media...... And the worse aspects of that sickness is where we see reports by the criminals on the Jew spew media of some people actually quitting their jobs because they are 'ashamed' for being white!  Honestly what in the fuck is the matter with people these days???? There is NOTHING, and I must state clearly "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING WHITE!" ... White people must stop having their minds turned to mush with all of the constant brainwashing that is now trying to turn white into something "evil" and take a firm stand and BE PROUD TO BE WHITE.... I am a white guy, and I am absolutely proud of my heritage and see nothing wrong with being white... I will not allow sickos out there to come in here and bash me for my stand, and I do absolutely employee all white people to stand firm and fight back if necessary against all of this 'white bashing' madness.....Fuck the Jews and their agenda of trying to have the white race eliminated.....

On the 20th, or the first day of my vacation, I was packing and I decided to turn on the Jew spew media just for laughs... And of course I saw all of the rah rah sis boom bah madness of the liars at those "networks" over the Talmudvision promote the "50th anniversary" of the very fraudulent Apollo 11 "missions to the moon" almost non stop..... And yes, it was so comical to see those liars bring in the so called 'experts' to try to explain the "miraculous" technology of the entire fantasy for gullible Americans (and Canadians) to absorb in their pathetic minds..... Yes, it was disgusting, and one of the reasons I quickly turned off my Talmudvision and realized that people are indeed gullible and as PT Barnum famously stated: "There is a sucker born every minute"...... Mankind to this day cannot put men on the moon, and the technology to actually physically go there, and to overcome all of the obstacles involved in going there, is still out of reach even today...

I also see that the Jews involved in trying to suppress the truthful nature of the Internet are now going "all in" with their new "law" in the US that makes anyone using memes from other sites over the Internet "punishable" by an up to $15,000 fine for posting such memes!  Yes, it should be obvious that these monsters are indeed wanting to shut down everyone that goes after their wicked ways, especially truth seekers such as myself, by curtailing available information to reach readers..... I saw this coming months back, and I do fear that even this site may indeed suffer the "Google" sting, and will be shut down very soon.... Until that time comes, I will continue to fight the bastards and try to reach people to get them to wake the fuck up!

Oh, and speaking of the shit hole called "Israel".... I see that the sickos in charge of that "state" have once again decided to bulldoze an entire Palestinian village last week and force the Palestinians living there for all of their lives to run for their lives.... This is nothing new, and once again confirms what I have been saying for the last decade;  the sickos in Israel want ALL of Palestine for their greedy selfish mentally damaged selves, as they claim that their god Satan somehow ordained all of that land just for them.... In that mentally sick and twisted mind frame, there is NO room at all for the rightful people of that region, the Palestinians themselves.... The plan always was to grab all of the west bank and have the Palestinians forced into a permanent exile with no chance of ever returning to their own homes.... This is why I have stated for years that the Palestinians can have no future as long as the psychotic state of Israel exists in its sick and twisted present format.... And therefore the Palestinians must fight and fight back for the alternative is permanent exile or genocide... Given those two choices, I know which one I would choose in a heartbeat.

Yes, things definitely did not change much during my absence.... The economies continue to collapse, and illegal migrant workers continue to flood into our nations turning them into eventual shit holes.... The push for mandatory vaccinations of the sheep is still an ongoing issue as the criminals in charge want to fuck up our minds permanently with their poisons called 'vaccines'.... I did see new articles concerning the dangers of the new 5G technology, and I will reiterate that this 5G is out there now and growing and will be used to fuck up not only our bodies but our minds.....The North Koreans are still testing their missiles, and honestly who cares?  All the rhetoric about these new launches and tests are just that; false rhetoric to try to vilify the North Koreans who's only crime is to stand up against US criminality......Reports about Baltimore USA being a rat infested shit hole is fact and not fiction.  But honestly so are so many other US cities as well.  Just take a look at what kind of a cesspool Los Angeles California is turning into as a prime example.... Sadly, the criminal Liberal government under that sicko heinous Justin Trudeau looks now as almost a shoe in to be re-elected by the gullible Canadian people this October, and all I can say to my fellow Canadian sheep is: 'This is what you get for not waking the fuck up!"......FINALLY some women are fighting back against the stupidity of transgender freaks being allowed in women's sports.  Women are women, and men are men, and this is fact.  There is no room for mentally damaged freaks trying to pass themselves as something they are not...... South Africa's sicko government finally passed their new "law" to allow the illegal seizure of White owned lands and property without any compensation.  Once this gets going in earnest, the whites will flee South Africa, and the dumb ass blacks will destroy the entire nation as they have not a clue on how to run a modern nation at all........An illegal sicko freak pushes a woman and her child in front of a high speed train at a station in Germany.  Yes, Germany, welcome to what the fuck happens when you allow these sick migrants to take over your nation, rather than having every single one of them sent back to the shit holes they originated from!......Another blackout in Venezuela apparently last week, but now the Venezuelan people are well aware of this sick game being played by the US and were able to restore the nation's power in almost no time flat.  The US has indeed fucked themselves grandly in regards to pushing for "regime change" in Venezuela, and the only option left may indeed be a direct invasion of Venezuela itself......The Democrat rats in the US have been finally defeated in the laughable Russia Gate fiasco in the US, and basically threw their chances of defeating criminal President Drumpf come next year in November.  But with the Liberal media continuing to spew their lies and supporting the sick Liberal Democratic (communist?) agenda, these idiots will continue to shoot themselves in the foot every chance they can get.......And what about Jeffrey Epstein?  I am still waiting for the Jews in charge to have him offed before he can ever appear in an American court.  This sicko pedophile will either be murdered or be rendered incapable of speaking at a 'trial', for he knows where all of the 'bodies" are buried in regards to his links to so many world wide dignitaries and politicians......  I will leave the Kardashian crap for the weekend rant, as I am so sick of those skanks and how American idiots continue to fawn all over their antics..  And Yes, I did not put my Lynx picture at the top of this rant for I decided to give my claws a rest until this Sunday.....

Yes, it is good to be back... And apparently nothing has changed......

More to come


I Am Back! Articles To Be Posted At This Blog Very Shortly

Yes, I am back.... It was a much needed vacation break to "recharge" my batteries....

I must say that being away from the Internet and especially the sickness that our world goes through for over a week was great for my peace of mind and well being....

I will not go into great details about this vacation, but suffice to say it was enjoyable, especially with the great entertainment that I saw and time spent with my family.... I tried to avoid a lot of the fatty foods that were enticing and available during this trip, for I am trying to lose a few pounds off of the mid section at my ripe old age of 59....  Other than that, I was able to catch up on a lot of much needed sleep, which alone was worth the trip!

I know that I have missed a lot these last 11 days, and I figure the first order of business will be to post a "mini rant" very shortly to give my two cents worth on what I interpret as what REALLY happened..... I will try to have that fired off shortly, after I do a lot of much needed personal business and family issues that have been left until my return from this trip....  So... Stay tuned.....

Northerntruthseeker is back and raring to go!

More to come


Friday, July 19, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Taking A Very Much Needed Vacation Break, And One Last Swipe At The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax!

Yes, readers... I am indeed heading out to parts unknown as of tomorrow... After I pack my bags tomorrow morning, I will be heading out late in the day and will NOT be returning to this part of central Canada until July 31st....

I did some checking and yes, where I am going does indeed have some pretty good internet service and there are a few hotspots available for WIFI reception as well... But I have agreed with my better half that I will take this time to unwind and will only be bringing one of my smaller laptops along with me.... I promised my better half that I would NOT be blogging all the time during this vacation break and we agreed that the most I will do is an article or two ONLY if something "earth shattering" occurs.....

During my absence, I am once again requesting readers to go over to the fabulous works by those who I call the "finest bloggers that I know" and are listed in the right hand side of this blog... Their work is outstanding and are indeed the real truth seekers out there.....

But before I go, I figure at least one article tonight about the faked moon landings.... I was looking over the last while for one of the best videos available out there that puts together all of the major pieces that expose the fraud nicely, and I found one.... And I will share that video right here with my own readers to view for themselves..... I have some of my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly the real giveaway to the entire fraud is when that one expert is shown speaking in front of an audience and stated the truth that the absolute stumbling block to getting men to the moon is radiation, especially when they are going through the Van Allen radiation belts in metal cased spacecraft that cause the generation of X-rays within the craft itself that "french fries" the Astro-Nots.....

And as a side note, I was in a conversation earlier today with a fellow colleague at work, and we were discussing a wide range of subjects including my vacation plans... The conversation turned of course to the Apollo 11 "mission" to the moon and of course this  being the 50th anniversary of that fraud, I quickly learned that he was a firm believer....

I tried my best to try to give that person the facts and evidence exposing the fraud, but he was so heavily brainwashed that it was falling on deaf ears.... He actually laughed and said "Brian, you are an idiot.. How could they possibly fake it when hundreds of thousands of people were involved in the project?".... I then went into detail about the compartmentalization of NASA and the companies involved in building and developing the entire project and how it was indeed possible that only a select few would actually know about the fake, while most thought they were indeed working on something marvellous but unaware of the fakery!... But that fell once again on deaf ears, and that person did not even want to see any more evidence, but continued to laugh and basically think of me as a nut!

Yes, readers, that is the type of response we get these days by those who are so blind and heavily brainwashed that they are not open to real critical thinking.... It does remind me of what Greencrow stated in her own article about the uphill battle she has had with her own children in trying to open their eyes to the truth, only to find herself very frustrated!....

But the battle rages on, and there are indeed those who are finally opening their eyes to reality, especially when the question of "why have we not returned in 50 years?" is thrown their way....

Anyways... I want to thank everyone for their support for this blog, and I will indeed try to get some much needed rest and relaxation for the next week and a half... I will be back on July 31st, and hopefully I will be recharged and will have some great material here at this blog for all to see... Stay tuned, and see you all in about 11 days....

More to come


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Taking Another Shot At The Fraud Apollo Moon Landings... And A Link To Ralph Rene's Fabulous Work: NASA Mooned America!

I will continue to take as many shots at the bullshit of the Apollo 'moon landings' until I disappear for 10 days starting this Saturday....

First, I do want to present the following link to an excellent report from my fellow Canadian, Greencrow, who hails from the wild nether region of southern British Columbia..... Greencrow of course writes her blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at, and her article is entitled:"NASA Explains Why They Never Went Back To The Moon... And Other Noxious Lies"... Here is the link to that article here:

I must say that Greencrow and I are in agreement that the lies from NASA seem never ending these days as they are pumping the Jew spew media with almost 24/7 bullshit reports about the "greatness" of Project Apollo... And the sad part is that they have had "interviews" nearly round the clock with so many liars and stupid people that have been brainwashed by the fraud of the "moon landings" and have absolutely NOT ALLOWED any "naysayers" to this lie, onto their shows and networks!

Which makes sense of course, for there are a LOT of very well educated and knowledgeable people out there that are not fooled by the bullshit of Project Apollo, and if given the chance to appear on a "national network" would rip the lie to shreds and actually make people think and realize that it was indeed a massive hoax!

As Greencrow shows, I had my "wake up call" some 40+ years ago about this fraud, and once my eyes were opened and having true critical thinking skills, I have never looked back... In fact the knowledge that I have gained over time about how they pulled off the scam is the most troubling of all and shows how truly diabolical and evil the US Government truly is!

Meanwhile... As I stated in the above title to this article, I came across a link to one of the best reports that have even come out that exposes the lie of Project Apollo.... It is of course the link to the late Ralph Rene's fabulous book entitled: NASA Mooned America!..... Here is that link right here for everyone to take a close look at for themselves:

I will say that I truly do miss the greats such as Ralph Rene and Bill Kaysing, who both have shown the world the truth about the massive lie and swindle of Project Apollo and suffered the wraith of the lying government and other criminals for their exposure of the truth..... Both have now passed away, but I do hope that I and others will continue to follow in their footsteps and continue to show the world the truth about that fraud, for people do deserve the truth.... And as I said in my previous article about the fraud of Project Apollo: Honestly, I do NOT like being lied to!

More to come


Human Destiny Hijacked

First, a personal note... I will indeed be taking off for "parts unknown" starting this Saturday, the 20th of July, and returning on Wednesday, July 31st.... I will be taking this much needed break and will be, at least most of the time, unable to do any "blogging" at this site.... I do hope that people do understand that I need a vacation to prevent burning out.... I will again suggest that readers do go over to those who I call "the finest bloggers that I know" during my absence....

Well, back to the issue at hand... John Kaminski, who of course writes his fabulous essays over at his website at, has just released another fine essay that I absolutely want to share with my own readers right here.. This one is entitled: "Human Destiny Hijacked" and definitely shows clear evidence about how the Jewish criminals have indeed hijacked our very futures and are leading our nations into perpetual enslavement and ruination... Here is that essay, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Yesterday’s lies recycled into today’s fake news
Freedom of speech in the United States
has been terminated by Jews,
who now control the money, the media and the minds
of most deliberately deceived Americans.
The world has been turned upside down; the paupers of the world tell the truth and are put in jail; those who run the world tell nothing but lies and get richer by the day.
We arrive today at an unmistakable crossroads in human history. The question is whether we will survive as independent individual entities in charge of our own fate who believe in liberty and justice for all, or march semicomatose into the future as preprogrammed slaves incapable of genuinely independent thought?
If you ask most Americans about their role in history, you will see the question has already been answered.
Kidnapped by yesterday’s lies
Jews present themselves as citizens of the country in which they live, but they’re not. First and foremost they are citizens of their worldwide Jewish community first; all other citizenships come after that as they constantly prefer their bizarre cultish allegiance over the countries they pretend to adopt as their own.
Freedom of speech in the United States has been terminated by Jews, who now control the money, the media and the minds of most deliberately deluded Americans. We can’t get a clear view of our past so our decisions in the present are necessarily corrupted by the historical propaganda we have been forced to believe is a true account of what happened, but isn’t.
In country after country, leaders have always become corrupted by the international moneylenders, who are always Jews. Those who refuse to take the lucrative bait are killed in assassinations or wars, both of which are always engineered by Jews.
The day is coming when the whole world will realize the Jews are out to kill everyone who isn’t a member of their demonic tribe. Already people’s voices have been crippled by accepting orders that they must say only what is politically correct. Talk about the lies of World War II or September 11th or Sandy Hook and they’ll put you in jail, or maybe just wreck your right to do business in your chosen profession, just like they did to Rick Sanchez, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer and many other genuine patriots.
It is appalling to me that most people, fearing their paychecks might be jeopardized, accept these Jewish depredate without even a whimper. Perhaps that very instinct is what will trigger humanity’s permanent doom.
In order to survive the activities of those intent on eliminating large numbers of people permanently, people must learn what the Jews have done to the world — principally by various diseases for which they provide boobytrapped medicines. People need to understand the headlines they hear on TV today are written by Jews exclusively for Jewish purposes.
Not understanding this is to accept our own metamorphosis into dumbed down drecks who can no longer think for ourselves, but are forever doomed to follow the poisonous programming we continue to receive from all directions nonstop throughout our lives.
Jews specialize in slander
Based on what they learned from failing to defeat Robert Faurisson and Ernst Zündel in court, the Jews and their Zionist Christian stooges no longer dare confront Holocaust Revisionists directly, but instead always revert to their ages-old technique of slander — never dealing directly with the argument but always impugning the character of those of us who dare to challenge their grotesquely fraudulent belief system.
The reason for this is simple. When they pass laws insisting that only their facts are the truth, you know they’re covering up a lie. Many lies.
Count the lies. No 6 million dead in WW2 camps. (Red Cross said around 290,000). No gas chambers. No lampshades made of Jewish skin. Hitler wanted to conquer the world. Muslims did 9/11. There is strength in diversity. We need to bomb Iran, and any other country the Jews hate (which means every country in the world) because all non Jews are potential threats to their worldwide financial hegemony.
The majority of brainwashed Americans believes the Jewish version of all these events. But they’re all lies. The only thing diversity brings is division and senseless violence, exactly what the Jews want to destroy America. This is the situation with most of our history because it has all been twisted and detoxified by Jew editors and publishers.
Yes, yes, I know. Most people simply don’t care. They’re too busy trying to keep their jobs, raise their children and not run afoul of the thought police.
But that doesn’t change the fact that their minds are totally polluted by fake history, and the decisions being made today are based on a hundred years of lies that have been turned into gospel by very rich people who have always sought to rob America and every other country of things like honor, loyalty, and the love of family, friends and tribe.
All that has been deliberately destroyed by the ruthless manipulators who have turned America into a nation of brainless paupers, who have no objection to their sons and daughters being sent around the world to kill people the Jews want dead.
The fool Americans simply don’t realize that they’re going to get the same treatment in the end as all those other Amalek, because we are all Amalek, too.
Truthtellers an endangered species
You can go back a long way and not find anyone in public life who is telling the enire unvarnished truth. Most of those who told the truth throughout history have had their words erased by the Jews, their books burned, their memories blotted out. These were those who preached individual freedom for all. These thoughts are no longer politically correct (which is a euphemism for doing what the Jews tell you to).
In a demented slave state such as ours, the future of slavery is bright.
The Jews have hijacked human destiny by treating everyone else as a commodity to be acquired, duped, controlled, exploited, abused, harvested and discarded. You might add reduced to tears and unnecessarily disfigured to a much longer list of malevolent Jewish effects perpetually defacing the world and everything in it.
To say that the Jews are not really human beings is not completely inaccurate. Their own history in the world betrays them. Their philosophy inscribed in the Talmud describes it. Raping children. Biting babies’ penises. Spitting on Christians. Taking unnatural pleasure in the slaughter of large numbers of people whom they consider cattle. Forcing people from their homes and installing large numbers of savages from far away in nations over which they have no overt control or interest. Behind the scenes, with the help of totally disingenuous media, corrupt courts and politicians made rancid by huge amounts of money, Jews own every inch of this festering scene from a living hell witnessed around the planet.
Recent notable Jewish achievements include funding, assisting and engineering the illegal immigrant invasion of both Europe and the U.S. by the use of NGOs to fund and transfer the migrants in a probably successful attempt to destroy white societies in the Northern Hemisphere.
Bribery, blackmail and murder was the ages-old formula used by the early Roman Catholic church to gain control of all the minds in the Western world. It has been the same formula the Jews have used over the last half millennium to take complete control of civilization, and to capture in either a primary or secondary way nearly 100 percent of the world’s businesses.
Jews pass judgment on every paycheck in the world. They get to block your access to cash if you don’t say the right thing, if you don’t think what they arbitrarily deem is proper thinking. This is the future of humanity: the corralling of the human mind into acceptable and preprogrammed thought processes, which are constantly reinforced by various habit-forming entertainment techniques and medications.
Perhaps the most diabolical aspect yet of the Jewish destabilization template is the sexualizing of preschoolers and first graders by introducing them to homosexuality and other perversions long before puberty. First we thought it was women’s liberation; then we thought it was the legalization of homosexuality. So this invasion of schools and brainwashing of toddlers could be the final nail in the coffin of the nuclear family.
A lifelong method of control
And it gives them a lifelong method of control over the victims of their diabolical sexual indoctrination, which is particularly helpful to their cause. People who become sex addicts at an early age can never hold security clearances because they are always vulnerable to blackmail, which seems to be what the whole Jeffrey Epstein court carnival is all about.
Maybe next they’ll send rabbis into schools to circumcise children without notifying their parents. Right after giving out their flu shots, of course.
Our slave’s future is already firmly installed and operating. Criticize Israel and lose your job. Apply for a loan to tide you over, and get turned down at your local bank. This is Jewish power, the power of our jailer, both in thought and reality.
Human destiny is really only a matter for our dreams. In America today we can either dream about finding a rich Jewish friend who will get us into a good school, find us a good job (and a way to make money on the side, probably from investments), bow down to Israel and profit from the many schemes of fleecing others that will make you rich. Maybe if you work really hard you can metamorphose yourself into a Jeffrey Epstein and hobnob with twisted world figures who determine the fate of the world in between their bouts of cocaine and sex with children.
Or we can see the horror of America drifted away from its honorable principles and turned into the giant monster, which obliterates and defaces every human instinct wherever it finds them, and doesn’t even honestly count the bodies it leaves behind.
And now like good goyim, we are now all corralled into the Jewish supermax prison system known as the Deep State, and dare not say a critical word lest we immediately forfeit all of our meager assets, if not our lives. That’s the plan for our future, and believe me, it’s nothing we could live with.
We don’t need to be killing each other; we need to be serving each other, because we are all part of the same organism, and one day we all will die. Shee-it, get a brain, man!
America is like a giant rubber band stretched around the world, and it’s getting ready to snap.
A government that can’t be trusted, least of all by its own people, leads us into a very regrettable situation, which is that ultimately we simply cannot trust ourselves.
As Benjamin Franklin once warned us — “. . . a Republic, if you can keep it . . .” — it seems we have proven that we’re simply not up to the task of governing ourselves, so what is going on in the world is exactly what we’ve asked for, thanks to the guiding, benevolent hand of the Jews.
Because of the Jews, humans will never be what they were meant to be — guardians of everything that lives. On our present course, if we are to follow the Jews’ prescriptions, we will forever be slaves to ruthless psychopaths whose money is far more important to them than our impoverished lives.

NTS Notes: Again, John definitely hits the "nail on the head" with this one...

I too can see a very abysmal future for all of us unless we are able to fight back and try to get everyone out there to actually realize how these criminal Jews operate.... But again, even with many of us now awakened to the Jewish problem, these criminals are trying now to suppress our efforts by curtailing free speech in itself!

I of course cannot comment on the part in John's essay that takes a shot again at the validity of the Jewish "holocaust" of the second world war.... This is of course due to the ludicrous actions by the previous Pierre Eliot Trudeau government way back in 1974 that passed the most idiotic legislation imaginable that made any research and investigation into the validity of the entire Holocaust by any Canadian to be punishable by jail time... Honestly, the only ones that would be pushing this ludicrous legislation that is now about to be passed or has already been passed in so many nations are those that have something to hide! Truth never needs laws to enforce itself, only LIES do!

And I do agree that rather than control our own destinies, the Jewish pricks are in the process of, or have already in so many aspects, taken that human right away from all of us... Our very futures are now one of destitute and poverty unless people do wake the fuck up and take charge and go after these pricks for  fucking up our world...

And with this being the 50th "anniversary" of that insult to human intelligence, the so called and very fraudulent "moon landings", I see most people are still lacking in common sense and the ability to rationalize how that is indeed just another mind fuck of a fraud concocted on all of us, and is in fact a form of brainwashing and mind control....  I truly had wished that John would have touched on this fraud in this article, but maybe he will in an upcoming one!

More to come


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Turkey Rightfully Buys Russian S400 Air Defense System, And Now The US Retaliates By Taking Turkey Off The Horrific F35 Program?

I have been attacking the fallacies of the horrific and most decrepit American built Loughkeed Martin F35 "Lightning II" so called fighter aircraft for years now.... I have no qualms in calling that POS probably the most useless and worthless piece of junk today, and have stood firm in stating that this so called 'fighter' will in fact make any nation that is stupid enough to buy this turkey much weaker defensively.....

Well, just a few days ago, the Turkish government went and decided to fulfill their want to purchase the Russian built S400 air defence system, in spite of the threats made by the US Government that has been ordering Erdogan's government to cancel the S400 purchase.... Erdogan has stood firm and has not only purchased these fantastic Russian built systems, but is presently in the process of deploying them right across Turkish territory!

I always knew that with this S400 system purchase by the Turks, that the American government would indeed retaliate in some sort of manner.... And lo and behold, but according to the following article that comes courtesy of one of my fellow Canadian real truth seekers, Penny, who of course hails from the wilds of southern Ontario, and writes the blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, the American government is indeed retaliating against Turkey by canceling the Turkish participation in their laughable F35 program!  Here is Penny's article right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

US Officially Removes Turkey from the F-35 Program

Turkish leadership knew this was coming from all my reading and reporting

Defense News 
"WASHINGTON — The U.S. has removed Turkey from the F-35 joint strike fighter program, and Turkey will lose its production work on the jet by March 2020, following its acceptance of the S-400 Russian-made air defense system last Friday.

However, a top Pentagon official would not close the door on Turkey rejoining the program in some form, should it reverse the decision to buy the S-400.

The White House issued a statement Wednesday confirming the move, which Washington had threatened for months.

“Turkey’s decision to purchase Russian S-400 air defense systems renders its continued involvement with the F-35 impossible,” the White House statement read. “The F-35 cannot coexist with a Russian intelligence collection platform that will be used to learn about its advanced capabilities.”
“Turkey has been a longstanding and trusted partner and NATO Ally for over 65 years, but accepting the S-400 undermines the commitments all NATO Allies made to each other to move away from Russian systems," the statement continued.

Shortly after the statement was released, the Pentagon held a rare on-camera press conference to explain the process moving forward, with Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition Ellen Lord and Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy David Trachtenberg.
“Turkey cannot field a Russian intelligence collection platform in proximity to where the F-35 program makes repairs, and houses the F-35,” Lord said. “Much of the F-35's strength lies in its stealth capabilities, so the ability to detect those capabilities would jeopardize the long term security of the F-35 program. We seek only to protect the long term security of the F-35 program.”
Turkey, a partner in the F-35 program that helped fund the development of the jet, planned to buy 100 F-35As. Its first jet was rolled out in June 2018 in a festive “delivery ceremony." Though Turkey formally owns its jets, the U.S. has said it has the power to keep the planes from moving to Turkish soil and intends to keep all four existing Turkish jets from leaving the U.S.
Lord avoided saying that the door was shut on Turkey returning to the program should the S-400 be removed from its soil and repeatedly used the term “suspension” to characterize Turkey’s status in the F-35 program. When asked twice whether Turkey could be welcomed back if the situation changes, Lord did not give a direct answer one way or the other.
“At this point, the Turks have made a decision. We have said the F-35 and S-400 are incompatible. We will work forward at this point to unwind the relationship,
" she said.
The Russian defence ministry has published footage of what it says are the first components of the system being delivered to Turkey

Turkey has so far not publicly reacted to the latest US move, which was widely expected.

 From yesterday:

 More coverage linked below... because the issue of the S-400 purchase and all that it entails has been covered here at PFYT's for a long, long time.

Turkey's S-400 purchase: Syrian Escalation and Worsening of the Eastern Mediterranean Situation and  S-400 Arrives in Turkey. What's next? & U.S Forces Staying in Northern Syria INDEFINITELY &  Will U.S. Bill Create a NEW ORDER/REMAKE in Eastern Mediterranean? 

 From a comment earlier this week
Hey GC: yes Turkey was involved in the manufacture of the F-35 as well as having invested around 1 billion dollars in the f-35 program-

"Ankara has invested over one billion dollars in the F-35 program. It was supposed to receive 100 planes, as well as produce components for the fighter."


no training


She also added that currently Turkish industries produce approximately 937 parts for the F-35 jet, most of which are related to aircraft landing gear.

NTS Notes:  I want to thank Penny again for bringing this information forward....

Honestly... This is "retaliation"?   Considering the fact that the F35 is such an abysmal piece of shit and would have ruined Turkey for the next decade, in my estimations the US actually did Turkey a huge favour here!  IMHO, I will say good for the Turks!

Yes, I had to laugh when I first saw this report... For again, I know from my own research about what a true piece of garbage the F35 truly is, and how the US has been forcing their "allies" to purchase and put these flying lemons into their own service...

Now with Turkey free from having this POS rammed down their throats, they can go out and purchase some real fighter aircraft that can actually fight!  If the Turks are already purchasing the vastly superior Russian made S400 air defence systems, then why not turn to Russia to get some Su35 or Su37 fighter aircraft that would blow the F35 easily out of the sky!

Maybe it is now time for other nations to also threaten to buy Russian goods to get them the hell away from the terrible F35 program?  Canada especially does not need that hunk of junk added to our air force, and the Trudeau government would do itself a favour by cancelling the entire F35 program and seek a real fighter plane from someone else...

More to come


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Reflections On The FRAUD Moon Landings Of 50 Years Ago - I Honestly Do NOT Like Being Lied To!

I remember way back in 1969 about how excited I was on the night of July 15th, 1969 knowing that the next morning, July 16th, Apollo 11 was going to "blast off" from Cape Kennedy (Now Canaveral) on its voyage to put the first men on the moon... I barely slept a wink and the next morning I was right there sitting with my older brother right in front of our old black and white television set in our living room staring at the countdown clock as the hours and minutes counted down towards the launch of the "massive" Saturn 5 rocket..... It was indeed a great experience for a young impressionable child such as myself that was always amazed by science and the wonderment that was supposedly about to unfold....

I also remember when I was sitting in front of the television set on the afternoon of July 20th, 1969, watching once again in awe as the controllers at Houston Mission Control in Houston Texas had mission commander, Neil Armstrong announce "Houston, Tranquility Base here... The Eagle has landed".... I turned and looked at my older brother that was so excited and all I could do was stare and smile.... Everything seemed again to be so perfect, and for a young man of 9 years of age enthralled with science, I was so amazed....

And of course some 6 hours later, in the earlier evening hours of July 20th, 1969, I was once again in front of that old vacuum tube black and white television set watching as Neil Armstrong went down the ladder on the side of the Eagle Lunar Module and said the famous words "One small step for man,  one giant leap for mankind!" .... My father was in the room now along with my mother and they both cheered and clapped as what was supposed to be man's greatest achievement was right in front of our eyes.... And again, everything was so perfect, and I thought to myself that "someday I would also be out in outer space"..... Yes, heady times for an impressionable and very intelligent young man...

But after several more "missions" to the moon, and of course the supposed fiasco of Apollo 13, I thought that the landings had become "kind of boring".... I really did not even speculate at that time in 1972 that something was terribly amiss... But my suspicions began to grow after that time point..

Yes, after Apollo 17 was the "last mission to the moon", I wondered if NASA and the US government would take the next step and possibly prepare for more missions to the moon and even to Mars.... But with year after year, and only Apollo-Soyuz in 1975 in the interim, I really thought that something was wrong.... Why did this great adventure to outer space suddenly end?...... I for one was very disappointed and by the late 70's began to think that something was wrong and that my dreams of ever getting into outer space were shattered....

I was, in spite of the lack of any manned missions to the moon beyond Project Apollo, still a firm believer that we did go to the moon all the way until my second year in University, where I was studying Physics..... It was a cold winter here in central Canada in early 1979, when I was working in one of the Physics labs on several experiments and working on a term project... At that point I remember one of the Physics Professors that was still hanging out in the lab came and talk to me about my experiment and shooting the shit about a wide range of other topics and he asked what I had aspired to be once out of University.... When I told him jokingly that my childhood aspirations were to be an astronaut, he said "Brian, I know you are a very bright young man... And I really want to tell you something that you should be made aware of".... At that point, he started talking about radiation in space and how it was a "show stopper" in terms of manned flight in outer space.. He then told me about his discussions with a Professor in the US from a few years back who flat out told him that Project Apollo and all of the manned space missions were faked.... I stood there flabbergasted and a bit annoyed... But knowing this man to be not a liar, I listened as he laid out some of the difficulties that the US Government and especially NASA knew about trying to put men on the moon long before and even after they launched the Apollo program, and basically flat out said that they basically did the greatest propaganda stunt in human history by fooling billions that they actually went to the moon...

Could you just imagine what effect all of this information had on a person such as myself that had grown up for years actually trusting everything that I was told?  And actually trusting governments that they would never lie?   I thought at that time in 1979 that I needed a LOT more information about the faking of Project Apollo, and sadly very little was available at that time...

However, I began a long journey of mistrust of government during the 1980's, which I call my more "radical years".... I was one to question everything, especially since I did not like being lied to..... I began to realize that there was indeed a greater evil that somehow controlled all of mankind, and it was by the beginning of the 1990's that I looked upon the Jewish elite and their criminal minions as the real "controllers" and the ones that were fucking up our world...But of course that is another point of contention, so back to Project Apollo....

I spent a lot of time looking over some of the "official" photos and some of the videos released about Project Apollo, and again being a radical, it seemed just "too perfect" and there were indeed some "anomalies" that even I saw in what was presented... But of course with limited access to anything that was written about the Apollo fraud, I had to keep my thoughts about it being a massive hoax quiet, at least for the time being...

It was only after I first began to access the Internet back in 1998 (I could have used dial-up before that time, but did not..) and I began to read on some rudimentary information that was out there at that time showing that it was a fraud... I began to read about a "Bill Kaysing" and finally was able to get some information on his book published years before that time about calling Apollo nothing more than a multi-billion dollar swindle..... And after 2000, I got a hold of some information about a "Ralph Rene" and a few others that backed up Bill's contentions with some amazing real science and proof of the con... I spent a lot of time going over their material and so much from others, and I found very little in rebuttal from those who sadly stuck to the moon landings being "real".... It was so hard for even me to finally admit that I was LIED to about Project Apollo, and again I honestly do NOT like being lied to!

And of course a few years later I started writing articles here at Northerntruthseeker about the fraud moon landings.... I have to admit that when I look back at some of my original works under the title of a series called 'What Were They Thinking?", I have a good chuckle... Much of the information was very rudimentary compared to what I know now, but the gist is still the same... Apollo is and always has been a fraud and one of the greatest lies in human history, and sadly we have the US Government as part of the massive con which to this day continues to propagate this massive lie... .Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I do not like being lied to???

So... Where do we stand on this being the 50th anniversary of the fraud of Project Apollo and the Apollo 11 "man on the moon" mission?   It is so sad to see so many people still stupidly adhering and believing in this massive con... But it makes sense for I have looked at it as part of human nature to have faith and to "believe" in what we are told... From an early childhood, most of us are taught to obey and respect and to have that bit of "faith" in what we are being told as being true.... It is therefore so hard for most people to admit and realize that they have been lied to even though all of the evidence of the lie is staring them right in their faces.... That and we have the propaganda continuously being promoted about "America's Greatness" and "America being #1" which has been brainwashing so many of my neighbours to the south of here that it is almost sickening....

Well, I could make this article so much longer going into the vast details and facts that show that Project Apollo was indeed one of the greatest con jobs in the history of mankind...But I leave it up to readers to spend time going over the fine details of the fraud if they are still doubting if it was indeed a lie.....  The truth is of course that now some 50 years after this "man's greatest achievement", we have never gone "back to the moon" since 1972 and the US government and no other government on this planet has the means and the knowhow on how to do it today!  That in itself should tell even the most ardent believers in this fraud something is indeed terribly amiss in regards to Project Apollo..... And we cannot forget that never in the history of mankind have we actually taken a step back in terms of technological achievement other than after the conclusion of this "Project Apollo" since the program ended in 1972.... If we actually went to the moon then, then why not go back?  And with all of the advancements since then, what in the hell is the hold up in using our "advanced" technology of today to ensure that return?   Yes, you Apollo believers out there, do you not see the point here?

And what about NASA in itself?  NASA to me is a criminal organization of lies and deception that goes beyond Project Apollo.... They faked not only the Apollo Missions, but have been faking the Mars landing missions as well since the close of "Project Apollo".... I have already posted up articles here showing that Viking I and Viking II missions to Mars could not even have landed on the red planet due to the impossible usage of parachutes in the ultra thin Martian atmosphere... And I posted up a few articles showing the ridiculousness of the Curiosity rover on Mars fiasco that used a landing platform that nobody has ever seen, or was never ever tested before Curiosity!   All that this means is that NASA has continued with their lies ever since Project Apollo to this day.... And yes, I absolutely do hate being lied to!   It is also no wonder that NASA has stood for "Never A Straight Answer" in terms of the ridiculousness of their space program....

So... In conclusion... I will not be toasting and celebrating NASA on this 50th anniversary of one of the greatest frauds in human history... Instead I will be shaking my head in disgust as the Jew spew media, especially in the United States, goes into their rah rah celebrations of the fraud... That and I will laugh my ass off thinking about how gullible and stupid people can be as they refuse to use common sense to think and realize that it was indeed a massive con..... I hate liars, and oh, by the way, did I mention that I honestly do NOT like being lied to?

More to come


Monday, July 15, 2019

Did (Does) Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work For The Mossad?

I stated when I started my own investigation into that pedophile sicko perverted Jewish freak, Jeffrey Epstein, that this demented individual most probably had some serious connections to Israeli intelligence aka the Mossad.... I have been waiting for some major article to come forward via the real truth movement and independent real journalism that shows the definitive evidence of Epstein's working for the Mossad, and what I came across the other day shows that evidence!  I want to share that article's findings here with my own readers..

Right now, I want to present the following very important article that comes from Lasha Darkmoon's website, Darkmoon, at, that is entitled: "Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work For Mossad?".... This is a must read by everyone as it gives some amazing facts that prove this to be absolutely true.... I have that article right here in its entirety and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad?

By Philip Giraldi 
reposted from American Herald Tribune
11 July 2019

Jeffrey  Epstein: A Spy for Israel?

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi writes that the Epstein affair has “all the hallmarks of a major espionage case, possibly tied to Israel… the filming procedure smacks of a sophisticated intelligence service compiling material to blackmail prominent politicians and other public figures…” Prosecutor Acosta said: “I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence’”.
The extent of Israeli spying directed against the United States is a huge story that is only rarely addressed in the mainstream media. The Jewish state regularly tops the list for ostensibly friendly countries that aggressively conduct espionage against the U.S. and Jewish American Jonathan Pollard, who was imprisoned in 1987 for spying for Israel, is now regarded as the most damaging spy in the history of the United States.

Hollywood producer & Israeli spy Arnon Milchan

Last week I wrote about how Israeli spies operating more-or-less freely in the U.S. are rarely interfered with, much less arrested and prosecuted, because there is an unwillingness on the part of upper echelons of government to do so.
I cited the case of Arnon Milchan, a billionaire Hollywood movie producer who had a secret life that included stealing restricted technology in the United States to enable development of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, something that was very much against U.S. interests. Milchan was involved in a number of other thefts as well as arms sales on behalf of the Jewish state, so much so that his work as a movie producer was actually reported to be less lucrative than his work as a spy and black-market arms merchant, for which he operated on a commission basis.
That Milchan has never been arrested by the United States government or even questioned about his illegal activity, which was well known to the authorities, is just one more manifestation of the effectiveness of Jewish power in Washington.

Jeffrey Epstein charged with trafficking underage girls

A far more compelling case involving possible espionage with major political manifestations has just re-surfaced. I am referring to Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire Wall Street “financier” who has been arrested and charged with operating a “vast” network of underage girls for sex, operating out of his mansions in New York City and Florida as well as his private island in the Caribbean, referred to by visitors as “Orgy Island.”
Among other high-value associates, it is claimed that Epstein was particularly close to Bill Clinton, who flew dozens of times on Epstein’s private 727.
Epstein was arrested on July 8th after indictment by a federal grand jury in New York. It was more than a decade after Alexander Acosta, the top federal prosecutor in Miami, who is now President Trump’s secretary of labor, accepted a plea bargain involving similar allegations regarding pedophilia that was not shared with the accusers prior to being finalized in court.

Alex Acosta (L) Jeffrey Epstein (R)

There were reportedly hundreds of victims, some 35 of whom were identified, but Acosta deliberately denied the two actual plaintiffs their day in court to testify before sentencing.
Acosta’s intervention meant that Epstein avoided both a public trial and a possible federal prison sentence, instead serving only 13 months of an 18-month sentence in the almost-no-security Palm Beach County Jail on charges of soliciting prostitution in Florida. While in custody, he was permitted to leave jail for sixteen hours six days a week to work in his office.
Epstein’s crimes were carried out in his $56 million Manhattan mansion and in his oceanside villa in Palm Beach Florida. Both residences were equipped with hidden cameras and microphones in the bedrooms, which Epstein reportedly used to record sexual encounters between his high-profile guests and his underage girls, many of whom came from poor backgrounds, who were recruited by procurers to engage in what was euphemistically described as “massages” for money.
Epstein apparently hardly made any effort to conceal what he was up to: his airplane was called the “Lolita Express.”

Bill Clinton flew on ‘Lolita Express’ 26 times

The Democrats are calling for an investigation of the Epstein affair, as well as the resignation of Acosta, but they might well wind up regretting their demands. Trump, the real target of the Acosta fury, apparently did not know about the details of the plea bargain that ended the Epstein court case.
Bill and Hillary Clinton were, however, very close associates of Epstein. Bill, who flew on the “Lolita Express” at least 26 times, could plausibly be implicated in the pedophilia given his track record and relative lack of conventional morals. On many of the trips, Bill refused Secret Service escorts, who would have been witnesses of any misbehavior.
On one lengthy trip to Africa in 2002, Bill and Jeffrey were accompanied by accused pedophile actor Kevin Spacey and a number of young girls, scantily clad “employees” identified only as “massage.” Epstein was also a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and was present at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton in 2010.

See this picture

Donald Trump

With an election year coming up, the Democrats would hardly want the public to be reminded of Bill’s exploits, but one has to wonder where and how deep the investigation might go. There is also a possible Donald Trump angle.
Though Donald may not have been a frequent flyer on the “Lolita Express,” he certainly moved in the same circles as the Clintons and Epstein in New York and Palm Beach, plus he is by his own words roughly as amoral as Bill Clinton. In June 2016, one Katie Johnson filed lawsuit in New York claiming she had been repeatedly raped by Trump at an Epstein gathering in 1993 when she was 13 years old.
In a 2002 New York Magazine interview Trump said  “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy… he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
Left photo: Jeffrey Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, with Donald and Melania Trump at Mar-a-Lago in 2000. This was before Epstein was charged and convicted.
Fox News reports: “Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago estate ‘because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,’ according to court documents filed by Bradley Edwards, the lawyer who has represented several Epstein accusers.”
Right photo: Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010 (after Epstein’s conviction). Clinton flew on the “lolita Express” at least 26 times.

Hallmarks of an espionage case

Selective inquiries into wrongdoing to include intense finger pointing are the name of the game in Washington, and the affaire Epstein also has all the hallmarks of a major espionage case, possibly tied to Israel.
Unless Epstein is an extremely sick pedophile who enjoys watching films of other men screwing twelve-year-old girls the whole filming procedure smacks of a sophisticated intelligence service compiling material to blackmail prominent politicians and other public figures.
Those blackmailed would undoubtedly in most cases cooperate with the foreign government involved to avoid a major scandal. It is called recruiting “agents of influence.” That is how intelligence agencies work and it is what they do.

Acosta: ‘I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence’

That Epstein was perceived as being intelligence-linked was made clear in Acosta’s comments when being cleared by the Trump transition team. He was asked “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” … “Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had ‘been told’ to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. ‘I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.’”
Questions about Epstein’s wealth also suggest a connection with a secretive government agency with deep pockets. The New York Times reports that “Exactly what his money management operation did was cloaked in secrecy, as were most of the names of whomever he did it for.
He claimed to work for a number of billionaires, but the only known major client was Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder of several retail chains, including The Limited.”
[Editor’s note: Wexner is a major ‘philanthropist’ and political donor. Among the recipients of his money have been to Jewish and Israeli concerns and Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush.] 
But whose intelligence service? CIA and the Russian FSB services are obvious candidates, but they would have no particular motive to acquire an agent like Epstein. That leaves Israel, which would have been eager to have a stable of high-level agents of influence in Europe and the United States.
Epstein’s contact with the Israeli intelligence service may have plausibly come through his associations with Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly served as his key procurer of young girls.
Ghislaine is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who died or possibly was assassinated in mysterious circumstances in 1991. Maxwell was an Anglo-Jewish businessman, very cosmopolitan in profile, like Epstein, a multi-millionaire who was very controversial with what were regarded as ongoing ties to Mossad.
LD: Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, procured underage girls for Epstein to hand over to his rich clients so that compromising photos of them could be taken for blackmail purposes. The photos were then sent to Israel, to be used as and when needed, to make Western politicians dance to Israel’s tune. It is more than possible that highly damaging photos of Donald Trump are right now in Israel’s possession. This would make Trump more than a mere “Zionist puppet”, it would also make him a helpless slave of Israel—in short, a blackmail victim. [LD]
After his death, Robert Maxwell  was given a state funeral by Israel in which six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence listened while Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said”.
Donald Trump  (far left) with Robert Maxwell (far right) 
Epstein kept a black book identifying many of his social contacts, which is now in the hands of investigators.
It included fourteen personal phone numbers belonging to Donald Trump, including ex-wife Ivana, daughter Ivanka and current wife Melania.
It also included Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, Tony Blair, Jon Huntsman, Senator Ted Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, David Koch, Ehud Barak [former Israeli prime minister], Alan Dershowitz, John Kerry, George Mitchell, David Rockefeller, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomfield, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Elizabeth, Saudi King Salman and Edward de Rothschild.
Mossad would have exploited Epstein’s contacts, arranging their cooperation by having Epstein wining and dining them while flying them off to exotic locations, providing them with women and entertainment. If they refused to cooperate, it would be time for blackmail, photos and videos of the sex with underage women.

Will the Israeli connection be investigated?

It will be very interesting to see just how far and how deep the investigation into Epstein and his activities goes. One can expect that efforts will be made to protect top politicians like Clinton and Trump and to avoid any examination of a possible Israeli role.
That is the normal practice, witness the 9/11 Report and the Mueller investigation, both of which eschewed any inquiry into what Israel might have been up to. But this time, if it was indeed an Israeli operation, it might prove difficult to cover up the story since the pedophile aspect of it has unleashed considerable public anger from all across the political spectrum. Senator Chuck Schumer, self-described as Israel’s “protector” in the Senate, is loudly calling for the resignation of Acosta. He just might change his tune if it turns out that Israel is a major part of the story.
[Update:  Schumer reportedly received thousands of dollars in donations from Epstein, as did a number of other Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, who received at least $20,000 . Epstein also donated a smaller sum to some Republicans. Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper reports that in 1915 former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak entered into a partnership with Epstein worth millions.]
Philip M. Giraldi is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served nineteen years overseas in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He speaks Spanish, Italian, German, and Turkish. Giraldi is currently executive director of the Council for the National Interest.]

Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz

Editor’s note: Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz, who helped broker Epstein’s extraordinarily light sentence, is a fervent Israel partisan who helped quash a documentary about the Israel lobby in the U.S. (View the film here.)
Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (left) 
with his Jewish attorney Alan Dershowitz, a torture enthusiast 
Dershowtiz has endorsed torture and collective punishment. He was the “Frankfurter Professor of Law” at Harvard Law School, named for former Harvard professor and Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter. Frankfurter’s professorship at Harvard had been purchased for him by Jacob Schiff. Frankfurter was part of a secret group that worked to create Israel.
Two of Epstein’s teen victims have alleged that Dershowitz was involved in the sexual activities, which he has angrily denied. One is now suing him for defamation. Hollywood Reporter states: “After brazenly entreating the very court action at hand, Dershowitz is attempting to seize on technicalities and broad immunities to elude fact-finding.”
JTA reports that Dershowitz’s relationship with Epstein “extended beyond legal representation. He used to send Epstein drafts of his books before publication, and would participate in seminars convened by Epstein with other Harvard personalities, like the one-time president Larry Summers. He also attended social gatherings at Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse.”
Israel currently gets over $10 million per day from the US, and this is about to go even higher. Israel has received far more US tax money than any other country. On average, it gets about 7,000 times more per capita than others around the world.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.”


“The rats are underneath the piles,
The Jew is underneath the lot.” 
—T.S. Eliot

NTS Notes: Honestly, when you consider this criminal child molester's wealth and the power that he has over so many high ranking officials, and especially politicians, it would be foolish NOT to realize that he most definitely was working for the Mossad, and as I show in the title of this article, probably still is!

There is indeed so much about this sick and twisted case that we are still not being told about... There are still many out there that are claiming that crooked President Donald Drumpf himself may have indeed used some of this freak's "services" and attending his private island in the Caribbean Sea on many different occasions.... I am still pouring over some of the assertions that this is true, especially when many of the former Presidents (especially William Jefferson Bligh aka "Clinton") may have also went to that island to have sex with underaged girls!

I still suspect that this pedophile creep will never see a day in a courtroom in the United States for the fact that he knows way too much about so many US politicians being sicko pedophiles,  and that revelation could possibly tear apart the US government itself... This is why I have stated that he will either flee to Israel and live his life out there with the other pedophile sickos in that sinister evil state, or he will come down with some 'mysterious illness' and suddenly die before his day in court....

More to come