Monday, June 3, 2019

The Global Warming AKA Climate Change Fraud: Excellent Video Where James Corbett Nails The Truth About The Global Warming Fraud!

Well... It has been over two months now since the heinous Liberal regime in Ottawa Ontario Canada imposed its fraudulent "carbon tax" swindle on the gullible Canadian people..... Over the last two months I have been watching as not only has our fuel prices rise, but the cost of FOOD is also going up... I had warned my fellow Canadians that this was exactly what would happen as retailers, wholesalers, and every major corporation that has now been "slapped" with this fraud "Carbon tax" would simply pass the burden of the entire scam onto the gullible consumers.... And yes, ONLY now have a lot of Canuckleheads out there suddenly noticed the swindle taking place, and many are too stupid for their own good to actually sit down and research for themselves the fact that "carbon taxation" is nothing more than a fleecing of their pocketbooks!

I have been all over this 'carbon tax' fraud from the very moment the Justin Trudeau regime decided a few years back that they would shove its bullshit down the throats of Canadians..... And a few other real truth seekers living here in Canada have also been giving their own two cents worth about this scam and the entire "Global Warming" fraud... One person in particular, Penny, who writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, has put up a brand new article earlier today that not only takes a shot at the entire Global Warming scam, but also has a most important video enclosed in her article that exposes the truth about the entire "Global Warming" fraud as well!   First here is the link to Penny's new article here:

Next, here is that video, hosted by James Corbett, that shows proof of the entire Global Warming swindle, but shows that  there is an "Eugenics" agenda behind that entire scam as well... This video is entitled:"The Post-Carbon Energy Eugenics Hoax EXPLAINED" and is a must see by everyone ... Here is that video, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I first want to thank Penny, of course, for bringing this excellent video to everyone's attention... It does back up almost EVERYTHING that I have said for almost a decade about the "Global Warming" scam and how the con artists behind the swindle do have a most evil agenda afoot!

I will say that Penny may be freezing in southern Ontario, but up here in central Canada, it has been cold as heck as well.... I have stated over and over again in my weekend rants, that there is NO sign of any Global Warming taking place, period.... And it is about time that people got their heads out of their asses and understand that they have been conned and brainwashed by that bullshit all along... The planet is heading for a Grand Solar Minimum and we should be preparing for a long cold spell rather than listening to the liars out there that are trying to sell the bullshit that the planet is about to "overheat"...

It is apparent to me that Justin Trudeau is one of the ones who has indeed signed onto this fraud "Eugenics program" and is one of the most evil pricks ever in the history of Canada in trying to impose that fraud and evil plan on the Canadian people.... I do wonder what that criminal got from the evil bastards running the entire scam as his payoff for selling Canada down the road?  October and having that prick thrown out of office cannot come soon enough!

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