Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Important Health News: The "Incubation Period" Lie About Ebola, And Why America Is Vulnerable To An Ebola Outbreak From Infected Migrants

It is the "lull before the storm" in regards to the tense situation in the Middle East, especially right now with the criminals in the US government still trying to sell the outright LIE to the dumbed down American public that it was the "big bad Iranians" that attacked those two Japanese tankers late last week in the Gulf of Oman..... These criminals are still trying to sell their laughable "limpet mine" videos that are not only very poor photoshop manipulations, but they are avoiding the bigger issue as to "who benefits"? from this dastardly attack... And we all know exactly what shit hole of a state definitely has to gain from that attack, and that is of course the psycho state of Israel itself....

OK, with the rhetoric and a lot of the Jew spew media so focused in on that apparent  false flag, I figured I would take a break from that disgusting bullshit and concentrate here on presenting at least one new article concerning a REAL health concern..... And it has to do with the increasing outbreak of "Ebola" across equatorial Africa, and the strong possibility that this horrific disease has now been 'WEAPONIZED' and is about to be turned loose into America itself....

And.... I came across a most startling article that comes from Mike Adams over at his website "Natural News" at This one is a must see by everyone, and especially those living in the southern United States that are suddenly witnessing a LOT of "African migrants" blatantly crossing over the border from Mexico..... Here is that important article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:

The “incubation period” lie about Ebola, and why America is vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak from infected migrants

Image: The “incubation period” lie about Ebola, and why America is vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak from infected migrants

(Natural News) It’s a huge, dangerous lie. City officials in San Antonio, Texas, are claiming that no migrants from the Ebola-infected Republic of Congo could possibly be carrying Ebola into the United States because “Ebola has a 21-day incubation period,” they say. And the migrants have been walking for more than 21 days. Therefore, they cannot possibly have Ebola.

The “officials” saying this are either grossly incompetent or deliberately lying. (By the way, it also begs the question of how migrants from Africa “walked” to the U.S. / Mexico border. Can they walk on water?)

For starters, Ebola’s incubation period only averages 21 days. It can be 40+ days in some people, and that’s according to the World Health Organization. As previously reported by Natural News:

• 95% of Ebola incubations occur from 1 – 21 days
• 3% of Ebola incubations occur from 1 – 42 days
• 2% of Ebola incubations are not explained

Furthermore, migrants from the Republic of Congo could have been infected by other carriers who perished before reaching the U.S. border. Infected migrants could enter the USA on, for example, day 10 of their own incubation period. Or day 30. By the time they begin to explode with symptoms, they will have already been transported by bus to any one of dozens of U.S. cities that are currently receiving these migrants.

Surely medical personnel aren’t so stupid that they don’t understand the basics of infectious disease, symptomless carriers and incubation times. Surely doctors must know that magically declaring “zero risk” among people who come from a region of the world that’s known for producing symptomless carriers of Ebola isn’t a valid conclusion. Yet they draw these conclusions nonetheless, putting all of America at risk in order to appease the open borders pushers who seem to want America to be overrun with illegal immigrants.
Watch my short explanation video to learn more:

NTS Notes: I have been reading and watching all of the reports about these "migrants" flooding  into the southern United States, and I said in many previous articles that these illegals are definitely carrying a wide range of diseases that have been previously unknown to the US and Canada into our fair nations.... I even touched on the fact that there was an "ebola" scare recently in Sweden that was supposedly carried into that European nation from one of these disgusting African "migrants"... Therefore I am not in the least bit shocked by these reports of these illegals being allowed into the continental United States before they have been properly checked over to make sure they are not carrying a disease like "Ebola"...

And yes, the so called 'incubation period' is indeed a lie...And that makes this situation even more dangerous and deadly as these African illegal"migrants" are flooding into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California by the hundreds, if not by the thousands.... All we need is to have one of these ticking time bombs carrying Ebola undetected, and look out....

And I too have been wondering how these "AFRICAN" migrants even got to Mexico in the first place?  Someone has been definitely transporting these sewer rats across the Atlantic Ocean and then releasing them into northern Mexico where they have been crossing the US border...... AND it must be noted that many of these African "migrants" are indeed coming from nations in the sub Sahara and equatorial regions of Africa that are indeed experiencing this "Ebola" outbreak right now!   Therefore I wonder if there is indeed a most sinister plan being done here, where the criminals involved are indeed sending these "Ebola" infected migrants into the southern US to cause a major outbreak and possibly an epidemic!  

I said in last weekend's rant that this may be a new "weaponized" form of Ebola that we are now seeing... Everyone must consider that the US and other criminal governments have been operating laboratories right across Africa where they have been experimenting with diseases like Ebola to make them more viral and able to survive outside of the tropical regions of Africa.... We may indeed be witnessing the fruits of this sinister manipulation of the Ebola virus, and very possibly a major outbreak in America that could kill millions!

There is indeed something diabolic happening here, and I will be following up this report with many more to come... Stay tuned..

More to come



Altair_Blue said...

Dear NTS,

Hi! I have been a reader of yours for over 5 years now and greatly respect your analyses on most all topics, if I don't downright agree with them. I am from Pakistan, a middle-income country from South Asia, with many legal migrants (mostly as doctors, lawyers, business graduates and other highly skilled laborers) working and earning an honest living in the Western world, especially USA, Canada, the UK and Western Europe. I was greatly saddened and mortified to read your views on this article, where you called out Africans as "dirty" and "those sewer rats". I have always expected, and usually been delivered of, a high standard of ethical reporting from you and am disappointed at this outburst against peoples from nations which do not enjoy high standards of living BECAUSE of the toxic foreign policy of these same Western and civilized nations. Given a chance, every one on this planet would prefer to have the same life/health standards as enjoyed by the economically prosperous nations. Moreover, the continental US is a nation of migrants, the only natives being the "American Indians" who have been sadly relegated to reservations on their own lands. I hope you will reconsider your labels for God's creation, as we are judged not by the miserable states which are dealt us by Providence but, rather by our morals, character and convictions. I apologize if I said anything harsh, as that is not my intent. Peace!

Altair_Blue said...

Also, the "Fair Nations" you rant about, brought fatal diseases to the Americas in the first place. There are many accounts in the native folklore of these lands which tell of how the indigenous populations started dying out in great numbers simply by coming in contact with these "Fair Nations." What couldn't be looted or plundered by these fair-skinned people, was destroyed by the diseases they carried.

Additionally, "Ebola" is a man-made disease, the current African strain being perfected at The Gates' Foundation's lab in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Remember when the US put boots on the ground in many West African nations for unknown reasons, and shortly after, news started pouring in of Ebola outbreaks in these same nations.

The dots are all connected, but they are connected historically, each new thing following from the previous. You, of all persons, would know that for sure. Cheers!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I will not relent on my calling the ILLEGAL migrants sewer rats, for that is what they are IMHO...

I look at the fact that few are now being screened properly at our borders and even fewer are tested for the wide range of communicable diseases that they are most likely carrying.. For that reason alone the majority can be compared to sewer rats and vermin...

Proper procedures in immigration should always be in place... Every migrant coming into our countries should be vetted, tested, and then brought up to speed on proper hygiene for themselves and the people that they are exposed to... Without that, they are nothing but filth and should be sent back to the hell holes they originated from..

If you do not like my stance, then too bad... I will not suddenly become "politically correct" and try to think everything is peaches and cream when it is not... More people need to take a stand and now..

Altair_Blue said...

Well NTS... you are absolutely right, there is no need to be politically correct, and I sincerely hope and pray that all fair-skinned nations who have illegally claimed others' lands as their own and looted, plundered and destroyed them, shall get a nice taste of their own medicine in these coming years. After all, karma is a _____ and the universe is inherently just. May this be the start of a humiliating downfall for those who thought they would get away with murder and who built their "Fair" nations on others' burial mounds.