Monday, June 17, 2019

Gulf Of Oman False Flag Attack: Israel Did It Using Popeye Submarine Launched Cruise Missiles

I continue to see a lot of reports today where not only is the US absolutely continuing with the blatant lie that it was the "big bad Iranians" that attacked those two Japanese tankers off the coast of Oman last week, but they are supposedly well into the planning (which they had ready to go for months now) for what apparently will be a "retaliatory" tactical "strike" against Iranian targets inside Iran..... All this is being done while the entire world is now very skeptical of exactly what happened in the Gulf of Oman, and exactly WHO did the deed.... I for one have the answer and I will present the evidence here...

The facts are that the captain of the Japanese tanker, "Kokuka Courageous" that endured the brunt of the "attack" in the Gulf of Oman last week has stated clearly that it was NOT done by mines at all as the criminals in the US government continue to harp, but that he and others on that very ship witnessed an "aerial object" coming towards their vessel and witnessed it make full contact with the hull of the ship... Here in fact is the link to an article from the Washington Post itself covering this fact:

OK, WHY is the US government contradicting these eyewitnesses on the ship itself that most definitely saw missiles coming in to strike their vessel?  The answer is obvious, as the US is part of the criminal act themselves as they wanted this false flag to take place so that they could have their fraudulent excuse to go to war against Iran!

So... WHO did the attack and HOW?   I will state the obvious here:  The criminal state of Israel attacked these tankers using "popeye" class submarine launched cruise missiles fired from their German "donated" Dolphin class submarines....

I want to present here some facts on the "popeye" class submarine launched cruise missile for my readers to view... This information about the "popeye" comes directly from Wikipedia:

Popey missile.jpg
The "Popeye" standoff missile

Type: Air-to-surface missile SLCM 

Place of origin: Israel 

Service history In service 1985–present 

Used by See Operators

Production history:

Designer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Manufacturer: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems


Mass1,360 kg (3,000 lb)
Length 4.82 m (15 ft 10 in)
Diameter 533 mm (20 in)
Warhead 340 kg (750 lb) blast fragmentation or 360 kg (790 lb) I-800 penetrating

EngineSingle-stage Solid-fuel rocketWingspan198 cm (78 in)
Operational range: 78 km (48 mi)
Guidance system: Inertial plus IIR or TV
Launch platform: Fixed-wing aircraft, Dolphin class submarine (Popeye Turbo SLCM)

Next, here is a small article at Wikipedia that covers some facts about how Israel has indeed been building these missiles for the sole purpose of to be fired from their submarines:

"The Popeye Turbo SLCM is a reportedly stretched version of the Popeye Turbo developed for use as a submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM) was widely reported in a US Navy observed 2002 test in the Indian Ocean to have hit a target 1500 km away.

It is reasonable to assume that the weapon’s range has been extended to the point where it can launch against Tehran and even more Iranian cities from a relatively safe location. It can allegedly carry a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead.

It is believed that the stretched Popeye Turbo is the primary strategic second strike nuclear deterrent weapon that can be fired from the 650 mm secondary torpedo tubes of the Israeli Dolphin-class submarines. 

It is believed that the SLCM version of the Popeye was developed by Israel after the US Clinton administration refused an Israeli request in 2000 to purchase Tomahawk long range SLCM's because of international MTCR proliferation rules.

While the standard Popeye is 533 mm the Dolphin class submarines have four 650 mm torpedo tubes in addition to the six standard 533 mm tubes allowing for the possibility that a SLCM Popeye derivative may be a larger diameter."

OK, I have presented here the information about the "popeye" class submarine launched cruise missile that most definitely is in full production and is being used by the Israelis for their submarines...  And again, the Israelis are definitely the ones who have the most to gain by these attacks...

The question becomes; Has Israel used such missiles in the past, and the answer is a definite YES... As I have stated before at this blog a few years back about how the attack on the USS Cole has all the earmarks of being done by an Israeli submarine firing at least one of these cruise missiles into the port side of that American guided missile destroyer back on October 12th, 2000... Here in fact is the link to my article on the attack on the Cole:

But has there been any other incidents that show Israeli involvement and their possible usage of these missiles?   Well, About 9 years ago we have the attack on the Korean Republic's naval corvette, the "Cheonan", which shows all the earmarks of being hit by a missile launched from a submarine!  Here is the link to my report on that attack here:

I honestly would wish that people would get it?  All they need to do is to use common sense and see that there apparently is a common denominator to both of these attacks in the past which shows clearly that the Israelis would indeed be behind those attacks, and almost certainly behind the attack on the Japanese tankers last week...  (a) both attacks were obviously done by some submarine launching missiles, and we know who has at least 4 of these submarines lurking around our oceans sailing almost entirely undetected.... And especially (b) WHO has to gain from doing these attacks? .... You only need to look at one state on this planet with the means and the audacity to do these evil deeds and you have your answer...

Others may be yet to come to this conclusion that the Israelis were definitely behind this attack last week on those tankers, but I am NOT going to hold off and doubt the facts... The Israelis did this tanker attack last week by using "popeye"  class cruise missiles launched from their submarines, and I am standing behind that conviction.... I seriously doubt that anyone else will find evidence that any other party could have done this dastardly deed....

Mystery solved... Israel did the deed....

More to come



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Unknown said...

It's believable but inconclusive by your wording. No actual facts. Speculation only

Northerntruthseeker said...

It is unbelievable that anyone could say here that Israel was not behind this attack, simply because of all the over 200 nations on this planet, the question remains:


Another WorldView Is Possible said...

I will give you this - you have established the motive and means. Opportunity is hard to nail down conclusively - or to DISPROVE.

This guy bolsters why it couldn't have been Iran and limpet mines - unless they have a team of divers in Saudi or UAE ports - capable of evading whatever security might be present. though he's seemingly hoping that it WAS Iran, behind the attack - because of the horrible implications, otherwise.

Usually a Limpet mine would be placed below the waterline - not above as the US is alleging, based upon the placement of the hole - and the grainy video tape that they produced.

It should also be noted that Seymour Hirsch has detailed that the US had produced boats of the type being displayed in that video - for a Cheney/W era plan to justify a war w/ Iran.

Listening to the news on NPR - for instance - and reading the LA Times - it appears that US media is incapable of acknowledging the possibility of false flag attacks, and US War plans/contingencies that have shown them to be a part of the US' Military/Covert Operations repertoire. Based on the extra cooperative MOCKINGBIRD coverage seen thus far - one could imagine the Western media breathlessly reporting upon the motivations behind POLAND's attack(s) upon Germany - and the "measured" and "proportional" German military response (the Blitzkrieg).

In this case - by collaboration with a 3rd country (Israel, or perhaps Saudi Arabia, or one of the other Gulf monarchies) - Bolton and Pompeo can act without fear of the provocation/causus belli - EVER being found out and exposed by the Congress, or even the press (putting aside the laughable notion of either ever doing a thorough investigation). It appears that Trump is reticent act at present - perhaps because he recognizes the global levels of skepticism, towards their claims of Iranian responsibility, so far.