Sunday, June 30, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 30th, 2019

Yes, it is Sunday.... And for a change from last week I am actually on time for this week's rant!

I was going to post off a few more articles yesterday, but instead I got invited out for a party last night for this being Canada Day weekend.... It was nice to get together with so many people, have a few beers, and sit down and just talk in some pleasant conversations... I absolutely did my utmost to avoid  discussing anything "political" or anything that could be misinterpreted as being not 'politically correct' for a change... I just sat there and observed the usual having so many people with their heads buried in their smartphones, while others were talking about sports, women, etc..... I only overheard one person give his interpretation of what has been happening in our sick world yesterday, and he was absolutely brainwashed by the crapola that we hear in the Jew spew media about the "big bad Iranian threat"... I absolutely refused to give my two cents worth in interrupting his tirade but instead took some notes on noticing how the brainwashing of peoples' minds is very much out there even up here in Canada.... I adjourned from that party with my better half shortly after midnight.....  It was indeed fun to attend, but once again I was alarmed as to the sheer ignorance of a lot of my fellow Canadians especially on how many of them are absolutely unaware of the real truths about what is really happening in our sick world.... It also reinforced as to why I continue to write this blog as a means of getting the real truths out there for everyone to see, whether they liked them or not....

And yes, it is the "lull before the storm" in regards to this impending attack against the innocent nation of Iran.... I have had several commentators over the last week give me their own interpretation of what they see happening, and one in particular claims that it is all a "hoax" by stating that Iran is not an enemy at all and that what we are seeing is nothing  but a sick and twisted game... I honestly cannot see it that way, for the facts are that the criminal psychos in Israel are absolutely hell bent on furthering their sickening "Greater Israel" project and those criminals know that the only nation left in the Middle East that stands in the way of Israel achieving their long sought hegemony over every other nation in that region is Iran.... I therefore will have to stick to the belief that the want for Israel to destroy Iran and to use the US puppets to do that destruction is very real....

I failed to mention over the last while the big 800lb gorilla that nobody still wants to talk about in regards to the impending war against Iran... And that is of course the massive Israeli nuclear arsenal that is estimated to contain as many as 200 nuclear weapons and a multitude of means of delivery of those weapons against targets not only in the Middle East but right across the entire  planet.... The Jew spew media even up here in Canada continues their best to lie to their viewers with the claim that Iran's "nuclear program" must be stopped at all cost, and yet they ignore constantly the Israeli nuclear weapons which are very real and very dangerous to the whole world.... Criminal politicians in the crooked US Government continue to "never talk about" or do their utmost to ignore Israel's nuclear weapons, and the fact that Israel has never signed onto the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty...

We are inundated constantly with the lies that Iran is either "already building", or is "on the threshold of obtaining", or is "already in possession" of nuclear weapons which in each case is an outright lie.... I have indeed been following the reports coming out of the International Atomic Energy Agency that has been constantly touring and investigating Iran's nuclear facilities, and each and every time their reports come out they show NO evidence of Iran even close to any "clandestine" nuclear weapons program... I have found in their reports the evidence that Iran has indeed some centrifuges for moderate purification of Uranium material, but the best the Iranians can do is around 5-10% purity, which is only good for fuel for civilian nuclear reactors.... All of the recent propaganda that Iran is about to step up their "nuclear centrifuge program" is nothing but hogwash, for even if the Iranians get up to 20% purity, the best that can be used for is for medical isotopes... It does require some 95% purification of Uranium to reach "bomb grade" levels and there is NO indication that Iran has the means to use their centrifuges for that level of purity at all, and has no want to achieve that level for years to come... Therefore all of this rhetoric about Iran building nuclear bombs "soon" is pure hogwash and bullshit!  It is Jew spew media propaganda at its worse and being used to brainwash fools into the false belief that Iran has to be "destroyed" before they become a "nuclear threat"....

But in the meantime, the criminal Drumpf regime is quietly moving more American military forces into the Middle East, and has now called on the world to form a new military "coalition" to tackle this non-existent Iranian "threat"... And it is no wonder that these criminals are reaching for a new "coalition" for the simple fact that the US cannot possible tackle and destroy the nation of Iran with its 81+ million inhabitants and its large size and topography on its own... All of the recent talk about the US sending some "120000" troops to the Middle East for a possible "attack" on Iran is pure bullshit, for the US would need at least 20x that number of forces for them to possibly conquer the entire Iranian nation..... With US forces numbering a total of under 2 million in all branches, there is NO way in hell that the US could possibly attack and destroy the Iranian nation on their own...These criminals are therefore wanting to get the nations of the EU and other "allied" Arabic nations including Saudi Arabia involved in that impending conflict...... And Iran is in no way the same pushover that Iraq was thanks to a decade of America weakening the Iraqi nation through their "sanctions"... Iran is ready with thousands of missiles and a wide variety of defensive abilities that could indeed have every American naval vessel sunk within the first few days of a full fledged war, while also hurling thousands of missiles onto the criminal psychotic state of Israel that would indeed overwhelm the laughable "Arrow" defensive "shield" that Israel claims it has...... And even if the US was to go "nuclear" and possibly kill millions of Iranians in the process,  a war against Iran would not be winnable, for the Iranians could still retaliate and blow Israel to hell...... Therefore all of this talk about an "attack" on Iran does appear to be nonsensical and most definitely pure propaganda bullshit...

One other sad factor that is also overlooked is the damage that could be done to the world's economies if a war against Iran is started.... Iran would within the first hours of war close the straits of Hormuz and thus send the world price of Petroleum skyrocketing instantly to some $150 US a barrel if not more... At such levels and considering that much of the planet is still dependent on crude petroleum from the Middle East, it would be an unmitigated disaster for world economies and could send many nation's economies crashing down within days..... It would also seriously harm and possibly cause a full economic disaster in the United States, which is already teetering on the edge of economic disaster already... I would therefore think that Drumpf, in spite of his policies driven by the Jewish criminal hawks that actually control his government would think twice about an attack on Iran anytime soon, for it could spell curtains for America itself...

Anyways..... Elsewhere I see that the world's economic powers have been meeting in that "G20 summit" in Japan this last week, where of course we had the idiotic Canadian "Prime minister", Justin  Trudeau (whom Greencrow continues to call "Le Dauphin", but I prefer "Trust In Jew Dough") meet face to face with Chinese Premiere Xi for a short time.... I had to laugh for of course nothing came out of that meeting in regards to Chinese/Canadian relations that had turned very sour thanks to the stupidity of Trudeau obeying his Jewish and American masters in arresting the lead spokesperson for Huawei last December in Vancouver and has still not allowed that innocent woman to go free... China of course has retaliated by first arresting known Canadian spies in China, cut Canadian imports of soybeans and canola grain products, and then last week announced that they were curtailing imports of supposed tainted Canadian pork as well.... The damage to Canadian producers has been horrific since China has retaliated against Canadian stupidity, and Justin Trudeau has done nothing as the PM to alleviate this escalating situation.... Justin Trudeau has once again shown his clear ignorance and stupidity in this G20 summit, and instead has been depending on his criminal Jewess Soros agent in Ottawa, that filthy Chrystia Freeland to do Canada's "negotiations" in what really matters.... Of course Freeland is a scumbag Jew and has her marching orders from the tribe and George Soros and has done nothing other than to continue to damage Canada's remaining 'prestige' and has allowed the Chinese situation to continue unabated..... Trudeau therefore is out there in Japan doing nothing, saying nothing positive, is unable to negotiate with the Chinese, and has looked like the idiot he truly is....

Canada could and must do better this coming October in throwing this sorry asshole out of office and hopefully put someone in that is for Canada first and foremost!   But is there such a person?  The alternative to Justin Trudeau appears to be the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer who has already sold his soul to the Jew devil by stating that his first order of business if he is selected to be Canada's next Prime Minister is to move Canada's embassy in the psycho state of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem..... Scheer is therefore nothing but another Jew dick sucker and absolutely will obey his Jewish masters!.... Honestly, is there anyone running this October here in Canada for Prime Minister that actually cares about Canada only?

I usually do not like to talk about American politics and especially the three ring circus of this new 2020 US Presidential election (actually Jewish controlled selection..) campaign.... But I did catch a lot of the Jew spew news this last week about the so called first Democratic party "debates" that filled the Jew spew media across America... And honestly, what a bunch of useless Jew dick sucking ass clowns... None of them are fit in any manner to be made America's next President, and the majority of those who were there from the so called "Democratic" party are indeed willing to sell their souls to their Jewish masters first and foremost to be crowned as America's next Jew controlled king..... To me, the entire Democratic party is a travesty anyways, since we have that filthy and creepy womanizing Joe Biden and that Jewish communist freak Bernie Sanders, as the clear "front runners" who would definitely as their first order of business fly off to Israel to get their marching orders from their Jewish masters..... The rest of the ass clowns from that party are also swooning the Jews in America seeking political and monetary support for their campaigns as well.... It is indeed enough to make anyone vomit, and shows again how the American political system is totally fucked and that anyone that is made the next US President will be as big a Jew ass kisser as almost every US President before him/her for the last century at least......

And of course someone asked me my opinion of Tulsi Gabbard, who months ago came out and openly questioned the entire US involvement in Syria, as well as questioning other American foreign policies... I honestly have not found much on Tulsi, and in spite of so many heralding her as a "real alternative" to the other ass clowns in the Democratic party and claiming her to be a real "threat" to sitting Jew butt kissing President Donald Drumpf, I do wonder about her affiliation with Jewish interests and those that helped her to be elected.... And there is the issue of her first standing up against the psychos in the LBGTQP EIEIO group and then recently changing her 'stance' in supporting these freaks and their psychosis.... .Tulsi may indeed have started out with a lot of aspirations and want to support American interests, but if she is wanting to become the next US President, she will find it difficult if she does not bend over and allow the Jewish pricks in control of the US to screw her first....... I will be keeping tabs on Ms. Gabbard, as I fear she is firmly under control of Jewish interests as much as the other ass clowns in the Democratic Party and therefore will not be a true alternative for American voters in 2020....

I had a colleague of mine just return last week from a vacation to southern California, and I flat out asked him a few days ago about the state of the city of Los Angeles and what he saw in terms of the squaller and the filth that the alternative media has been stating... And he said that yes there was a lot of garbage, a lot of squaller, and a lot of homeless people everywhere he went in the LA/Anaheim area... He was not impressed, and was especially disgusted by what he saw on the beach fronts in Los Angeles county where the homeless were everywhere and the beaches themselves were disgustingly filthy.... This  is a far cry from when I was out in southern California just over a decade ago, and shows how far the entire region has fallen with the rise in illegal migrants allowed to flood into the area, as well as rising poverty coupled with a horrendously high level of unemployment amongst citizens..... California is a mess and it is only getting worse.... And the reports about the rise in horrific diseases thanks to the filth and squaller, in the Los Angeles area are apparently true and will only get worse..... Is there a solution?  I doubt it considering how the "liberals" that run the state government in Sacramento are nothing but buffoons who have a lot to blame for allowing the situation to happen in the first place...

I had one commentator last week claim that I was wrong about the "doom and gloom" scenario that the implementation of "5G" telecommunications may bring to us as human beings.... My expertise in telecommunications and how cellular networks actually work shows that this "5G" roll out by our telecom giants is very dangerous as these criminals are indeed driven by their want for greed and profits.... The facts remain that to have "5G" everywhere and to create what the criminals claim will be a full internet of "everything", the telecom giants will have to put 5G frequency transceivers everywhere to allow 5G signals to be picked up by receiving devices... That means that electromagnetic field radiation will have to increase at least a hundred fold over the present levels that are already making a lot of people sick...... I can only imagine the damage that will occur as our bodies are bombarded on a constant basis by TERAHERTZ wavelength radiation, for I have indeed studied for years now the effect of Terahertz radiation on human cells, with the frightening observation that frequency alone does horrific permanent damage...... It is also a fact that most telecom giants in North America have avoided any new 'investigations' into the ill effects of 5G radiation like the plague!   And for those who seriously doubt the ill effects of this higher level radiation, they should ask themselves why the psycho state of Israel itself, of all places, has already banned any "5G" technology within that state itself?  There is a reason why these criminals are pushing forward with this 5G implementation, and I am leaning on very nefarious reasons..... I also stand behind my assertion that once this 5G is everywhere many will become sick or even dying, but we will have 'kick ass' telecommunications!

Well.... I guess that is it for the moment.... I have of course covered several key issues above, but have left a lot of other issues on the table... I usually do my best to cover what I missed here in my closing "last minute tidbits", so here goes nothing..... I see that President Drumpf went to Korea after his "G20 summit" in Japan and met once again with Premiere Kim along the DNZ line between South and North Korea.  Yes, it was full of pleasantries, but I seriously doubt anything concrete will come of it, for the US is still hell bent on having North Korea remove its nuclear deterrence and offering them little in return.......... The Chinese/American hissy fit over trade continues, but has been waning over these last few weeks as I had expected.  The facts are that both parties still need each other, and in spite of  the back and forth rhetoric of threats, they definitely need to just sit down like responsible adults and hammer out real agreements.........I found it laughable that when the US asked the nations in Europe to join them in their new "coalition of the willing" in a war against the innocent nation of Iran, the Europeans basically told the US to "pound sand".  The Europeans are no fools and see that the US push for war against Iran is foolhardy at best.  The question is whether the Jews in control of the EU will indeed push their slave nations to join that criminal coalition even though the people do not want it.........Finally, a warm spell here in central Canada, with temperatures now above seasonal.  But this warm spell will be short lived for the "forecast" for the rest of this summer for these parts of Canada are for below normal temperatures.  This is expected, as we are indeed entering a solar minimum, and all of this talk about "Global Warming" is nothing but pure unadulterated bullshit....... Yes, I put up an article yesterday about what I saw in regards to the Boeing 737 Max 8 fiasco, and it is apparently nothing more than Boeing rushing through a new aircraft for profits and  pure greed.  I absolutely believe that families of those victims of those two crashes do sue Boeing out of existence for their evil ways..........I see Brexit is once again "on hold" in the UK, as I had long predicted.  When will the good people of the UK finally realize that they have been hoodwinked by their own government that is hell bent on having the UK remain at the mercy of the Jew controlled European Union forever? ..... And speaking of the UK, a lot of readers got a kick out of my comment in an article last week where I rightfully called the UK nothing more than a puppet of the US, and that their bitch whore pedophile Queen is a mass murdering freak.  Hey, the truth does hurt, does it!....I saw some interesting and laughable articles about how European nations replaced their plastic straws with paper ones and it has turned into an unmitigated disaster.  And here we have the ass clowns in Canada exploring that same change here as well?  Those idiots in Ottawa are too stupid at times for their own good!...........Someone asked me about the Project Vertigas war against the criminals behind Google, and how Google has retaliated against Project Vertigas by having their websites deleted for their exposure of how Google is indeed criminal and has intentions of crookedly destroying the 2020 US Presidential campaign by having votes corrupted.  Yes, the truth does hurt, as Google is indeed a horrific and criminal organization hell bent on having the Democrats steal the US elections next year!  This is criminal censorship by the crime gang behind Google at its worse, plain and simple........I will be switching all of my videos at this blog from Youtube to Brighteon as soon as I can, for I am sick and tired of Youtube Jew controlled 'censorship' and have found Brighteon as one of the last bastions of truth that does NOT censor their videos.  I do recommend that others start using Brighteon as well, and to hell with Youtube!..........I was asked to comment on a video by James Corbett late last week called "Won't Get Fooled Again", and I found it intriguing.  The facts are that Corbett misses the point that the criminal Jews are behind this push for war against Iran and will get their war whether the American people like it or not. And these criminal Jews are indeed banking on the ignorance and the fact that most Americans have a very poor short attention span and will be easily fooled into supporting such a war.........War in Yemen continues, and the Houthi resistance continues to do a lot of damage to Saudi Arabia by their drones attacking Saudi targets within Saudi Arabia itself.  People need to understand and support this policy for it has been the Saudis that have been targeting and slaughtering Yemen civilians for the past few years, and that the Houthis are indeed doing those attacks in retaliation for Saudi criminality.....And not much happening these days in Syria, for the good guys aka the Syrian Arabic Army and their Russian allies have continued to pound the US terrorist positions in the Idlib pocket but have made little gains in terms of any ground offensive against the pocket itself.  Other than reports about the Turks now exchanging some gun fire with the SAA over supposed SAA attacks against Turkish illegal "observation posts" in the Idlib pocket, the fight has now become a near stalemate with no one getting the upper hand, at least for the moment........ Some good news, as apparently the LBGTQP group of psychos are now complaining that their "support" has been waning.  This is good news, as the more and more people become aware of how these freaks are dangerous to society, the more they openly turn against them!........It is now 33 weeks and counting in terms of the Yellow Vests movement of protests across France, and I am still wondering why the protestors have not been pushing even harder for the criminal Macron to be deposed?  Leaving that criminal in charge will only mean a matter of time before Macron finally clamps down on the protests and throws France into a state of full martial law!... And speaking of France, I have continued to follow the Women's World Cup, but I honestly do hope that someone does eventually beat the US team.   It would be nice, but it may not happen and we could see the US repeat as champions come next Sunday.........And finally, in terms of Kardashian lunacy I see that all of the "talk" this last week was about skank#1, Kim, and her wanting to trademark her latest skank 'shape wear' under the name of "Kimono" which is an insult to the Japanese people.   Kimonos are well known as traditional Japanese dresses, and therefore there should be no way in hell that skank should be allowed to use that as her trademark name, period.   This is nothing new for these skanks, as they continue to purposely cause uproar everywhere in their continuing lust for media attention.  I for one would just love for them to go away and stop corrupting the minds of gullible people everywhere!

More to come


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft Investigation: Interesting Video Shows How The Horrific Software On Aircraft May Have Caused The Crashes In Indonesia And Ethiopia

I was sent a most interesting video just the other day, where the sender said "Hey NTS... Have you seen this one?  I would love to see you put it up at your site and possibly put in your 2 cents worth on its findings"..... I have looked at the video several times, and I figured I would oblige that sender and give my honest opinion here at this blog..

But first, it has now been several months since that Boeing 737 Max 8 passenger jet crashed several minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia on a short flight to Nairobi airport in Kenya... That plane, ET flight 302, crashed into an open field killing all 157 people on board, and since that time there has been an 'investigation' into the flight and the Boeing 737 Max 8 design, as well as the plane's computer software that many have speculated has been behind this crash and the crash of Indonesian Lion Air flight 610 which involved a Boeing 737 Max 8 as well which crashed into the Java Sea killing all 189 people on board..... Boeing has been in a lot of hot water about both of these disasters and had "temporarily" scrubbed all flights of the Max 8 aircraft until investigations were completed and the cause of both of these crashes were solved... And we may have the answer as shown in the video sent my way.....

Right here, I want to present the following video entitled "The Real Reason Why Boeing's New Plane Crashed Twice" for everyone to view for themselves right here.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have long speculated here at this blog in a few previous articles about these crashes that there was indeed a severe flaw in the entire Boeing 737 Max 8 design, and as the video shows that flaw could indeed be the cause of this plane's serious handling and software problems that may indeed have caused both the Ethiopian and the Indonesian crashes to occur....

And it makes sense when you consider the fact that the criminals that run Boeing are driven by pure greed and profit... .They most definitely found themselves up against some severe competition from the Airbus group that modified their  Airbus A320 design to incorporate a much better aircraft that was indeed 15% more fuel efficient and had to push their Engineering group to develop a new design to match or exceed the Airbus threat....

From my own understanding of aeronautics and physics, I too can see the problems with having to place the engines on the Max 8 at a higher position along the wings just to compensate for the lower stature of the 737 itself... But honestly did the Engineers at Boeing not even realize the ticking time bomb that they were creating in this flawed design, in the rush to meet demands from their superiors?   Obviously to redesign and build a proper aircraft that would not have had the design flaw of the Max 8 would have taken years to properly develop and test, and therefore the answer is yes, Boeing Engineers did indeed rush through this change due to the greed of their superiors who wanted only the profits and the want to stay ahead of the competition....  And now we know the price that has been paid for that folly...

Jim Stone over at his website at, has also speculated over the last while that the problem may not only be with the flawed software on board the Max 8, but the fact that Boeing has been outsourcing its Engineering and design specialists to foreign workers, and has been pointing out that the crashes may indeed have been caused by structural flaws as well as the shitty software and lack of training by pilots to use the software.... Here in fact is Jim's own latest update on this Boeing 737 Max 8 fiasco for all to contemplate:


A while ago I stated that Boeing's problems were caused by "diversity" and the firing of white males.  I WAS RIGHT.

Bloomberg has reported that Boeing's problems were caused by firing white male engineers and replacing them with people work farmed from India. I SAID IT FIRST. And I said it without anyone telling me, it was simply obvious.

Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers

Here are key quotes from this Bloomberg report

Engineers complain that Boeing is employing programmers for $9 per hour and the software is junk
The Max software -- plagued by issues that could keep the planes grounded months longer after U.S. regulators this week revealed a new flaw -- was developed at a time Boeing was laying off experienced engineers and pressing suppliers to cut costs.
Increasingly, the iconic American planemaker and its subcontractors have relied on temporary workers making as little as $9 an hour to develop and test software, often from countries lacking a deep background in aerospace -- notably India.
Rabin, a former software engineer, recalled one manager saying at an all-hands meeting that Boeing didn’t need senior engineers because its products were mature. "I was shocked that in a room full of a couple hundred mostly senior engineers we were being told that we weren’t needed, " said Rabin, who was laid off in 2015.
"It was controversial because it was far less efficient than Boeing engineers just writing the code, " Rabin said. Frequently, he recalled, "it took many rounds going back and forth because the code was not done correctly."
The 787 entered service three years late and billions of dollars over budget in 2011, in part because of confusion introduced by the outsourcing strategy. Under Dennis Muilenburg, a longtime Boeing engineer who became chief executive in 2015, the company has said that it planned to bring more work back in-house for its newest planes.
My comment: The paper under the text is screaming, YES, and when you do it in house, BRING BACK THE ANGRY WHITE MALES.

And here is my previous post on this topic. I do not claim to be a prophet, but well, there is this:

I still stand by my original statement that there is WAY MORE than software wrong with this plane, and this post lays it all out PERFECT with cream and sugar on top.


That's what happens when you stop hiring white people and go to the lowest common H1B visa denominator, 
THERE. I had the guts to say it like it is, and did it in a single short sentence.

As it turns out, the recent Ethiopian air Boeing 737-MAX crashed due to structural failure, and not a nose down causing pitot tube. I called B.S. on the pitot tube the first time around, and was reluctant to the second time around because it got blamed again and I thought "Maybe". However, the real problem is that the plane is a PIECE OF CRAP that fell apart in flight. Why? Just LOOK HERE.

FACT: Boeing products were without question, NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER, the best in the world until this diversity crap took center stage. Boeing rose to greatness with the work of the WHITE RACE. That is a completely, totally, irrevocable WRITTEN IN BEDROCK FACT. But I'll be a racist for pointing that out I guess. Now that Boeing has called diversity the most important thing they can be a part of, rather than building quality aircraft, we have crap like what just happened with Ethiopian air having a BRAND NEW 737 MAX fall apart in mid air. 
It was not the pitot tube. It was not a software issue.  Eyewitness accounts clearly prove the airplane simply fell apart in the sky so badly it was dropping "clothes and papers" and creaking and rattling from failing metal.
Now the only question is whether or not Al Bajeeb did not laminate something on the assembly line, or if Phi Bhopar screwed up the engineering somewhere, and ALL OF THESE PLANES need to be thrown in the trash! FACT: The 737 MAX is the first Boeing plane produced with "diversity" being a key component of it all. And what is now happening clearly proves that WHITE LIVES MATTER. THERE. Said it again. And I admit that I am a bigoted racist homophobic intellectually stunted ANTI SEMITE for saying it!
FACT: It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand how important it is to GET THINGS RIGHT. It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand that all of these great inventions DO NOT RUN ON MAGIC and "white boy" did not rise to greatness by screwing everyone and snorting fairy dust. Hiring someone who cooked with cow dung for the first 30 years of life just because a piece of paper said he was qualified does not cut it in the real world, Predominantly these H1B visa engineers are nothing but software jockeys who simply lack the sense they need to see a fatal flaw the software, for some reason, does not point out. AND GUESS WHAT: America invented the airplane, mastered electrical distribution and designed nuclear reactors WITHOUT that software. Go figure. How the hell did that happen? YOU GUESS.
Here are the eyewitness testimonies that prove the all new "strength from diversity" Boeing simply built a horse sh*t product:
"It was a loud rattling sound. Like straining and shaking metal, " said Turn Buzuna, a 26-year-old housewife and farmer who lives about 300 meters (328 yards) from the crash site.
"Everyone says they have never heard that kind of sound from a plane and they are under a flight path, " she added.
Malka Galato, 47, a barley and wheat farmer whose field the plane crashed in, also described smoke and sparks from the back. "The plane was very close to the ground and it made a turn... Cows that were grazing in the fields ran in panic, " he said.


Tamirat Abera, 25, was walking past the field at the time. He said the plane turned sharply, trailing white smoke and items like clothes and papers, then crashed about 300 meters away.
"It tried to climb but it failed and went down nose first, " he said. "There was fire and white smoke which then turned black."
My comment: There is ONE THING that matters: It was trailing debris before it hit and sounded like shaking and straining metal. No reports of explosions (no bomb) just reports of it making loud noises, falling apart, and crashing. That blows control software and pitot tube B.S. straight into the trash. No software update is going to fix this problem!
The white smoke was probably from debris damaging the engines. People noticed the noises of metal coming apart, not the engines, which can only mean the structural failures were so massive they were louder than the engines.
This type of failure was not possible in new aircraft from the original, no diversity, classic Boeing the company built it's reputation on. If this kind of crap is going on, Boeing is now below the quality threshold of 1970's vintage Tuopolev craft, and if they don't stop focusing on diversity and START FOCUSING ON QUALITY, they are going down, it won't be limited to this one POS.
ONLY WHITE AMERICAN MALES ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO FIX BOEING'S PROBLEM. But no self hating snowflake liberal in the hiring department is ever going to own up to that reality, I predict that once all the aircraft produced before the 737 Max 8 obsolete out, Boeing is history. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE: When Trump blocked Iran from receiving all those "nice new Boeing" aircraft, all he did was prevent them from importing CRAP! 

UPDATED COMMENT: Interesting it is that Bloomberg said the exact same thing a lot more nicely quite a while later. Boeing had DAMN WELL BETTER bring back the American white male, and the Jews had damn well better stop maiming all the little white boys with shots that are called vaccines yet are not, if they don't stop doing that EVERYTHING is going to eventually fall apart and they'll be walking in the sand again praying for a snake on a stick to save them.

I personally look at these crashes as a sum of both software and poor engineering.... Taking better qualified people and replacing them with "foreign" workers that are paid less is indeed trouble in the making, and may have been a result of Boeing wanting to "cut costs" and therefore make even more 'profits' as a result....

Honestly, Boeing does indeed need to answer for this massive mistake and I do hope that many of the victims' surviving relatives and families are going to sue their asses out of existence for their incompetence.....Wanting Greed and profits first over the lives of the people that actually fly their aircraft should have Boeing put out of its misery...

It will be interesting to see what happens with Boeing, and how they are going to solve the problems with the 737 Max 8.... And honestly until they do come up with a proper solution, I would be staying away from flying on board that aircraft in the meantime!

More to come


Friday, June 28, 2019

Monsters Walk The Earth, Why These Three Nations Are The Real Troika (Axis) Of Evil!

It is indeed the "lull before the storm" in the impending conflict between the warmongers and criminals that run the US/Israel cabal, and the innocent and peaceful nation of Iran..... We have seen over these last few days so much "rhetoric" especially where the US Jew spew media has falsely claimed that the Iranian leadership called Donald Drumpf "mentally retarded"... That was absolutely another "misinterpretation" of what the Iranian leadership said along the same lines as the false claim that Iran was wanting to "wipe Israel off the map" that we saw as a massive lie perpetrated by the Jew spew media over the last decade...  

Meanwhile, I found the following very important article that comes courtesy of Philip Geraldi, that comes from the Global Research website out of Canada at This article is entitled: "Monsters Walk The Earth, Why These Three Nations Are The Real Troika Of Evil" and is an absolute must read by everyone to understand how the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, are truly the most evil and criminal nations on planet Earth today and are the ones spearheading this push for war against Iran... Here is that article right here in its entirety, and of course I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Monsters Walk the Earth. Why These Three Countries Are the Real Troika of Evil

There are monsters among us. Every day I read about an American “plan” to either invade some place new or to otherwise inflict pain to convince a “non-compliant” foreign government how to behave. Last week it was Iran but next week it could just as easily again be Lebanon, Syria or Venezuela. Or even Russia or China, both of whom are seen as “threats” even though American soldiers, sailors and marines sit on their borders and not vice versa. The United States is perhaps unique in the history of the world in that it sees threats everywhere even though it is not, in fact, threatened by anyone.
Just as often, one learns about a new atrocity by Israelis inflicted on the defenseless Arabs just because they have the power to do so. Last Friday in Gaza the Israeli army shot and killed four unarmed demonstrators and injured 300 more while the Jewish state’s police invaded a Palestinian orphanage school in occupied Jerusalem and shut it downbecause the students were celebrating a “Yes to peace, no to war” poetry festival. Peace is not in the Israeli authorized curriculum.
And then there are the Saudis, publicly chopping the heads off of 37 “dissidents” in a mass display of barbarity, and also murdering and dismembering a hapless journalist. And let’s not forget the bombing and deliberate starving of hundreds of thousands innocent civilians in Yemen.
It is truly a troika of evil, an expression favored by US National Security Advisor John Bolton, though he was applying it to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, all “socialist” nations currently on Washington’s “hit list.” Americans, Saudis and Israelis have become monsters in the eyes of the rest of the world even if in their own minds they are endowed with special privilege due to their being “Exceptional,” “Chosen by God” or “Guardians of Mecca and Medina.” All three countries share a dishonest sense of entitlement that supports the fiction that their oppressive and often illegal behavior is somehow perfectly legitimate.
To be sure not all Americans, Saudis or Israelis are individually monsters. Many are decent people who are appalled by what their respective governments are doing. Saudi citizens live under a despotism and have little to say about their government, but there is a formidable though fragmented peace movement in slightly less totalitarian Israel and in the United States there is growing anti-war sentiment. The discomfort in America is driven by a sense that the post 9/11 conflicts have only embroiled the country more deeply in wars that have no exit and no end. Unfortunately, the peace movement in Israel will never have any real power while the anti-war activists in America are leaderless and disorganized, waiting for someone to step up and take charge.
The current foreign policy debate centers around what Washington’s next moves in the Middle East might be. The decision-making will inevitably involve the US and its “close allies” Israel and Saudi Arabia, which should not surprise anyone. While it is clear that President Donald Trump ordered an attack on Iran before canceling the action at the last minute, exactly how that played out continues to be unclear. One theory, promoted by the president himself, is that the attack would have been disproportionate, killing possibly hundreds of Iranian military personnel in exchange for one admittedly very expensive surveillance drone. Killing the Iranians would have guaranteed an immediate escalation by Iran, which has both the will and the capability to hit high value targets in and around the Persian Gulf region, a factor that may also have figured into the presidential calculus.
Trump’s cancelation of the attack immediately produced cries of rage from the usual neoconservative chickenhawk crowd in Washington as well as a more subdued reiteration of the Israeli and Saudi demands that Iran be punished, though both are also concerned that a massive Iranian retaliation would hit them hard. They are both hoping that Washington’s immensely powerful strategic armaments will succeed in knocking Iran out quickly and decisively, but they have also both learned not to completely trust the White House.
To assuage the beast, the president has initiated a package of “major” new sanctions on Iran which will no doubt hurt the Iranian people while not changing government decision making one iota. There has also been a leak of a story relating to US cyber-attacks on Iranian military and infrastructure targets, yet another attempt to act aggressive to mitigate the sounds being emitted by the neocon chorus.
To understand the stop-and-go behavior by Trump requires application of the Occam’s Razor principle, i.e. that the simplest explanation is most likely correct. For some odd reason, Donald Trump wants to be reelected president in 2020 in spite of the fact that he appears to be uncomfortable in office. A quick, successful war would enhance his chances for a second term, which is probably what Pompeo promised, but any military action that is not immediately decisive would hurt his prospects, quite possibly inflicting fatal damage. Trump apparently had an intercession by Fox news analyst Tucker Carlson, who may have explained that reality to him shortly before he decided to cancel the attack. Tucker is, for what it’s worth, a highly respected critic coming from the political right who is skeptical of wars of choice, democracy building and the global liberal order.
The truth is that all of American foreign policy during the upcoming year will be designed to pander to certain constituencies that will be crucial to the 2020 presidential election. One can bank on even more concessions being granted to Israel and its murderous thug prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring in Jewish votes and, more importantly, money. John Bolton was already in Israel getting his marching orders from Netanyahu on the weekend and Pence was effusive in his praise of Israel when he spoke at the meeting in Orlando earlier in the week launching the Trump 2020 campaign, so the game is already afoot. It is an interesting process to observe how Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson contribute tens of millions of dollars to the politicians who then in turn give the Jewish state taxpayer generated tens of billions of dollars in return. Bribing corrupt politicians is one of the best investments that one can make in today’s America.
Trump will also go easy on Saudi Arabia because he wants to sell them billions of dollars’ worth of weapons which will make the key constituency of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) happy. And he will continue to exert “maximum pressure” on Iran and Venezuela to show how tough he can be for his Make America Great audience, though avoiding war if he possibly can just in case any of the hapless victims tries to fight back and embarrass him.
So, there it is folks. War with Iran is for the moment on hold, but tune in again next week as the collective White House memory span runs to only three or four days. By next week we Americans might be at war with Mongolia.
Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.
Featured image is from SCF

NTS Notes: I mostly agree with Philip Geraldi in this assessment.. But he is missing the key point in all this that the US is completed owned and used as a puppet nation for wars for Israel and is run by the Jews... Israel of course is a mentally psychotic state of pure unadulterated evil that is controlled by the Jews as their Satanic empire on Earth... Saudi Arabia is run and controlled by a JEWISH FAMILY of Wahabi Jews that is pure evil, kills its own citizens on a whim, and is hell bent on destroying Iran as much as the other two in this criminal "troika"...

And of course we have Donald Drumpf himself, that many have stated is absolutely Jewish and is also hell bent on fulfilling the Jewish wet dream of the evil "Greater Israel Project" at all cost, especially at the cost of innocent American lives.....And as stated in this article, Drumpf is absolutely in bed with the Saudis as they are frothing at the mouth in their desire to have a nice little war against Iran, while they also continue to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent lives in Yemen as well..

AND we cannot forget about the so called 'deep state' which is actually the "Jewish state" that runs American policies and has psychotic Jews in control.....  These monsters are indeed hell bent on war, and they do not give a crap about the fear that a war against Iran may quickly escalate into a full blown global war... These monsters want blood and they want the blood of millions to fulfill their psychotic Jewish dreams of Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East...

Yes these three nations are the real "Axis" aka "Troika" of evil on planet Earth today.... And these monsters are going to see Iran destroyed and they do not give a crap that to do so could cost millions of lives in the process...

More to come


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Important Health News: 5G Apocalypse - The Extinction Event

I have been a strong opponent of this new "5G" technology that the criminals that run our telecommunications networks as well as our crooked governments that have been sold on this dastardly "technology" without even bothering to assure the general public of the massive health risks involved.... I have no qualms in stating that "5G" technology and the MASSIVE grid of electromagnetic radiation generating transmitters required to allow that technology everywhere is absolutely one of the worse health risks imaginable....

I have presented at this blog a wide range of articles so far that covers the horrors of "5G" to our health and our very livelihoods.... Now, I want to present an amazing video that shows that 5G is absolutely so atrocious that it may lead to destruction of our species..... This video is entitled: "5G Apocalypes - The Extinction Event" and again is a MUST SEE by everyone... I have it right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I have presented a lot of evidence of the dangers of electromagnetic fields to everyone at frequencies and wavelengths as high as what is produced with "4G" technology.... Now we have "5G" that uses wavelengths in the TeraHertz frequency that absolutely destroys our bodies' own cellular tissues...

On top of that, the facts are that "5G" transmission is extremely limited by range from the transmitters... That means that we have to see thousands of "5G" transmitters placed everywhere to supplement that limited range... And the result, especially with the "5G" transmission using directed waves, we will be bombarded with 5G beams that will absolutely destroy our bodies....

And yes, I am so sickened these days when I see the local telecom giants here in Canada going absolutely nuts in wanting to have this "5G" rolled out without proper testing of the health effects on human beings.. That to me is a travesty, for proper testing of this new "technology" for its effects on all of us should be the priority rather than thinking of profits first.... What we have therefore is GREED at

I have stated many times in regards to this "5G" technology:  Yes we will all be dying from the horrid effects of 5G technology ruining our bodies, but we will indeed have kick ass telecom services!

More to come


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Following In The Footsteps Of Communist China, CANADA (!) Begins Harvesting Organs From Euthanized Humans!

I constantly see more and more terrible things happening south of the border from here, in the continental United States, and I used to shake my head and say to myself "these type of sick things never happen up here in Canada... I used to always believe that the government up here in Canada had a bit more "moral judgment" than our counterparts down in the United States......Well, what I found the other day absolutely made me sick and absolutely has changed a lot more of my perceptions about this formerly free nation....

Right now, I want to present the following most disturbing report that comes from the Natural News website, at This report is entitled "Following In The Footsteps of Communist China, CANADA Begins Harvesting Organs From Euthanized Humans" and is a must read by everyone.... I have the link to that important report right here for everyone to read for themselves about this travesty, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, what in the fuck ever happened to my nation that I used to love, Canada???

This is so sickening.... I have posted many times before how sick and perverse states such as that psychotic state of Israel does this practice of stealing organs from innocent Palestinians and other victims, due to the fact that the Jewish freaks are so physically damaged from their inbreeding that they need harvested organs for their survival.... And yes, I have seen all of the reports about how nations such as China have also gotten into the harvesting organ game especially from "euthanized" patients..... But honestly I have always believed that such a ghoulish practice would never happen up here in Canada!   Obviously I am mistaken...

This is so wrong on so many levels.... And honestly it does bring up an interesting fact that recently there has been a push by the provincial government here to have EVERYONE sign their "organ donation" card that is usually attached to everyone's drivers licence.... Now I do wonder WHY they have been so hell bent on having everyone agree to have their organs "donated" if they are near death?  Now we may have the answer... I for one luckily never signed that card, and now I have no regrets in not doing so...

More to come


Monday, June 24, 2019

Women, Got To Love Them!

I figure for a change that I would step back from all the doom and gloom of what has been happening in regards to the US/Israel criminal enterprise's rush to war against Iran, and put up an article that I came across the other day that absolutely made me howl!

But first, I will describe what actually happened to me just last Friday... I was in a rush on my way home and decided to stop at a local Credit Union ATM machine to withdraw some of that plastic Canadian money..... And what I went through was so ridiculous and was one for the ages...

I got into the line up of cars for the drive through ATM with only one vehicle in front of me... But what happened next bordered on lunacy... The woman that was driving the SUV in front of me was at the ATM machine, and rather than have her ATM card in hand, she stopped the vehicle and proceeded to fumble away into her purse to locate her card.. Then she had a dickens of a time trying to insert the card as the ATM is regressed into the bank wall and she could not reach the machine from her rolled down window.. She had to open the door and then proceed to push the card into the machine and then spent the next few minutes trying to figure out either her PIN number or how to work the machine to get her cash or other banking done!   Then she finally got her cash out after what seemed like ages, and then proceeded to put the money and her card back into her purse which took another few minutes before proceeding away... All that took close to 10 very frustrating minutes, when a normal person would have everything ready to go and be at the machine and on his/her way in under 2 minutes!   I did not know whether to laugh or to cry from this incident...

BUT lo and behold, I found the following article from John De Nugent's website at, that just mirrored what I went through last Friday and it made me howl... I want to share that article, entitled:"Wimmin - Gotta Lov'em" with my own readers here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wimmin – gotta lov’em

June 23, 2019 John de Nugent

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That is why we love you women .. lots of drama

Obviously written by a man, but it isn’t far from the truth.


A new sign in the Bank Lobby reads:

‘Please note that this Bank is installing new Drive-through ATM machines enabling customers to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles.

Customers using this new facility are requested to use the procedures outlined below when accessing their accounts.

After months of careful research, “MALE & FEMALE” procedures have been developed. Please follow the appropriate steps for your gender.’

1. Drive up to the cash machine.
2. Put down your car window.
3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN.
4. Enter amount of cash required and withdraw.
5. Retrieve card, cash and receipt.
6. Put window up.
7. Drive off.

(What is really funny is that most of this part is the truth!!!!)

1. Drive up to cash machine.
2. Reverse and back up the required amount to align car window with the machine.
3. Set parking brake, put the window down.
4. Find handbag, remove all contents on to passenger seat to locate card.
5. Tell person on cell phone you will call them back and hang up.
6. Attempt to insert card into machine.
7. Open car door to allow easier access to machine due to its excessive distance from the car.
8. Insert card.
9. Re-insert card the right way.
10 Dig through handbag to find diary with your PIN written on the inside back page.
11. Enter PIN.
12. Press cancel and re-enter correct PIN.
13. Enter amount of cash required.
14. Check makeup in rear view mirror.
15. Retrieve cash and receipt.
16. Empty handbag again to locate wallet and place cash inside.
17. Write debit amount in check register and place receipt in back of check book.
18. Re-check makeup.
19. Drive forward 2 feet.
20. Reverse back to cash machine.
21. Retrieve card.
22. Re-empty hand bag, locate card holder, and place card into the slot provided!
23. Give dirty look to irate male driver waiting behind you.
24. Restart stalled engine and pull off.
25. Re-dial person on cell phone.
26. Drive for 2 to 3 miles.
27. Release Parking Brake.

NTS Notes: I am not out to insult women at all... But the facts are that I have witnessed everything that is in this humorous article myself and therefore I will say that what is presented is so true!

Yes, women... You gotta love them..... My own better half also read this article and she herself laughed but stated "not all women are like that!", which is true, but from what I have seen those women who know logically how to use an ATM machine at a drive through window without going through needless crap are in a minority!

And yes, as the author states, this may have indeed been written by a man, but again the facts are that a lot of what is presented by the "female procedure" are very true! I am living testimony of that fact from what I endured last Friday.....

More to come


Dealer's Choice - You Can Support Israel Or You Can Tell The Truth!

Yes, we have narrowly escaped World War III being launched late last Wednesday.... At least for now... For right now the criminals that run the US government and the psychos in charge over at that mentally deranged state of Israel are working diabolically in some back room trying to come up with a new plan to sell to the gullible American public that an attack on Iran is necessary.... And yes, that new false flag is definitely coming and people should all be ready for it and to immediately finger the real criminals responsible for the evil deed.....

But what has been the most puzzling and disturbing about the events of last week has been how most Americans are just too stupid and dumbed down to even realize how close they came to seeing their entire livelihoods and in fact everything around them possibly disappear in a nuclear conflagration....And in a lot of ways, I blame the brainwashing of the Jew spew media along with the poisons that most Americans ingest these days that destroy their minds and their bodies as the culprits behind the apathy and the tremendous ignorance of most American citizens... To me, this is one of the most disgusting aspects of what America has become today as most US citizens are nothing more than brain dead zombies!

Which brings me to the latest article that was just released by John Kaminski from his website at This one is entitled: "Dealer's Choice: You Can Support Israel Or You Can Tell The Truth" and summarizes how America indeed has become a failed state with nothing but an apathetic populace, which is absolutely part of the Jewish agenda of having America destroyed..... Here is that article in its entirety for everyone to read for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: Sunday, 23 June 2019 16:41

You can support Israel
or you can tell the truth
There is no one left to hold the vision of the America as it once was, if it ever existed at all as we like to believe it did. Before the West was won and the slaughter began . . .
The once-unlimited promise of America has vanished like a puff of smoke in a darkened room as criminals divvy up their strongarmed profits stolen from the people by laws they forgot to tell us they made and regulations that shrinkwrap the human mind.
First off, there must be a plan to rescue the children from pornographers molesting our children in public schools. They must be protected from the Deep State’s plan to disengender them, and then claim all reproductive rights henceforth belong to the government.
California middle school teachers are now forcing girls to know how to affix a condom to a penis replica in “health” classes unapproved by parents or students.
A whole series of real crimes that remain willingly unnoticed by the general population continue to fester and bleed while commuters avert their gaze and grit their teeth and only with some difficulty are able to take a deep breath in the aluminized air.
Their apathy is usually called “I can’t fix anything about that, so why worry?”
This is acquired powerlessness, sought after by most people trying to shield themselves from reality. They have all conspired together in the ultimate betrayal of the promise of America — A comfortable but premature senility in the worship of irrelevance. They preferred to sleep while the world burned.
From there came the petrification of thought in the early ’70s when pot turned to coke — no more new songs, no more original stories — only a thickening smog asphyxiating people taking pain pills that turned out to be shrinking their brains.
Who will save the children? Hell, who will have children, then they will still need to be saved from the fake news cannibals like Florida Gov. DeSantis who sacrificed the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in order to protect the children of Florida from finding out what the Jews have really done to the world. The Deep State has taken over our schools intent on producing mixed race homos who naturally are attracted to the free stuff offered — but never delivered — by Communism (which is really a Jewish Gentile Control Mechanism).
The family system cannot exist in a society that equalizes homosexuality. It is the key element — the overthrow of the traditional family system — in the Jewish destabilization template atomizing all societies into uniform worker bee categories. If you are gay the state will be your family. Good luck.
The public campaign to compare the opposition of poison vaccines to modern day witchcraft indicates the depth to which the mainstream medical profession has plummeted in its priorities for people’s actual health. As Linus Pauling pointed out, that except for surgeries you could do more with an unlimited supply of Vitamin C than you could with most of the Big Pharma lineup of killer corporations.
Save Israel, to hell with the U.S. seems the mantra of the day.
Never the whole truth
Always use a lot of the truth, just enough to make it sound convincing, but save the hook for later. The rubes will never see it coming. And, oh, don’t forget, never the whole truth. Remember the rule: to reveal the true mission of the Jews to a goy would be the same as killing the whole race. And you would say, which race? And for the last two thousand years — ever since Moses advised his fellow lepers to steal all the Egyptians’ jewelry — the Jew would snicker silently and skulk off into the night.
This my friend is the Jewish formula for success, and why slimes like Alex Jones and other camouflaged Jewish sympathizers . . . you’ve been warned about this many times.
So here’s the deal. You can support Israel or you can support free speech.
America’s population has ample reason to be concerned. Both sides of the political debate are corrupt criminals with not a whiff of genuine social concern. They’re all sucking the big bucks from the Jew bankers. It’s all about siphoning off tax money for bogus projects. Have you see Maxine Waters’s $4M house?
As with religion, the lure of this thing called democracy is nothing but an invitation to sabotage, compromise and plunder the body politic with ideas that can’t possibly work which nevertheless are attempted year after year, decade after decade . . . what is it about power that makes so many abandon their humanitarian instincts? Do they think more money can insulate them from their final thoughts about themselves? It’s one thing to live with evil you have assisted in its dastardly deeds, but quite another challenge to die with the consequences of your knowledge. I wonder how Dick Cheney felt? Is he dead yet? Maybe I was thinking of Ariel Sharon. I often confuse the two.
But then most people don’t give it a second thought.
It’s the Jews’ biggest trick: appealing to your better nature when they have none themselves.
Religions exist as a coping mechanism that allows humans to face death with a sense of optimism. Otherwise depression overtakes them and they cannot function productively. I don’t know the answer, but I believe no one should ever believe in a lie.
I believe there are good people in all real religions. I believe there are good people in inadvertently fake religions, trying to do the best they can with bad tools. And I believe there are good people with no religion, extremely intelligent atheists who don’t deserve to be slandered by people with narrower perspectives than their own.
That’s how you can tell about real and fake religions. Real religions don’t slander other religions. Which means the only real religion is Krishna, who accepts worshippers of all gods and creeds.
I’ve whittled it down simpler than that. Anything with two eyes that bleeds red deserves my affection and respect, within the bounds of human queasiness.
Fill your heart with light for the dark days to come, my friend. And pray the infection of these vampires called “America’s troops overseas” will not spread to us all.

NTS Notes: Another fabulous article by John Kaminski.... And of course I have some points of conjecture that I want to add here...

First, I do agree with John's statement that there is no one to hold the vision of what America should be today... The US government is nothing but a corrupt treasonous group of criminals that should ALL be put in jail for their pledging their undying allegiance to Israel above and beyond the American republic and the ignorant citizens that took the time to vote them into higher office.... These treasonous bastards should all be forced to revoke their American citizenships and be forced to board the first planes out of the US and flown to their 'cherished state of Israel' immediately... The citizens of the United States needs leadership more than ever now that actually cares about America and ONLY America...

Second...I too have stood firm in my convictions that "homosexuality" and every single filth that makes up the LBGTQPEIEIO fraudulent community of mentally damaged psychos should all be in mental institutions or be shunned by our societies.... These frauds and their "liberal" counterparts are definitely out there doing as their Jewish masters demand, and are following the Jewish agenda of destroying our families..... That madness should be halted immediately and to HELL with those who scream that I am suddenly "racist" or a "Hater", for their political correctness is nothing but bullshit and must be put out of its misery...

Third... Yes, John is absolutely right that the target of the freaks and mentally damaged misfits in the fraud LBGTQPEIEIO psych ward are children as they are wanting to force PEDOPHILIA out in the open and allow the sickos that want to destroy children to have the "right" to do so!   This also must be stopped immediately or we will see the end of our societies....

Fourth.. John is correct in regards to the Jews being behind this madness... And yes, as I have said many times, these criminals want to have "free speech" destroyed, and they want to have anyone that says one peep about the criminality of their "beloved" Israel to be thrown into Jail on false charges of "hate" and the fraud of "antisemitism".... Our governments, in both the US and up here in Canada, are indeed working on "bills" to have anyone who says anything about the criminal activities of Israel to be punished!  And if these criminals are successful, then "free speech" will definitely die.....

And Fifth.... I have no qualms in stating that Religion is nothing but pure bullshit and nothing more than mass brainwashing.... I have stated over and over again that religion is a form of enslavement, and I stand behind that conviction... I have also said that you do not need a religion to understand the differences between good and evil and how we should live our lives by helping and being good to our fellow human beings, as these are the backbone of a thriving civilization.   However we live in a world where a truly disgusting and evil 'religion' called Judaism is able to thrive and take control over our societies, and if able to achieve world dominance will indeed bring about a new dark age that will be unheard of in all human history...

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Monday, June 24th, 2019

Yes, it is indeed Monday.... And thank you all for your patience... Here is my "weekend rant"...

I got tangled up in a wide assortment of issues yesterday, and on top of that madness my better half was ill and I definitely had to attend to her needs which came first and foremost..... She has not been well this last while, and she will probably be going for some tests very soon to determine if there is not a deeper issue... Cancer does run in her family and her own mother died some 15 years ago from the ravages of that disease... I am crossing my fingers that it is nothing more serious and we will tackle it head on if it comes to something that is damaging her health.... She has been with me for decades now, and I definitely will do everything I can to make sure she is around for a few more decades at least...

I honestly am wiped out, but I figured I would sit down at my computer and get this rant out....Better late than never...

First, I am not sold at all on the idea that criminal President Donald Drumpf "recalled" a strike ordered last week Wednesday against Iran... That criminal, whom many are claiming is a "crypto Jew" in absolutely in bed with the other maniacs that now control the US Government, and they absolutely want to see the destruction of Iran as ordered by their Jewish masters and the US government's own masters in the psychotic state of Israel..... My speculation is that there are still some "good guys" in the US government or even in the Intelligence services that knew what was transpiring with Drumpf ordering a strike on Iran, and it may be those "good guys" that tipped off the Iranians about when that strike was going to occur.... With that warning, the Iranians quickly put all of their forces on high alert and prepared their massive missile defense systems for an incoming US strike... That, and I do  believe that the Iranians also pinpointed the exact locations of every American asset including all of their naval vessels operating in the region and prepared a massive counter strike that would have surely sunk almost ever major US vessel including the two Aircraft carriers presently in the region, taking thousands of American sailors a to watery grave....It would have been a huge slaughter of American lives, and I do believe that once the criminal Drumpf administration saw that the Iranians were ready and very capable of countering their strike, they had NO choice but to call it off...

AND, my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, has stated in some of her articles over the last while that it was the Iranians that developed the "Khibiny" electronics jamming technology that worked so well 5 years ago by the Russians against the USS Donald Cook that was operating in the Black Sea at that time...Many so quickly forget how a Russian Su24 fighter aircraft switched on Khibiny as it approached the Donald Cook and basically blinded the ship entirely while switching off all of the Cook's onboard electronics... All it would take to destroy the American naval task forces in the region was for one or two Iranian submarines to be equipped with Khibiny, and basically switch off every electronic device on all the American vessels, making them all sitting ducks for those submarines to launch a successful torpedo assault... It is no wonder that we find reports that the American navy was frantically trying to pinpoint exactly where the Iranian subs were, for they knew what was coming!

Therefore, when I read reports coming from guys such as Jim Stone, who for reasons I cannot imagine still supports criminal US President Drumpf, that state that Drumpf is "against the deep state", I honestly have to ask what they are smoking?  Drumpf is absolutely hell bent on fulfilling his Jewish masters wishes, as we have already seen with his illegal hand over of the Golan Heights to Israel... Heck, few are even aware that it was sinister Jewish criminals such as Sheldon Adelson, the Jewish casino owner, who financed his 2016 Presidential campaign and these monsters absolutely OWN him...... Jim Stone himself does a great service with so many of his articles, but sadly his backing of Drumpf is indeed a puzzle......And Jim is so wrong when he states that Drumpf called off the strike against Iran himself, for I can see things so differently...

There is also a major point that was missed in all of this rush to war this last week... When the Iranians shot down that Global Hawk US drone that was most definitely flying over Iranian air space, the Iranians actually could have shot down an American military aircraft that was loaded with some 38 American servicemen on board that the American government is stating now "accidentally wandered" into Iranian air space... Wandered my ass, for I can guarantee that this was the "bait" that the Americans wanted to sell to the American people via the Jew spew media as the "reason" that an attack on Iran was necessary... The criminal Drumpf regime does definitely need the actual death of American servicemen to get their war going and they had hoped the Iranians would "take the bait"... Luckily the Iranians could see what was happening, and rightfully shot down that American drone and ignored the American plane loaded with planned victims...

Well, World War III was definitely just averted this last week, but the sinister maniacs in both the psycho state of Israel and the criminal US Government will absolutely try again shortly.... In the meantime, we have Drumpf wanting to impose even more "sanctions" on Iran that he wants imposed as of today... Most of those new sanctions are economic, and will be targeting Iran's vital international supplies of medical supplies as well as some food supplies... We have seen already where these economic sanctions can be even more brutal than an actual military strike in the case of Iraq where a decade long suffocation of that nation via "sanctions" during the 1990's caused the starvation and death of some 1 million Iraqis... The psychos in Israel and the US are most definitely wanting to see these same type of "economic sanctions" do the same damage to Iran... However, Iran is a much more diverse nation than Iraq, with a multitude of natural resources for maintaining its food supplies... That and the Iranians do have massive trade deals with the Russians and Chinese in place and they can use those outlets to get their vital medical supplies as well... Basically these economic sanctions against Iran may hurt that nation very little as the Iranians will simply go and trade with someone else that will tell the US to "drop dead"!

I was over visiting a few friends on Friday night, and we discussed a lot of different subjects... I was honestly shocked that few at that get together were even aware about how close we actually came to World War III on Wednesday night right after the Iranians shot down that US drone over Iran...... When I filled many of them in about the circumstances of what had just occurred, many were stunned and a few stated that it was "nowhere on the news at all"... That does not surprise me, for the criminals in the Jew spew news would have only put out reports after the "military strikes" were "successful"... The liars in the Jew spew media had their orders to avoid reports about the entire incident by their Jewish masters, and sadly both the American public and those living right here in Canada were kept in the dark on purpose.... I find it so troubling that so many people are not even aware of what is really happening across our sick world, as the Jews in control are definitely working overtime now to suppress the real truths and instead fill more and more simple minds with nothing but pure fluff... This is why it is so important that we as bloggers continue our efforts and to continue to push the truth out in the face of more and more criminal Jewish censorship....

Well, in other news... Saturday marked the 78th anniversary of the launching of the German attack against the Jewish controlled Soviet Union, called Operation Barbarossa.... I had discovered well over a decade ago some amazing facts about Barbarossa and how it was not an "invasion" of the Soviet Union at all as the liars in the Jew controlled "history" books continue to portray, but was actually a "pre-emptive" strike against the Soviets due to the fact that the arch criminal madman, Josef Stalin himself was actually building up a massive offensive strike force of some 5 Million men with a large multitude of guns, tanks, and airplanes, and was absolutely planning a massive offensive strike against Germany for July 5th, 1941 under the code name "Operation Thunderstorm"..... Few so called "historians" are even aware of this fact, as we have been lied to for decades now with the notion that Adolf Hitler launched Barbarossa to "conquer the Soviet Union" when the reality is that Hitler waited until the Soviets were moving their own offensive forces to their forward "jump off" points for their planned invasion of Germany and therefore when those Soviet forces were at their weakest, before he himself launched Barbarossa and caught the Soviet offensive forces by surprise... Few are even aware that Hitler basically smashed as many as 6 major Soviet armies, destroyed countless tanks and aircraft on the ground that were preparing for their own offensive operations, and basically saved all of western Europe from a major Soviet invasion..... Adolf Hitler for his actions in launching Barbarossa basically saved Europe, and rather than being hailed as a hero by his actions, is still pictured as a villain?  It is no wonder we live in a world where our real history is so badly suppressed!

I will say that it has indeed been a cold and brutal Spring time here in central Canada, and the outlook for at least the beginning of this Summer is not much different... Temperatures in these parts are well below normal for this time of year, and this is exactly as I had expected considering that we are indeed entering a "Grand Solar Minimum" where temperatures will be much much lower right across the entire planet for the next decade at least... And there has been one major side effect to the reduced solar radiation output from our Sun that I was made aware of just the other day, for as the Sun's helio-sphere shrinks as its solar radiation output diminishes, apparently there have been measurements made in our planet's upper atmosphere that show that we are seeing a massive increase in cosmic rays hitting our atmosphere....One report even stated that instruments on board many high flying aircraft have shown as much as a 70 fold increase in cosmic ray activity!   This increase does not bode well for passenger planes flying in the stratosphere as many passengers on board are now being subjected to this higher level of radiation, and I can only imagine what passenger plane pilots are being subjected to as well.... The effect of increased cosmic rays in our atmosphere will also cause an increase in planetary wide cloud cover as what has been already shown in that fabulous video "Cloud Mystery" that is still up in the right hand column of this blog.... Increased cloud activity will indeed further cool the planet, and we are indeed seeing that effect already in this part of Canada where we have seen fewer days with clear skies, and a lot more days with constant cloud cover!  And with that increased cloud cover the days here are much colder than normal......All this does show is that every single model pushed by the liars in the Global Warming scam are absolutely wrong and that the planet's climate is absolutely driven by our Sun itself....

I saw reports coming out just the other day where apparently the Jewish controlled government in Germany has bowed to their Jewish masters' wishes and will be increasing the amount paid out to "survivors" of the so called "Holocaust" by an additional 100 Euros per month for each "survivor" that is still alive today...  I find this so atrocious and all we basically have here is the Jewish criminals continuing to steal from the German people for a supposed incident that happened over 70+ years ago and to this day is not allowed to be researched and investigated to prove as being valid!   As a Canadian, I am truly appalled that this crime and act of theft continues to be allowed in our nations as we continue to pay tribute to these Jewish criminals for decades after the supposed "Holocaust" took place.... I also find it appalling that few people still cannot see the simple equation of:  "If so many people supposedly "died" during that "Holocaust", then WHY do we have so many "survivors" that seem to outnumber by far the "victims"?  And I am absolutely not in any way trying to slur or to demean any of the real people that may have actually died in Germany's many work camps, but the facts are that the mathematics of the "Holocaust" itself simply do NOT add up at all.... Common sense would dictate here that something is seriously wrong with the entire "6 Million" scheme and the facts should outweigh any speculation...But again, to research and investigate as a Canadian into the facts could see me have jail time.... The bottom line here is that Germany has done enough to pay these criminals and they should stop doing "reparations" to these thieves immediately...

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment.... I will be back next week doing this rant on a Sunday (hopefully).... And as usual I always leave so much on the table that I have not yet covered here, and will touch on those important subjects right here in my closing "last minute tidbits"........I see that people are finally waking up to the reality that "Facebook" is a crooked criminal spy operation and have been abandoning that "social network" by the millions every day.  Most people do not like liars, and thankfully they can see that Facebook is nothing but a lie and a complete waste of their time and effort........More reports coming in all the time about how the Houthis in Yemen are successfully launching strike after strike against Saudi targets using both aerial drones and cruise missiles as well.  Again, all I can say is "Good for the Houthis" for what they are doing is definite retaliation against the Saudis that continue to slaughter Yemen civilians by the thousands while starving more to death on a monthly basis.  The war in Yemen has not been a pushover as the Saudis had expected and the Houthis are rightfully giving those bastards a black eye...... It is now 32 weeks into the Yellow Vests protests in France, and still no end in sight. I do wonder what it will take now for the French people to have had enough and demand that the evil Emmanuel Macron resign as Prime Minister and replace that Jew maniac with someone that actually cares about France and its citizens??.......There seems to be a new "ceasefire" in place in and around the Idlib pocket in northern Syria, but the reality is that the Syrian government and its Russian allies should stop giving the US terrorists any breathing room and finally put an end to their Idlib stronghold once and for all.  Syria belongs to the Syrian people and the Syrian government should continue to drive out the US backed invaders of their nation until their nation is made whole once again......More economic bad news this last week as more and more corporations are on the verge of bankruptcy.  All that anyone has to do is go out and see how many business are right now begging for business just to survive while others have gone into bankruptcy!.......New report came out last week showing how that crooked Juan Guaido, who has proclaimed himself as the President of Venezuela, has been involved in corruption and crooked business dealings in Columbia.  This figures, as that US puppet is indeed nothing but a crook and a snake in the grass.  Hopefully the Venezuelan people have been alerted as to what this crook has been up to..........It has been so wet in the American mid west this spring that very few farmers are actually going to plant their crops in a multitude of American states this year.  This does not bode well for the American food production and their ability to feed their own people as well as exports to other nations, but many are counting on Canadian and European productions to off set losses in America.  But it does not bode well for prices in grocery stores that are already ultra high and may go much higher as a result........Trans-Mountain pipeline in Canada has finally been given the go, and all I can say is to build the damn thing and get Alberta's petroleum flowing to export markets.  There are still critics of the entire project, and honestly to hell with them, for Canada so desperately needs that oil revenue.........I see Donald Drumpf is now running for "re-election" in America, and considering how the Jew run Democrats are a mess, the Jew Drumpf should definitely  be a shoo in come 2020 unless the Jews who control the entire process select one of their other sinister clowns as the next President.  Yes, America, you are fucked either way once again......Finally, people with common sense are fighting back against the transgender freaks competing against real biological women in athletic events.   Freaks have no place in women's sports and it is about time people put an end to that stupidity.........African immigrants that may be carrying Ebola viruses are definitely invading the American south and I wonder why the American public is not up in arms over that travesty.  As I said before, there may be a sinister plan afoot here with weaponized Ebola being introduced to America via these illegals.........Someone asked me last week about the travesty taking place where a crooked Jewish judge has sided with the fraud parents of that Sandy Hook operation against Jim Fetzer and others that are rightfully calling that operation a massive hoax and swindle.   I do hope that real truth seekers are not deterred now from seeing how Sandy Hook was indeed a faked shooting where nobody died, and stand firm with their convictions and the evidence of the fraud......Now the criminals in NASA reported last week that they may have found evidence of life on Mars thanks to their probes supposedly detecting Methane in the Martian atmosphere.  Considering the fact that the "probes" are no where near Mars and are actually on Earth, of course they would find Methane in Earth's atmosphere.  Obviously the crooks behind NASA need more money and will use this "find" as their excuse to launch further fraud missions to the "red planet"..........I am planning a vacation this year and will probably take off for parts unknown in less than a month from now.  I will alert readers long before my vacation, and during that time I will not be posting articles here but will hopefully find the time for these weekend rants instead........ Women's World Cup still going strong, and I am indeed rooting for Team Canada to go deep into the playoffs.  They are playing Sweden later today which will be no easy task, and even if they somehow survive that match they have to face a very good German team in the quarter finals.  Go Canada!........And finally, in the nuthouse skankville called "Kardashian" we have a new scandal making the paparazzi where apparently Tristan Thompson has been having an "affair" with Jordyn Woods (who?) leaving skank #2, Khloe, heartbroken.  Honestly, is this all that these skanks are all about? Lying? Cheating? It is so surprising that with America a complete mess that so many Americans follow the machinations of these sluts and skanks on a daily basis.   And again people somehow question me when I call America a failed state when all they have to do is look at the American love affair with these trollops!

More to come