Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Target Iran: US Is Reportedly Readying To Deploy 120000 Troops For War With Iran, And Other Interesting Reports In Aftermath Of US/Israel Failed "False Flag" Attack Last Sunday!

I have been keeping close tabs on the 'aftermath' of that failed false flag in the United Arab Emirates last Sunday morning, where the criminals in the US obviously "sabotaged" upwards of 10 oil tankers sitting in the oil terminal port of Fujairah... This was very much a set up, and was instigated by the criminals in BOTH the US government and the psychotic state of Israel as a means of "blaming it on Iran" just to get their nice little war against that peaceful and innocent nation off and running...

In the aftermath of that failed most obvious "false flag" attempt by the US, the criminals in the US government and their military obviously did not want to let even a "bad" false flag attempt go to waste, and we have report after report of the sinking of "Saudi tankers" and others that state that "scuba divers" (!) of all things were responsible for this attack and that the "evidence" points directly to "Iranian involvement".....  I on the other hand and knowing full well that this was obviously a failed false flag attack look upon these subsequent reports and those coming out of the liars in the Jew spew media as nothing but pure garbage, lies, and obviously propaganda to try to sway the gullible American people into supporting an "immediate attack" on the nation of Iran!

I have been scouring the alternative media looking to see what others have to say about this heinous act by the criminals in the US and Israel from last Sunday morning, and I am glad to see that my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, has her own report and her own "two cents worth" about this obvious false flag attack.... In fact here is the link her report right from her "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" website right here:


I agree that the criminals in Israel are at least "1/2 responsible" (If not fully, for the Jews do control America) for this heinous act in the UAE from Sunday morning, as it is the psychos in Israel that are wanting so desperately to see this war against Iran off and running and to have the US do ALL of the fighting and dying for their criminal empire...

I also have found the following update from Jim Stone's website, at www.jimstone.is, that was posted just earlier today about this failed false flag attack..  Here is that update:

The U.S. / Israel is HELL BENT on war with Iran. NEW ATTACK TODAY

Ok, so with the precedent that has been set, there might not have actually been an attack, the ziopress can bring fiction to life by spewing a lie and sticking to it.  Here is the new line:
Drones carrying explosives damaged two oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia.  And Iran has a very good drone program. People can laugh all they want after the propaganda spew, but it is a fact that Iran is not a backwards country. 
So obviously, what is going on with this is that to get a plausible story out there, an attack, which only Iran, Israel, the United States, and (maybe) the Sauds could have pulled off. There's not much else out there with drone programs that good.

So let's plug this into the thinktabulator

What happened in the UAE early Sunday morning CST? A MASSIVE 911 scale terror attack was reported in the Arab press (including Iran). This attack had 10 oil tankers ablaze in a UAE owned port with "American and French" planes being the cause. That's BIG. But it did not happen. But it was REPORTED EVERYWHERE, far too many news outlets had this story "as it was happening" for it to have been a mistake. Only, the attack did not happen. Obviously then, there was a plan to do this and someone released the story line to the press, fully scripted, as if it happened and it could therefore not happen FIVE HOURS LATER - it was supposed to happen at 8:30 AM CST and someone spilled the beans on it right around 3 AM CST. That's a GREAT way to kill a false flag, ONLY NO.
Drooling over an opportunity to blow Iran away, Israeli puppet state Saudi Arabia reported that 4 of it's tankers were attacked by Iran, with a large hole blown through the hull of each one. Only, they did not catch fire, the vapors did not explode (if they were empty) and there's no pictures and no casualties. THINKTABULATOR SAYS: TODAY'S ATTACKS ON SAUDI ARABIA ARE A HOAX, YOU CAN'T JUST SPEW LIKE THIS AFTER A MAJOR FALSE FLAG WAS BLOWN TO THE WILD BLUE YONDER EVEN IF YOU CLAIM YOU WERE ATTACKED AFTER IT WAS BLOWN TO THE WILD BLUE YONDER.
Israel would not be stupid enough to do this after having the lid blown off a plan the way it was with the "10 oil tankers ablaze", but the Sauds? Believe me, they are not very bright and are underachievers on top of it.  I lay this "drone attack" that likely did not happen at all squarely on Saudi Arabia. The first one that got busted before it happened was no doubt Israel and the U.S., and after that failed the Sauds could not cope so they started spewing "multiple attack by Iran" BULLSHIT.

I too have watched the reports coming out earlier today about an attack against "Saudi Oil pumping stations" in central Saudi Arabia that apparently were set up to try to lay the blame on Iran once again... Some of the initial reports claimed "sabotage" while subsequent reports claim that it was "Yemeni drones" that the reports claim were "supplied" by IRAN as being the culprits!   And of course the Houthis are shouldering the burden of the blame game with that "pumping station attack" and almost ALL of the Jew spew media reports about this new incident have the words "Iranian support for the Houthis" in every single article... Yes, the Houthis could have indeed launched these drone strikes if they did occur, but rather than give credit to the ingenuity of the Houthis in building these drones, the criminals are not going to let an attack such as this one go to waste in their continuing vilification of Iran...

And of course in the aftermath of the failed UAE "oil tanker" false flag, the US is continuing with the "blame game" and some of their claims against Iran have turned into outrageous and insanely blatant lies.... And of course the Jew spew media in the US was in the "blame Iran" from almost the moment that the "news' of this failed false flag attack became known to the general public... In fact, here is a good example of the BULLSHIT being pushed as pure propaganda from a link from none other than "Fox News" online.... Be ready to vomit after reading this utter piece of pure crap:


Yeah, thats right... "First Assessment" and these bastards and liars in the Jew spew media are quick to jump on the blame Iran game for their Jewish masters... Even before any real hard evidence is presented, these liars were quick to put out this type of pure lies and propaganda to brainwash the American people once again into the falsehood that "Iran did it, and Iran is the threat"!

And what I found today from the Southfront website, at www.southfront.org, was very interesting and shows that the US military is indeed already into preparations for a major conflict with Iran... Here the link to that report here, where apparently the US military is readying some 120000 combat troops for their nice little war against Iran:


I have seen subsequent reports where the US government is apparently back peddling on this report that they are ready to send in the troops for war against Iran.... And to me, this 120000 figure is relatively low for a major war against a nation the size of Iran... I will therefore speculate that the US will be once again pushing for a "coalition of the willing" much like they did for their bullshit war full of lies against Iraq back in 2003.....

And what saddens me is that ALL THIS  is for that psychotic state of Israel... That evil POS runs the US and controls the US Government... They are the maniacs who absolutely are frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs in wanting to see Iran destroyed and to have the US do all the fighting and dying in that war..... Thousands and thousands of US forces are to be sent to die for the glory of that sinister state and its aspirations of glory....

Yes, readers, the buildup for a major war against Iran is definitely on... The US will be going to war because their Jewish masters are demanding it!   And of course as I stated in last weekend's rant, this war will cost the US a fortune and will basically bleed the US economy to death.... The US may ultimately 'win' this war against the innocent nation of Iran, but the aftermath will be horrific... Another nation with millions dead, while the criminal psychos in Israel will be dancing in the streets as their criminally psychotic leadership will be grinning ear to ear as their last opposition to their sickening "Greater Israel" project will be removed.... And of course subsequently, the Jewish lunatics will have the US absorb multiple trillions of dollars in debt as the cost of fighting this war for their Jewish masters, and the result will see the Jewish criminal banksters allow the US economy to collapse and have the American nation collapse as well...... All this is what will happen after Iran is destroyed, and Jewish parasitism reigns supreme once again...

I do hope that my American readers are willing to take a stand and get the real news out... Your criminal government in Washington DC is NOT your own..... It may take a citizens uprising in the United States to stop those criminals from going to war against Iran, but that may be a necessity to save another innocent nation from patented US "regime change" and to prevent the US from basically destroying itself in the process....

More to come



Unknown said...

I am sorry to say that at least here in SC, that will
not happen. The Local Yokels are continuing to build
even MORE "houses of worship" to their dead Jew Jeezus,
and pray that the half-assed carpenter will lead them to
"treasures in heaven." Let me leave you with this quote:

"Christianity is an old metaphysical fiction,
stuffed with fables, contradictions and
absurdities: it was spawned in the fevered
imagination of the Orientals, and then spread
to our Europe, where some fanatics espoused
it, where some intriguers pretended to be
convinced by it, and where some imbeciles actually
believed it."

Jorge said...

Guess I'm am imbecile then.That Jewish carpenter is my Saviour and I pray that you will embrace Truth along with the Jews and Muslims.I would also point out that there are many Jews and Muslims that reject the warmongering of US/Saudi Arabia/Israel/NATO.Government controlled media wants us to hate each other.Seems to be working all too well as many fall for their false flags

wallflower said...

@ Unknown...

Whatever your views about Christians you're free to say but they also play into the hands of jews. However some Christians get it and are warning those who are asleep:


Two of the cast that make up TruNews are Iraq veterans well wide awake trying to sound the alarm to others esp. Evangelican''s who have supported Israel. Rick Wiles calls them out by name and warns the followers to repent and learn the Truth. They are pro Palestinian and report almost on a daily basis the atrocities being committed by Israel.

Unknown said...

I am amazed that you can get away with posting truth
like this from Canada and actually get it "out here"
under the noses of the Jew-controlled CHRC! Keep it
coming, NTS! Many more than you know are depending on
you to keep us up to speed! Here in the Lower 48, we only
have the First Amendment to protect us, and the Jews
are attacking it like there is no tomorrow!