Wednesday, March 6, 2019

US Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, Is ABSOLUTELY Right - The Jews 100% Control The US Government, And It Is NOT "Antisemitic" To Point Out The Truth!

Someone sent me an email earlier today saying that I should have at least ONE article at this blog covering the fact that a US Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, has come flat out and called a "spade a spade" in saying that the US Congress is absolutely under the firm control of the Jewish power elite that run America and that every single "congress critter" has to swear their undying allegiance to them and their sickening criminal state of Israel... If anyone defies that rule, they find themselves quickly thrown out of office much like Cynthia McKinney was years back when she was brave enough to show that same truth that Congress critters had to swear their allegiance to Israel first and foremost above the American nation....

When I did some reading and sifted through the bullshit coming out from the Jew spew media that has been screaming lies and slurs against Omar, especially the lie of her being 'antisemitic' for speaking the truth, I honestly had to shake my head in disgust.... It is NOT "anti Jewish" or "Antisemitic" at all to speak the obvious, but of course Omar has now opened the bottle and let out the Genie, and has exposed the truth about the sickness of the American political system for the world to see...   And she is now paying the price heavily for speaking the truth...

First, I do want to present the following link to a report that comes from the Mondoweiss website, at, where Ilhan Omar discusses her situation in the US Congress and how she has been told that she is "un-America" for not being Pro-Israel! Here is that link for everyone to see right here:

OK, I see no problems at all in what Omar is saying, and it shows how the entire US political system has indeed been hijacked by the criminal Jewish elite, and how every single representative in that fiasco that swears allegiance to Israel are indeed TRAITORS to America itself....

I also found the following report from Jim Stone, over at, that covers this situation very nicely and again shows how Ilhan Omar is indeed speaking the truth and how the Jewish community that controls America is now freaking out over her statements, because they are indeed the truth! Here is Jim's article here:

The Jewish community is FREAKING OUT over Illhan Omar

They have gotten into forums and are trying their damndest to convince everyone they don't own it "all", all in response to ONE (1) i repeat that, ONE Islamic congresswoman who happened to speak the truth and disagreed with being forced to swear allegiance to Israel, on top of saying their lobbies exert potent control over Congress and DC in general.

I'd like to ask a question:

What's wrong with having anyone in congress point out what Omar pointed out? What's the gaff with that? Is America so much a subject state that it should result in your eviction from congress for pointing out ONE group practically owns it all? To top it off, Omar is a NEVER TRUMPER!!! But that won't do if you speak up about who is really running things and who owns the place. No, instead, EVEN F***ING RAND PAUL refuses to point it out. And he's going to string up Trump with the wall too. Is even Rand Paul a prodigal son? Probably. He's probably sucking a tit on the demon somewhere. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, he's pulling through for the deep state.

So they are taking to the forums and blogs, trying to flush Ilhan Omar and banning anyone from commenting about one solid fact (including me, I just tripped bans EVERYWHERE with this, ) it is a forbidden item, and that item is:


Ilhan Omar is continuing to take the heat for saying the Jews own Congress

Even Brietbart came out of the closet and ripped her, which means Brietbart is just another layer of the subversion onion. They may report more than most, but it is all just managed control . . . .

At any rate, GOOD FOR HER, yes, the Jews and Israel really DO own DC. Nothing anyone does for damage control will make a difference with this, it is a reality. That reality has been painted over. Maybe they can hide a donkey's @ss with a thick layer of paint if they scream hate and anti semite enough, but it won't change the reality of it all. She clearly pointed out who the real enemies of the Republic are. Too bad one is smack dab in the middle of Trump's life, he'd no doubt have gotten farther without that worm RIGHT THERE in the center of the apple. They worm their way into EVERYTHING, there's no doubt Kushner was a targeted hit on Trump, who took Ivanka just to make damn good and sure Trump's billions did not get too far out of control.

Waste of a great girl. He has screwed her head on backwards BIGLY. And Ilhan Omar is a hero for exposing just how deep the Jews are into EVERYTHING.

They may flush Omar over this, but she let the genie out of the bottle and IT AINT GOING BACK IN. Her counterpart, Rashida Tlaib, is a PHONEY just like I always said, and mum's the word with her, she was fine with the Jews owning it all, and with them demanding allegiance because she is one, hiding under the cloak of Palestine. I quite frankly would prefer to not see the real one get flushed, we need whistleblowers and if it took a real Muslim to do it, I am fine with that.

I for one agree that Ilhan Omar will indeed pay the price for standing up for the truth and exposing how truly criminal each and every single traitor that sits in the US Government truly is...

And I will state that it is NOT "antisemitic" for telling the truth... If the truth shows that this group is criminal and truly evil and controls our governments for a diabolical purpose, then it is NOT offensive in any manner simply because it is the TRUTH!..... People should not get their heads wrapped around the fraud of "antisemitism" and have that blind their perspectives....

One other thing.... I do want to share the following video that was put out a few years back where former US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, comes out and shows exactly what Ilhan Omar is speaking of today is the absolute truth... The entire US Congress is forced to swear their undying allegiance to the criminal state of Israel, or each and every member that refuses is "blackballed" or forced out of office in any following election through the criminal use of Jew money to buy elections and force them out!  Here is that video:

Yes, the truth does hurt... The entire US Government is nothing more than slaves to Jewish interests.... And sadly the gullible and brain dead American public has continued to allow this to happen!

And again, it is NOT "antisemitic" to tell the truth... Evil is evil, and if this group of "tribe members" are evil then their crimes against humanity should be exposed for everyone to see..

More to come



RickB said...

Americans owe her homage.

Jody Paulson said...

First of all, not all Jews are Zionists, and there's certainly a case to be made that Ashkenazi Jews are more European than anything else. Being anti-AIPAC is hardly being "racist!"
AIPAC doesn't even represent all of Israel, only the right-wing Likudniks. Nobody ever wants to point out that Palestinians are Semites -- Arabic is in fact a Semitic language. How dare Jews as white as I am imply that Omar is some kind of bigot! And these allegations cross all party lines ... from Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Ari Fleischer. But really they're the same party, they owe their allegiance to Mammon!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Jody... I used to have that belief that it was only "zionists" but have discovered over time that the problem is with the sickness of their "religion" called Judaism and how it calls for them to act like supremacists....

I for one see the problem with the whole lot of them as many are truly evil, while others are heavily brainwashed into the belief that "what is good for a fellow jew is good for the whole tribe" mentality.