Monday, March 25, 2019

More Real History Revealed: Now The Jews Themselves Are Asking The Question If Jack The Ripper Was Indeed A Sick Polish Jew Named Aaron Kosminski!

I am a truth seeker, and I have no fear in getting the real truth out when it becomes available for me to post it up at this blog... And one of the purposes of this blog is to expose the truth about our real history, and not the bullshit that we have been brainwashed by our so called "history books" that are of course nothing but pure propaganda and lies....

I have posted several articles over the 11 years that this blog has been in existence in regards to the truth about one of the greatest mass murderers in our history, Jack The Ripper.... I came across some very startling evidence a few years back that showed definitive proof that Jack The Ripper was in fact a genetically brain damaged Jewish Polish immigrant named Aaron Kosminski, and I once again want to share that  important link from an article that I published here back in September 2014 that covered that fact... Here is the link to that article:

OK, I was surprised at the time of the publishing of that important report that I got next to nothing in terms of hits, reads, or traction from that post..... This article proved at the time what many people had suspected about Jack The Ripper and how he was indeed a brain damaged Jew that was mentally psychotic..... Are people afraid of seeing this as factual evidence that the so called "tribe" does indeed contain a lot of members that suffer from mental illness???

Well, lo and behold, but the truth about who Jack the Ripper really was can no longer be hidden from the world...For according to the following link from a report coming from the Jerusalem Post itself, apparently even the "tribe" does eventually have to come around to asking the question whether Jack The Ripper was indeed Jewish... Here is the link to that article here:

Well, IMHO it has taken now some 4+ years since an amateur DNA expert first stated that Jack The Ripper was indeed a sick mentally deranged Jew named Aaron Kozminski, before the Jews themselves have to reveal that those findings are indeed true....

Before I became a seeker of truth and had my awakening to the reality of our sick world back in the early 80's, I read so many nonfiction and fiction books about Jack the Ripper... Many of the so called "historians" had fingered Jack as being everything from a respected British doctor,  to being either a politician, to even being one of Queen Victoria's relatives.... My guess is those findings were purposely misleading to throw people off of the truth that he was indeed a "tribe member"...

And of course we have the fact that in court after Kosminski was actually arrested for suspicion of being Jack the Ripper, the one person that could have easily pointed out who Jack the Ripper was, was supposedly a British Jewish doctor who refused to finger Kozminski at the time since Kozminski was a "fellow tribe member" and even the Jews of that day would not finger a fellow "tribe member"!

This does beg the question of course about how many other "mass murderers" from our history were actually tribe members?  Considering how much of our real history has been distorted purposely by these criminals, that is a good question!

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