Sunday, March 31, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Sunday, and better late than never here comes my weekend rant...

First, I am glad to say that the worse of winter in these parts of central Canada is over, at least I can hope so... It has indeed been one heck of a brutal winter, and suffice to say that this is only the beginning of what will probably be more brutal winters to come for the next decade at least as the planet enters the grip of this new grand solar minimum.... And with so many people gullibly and stupidly stuck on the false notion of the global warming aka "climate change" bullshit, they are ill prepared for the actuality of a very long cold snap.....

Tomorrow is indeed April Fools Day, but the real joke will be on Canadians as the crooked Justin Trudeau Liberal regime in Ottawa forces their fraud "carbon tax" down our throats... Many in these parts will wake up on Monday morning with much HIGHER fuel charges imposed as part of that "carbon tax" and will be asking themselves "what the fuck just happened?".... I for one have tried my best to alert Canadians at this blog that they are about to be royally screwed thanks to this new "tax" that is nothing more than another grab by the criminals in power in this country...But of course most Canadians do not react to being screwed until it is too late.... Yes, Canada, we are indeed going to be royally fucked as the criminal Liberals raid our pocket books starting tomorrow!

And speaking of the criminals in power here in Canada, the former Liberal Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould was finally vindicated the other day when a very long telephone conversation that was recorded by Jody between herself and that heinous Chief Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick, became public knowledge and showed definitively that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did indeed interfere in the investigation into the criminality of SNC Lavalin to try to keep that criminal corporation from being indicted to protect jobs in the Province of Quebec... And honestly IMHO this shows definitive proof that Justin Trudeau is indeed unfit to continue as the Prime Minister of Canada and absolutely MUST resign as soon as possible or face criminal charges while under investigation by Canada's RCMP..... It only again proves that Justin Trudeau is absolutely NOT like his father, Pierre Eliot Trudeau, and has not the capabilities to run this nation as its PM.... However, I am not liking the alternative to having Justin Trudeau as the PM, for the Liberal Party of Canada may indeed be looking at replacing Justin with the most evil and diabolical Chrystia Freeland..... If Freeland is handed the reigns of power in this nation, I do fear for the Canadian people leading into this upcoming federal election this October and beyond....

Well, things are once again heating up in Venezuela as with criminal US President Donald Drumpf now no longer being saddled with the bullshit Russia Gate "scandal", he has turned his attention to that peaceful nation and wanting to have that "regime change" that would replace the popular President Nicolas Maduro with that heinous Juan "Random" Guaido...... BUT of course news came out these last few days showing that the Russians and even now the Chinese are saying a firm "NO" to the US attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government.... The Russians of course have sent some 190 or so Military advisors and technicians to Venezuela to get Venezuela's S300 air defence systems in operation as well as to work with Venezuelan technicians to make sure that the US is unable to launch any more of their cyber attacks against Venezuela's power grid..... The technicians are of course racing to stop the US "stuxnet" virus that has continued to shut down Venezuela's electrical systems and to make sure the main generating power plants at the Giri hydroelectric station are all back up and running.... The latest news shows that the US attacks on the power grid are still continuing, but slowly but surely the Venezuelans and the Russians are now gaining the upper hand with power restoration happening much quicker...

And it is no wonder that the US is having a fit over the Russians sending their technicians into Venezuela by having the gall to demand that the Russians leave immediately... The Russian response to this American demand has been priceless, where they have come out and stated that they would gladly leave Venezuela once the Americans keep their promise to get the hell out of Syria in return!  But of course the Americans are not going to leave Syria, as their announcement to the world that they would "withdraw" from that nation has turned out to be a massive lie....  And considering the fact that Venezuela is indeed an independent nation and has every right to ask the Russians to come in with their technical assistance to fix the problems the US has created, the American government has not a leg to stand on here, and the Russians can indeed tell those bastards to "pound sand"!

I would say that the window of opportunity for the US to get their regime change via trying to sell the Venezuelans the lie that their power and infrastructure problems are due to the "incompetence of the Maduro regime" are now long gone, with the Venezuelan people now realizing that their problems are absolutely due to American interference.... They are also turning away from Juan "Random" Guaido in droves and throwing their full support behind President Maduro... And with that, the Americans are now going to be gearing up for what may be an invasion of Venezuela itself... The Dutch government last week very quietly and without much Jew spew media coverage gave the US Government the "green light" to use their island of Curacao, just off the north coast of Venezuela itself, as a staging area for a US invasion force to be used against Venezuela..... I can now see the US begin flying in and shipping in troops and weapons to Curacao and very soon launch a false flag operation against Venezuela that will result with the US invading Venezuela under the false pretext of trying to "save Venezuela" as a result of their false flag attack!

Meanwhile, the US government has indeed sold its soul to the devil itself, by handing over the Golan Heights that rightfully and legally belongs to the nation of Syria to the criminal and psychotic state of Israel.... This action will absolutely create even more turmoil in the Middle East, as NO other nation other than the US itself has agreed to this criminal action.... The Golan Heights were never Israel's land to begin with as they seized the territory during their war of expansion aka the "Six Day War" in 1967, and then had the gall to formally annex the Golan Heights in 1981....The United Nations itself has passed many resolutions demanding that the criminal Israelis surrender the Golan Heights rightfully back to the Syrian nation since 1967 and these resolutions stand to this day.....In fact, last week the Syrian envoy to the United Nations went up to the podium and asked the entire world what justification the US has in giving some of Syria's territory over to the Israelis...That envoy also asked correctly the question that if the US is so much obliging to hand over the Golan Heights to the criminal state of Israel, then why does not the US government hand the Israelis the states of North and South Carolina as well to those criminals?    And the Syrian envoy is absolutely right!  I for one would surely love to see the reaction of the American public if their own government suddenly announced that several US states are now under the jurisdiction of the psychotic state of Israel....

Basically, the criminal action of the US giving the Israelis illegally the Golan Heights has not only handed that heinous arch criminal and murderous mentally deranged Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Miliekowsky his re-election as Prime Minister coming this week, but has given that bastard the green light to very possibly annex the entire occupied West Bank next!   Miliekowsky knows that the Jews do indeed control America, and the crooked and criminal US government would indeed support the Israelis if and when they ever decide to go ahead and basically state that Palestine is ALL theirs, with no room at all for the Palestinian people and these peoples' own wish for their own state.....The Israelis have always wanted it all, and they absolutely want not only ALL of Palestine, but they want other territory as well as they do indeed continue their push for their "Greater Israel" project.... Giving these psychos the Golan Heights is only the beginning!

And of course yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the "March of Return" where once again this year the Palestinian people are marching well within the Gaza Strip and away from the Israeli "border" in protest against Israel's continuing occupation and brutal suppression of their rights.....This march is once again a peaceful protest against the Israelis, but this year once again has been marked with some Israeli psychos shooting unarmed protestors claiming that the protestors are or were about to "rush the separation fence" between Israel and Gaza.... On top of all that, we now have reports where once again Israeli Mossad agents have chucked a few of their "bottle rockets" from Gaza back into Israeli territory, where the rockets never seem to hit anything but open space as usual.  The psychotic Israeli government has of course used these "rocket attacks" in the past as their excuse to plaster Gaza and kill dozens of innocent people and apparently are gearing up for another such attack that could happen very shortly.... It is no coincidence that the Israelis are indeed gearing up for a massive assault on Gaza that is being timed with these peaceful protests by the Palestinians living in Gaza itself and are using these new "rocket attacks" as their long proven excuse to launch their assault...  I honestly do not like what may happen over these next few days, as we get reports of dozens or even hundreds of peaceful protestors killed by the criminal IDF in "retaliation" for Israeli launched rocket attacks!

Meanwhile, I had to laugh this last week when I saw the reports that the US Senate decided to have a vote on the insane Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (AOC) most idiotic "New Green Deal" and the vote was an unanimous 57-0 against that fraud "deal"...... I then laughed even louder at the reaction of the most stupid AOC's supposed reaction to the massive defeat of her "deal" where she went on a tirade stating that the failure to pass that vote means that the "planet is doomed".... Honestly, this AOC character is probably one of the most stupid women on planet Earth, as this moron does NOT even understand one thing about "climate change" and how her plan was indeed doomed from the start.... I also did some real research into AOC and her background and honestly I do wonder how in the hell that foul creature ever got to be a Congresswoman, as she has NO background in Politics, has NO background in science or Physics at all in trying to push the fraud "New Green Deal", but was actually in her previous life before being in Congress was a bartender!   I am not going to hold any punches here in stating that this MORON has no place in politics at all, and will only continue to damage her own reputation and make a fool of herself if she continues with pushing this horrific "New Green Deal".. Suffice to say, it would be better for America for her to disappear from any headlines and media, and that she be voted out of office come 2020.

Meanwhile, I am being proven right when I said that the US's criminal and illegal position in southern Syria around the village of Al Tanf is absolutely being used as a forward offensive operations base for potential future offensive operations against the nation of Syria itself... From the strategic position of Al Tanf, the US could indeed launch forces deep into Syrian territory to cut off the important supply route between Damascus through Palmyra all the way to Deir ez-Zor,  which is the whole reason why the US government will NOT surrender that base to the Syrian nation any time soon..... Last week we found proof through several alternative media reports that the US has also been using their Al Tanf position as a "staging area" for their criminal and fraudulent "ISIS" forces for "terrorist" 'attacks against Syria as well!  AND we cannot forget that the US has continued to maintain their concentration camp centred on the Rukban "refugee camp" outside of Al Tanf, where many refugees are indeed now living in nothing more than squaller and filth while starving to death, as their insidious means of using the inmates of that camp as "human shields" against any possible action by the Syrian government forces to seize Al Tanf itself!  This indeed shows proof for  everybody to see how truly diabolic and evil the US has become as they are still pushing for their "regime change" in Syria...

If anyone still has some belief that the Christchurch "shooting" was real and not a fraud, all they have to see is how the criminal New Zealand government has now used that "shooting" as their excuse to basically remove the rights and freedoms of the people of New Zealand through their actions since that "shooting" took place over two weeks ago..... The first act of the criminal government in Wellington was to pass "laws" demanding that the people of New Zealand surrender all of their guns, and has now been enforcing that "law" through strong armed tactics of the New Zealand police by showing up unannounced at private New Zealand citizens' homes to demand guns be handed over to them, "peacefully"... And when those citizens refuse, there has been reports that the police has been using strong armed tactics and has been seizing those weapons for private citizens' defence by force!  Yes, New Zealand apparently is being used as a 'test ground' by the criminal Jewish elite in charge to see how a nation will react to enforced "gun laws", and this does show further proof that there is and always has been something terribly wrong with the entire Christchurch 'shooting'!   I have stood my ground in stating that the Christchurch "shooting" was indeed an operation to bring down brutal gun control legislation in New Zealand and to enforce a form of "martial law" on that nation, and apparently by the actions of the criminals in charge in Wellington since that "attack" I am being proven right!

Yes, there apparently is indeed an "election" about to happen in the US controlled puppet nation of Ukraine tomorrow, and suffice to say the entire election "process" has turned into a big joke with a real comedian actually ahead in all polls  so far.....  Apparently, and it should be obvious, that the Ukrainian people have indeed had enough of the corruption of the US run regime in Kiev and are showing their absolute distrust of any US "selected" candidate to replace the heinous Poroshenko, by voting for a Ukrainian comedian instead tomorrow..... I will guarantee that this does not sit well with the US criminals in charge as the people of Ukraine have turned them into a complete laughing stock!   Suffice to say, I seriously doubt if that comedian will continue to be ahead as the voting commences on Monday, and the ballots will be as fixed as the crooked ballots in American "elections" and one of the US's own puppets will be magically anointed to be the next Ukrainian Prime Minister...

And one last thingy about Ukraine... Last week a former Ukrainian Security representative, who was lucky enough to get the hell out of Ukraine and is now living in exile in Russia, Vasily Prozorov, came out and stated what I and others in the REAL truth movement have been saying for the last 4+ years, in that Ukraine did indeed shoot down the ill fated Malaysian flight MH17 as it flew over Ukrainian territory on its way to Malaysia, on July 17th, 2014..... I always knew that the MH17 was absolutely a vain attempt by the US and their puppet regime in Kiev, to frame Russia for this shoot down and that all evidence clearly showed that the Ukrainian military did the shoot down!   This revelation last week should have been on every Jew spew media outlet world wide, but instead of course those liars and criminals were continuing with their ridiculous "Russia Gate" instead!   Sadly, many people did indeed miss that key and most important report coming out of Ukraine, and I do feel so vindicated once again...However, I do wish that people would use some critical thinking and take the next step beyond this Ukrainian shoot down of MH17, and realize that MH17 was in fact the last flight of the long missing MH370 flight that magically "disappeared" over the Indian Ocean shortly after its take off from Kuala Lumpur back on March 8th, 2014......Basically MH17 was a planned attack to dispose of all existing evidence from the MH370 seizure by the United States... I have long stated that MH17= MH370, and I have yet to find any evidence otherwise to this day....

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment... And yes, I have tried to avoid any statements on that Russia Gate fiasco, for I have always said that it was done purposely as fluff and to cloud American minds for years now to make sure the gullible American people are not focused in on the criminal actions of their own government elsewhere.  But now that Russia Gate is over, will the American people finally open up their minds to how the Drumpf regime is escalating American wars for Israel around the planet?  We can only hope so......

OK, enough of the ranting... Onto my last minute tidbits...... I knew there was a reason why the Kim - Drumpf talks in Vietnam broke down, and there was a report just the other day stating that Drumpf thrust a note to Kim saying that there could be a North Korea US "deal" if Kim basically surrendered his nuclear weapons to the US immediately!  Kim rightfully realized the American game, and will never give up his defensive nuclear weapons to the criminals in the US, and therefore the "talks" did indeed go nowhere........One other thing happened that came from the US handing over the Golan Heights to Israel; The nation of Lebanon now sees what is happening with the US and is now firmly allying themselves with both Russia and Syria.  I say good for the Lebanese, as they realize that the US is and has never been a honest broker in the Middle East, and that they can not trust criminals.....The Yellow Vests Protests are now into their 20th week in France, and luckily there has not been any "confrontations" yet between the peaceful protestors and the criminal Macron run military.  But things could change in a heartbeat, and I will bet anything that Macron is working with his criminal Jewish elite in getting a false flag going to conveniently blame on the protestors and have the army "crack down" and end the protests all together!....... I see that more female athletes have FINALLY come forward and have been vocally opposing the sickness of having transgender freaks of nature compete as "females" in athletic competitions.  I do hope that common sense comes out of this, as transgender freaks of nature have NO rights, period, in competing in sports as females.  Women are women, and men are men.  Freaks have no place here.......Did I mention how much I hate every aspect of the bullshit known as "political correctness"?   I for one have always spoke my mind and will never hold anything back due to the falsehood of being politically incorrect.  For those who get "offended" by this, they can go fuck themselves or pound sand!........ I do feel sad when I see reports coming out about children dying shortly after receiving horrific vaccinations in the United States, and I do wonder why there is not more outrage in allowing this to continue to happen?  When will people everywhere finally understand that vaccines do NOT work and do horrific harm to our immune systems.   And to see children as young as a few months of age getting administered an outrageous amount of vaccine into their small bodies, and then dying as a result, does indeed make me one angry NTS!........OK, now that the fraud of "Russia Gate" is basically over, when the fuck will the criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, finally go forward and get that wall built across the American-Mexican border?  That wall is needed NOW to stop the sewer rats from invading the US from Mexico, and for those who do not like my stance on this bullshit of open borders, they can also go and pound sand!......... Did I also mention that Canada has continued to allow sewer rats to invade this nation crossing over from the US unabated?   There is NO where for these "immigrants" to go in this nation, as the vast majority have no skills and are nothing but a detriment to our society.  I will not waver on my statements that these sewer rats should all be packed up and shipped back to the shit holes they originated from and immediately!.......Someone asked me about US potential Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his lust for younger women, especially his wanting to fondle them.  To me, this creature is a freak, and sadly in spite of his sick approach to women, is a better candidate for the Democratic party in the US when you consider the alternative is that freak of nature, Killary Clinton. America, you are basically screwed....... I was at a local store the other day, and I watched in amazement as a young millennial struggled at a cash register trying to figure out proper change for a customer due to an error on the cash register.  To me, when college aged children can no longer do basic mathematics, then we as a society are indeed doomed........About that Jussie Smollett fiasco? Why should anyone be surprised that prick gets off almost scot free, when the main prosecutor, Kim Foxx, is controlled by none other than Dr Evil himself, George Schwartz aka Soros!  How anyone missed the fact that Foxx herself received some $400000+ from Soros and then did as her master demanded by getting Smollett off without any charges is beyond me!........I again am amazed by the US announcement that they are "returning" to the moon within 5 years, when they have yet to send men anywhere near the moon to start with!  But again, this is nothing but political theatre and propaganda, for the US has yet to solve the massive radiation problems in outer space, and until then mankind is stuck on good ol' planet Earth......... Arsenal plays Newcastle tomorrow, and with Tottenham losing to Liverpool earlier today, a Gunner victory will have them into third place as of tomorrow afternoon!  I had thought this was going to be a rebuilding season for the Gunners, but they are indeed vying for a Champions League berth, which to me is a major accomplishment...... And finally, I am amazed that tonight marks the beginning of the 16th season of "keeping up with the Kardashians" for the simple fact that these creatures have lasted over 15 years now and not melted the minds of even the most stupid Americans that continue to watch their crap!  I honestly cannot watch 3 minutes of their crap without my head exploding, and they are into their 16th season?  My gawd, how American society has indeed fallen when most people pay attention to the antics of these foul misfits and trollops!

More to come


Friday, March 29, 2019

Important Health News: Shocking Report States Pesticide Chemicals Found In 70% Of Fresh Produce Sold In US Grocery Stores - Are You Eating Poison?

I decided decades ago to try to take better care of my body and eat more 'healthy' foods.... I have been following that rule now for years, and every day I try my best to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well as taking vitamins and minerals into my diet as much as possible..... I have always hoped that the "fresh" produce that I pick up at the local supermarket is actually "fresh" and free of a lot of the carcinogenic chemicals that we now know about, especially Glyphosate....But what I found in a new startling report does indeed beg even me to ask the question: Are We All Eating Poison?

I want to share the following very important report that comes courtesy of author Vicki Batts, through Mike Adams' Natural News website at This article is entitled: "Pesticide Chemicals Found In 70% Of Fresh Produce In US Grocery Stores... Are You Eating Poison?" and is a must read by everyone... I have it right here in its entirety, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Pesticide chemicals found in 70% of fresh produce sold in U.S. grocery stores… are you eating poison?

(Natural News) A shocking new report from the Environmental Working Group confirms that an overwhelming majority of conventionally grown produce is covered in pesticides. About 70 percent of U.S. produce contains pesticides — even after it has been washed. This is highly disturbing news for the millions of Americans who buy fresh produce, believing that it is healthy for them and their families.

Kale, one of the most beloved leafy greens in the U.S., clocks in as one of the worst offenders. Some 92 percent of samples tested were contaminated with residue from at least two different pesticides. Across the board, roughly 70 percent of the fruits and vegetables sold in the U.S. have traces of pesticides, according to the report from Environmental Working Group (EWG).

The prevalence of chemical pesticide residues found in produce is highly concerning.

Despite industry assurances of safety, modern pesticides are nothing more than toxic chemicals designed to kill — and they should have no place in our food supply.

Pesticides in produce

Conventionally farmed produce is once again under fire for high levels of pesticide contamination. Kale, arguably one of the trendiest “health” foods on the market, was ranked as one of the most “dirty” foods. One sample of conventionally grown kale could be tainted with has many as 18 different pesticide residues. Sixty percent of kale samples tested positive for Dacthal — a chemical that is banned in Europe and is also a suspected carcinogen.

According to the EWG’s report, Dacthal (also known as DCPA) was the most commonly found pesticide overall. Even the EPA has ackowledged that Dacthal is a “possible human carcinogen,” and has labeled it as such since 1995. Yet, this product remains in widespread use.

EWG’s analysis of test data from the USDA names a bevy of other popular fruits and veggies among the most contaminated. Strawberries, spinach, apples, grapes, tomatoes and celery are all featured on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen for 2019, part of their 2019 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce.

Alexis Temkin, a toxicologist working with the EWG, said of the report, “We definitely acknowledge and support that everybody should be eating healthy fruits and vegetables as part of their diet regardless of if they’re conventional or organic.”

“But what we try to highlight with the Shopper’s Guide to Produce is building on a body of evidence that shows mixtures of pesticides can have adverse effects,” Temkin added.

The problem with pesticides

Despite the agrichemical industry’s assurances of safety, scientists agree that it is hard to gauge just how many pesticides people are exposed to in everyday life, and in what quantities. Further, there is very little research on how pesticides interact with each other, and what effects those interactions will have on the human body (and the environment).

To sum it up nicely, there is shockingly little data or research on the effects pesticides will have in real life. This alone should give consumers pause — never mind all of the otherglaring problems afflicting the pesticide industry and the pesticide regulation process.

A recent study from France found that people who eat organic have a drastically lower risk of cancer. On average, there was a 25 percent reduction in cancer frequency among organic consumers.

At the time, nutrition experts from Harvard cautioned against the study’s findings, stating, “[T]he health consequences of consuming pesticide residues from conventionally grown foods are unknown, as are the effects of choosing organic foods or conventionally grown foods known to have fewer pesticide residues.”

The idea that organic, pesticide-free produce wouldn’t be healthier is pretty hard to imagine. 

But the fact that no one actually knows how bad pesticides really are for you raises substantial questions as to how these products have made it to the market and our food supply in the first place.

So-called safety testing is inadequate

Across the board, pesticide “safety studies” have major holes in risk assessment. Currently, the federal government only requires safety testing on the “active ingredient,” even though most pesticide makers rely on other “inactive” ingredients to enhance their products.

Research has already shown that pesticide mixtures are harmful to wildlife, and that pesticides are capable of acting in synergy. What this means is that when two or more pesticides interact, their toxic effects become amplified. A paper published in 2004 further describes pesticides’ ability to act in synergy with other common chemicals and even pharmaceuticals.

“Synergistic effects between multiple pesticides and/or other chemicals represent one of the greatest gaps in EPA’s ability to protect the public from the adverse health effects associated with pesticide use and exposure,” the author posits.

Exposure to multiple pesticides has been identified as a glaring safety issue for decades, yet these toxins and other harmful substances continue to contaminate the food supply. That’s why the Health Ranger Store has its own in-house lab for lot-by-lot testing and analysis. As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, explains, “Using multiple mass spec instruments (ICP-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS-MS, LC-MS-TOF), we conduct exhaustive analytical testing of heavy metals, microbiology, glyphosate and an increasing number of agricultural chemical pesticides.”

See more coverage of stories like this and learn more about what you’re eating at

Sources for this article include:

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit shocked at all by the findings in this report?   I have been stating for years now that one of the WORSE carcinogenic poisons imaginable, Glyphosate, is in almost EVERYTHING that we consume on a daily basis and will continue to be used by our Agricultural industries, even up here in Canada, until our governments do the right thing and BAN it out of existence....

It is indeed a fact that the grains that we produce in both Canada and the United States go through a shocking process where after the grain is taken from the fields, it goes through a "post ripening" phase where the grain itself is sprayed with Glyphosate!   It does also make one wonder if all of the reports we have these days of people getting sick due to "Gluten intolerance" or people suddenly coming down with "Celiac's Disease" from eating our daily bread may actually be resulting from Glyphosate poisoning?

I have been doing salads on a near daily basis over these last few months, and have switched from lettuce to actually using Kale as a substitute.... Little did I even know about how badly Kale is riddled with possible carcinogenic poisons!   I do wonder what I am to use therefore as a substitute until this problem is somehow, if ever, "rectified"?

I do agree that eating "organic" is a better way to go in terms of cutting down on the amounts of pesticides consumed... However, I have also been reading reports about so called "organic" foods, and the fact that they themselves are not as 'FREE' as everyone believes from pesticides during their production..... I therefore do wonder what foods are actually safe these days from these poisons?

I for one will continue to try to eat healthy.... But it does madden me that supposedly "healthy foods" are so riddled with possible carcinogens, that I too may be eating poison!

More to come


This Is Interesting: Criminal US President Drumpf Has Just Announced US Lunar-Mars Space Program - US About To Fake Manned Lunar Landings Again?

Criminal US President Donald Drumpf appears to be on a "roll" so to speak these last few days...Fresh off of his victory against those who falsely tried to have his Presidency come into question due to the fraud "Russia Gate" fiasco, and his apparent giving the entire world the "middle finger" in regards to allowing his Jewish masters to steal the Golan Heights from Syria, he has been coming out these last few days with some interesting statements and announcements, with one in particular that caught my eye in regards to America's "reviving" their space program.....

I found the following report most interesting about Drumpf's announcement of America's revival of their manned space program that I do want to share with my readers here.... This one comes from the Fort Russ website, at, and is entitled: "President Trump Announces Lunar-Mars Program"..... I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments about this "announcement" to follow:

On March 26th President Trump, now relieved of the burden of the RussiaGate investigation holding down his administration, has made the important strategic  announcement that America will be reviving the John F. Kennedy space program to bring humanity back to the Moon with the intention to leap onwards to Mars.

President Trump Announces Lunar-Mars Program

Precursor to a New Paradigm in Russia-China-USA Cooperation?

“The United States will seek to land on the Moon’s South Pole by 2024, establish a sustainable human presence on the Moon by 2028, and chart a future path for Mars exploration.”
The release went on to document the creation of a Moon-to-Mars Directorate which will begin with an “Exploration Mission-1” as a “foundational unswerving mission around the Moon” by 2020 which will precede the manned landing.
The point should be made that since its inception by John F. Kennedy in 1961, the Apollo program was systematically attacked by neo-Malthusian technocrats today identified as the “Deep State”. These technocrats despised the fact that the very existence of the space program’s existence not only refuted the notion that there exist fixed limits to humanity’s existence, but more positively inspired a cultural optimism centered on the belief in the power of human ingenuity and scientific progress. This ennobled concept of a creative mankind ripe with boundless potential is antagonistic to a docile slave society of consumers who live only for the pursuit of banal pleasure and the avoidance of pain.
Although the argument to cancel the program was based largely on the idea that “money would be best spent on Earth where it is needed rather than on useless endeavors in space”, it is too easily forgotten that many of the most prized technologies that drive our modern society, from cell phones, GPS, and the internet all arose as offshoots of the space program. These breakthroughs also included invaluable technologies in medicine, chemical engineering, nuclear science and electronics which have improved the potential for human wellbeing in ways that money could never measure.
The Killing of the Space Program
By 1965, only two years after the British/Deep State-directed assassination of John F. Kennedy, the funding for NASA was already being undermined and it was a miracle that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin managed to land on July 29, 1969. By 1973, several other landings had occurred and just as hope for Mars Missions and nuclear propulsion were being discussed as near term goals, the entire Apollo program was cancelled. It is no coincidence that cancellation occurred just as Nixon had pulled the plug on the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system thus ushering in a new age of monetarism, speculation and consumerism dubbed the “post-industrial society”.
Today, the only way for Americans to break out of Earth’s orbit is to hitch a ride on one of Russia’s aging Soyuz capsules.

China and Russia’s Leadership in Space
Trump’s March 26th announcement also calls for“NASA to lead an innovative space program with commercial and international partners.” This statement is incredibly important as it overthrows the popular slander that trump is an isolationist promoting global (and interplanetary) unilateralism as many neo-cons within his government would otherwise like.
The White House space initiative dovetails similar programs announced by Russia and China who have taken incredible leaps into advanced nuclear physics, aerospace technology, and deep space exploration. All three domains providing wonderful platforms for cooperation with nations too long trapped under the London-Wall Street cage of monetarism and geopolitics.
What I am referring to?
On November 29, Russia’s space agency stated that it would establish a lunar colony by 2040 as a multi-phase project beginning with Russia’s first manned mission arriving in 2025 followed by a permanent base constructed between 2034 and 2040. Inspired by China, Russia also announced a telescope on the Far side of the moon to gather data from deep space un-impeded by the radio and electromagnetic disturbance of the Earth.
While China was expelled from the International Space Station as an effect of America’s 2011 ban on China-USA space cooperation, China’s space scientists have been forced to build an incredible sovereign science and technology capacity with the Chang-e program for deep space exploration which has resulted in the Tiangong (“Heavenly Palace”) space stationwhich will be assembled by 2022 and in their milestone January 3, 2019 landing of a rover on the far side of the Moon. This lunar landing is one small component of a much broader space program which some of China’s leading scientists have pointed out is tied to a lunar colony, orbiting space station and most interestingly lunar mining program.
It is noteworthy that the success of China’s lunar landing was made possible through cooperation with an American lunar orbiter which relayed data to the Chinese lander breaking the fatal Obama-era space cooperation ban.
With the Belt and Road Initiative challenging the foundations of the zombie corpse of the post-Apollo western alliance now sitting atop a rotten husk of 50 years of de-industrialization and trillions of dollars of fictitious capital, a new hope for a serious re-organization of the system has been created. Were nations to immediately convene an emergency Bretton Woods conference as had occurred after WWII, in order to re-organize the bankrupt financial system while unleashing credit for International Belt and Road projects both on earth and in our interplanetary environment, then the age of oligarchism can finally come to an end and a new era of cooperation and creativity can be unleashed for the benefit of future generations.

NTS Notes:  OK, First of all, where have we heard this one before?  Oh yes, we have had President's Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush the idiot junior, and even Barry Soetoro, all come out with this type of announcement about America's "return to space" during their own administrations, and in each case there was a lot of fanfare that eventually fizzled out with the reality that the US still has no long term plans for space exploration simply because they still have NOT figured out how to get human beings beyond Low Earth Orbit....

What of course is missing in this author's arguments about NASA's supposed "manned space missions" is the fact that the entire Apollo manned lunar missions of 1968-1972 were and always were a fraud.... That was nothing more than a propaganda exercise sold to the public as being authentic at a time when the US was deeply embroiled in the criminal Vietnam War and American support of their criminal government was fading.... That stunt worked wonders in creating the illusion of "American greatness" and yet was a complete fraud....

I will state it here that if Drumpf gets this new "space program" going, then due to the insurmountable problems of radiation in space, the next manned missions to the moon will be as FAKE as the last ones with Project Apollo....And considering the advancements these days in terms of CGI, the world could be sold on this being a real moon mission with very few able to see the fakery for themselves...

I am also not yet sold on what the Russians and the Chinese manned space programs are going to do in regards to their attempts to put a 'man on the moon' as well... The Russians especially have long been aware of the problems of radiation in space which of course hindered their own "race to the moon" between themselves and the Americans back in the 1960's... And the Russians were indeed well aware of America's fraud space program but they themselves were lying about their own "exploits" in outer space..... It will therefore be interesting to see if the lies continue with both the Russians and Chinese unable to solve the problems with getting their own men out and beyond Low Earth Orbit as well.....

Yes, the problems of the economic woes of what remains of the so called Western economic system are tremendous, and the Belt and Road Initiative is a serious threat to our present world economic order..... But the facts do remain that a new space initiative, especially the drive to put men "back" on the moon, is full of so many technological and scientific problems that are still insurmountable to this very day..... Until the radiation problem is solved to allow mankind to actually survive such a journey into interstellar space and to the moon and to Mars, all we have here is rhetoric and wishful thinking...

IMHO... President Drumpf is basically blowing smoke out of his ass with this type of announcement... The US has never sent men to the moon, and they still cannot until they can come up with a real solution to the massive radiation problems in space that has kept mankind locked on this planet and a maximum of around 200 miles in low Earth orbit....  Until then, this statement is just hype and propaganda...

More to come


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Syria's Rukban Camp At Al Tanf Is Now Little More Than A US-Controlled Concentration Camp - And The US Pentagon Will Not Let Refugees Leave!

I have in a lot of my recent weekend rants zeroed in on the ILLEGAL US forward offensive position at Al Tanf in southern Syria, noting that the US maintains that illegal position simply because it is a strategic position from which the US could potentially launch major offensive operations right across southern Syria itself..... It is no wonder that the Syrian government and their Russian allies have called again and again for the US to get the hell out of this base!

However, little news has been paid towards the truly humanitarian disaster that is at that illegal US Al Tanf base.... There is presently a very large "refugee" camp located just outside of the illegal US base called the Rukban refugee camp, that is presently one of the worse  refugee camps on planet earth where the refugees are living in open squaller and filth.... The facts are now being hidden that the Rukban camp is indeed a  humanitarian disaster, and in much need of international aid....

There was an attempt just a few weeks by by the Russians and the Syrians to deliver much needed humanitarian and medical aid to this camp to prevent people from dying due to starvation and disease, but those attempts were squashed by the US military that refused to let any aid convoys approach the camp!  To me, this shows how truly evil the US is in that they have allowed this disaster to take place and right under their very noses...  But it gets even worse.....

I want to present the following very important report that comes from Whitney Webb, through the Mint Press News website, at The article is entitled: "Syria's Rukban Now Little More Than A US-Controlled Concentration Camp - And The Pentagon Won't Let Refugees Leave", and shows some very startling information about the truth about how truly bad the situation has become at this camp.... I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Written by Whitney Webb; Originally appeared Mint Press
According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a concentration camp is defined as “a place where large numbers of people are kept as prisoners in extremely bad conditions, especially for political reasons.” It is undeniable that the Rukban camp fits this definition to the letter.
Syria’s Rukban Now Little More Than a US-Controlled Concentration Camp – and the Pentagon Won’t Let Refugees Leave
The unofficial Rukban camp for displaced Syrians, between the Jordan and Syria borders, Feb. 14, 2017. Raad Adayleh | AP
The United States military has rejected offers to resolve the growing humanitarian crisis in the Rukban refugee camp in Syria, which sits inside a 55 km zone occupied by the U.S. along the Syria-Jordan border. The U.S. has also refused to let any of the estimated 40,000 refugees — the majority of which are women and children — leave the camp voluntarily, even though children are dying in droves from lack of food, adequate shelter and medical care. The U.S. has also not provided humanitarian aid to the camp even though a U.S. military base is located just 20 km (12.4 miles) away.
The growing desperation inside the Rukban camp has received sparse media coverage, likely because of the U.S.’ control over the area in which the camp is located. The U.S. has been accused of refusing to let civilians leave the area — even though nearly all have expressed a desire to either return to Syrian government-held territory or seek refuge in neighboring countries such as Turkey — because the camp’s presence helps to justify the U.S.’ illegal occupation of the area.
Though the U.S. has long justified its presence in al-Tanf as necessary to defeat Daesh (ISIS), the U.S. government has also acknowledged that al-Tanf’s true strategic importance lies in U.S. efforts to “contain” Iran by blocking a connection from Iran to Syria through Iraq. Al-Tanf lies near the area where the borders of Syria, Iraq and Jordan meet. Thus, in the U.S.’ game of brinkmanship with Iran, Rukban’s estimated 40,000 inhabitants have become pawns whose basic needs are ignored by their occupiers.

U.S. shows no interest in meeting

On Tuesday, delegations from Russia, Syria, the UN, and the Rukban refugee camp met to discuss the fate of the camp’s inhabitants after a UN survey found that 95 percent of the camp’s inhabitants wanted to leave the camp, while 83 percent wanted to return to their hometowns in areas of Syria now under Syrian government control.
However, the U.S. military and State Department officials in nearby Jordan rejected an invitation to Tuesday’s meeting. The U.S. military also prohibited a Syrian-Russian delegation from entering the Rukban camp on Tuesday. The delegation had sought to assess conditions in the camp, which have become increasingly desperate according to reports from a variety of outlets, including U.S. government-funded outlets like Voice of America.
The U.S.’ refusal to attend the meeting or allow the delegation passage comes less than a month after the U.S. military blocked the entry of evacuation buses overseen by Russian and Syrian forces that would have allowed refugees to leave the camp.
The buses would have entered through the “humanitarian corridors” that were recently opened on the Syrian-controlled side of the U.S.-occupied enclave. While camp inhabitants can, in theory, leave the camp through the corridors on foot, the barren area’s remoteness makes such evacuations unfeasible without vehicle transport. Although some families have left this way, the lack of record keeping within the camp has made it impossible to know how many have tried leaving this way since the corridors were opened last month.
Syria’s Rukban Now Little More Than a US-Controlled Concentration Camp – and the Pentagon Won’t Let Refugees Leave
An aeriel photo of Rukban, between the Jordan and Syria borders, Feb. 14, 2017. Photo | AP
An often overlooked problem that has prevented them from leaving is that U.S.-backed and U.S.-trained “moderate rebel” groups have been known to blockcamp inhabitants from leaving, demanding large payments in U.S. dollars to leave the area. The U.S. military took control of Al-Tanf alongside “moderate” rebel forces in 2014 after wresting the area from Daesh. Many of those opposition groups have since been revealed to have ties and sympathies to terrorist groups, including Daesh.
The U.S. has not given a reason for its rejection of Tuesday’s meeting and had previously said that its rejection of the evacuation buses was based on its view that the buses did not meet the U.S.’ “protection standards.”

Horrific conditions and a U.S. shrug

While the U.S. has claimed that it has blocked refugees from leaving on Russian-Syrian buses are under U.S. “protection,” it has done little to abet the suffering of the tens of thousands of civilians in Rukban, even though the area is under complete U.S. military control and a U.S. military base is just a few miles away. Indeed, the extent of U.S. “aid” to the Rukban camp has been medical training of the handful of nurses in the camp, who work in conditions they describe as being like “the Stone Age” owing to the chronic lack of basic medications and doctors.
While medical care is decidedly lacking, the most pressing problem is the access to food, as starvation has become a real threat for those living in Rukban. Last October the opposition-aligned news service, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), reported that the Rukban camp had been without food or essential supplies for months. Only two aid deliveries, managed jointly by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the UN, were able to enter the camp.
One of those shipments, however, almost didn’t happen after the UN delayed the aid “for logistical and security reasons.” While the UN did not specify which “security reasons” had prompted the delay, it was apparently not the Syrian government, as the UN also said in the same statement that the convoy had received approval from Damascus. This suggests that the “security” concerns were related to U.S.-backed militants in the U.S.-controlled area surrounding al-Tanf. Notably, Russian and Syrian sources have claimed that these same militants often “plunder” the aid intended for the camp’s inhabitants for themselves.
Syria’s Rukban Now Little More Than a US-Controlled Concentration Camp – and the Pentagon Won’t Let Refugees Leave
Children look for food scraps in a pile of trash in the Rukban camp in Syria, Nov, 2018. Photo | SNHR
Since then, the situation inside the camp has continued to deteriorate. Indeed, things have gotten so desperate that, in January, a mother attempted to set herself and her three children on fire after she couldn’t find food for three straight days and preferred to give her children a quick death rather than watch them starve. Others in the camp rescued the family, though the mother and her infant were seriously injured. Recently aid from the UN and SARC arrived in early February, the first aid shipment in over three months.
The lack of food combined with the lack of medical care has been responsible for scores of deaths in the camp — the majority of which are of children under the age of two, who often die from malnutrition and preventable diseases. Others have died from freezing weather owing to a lack of adequate shelter, with eight children dying in January for that very reason. Satellite images taken of the camp in early March showed the recent creation of a mass grave containing an estimated 300 bodies adjacent to the camp.
Despite the desperate conditions less than 13 miles from its military base, the U.S. has declined to send food, doctors, medical supplies or other forms of aid to Rukban’s inhabitants, while also preventing them from leaving. However, the U.S. has been providing militant groups in the same area with military and logistical support.

Rukban provides a pretext

In addition to presiding over the squalid and starvation conditions in the Rukban camp, the U.S. has also given militant groups present in the area it controls — including Daesh terrorists who have “embedded” themselves in the camp on the U.S.’ watch — free rein to terrorize the camp’s refugees. These militant groups not only control the flow of food and aid in the camp but terrorize its most vulnerable inhabitants, forcing women and children into sex slavery and engaging in human trafficking. All of this is taking place in a “deconfliction zone” controlled by the U.S. military.
These extremist groups, including Daesh, are well-armed, according to Jordanian Brigadier General Sami Kafawin, who told NBC News in 2017 that these groups “have whole weapons systems … small arms, RPGs, anti-aircraft.”
The official reason for the U.S. base in al-Tanf has long been counterterrorism operations that ostensibly target Daesh. However, very few attacks against the terror group have been launched from this base and a UN report released last August found that Daesh had been given “breathing space” in U.S.-occupied areas of Syria, including al-Tanf. The U.S. has stated that it uses the al-Tanf base to train Syrian opposition fighters who then control the area around the base, including Rukban.
Syria’s Rukban Now Little More Than a US-Controlled Concentration Camp – and the Pentagon Won’t Let Refugees Leave
Unidentified Syrian rebels surround a piece of US weaponry during training by an American special forces member in Tanf. Photo | Hammurabi’s Justice News

NTS Notes: I am NOT shocked at all by the findings of this report... What I really find disgusting is how the Jew spew media has constantly tried to portray life under the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria as being terrible for Syrian civilians, and yet these bastards purposely refuse to report at all on the inhuman conditions of this Rukban camp that is under the control of the US military!

Yes, the facts are that the US does not give a damn about these refugees, as they are indeed using them as their convenient shield to prevent the Syrians from marching right in and taking out their base at Al Tanf.... If the Syrians attempted such an operation, then the Jew spew media and the US government would suddenly state that this humanitarian crisis was caused by Bashar al-Assad and his operations to liberate the camp!

And of course the US is indeed trying to push the lie that they are "protecting" these refugees from the "evil Assad forces" when in reality they are indeed not letting these refugees escape their imprisonment to the freedom of Syria itself.....

I do hope that the world does eventually wake up to the truth here about how the US is indeed conducting their illegal operations in Syria, while not giving a flying fuck about the civilians and refugees in Syria, especially about their humanitarian needs....

More to come


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Even More Proof That Terrorism Is A Massive Fraud: REVEALED - US Training Their Fraud ISIS Militants (Operatives) At Illegal US Base At Al Tanf To Attack Syrian Oil Fields!

I was actually listening to the Jew spew media the other day... Not to have my mind clouded further by their attempts to back peddle on their Russia Gate lies, but to actually see if for a change they would actually try some REAL reporting and stop their constant bullshit.... Sadly I was deeply disappointed once again as they were turning their feeble attention finally to what has been happening elsewhere in the world and started into the story about how the US government is claiming "victory" over "ISIS" in Syria and yet claiming that they now have to stay in Syria because they say that "ISIS" is still not destroyed (no shocker here, for they need that fraud to justify their illegal actions)... Then the criminals in the US Government stated that they are once again in Syria for their "regime change" and how President Bashar al-Assad "has to go"!   No surprise here, for the plan has always been to use their fraud "terrorists" as a weapon of choice to get that regime change done in not only Syria, but any other nation that defies US rule!

Well.... I came across this amazing article from the Fort Russ website, at, that is no shock to me what so ever, and once again proves what I have been stating for years; So called "terrorism" is and always has been a fraud, as the REAL TERRORISTS are our own crooked governments.... And of course this report also shows once again that "ISIS" is and always has been a massive fraud as well and is absolutely being used by the US government for attacking the Syrian nation and its people to further the push for "regime change"..... For according to this most interesting report entitled: "REVEALED: US Training ISIS Militants At Al Tanf To Attack Syrian Oil Fields" this once again proves that the US is still definitely gunning for regime change in Syria, and they are indeed repositioning their ISIS frauds for the next "phase" in their diabolical operations!  Here is the link to this amazing report here for all to read for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I will state it clearly that the US 'victory' against their "ISIS" operatives in the Euphrates River valley earlier this month was a massive charade and a hoax..... The facts should be clear that the US had to 'eventually defeat' their operatives as those attacks had gone on for months and people were indeed finally wising up to the facts that small "ISIS pocket" of "resistance" should have in every aspect of military siege doctrine been defeated several months back for the simple logic that those forces were cut off from weapons and ammunition and they should have run out of food and supplies also months back... But of course the US itself was supplying those basic needs as part of the game, but the game had finally run its course....

And with that "defeat" those "ISIS militants" were able to run out of Syria in US protected convoys to US bases in Iraq.... I stated many times in previous articles that these operatives were given food, supplies, and other necessities at those US bases in Iraq, and many were being "retrained" and given new orders to be sent back into Syria to stir up trouble once again.... Now we see the proof from this article that those militants were indeed sent from US Iraqi bases to the illegal forward operating position at Al Tanf, where they are now being further trained to infiltrate back into Syria to cause havoc and to attack Syria's oil fields!

This once again should show everyone the truth about this fraud of "ISIS" and about the entire 'war on terror' itself... BOTH are massive hoaxes and nothing more than psychological weapons to try to scare the most gullible people on this planet to continue to believe the fraud that "terrorists are out to get you"....I for one would wish that the stupid people out there would finally wake the fuck up and smell the coffee here!

Well, there you go... The US is indeed diabolical and is now preparing their "ISIS" frauds to do even more damage in Syria..... People were indeed wondering what ever happened to those operatives that "surrendered" and were sent to US bases in Iraq... Now you have your answer!

More to come