Tuesday, February 5, 2019

WHY Is There A Rush For Criminal Regime Change In Venezuela Right Now? Its Venezuela's Massive Gold Reserves!

I always knew there was an underhanded and diabolical reason for why the US, Canada, and the other members of the criminal cabal, were all wanting right now to see "regime change" happen in Venezuela.... Many have been saying that it is Venezuela's massive Petroleum deposits, but considering the fact that the world is presently awash in Petroleum and there is a push to actually "shut off" sources to drive the world price of that commodity up, I looked elsewhere for the real reason....

I wrote in a previous article that the Venezuelan government had given Russian firms the rights to come into Venezuela and start mining Venezuela's massive gold deposits, and I began to look at that as being the reason for this push to change the government in Venezuela... But according to sources such as Jew run "Wikipedia", Venezuela does not have that much Gold at all... However, knowing how these "sources" had a tendency to lie their asses off, I began to think that we were being sold a lie in terms of the amount of Gold Venezuela actually has, and that it was indeed the Gold as being the reason for regime change....

Well... I may have been right all along... For according to the following report that comes from the Global Research group out of Canada, at www.globalresearch.ca, apparently the Venezuelan government has just confirmed that the so called 'Coltan' Gold deposits in central Venezuela contains one heck of a massive amount of Gold... And according to this article, that I have right here for all to see for themselves, the Coltan Deposits may contain as much as $100 BILLION in Gold!  Here is that article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Venezuela Confirms Coltan Deposits, $100 Billion in Gold Reserves

The Venezuelan government has confirmed the existence of “significant” coltan deposits south of the Orinoco River, as well as proven gold reserves valued at $100 billion.
Basic Industries and Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz told a press conference that only seven countries in the world have reserves of coltan – a valuable black mineral that combines niobite and tantalite and is used in cell phones and computer chips – in sufficient quantities for export.
Sanz said that “strategic mineral,” also known as “blue gold,” is an irreplaceable material in products such as cellular phones and electromagnetic instruments for aviation and other hi-tech industries.
“Without coltan, there are no cell phones,” the minister said in illustrating the importance of that mineral.
Reserves of coltan and other strategic minerals were located south of the Orinoco River – in eastern Venezuela – as part of an aerial survey carried out with Iranian cooperation.
Sanz did not reveal the quantity of the coltan reserves nor their precise location, but he said that diamond, phosphate, titanium and lead deposits also were found.
He also referred to gold resources and said Venezuela has the world’s largest reserves of that precious metal after South Africa. According to the minister, Venezuela’s potential reserves total some 15,500 tons and its certified reserves are valued at some $100 billion.
Separately, Science and Technology Minister Jesse Chacon, who accompanied Sanz at Friday’s press conference, confirmed that important deposits of kaolinite have been found and are being developed with assistance from Russia.
He also said Russia will offer Venezuela the technological assistance it needs for the treatment of recently discovered uranium deposits.
Chacon, who said uranium will be used for energy production “because oil will run out,” ruled out the possibility of using that mineral for military purposes.
The minister said the idea is to use the country’s natural resources and not sell them in their raw, unprocessed form, to international clients.
“We have all the right to use our uranium for the benefit of Venezuelans and not sell it at bottom-of-the-barrel prices to the French or Americans,” Chacon said.
The minister did not give a time frame for the development of Venezuela’s nuclear sector nor an estimate of the size of the country’s available uranium reserves.

NTS Notes: Well, there you have it... It was never the Petroleum that is driving this heinous push for "regime change" in Venezuela, but the GOLD!

I am not shocked at all by this... The Jew run slave nations across the planet absolutely have pushed their "regime change" elsewhere as we have seen to gobble up those nations' gold reserves and their Gold deposits... Venezuela became a target the moment that this Coltan reserve was shown to contain one heck of a lot of Gold!

I also notice in the Global Research article the last quip where there is still no estimate to the size of Venezuela's massive Uranium deposits as well.... All this does is prove the fact that what we have always been told by the liars in our media about Venezuela and its massive mineral wealth is nothing more than complete lies...

I will be following up this report with a lot more to come... The situation in Venezuela is still very volatile, with some more criminal nations now joining with the criminal cabal in pushing for regime change.... I for one hope that Nicolas Maduro continues to stay in power in Venezuela, for the first thing that the heinous Juan Guaido would do once in power is to hand over Venezuela's massive wealth, including its Gold deposits, to the Jew slave nations!

More to come


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