Monday, February 4, 2019

What Has Jewish Owner, Robert Kraft, Of The New England Patriots NFL Team Done For The Jews?

OK, I will admit it.. I actually watched the National Football League's "Super Bowl LIII" game yesterday and I too look upon the game itself as an unmitigated disaster... It had to be probably THE most boring football game that I have seen in quite some time with very little scoring and an abysmal "halftime show" to boot.... The NFL itself has been needing some very good games for quite sometime to bring back those fans who gave up on the league thanks to that criminal Colin Kaepernick and his atrocious "kneeling" during the American national anthem, and they have a Super Bowl game that was a complete dud......

And yes, the Patriots of New England won the "big game" by a record low score of 13-3 in again what was a total disaster for the league.... And it was nice to see "old" Thomas Brady lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy along with his coach Bill Belichick.....But when I saw that Jewish owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, on the podium as well, I had to cringe.... I could never stand that prick for a multitude of reasons, and I will explain one right here in this blog for all to see...

Right now, I want to present the following article that comes from John Friend's "The Realist Report" website at, that shows how Jew Robert Kraft cares not about anything else than the "good" of his fellow tribe members.... This report is entitled: "What Has Jewish Owner Of New England Patriots Done For The Jews?" and is a must read by everyone... I have it right here in its entirety right here and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Given that it’s Super Bowl Sunday, I’d like to highlight this revealing article recently published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency detailing the generous donations Robert Kraft, the Jewish owner of the New England Patriots, has given to the organized Jewish community in America and other Jewish causes in Israel. It’s no wonder the Jews are so powerful and influential in America and around the world when wealthy Jewish individuals such as Robert Kraft fund pro-Jewish organizations to the tune of millions of dollars!
The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:
Patriots owner Robert Kraft will be in the stands this Sunday to see if his New England Patriots can win a sixth Superbowl. But in Jewish circles, Kraft may be almost as well-known for his generosity and devotion to Jewish and Israeli causes as for the exploits of his NFL team.
Over decades, the Kraft family has given away more than $100 million to a variety of causes, including health care, education, the Jewish community, Christian organizations and local needs. And as of 2013, the Kraft family philanthropic foundation had nearly $88 million in assets. […]
There’s hardly a Jewish institution in the Boston area that hasn’t benefited from Kraft’s largesse, starting with the local federation, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, which in 2013 was the single-largest recipient of funding from the Robert and Myra Kraft Family Foundation. Among the other local Jewish institutions Kraft supports have been his late wife’s alma mater, Brandeis University, as well as Jewish schools, Jewish family services and synagogues. […]
The Hillel center of Columbia University and Barnard College is housed in the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, so named for the family that donated the building, which stands out in the Manhattan neighborhood for its limestone façade typical of buildings in Jerusalem. Kraft, who graduated Columbia College in 1963, also gave $5 million several years ago to help support Columbia athletics. Not that it’s helped the Columbia Lions, who recently went two straight years without winning a single football game. Kraft and his family also have endowed chairs in Jewish studies at Boston College and the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, and endowed a chair in Christian studies at Brandeis. […]
In 2013, the Robert and Myra Kraft Family Foundation gave its top gifts to CJP – Boston’s Jewish federation ($1.12 million), and to Brandeis ($1.1 million), Myra Kraft’s alma mater. The foundation’s next-largest gift that year, $350,000, went to Columbia. Other Jewish beneficiaries among the 28 recipients that received more than $25,000 included $93,000 to the Jerusalem Foundation for athletic activities; $50,000 to Columbia’s Hillel; $50,000 to the World Jewish Congress (American section); $35,000 to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, and $31,036 to Temple Emanuel in Newton, Massachusetts.
Kraft also gave $25,000 each to American Friends of Beit Hatfutsot, the Diaspora museum in Tel Aviv; the America-Israel Friendship League; the Anti-Defamation League; Jewish Vocational Services in Boston; the Middle East Media Research Institute; the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, and UJA-Federation of New York.
Smaller gifts went to the Jewish Book Council ($22,333), Jewish Theological Seminary ($20,000), the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County ($11,200); American Jewish Committee ($10,000), Jewish Family & Children’s Services in Waltham, Massachusetts ($10,000) and Friends of Yemin Orde ($10,000).
Chabad of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Boston Jewish film festival and Kehillath Israel in Brookline were among the Jewish recipients under the $10,000 level.
You have to hand it to the Jews – they stick with their ethnic brethren, support Jewish causes, donate to Jewish organizations and institutions, and spread their money around to ensure Jews have a strong sense of identity, purpose, and mission. There are literally hundreds of Jewish organizations and institutions around the United States, all generously funded and supported by other Jews, including extremely wealthy Jews like Robert Kraft.
This phenomenon explains, at least in part, how the organized Jewish community and Jewish individuals in America are able to thrive and exert so much power and influence in society. Does anyone know of a single explicitly pro-White organization or institution that is lavishly funded and supported openly and proudly by other Whites? Due to weaponized, anti-White narratives, largely spread and reinforced by the Jewish dominated media, Whites are not even allowed to organized and form explicitly pro-White organizations, unlike the Jews who have hundreds of such organizations operating across the country and indeed the world.

NTS Notes: Honestly, I am not in the least bit shocked by what I see in John's article.... I have seen for years how the NFL itself has been completely taken over by Jewish interests and almost ALL of the owners of the 32 teams are in fact Jewish.....

And it does not surprise me one bit that Robert Kraft gives his money exclusively to Jewish groups with not a single dime going anywhere else...  As John Friend states, it does show how Jewish interests come first and foremost to the tribe members and how they are able to use that money to exert so much influence and power on American society....

John is also right, sadly, about the lack of pro-White organizations in America and around the world... Thanks to Jewish influence over the media and our governments, such organizations could never exist and if some tried to form such organizations, they would be quickly labeled as being "racist"!  This shows that it is indeed a sad world that we live in today...

Well, we now have 6 Super Bowl championships by the New England Patriots, and honestly I would dearly love to see someone else win it next year, just to not see that Robert Kraft have his big phoney smile on the podium, as he grins from ear to ear holding up the Vince Lombardi Trophy!

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greencrow said...

No, I did not watch the game. Can't stand football...all those out-of-shape men in tight pants having group hugs and patting each other's butts. And football is so slow that it seems to be played in re-plays. BUT, anyhoooooo, ever wonder why so many teams have Jewish owners? Number one is they're the only ethnic group wealthy enough to own an NFL franchise.

The second reason is IMO, a football team is the modern day equivalent of black slavery. The slave sellers/owners of the pre-civil war deep south were almost all Jewish and they treated their male slaves much the way franchise owners treat their players they're a commodity.

Remember that Jewish basketball franchise owner who was recorded telling his girlfriend not to bring her black male friends [including top basketball players] to the basketball games because it reflected badly on him? That was the hidden truth about Jewish owners and black players.

BuelahMan said...

Funny. I didn't even know it had been on until I heard on the news yesterday. Why waste your time on that jewish shit?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Hey, give me a break... I was enticed to watch the game by my son who was interested in the game and said..."Dad, lets watch the game"...

Yes, the Jews do control the NFL... Sadly, some 30 our of 32 teams (Packers are community owned, and one other team is run by a non-Jew who supposedly just loves the Jews himself..) and they rake in BILLIONS in profits from Talmudvision revenues alone..

The focus on this article is that most disgusting and heinous Robert Kraft, who is a Zionist and most probably an adamant hater of Gentiles...