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The Truth About US Criminal President Donald Drumpf: Sick Of The Winning Yet?

I for one am truly sick and tired of reading and watching reports that come over the alternative media from so called "reliable" sites that are still on the Donald Drumpf bandwagon.... It is a fact now some 2+ years since that criminal was selected to be the President of the formerly free United States of America that many of his so called 'promises' that he made to the gullible American people were never delivered and will probably never see the light of day until the next US Presidential selection come 2020... And it is a fact that since the time he was selected by the American people in 2016, his Presidency has actually turned into a massive train wreck with some 2 years left to go!

In fact, I do want to present the following report that comes from a real truth seeker, Buelahman, who writes the great blog "Buelahman's Revolt" at It is entitled: "Sick Of The Winning Yet?" and absolutely blasts away with a list of what that criminal Donald Drumpf has actually done since the last midterm elections of 2018.... Here is that article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Brad shared a list of all the winning we’ve done with Trump as POTUS (I warned him BEFORE the election of what was coming):
The trainwreck that is the Trump administration has only intensified since the 2018 midterms. Let’s briefly recap all the winning we have seen from Trump and the GOP since November:
– The promised executive order on birthright citizenship never materialized
– Trump warned Antifa that they “could be in big trouble” and forget about it after the midterms
– Criminal justice reform passed Congress and was signed into law
– President Trump signed an executive order to “revitalize” blighted black communities in places like Detroit
– Brett Kavanaugh sided with the Left in an abortion case. John Roberts also sided with the Left on an abortion law
– President Trump issued an executive order banning bump stocks
– President Trump announced that troops were being withdrawn from Syria and Afghanistan, but later said they had to stay there “to protect Israel”
– In order to save face with his base, President Trump started the longest partial government shutdown in history only to cave and and reopen the government
– Trump signed the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act
– The GOP Senate passed a federal anti-lynching bill after the Jussie Smollett race hoax
– The GOP Congress purged Steve King from committee assignments and condemned White Nationalism for a second time
– The US withdrew from the INF nuclear treaty with Russia
– Opioid overdoses hit a new record under Trump
– President Trump signed USMCA aka NAFTA 2.0 which was endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce
– When the GOP Congress returned to business, it passed the anti-BDS bill, new sanctions on Syria and the $38 billion dollar foreign aid package for Israel
– The GOP Senate passed a resolution condemning Trump’s planned withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan
– Roger Stone, a close Trump associate, was arrested by the FBI
– President Trump signed the spending bill amnesty which doubled H-2B visas in exchange for 55 miles of bollard fencing. The bill contained a potential amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and a $200 million increase in foreign aid to Israel.
– Trump recently said at a rally that he wants more legal immigration than ever before
– Trump used the State of the Union address to talk about ending HIV, World War 2 and the Holocaust and fighting the scourges of socialism and anti-Semitism
– Border apprehensions have jumped by a stunning 84 percent over 2018 as illegal immigration is soaring back to levels unseen since the George W. Bush administration.
– The Trump administration declared a national emergency to impose sanctions on Venezuela hired neocon Elliot Abrams as “special envoy” to Venezuela and has thrown its 100% support behind regime change in Venezuela
– Mike Pence visited Auschwitz and compared Iran to Nazi Germany and accused Iran of plotting a new Holocaust
– The House unanimously voted to declare that “fighting anti-Semitism” is a US national security interest
– Trump demanded that Rep. Ilhan Omar resign over anti-Semitism for criticizing AIPAC
– Trump nominated Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rod Rosenstein as Deputy AG
– Trump declared a national emergency to build the border wall which was immediately hit with lawsuits as everyone knew it would be

NTS Notes:  I have looked at that list, and I absolutely have to shake my head at the fact that NONE of the so called "promises" that this criminal made during his selection campaign back in 2016 were ever put into place since that criminal got into the White House over two years ago... Instead we see a list of corruption, and wrongdoings, that may be actually worse than what his predecessors did!

But lets face reality here... Was Donald Drumpf actually going to be any different than the Jew dick suckers that were selected to be the President before him?  He was put into power through huge Jew money, especially from that heinous criminal Sheldon Adelson, and he answers absolutely to the demands of those criminals first and foremost... He bows to his Jewish masters first and foremost and the wishes of the American people are nothing more than an afterthought.

Oh yes, the American voters were indeed played as suckers with the fraud "Make America Great Again" slogan that has also turned into a massive bust.... America is NOT anywhere close to being "great again" and in fact indicators show that America is much worse than in 2016 as its economic woes continue with the nation about to enter a massive depression!

I do want to thank Buelahman for this list.... And I know that he is not one to "gloat" for being right about Drumpf all along, but the facts are clear that most everyone had high hopes only to see them dashed... I seriously doubt if things will ever change in America and when the  2020 vote does take place, the people of the US will once again have their hopes and dreams dashed...

And for my Canadian readers... Do you actually think that things are better here in Canada with that heinous Justin Trudeau in power?  Forget it, for that criminal is just as bad as Drumpf and we could indeed make a long list of the corruption that we have seen here in Canada since that idiot came into power as Prime Minister back in 2015...

More to come


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