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The Lie That Will Not Die

I am deeply perturbed by what I see happening in America these days.... Yes, the criminals that occupy the US Congress.. aka.. Congress critters, are hell bent on the passage of a new "law" that will absolutely forbid anyone from looking into the evil machinations of the Jewish tribe, and especially the evils concocted on the world by that ghastly abomination called "Israel".... I for one find it so terrible that these idiots are indeed beyond hope in that they would sell their souls to the devil himself just to please their Jewish masters and have these new "laws" passed that would have anyone who calls the Jews criminals and the state of Israel a criminal empire, imprisoned for speaking the truth!

Well, to help understand this horrible situation that we face, I once again want to present a brand new article that comes from John Kaminski, through his website at This one is entitled: "The Lie That Will Not Die" and is absolutely a must read by everyone... I have it right here in its entirety for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


The lie that will not die

By John Kaminski

If you disagree with what they say, they can put you in jail, simple as that. One way or another, they’ll find a way. Because now there are laws that insist you may not defame the memory of the dead, you may not oppose sanctions against Israel, and you may not disagree with what government officials have told you is the truth. Even though you know what they say is not true, you must agree with it or they will put you in jail, after first ruining the rest of your life.
And all your neighbors, cringing from the same threat that darkens your own future, won’t lift a finger to help you, for fear of losing their own . . . well, they call it freedom, but as you are beginning to learn, it is something considerably less than that. After all, now you have to get government permission to even reproduce, and with that there is no guarantee that the government won’t steal your baby for reasons they make up in a program so gruesome you don’t even really want to think about it.
This flooding the land with immigrants all demanding government benefits that exceed those given to ordinary Americans, these sudden cries for violence from recent immigrants who complain about all the free stuff they’ve been given, and these smarmy Jews who dominate Congress insisting the borders should be totally open so they can get more voters with the free stuff they offer — these are symptoms of the debilitating Jewish philosophy that the bottom line is the only thing that matters and everyone else in the world should be enslaved or destroyed.
Have you ever noticed that all these laws they seem to pass benefit Jews and penalize the rest of us? Especially these anti-Semitism laws that keep us from seeing 9/11 and the World Wars were really Jewish operations.

Truth vs. prudence

The lie persists because there have seldom been enough people willing to confront it. People have seen what happens to people whose careless speech ruins their lives.
Bend the truth to save your butt? You’ll swallow the lies, or else! We do it every day, and we have for decades.
If you can agree to accept the lies you have been told, you have little to worry about, at least immediately. But if you keep on insisting that the truth be known, then you will immediately confront serious problems.
If you go along with these lame stories they tell you about why they have to kill so many people, you might even prosper, maybe even rise to the top of your chosen branch of the military. But if you object to or criticize the obvious lies they’re telling you, you wind up losing your future with a dishonorable discharge, or put in jail for life, or worse.
Maybe what is the worst aspect of this conundrum that everyone in the world who has a conscience faces is that what often is safest for your family is keeping your mouth shut in view of the adverse events that seem to happen to people who try to tell the truth about certain things. This is called behavior shaping.
(The most obvious bit of behavior shaping takes place on TV when a white blonde woman is inevitably paired with a handsome black man on the evening news, or in commercials. This is perhaps the most effective example of behavior shaping in the war on whites.)
I know my least favorite aspect of this conundrum is 90-plus percent of the world’s writers who profess to address the world’s problems will never utter a single syllable about the world’s No. 1 problem (yes, the one what the greatest American hero, Henry Ford, called “the world’s most pressing problem”).

Can you really see reality?

Right, the problem strangling America and the world with the money the perpetrators of the problem have stolen from everyone else.
How anyone can miss that Jews now control reality and we are just puppets on their unhealthy strings means they are not fully conscious beings. Or they’re getting a paycheck to endorse the fake reality that Jews are really our philanthropic benefactors.
The government now insists that if you don’t agree with the laws it has passed you can be put in jail. In the case of the carcinogenic vaccines they force on your children, you could lose them either way: If they don’t take it, they’re supposedly at risk for a disease they might not get; if they do take it, they could drop dead right on the spot.
Too few Big Pharma owned media outlets reveal the information that the flu is spread by the people who get flu shots; people who don’t get flu shots can’t spread the flu to others because they don’t have it. You get it from people who have it. You don’t get it from people who don’t have it.
We don’t have a Congress representing the American people anymore. We have a Congress of Jew shills, ready to sacrifice our sons and daughters for the whims of the oil companies, the insatiable Israelis, and the new murderous Arab potentate.
Trump says murdering people doesn’t matter because we need Arab oil.
It all comes down to people who try to speak the truth vs. those who speak only what seems prudent. The latter group succeeds in politics, the former is disenfranchised. As a result we have a government without a soul that uses the bottom line as an excuse for the most repulsive and destructive evil. And even that excuse is a lie as all legislators condone lying to the public in order to enrich themselves. This is the real human nature.
People with families have no choice but to toe the line lest they lose their children or their children’s opportunity to advance in life. So they are taught to cheer the lies and deny the truth, because this is what, one way or the other, they are paid to do.
The hidden price in all of this is the loss of individual freedom. It’s like the old seesaw: freedom vs. liberty. You are free to do what they say is OK. And you call that freedom? It sure isn’t liberty.
We know longer have the liberty to tell the truth. They’ll put you in jail for challenging the unjust laws they have created.
Thomas Jefferson said, “Freedom of speech cannot be limited without being lost.” Well, we lost it a long time ago and now we’re just pretending that we haven’t.
Tell the truth and go to jail remains the operating philosophy throughout the world, and the destiny of the human race is trapped by its own fear in the shadow of the long arm of the law.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes:  Another absolutely spot on article by John Kaminski!

I too have always been deeply worried about how far these criminals will go to have anyone who tells the truth be jailed for simply stating facts... I live in Canada, which is absolutely a Jewish slave nation, and I have to be so careful of what I say, especially in regards to the lies of the Second World War, or face their "wrath" and possibly see myself thrown into a Canadian jail for nothing more than speaking the truth....

It is indeed sad to see how the world is today... As John states, if you ever speak the truth, you go to jail.. And sadly that has curtailed so many people from ever coming out and speaking the real truths about these criminals and the heinous acts that they have done around our planet for centuries....

More to come


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