Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Fraudulent Apollo Moon Missions Saga Continues: New Report States 4 Billion Year Old Rock From Earth Discovered On The Moon (Because It Was Found Right Here On Earth!)

I sometimes have to just laugh when I hear so many people out there these days parroting the falsehood of Man's "Greatest Achievement" being the landing of men on the moon between 1969-1972.... I have for well over 40 years now known that it was never man's greatest "achievement" but one of the greatest lies ever concocted on human beings on this planet..... The reasons why mankind has not walked on the lunar surface are many and even to this day many are insurmountable.....

Slowly, little by little, many more people are realizing that they have indeed been lied to in regards to Project Apollo, and even once in a while the Jew spew media and other sources do present evidence of the fraud, either purposely or accidentally.... I want to present one that may have been by accident and shows that the landings on the moon were indeed a fraud...

I came across the following report, from the Epic History website, at www.epichistory.com, that may have inadvertently exposed the fraud of Project Apollo... For according to the article, which I do have right here in its entirety for all to see for themselves, researchers have discovered that a large rock, which was supposedly found on the lunar surface by the Apollo 14 mission, is actually a 4 billion year old rock that originated from right here on Earth!   Here is that article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

4 Billion-Year-old Rock from Earth Discovered on the Moon

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Scientists in Australia announced a startling discovery this week when they revealed that a piece of rock brought back by the crew of the Apollo 14 moon landings was actually originally from Earth.
Writing in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, the scientists suggested that the rock may have been part of debris catapulted to the moon from Earth after an asteroid collided with our planet billions of years ago.

Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard standing by the Modular Equipment Transporter
According to The Guardian, the rocks were gathered on the Apollo 14 mission, which was launched in 1971 and was the third space mission to land successfully on the moon. Astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell spent several days orbiting the moon conducting scientific experiments and observations, and Shepard and Mitchell took part in a 33-hour space walk on the surface of the moon itself.
In addition, the astronauts brought back over 42kg of rocks with them. This haul of lunar material has provided us with a significant amount of important data about the composition and development of the moon itself.

Sample 14321, aka Big Bertha, a 9.0 kg breccia that was collected at Station C1 near the rim of Cone Crater. Photographed in the Lunar Receiving Lab.
However, recent analysis of some of these materials has revealed that at least one of the lunar rocks picked up by Shepard and Mitchell may actually have originated on Earth.
According to Professor Alexander Nemchin, from the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Curtin University, Western Australia, the composition of one of the rocks found on the moon is very similar to granite, with significant amounts of quartz inside. While quartz often occurs naturally here on Earth, it is extremely rare to find it on the moon.

Apollo Crew Big Bertha
In addition, the team also analyzed the zircon found in the rock, a mineral belonging to a group of neo-silicates that is found both on the earth and the moon. They discovered that the type of zircon found in the rock is consistent with terrestrial forms, but not with anything previously found in lunar material. The scientists concluded that the rock had been formed in an oxidizing environment, conditions that would be extremely unusual on the moon.
Nemchin suggests that these findings present strong evidence that the rock was not actually formed on the moon, but rather that it originally came from Earth. Although he did not rule out the possibility that the rock could have formed under briefly occurring similar conditions on the moon, he argued that this would be extremely unlikely.

The two moon-exploring crew men of the Apollo 14 lunar landing mission photographed and collected the large rock pictured just above the exact center of this picture.
Instead, the team put forward another hypothesis. They suggested that it is possible for the rock to have been transported to the moon after its formation, possibly as a result of an asteroid collision with the Earth billions of years ago.
According to this theory, the asteroid crashed into the earth billions of years ago, catapulting debris and rocks into space, some of which would have landed on the moon.
This theory would explain why the rock seemed to have a chemical composition consistent with terrestrial rather than lunar planetary conditions. It is also consistent with theories about the nature of bombardment that modified the Earth billions of years ago.

The crew of Apollo 14: Edgar Mitchell, Alan Shepard, and Stuart Roosa
According to The Guardian, scientists believe that in the early stages of the Earth’s formation it may have been hit by asteroids and meteorites, causing significant disturbance to its surface.
Furthermore, during this period it is thought that the mood was at least three times closer to the Earth than it is today, making it very likely that the moon would also have been hit by flying debris as a result of these collisions.
If this theory is correct, the rock brought back by the crew of Apollo 14 is one of the oldest terrestrial rocks ever discovered. Analysis of the zircon dated the rock to around 4 billion years of age, slightly younger than the oldest known Earth rock, a zircon crystal discovered in Western Australia.
These ancient pieces of stone may appear to be small, unassuming rocks, but they have the potential to transform our understanding of the Earth in its earliest stages of development.

NTS Notes: What we have here is a predicament for the criminals at NASA... They may claim that the rock is the result of some kind of massive meteor, asteroid, comet, or foreign body strike on Earth that blasted this rock on a trajectory where it eventually landed on the lunar surface...But finding out that this is also a quartz rock that can only be formed on Earth, I am indeed going to say that the odds of all this happening and for Project Apollo's fraudulent Apollo 14 expedition to pick up this particular rock in that region of the moon where they "landed", AND to find that it actually originated on Earth are beyond astronomical!

What we have here in fact is the evidence that Project Apollo's "lunar rocks" did indeed originate on Earth, because the entire sham never even landed anywhere close to the moon... This rock is indeed terrestrial in origin because it was found right here on Earth and is 100% terrestrial in origin....

Yes, this is indeed further exposure of the Apollo fraud, and this latest revelation may indeed have occurred by "accident".... I will be watching for further articles, as these criminal liars continue to try to come up with their "excuses" for this discovery... It will be interesting and indeed laughable...

More to come



Cloud said...


There ya go with "thoughts" and "theories". Just as the theoretically newly announced Presidente of Venezuela thought up by a bunch of heretical theoreticals catapulting thought up theories of terrestrial debri transported to Venezuela that was theoretically CLOSER than thought...this haul of thoughts has provided us with a significant amount of "important data" about the composition and development of the theoretically newly announced Presidente of Venzuela called Gargantuan Guiado Frito Bandito...theory.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for alternative sites to pick up on this story. The mainstream press ran it all over the place and a lot of alternative sites have been quiet about it, which I think is strange. This is a HUGE red flag that the Apollo missions (ALL of them) were faked.

The official story is more convoluted than the article implies. According to the explanation the scientists came up with, the rock was formed pretty deep within the earth. Then an asteroid hit the earth and blew it to the surface. It was on the surface for a while, then when another meteor hit the earth near it, it was blasted to the moon. It got embedded into the moon surface and covered up, but then another meteor hit the moon and knocked it to the surface of the moon where our brave astronauts then picked it up and returned back to earth. And, the moon, of course was much closer so you don't have the pesky question about how the earth rock managed to travel all that way to the moon.

If you apply occam's razor (the simplest solution tends to be the right one), then the assertion that the moon landings were faked should win out over the ludicrous idea that we, with 1969 technology, could send men to the moon and return them safely when NASA currently can't figure out how to get anyone out of low earth orbit. I mean, we almost had an astronaut DROWN during a space walk, for goodness sake. Can you imagine what would happen on the moon?

It is so infuriating to have people say that "conspiracy theorists" are stupid for thinking that Moon landings were faked when all a person of intelligence needs to do is look at the EVIDENCE. NASA losing the original moon landing footage, the telemetry data, the blueprints for the technology used, the fake moon rocks that have been discovered, the death of the safety inspector who criticized the Apollo program and his report being "lost" by the gov't, etc. The lack of any photo of the earth (not a composite or CGI) produced by NASA except for an image that shows earth as a small pinpoint of light. The "proof" of the moon lander sites taken by NASA which show random shadows that are no more credible than the Mars "face" photos that they debunked as being nothing more than pareidolia. So much evidence makes it much more likely that they were faked, but we're the "stupid" or "crazy" ones for daring to point out the obvious. I'd love to see someone sue NASA for fraud so that we could make them produce the "proof" -- actual hard evidence -- that we really did land on the moon. They wouldn't be able to do it if they had to rely on facts instead of an appeal to authority or the ridiculous notion that it was impossible because 400,000 people couldn't keep it a secret (as if all 400,000 working for NASA -- a branch of the military -- had full security clearance and knew everything about what was going on). But, luckily for the liars, all you have to do is make fun of people who actually ask questions and think for themselves and the cowards will fall in line. No one has the guts to say that the Emperor has no clothes.

Scorp Six Four said...

For a more logical explanation of planetary formation, check out the Thunderbolts Project (https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/). The theory of "impacts" is unlikely to have occurred in the large numbers touted by "science". All those moon craters are 90° impacts to the lunar surface. Astronomical odds of this happening. Much what is presented on the Thunderbolts Project explains the cosmology of planet formation and ties in with the human experience and the rise of religion. Fascinating stuff.

Cloud said...

@ Scars...thank you for spelling it out as North has been doing for sooooo long. As GC would say,

"That rock walked to the mooooooooooon. That's what we doooooooooooooo!!!!!!"

hahaha The worse part of it is...they tried to do it again with 911. I believe that one day that certain attorney you mentioned will come forth with the majority population (including the world) behind him/her. The fact that I laughed all the way through this article makes it a sad day when most people believe it. Peace