Friday, February 8, 2019

Status Of Monika Schaefer: She Is Alive And Well And Has Her Own Website!

I figure I would put up a short article here, just to let everyone know the present status of Monika Schaefer....

Well... After her release from that German gulag of a prison late last year after being incarcerated in the ludicrous German prison system for the crime of attending the kangaroo court trial of her friend, Sylvia Stolz, back in January where the criminal German courts identified her in the gallery and had her arrested during a recess in that very trial... Her charge was of course based on her putting up that fabulous video almost two years ago where she apologized to her own mother for the Jewish Holocaust of the Second World War and questioning everything about that 'event' in that video..

Monika was of course force to endure months of being in a German prison awaiting her 'trial' for questioning the Holocaust, which is of course "taboo" in what used to be the free nation of Germany...The German courts also arrested Monika's brother, Alfred, who has been living in Germany for years, and has been an outspoken critic of German distorted "official history"... The German police and officials proceeded to charge him with nothing more than "questioning history" and "Holocaust denial" as well!

The subsequent Kangaroo court 'hearings" and the actual "trials" that both Monika and Alfred had to endure were a sham and an insult to everyone's intelligence.... The German "judges" that oversaw these Kangaroo court proceedings were an insult to humanity and absolutely followed their Jewish masters' wishes which was to find both Monika and Alfred "guilty" no matter what defense the two of them would produce... However, both Monika and Alfred stood firm and turned the entire "trial"  upside down by showing the ridiculousness of German "holocaust denial" laws, and proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that they both were innocent since they were able to successfully challenge history and show that part of "official history" to indeed be a massive lie... After months of being tortured in the German courts in what was nothing more than a show trial and a mockery of justice, they were both found "guilty" (of course) and Monika was basically charged with the time served and sent packing out of Germany back to Canada and warned never to return...Alfred on the other hand was found guilty on other "trumped up" charges and is presently still sitting in a German jail waiting to serve out his "sentence" to be free....

Monika was indeed returned to Canada and went back to her home in Jasper... She has indeed been mostly silent over these last few months...BUT has been writing articles at her own personal blog, called "Free Speech Monika" to which I have the link to right here for everyone to look at and read her articles..... Here is that link here:

I will of course be adding Monika's website to my list on the right hand side of this blog, and will be following her works closely from now on.... I for one am very proud of this lady for taking a brave stance and showing that truth indeed does not need laws to support itself, only LIES DO!

I am also waiting on any new status on Alfred Schaefer, who is still being abused by the truly criminal German "system of law" that is nothing more than a farce and an insult to humanity.... When some news does come my way, I will surely share that information with my readers here at this blog...Stay tuned...

More to come


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