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Situation In Syria: Syrian War Report, President Assad Offers Kurds A "Way Out", And French Officer Reveals Truth About Syrian War And Gets Punished

It has been a while since I filed a full report here at this blog about the continuing situation in Syria... I did mention in yesterday's rant, though, that the criminal US fraud 'ISIS' is now basically defeated in Syria, and with that defeat there should be no reason for the US to stay illegally in Syria.. However, the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal is now hard at work looking for even more "excuses" to keep their illegal forces operating in Syria and to find any laughable reason for still wanting to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government.....

I figure I would start this article with the an update on the overall situation in Syria as of today... And I do want to bring forward the following report that comes from the Southfront website, at, that is entitled: "Syrian War Report - Feb 16-18, 2019: French Officer Is Punished For Revealing Truth About Conflict".... I do have that full report right here:


Over the past few days, the military situation has notably escalated in central and western Syria.
On February 15, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) backed up by pro-government militias launched a scale combing operation in the deserts of Damascus, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Homs.
The operation covers the desert area between the western Deir Ezzor countryside and the Bishri mount in southern Raqqa; between the historical city of Palmyra in eastern Homs and the Ghurab mount in the Damascus desert; and the northeastern part of the Damascus desert that reaches the Syrian-Iraqi border. This effort is designed to improve the shake security and prevent large attacks by ISIS cells on government-controlled areas.
Another growing point of instability in the so-called Idlib de-escalation zone. During the past 3 days, the SAA and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led forces were constantly involved in exchange of artillery strikes and even sporadic clashes in these areas. Especially intense militant shelling hit the towns of al-Suqaylabiyah, Masyaf, Mahardah and Salhab along with a nearby power plant in northern Hama. In response, the SAA targeted artillery positions of militant groups involved in these attacks near Qalaat al-Madiq, Hirsh al-Qasabiyah, Maarrat al-Nu’man, al-Lataminah and Kafr Zita.
At the same time, the Russian side sends mixed signals about the agreements regarding the situation in the Idlib zone by Turkey, Russia and Iran. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that there is a need to make “steps aimed at clearing Idlib from terrorist groups”, but noted that this does not mean a military operation.
However, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that “it’s up to the military to design a plan in accordance with the international humanitarian law requirements”. He also said that Ankara and Moscow had reached an agreement to “try to establish a step-by-step approach, making several areas of joint patrol inside the zone of de-escalation”. It remains unclear how Russian forces can find themselves involved in any patrols in the area because a vast majority of it is controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria.
The US-led coalition and its proxies known in the mainstream media as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are also facing a problem. ISIS is de-facto defeated in the Hajin pocket. However, nobody is hurrying up to finalize the operation and announce the victory because this will eliminate the only formal justification of the illegal US invasion in the country.
Colonel Francois-Regis Legrier, who has been in charge of directing French artillery supporting the SDF since October, faced punishment after making critical remarks regarding the U.S.-led coalition’s operation against ISIS, according to the French military.
The reason is that Colonel Legrier openly admitted that the coalition was not hurrying up to defeat ISIS and this had greatly increased the death toll among civilians and the levels of destruction.
“We have massively destroyed the infrastructure and given the population a disgusting image of what may be a Western-style liberation leaving behind the seeds of an imminent resurgence of a new adversary,” he wrote in an article published by the National Defence Review.
Earlier, General Joseph Votel, commander of US Central Command, claimed that ISIS is far from defeated and insisted that a Syrian withdrawal would be unwise. He also said that the SDF could not defeat the terror group without continued US assistance. These remarks as well as the case of Colonel Legrier are another example of the disconnect between the publicly declared goals of the coalition presence in Syria and its real purposes.

OK,  This brings everyone, hopefully, up to date on the present situation... And yes, the so called 'ISIS terrorists' in that small "pocket" along the Euphrates River is supposedly now "defeated"...The reality is of course that the US will simply take these "terrorists" to a nearby camp where they will be rearmed and sent elsewhere across Syria to raise havoc against the Syrian government forces and give the US their "excuse" to continue to operate illegally in Syria...

I also found it so astounding that when you surf the internet and try to find reports about that brave French Officer coming forward and revealing the truth about the fraudulent war in Syria, you get zero articles coming up other than the ones by Southfront....  But of course, the liars in the Jew spew media and the criminals behind Google do NOT want the sheep out there to find out the real truths about Syria at all...

And honestly, it is good to see someone from the illegal military that is occupying northeastern Syria to finally have had enough and have the courage to come forward and speak the truth about what is really happening... It is too bad this French Officer will now be punished for having the guts to tell it like it is.....

And of course, with the still impending "withdrawal" by the US forces out of northeastern Syria, we have the continuing question about the future of the Kurds and the fact that they have indeed sided with the pure evil of the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal in this war where they have been foolish enough to actually believe those criminal liars in that they would get their "country" in return for fighting against the Syrian government forces..... Now with the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal basically stabbing them in the back and showing that they were being used for nothing more than cannon fodder, the Kurds have no where to turn and should be immediately settling with the Damascus government ..

In fact, Bashar al-Assad has once again offered the Kurds a "way out" and for them to rejoin the Syrian nation with some autonomy along with full protection by the Syrian army and the Syrian people... For according to the following report from the Syrian Arab News Agency at, apparently Bashar al-Assad had a meeting with councils from ALL provinces in Syria and is stating that he would indeed welcome the Kurds back into the Syrian family and allow them much of the autonomy that they have been seeking all along!  Here is the link to that report here:

I have been saying for years now at this blog that what the Kurds have been doing for the last few years has been the most stupidest move imaginable... They have allowed their leadership to fall under the spell of the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal that basically only wanted to use them to further the criminal Greater Israel project and to ensure the break up of Syria itself... There was no way in hell that these criminals cared anything for the Kurds and their future other than to use them as a weapon against the Syrian people themselves...

The cost of the Kurdish folly has been seeing the war in Syria extended and to see the US and other NATO criminals establish illegal "bases" in their own territory, as well as even more civilian deaths at the hands of that criminal "coalition"....

The solution is actually right in front of the Kurds... Sit down with the Damascus government immediately and hammer out a peace agreement based on the rights and privileges that the Damascus government has been offering them for the last two years.... Sign off on the agreement and demand that the US and their other illegal criminals immediately get the hell out of northern Syria.....  With that there will no longer be any excuses for the US and the other criminal invaders of Syria to stay, period!

I will continue to file reports on the ever changing situation in Syria.... The situation continues to change by the day, and people do deserve the real truths about what is happening, and not the bullshit that comes out of the Jew spew media... Stay tuned...

More to come


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