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Seriously? Nut Job Author At NY Post Claims That Believing Conspiracy Theories Might Make You A Criminal (!)

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I have always hated the term "conspiracy theorist" for that term in itself was an invention of the US Government some 5 decades ago as a means to label anyone that actually wanted to investigate the US government's part in the JFK assassination as well as other nefarious US actions, as "kooks"..... I and others in the real truth movement do in fact wear the badge of being "conspiracy theorists" with honour these days, for we are doing our diligence in exposing so much evil in our world and to point out real truths and real facts.....

Just earlier today, I came across the following report and honestly, I could not believe that there was someone actually out there that would write such garbage.... And this one is a real laugher, for according to the following report from the NY post online service at, apparently "Believing Conspiracy Theories Might Make You A Criminal".....  I honestly read this whole thing first before I found it to not be a joke!.... I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves how the Jew spew media is indeed trying to shut down our efforts, for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Believing conspiracy theories might make you a criminal: study

Go figure: If you’re a birther or a 9/11 denier, chances are you aren’t much fun to be around. Sure, we’ve been saying this about our wack-job uncle for years — but now it’s backed up by science.
People who buy into outrageous conspiracy theories — say, that no human has ever walked on the moon or the ancient pyramids were built by aliens — are more inclined to actively engage in anti-social behavior.
That’s the main finding of a team of psychologists from the UK’s Staffordshire University and the University of Kent, who investigated the wider impact these paranoia-fueled fringe beliefs can have on behavior.
“Our research has shown for the first time the role that conspiracy theories can play in determining an individual’s attitude to everyday crime,” study co-author and Kent professor Karen Douglas said in a statement. “It demonstrates that people subscribing to the view that others have conspired might be more inclined toward unethical actions.”
With contemporary conspiracy theories targeting everything from myths surrounding the Mueller report to the chilling “secret” behind Disney’s “Frozen,” this cultural phenomenon is certainly ripe for clinical exploration.
As such, the new study measured participants’ “belief in general notions of conspiracy” as well as how much they agreed with specific theories (“There was an official campaignby MI6 to assassinate Princess Diana”). Those inclined to believe the theories were “more accepting of everyday crime,” such as demanding a refund for no appropriate reason.
In addition, exposure to conspiracy theories was found to make people more apt to engage in low-level criminal activity. Researchers found that this tendency was “directly linked to an individual’s feeling of a lack of social cohesion or shared values, known as anomie.”
For the non-psycholinguists out there, anomie is defined as “the lack of the usual social or ethical standards in an individual or group.”
Or, as co-author Dan Jolley of Staffordshire put it, “People believing in conspiracy theories are more likely to be accepting of everyday crime, while exposure to theories increases a feeling of anomie, which in turn predicts increased future everyday crime intentions.”

NTS Notes: Yes, apparently this is a "serious" article coming from that rag known as the NY Post...

Seriously though, this shows how low these bastards are trying to get in trying to stop people from realizing that the Jew spew media are a bunch of lying SOB's and that the so called 'conspiracy theorists' have been right all along!

I also get a laugh when this author thinks that conspiracy theorists are "criminals"..... And he goes on in claiming that those who are these "theorists" harbour some type of sickness or mental illness.... I would say that the only ones that are mentally ill are the ones who promote the lies that the Jew spew media tries to fling at the public on a daily basis....

Well, I guess thats it now... I have been out there for years trying to get the real truths out and to expose the evils of the tribe, their minions, and the criminality of our crooked governments... And now that makes me a criminal??   I guess, guilty as charged then....

More to come


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Penny said...

the term 'conspiracy theory' was created by the CIA..
which is why it's a disgraceful meme
as for the article- piece of shit.