Saturday, February 9, 2019

Madness In America: The Real Democratic Agenda Unveiled - Murder The Babies, Demolish All Buildings, Block The Sun, Kill Free Speech, Ban All Airplanes, And Declare A New Utopia!

I have been reading over the last few days the absolute lunacy coming out of the mouth of that "Democrat" in the United States named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and at first I had to laugh, but later realized that this mentally deranged individual is actually serious by what she says should be done in the United States.... I figure that I would have at least one article up at this blog to cover this lunatic and her insanity.....

I want to present the following article that comes courtesy of the Natural News website, at, and is entitled: "The Real Democratic Agenda Unveiled: Murder The Babies, Demolish All Buildings, Block The Sun, Kill Free Speech, Ban All Airplanes And Declare A New UTOPIA" for everyone to see for themselves how these "Democrats" that have been infesting the US Government are indeed mostly insane lunatics..... Here is that article in its entirety for all to see here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The real Democrat agenda unveiled: Murder the babies, demolish all buildings, block the sun, kill free speech, ban all airplanes and declare a new UTOPIA

Image: The real Democrat agenda unveiled: Murder the babies, demolish all buildings, block the sun, kill free speech, ban all airplanes and declare a new UTOPIA

(Natural News) With the release of “Green New Deal” plan authored by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (and endorsed by Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and other prominent Democrats), the real agenda of the Democrats has now become clear.

That agenda is best described as this: Murder the babies, demolish all buildings, block the sun, kill free speech, ban all airplanes and declare a new utopia.

The “Green New Deal” plan, covered in my podcast below, demands the following astonishing (insane) proposals now being pushed by Democrats:
  • Exterminate the air travel industry and end all air travel, crushing the entire tourism and hotel industry and making the military’s national defense impossible to achieve.
  • Demolishing ALL buildings in America (or refurbishing them) in order to rebuild them to be “eco-friendly.”
  • Constructing railroads across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to connect world cities on different continents by rail.
  • Granting government benefits to all people who are “unwilling” to work. Yes, the Green New Deal quite literally says the “unwilling” should be given free money and endless entitlements from the government.
  • Slaughtering all cattle, nationwide, over the next 10 years and outlawing cattle ranching.
  • Eliminating all jobs related to fossil fuels energy, including transportation, energy exploration, geological science, combustion engines and more.
This “Green New Deal” is being pushed with a straight face by lunatic Leftists who, if they got their wish, would economically obliterate the United States of America. (Hint: That’s their goal, actually.) They also believe they are morally justified in their demands because they’ve all been brainwashed to believe that carbon dioxide is a poison — an insane, quack science conspiracy theory against chemistry — and that more liquid water in the oceans (instead of frozen ice) would somehow destroy the planet.

The “Green New Deal” would be economic suicide for America

It should be obvious to any thinking person at this point that outlawing fossil fuels in the next ten years would have apocalyptic effects on the United States, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • A near-total collapse of food production, since nearly all agriculture relies on diesel engines for farming, harvesting and transportation of food. Cue mass starvation, Venezuela style…
  • A massive increase in the consumption of fossil fuels as diesel-burning construction equipment is needed to destroy and then rebuilt tens of millions of homes and commercial buildings across the United States. According to current estimates, 30,000 buildings would need to be destroyed and rebuilt each day across America over the next ten years in order to achieve the Ocasio-Cortez “Green New Deal” goal. This is government genius at work: Destroying and then rebuilding millions of buildings, burning diesel fuel the whole time, then calling it “eco-friendly.”
  • A collapse of the air travel industry, tourism industry and hotel industry, displacing millions of works and causing widespread, across-the-board investment losses. But don’t worry, Ocasio-Cortez says the government will “guarantee” jobs for all people, including those who are “unwilling” to work.
  • A total collapse of nationwide pension funds as their investments in the stock market are wiped out by the economic implosion. With the energy industry wiped out, the food production industry flatlined, and air travel, tourism and hotels all but eliminated, the Ocasio-Cortez economy would mostly consist of the government paying people to destroy buildings and execute cows. This is the Green New Deal, in reality.
By the way, this insane agenda of total destruction and national suicide is bring protected and promoted by the evil tech giants like Twitter, Apple, Google and Facebook, all of which are now run by lunatic left-wing censors who silence any voice of reason while shielding Democrat lunacy from criticism or rational inquiry. In just the last few days, Twitter banned all Natural News accounts because I publicly criticized Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for promoting a pump-and-dump cryptocurrency scam. So now Twitter silences people for exposing investment fraud, too.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is insane… but her insanity is shared by a shocking number of lunatic left-wing Democrats

Yes, Ocasio-Cortez is clinically insane. But her ideas — which are almost all rooted in communism and fascism — are shockingly popular among the drooling left-wing idiots who now run the tech giants, the media and the U.S. House of Representatives. If these people are allowed to gain power over the country, they will plunge America into an era of unprecedented human suffering, starvation and destitution.

I explain more in my detailed podcast, below, which also contains hilarious segments of humor, mocking the astonishing stupidity of Ocasio-Cortez and her lunatic left-wing followers. Listen and roar with laughter:
Stay tuned to for more news on the sheer insanity and stupidity of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

NTS Notes: I honestly had to do a 500MPH face palm after reading this article and the insanity of this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sad excuse for a woman....

I must agree with Mike Adams on this one.. The Democratic party in the United States is now run by insane Left wing lunatics that definitely are UNFIT for public office and should all be in the looney bin for approving this LUNACY of a so called 'Green New Deal'....

I honestly do not where to begin with this laughably ridiculous "Green New Deal" but I will give it some of my own two cents worth here:

(1) The idea that you can somehow eliminate air travel that is a much needed necessity in a modern world and replace it with this 'green' railroads across the oceans is IMPOSSIBLE, by just the sheer technological difficulties in building any railroad across vast reaches of open water, including building tunnels.... The costs would be in the multiple QUADRILLION range of dollars and would be such a massive undertaking that it would actually ruin the planet's environment....

(2) The idea that every single building across the planet should be either torn down, or 'upgraded' to meet some lunatic's 'Green standards' is sheer madness... The costs in building supplies needed and the effect on the environment would actually be worse than the banning of all air travel and building 'railroads' across the planet... No nation can afford this concept and shows once again that this Ocasio-Cortez bitch is certifiably insane...

(3) Hey, why not give all the low lifes and bums out there that are unwilling to work a free handout?  This again is sheer madness and would balloon the already overburdened welfare systems of our countries to the points of bankruptcy... If this does somehow pass, then maybe Ocasio-Cortez can foot the bill and give free money out of her own pocket to those who are not wanting to help in society!

(4) Slaughter all cattle and outlaw cattle ranching?  So let me get this straight... Kill all the cattle just to make sure that nobody eats meat?  Wonderful... I sure hope the cattle and beef  industries are all in with this one..... Again, this bitch and her left wing looneys are clinically insane...

(5) Eliminate ALL jobs linked to the 'fossil fuel' industry, which is the backbone of the nation's entire energy platform and energy needs to everyone?  Wonderful.. So what do these lunatics do to replace said "fossil fuels"????   They have no answers to this one, and have not a clue as to the science involved and the expense for such a massive undertaking required to get rid of fossil fuels and come up with an alternative that would meet the same energy needs..... And of course they are bent in thinking that they can do this and kill MILLIONS of jobs to boot!

I also agree with Mike's pointing out that this "Green Deal" spells economic suicide for the US and any other nation that signs off on its lunacy....

Honestly, I am so sickened to see what America has become and how the American people have allowed these lunatics out of the asylum and put them into their government.... Hopefully the American people will not be hoodwinked by this sheer stupidity and will give each and every one of these idiots the boot come 2020... The alternative would indeed see the end of the US itself..

And about this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?  Anyone have a straight jacket, for this clown needs one and quickly!

More to come



Cloud said...

Destroy DC and ALL of its inbred lunatics from every endless empty hall of imaginable flatulent dead corpses...the only fossil fuel that needs its final expiration date. The world will be jubilant forever more.

Shawn Foster said...

It’s pretty implausible to implement any of the new green deal, but if you eliminate the welfare system, offices, and employees, you could fairly distribute an equal share to everyone equivalent to what was previously wasted on overhead, and then people wouldn’t be compelled to have bastard children just for the cash ... it’s fairly equal by my back of the envelope calculations. Something like $500 a month per person would be worth getting rid of conventional welfare, so it would be like social security supplement to invest as you see fit, in case you die before you get to enjoy retirement, to pass on to whoever you see fit. If poor people need to spend some now, that prevents crimes and prison expense too