Monday, February 25, 2019

Important Question: Why Is America Israel's Bitch?

I have always been asking the same question for years now: WHY does the US government absolutely NOT pay attention to the demands of the American electorate that voted them into public office, but instead bends over backwards for their slave masters in Israel first, foremost, and always?  It is an important question that absolutely does need answers.....

Well, to help explain why the US Government is so hell bent on supporting the criminal and psychotic state of Israel and will do everything to please their Jewish masters by giving that support first and foremost, I want to present the following article that comes from Greg Bacon's website "Goon Squad" at, that is entitled: "Why Is America Israel's Bitch?".... It is a must see by everyone, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

"Why is America Israel's Bitch?"

For starters, 80-90% of Congress are TRAITORS who have sold their soul to foreign powers like Israel and Jew Inc's powerful banks, those ones We the People get forced to bail out every 10 years or so to cover their busted bets.

But mostly they're also sleaze-bags who like to engage in kiddie sex, and outfits like Israel's Mossad and our own CIA have recorded these illegal romps and use them to blackmail the congressional traitors into doing their bidding.

Some have been recorded at the Zionist Jeff Epstein's private Caribbean island, AKA Orgy Island, where kidnapped boys and girls were held for perverted sex and those videos are now in private hands. If a Senator or House member starts thinking, "Maybe I should honor my oath to the American public," he or she will be shown juicy tidbits of their statuary rape scenes, and they're back in line.
To think that this will all go away if we keep voting for the clowns that steal the WH is wishful if not delusional thinking.

It will take a repeat of 1776 to get back our nation, or resign ourselves to be forever Israel and the (((bankster))) bitches. Our children will NEVER know freedom, only slavery if we don't rise up and take back our country.

NTS Notes; I am not in the least bit shocked by this report.. For the facts are that the Jewish control over America is so complete and these criminals when they get together for that annual horror show that honors the criminal group known as AIPAC, I can guarantee that those that attend those meetings  absolutely gloat openly over their absolute control over the gullible American goyim!

And we have the fact that these Jewish pricks demand their slaves in the US Congress to come and attend these AIPAC meetings and grovel to their Jewish masters in attendance... Pathetic is putting it mildly...

And of course now these Jewish pricks are commanding their slave in the White House, President Donald Drumpf to do exactly as they demand, which is of course to prepare for an attack against the innocent nation of Iran for the glory of their accursed "state" of Israel.....

I do agree that a new revolution is much needed in America to free itself from this sinister control.... That and to pass laws that outlaw these criminals and force them to leave the United States much like the other 109+ times in history that they have been booted out of other nations...

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RickB said...

Because like France and all the countries locked into the EU, America is controlled by jews for jewish interests. When Trump says America first, he means of course jewish America first.

Passed away said...

I live in the Marxachusetts corner of Jew England. I have asked devout Bible Thumpers what is the source if tis demand we kneel and suck isra-hells kosher kock.

The answer over and over is "you re blinded because you are no saved. Jews are God's chosen people and anyone who rejects isra-hell and jews rejects God himself. When I ask where it says this the answer is always, "the bible says it, I believe it, end of discussion.

Of course thr4e is a big mob of feral black porch primates that claim they are the true children of God, the real Israelites (heaven help humanity if they are), although the Jooze seem to enlist feral negroes as their shock troops

I grew up in in heavily Jooified Marxachusetts town and being a goyim child was reminded over an over by jooze I was surround by that I was less than human and only existed as the blowjob boy for my jooish overlords

I guess we will find who the real chosen are at the climax of the end game

Jawad said...

I would like to also say that india and Israel are quite close and the supposed first attack by pakistan on indian troops is nothing but a false flag operation to get a long awaited war by Israel going. how ironic that right after that evil jew netanyahu visits modi that this attack happens with no evidence provided by india of who was actually responsible for it.

Since 9/11 the goal has been to replace any government that may stand against israel into a puppet government. As Imran Khan stated in the past "We’re not your ‘hired gun’ anymore", he is no puppet leader. What Israel will do now is to get her sheep (America, India, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, etc.) to dehumanize pakistan so a war can be waged upon a country that doesn't really want it.

Jawad said...