Thursday, February 14, 2019

I Really Hate Being Right On This One: Brexit Will NEVER Happen, As The Rothschild Controlled EU Will Never Let One Of Their Slave Nations, The UK, Escape Their Control!

Someone asked me recently what I thought of the fiasco going on right now in the UK with the ever increasing hype about "Brexit", aka Britain's leaving the criminal European Union.... I told him flat out that it did not matter that the British people voted to leave the European Union several years ago, for there is absolutely NO WAY the criminal Rothschild and other evil Jewish controllers of the so called 'European Union" would ever let one of their slave nations ever escape their evil clutches... I have stated it for years now, especially in my weekend rants, that all of this talk of a "hard Brexit" or the so called "soft Brexit" is nothing but pure fluff, for the criminals that run the British Parliament in London are listening to their Jewish masters and are basically running the entire "Brexit show" as nothing more than a charade and pure fluff... The UK will NEVER EVER be allowed to escape the EU unless the British people revolt, overthrow their criminal government, and leave the EU immediately...

Well, I really do hate to be right on this one... For I have indeed come under fire with statements that I did not know what I was talking about, and others stating that "Brexit was real and the UK is indeed leaving"... BUT according to the following report that comes from the Sputnik News website, at www., apparently this entire Brexit is indeed nothing but a sick and twisted game, for apparently as the article states.. "We Will Not Be Leaving The EU, Brexit Will Never Be Delivered".... Here is that entire article for everyone, and especially my readers in the UK to read for themselves here... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

We Will Not be Leaving the EU, Brexit Will Never be Delivered
Janice Atkinson
I am even more convinced that Brexit will never be delivered.
Do you remember that wonderful feeling of euphoria that we all woke up to on the morning of the 24 June 2016? That we defied all the odds, we defied Project Fear, we defied those who knew better than us and we had voted for something really meaningful, that our voted really counted this time?
As I drove over Westminster Bridge at 5am for an TV interview, the sun was shining and I saw the Union flag flying majestically over Parliament and thought, we've taken back control of our sovereignty and our flag, the symbol of Great Britain, has real meaning again. I had a tear in my eye, excitement in my stomach and a spring in my step. And now those feelings are crushed.
I do not think Brexit will be delivered, ever.
We have a Remain prime minister, leading a Remain government, with a Remain Opposition, sending a Remain civil servant to Remain Brussels to discuss Brexit. What could possibly go wrong?
The cat was really out of the bag this week. Olly Robbins, top Brexit civil servant and closest ally of Mrs May and directly answerable to her only, was overheard in an EU bar on Tuesday night saying that MPs have a choice, back May's deal or extended Article 50 for a very long time.
The hapless Secretary of State for DexU, floundered on the airwaves yesterday, admitting that talks have taken place in Brussels and London about extending our leaving date. He stated, "We are committed to leaving on the 29th March… any extension is not a unilateral decision". The key word here is 'committed'. That can be reneged upon and that is exactly what is happening. Language is important, it's the carefully crafted get out clause, briefed by the spin doctors.
War criminal Tony Blair was yet again on the BBC saying that his intervention has persuaded Germany that a second referendum would deliver Remain and that has influenced their negotiations and hard line approach.
Is Blair telling the truth this time, does anybody still believe him? Apparently yes, given Merkel's approach, the Germans do. And the BBC continues its love-in with him in the berlief that he is still the future.
The BBC is now moving into peak Remain, the usually straightforward Laura Kuenssberg said of the Boles/Cooper scuppering Bill, "removing the possibility of that last-minute kamikaze choice." Kamikaze, eh? No longer cliff-edge, which implies one might hold on. This is fully fledged Japanese style suicide.
In the 2017 General Election both Labour and the Conservatives promised to deliver Brexit. The duplicitous Conservatives stated, 'we will no longer be members of the single market or customs union' and 'leaving the EU also means we will be free to strike our own trade agreements with countries outside the EU'. And Labour said it would accept the referendum result and then waffled on about protectionism.
There has been much talk of brinkmanship from the PM, while the clock is ticking down to the 29th March. I think her cunning plan is to push it to the wire so that MPs on her side vote for her deal whilst threatening a ‘no deal', which is now the people's popular choice.
But what is her deal? She sent Robbins and Barclay to Strasbourg two days ago, the first time that Barclay has been to the EU since his appointment… last November. Yes, May is certainly playing brinkmanship.  It's her deal or nothing.
Meanwhile in the Brussels dark arts centre, they see March 21st as a final date, a make or break compromise to stitch up the UK. This would involve a political ‘tweak' on  the backstop, possibly ‘being reviewed every six months, in light of updates in technology'. Even if a deal is signed by then, they still envisage an extension of Article 50 to allow time for ratification by both sides ie  a never ending hell.
Let's remember who we're negotiating with. This week in Strasbourg an investigation into German Martyn Selmayr's promotion from Juncker's chief of staff to Commission secretary-general "did not follow EU law, in letter or spirit, and did not follow the Commission's own rules," declared the office of the ombudsman. MEPs condemned Martin Selmayr's appointment, yet they ignore elected politicians. He's a close friend of Juncker and now occupies the most powerful spot of any Eurocrat. Juncker openly says he lies to defend the Union. Tusk thinks that Brexiteers belong in a 'special hell', not an ordinary devil type of hell and Verhofstadt believes that the guillotine awaits us, which is inciting violence if you're that way inclined. Would you do business with these people?
David Liddington, de facto deputy PM and Keir Starmer, Brexit opposition spokeman,  met for the first time yesterday. To discuss what? There is no common ground with the Brexiteers who want a complete break from Brussels. Starmer wants to keep us shackled to the EU's flawed ‘workers' rights' and customs union. If Global Britain is allowed to happen, we certainly do not want to be tied to outdated protectionist employment practices dictated by the socialists, greens, the alt left and the communists in the EU. And I am afraid faux Conservative, ultra Remainer, Liddington agrees with him.
If Britain is to be open for business, our employment laws must be made in Britain and there is the non-negotiable customs union. We voted to leave, to take back control of our trade policy. Any customs union would jettison our ability to trade with the world.
If I were meeting Starmer, I would ask "at what point are you going to acknowledge the five million Labour voters who didn't vote for an extension of Article 50 and voted against staying in the customs union?". That won't happen because we have arch Remainer Liddington meeting arch Remainer Starmer.
There is a special place in hell for those that do not respect the will of the people. I can't decide whether the top place should go to May for openly lying to the people about her real agenda and as the most awful Tory leader, ever, and that list is pretty long since Thatcher, or Jezza, who has given in to his life-long opposition to the EU. Maybe it's Jezza, because he's surrendered his principles and given in to his front bench and pygmy back benchers because he needs a cabinet rather than supporting the working classes who he presumes to represent.
Sadly, it's farewell to democracy, farewell to fairness, farewell to those voters who really thought they had made a difference and their voices had been heard. Many will never vote again and all will never trust our political classes ever again.
The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

NTS Notes: Do I honestly have to spell it out for everyone??? Once the vote was cast back in 2016 for the UK to "leave" the European Union, in spite of the attempts to fix the vote in favor of staying in that criminal corrupt organization, the Rothschild and other Jewish interests probably laughed their asses off and said that there was no way that they would allow one of their slave nations, the UK to escape their clutches...

Therefore from day one after that vote, the criminals in charge started their dirty work in working underhandedly to destroy the concept of "Brexit" and make it IMPOSSIBLE (at least according to them) for Britain to ever leave the EU..... The propaganda machine went into overdrive and these crooks and criminals created the situation that we see continuing today where the "issues" of Brexit can "never be resolved" as part of the fear mongering of what would happen if Britain ever 'left the EU"....

But truth be known, the UK would indeed be much better off in not having to suffer the suffocating rules imposed on them by the criminal EU and would indeed prosper by doing trading directly with other nations rather than having to deal with the crooked politics of the EU itself...

The facts are simple.. .All of this stupid fear mongering and all of the "politics" we see happening about this "soft" or "hard" Brexit is pure and utter bullshit... The British Parliament if it was truly free could easily just say, we are gone from the EU and have it take effect immediately... But they have their orders to delay, delay, and delay, just to try to create the scenario that Britain needs a "revote" to decide if they really want to leave the EU... And if that "revote" ever occurs, they would have the vote "fixed" to have them vote to stay in the criminal EU and remain a slave nation forever....

It is time for the British people to DEMAND that the bullshit end, and that the nation get the hell out of the EU immediately.... No more games, and if the British Parliament refuses to move, then maybe the British people should have those criminals thrown out and replaced with a government that actually listens to the people for a change, rather than answering only to Jewish Rothschild interests...

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Adrian Chetwynd said...

In my opinion the outcome will be exactly what was planned before the British were given the vote. If the tribe didn't want a vote there wouldn't have been one. And even if more people really did vote for exit then they could easily have rigged the figures to remain if that's what they wanted. Therefore, I believe that the vote was rigged in favour of leave.

UKIP is controlled opposition that was created to defeat the BNP and to push for the vote. Farrage is a globalist pro Judeo-Christianity friend of Israel like most of the UKIP MPs.

Even if Britain was to get a complete exit the tribe still control Britain and own it lock stock and barrel and the responsibility for enforced immigration has been passed over to the (((UN))) so immigration will continue either way.

Germany escaped from the clutches of the tribe and look what happened to them!

The outlook is bleak for the Brits whether Britain remains or leaves the (((EU))).

Adrian Chetwynd said...

"Told you so"!


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If you are so against Zionism why did you support Brexit. It was funded by Zionists
Brexit is a zionist creation. Hasn't it sunk in yet.
Hintze who bankrolled former Defence Secretary Liam Fox.
this is 2011 before BREXIT.
Zionist HINTZE then went on to contribute around 4 million to the out campaign
Voting out has played right into the hands of those you so dislike.
MPS Shout about borders and immigration and the meat heads blindly jump on board..
Such an obvious trojan horse of a deception.