Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Global Warming My Ass! Intense Cold Weather EVERYWHERE Points Once Again That The Planet Is Cooling As We Enter A Grand Solar Minimum!

I am so disgusted by what I see coming out of the Jew spew media these days.... In spite of all of the evidence that the planet is entering a massively long cooling cycle, these liars are still out there trying desperately now to get the most gullible people to believe that the planet is still "overheating" and that we must do "everything possible to save the planet (from ourselves!).... It is indeed revolting to see, and I once again want to present even more evidence that the entire Global Warming scam is one of the most massive frauds ever concocted on human beings in all history!

I first want to make it clear that the winter up here in Central Canada (and yes, this is central Canada, and not the big lie that Toronto is somehow the "center of Canada"...), has been absolutely abominable this year... Temperatures for this time of year have been well below normal, with highs not even approaching the "normal" of around -10C.... In fact we have just gone through another near record cold spell, where the overnight lows were in the -25C to -30C range, and daily "highs" have not even reached the -20C mark.... On top of that we have now seen the weird phenomena where it has been snowing even at the -25C mark.. Usually and normally we do not get new snow fall until the temperature rises above the -10C mark!   Basically, it has been a frozen hell here, and one that we have not seen in these parts for decades....

OK, I want to first present the following article link that comes from the Canadian Globe And Mail online news service, at, that gives a pretty good description of what this winter has truly been here in Canada; for the article states that it has been "severe" which is truly an understatement.. Here is that link for all to see for themselves here:

Now, the Global Warming alarmists and kooks will state that this is not "unusual", for they will cling to the ignorance and stupidity of stating that with the planet "overheating" we will somehow get colder (!) and more brutal (!) winters.... In fact, here is a real laugher that comes from Scientific American, that claims that yes, as the planet "heats up", winters will indeed be "harsher"... Here is that link here:

Honestly, I used to read a lot of articles over at Scientific American.. But now they have swallowed the "man caused Global Warming" koolaid like so many other publications.... Sadly, they have surrendered logic just for the big bucks....

And of course, this cold weather is not "unique" to Canada and the northern United States as the fraudsters in the Global Warming kookiness crowd try vainly to promote... For indeed it is actually SNOWING in Hawaii, and not just on the peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa as what normally happens due to their high altitude, but according to the following report, it is happening at LOWER altitudes not only on the big island of Hawaii but even over on Maui!  Here is the link to that amazing report here:

I am not in the least bit shocked by this report of snow at lower altitudes on the island of Maui that has been UNHEARD OF for centuries... For the facts are staring everyone now in their faces that the planet is indeed cooling as we are indeed entering a "Grand Solar Minimum" that could last for the next decade at least....

As the title of this article states: Global Warming My Ass!   Those ass clowns have hoodwinked too many gullible people already and have fooled so many stupid nations to adapt the insane posture of preparing for "Global Heating" when instead they should have been preparing their populace for a long period of Global Cooling... The price of their folly will be felt as their own people are ill prepared and could indeed pay dearly for that huge mistake of pure stupidity!

And again, lets not get fooled here... All of this fear mongering of "Global Warming" has been on purpose to get nations to swallow the bullshit of "Carbon Taxation" which is in itself nothing but a massive scam and fraud and is being promoted to swindle suckers out of their money in the form of another stupid "tax"... It is time for people to wake the fuck up and put an end to that madness right now..

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