Monday, February 25, 2019

Crisis In Venezuela: Us Backed Opposition Caught On VIDEO Throwing Molotov Cocktails At Aid Truck On Venezuelan Border!

I said in yesterday's weekend rant that the "humanitarian aid convoys" that were trying to ram their way into Venezuela from neighbouring Columbia were all shams and farces.... They were definitely going to be used to garner sympathy for the citizens of the United States for an "attack" on Venezuela to "save the people" from being "starved to death" by the "butcher" President Nicolas Maduro..... But of course these "convoys" are nothing but a propaganda stunt, because any "aid" that the criminals in the US Government were wanting to send into Venezuela were to contain armaments and weapons to be used by supposed Venezuelan 'rebels' for the planned overthrow of the Venezuelan government...

And of course we finally had the "first attempt" to send one of these fraud "convoys" from Columbia across the border into Venezuela two days ago, but that turned into the expected farce as it was halted by the Venezuelan military and many of the trucks were left stranded on the Francisco de Paula Santander Bridge that links Columbia to Venezuela itself..... But what happened during that halt is something that everyone should be up to speed about, for according to the following link from the Russia Today online news service, apparently some criminal supporters of that heinous Juan Guaido hurled molotov cocktails at the stalled trucks setting them ablaze!  Here is that link here, and do pay attention to the videos within the article:

Obviously what we have here is pure provocation by the US backed Guaido criminals in trying to make it look like President Maduro's supporters set these trucks on fire... However, these idiots failed to understand that in today's modern world, everyone carries a cellular phone with picture and video taking capabilities, and those civilians present at this fiasco did indeed take those videos that showed the real truth that it was 100% the criminal Guaido supporters that set these trucks ablaze!

In fact, one of my fellow Canadian truth seekers, Greencrow, who of course hails from the milder dark reaches of southern British Columbia, did her own article about this fiasco yesterday, and I do want to present the link to her article here for all to see for themselves:

NTS Notes: I had to laugh at Greencrow's article title, but seriously she is absolutely correct that these criminals wanted to have this "provocation" take place to garner sympathy for the criminal Guaido and his equally stupid supporters... It may have indeed been a "false flag" operation that went horribly wrong for those perpetrators as again, they stupidly forgot that people do carry cameras and camera phones!

I am also glad that Greencrow does agree with my assessment on the real reasons the US wants to badly into Venezuela now.... They do want to control Venezuela's oil output so as to control the price!  That and Greencrow is right about how the Venezuelan government is making deals that may NOT be done in US dollars aka the "Petro Dollar" scam, and the damage to the US in doing so is so critical and I will explain why here:

The US is indeed desperate to try to keep their Petro Dollar scam going by forcing nations to either continue to trade their petroleum products in US dollars, or if they refuse to openly call for them to be "invaded for regime change" and thus force them back onto the US dollar.... This is exactly what happened in Iraq back in 2003 when President Saddam Hussein opened up his international Petroleum trading facility on Kharg island in the Persian Gulf where petroleum was sold in EUROS and not in US dollars... The US government quickly panicked of course, with the realization that nations would indeed forego US dollars in Petroleum trading with Iraq and thus cost them BILLIONS in profits as well as the strong possibility of hyper inflation as nations properly junked the US dollar itself ....  This is exactly why they concocted that need to "invade" Iraq and sold the world a crock of bullshit that Hussein was harbouring "weapons of mass destruction"... The only weapon of mass destruction that Hussein had was trading his petroleum in Euros!  History may indeed be repeating itself with Venezuela making Petroleum deals in currencies other than the US dollar now...

Yes, "round one" of these acts of provocation goes to the Maduro government in making this entire 'humanitarian convoy' fiasco look foolish for the United States... But again those bastards will not give up, especially with that criminal Juan Guaido meeting earlier today with US criminal Vice President Mike Pence and calling for even more violence to take place in Venezuela until he gets his way in seeing Maduro overthrown!   I do suspect that there is something very heinous being concocted by these criminals, and the Venezuelan people should be preparing themselves for the worse to come....

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