Thursday, February 28, 2019

India/Pakistan Conflict: Getting Up To Speed On What Has Happened So Far, And Was It Provoked Via A False Flag Attack?

I have not covered the ever growing conflict between Pakistan and India due to that "attack" in Kashmir last week....I have seen other skirmishes between these two nuclear armed nations that absolutely hate each other for years now, and ever since the nation of Pakistan was created out of the former British colony of India back in 1947.....Honestly I had hoped that there would be no escalation of this "conflict" due to the fact that both of these nations have hundreds of nuclear weapons and that usage would be catastrophic for both countries... However, there has indeed been some escalation in the skirmish and there is absolutely a threat of a full blown war between both nations within the next few days... I therefore decided to put in my own two cents worth and to cover some aspects of this impending war...

I honestly thought that when the first reports surfaced last week about that "attack" in Pulwama last week, that it was absolutely a 'false flag' and that the Israeli Mossad may have indeed been behind the entire operation... The logical reason for thinking that Israel was indeed involved was due to the ever growing relationship between Iran and India that these Jewish pricks would never stand for due to their lust in wanting to see Iran destroyed..... I had hoped that I would find some concrete evidence that the bombing in Pulwama was investigated and the device that caused the detonation to be of Israeli origin, but there is still NO evidence that the device or the actual bombing were the works of the Mossad, at least not yet...

However, there is some credibility of this entire Pulwama being a "false flag attack", and I found some facts that point to that evidence in the following article that comes from the Veterans Today website, at I do want to share the link to that article here for my own readers to view for themselves right here:

My major problem to this article is of course how the author is pointing the finger of blame for this "false flag" operation in the direction of India.... But again, I am not sold on this scenario for the fact that we have to ask ourselves who BEST benefits from this "attack" and getting both Pakistan and India at each other's throats?   And the answer is once again the criminal state of Israel of course!

I will credit the author with the information at the end of his article where he does state that there could indeed have been an Israeli connection to this false flag operation, due to the fact that those monsters absolutely want to see Pakistan "denuclearized" as being the only present (at least known about) Muslim nation that could threaten them with nuclear weapons....

And of course, since that Pulwama attack, we have indeed seen an ever increasing escalation of border skirmishes and air attacks by both sides.... And to help readers get fully up to speed on what has been happening over the last week in this battle between India and Pakistan, I do want to present the following link to an article from Russia Today, at, that gives a "what you need to know" about what has been happening so far... Here is that link here:

Well, as of today this "flare up" has simmered down a bit, at least for the moment.... There has indeed been talk about diplomacy taking place to try to stop any further increased hostilities and to try to let "cooler heads prevail"..... The Russians especially have been looking into getting a diplomatic solution put into  place to get a "ceasefire" done to prevent any further escalation......

The way that I see it, there is nothing good that will come from these two nations going to war, especially when both are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons... Pakistan alone has some 200 nuclear weapons at around 5-10 kiloton yield each, while India can throw some 150-200 nuclear warheads at Pakistan at around 10-20 kiloton yield each.... If these two parties were stupid enough to throw all of those weapons at each other, there would be hundreds of millions of lives that would perish in such a nuclear exchange and both nations would basically become radioactive nightmares that could see hundreds of millions of survivors perish as well due to radiation sickness..... Both nations would perish as a result, and the effects of radioactive fallout would be felt by hundreds of millions more around the planet..... THIS is why there is a need to stop this madness and to prevent no further escalation between these two warring parties immediately...

I will be following up this report with further articles at this blog over the next while.... Stay tuned...

More to come


Why Is This Not Theft? US Army Transfering 50 Tons Of Gold From US Run ISIS-Daesh Held Areas In Syria And Iraq Back To The US, Reports

In my last report about the so called "surrender" of the US fraud ISIS forces in that "pocket of resistance" along the Euphrates River south of the key city of Deir ez-Zor, I commented on the fact that these fraud "terrorists" held a large quantity of Gold Bullion that was rightfully the property of both the Syrian nation and neighboring Iraq as well.... That Gold was indeed stolen from the Syrian and Iraqi governments and rightfully those governments had every right to demand that once that Gold was seized by the US 'conquering forces' and their SDF allies, that it should be returned to the people of both Syria and Iraq.....

Well, just like what we saw when the criminal forces of the US and NATO went marching into Libya back in 2011 and basically stole Libya's Gold reserves, history apparently is repeating itself once again...For according to the following article from the Global Research website, at, the US Army is "transferring" (stealing) some 50 tons of Gold that was seized by their fraud "ISIS" and "Daesh" forces in both Syria and Iraq and is whisking it away to the US itself.... Here is that report for all to see for themselves and i do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

US Army Transferring 50 Tons of Gold from ISIS-Daesh Held Areas in Syria and Iraq back to the US. Reports

The U.S. Army is transferring tons of gold from Daesh-held areas in Syria to the U.S., multiple reports said.
According to a source who spoke to Kurdish Bas News Agency, the U.S. forces transferred about 50 tons of gold from areas seized from Daesh terrorists in eastern Syria’s Deir el-Zour region and gave a portion of the remaining gold to the PKK’s Syrian offshoot People’s Protection Units (YPG).
The gold was reportedly transported from the U.S. military base in Kobani.
Meanwhile, 40 tons of gold bullions stolen by Daesh terrorists from Iraq’s Mosul province was also taken by the U.S. forces.
Local sources who spoke to regime-run SANA news agency claimed that the troops relocated large boxes containing Daesh’s gold treasure from al-Dashisheh region in southern Hasakah.
Daesh terrorist leaders nabbed by U.S. troops reportedly provided information on the whereabouts of the gold, the report said.
The claim coincides with a report by the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, which said that the U.S.-backed YPG was after 40 tons of gold left behind by Daesh terrorists in Deir el-Zour.
“The U.S.-led coalition forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) deliberately do not target the areas under the control of the ISIL terrorists and commanders in Eastern Euphrates in Deir el-Zour as they are trying to locate this treasure by forcing the ISIL militants to speak about its location after surrendering,” the SOHR said, referring to Daesh using another acronym.
Though Daesh lost many strongholds in Iraq and Syria, a controversial deal between Daesh militants and Syrian groups linked to the PKK, a major terrorist group that carries out attacks in Turkey, helped their safe evacuation from Raqqa, Syria.
The U.S. still has about 2,000 troops in Syria, many of whom are working in close cooperation with SDF.
Almost all the territory in the east of the Euphrates River comprising some one-third of the territory of Syria, except for the Assad regime-controlled area near Deir el-Zour and the Daesh-held area near the Iraqi border, is controlled by the SDF. The SDF also controls the districts of Manbij and Tabqah on the right bank of the river.
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Featured image is from Liberty Nation

NTS Notes: I love the terminology that is used here... "Transferring"... Yeah, lets go with that one... Sounds a lot better than calling it exactly what it really is which is THEFT!!!

Yes, this seems to always be the first order of business when it comes to these bastards and their "conquering forces".... Take the Gold out first and foremost and NEVER return it to its rightful owners....

And why am I not surprised?  We not only have the case in Libya where the criminals in both NATO and the US steal Libya's Gold wealth, never to return it to the Libyan people... But we also have the case in Ukraine where Ukraine's Gold reserves were loaded into several US Cargo aircraft in the middle of the night shortly after the US puppet regime seized power in Kiev, and that Gold was whisked away back to the US never to be returned to Ukraine itself.... And some time after that regime change in Ukraine, the new government had the gall to "launch an investigation" as demanded by the Ukrainian people, into where their Gold went  when they knew all along that it was in the greedy hands of the US!  And they had the unmitigated gall to announce to the Ukrainian people that they do not know where their Gold is!!!!

Yes, this is THEFT, as that Gold does indeed belong to the people of both Syria and Iraq..... This again shows how criminal the US is and always has been when they invade other nations and push for "regime change"... Their first order of business seems to always go after that nation's Gold!

To my American readers:  Does this not make you a bit angry?  You should be, for your government is indeed nothing more than a bunch of thieves...

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Seriously? Nut Job Author At NY Post Claims That Believing Conspiracy Theories Might Make You A Criminal (!)

* I again took yesterday as a "me day" to get a bit of rest and to take care of some personal business... It was good to take a break and unwind...But I am back, and I have a lot of material to cover over these next few days here at this blog!

I have always hated the term "conspiracy theorist" for that term in itself was an invention of the US Government some 5 decades ago as a means to label anyone that actually wanted to investigate the US government's part in the JFK assassination as well as other nefarious US actions, as "kooks"..... I and others in the real truth movement do in fact wear the badge of being "conspiracy theorists" with honour these days, for we are doing our diligence in exposing so much evil in our world and to point out real truths and real facts.....

Just earlier today, I came across the following report and honestly, I could not believe that there was someone actually out there that would write such garbage.... And this one is a real laugher, for according to the following report from the NY post online service at, apparently "Believing Conspiracy Theories Might Make You A Criminal".....  I honestly read this whole thing first before I found it to not be a joke!.... I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves how the Jew spew media is indeed trying to shut down our efforts, for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Believing conspiracy theories might make you a criminal: study

Go figure: If you’re a birther or a 9/11 denier, chances are you aren’t much fun to be around. Sure, we’ve been saying this about our wack-job uncle for years — but now it’s backed up by science.
People who buy into outrageous conspiracy theories — say, that no human has ever walked on the moon or the ancient pyramids were built by aliens — are more inclined to actively engage in anti-social behavior.
That’s the main finding of a team of psychologists from the UK’s Staffordshire University and the University of Kent, who investigated the wider impact these paranoia-fueled fringe beliefs can have on behavior.
“Our research has shown for the first time the role that conspiracy theories can play in determining an individual’s attitude to everyday crime,” study co-author and Kent professor Karen Douglas said in a statement. “It demonstrates that people subscribing to the view that others have conspired might be more inclined toward unethical actions.”
With contemporary conspiracy theories targeting everything from myths surrounding the Mueller report to the chilling “secret” behind Disney’s “Frozen,” this cultural phenomenon is certainly ripe for clinical exploration.
As such, the new study measured participants’ “belief in general notions of conspiracy” as well as how much they agreed with specific theories (“There was an official campaignby MI6 to assassinate Princess Diana”). Those inclined to believe the theories were “more accepting of everyday crime,” such as demanding a refund for no appropriate reason.
In addition, exposure to conspiracy theories was found to make people more apt to engage in low-level criminal activity. Researchers found that this tendency was “directly linked to an individual’s feeling of a lack of social cohesion or shared values, known as anomie.”
For the non-psycholinguists out there, anomie is defined as “the lack of the usual social or ethical standards in an individual or group.”
Or, as co-author Dan Jolley of Staffordshire put it, “People believing in conspiracy theories are more likely to be accepting of everyday crime, while exposure to theories increases a feeling of anomie, which in turn predicts increased future everyday crime intentions.”

NTS Notes: Yes, apparently this is a "serious" article coming from that rag known as the NY Post...

Seriously though, this shows how low these bastards are trying to get in trying to stop people from realizing that the Jew spew media are a bunch of lying SOB's and that the so called 'conspiracy theorists' have been right all along!

I also get a laugh when this author thinks that conspiracy theorists are "criminals"..... And he goes on in claiming that those who are these "theorists" harbour some type of sickness or mental illness.... I would say that the only ones that are mentally ill are the ones who promote the lies that the Jew spew media tries to fling at the public on a daily basis....

Well, I guess thats it now... I have been out there for years trying to get the real truths out and to expose the evils of the tribe, their minions, and the criminality of our crooked governments... And now that makes me a criminal??   I guess, guilty as charged then....

More to come


Monday, February 25, 2019

Important Question: Why Is America Israel's Bitch?

I have always been asking the same question for years now: WHY does the US government absolutely NOT pay attention to the demands of the American electorate that voted them into public office, but instead bends over backwards for their slave masters in Israel first, foremost, and always?  It is an important question that absolutely does need answers.....

Well, to help explain why the US Government is so hell bent on supporting the criminal and psychotic state of Israel and will do everything to please their Jewish masters by giving that support first and foremost, I want to present the following article that comes from Greg Bacon's website "Goon Squad" at, that is entitled: "Why Is America Israel's Bitch?".... It is a must see by everyone, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

"Why is America Israel's Bitch?"

For starters, 80-90% of Congress are TRAITORS who have sold their soul to foreign powers like Israel and Jew Inc's powerful banks, those ones We the People get forced to bail out every 10 years or so to cover their busted bets.

But mostly they're also sleaze-bags who like to engage in kiddie sex, and outfits like Israel's Mossad and our own CIA have recorded these illegal romps and use them to blackmail the congressional traitors into doing their bidding.

Some have been recorded at the Zionist Jeff Epstein's private Caribbean island, AKA Orgy Island, where kidnapped boys and girls were held for perverted sex and those videos are now in private hands. If a Senator or House member starts thinking, "Maybe I should honor my oath to the American public," he or she will be shown juicy tidbits of their statuary rape scenes, and they're back in line.
To think that this will all go away if we keep voting for the clowns that steal the WH is wishful if not delusional thinking.

It will take a repeat of 1776 to get back our nation, or resign ourselves to be forever Israel and the (((bankster))) bitches. Our children will NEVER know freedom, only slavery if we don't rise up and take back our country.

NTS Notes; I am not in the least bit shocked by this report.. For the facts are that the Jewish control over America is so complete and these criminals when they get together for that annual horror show that honors the criminal group known as AIPAC, I can guarantee that those that attend those meetings  absolutely gloat openly over their absolute control over the gullible American goyim!

And we have the fact that these Jewish pricks demand their slaves in the US Congress to come and attend these AIPAC meetings and grovel to their Jewish masters in attendance... Pathetic is putting it mildly...

And of course now these Jewish pricks are commanding their slave in the White House, President Donald Drumpf to do exactly as they demand, which is of course to prepare for an attack against the innocent nation of Iran for the glory of their accursed "state" of Israel.....

I do agree that a new revolution is much needed in America to free itself from this sinister control.... That and to pass laws that outlaw these criminals and force them to leave the United States much like the other 109+ times in history that they have been booted out of other nations...

More to come


Crisis In Venezuela: Venezuelan Opposition Planned To "Murder All The People" At The Border In Saturday's "Humanitarian Aid" Fiasco - Definite False Flag!

I have been watching and reading all of the reports that have come my way concerning last Saturday's fiasco at that bridge linking Columbia to Venezuela.... The criminal opposition to the popular President Nicolas Maduro most definitely had their criminals at that bridge hurl "molotov cocktails" at the so called 'aid convoy' of trucks which subsequently set some of those trucks on fire.... But of course they were caught "red handed" in that operation due to many of the observers carrying cell phones and taking videos of the event as it took place...

But a thought did occur to me since that 'event' and being a pessimist, I thought that this may have indeed been a "false flag" operation in motion that went bust by the criminal Guaido and his criminal supporters.... And I may have been right all along, for according to the following report that comes from the Fort Russ website, at, apparently the provocation at that bridge on Saturday was indeed part of a massive false flag operation where the criminal Venezuelan opposition planned to murder many of the civilians present at that event!   Here is that report from Fort Russ for my own readers to view for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Venezuelan Opposition Planned To ‘Murder All The People’ At The Border
By Paul Antonopoulos Last updated Feb 25, 2019

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodríguez believes the opposition has planned to assassinate people who would pass through the Simón Bolívar bridge in the state of Táchira after humanitarian aid flows along the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

Rodríguez revealed the opposition plan and said that thanks to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, the attack was avoided.

“The first false-positive (purposeful) operation was to seize two terrorists, steal a tank, cross the Simón Bolívar bridge and run over anyone who was in the way, murder them and then say that it was the National Guard, who are with the government of Nicolás Maduro […], the intention was to assassinate all the people who cross the bridge daily in an already planned operation,” the minister told a news conference at the Palace of Miraflores in Caracas.

Rodríguez pointed out that the government already knew in advance what the opposition was planning, so a day earlier President Maduro ordered the closure of the border bridges with Colombia.

“Fortunately, President Nicolás Maduro decided to close the bridges, perhaps you are alive because President Maduro closed the Simón Bolívar bridge,” he added.

However, the minister paid attention to the fact that the trucks were burned by the same opposition and ensured that there was no humanitarian aid inside them.

“There are signs that there was nothing in these trucks, being predestined to be burned,” he said.

Thus, Rodríguez once again reiterated that humanitarian aid was a plan to attack the Latin American country.

“With the policy of Juan Guaidó (self-proclaimed interim president of the country) everything is already clear, all this humanitarian aid is only an aggression against Venezuela,” he emphasized.

Attempts to bring aid to Venezuela sparked clashes on Saturday between Venezuelan military and demonstrators – so trucks loaded with humanitarian aid would not cross the border without permission.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro believes that deliveries of humanitarian aid are a maneuver to overthrow his government.

NTS Notes: Was that provocation at the border between Columbia and Venezuela a failed false flag attack?  From what I have seen so far and from the news that is now pouring in about what actually happened at that bridge, ABSOLUTELY!

Yes, readers, this has all the ear marks of a false flag that thankfully failed... For if the events followed what Fort Russ has discovered and has ascertained , then we definitely would have had the Jew spew media around the world and the criminals in our own governments crying foul and claiming that 'Oh my god...Maduro murdered the people at that bridge!!!  We must invade now to overthrow the butcher of Venezuela" and would have continued to harp that lie to the brainwashed and gullible people, especially in the formerly free nation called the United States...

Thankfully they failed in this attempt... But these bastards will not stop trying, for they are hell bent  on having Maduro removed from office in Caracas, only to be replaced by that American poodle, Juan Guaido.....  Be ready, everyone, for this is only the beginning and we must alert everyone to the  real perpetrators if they try this same scenario again...

More to come


Crisis In Venezuela: Intel Leak: Russian Intel Shows US To Depose Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro In March 2019!

I have been writing this blog for some 11 years now, and I do constantly come under fire and some criticisms for my stance in calling the Canadian and US Governments "criminals", especially in recent articles at this blog... But I will NOT change that stance for I stand for the TRUTH and I am opposed to evil no matter what shape and form it takes... And if our own governments are up to no good and are doing truly disgusting and evil criminal acts to not only their own people, but innocent people around the world, I will absolutely call them CRIMINALS!   I will not waver, and for those who claim that I am suddenly not a "patriotic Canadian", they can take their sick idea of "patriotism" and shove it up their asses!  Evil is evil, and nobody deserves 'special treatment', period, end of story...

I absolutely do support the good people of Venezuela in this battle for their very nation against the evil and sinister criminals that make up the so called "cabal" of some 60 or so nations that want to see the overthrow of the popular President, Nicolas Maduro, and want to see him replaced by a made in the USA criminal puppet by the name of Juan Guaido....  I will continue to bring forward the REAL TRUTH about the situation in Venezuela and will absolutely defy the criminal Canadian government under that heinous Justin Trudeau that has been on board with the illegal overthrow of the Venezuelan government from day one...... I am doing all this for the Venezuelan people who need our support in this fight for their very future where they deserve every right to decide their own destiny, especially one that does not include enslavement to criminal interests.....

I came across the following video just the other day, and it is an absolute must see by everyone... For this video has Russian Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Maria Zhakarova, standing at a podium and announcing to the world that Russian intelligence is showing evidence that the US does indeed plan the overthrow of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as soon as the beginning of this March... She also lays out the facts and how the US will indeed foment that overthrow!   Here is that important video,and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, bravo to the Russians for seeing exactly what is going on in Venezuela, and standing up for the rights of the Venezuelan people.

This is a most important video, and I do recommend that others take it and paste it up at their own websites and blogs to spread the news and let everyone know how the Russians see the US backed overthrow of a peaceful government in Venezuela actually take place...

And it is amazing how Russian intelligence sees the US using weapons that are sourced from an "eastern European country" as being the weapon of choice for the impending civil war in Venezuela.  They need not directly state that it is the US puppet nation of Ukraine being the ones to manufacture and supply these weapons, but it should be obvious to everyone...

Yes, the heinous and diabolical government in the United States is absolutely hell bent now in getting Maduro out of office and having their criminal puppet, Juan Guaido, take his place..... And honestly if they are successful, then the Venezuelan nation will fall into criminal US hands where the wealth of the Venezuelan people will be handed over to the US along with Venezuela's vast mineral and petroleum wealth.... It could spell the beginning of a dark ages in Venezuela along the same line as what has happened in Ukraine since the sinister US puppet regime in Kiev seized power back in 2014.... Despair and destitution will be the rule of the day for the Venezuelan people if the US does succeed...

I will continue to stand with the people of Venezuela in this fight against evil, as should anyone with a good conscience and understanding that illegal 'regime change' must be halted and immediately...  Evil is evil, even if it involves our own crooked governments!

More to come


Crisis In Venezuela: Us Backed Opposition Caught On VIDEO Throwing Molotov Cocktails At Aid Truck On Venezuelan Border!

I said in yesterday's weekend rant that the "humanitarian aid convoys" that were trying to ram their way into Venezuela from neighbouring Columbia were all shams and farces.... They were definitely going to be used to garner sympathy for the citizens of the United States for an "attack" on Venezuela to "save the people" from being "starved to death" by the "butcher" President Nicolas Maduro..... But of course these "convoys" are nothing but a propaganda stunt, because any "aid" that the criminals in the US Government were wanting to send into Venezuela were to contain armaments and weapons to be used by supposed Venezuelan 'rebels' for the planned overthrow of the Venezuelan government...

And of course we finally had the "first attempt" to send one of these fraud "convoys" from Columbia across the border into Venezuela two days ago, but that turned into the expected farce as it was halted by the Venezuelan military and many of the trucks were left stranded on the Francisco de Paula Santander Bridge that links Columbia to Venezuela itself..... But what happened during that halt is something that everyone should be up to speed about, for according to the following link from the Russia Today online news service, apparently some criminal supporters of that heinous Juan Guaido hurled molotov cocktails at the stalled trucks setting them ablaze!  Here is that link here, and do pay attention to the videos within the article:

Obviously what we have here is pure provocation by the US backed Guaido criminals in trying to make it look like President Maduro's supporters set these trucks on fire... However, these idiots failed to understand that in today's modern world, everyone carries a cellular phone with picture and video taking capabilities, and those civilians present at this fiasco did indeed take those videos that showed the real truth that it was 100% the criminal Guaido supporters that set these trucks ablaze!

In fact, one of my fellow Canadian truth seekers, Greencrow, who of course hails from the milder dark reaches of southern British Columbia, did her own article about this fiasco yesterday, and I do want to present the link to her article here for all to see for themselves:

NTS Notes: I had to laugh at Greencrow's article title, but seriously she is absolutely correct that these criminals wanted to have this "provocation" take place to garner sympathy for the criminal Guaido and his equally stupid supporters... It may have indeed been a "false flag" operation that went horribly wrong for those perpetrators as again, they stupidly forgot that people do carry cameras and camera phones!

I am also glad that Greencrow does agree with my assessment on the real reasons the US wants to badly into Venezuela now.... They do want to control Venezuela's oil output so as to control the price!  That and Greencrow is right about how the Venezuelan government is making deals that may NOT be done in US dollars aka the "Petro Dollar" scam, and the damage to the US in doing so is so critical and I will explain why here:

The US is indeed desperate to try to keep their Petro Dollar scam going by forcing nations to either continue to trade their petroleum products in US dollars, or if they refuse to openly call for them to be "invaded for regime change" and thus force them back onto the US dollar.... This is exactly what happened in Iraq back in 2003 when President Saddam Hussein opened up his international Petroleum trading facility on Kharg island in the Persian Gulf where petroleum was sold in EUROS and not in US dollars... The US government quickly panicked of course, with the realization that nations would indeed forego US dollars in Petroleum trading with Iraq and thus cost them BILLIONS in profits as well as the strong possibility of hyper inflation as nations properly junked the US dollar itself ....  This is exactly why they concocted that need to "invade" Iraq and sold the world a crock of bullshit that Hussein was harbouring "weapons of mass destruction"... The only weapon of mass destruction that Hussein had was trading his petroleum in Euros!  History may indeed be repeating itself with Venezuela making Petroleum deals in currencies other than the US dollar now...

Yes, "round one" of these acts of provocation goes to the Maduro government in making this entire 'humanitarian convoy' fiasco look foolish for the United States... But again those bastards will not give up, especially with that criminal Juan Guaido meeting earlier today with US criminal Vice President Mike Pence and calling for even more violence to take place in Venezuela until he gets his way in seeing Maduro overthrown!   I do suspect that there is something very heinous being concocted by these criminals, and the Venezuelan people should be preparing themselves for the worse to come....

More to come


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Sunday.... And extremely cold in the Great White North.... And here comes my rant...

I am a bit under the weather today.... Damn head cold set in late last week and it has not let go... I have been trying a wide assortment of natural products and have upped my Vitamin C intake, and hopefully this will soon disappear....

And yes, it is so fucking cold up here in central Canada, and we have NOT seen weather like this in almost 2 plus decades.... The overnight lows have been plummeting once again and are in the -25C to -30C range with windchill values in the -35C to -45C range!   It is in fact a "near record" cold snap that has settled into these parts that will not let go.... AND on top of all that, it snowed again last night and in spite of my head cold, I was out there this morning clearing out my sidewalks and driveway of that Al Gore "phantom" white stuff..... I honestly wish that this winter would end, for I am truly sick of it!   And again, I will lay it out clearly here: GLOBAL WARMING MY ASS!

I was out and about the other day, and I ran into some colleagues and friends once again at the local Tim Horton's Restaurant.... We were talking about a wide range of subjects as usual, and of course they hit on the political situation here in Canada and discussed the fact that heinous Justin Trudeau definitely has to go and be OUT as Canada's Prime Minister....I was surprised that few understood the exact details of the SNC Lavalin crooked dealings that good ol' Justin decided to cover up, and I filled them in on the facts about how that criminal group made some crooked deals with the former Libyan government and how they basically stole upwards of some $250 Million through their shady dealings... It was shocking to see so many at the table unaware of these facts, but a few actually were glad that I gave them the straight goods.... Of course the question became as to WHY Justin Trudeau was even involved in the coverup, and I stated that it was all about votes in the province of Quebec, and the fact that the crooked Liberals were trying to protect SNC Lavalin and the 6000+ jobs that they maintain in Quebec itself.....Of course they also asked me my opinion about Raybould and whether or not she will actually say anything at an enquiry on SNC Lavalin, and I stated that she was probably threatened, but may actually do the right thing and spill her guts..... It is indeed wait and see right now as to when that much needed enquiry into that fiasco will actually take place...

The real startling part of that group discussion that we had at the coffee shop was the fact that few understood exactly what was going on in Venezuela... Sadly, a few people have swallowed the "cool-aid" so to speak, and actually believe the LIES coming out of the Jew spew media about President Nicolas Maduro, and how he is a "murderer" and a "butcher" .... I took the time to point out to those who actually believed that nonsense that the same rhetoric was done before in regards to President Bashar al-Assad in Syria also being a "murderer" and a "butcher" and all subsequent evidence has shown him to be neither... I warned those at the table that the liars in the Jew spew media were absolutely on board with trying to force regime change in Venezuela and to defy the will of the Venezuelan people... I also told them the TRUTH about that snivelling snake in the grass, Juan Guaido and how he has been "groomed" by the US itself apparently for almost a decade to be their "man" in Venezuela and to be the "President" of that country in defiance of the will of the Venezuelan people... I also filled them in on the fact that Guaido has never ran for office in Venezuela, has never received ONE single vote from the Venezuelan electorate, and how his claims to be the "President" of Venezuela now is actually an act of treason and directly in violation of Venezuela's constitution...I said to them that basically the US wants that criminal in power so that he will turn Venezuela upside down and hand over much of Venezuela's wealth to the criminal corporations in the US.....

It was indeed a good long talk with so many people that I have not seen in sometime, and they were truly amazed at what I brought to the table for them to absorb.... Many have always said that I am a "wealth of knowledge" and I definitely wanted to get them up to speed on the reality of these situations.... BUT once again, I left that coffee shop knowing that so many people have indeed swallowed the bullshit lies from our crooked governments and the Jew spew media, which shows how I and others in the real truth movement are always fighting an "uphill battle" to get people the real facts...

OK, I have indeed been following the situation in Venezuela very closely, and especially over the last few days where the criminals in the US Government have indeed been trying to "ram through" their bullshit "humanitarian aid" across the Venezuelan/Columbia border.... And this is so reminiscent if when the criminal US government tried to ram a "humanitarian aid" convoy across the Syrian-Jordanian border back in 2011 that triggered the start of the Syrian civil war!   What we have therefore is history repeating itself, as the US is trying to send in armaments and weapons to "rebel" groups now operating in Venezuela in an attempt to overthrow the legitimate Venezuelan government... Syria is definitely now repeating itself in Venezuela, and sadly the results may turn out much the same with millions of innocent Venezuelan civilian lives hanging in the balance....

And about that "aid convoy" that was supposed to cross the border from Columbia to Venezuela?  U read a startling article just last night where apparently the "Venezuelan opposition" itself went and torched that aid convoy and had to gall to try to blame Maduro for setting the convoy on fire!  But luckily so many civilians filmed the event that these morons got caught red handed and basically has made Guaido's supporters look like the idiots and fools they truly are.... And now the Venezuelan people are livid and that idiot Guaido is apparently now "In exile" over the border in Columbia... If this proves to be fact, then good riddance to bad rubbish, for the Venezuelan people are no fools and they can see what is afoot here with these fraud convoys and how that sinister Guaido is unfit to be in Venezuela at all, let alone try to claim that he is the "President"...

One more thing about Venezuela.... I have heard all of the rhetoric, and read so many articles over the last while where so called 'experts' are of course claiming that this push by the US to enslave Venezuela is all about Venezuela's massive Petroleum reserves that may be the largest on the planet.... Everyone is out there saying that the US wants that oil for its greedy self, and that may be part of the problem... But to me, the real issue is not so much grabbing Venezuela's oil to have the profits from its production turned over to US corporations, but actually in controlling that flow of oil out of Venezuela or to possibly shut it down..... The reality is of course that the planet is presently awash in Petroleum products which has been driving the world wide prices down.... If the US gained control of Venezuela's oil and shut down or curtailed that output, then there is a strong possibly we could see a sudden scarcity of world wide supplies of Petroleum with nations that formerly were receiving their oil from Venezuela forced to buy and have delivered crude oil coming out of the United States... In doing so, that scarcity and putting nations at the mercy of US suppliers will of course drive up the price of a barrel of oil, which greedy US corporations absolutely want to happen!   Therefore there is some validity in the thought that the US wants Venezuela's oil to either shut it down or control its output to drive world wide prices up...  This is the nature of "supply and demand"...

Well,  I was not in shocked at all to see the fraudulent US run "ISIS" forces high tail it out of Syria last week via that long convoy of trucks from their ridiculous 'pocket of resistance' in the Euphrates River valley... I was also not in the least bit shocked to see reports about US helicopters helping to "cover" that evacuation and it showed once again how this "ISIS" is and always has been a fraud.... These mercenaries and operatives are all now safe and sound in one of the many US bases that are illegally operating in Iraq where they are now being retrained and rearmed and will probably be sent back to Syria to once again stir up trouble against the Syrian people and to continue the illusion of them being "terrorists"..... That and the strong possibility that those in that group that look "Spanish" will be given new uniforms and training and be shipped by US cargo planes to South America to be used for the upcoming civil war against Venezuela.....

AND... I was not in the least bit shocked when I saw reports come out late last week where apparently the criminal US government is going to keep as many as '400' troops illegally in both northeastern Syria to "aid" the Kurds, and of course at the illegal US forward offensive base at Al Tanf in southern Syria as well... But of course, this "400" number in itself is pure bullshit, for it does not include the US's military 'contractors' and other key Special Forces members that are 'embedded' with the US run 'rebels" as well..... All this means is that the "withdrawal" that criminal US President Drumpf had "announced" several months back is pure bullshit!  The US is NOT leaving Syria at all, period, for they are still hell bent on raising havoc in that nation and to continue to push for "regime change" in Syria...

I noticed last week the news about how the situation in and around Ukraine has now "heated up" once again, and where that criminal Ukrainian President, Poroshenko, is now openly and blatantly wanting Ukraine to join both the criminal Rothschild run NATO and the Rothschild controlled European Union.... This is of course in defiance of Russia, which has stated that they would not accept Ukraine being ever part of NATO..... There have also been many articles now coming out in the alternative media stating that Ukraine could indeed be the 'flashpoint' in which World War III would be triggered against the Russian Federation......It does seem that this has been the planning all along since the US seized Ukraine through that coup in Kiev back in 2014..... But honestly, war with nuclear armed Russia???

Of course I also saw the reports last week where the US sent several of their Aegis class frigates into the Black Sea to answer to "Russian aggression" that again has been non-existent..... But I had to laugh when I saw that one of these Aegis frigates was none other than the USS Donald Cook, which was the same ship that the Russians tested their advanced electronic warfare against back in 2014... That incident in 2014 where a single Russian SU-24 armed with Russia's state of the art electronic warfare blinded the USS Donald Cook by shutting down its entire Aegis weapons platforms.... It does make one wonder what in the hell the US is doing now in sending that exact same ship back into the Black Sea now some 5 years later?  Wanting to see if the Russians try their electronic warfare weapons again and use the Donald Cook as the bait???  If this is so, then it is a sick game being played by the US and puts the lives of the sailors on board the Donald Cook at risk!

I have been watching all of the reports coming out last week where the Jewish pricks that run almost all of our nations are now claiming that "antisemitism" is on the rise everywhere.... First, I do want to point out that these criminal Jews are NOT even Semites to start with, with the vast majority of them actually being Khazars who are Indo-Turkish Asiatics who converted to Judaism about 1200 years ago... They do NOT even have one drop of "Semitic" blood in them at all!  Therefore this screaming of "antisemitism" is all wrong to begin with and is based on a lie... Further, these criminals absolutely want to scream that lie of "antisemitism" to force their slave governments to "do something about it" and to get their slaves to pass "laws" outlawing anyone from pointing out the criminal behaviour of the Jews and especially their heinous state of Israel.....To me, criminal behaviour is still criminal behaviour and has nothing to do with the bullshit of screaming "antisemitism"... These monsters are truly criminal and their actions are the cause of so many people now seeing and pointing out their evil ways..... They absolutely want laws in place so that they can continue to be criminal, evil, and want to pursue their desires for world dominion unchecked!

I am absolutely sick and tired of this 'political correctness' bullshit, and especially all of the crapola about "transgenderism" and how those freaks deserve to have their "rights" and the "right" to scream at anyone that calls them out for the freaks they truly are... The truth is of course that a freak is still a freak, and these fools and morons do NOT deserve to have some "special treatment" and to be somehow labeled as some kind of special "sex"... Humanity is still based on the concept of the mating of a man and a woman for procreation, and there is no room for the LBGTQEIEIO in the mix... I have no qualms in calling these freaks out for what they are, and in my views they should not be allowed "special treatment" anywhere, period, end of story.... If you are a man and want to have your nuts and dick cut off to somehow make yourself a 'female', go right ahead and mutilate yourself but the result is you are NOT a female, but a freak..... Same goes for a woman who decides to mutilate herself to change herself into a "male", for good luck on that one as well..... Yes, there will be many who will read this and gasp, but honestly, do I give a fuck what they think?   This is reality, and human beings were born with one of two sexes, and therefore for those to claim that there are as many as "60", they can honestly go fuck themselves and give their heads a shake...That or they should be seeking psychological help immediately.

OK, I guess I have done enough damage and have pissed off some of the freaks out there.... I have to go and take some medicine for this cold and get some rest.. Meanwhile onto my last minute tidbits..... I am still wondering WHY anyone is still stupid enough to have one of those "social media" accounts when I read more and more reports about how the personal data collected by those spy programs is now being used everywhere to destroy so many user's lives.  Again, if you are stupid enough to have a "Facebook" account for instance, close it immediately and never look back.  Your privacy is so important these days, and to hell with "social media"..........I saw a new report where apparently American Opioid usage and abuse has quadrupled over the last 18 years.  Gee, 18 years ago was when the US marched into Afghanistan and caused Opium production in that nation to explode.  Is there a link? Absolutely!  And what is the US government doing about it? Nothing, for they are staying in Afghanistan to continue to ensure the Opium Poppy fields stay in full production......OK, that criminal Jewish prick, Robert Kraft, who of course owns the New England Patriots, gets caught redhanded in soliciting Prostitutes in Florida.  Now, considering the "image" that the NFL is trying to maintain in regards to its players' conduct, what will the Jewish bastards that own the NFL now do about one of their own tribe members doing the dirty down in Florida?  It will be amazing to witness, and I will definitely be watching.......I see that the Yellow Vest movement in France is still going strong, but now that criminal Emmanuel Macron, is trying to label some of the protestors as being "antisemitic", and may use that as his "card" to shut down the protestors all together.  I saw this coming, for the Jewish pricks that run France do not want to see their slave nation of France escape their control if the Yellow Vests became successful and toppled their puppet Macron from office..... I saw a new report that shows how the pesticides that have been used on our cereal crops across the world are actually causing children to become more stupid.  No shock here, for I have been all over that criminal Monsanto/Bayer for their poisonous "Roundup" Glyphosate "pesticide" that has been known to do damage to our bodies.  Now we find these same pesticides to be doing irreparable damage to children's brains as well.  Wake up everyone, and lets put an end to the usage of these poisons!............War still going strong in Yemen, and new reports are stating that the Saudis are again going after civilians, with some new reports showing them targeting Yemeni fishermen operating in the Red Sea who are only trying to get food to feed their starving families.   Yes, the Saudis absolutely want the Yemeni people to starve to death, and we can also thank the US government for aiding in that genocide as well by supplying the Saudis with the weapons and logistics to aid in that slaughter......No shock here, for with the US now getting out of the Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Treaty (INF) and wanting to place new nuclear missiles into Europe aimed at Russia, the Russian Federation is threatening retaliation for that move by moving their own missiles and targeting European cities as well.  I hope the European people do wake up and see that they are now "ground zero" in the newest confrontation between the US and Russia......As I predicted, the criminal May government in the UK is once again "Procrastinating" and is wanting to further "delay" the UK's exit from the criminal European Union.  All this shows is that I am right in stating that the criminal Rothschild controlled EU will never allow one of their slave nations, the UK, to escape their clutches........I hate being right on this one; the economic situation here in Canada seems to be going from bad to dismal, and every indicator now shows that we are now in a "recession".  No kidding, but from what I see in regards to local businesses on the verge of failing and people having no spending money at all, this is not a recession but a full blown depression that will hit very hard this year.........The so called Jewish controlled "Academy Awards" is on tonight, and I will not be watching.  I am sick and tired of Jewlywood and how they 'honour' their own, and especially the sick perverts in their tribe, with these fraud "awards".  I honestly do want to see the entire sickness of Jewlywood fail and come crashing down, for their "movies" are nothing but pure trash and unwatchable garbage these days...........I see Arsenal won this morning by beating the Southampton Saints by a 2-0 score.  That, coupled with Manchester United tying Liverpool means the Gunners are now in 4th spot in the table which is a Champions League berth if they finish the year at that spot.   Still 11 games to go though, and I am crossing my fingers..........The screwball world of "Kardashian" has now focused in on skank Khloe, and beyond her battles with Tristan Thompson, this skank has now turned her attention to the "show" called the "Bachelorette" with her claiming that the producers of that trash falsely calling her the next "bachelorette" are "insensitive".  Honestly, even a trash Talmudvision show like the "Bachelorette" is too good for this skank and trollop.  And yes, this is another episode in the continuing saga of these misfits, or as I sometimes call it "As the stomach turns".

More to come


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Crisis In Venezuela: Abby Martin Exposes The Truth About Venezuela - Video: An Ocean Of Lies On Venezuela

I have been keeping close tabs on the situation in Venezuela.... Everything has been heating up over the last 24 hours as the US tried to send its fraud "humanitarian convoy" across the border from Columbia into Venezuela only to see it properly halted by the Venezuelan military and a wide assortment of civilians who support the rightful President Nicolas Maduro.... Nicolas Maduro has now closed the border with Columbia and has cut diplomatic relations with that nation due to Columbia's blatant support of the criminals in the  United States...

Maduro has also closed the border with Brazil as well to prevent fraud "humanitarian aid" convoys from entering the nation via Brazil itself, but also to prevent any "rebels" from entering Venezuela via Brazil that could be used in what is becoming a full blown civil war in Venezuela itself....

On top of all that, we have that unelected American puppet who has the nerve to call himself "Venezuela's Interim President", Juan Guaido, still out there and now firing off "Presidential decrees" and "orders" that are absolutely being used to try to  circumvent Maduro's own orders.... This criminal should be arrested and put up for treason as far as I am concerned....

I was sent the following important video late last night from one of my astute readers and someone who sends me a lot of email.... He said "Hey NTS, Here is a great video by Abby Martin that you should post up in an article at your blog for everyone to see".... I looked at the video, and yes I do want my own readers to watch it for themselves, for it discusses a lot of truths about the real situation in Venezuela.... Therefore, here is that video, entitled: "An Ocean Of Lies On Venezuela" for everyone to view for themselves right here... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Abby Martin indeed spells it out for all to see... But I am not sold on the idea that the real reason for the US to conquer is due to Venezuela's oil wealth... If anything, the criminals in the US government would actually want to see Venezuela's oil exports SHUT DOWN to force the world wide price of Petroleum to sky rocket and to force nations to have to buy American produced crude oil!   That and we still have the fact that there is a massive newly discovered untapped Gold Deposit in central Venezuela that the US and other criminals would love to mine and grab for themselves....

Well, as of today, the crisis is reaching a crescendo, with reports flooding in rapidly now that we could indeed be on the verge of a full blown invasion of Venezuela itself....And the liars in the Jew spew media are right there in the forefront wanting to see this invasion take place!   In fact, a fellow Canadian real truth seeker "Greencrow" who of course hails from the great unknown of southern British Columbia, just put out an amazing article where the BBC from the UK is right there spewing out horrendous lies about the situation in Venezuela and appears to be at the front of the line now in wanting to see war and bloodshed in Venezuela itself... Here is the link to Greencrow's article here:

I do agree with Greencrow that these bastards are indeed lying their asses off and are suddenly the "Generals" sending out their 'command to attack" and wanting to see this new war take place in Venezuela.....  I for one do NOT want to see such bloodshed take place, and do hope that the Russians and the Chinese send a clear message to the criminals in the US that they had better keep their "hands off" Venezuela!

Yes, the situation is absolutely changing rapidly now in Venezuela... I will do my best to keep up with the real truths about this situation, and will continue to bring forward that information here at this blog.... People need to see the truth, and must demand that their governments stop this madness for the good of the people of Venezuela...

More to come


This Is Why We Must ALL Support The Yellow Vest Movement In France: France's Jewish Elites Demand Yellow Vest Protest Be Shut Down!

It has been a while since I last reported on the continuing "Yellow Vest" movement in France... And just to let everyone know, that movement is indeed alive and well and now into its 15th week in France with protests continuing in all major French cities against the heinous Emmanuel Macron regime in Paris.... It is a fact that Macron himself is looking for a way to end the protests either "peacefully" or by brute force, for as the movement grows, more and more people across the French Republic are awakening to just how sinister he truly is and how he does not support the French people but obeys his Jewish masters and the demands of the criminal European Union!

I came across the following article just earlier today, and I do want to share it with my readers here...For according to the following report that comes from the Russia Insider website, at, apparently the Jewish pricks that control France have finally had enough of the "Yellow Vest" movement and are demanding their puppets in the French government to have the protests "shut down".... Here is that article for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

France's Jewish Elites Demand Yellow Vest Protests Be Shut Down

Le Parisien today (19 February) has an interview with Frances Kalifat, president of the CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Organisations of France), the main Jewish ethno-activist organisation in France. All major French politicians are expected to attend its dinners and pay court to it it, except those of the Front National (now renamed Le Rassemblement National), who, being defenders of French interests, are systematically excluded.
Frances Kalifat: “The Goyim Know, Shut it Down!”

Is France experiencing a strong uptick in antisemitism?

Frances Kalifat: Clearly, yes. The increase of 74% in 2018 of antisemitic acts means that the Jewish population of our country, which represents less than 1% of the overall population, is the focus of more than 59% of the racist acts committed.

Is it stirred up by the Gilets Jaunes?

Frances Kalifat: The movement has radicalised and been infiltrated by conspiratorial movements, the far right, the far left, Islamo-leftists and Salafists. It gives them the opportunity to come and express their hatred of Jews, Israel, during these demonstrations on Saturday.

What should be done?

Frances Kalifat: Drastic measures must be taken to bring these demonstrations to an end, which are no longer used to make claims about purchasing power but instead express hatred of institutions, the Republic and Jews.

You are calling for the demonstrations to be banned?

Frances Kalifat: There is a constitutional right to demonstrate, but a way must be found to make them stop, in any case to channel them. Only demonstrations declared in writing beforehand need to be permitted; prevent the others. We can’t continue like this, Saturday after Saturday.

France's Interior minister Manuel Valls and Chief rabbi of France Gilles Bernheim and Joel Mergui President 

Tomorrow evening, at the CRIF dinner, what do you expect of the President?
Frances Kalifat: Actions, forceful decisions. We need strong measures to stem this wave of antisemitism that is eating away at our country. It’s time to move from statements to action by applying the rule of zero tolerance.


Frances Kalifat: First, apply the laws. For example, calling for boycotts is prohibited, but each week small groups go into shops to call for boycotts of Israeli products or the Eurovision [Song Contest] in Israel! These people are not punished. I demand that the sanctions imposed on each antisemitic act are strong enough, severe enough, to be dissuasive. This is not the case. I am calling for a specific plan to be set up to combat antisemitism.

Some MPs are proposing a law to criminalise anti-Zionism, is this a good idea?

Frances Kalifat: A European Parliament recommendation adopted the definition of the IHRA which summarises in 11 points what antisemitism is. Negation of Israel is one of them. While making it clear that criticism of the State of Israel does not form part of what could be considered anti-Zionism. I expect France to adopt this recommendation.Because we know that the dirty Jew of yesterday has become the dirty Zionist of today, the attack on Finkielkraut* being the most recent example of this. Let us not let antisemites play on words any more to escape prosecution. We need new laws to take account of this new antisemitism that is advancing behind the mask of anti-Zionism. It is more than time that antisemitism was dealt with by the common law rather than the 1881 Law of the Press.


Frances Kalifat: When Dieudonné or Alain Soral** pour out their hatred on the social networks, they are judged in the same way as a journalist. This needs to go to the common law.  We can’t keep antisemitism and racism in the Law of the Press, which protects freedom of expression in the press. And we demand the regulation of social networks.Germany has done it. We need the platforms to have someone who is criminally responsible in France, so we are not constantly referred to their home countries such as the USA, where they are protected by the 1st Amendment, or Russia where it is impossible to find them. In a similar vein, we need to remove the anonymity of the accounts that propagate hate.

Is antisemitism strong in difficult areas?

Frances Kalifat: We can’t ignore a reality: day-to-day antisemitic attacks are committed by young Muslims in difficult areas. This drives out French Jews who are living an internal exile there, for several years now we’ve been seeing synagogues and kosher shops closing in some districts. Those who can leave for quieter areas. Those who don’t have the means to leave, to pay a higher rent, although they are less numerous, endure a day-to-day antisemitism consisting of insults, graffiti, mail stolen from letterboxes, which makes life impossible.

*Jewish intellectual who was given a verbal barracking as a Zionist by yellow jacket–wearing Muslims over the weekend.
** Prominent French counter-Semites.


NTS Notes: Honestly, the nerve of these Jewish pricks in demanding their puppets, especially that heinous Macron criminal, shut down these protests....  But it makes sense, for as these protests continue to grow, they are indeed threatening the Jewish control over France itself!

This Kalifat character is to me the lowest of low... He is preaching nothing here but a pack of lies and falsehoods, and obviously is worried that these protests will need spread, see that the Jewish elites are the ones that are behind the mass immigration BS that is destroying France, and indeed send these criminal "elites" running for their lives...

And about the LIE that these protests across France are somehow "antisemitic"?.... I knew that these snakes in the grass would eventually resort in trying to play this ridiculous "card" in claiming that the protests are against the Jews...But it makes sense, for these criminals can see that if these protests succeed, then the criminal Jewish grip on the French government will indeed come to an end, and the protestors taking control of the French government would indeed want to see France leave the Jewish Rothschild controlled European Union as well!

Seeing that these criminal "elites" are now wanting to see these protests "shut down" is more than enough reason for everyone to absolutely 100% support these "Yellow Vests" and push for the movement to spread everywhere!

I absolutely want this movement in France to succeed just to restore France to the French people and take the control of the nation out of the hands of these "elites"!

More to come


Friday, February 22, 2019

Starvation In Venezuela? Watch This Video To See The Real Truth!

I am truly sick of how the criminal Jew spew media is now on a marathon of constant bashing against the legitimate and popular Nicolas Maduro government in Venezuela.... These criminals and liars have been going almost non-stop now claiming that Maduro is a 'butcher', a "murderer", and especially the claim that Maduro is "purposely allowing his own people to starve to death".... I have already dismissed the first two claims that he is a "butcher" and a "murderer" for the simple fact that there is NO EVIDENCE that Nicolas Maduro is that kind of criminal, and strangely these same charges were hurled at President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and it should be obvious that the liars in the media are simply rehashing those same falsehoods once again for Maduro in Venezuela....

But I have been a bit perturbed by the claim that the Venezuelan people are somehow "starving to death" as these liars are now harping... Granted, with the "embargo" and "sanctions" imposed on the nation of Venezuela by the criminal US government as their method of forcing regime change, there may indeed be some hardships being felt by the Venezuelan people... But honestly; "starving to death"?    This caused me to do some further investigation into that allegation, and right now I do want to present the following important video that shows that the statements by the Jew spew media that the Venezuelan people are 'starving to death' are absolutely false and nothing but pure propaganda!   Here is that video, where reporter Max Blumenthal tours a supermarket in Caracas Venezuela only to find a most startling reality about the so called "food shortages" in Venezuela as reported by the liars in the Jew spew media!  I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well, there you have it... An on the spot reality check into the reports that the Venezuelan people are "starving to death" and we find once again that these 'reports' coming out of the liars in the Jew spew media are absolutely FALSE...

Yes, there are hardships going on in Venezuela as the US imposed "sanctions" and "embargo" has caused the Venezuelan people to suffer from the lack of a lot of supplies that normally flow into the nation from international sources...However, the truth is that nations such as China and Russia have now stepped up to the plate and have sent in tonnes of much needed supplies to the Venezuelan people...

And yes, what this proves is that we are being inundated by pure propaganda and lies about Venezuela, and those are being done on purpose to try to sway public opinion on the "need" for "international intervention" into that nation to "save the people"... But the reality is much different, as the liars in the Jew spew media are once again doing their job to try to get a full blown invasion of Venezuela!

I will continue to do articles about Venezuela, as the US is presently trying to "force" their fraud 'humanitarian aid" convoy across the border between Columbian and Venezuela that is nothing more than a trojan horse loaded with weaponry for "rebels" in Venezuela itself.... This is eerily similar to when the US forced a "humanitarian aid" convoy across the border into Syria at the city of Daraa back in 2011 that triggered the entire Syrian civil war!  Yes, history does appear to be repeating itself as the US is hell bent on getting their "regime change" going that could cost the lives of millions of innocent Venezuelans!

More to come