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Crisis In Venezuela: The TRUTH About Venezuela's 2018 Elections - Is President Maduro's Presidency "Illegitimate"? 10 Facts To Counter This And Other Lies

I have been observing the so called "news" being promoted on an almost hourly basis on the Jew spew media here in the formerly free nation called 'Canada' about what is presently happening in Venezuela, and what I see is appalling.... Every single so called "news outlet" is promoting the LIE that President Maduro's Presidency is somehow "illegitimate" and that the real (!) President should be none other than the un-elected and criminal Juan Guaido that did not even run in the 2018 election!  I find it so astonishing that these liars in the so called "news" are somehow claiming that this criminal, Guaido, deserves to be "President" when there is NO legitimacy at all for him to be leader of Venezuela.

But somethings in these so called "news" propaganda pieces have puzzled me... Every single one of these liars are trying to hammer into the gullible minds of Canadians that the 2018 election was somehow a 'fraud' and that Maduro does NOT deserve to be President of Venezuela.... I stated in my last article about this mess that the 2018 election was fair and was closely monitored for any "inconsistencies" to which the observers found NONE!  And to back up that statement, I want to present the following article that comes from the Fort Russ website at that clearly shows that everything that happened during and as a result of that 2018 was absolutely legitimate, legal, non-corrupted, and showed clearly that Maduro won the race fair and square.... Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Is President Maduro ‘Illegitimate’? 10 Facts To Counter The Lies

By Pascualina Curcio

Editor’s Note – the following from 15yUltimo indeed delivers the facts straight. It’s important for those still sharing the ‘democracy = elections’ dream not to wind up in error on the subject of Venezuela – the last election that saw Maduro defeat his opponents was clean, transparent, and fair by the liberal, western standards of late modernity. FRN is not of the view that legitimacy and sovereignty are determined by the specific mechanics of what a particular time and place considers ‘democratic’, or that ‘democratic = legitimate’. This is a larger historical, theoretical, and philosophical question which, however, has deep ramifications if one wants to be consistent. Venezuela is a sovereign state because it asserts itself as such through its actions. Maduro is the legitimate leader of Venezuela for reasons beyond the scope of the below. Still, the Empire has decided that their attack on Venezuela will use, as an opening, a debate over whether specific and somewhat fetishized technical practices occurred or did not occur in the last election. All states are dictatorships – the immediate question even at the surface revolves around the degree of social and economic justice in that society, or in short – in whose interests is the dictatorship wielded? – J. Flores
Have those who state that Nicolás Maduro is a dictator, a usurper, and that the 2019-2025 presidential period lacks legitimacy, asked themselves why he is illegitimate? Or do they just repeat what they hear?
This opinion was first advanced by the 12 Latin American countries that make up the Lima Group. Their statement reads: “The electoral process carried out in Venezuela on 20th May 2018 lacks legitimacy in that it didn’t have the participation of all Venezuelan political actors, nor the presence of independent international observers, nor the international guarantees and standards needed for it to be a free, just, and transparent process.”
The leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, the non-democratic ones, repeat ceaselessly, and without arguments, that Maduro is a usurper.
In a desperate act, the United States Vice-President Mike Pence, having had to call personally for the opposition march on January 23 due to the incompetence of the opposition’s leaders, insisted and repeated that President Nicolás Maduro is a dictator, usurper, and illegitimate.
The strategy is clear: repeat the lie a thousand times to turn it into truth. Let’s dismantle this lie.


There was a presidential election. It was carried out on May 20, 2018, months before January 10, when according to articles 230 and 231 of the Constitution, the 2013-2019 presidential period runs out. The Constitution would have been contravened if the election was carried out after January 10 — or never held.


It was the Venezuelan opposition that requested an early election. It was held in May rather than December, as is tradition, because the opposition asked, during a dialogue with the government held in the Dominican Republic, for it to be conducted in the first term of 2018.


In Venezuela voting is a right, but not compulsory. Those who freely, although influenced by undemocratic political organisations that called for abstention, decided not to vote had every right to do so. But in no way does this delegitimise the electoral process, especially when this would imply disregarding the 9,389,056 people who decided to vote and exercised democratically their right to suffrage.


Sixteen political parties participated in the electoral contest, including governing PSUV and the MSV, Tupamaro, UPV, Podemos, PPT, ORA, MPAC, MEP, PCV, AP, MAS, Copei, Esperanza por el Cambio, and UPP89.
In Venezuela it is not compulsory that all political parties participate in electoral processes. It is their right to choose whether to participate or not. That’s exactly why our system is democratic. The fact that three parties (AD, VP, and PJ) decided freely not to participate does not delegitimise the electoral process.


about 150 people, including 14 electoral commissions from eight countries; two technical electoral missions; 18 journalists from different parts of the world; one member of the European Parliament, and one technical-electoral delegation from the Russian Electoral Centre.


This election was carried out with the same electoral system used in the election for Venezuela’s National Assembly in December 2015, in which the Venezuelan opposition won. This system is automated, and audited before, during, and after the elections. The system guarantees the principle of “one voter, one vote” because only fingerprints enable the voting machine, as well as guaranteeing secrecy of vote.


Eighteen audits were carried out on the automated system. The representatives of Henri Falcón participated in all 18 and signed the minutes in which they state their conformity with the voting system.
The audits are public and broadcast live by the National Election Council’s TV channel. Once the audits are done, the system locks, and the only way of accessing it again is by introducing simultaneously the passwords that each political organisation has.


None of the candidates that participated in the electoral process contested the results. There is no proof of fraud; no evidence or concrete reports of fraud have been presented. The presidential elections of May 20, 2018 were free, transparent, reliable, secure, and conforming with the Constitution and the law, despite the anti-democratic calls to abstention from a sector of the opposition.
It is others who aspire to usurp the presidency. They argue there is a supposed absent power, which is not contemplated in our Constitution, and seek to establish a “transition government”, a concept that does not exist in the Constitution either.  Furthermore, they aspire to exercise power outside our borders, in violation of article 18, which defines Caracas as the location for the public office.
In view of all this, it is clear that it is not Maduro but others who are the usurpers, illegitimate and anti-democratic.
The fact that some sectors of the opposition intend to assert themselves, with the support of foreign imperialist governments, to exercise an authority that neither the people nor the Constitution gives them is clearly illegitimate and an attempt to usurp.
Let’s repeat this truth a thousand times.
[Pascualina Curcio is an economist based at the Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela. Translated by Pedro Alvarez from 15yUltimo and appeared first on GreenLeft Weekly]

NTS Notes:  Well, there you have it... Proof that the 2018 campaign in Venezuela was done legally and was indeed not corrupt at all... Unlike the horrible corruption and criminality that we have seen in so called US 'elections'!

I do want to thank Fort Russ and the original authors for bringing forward these facts... You again will never find this type of truth via the so called Jew spew media, and it is up to alternative media sites such as my own to state the real facts...

And why am I not in the least bit surprised by this?  Obviously the US so badly wants their "regime change" in Venezuela in pure DEFIANCE of what the Venezuelan people want... Those criminals, along with that mental case that sits in the office of Prime Minister here in Canada named Justin Trudeau, are hell bent on circumventing every measure of a true democratic process to get their "man" into the Presidency of Venezuela, even if it does mean civil war in that previously peaceful nation...

It is time for everyone to take this information and show everyone around them about how President Maduro in Venezuela is indeed the LEGITIMATE leader of that nation and what the Jew spew media is promoting is nothing but a pack of lies and falsehoods....

Putting a disgusting US puppet in the office of Presidency in Venezuela is indeed a violation of every measure of international law and people everywhere need to take a stand against that criminal act..

More to come


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greencrow said...

It really says everything you need to know about the corrupt neocon globalist West that, on the one hand, the Perps can attack Trump's legitimacy as president due to "foreign [Russian] so-called influence"...while on the other hand...Trump himself [and the NATO flunky leaders] outrageously contradict centuries of international norms by interfering in the Venezuelan election. For the sheeple of the west not to understand and be revolted by this criminal hypocrisy indicates a fatal decline of humanity.