Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Sad Saga Of The Horrendous F-35 Flying Turkey Continues - Pentagon's New F-35 "Fighter" Assessment Paints An Ugly Picture (No Kidding!)

Yes, it has been a while since I last reported on the horrendous US Lockheed Martin F-35 "Lightning II" flying piece of shit (POS) "fighter" aircraft, that is an abysmal failure that will bleed any nation that buys this flying turkey to death.... I have already covered at this blog a very long list of this POS's failings, and I am still astonished that governments, including mine here in the formerly free nation of Canada, are so willing to purchase and add this flying death trap to their arsenal.....

Well, I found the following article today that comes from the Asia Times website, at, as further proof that this "F35" is an unmitigated disaster, and I do want to share its findings with my own readers here... This article is entitled: "Pentagon's New F-35 Fighter Assessment Paints An Ugly Picture" and is absolutely a must read by everyone.. I have it right here,and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Pentagon’s new F-35 fighter assessment paints an ugly picture

Leaked details of report come as top defense official criticizes stealth aircraft program

The US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is under fire yet again, with leaks of an upcoming report revealing some shocking shortcomings.
A day after the acting US defense secretary called into question the performance of the fifth-generation stealth fighter jet, Bloomberg released details of a Pentagon report scheduled to be released this week.
Among the troubling findings is the estimated service life of the aircraft, which data suggests “may be as low as 2,100” fleet hours, versus the expected service life of 8,000.
“Interim reliability and field maintenance metrics to meeting planned 80% goal not being met,” according to the report, which translates into decreased availability for training. “Current fleet performance ‘well below’ that benchmark.”
The assessment also pointed to cybersecurity vulnerabilities that have not been resolved and problems with computerized maintenance tools.
Pilots and maintenance personnel “must deal w pervasive problems w data integrity, completeness on a daily basis,” one tester was quoted as saying.
On Tuesday, acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan was pressed to clarify his previous criticisms of the F-35 program, and whether he was biased due to his ties to a competitor of F-35 manufacturer Lockheed Martin.
“I am biased toward performance,” Shanahan told reporters. “I am biased toward giving the taxpayer their money’s worth. And the F-35, unequivocally, I can say, has a lot of opportunity for more performance.”
Shanahan previously worked as an executive for Boeing, which is reportedly hoping to sell its F-15 fighters to the Pentagon.
The F-35 program has long been plagued with criticisms of its costliness and development delays.

NTS Notes: Again... WHY am I not shocked at all about the findings shown in this article?  I have been arguing here for years now that this F35 flying turkey is not only an unmitigated disaster, but any sane nation that is stupid enough to buy and fly this POS will be sorry as enemy aircraft that will be vastly superior will easily blow it out of the sky!

I am especially disgusted by the Trudeau regime in Ottawa, that has decided to instead of scrapping this "F35 purchase" from the criminals at Lockheed Martin, for some 65 of these flying turkeys under the previous Harper regime, to actually be stupid enough to up that purchase to as many as 88 of these POS's!

In fact, I do want to share the link to a new article that came out just the other day showing that not only is the Trudeau regime stupid enough to purchase these flying turkeys, but that the the plans to purchase these horrendous flying turkeys has put Canada on the hook for a bigger share of the costs to actually fly and maintain these turkeys... Here is that link here for all to see for themselves:

I for one was shocked after reading this report, for the facts that even though Canada has (supposedly) reopened the "bidding" for a proper aircraft to replace our military's fleet of aging CF18 Hornets, we are now on the "hook" for additional costs for this flying turkey's development that still is no where ready for any kind of service in Canada itself... This is an abomination, as far as I am concerned...

So.... There we have it... More bad news about this POS and I still am shocked that the criminals behind Lockheed Martin are pushing it down our throats... The F35 "program" in the US is already slated to cost over 2 TRILLION DOLLARS now, and the costs keep rising.... I would say to the numbskulls in the US military to cut their losses and look elsewhere for a proper fighter plane that can actually "fight" and not fall for the lie of "stealth" in wanting this flying turkey....

AND I am still hoping that the Trudeau regime also scraps their purchase of this POS as well.. However, considering how stupid Justin Trudeau is and how his regime is indeed wasting Canadian taxpayer money at a near record pace, I would not doubt that they have ok'ed this deal with Lockheed Martin... The result will be Canadian taxpayers bled to death from this purchase and the Canadian military having a plane that will be useless in any combat situation....

More to come


Crisis In Venezuela: Important Video Covers The Fraud Army Defectors, Russian Mercenaries Sent To Venezuela, And Venezuela's Disappearing Gold!

I am continuing my articles in regards to the continuing attempt by the criminals in the US to force 'regime change' on the peaceful nation of Venezuela... It is a fact that the "crisis" is continuing, with the criminals in the US government continuing to "up the stakes" by throwing their entire support towards that criminal US puppet Juan Guaido, in their attempts to have the popular and legal President Nicolas Maduro deposed....

I found the following article, that comes courtesy of the Southfront website, at, that covers much of what has been happening over these last few days in Venezuela very nicely and of course states the TRUTH and not the incessant lies that we are still being bombarded on a daily basis by the consummate liars in the Jew spew media.... Here is that article, entitled: "Regime Change In Venezuela: Army Defectors, Russian Mercenaries, And Disappearing Gold" for everyone to see right here, which of course contains an important video that covers these key issues as well... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Over the past few days, the intensity of anti-government protests in Venezuela has declined despite attempts of the US-led bloc to warm them up through both public and clandestine measures. However, the conflict continues to develop amid the acute standoff in the media sphere between the Maduro government and its opponents backed by the US-led bloc.
On January 29, CNN released an interview with two “Venezuelan army defectors” who appealed to US President Donald Trump to arm them to defend “freedom” in Venezuela. They claimed to be in contact with hundreds of willing defectors via WhatsApp groups and called on Venezuelan soldiers to revolt against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.
“As Venezuelan soldiers, we are making a request to the US to support us, in logistical terms, with communication, with weapons, so we can realize Venezuelan freedom,” one of the alleged defectors, Guillen Martinez, told CNN. Another one, Hidalgo Azuaje, added: “We’re not saying that we need only US support, but also Brazil, Colombia, Peru, all brother countries, that are against this dictatorship.”
During the entire clip, these persons were presented in a manner alleging that they had just recently defected and are now calling on others to follow their step. However, therein lies the problem. The badges on their uniform say FAN – Fuerza Armada Nacionales. This is an outdated pattern, which has been dropped. Now, Venezuela’s service members have a different badge – FANB, which means Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana. So, either the “Venezuelan army defectors” somehow lost the letter B from their uniform, or the entire interview is a staged show involving former Venezuelan service members, who have been living for a long time outside the country, or in the worst case –  actors.
The interview came amid increasing US political, media and sanction pressure on the Maduro government. White House National Security Adviser John Bolton was even spotted with a mysterious note about the deployment of 5,000 US troops to Colombia, the US ally which borders Venezuela. In this situation, a large-scale military uprising or at least formation of some opposition within the army would become a useful tool in a wider effort to overthrow the country’s government. On the other hand, the use of such CNN-styled content shows that so far the US and its proxies have achieved little success in buying the support of Venezuelan service members.
On January 29, Venezuelan lawmaker Jose Guerra claimed via Twitter that a Boeing 777 of Russia’s Nordwind Airlines landed in Caracas on January 28 to spirit away 20 tons of gold bars, worth some $840 million, from the country’s central bank. When asked how he knew this, Guerra provided no evidence. By January 30, these items of breaking news had rocked the headlines of most of the mainstream media.
Another version, which was also quite popular among pro-opposition media, is that the plane, which reportedly made the trip directly from Moscow, moved in a group of Russian private military contractors to support the Maduro government. This version is fueled by reports claiming up to 400 Kremlin-linked private military contractors may have arrived in Venezuela.
The developing crisis is also accompanied by the growth of citizen journalism. Bellingcat members already created a Twitter page named “In Venezuela”, which provides field news about the crisis from Toronto, Canada. It’s easy to expect some “open source intelligence investigations” revealing crimes of the Maduro government against peaceful protesters very soon if the conflict escalates further.
Roughly speaking, the mainstream media presents the audience with the following story: The Maduro government is about to fall and is already moving the country’s gold reserves somewhere via Russian planes. At the same time, Vladimir Putin sent his mercenaries to rescue Maduro and to keep the corrupt regime in power in order to secure Russia’s economic and political interests. This, as well as the oppressive nature of the regime, are the only reason why the forces of good have not yet achieved victory.
Fortunately, there is the shining knight of democracy, Juan Guaido, who was democratically appointed as the Interim President of Venezuela from Washington. He, his Free Venezuelan Army consisting of hundreds of WhatsApp defectors and a group of unbiased US/NATO-funded citizen journalists and investigators are ready to stand against the Maduro-Putin alliance and to defend freedom and democracy in Venezuela… with a bit of help from the Trump administration for sure.
There are no doubts that modern Venezuela is allied with Russia and Moscow will employ its existing influence to resolve the crisis and thus defend its investments and oil assets. Furthermore, Maduro and his supporters showed that they are not going to give in to the US-led pressure. At the same time, The level of MSM hysteria, including an open disinformation campaign against the Maduro government and attempts to demonize it through various means, including its ties with Moscow, show that the Washington establishment is serious in its regime change efforts and may even be ready to instigate a Syria-style “proxy war” in the country in order to achieve own goals.

NTS Notes: When I first saw those reports the other day about a "video" that was pushed out by the liars at Jew run CNN the other day, I actually dissected that video as well and called 'BULLSHIT" on those two clowns who were claiming to be "army defectors" calling for "help to overthrow the regime" in Venezuela.... It was not only the fact that their army "patches" were all wrong as many have shown, but these two seemed almost robotic and from their facial expressions I saw the telltale sign of scripted speeches... That raised a red flag with me and I called bullshit immediately... I suspect that these two are indeed "crisis actors" being used by the liars and criminals at CNN to try to sway American opinion for support for this illegal regime change in Venezuela!

Then we have the fact that the Russians are seeing through the sick game that the US is playing and have indeed come to the aid of the Maduro government to prevent the scumbags in the US from seeing Maduro murdered by American agents.... I absolutely applaud the move by the Russian Federation to come to the aid of Venezuela and to stop this illegal overthrow of a legitimate government...

And of course the Americans would absolutely want to steal Venezuela's Gold supplies... Therefore I also applaud the Russian move to help the Venezuelan government secure its Gold bullion by probably flying it out of the country for safe keeping...  This does recall how the scumbags in NATO went into Libya back in 2011 and their first action was to steal Libya's Gold reserves!   And we cannot forget the first move by the illegal and criminal regime in Ukraine back in 2013 was to allow the US and NATO to steal Ukraine's Gold reserves out of the country in an transport  under the cover of darkness, never to be returned to the people of Ukraine!   History has indeed shown that the US is nothing but a thief and they would indeed grab Venezuela's Gold if they had the chance...

I will also state that this "coup" in Venezuela is not over by a long shot... The criminal American government is still trying to throw their entire support behind that heinous Juan Guaido in spite of all of the news out today that he is losing his fight to try to seize the Presidency from Maduro....I do hope that Maduro is able to grab this bastard before he is able to flee Venezuela and put him up on charges of treason against the people of Venezuela!

I will also state that I have had a few 'hate comments' over these last few days (which I refuse to publish) asking WHY I would ever support the "butcher and murderer" Nicolas Maduro in this "battle" for Venezuela... I will state that the idea that Maduro is somehow a "butcher and murderer" stems from pure bullshit propaganda, and I have found NO evidence that this man is in any way a "criminal" or a "murderer" as the liars in the Jew spew media portray... That and I will always support the people in any fight against pure evil, and what the US and other criminal nations, such as Canada, are doing now in terms of Venezuela and its people is indeed pure evil......Venezuela is for the Venezuelan people, and the US and other criminal nations should mind their own business and stay the hell out of that peaceful nation.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Baby, It Is Extremely Cold Outside: Near Record Breaking Cold Right Here Where I Live In Canada! So Much For The Lies Of Man Caused Global Warming.

I said in last weekend's rant that the weather here on the cold prairies in the formerly free nation called "Canada" has taken a turn for the worse... These last few days have seen near record cold temperatures with overnight lows being in the -40C to -45C range!  The daytime "highs" have not been much better, with the average high over these last few days being in the -30C to -35C range... Yes, baby, it is FUCKING cold outside, and the long term forecast does not give me much hope, with the temperatures expected to "moderate" over the next few days to around the -20C for "high temperatures" but overnight lows to stay in the -30C range...

What I have shown here is the air temperature in this region of central Canada right now, which is already bone chilling... BUT that does not take into effect the "wind chill" which is the temperature when you take into account the effect of winds... The "wind chill" temperatures here on the prairies has hit a near record -55C (yes this is NOT a typo....) overnight, with daytime "wind chill" factors being in the -45C range....

To give some perspective, I have been out and about these last few days, and in spite of being bundled heavily against the extreme cold, the cold gets through these layers and is absolutely bone chilling.... And starting my vehicle, in spite of being "plugged in" to try to keep the oil from freezing, it has been a chore to get my Honda started... And once you do get a vehicle moving, the wheels feel so damn rock hard with steering and control being a chore... I have passed a lot of vehicles over these last few days that have stalled out in the extreme cold, and I have stopped from time to time to try to give some assistance and to make sure that the passengers are NOT freezing to death.... Yes, this is extremely unusually cold conditions for even this part of Canada for this time of year, and again I have to laugh at the ass clowns behind the "Global Warming" scaremongering that will claim that this is becoming the "warmest year on record".... I would love to have Al Gore and his sick entourage come up here for a while and then have the nerve to claim that "Global Warming" is somehow real!

To help give some perspective on how truly cold it has become here in the northern prairies and even south in the central United States, I want to turn to the following articles that show just how bitterly cold it is in this region for all to see... First here is the link to an article from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation online news site at, that shows that this "extremely dangerous" cold has indeed gripped this area and much of the rest of Canada to boot:

Now, here is a report coming out of the United States to show that this cold conditions is not just here on the prairies in Canada, but has hit the northern prairies of the United States as well:... This one comes from the CNN online news services, and shows just how cold the midwest United States has indeed gotten over these last few days:

And here is another report on this extreme cold conditions that comes from my fellow real truth seeker, Penny who writes her blog at "Penny For Your Thoughts" that gives her perspective and some interesting links covering this extreme cold that has indeed hit ALL ACROSS Canada... Here is the link to Penny's report here:

Honestly, I am NOT in the least bit surprised by what I am seeing... I and others had stated for quite some time that this fraud of "Global Warming" is just that; a fraud!   The facts are that this extreme cold weather is just the beginning and I do expect this cold conditions to continue right across this planet for the next 10-15 winters at least as this planet does indeed experience the effects of that solar minimum that our Sun, Sol, is going through...

However, I will state that I am not sold on the concept that many are now promoting that this is the beginning of a new "ice age".... This cold spell is not only part of this "solar minimum" but is part of a normal cycle that our Sun goes through every 40-44 years.... After this solar minimum is over, we could indeed see an upswing of temperatures and more milder winters as a result!

Yes, baby, it is indeed cold outside... I honestly have not seen temperatures like this in about 20 years, and with it only being the end of January, there could indeed be near or record cold temperatures coming to these parts come next month in February.....

And to those suckers that are still in the man caused "Global Warming" bullshit crowd... I will say to you ass clowns to either get a real life, or come up here and try to tell me that the world is overheating, for you would indeed get a rude awakening...

More to come


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Continuing Canada-China Huawei Fiasco: Huawei Is A Victim Of American Subterfuge - As Is The Canadian Justice System And Its Sovereignty!

I have been saying from day ONE when the criminal Canadian government decided stupidly to "arrest" that Huawei executive in Vancouver over a month ago (Yes, it has been that long now...) that is was a farce and a travesty of justice... .The ONLY "charge" that the criminal Justin Trudeau regime could come up with was some ridiculous notion that somehow Huawei Corporation was doing some illegal dealings that "violated" Canada laws (!) and that warranted the arrest of Sabrina Meng Wanzhou.... To this day, everyone in Canada has been falsely led to believe here in Canada by the Jew spew media that these are legitimate charges, and that this Chief Financial Officer of Huawei was going to be held until some future "Kangaroo Court" date...

The reality is of course that this "arrest" was NOT directed by the Canadian government at all, but was ordered by Justin Trudeau's Jewish masters for the simple reason that Huawei had made some huge and legal deals with Iran, which of course the Jewish pricks want destroyed.  To them, anyone that makes deals with Iran is defying their gawd given rights and universal control, and therefore has to be arrested by their slave nations upon command... Canada has basically been following their Jewish masters' orders and here we have this Huawei executive still awaiting her day in "court"!

I have been stating in EVERY weekend rant for over the last month that this "arrest" is a sham, and that it shows how badly Canada is truly enslaved to Jewish interests.... And recently, to top it all off, we have the slave nation of Jewish might, formerly the free United States of America, demanding extradition of this Chinese citizen to face "criminal charges" in the United States as well!  And again, all this due to the fact that Huawei is legally making deals with Iran...

Now, I do want to present the following very important report that comes from one of my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, who hails from the wilds and unknown region of southern British Columbia (where is it not as fucking cold as here on the bald prairies!).....Her report comes from her website at, and is entitled: "Huawei Is A Victim Of American Subterfuge...As Is The Canadian Justice System And Its Sovereignty" ... I have it right here in its entirety for all of my readers to view, and of course my own further thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Huawei a victim of American is the Canadian Justice System and its Sovereignty

Vassal State Canada Bows Down to 
Its Criminal USrael Overlord

The last two or three weeks have been probably the worst in Canadian diplomatic history.  Canada was forced to relinquish the tattered vestiges of its sovereignty for a bowl of gruel.  The bowl of gruel Canada was forced to eat...was the USrael order to arrest and hold for extradition the 46 year old mother, chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou of Huawei, a Chinese "Flagship" company, on spurious [to say the least] legal grounds.

Please read the following opinion article from South China Morning Post, and I will have more comments to follow:

My Take:  by Alex Lo [h/t]

Huawei a victim of American subterfuge

The US Justice Department, in laying criminal charges against the Chinese telecoms giant, is no more than an instrument of American foreign policy

The American war on Huawei proceeds apace. Disguising the state-sponsored attack against China’s leading telecoms company and 5G provider as criminal charges may convince those who already harbour anti-China biases, but will not blind others who are clear-sighted about America’s tactics and intentions. Once again, the US Justice Department is no more than an instrument of American foreign policy, with its sanctions against Iran and trade war against China.

The charges are so obviously politically motivated that an extradition request for Huawei chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou – detained in Vancouver – should be thrown out of the Canadian court as soon as possible. As former Canadian ambassador to China John McCallum had said, she had “a strong case”. For stating the obvious, he has been sacked because his bosses in Ottawa, as usual, must follow American imperium like a vassal state.

The United States has yet to present evidence, but will it be as convincing as its allegations of “weapons of mass destruction” cited to justify its criminal war against Iraq, a conflict that, incidentally, made possible Iran’s expansion across the Middle East and so necessitated its rollback, including the use of sanctions related in the Huawei case?

Among the charges announced is an alleged conspiracy to steal trade secrets from a US competitor, T-Mobile. This was originally a civil suit over proprietary robotics technology and has already been settled, but US prosecutors decided to turn it into an industrial espionage case. Routine relocation of Huawei staff in and out of the country is now, according to those prosecutors, witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

Interestingly, US prosecutors claim Huawei’s actions began in 2007, and “allowed Iran to evade sanctions imposed by the United States and to allow Huawei to profit”. As shown by the massive Edward Snowden leaks, this was about the time when the US National Security Agency started targeting Huawei’s networks by setting up back doors into servers located in its Shenzhen headquarters.

Operation Shotgiant stole detailed workings of Huawei’s routers and digital switches that it sold around the world, though its original aim was to establish links between the telecoms firm, and Chinese intelligence and the military. No incriminating evidence was found, but this hasn’t stopped Washington from repeating the charge today. The breaches enabled US agencies to hack into any computer or telecoms network around the world that used Huawei’s products.

Are such cyber-breaches illegal and criminal – or perfectly legal if Americans do it?"


Greencrow says:  Meng Wanzhou was hauled before a Canadian Kangaroo court again this morning.  Any court that proceeds on illegal grounds to persecute innocent victims is, ipso facto a "kangaroo court".  So, in front of the entire world...Canada is conducting a kangaroo court...thereby delegitimizing Canada's entire justice system.  What a COUP on the part of the "Amerikans"!  They've been wanting to corrupt our legal system to"harmonize it with theirs" for some years now.  As I've said before...this entire Ziofascist criminal caper has two goals:  1) The destruction of Canada; and 2) The economic harassment of China...both goals have eventual military components.

If I were in charge of Canada [after all, I DID swear myself in last week as Prime Minister of Canada a la Juan Guaido of Venezuela], as a last ditch effort to save Canada I would order the arrest and imprisonment of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland on charges of Treason and Sedition.  Also considered for arrest would be leader of the "so-called opposition" Andrew [banned from Russia] Scheer.  He's obviously in on the plot.  The first Parliamentary debate, yesterday. after the 6 week Christmas break was an absolute disgrace.  Instead of questioning the Liberal USrael lackys on the several international scandals that conveniently went down during the break...he focused on taxes and cost of living.  He's a fucking drone.  What about the "Travesty of Justice" that was revealed in the Appeals Court decision on the Nuttall/Korody case here in BC?  Why didn't Scheer ask for a Royal Commission investigation into the RCMP and CSIS over that?

What about Trudeau/Freeland supporting the illegal attempted coup in Venezuela...showing the world a suicidal disregard for the fundamental norms of international law.  No.  Scheer is every bit as guilty of Treason and Sedition as the Trudeau/Freeland bandits.

So...according to today's newz….Canada has 30 days to rule on the extradition of Meng to the US.  Can we expect a lot of False Flags in BC leading up to that decision...kind of like "encouragement" to make the "right" decision?  Stay tuned.

NTS Notes: I absolutely agree with Greencrow that this is such injustice and this innocent Chinese executive will indeed be charged with complete and utter bullshit in the crooked Canadian Kangaroo Court system...

And we are now facing the other travesty, where the criminal US government is absolutely doing as their Jewish masters want and are demanding that this executive be extradited to the United States... For Canada to accept America's demands would indeed show that the sovereignty of this nation is indeed a thing of the past...

I have long said that Canada is now a farce and a shadow of its former self.... Our justice system is long broken and completely delegitimized.... And we can blame Canada's subservience to Jewish control for that destruction as well...

Greencrow states that both Justin Trudeau and that heinous Chrystia Freeland (a tribe member of course..) should be put up for treason and sedition.... Sadly, that could not happen until after the upcoming Federal "election" coming this October, 2019.... And with that Andrew Scheer showing no backbone and no guts, we may be stuck with Jew kiss ass Justin and his cronies for quite some time...

I will also state that I stand firm behind my previous statements that is Huawei executive is absolutely innocent of any "charges' and should be set free immediately... On top of that, Canada should apologize profusely to the Chinese government and its people for the idiocy of their own Prime Minister... Canada desperately needs to continue trade with China and to do such an idiotic thing like this can only damage this nation both economically and politically!

More to come


Israel's Story: Lies From Top To Bottom!

Over most of the 58 years of my life, I have known that the true evil on planet Earth is indeed the psychotic and criminal state of Israel.... That state was artificially created in 1947 by sheer acts of terrorism against innocent people in Palestine and of course the Jewish control over the Truman Administration of the United States at that time... Since its creation in 1947, it has been an abomination on planet Earth and a threat to the very future of humanity itself.... IMHO it should never have come into existence and we all are paying the price for its evil ways today..

One thing caught my eye today, and I do want to share it with my own readers here in this report... I was scanning over some articles from other real truth seekers, and I found the following report from the Aletho Newx online service at, that is a must see by everyone.... This one is authored by Philip Giraldi and is entitled "Israel's Story - Lies From Top To Bottom", and I have it right here in its entirety for all to view for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Israel’s Story

Lies from top to bottom
By Philip Giraldi • Unz Review • January 29, 2019
A study by a Toronto-based consulting and research company has revealed that over the past fifty years mainstream reporting about Israel has been distorted to portray the Jewish state in positive terms while ignoring the plight of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation. The media study, based on a computer analysis of 50 years of data, found that major U.S. newspapers have provided consistently skewed, pro-Israel reporting on Israel-Palestine. The slanting in news coverage included subtle manipulations like using word associations favorable to Israel and derogatory to Palestinians as well as persistent publication of stories praising Israel while also avoiding reporting anything supportive of the dispossessed Arab point of view.
The researchers from 416Labs were able to evaluate headlines and articles derived from five major U.S. newspapers: the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal during the time period 1967 to 2017. June 1967 was selected as the starting point to include coverage of the Six Day War and its aftermath, when Israel attacked Jordan, Egypt and Syria to begin its military occupation of Palestinian territory on the West Bank and Gaza.
No one should be surprised by media bias in favor of Israel given the dominance of Jewish owners and editors in the major media, but the study just might have gone one step farther and noted, as did Congressman Paul Findley in his book They Dare to Speak Out back in 1985, that much of the bias stems from the overseas correspondents covering the Middle East for the U.S. and European media also being overwhelmingly Jewish. And a review of the Israel-philia might have gone back even further in time to the foundation of the state in 1948 to find similar favorable coverage.
Shaping the favorable perception of Israel has also involved the efforts of Zionist-dominated Hollywood movies and television to portray Jewish heroism while also at the same time ignoring the Zionist terrorism directed against both the indigenous Palestinian population and the British Mandate authorities prior to Israel’s statehood. The movie Exodus shaped many Americans’ perceptions of what had occurred in the Middle East, while the steady stream of films related to the so-called holocaust, which ignore the many problems with that standard narrative, perpetuate Jewish suffering and victimhood.
In truth, no one should believe any country’s creation narrative, which, since the time of Virgil’s Aeneid, has been intended to present an idealized portrait that is largely fact-free. Nationalists will inevitably distort the tale to reflect their own vision of what their homeland represents and how it came to be, but Israel’s story is unusual in that it is packed with lies from start to finish. Even before the creation of a Jewish state, Zionists encouraged Jewish emigration from Europe to the then Turkish-controlled Palestine. They coined the expression “a land without people for people without a land,” a flat out lie as Palestine was fully inhabited by Muslim and Christian Palestinian Arabs plus a small Jewish minority. This expression has been more recently replaced with another one, i.e. how Israel “made the desert bloom,” as if the land were not being cultivated before large numbers of Jews arrived, making it another lie. And it is, by the way, an expression favored by Zionist presidential aspirant Kamala Harris, a prime example of “progressive except for Israel.”
Israel was founded as a product of terrorism, some would say the “first modern” style terrorism, to include bombings of non-military targets and random massacres of civilians. In anotorious attack on the village of Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948, more than two hundred Palestinians may have been slaughtered by Jewish terrorists affiliated with the Irgun and Lehi groups. The exact count of the victims is unknown because a subsequent Zionist clean-up team systematically destroyed many of the bodies.
Given the turmoil in Palestine and the agitation by British Jews, the U.K. was eager to cut its losses, and Harry Truman, a U.S. president who benefited from Jewish financial and political support in his reelection bid, was equally willing to support the creation of a Jewish state as a quid pro quo. Even though Jews were a distinct minority in the new Israel-Palestine, they obtained nearly half of the land in spite of the United Nations mandate that the rights of the indigenous population should not be compromised by the new arrivals.
But the new arrivals from Europe and America disagreed with that even-handed approach. They assassinated the U.N. mediator Count Folke Bernadotte, who had himself saved many Jews in Nazi occupied Europe, and started to attack their Arab neighbors, intentionally driving 700,000 from their homes and killing many in the process. By that act of terror and a subsequent war fought against its neighbors, Israel obtained more land before the green line was eventually established as part of a 1949 Armistice Agreement managed by the U.N. to divide Israel from the West Bank and Gaza, which were under the jurisdiction of Jordan and Egypt respectively.
And then there came the miraculous Six Day War of June 1967, regarding which glowing media accounts described how Israel was attacked by Jordan, Syria and Egypt simultaneously but fought back hard and won a decisive victory, occupying in the process the parts of Jerusalem it did not already control as well as the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Gaza. The only problem with that story is that Israel started the war, attacking and destroying the Arab air forces without a declaration of war while their planes were on the ground. Denied air cover, the Arab ground forces could not win.
Israel also included in its Six Day War triumph the attempted sinking of the American intelligence gathering ship the U.S.S. Liberty, which was in international waters when it was attacked on June 8th. Thirty-four crewmen were killed and 171 wounded in the only attack on a U.S. Naval vessel in peace time that was never fully investigated by the Pentagon due to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s unwillingness to offend American Jews. The Israelis and their apologists have claimed the attack was a case of either “fog of war” or “a mistake,” both of which were completely self-serving lies exposed by compelling National Security Agency collected evidence that has surfaced recently. And, by the way, the Israelis continue to receive military assistance from Washington in spite of the killing of American service members, $3.8 billion per annum guaranteed for the next ten years plus special appropriations as needed.
Even when the Israelis are clearly telling lies, much of the media and chattering class has been willing to forgive them their trespasses no matter what they do or say. The whopper level lies about Israel are that it is a democracy and America’s best friend and ally. It is neither. It has more than 50 laws that discriminate against Arabs, is now self-defined as a “Jewish state,” and it has recently legalized banning non-Jews from residential areas and towns. It also occupies Palestinian territories where the original inhabitants have no rights but martial law. And the Jewish state has never been an American ally in practical terms as it is under no obligation to support Washington under any circumstances even though a U.S. Air Force general has declared that his troops are prepared to die for Israel.
Some other recent lies include the propagation of a narrative that the Palestinians do not exist as a people, that Palestine has never been a country and therefore should never become one, and that there is no peace in the Middle East because the Arabs have never accepted the generous offers made by the Israelis to settle problems with the Palestinians, who are, by the way, solely responsible for their unfortunate situation since the expanding Israeli settlements on their land are no obstacle to peace. All lies.
And another big lie concerns how Israel spies on the United States. Israel is the number one “friendly” country when it comes to stealing American secrets, both commercial and military. When Jonathan Pollard stole more U.S. classified information than any spy in history, Israel’s friends rushed to explain that it was all a mistake, that Pollard was just a one-off oddball. And the Israel government agreed to return what he had stolen but did not do so and instead used it to barter with America’s then enemy the Soviet Union in a deal to permit Jews to emigrate.
Another espionage related development which produced a whole battery of Israeli lies and evasions relates to 9/11, where Mossad almost certainly had at a minimum inside knowledge regarding what was about to occur through their illegal massive spying program inside the United States. Remember the cheering Israeli movers in New Jersey as the twin towers went down? Or the hundreds of “art students” selling their work all across the U.S., which was both a scam and part of an espionage network?
More recent lies include repeated assertions that the Iranians have a secret nuclear program, which will produce a bomb in “six months,” something Benjamin Netanyahu has been promising since 1993. And those wily Persians are also developing ballistic missiles that can be used to attack Europe and America, a particularly dangerous lie as it has been picked up and repeated ad nauseam by the buffoonish triumvirate in Washington consisting of Bolton, Pompeo and Pence, which passes for the deep thinking in U.S. foreign policy these days. That allegation could easily lead to United States involvement in a war fought for Israel that it might reasonably avoid as it is not threatened by Iran and has no vital interests supportive of going to war against it.
But the greatest lie of all is the current claim that anti-Semitism is surging all around the world, requiring still more protection of and deference to diaspora Jews as well as to the state of Israel. It is based on a fundamental lie, that criticism of Israel is ipso facto anti-Semitic and ignores the fact that the push-back is based overwhelmingly on how Israel and Netanyahu behave. Israel, whatever its pretensions, is a country and Judaism is a religion. It is in fact particularly dangerous, and damaging to the religion, to combine the two deliberately as is being done by Netanyahu and the many American Jews who are serial apologists for Israel.
Indeed, Israel and its partisans are now using lies to change the way the public views the issue of anti-Semitism and are willing to do so by legislating to enforce how people think, to include the use of legal sanctions consisting of fines and imprisonment to silence critics. If legislation currently in congress is ever implemented fully, it will be the death of freedom of speech in the U.S. That such nonsense has gained currency at all is due to the Israeli corruption of both America’s government and its news media, which is not a lie, but the absolute truth that you won’t find discussed anywhere in your newspaper or on television reporting.
This trend to criminalize criticism of Israel has led Jewish groups and some governments to work together to promulgate “hate crime” statutes and other legal barriers to protect the Israeli wrongdoing. But Israel is not and should not be protected against criticism. It is a country that behaves very badly, and, one might add, dangerously, not only to its neighbors but also to the world as it has the potential in its hands to escalate its involvement in Syria to initiate a nuclear conflagration between the U.S. and Russia. Israel’s lies should be recognized for what they are and it should be boycotted and sanctioned until it comes to its senses or, if it does not, it should be completely shunned.
Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is

NTS Notes: Philip Giraldi has most of the facts presented correct, but for a few missing facts:

(1) He misses out the fact that the Zionists had made "secret" deals with the German Nationalists before and even during the beginning of the Second World War to help ship Zionist Jews from Europe to Palestine.  And the Germans did indeed aid in that transport of these criminals to Palestine until the war turned against them after 1941...

(2) The Jews used the "sympathy" propaganda of the alleged "Holocaust" of the Second World War to get most nations to support the ridiculous notion that they somehow deserved their own "state" and that the world must support them in having a "safe haven" to ensure their survival against a possible future "holocaust".  That false sympathy has been used over and over again by the Jewish controlled media to create the illusion of the "poor Jews", and to help cover for the evil and criminal acts that the Jews have been doing for well over 70 years against the Palestinians!

(3) The Mossad did NOT have "minimum inside knowledge" in the 9-11 attacks, for it has been easily proven here and by others that they were the driving force in fact behind the murder of over 3000 innocent Americans on that fateful day....I have always said that Israel absolutely did the 9-11 attacks, and the facts do stand for themselves for all to see...

(4) The 1967 Six Day War was absolutely not "miraculous" at all.. For real research has revealed that the entire war was 100% PRE-PLANNED by the Israelis who wanted a successful campaign against their neighbors to seize the entire region of Palestine and other key Arabic territories for their greedy selves... We have seen the result with now over 50+ years of brutality and murder against Arabic people, especially the Palestinian people.

I do agree that this notion of "Antisemitism is surging" to be false... Of course the term "antisemitism" itself is a massive lie, since most of these tribe members are NOT even Semitic to start with......The real surge is in people finally seeing the reality of how truly criminal the state of Israel is, and how that evil has to be stopped to ensure the very survival of humanity.....This is why the criminal Jews are now working in overdrive in trying to get their slave nations to pass "laws" to somehow equate the evils of Israel with "hatred" of the Jews themselves..

Other than these few "tweaks" to Giraldi's report, I will say that the information is absolutely valid and the truth about how Israel's story is based upon nothing but lies and more lies....

More to come


Important Video: Is This The Real Reason Why The Peaceful And Innocent Nation Of Venezuela Is Being Attacked By The US And Israel?

I always knew that if you dig deep enough into any criminal "regime change" happening anywhere across the planet, you will eventually hit a Jewish carcass behind them all.... It is a fact that right now there is indeed an attempt still going on right  now in Venezuela, and I had suspected that the damn criminal psychotic state of Israel was somehow involved in that one as well, and my assumption may indeed be proven correct...

Right now, I want to  present the following most important video for everyone to see right here... This one starts off by having that psychotic Prime Minister of Israel, Benyamin Miliekowsky aks "Netanyahu" come out in support of "regime change" in Venezuela, and then proceeds in having the former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, state EXACTLY who is the true evil on planet Earth today, which may be the reason why there is such a rush to have Maduro who has also come out against the Jews deposed, and have that hideous Juan Guaido who is nothing more than an American puppet, to take his place as President of Venezuela... Watch that video here, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: WHY does this not shock me at all??? Nicolas Maduro, and his predecessor Hugo Chavez has always tried his best to speak the truth about the criminality of the psychotic state of Israel, and the result is having  the criminal Jewish run government in the US push to have him ousted!

I do recall how the the former President of Libya, Muhammar Gaddafi, had much the same speech about the criminality of the psychotic state of Israel done just before he was "deposed" and then murdered back in 2011.... History seems to be repeating itself right now with these same monsters wanting to have Maduro deposed for speaking out against the criminality of Israel...Yes, obviously any nation that stands up to the psychos in Israel are absolutely slated for "regime change"....

It also saddens me, as a Canadian, that this criminal government under that disgusting and moronic Justin Trudeau, is showing who is in control when he decided without the support of the Canadian people to side with this illegal regime change in Venezuela as well... Obviously the Jewish power elite that is in control of this formerly free nation called "Canada" did the real talking and ordered their Canadian slaves to support the puppet Guaido as well...

This is indeed one video that speaks the truth and should be shared by everyone... Hopefully others in the real truth movement will also have this video posted at their sites as well...

More to come


Monday, January 28, 2019

Real History Revealed: How Jews Killed The Real Jesus!

Everyone who has read my articles at this blog over the last 11 years fully understands that I am NOT a religious man at all.... I gave up on that fraud decades ago, as I began to understand that religion as a whole is in fact a form of mind control and a method to brainwash the masses..... I have said for years now that there are three methods to enslave people:  (1) Put them in chains and/or shackles  (2) Give them endless debt that can never be paid off... or (3) Give them a religion to enslave their minds....   And yes, I have endured a wrath of different hateful comments calling me every name under the sun for my stance on religion... In spite of all the rhetoric and the hate I absolutely have never bent from my statements...

As a student of real history, I have looked closely at the origins of so many religions, including the fraud called Judaism.... I realized years back that every so called "scripture" written in the Judaic Torah is based on absolutely NO historical fact... There never was an "Exodus"... There never was a "Passover".....There never was a "Temple of Solomon" , and the Jewish belief that their "God" gave them the land of Palestine is based on pure fiction and NO facts at all.... What we have here is a fraud tribe believing in a fraud religion that has taken their fake religion to the modern era with their want to steal the land of Palestine for themselves on the basis of their fraud religion!....

But what about Christianity?  I have also done my research and I have found it puzzling in regards to the stories about Jesus Christ and whether or not he was indeed fact or fiction..... Modern archeologists have been going over much of the region of Palestine for centuries now in trying to prove whether the stories of the "New Testament" are indeed real and many have found so many holes in that story that shows that much of it is indeed a "fable"......

Now, I do want to present the following very important article that just came out the other day by writer John Kaminski, who of course writes his essays over at This one does indeed concern the alleged story of Jesus Christ, and shows with a lot of important facts that if this person did exist, he actually came out of Egypt and dates a full century before the Biblical tales of the "New Testament"... Here is John's article entitled "How Jews Killed The Real Jesus" and I have it right here in its entirely for everyone to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Egyptologist Gerald Massey unearthed roots of Christianity
There is a spirit within us that wants to see, with our eyes wide open, and will see, and must tear the bandages and blinkers off the eyes to see, each for himself, whether the traditional vision be false or true. Nature gave us eyes to see with; it was men who added the blinkers. — Gerald Massey, The Coming Religion
The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ
Gerald Massey (1828-1907) studied the extensive Egyptian records housed in the British Museum and eventually taught himself to decipher hieroglyphics. After many years of study he wrote a series of scholarly works on the Religion and Mythology of Ancient Egypt. In 1881 he published in two volumes "A Book of the Beginnings," in 1883 "The Natural Genesis" followed, and finally in 1907 he published in two volumes "Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World".
Through those long years of study, Massey was mentored by the noted Egyptologist Dr. Samuel Birch. He attracted a following of dedicated students who later became his assistants. One of them, Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, acknowledged that Gerald Massey greatly inspired him. In his posthumous work, "A Rebirth for Christianity," Kuhn praised Massey's research:
"He forced us to ask how the four Gospels of the Christian canon could be the biography of any Messianic personality living in the first Christian century, when he traced their texts back to Egyptian documents that must have been venerable even in 3500 B.C.”
"We are faced with the inescapable realization that if Jesus actually lived in the flesh in the first century A.D., and if he had been able to read the documents of old Egypt, he would have been amazed to find his own biography already substantially written some four or five thousand years previously. Tertullian, Justin Martyr and other writers have noted that the leaders of the Christian movement confessed that many of their doctrines, rites, creeds and symbols were identical with Egyptian antetypes.”
“The late American Egyptologist James H. Breasted testified to similarities between the Old Testament book, Proverbs, and addresses to the Pharaoh of Egypt dating as far back as 3500 B.C. All this confirms Massey's conclusions." Gerald Massey so impressed the novelist George Eliot that she made him the hero of one of her famous romances. Thus Massey became immortalized in literature as "Felix Holt the Radical."
We are finding out that names the most hallowed are spurious counterfeits of the ancient gods. We are learning that the literary fortunes of the Bible were made by Mythology, and filched from the peoples who have been spoiled as Pagans, and accursed as the spawn of Satan. — Massey, The Coming Religion
It’s all about here
Massey spent little time thinking about "the other world" at all, for it was in this world that people needed assistance. Life to him was not worth living if something were not done to further its work. "It is only in helping others that we can truly help ourselves," he said in his lecture, “The Devil of Darkness in the Light of Evolution”. (found here: )
Massey was a published poet and a mid-19th century folk hero who forcefully protested the practice of the clergy to continue to preach that man was a fallen creature. He continually pointed out that man could not be saved through prayerful intercession. Every advance made by science for humanity had been carried out through research and perseverance — not by praying to a jealous God.
One of Massey's greatest contributions is his lecture on The Coming Religion. It is poignant with his sincerity. He put his own belief into every word. To him each person must do his own thinking and have absolute freedom of expression. He stressed that the new religion must have "sincerity of life, in place of pretended belief; a religion of science, in place of superstition." This religion will proclaim man's Ascent rather than his Fall. It will be a religion of fact in the present, not of mere faith for the future.
“I lectured upon the subject of Jesus many years ago,” Massey wrote. “At that time I did not know how we had been misled, or that the ‘Christian scheme’ (as it is aptly called) in the New Testament is a fraud, founded on a fable in the Old!
“I then accepted the Canonical Gospels as containing a veritable human history, and assumed, as others do, that the history proved itself. Finding that Jesus, or Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, was an historical character, known to the Talmud, I made the common mistake of supposing that this proved the personal existence of the Jesus found portrayed in the Canonical Gospels.
“But after you have heard my story, and weighed the evidence now for the first time collected and presented to the public, you will not wonder that I should have changed my views, or that I should be impelled to tell the truth to others, as it now appears to myself; although I am only able to summarize here, in the briefest manner possible, a few of the facts that I have dealt with exhaustively elsewhere.”
It has been my aim to penetrate beyond this scaffolding, discover the secrets of the hiding-place, and contradict the false report concerning the builders. And what we do find is that the so-called "Revealed Religion" is simply unrevealed mythology, and that a spurious system of salvation was proffered to those who would accept the ancient mythology transmogrified into Historic Christianity, and be bribed into changing their old lamps for new ones! — Massey, The Coming Religion
A sorceror from Egypt
The personal existence of Jesus as Jehoshua Ben-Pandira can be established beyond a doubt, Massey wrote. "He was born more than a century earlier than the date of birth assigned to the Jesus of the Gospels!”
As the son of a rabbi he fled with his father to Egypt because of a persecution of the rabbis during a civil war in which the Pharisees revolted against King Alexander Jannaeus around 105 BC. His familiarity with the history of the times allowed Massey to conclude both men were declared sorcerors and executed.
According to the Babylonian Gemara to the Mishna of Tract "Shabbath," this Jehoshua, the son of Pandira and Stada, was stoned to death as a wizard, in the city of Lud, or Lydda, and afterwards crucified by being hanged on a tree, on the eve of the Passover. This is the manner of death assigned to Jesus in the Book of Acts.
Massey investigated, to say the least. “The Jewish writers and Rabbis with whom I have talked always deny the identity of the Talmudic Jehoshua and the Jesus of the Gospels. [. . .] Jesus of Nazareth (and of the Canonical Gospels) was unknown to Justus, to the Jew of Celsus, and to Josephus, the supposed reference to him by the latter being an undoubted forgery.
The "blasphemous writings of the Jews about Jesus," as Justin Martyr calls them, always refer to Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, and not to the Jesus of the Gospels.
It is Ben-Pandira they mean when they say they have another and a truer account of the birth and life, the wonder-working and death of Jehoshua or Jesus. This repudiation is perfectly honest and soundly based. The only Jesus known to the Jews was Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, who had learnt the arts of magic in Egypt, and who was put to death by them as a sorcerer.
This was likewise the only Jesus known to Celsus, the writer of the "True Logos," a work which the Christians managed to get rid of bodily, with so many other of the anti-Christian evidences.
The illusion of false ideals is the magical glamour with which Mephistopheles seduces the soul of Faust!— Massey, The Coming Religion
But here is the conclusive fact:
The Jews know nothing of Jesus, the Christ of the Gospels, as an historical character; and when the Christians of the fourth century trace his pedigree, by the hand of Epiphanius, they are forced to derive their Jesus from Pandira!
This proves that in the fourth century the pedigree of Jesus was traced to Pandira, the father of that Jehoshua who was the pupil of Ben-Perachia, and who becomes one of the magicians in Egypt, and who was crucified as a magician on the eve of the Passover by the Jews, in the time of Queen Alexandra, who had ceased to reign in the year 70 B.C.— the Jesus, therefore, who lived and died more than a century too soon.
Thus, the Jews do not identify Jehoshua Ben-Pandira with the Gospel Jesus, of whom they, his supposed contemporaries, know nothing, but protest against the assumption as an impossibility; whereas the Christians do identify their Jesus as the descendant of Pandira. It was he or nobody; yet he was neither the son of Joseph nor the Virgin Mary, nor was he crucified at Jerusalem.
We mean to have a day of reckoning with the unjust stewards of the earth. — Massey, The Coming Religion
It is not the Jews, then, but the Christians, who fuse two supposed historic characters into one! There being but one history acknowledged or known on either side, it follows that the Jesus of the Gospels is the Jehoshua of the Talmud, or is not at all, as a Person.
This shifts the historic basis altogether; it antedates the human history by more than a hundred years, and it at once destroys the historic character of the Gospels, together with that of any other personal Jesus than Ben-Pandira. In short, the Jewish history of the matter will be found to corroborate the mythical. As Epiphanius knew of no other historical Jesus than the descendant of Pandira, it is possible that this is the Jesus whose tradition is reported by Irenaeus.
Irenaeus was born in the early part of the second century, between 120 and 140 AD. He was Bishop of Lyons, France, and a personal acquaintance of Polycarp; and he repeats a tradition testified to by the elders, which he alleges was directly derived from John, the "disciple of the Lord," to the effect that Jesus was not crucified at 33 years of age, but that he passed through every age, and lived on to be an oldish man. Now, in accordance with the dates given, Jehoshua Ben-Pandira may have been between 50 and 60 years of age when put to death, and his tradition alone furnishes a clue to the Nihilistic statement of Irenaeus.
When the true tradition of Ben-Pandira is recovered, it shows that he was the sole historical Jesus who was hung on a tree by the Jews, not crucified in the Roman fashion. [. . .] For I hold that the Jesus of the "other Gospel," according to the Apostles Cephas and James, who was utterly repudiated by Paul, was none other than Ben-Pandira, the Nazarene, of whom James was a follower, according to a comment on him found in the Book Abodazura. Anyway, there are two Jesuses, or Jesus and the Christ, one of whom is repudiated by Paul.
The doom of Historic Christianity is sealed, because it was based upon Dogmas against which the highest instincts of the race will forever rise in insurrection, and Doctrines that are certain to be rejected by the growing moral sense of enfranchised humanity. — Massey, The Coming Religion
(What a pity humankind instead became disenfranchised, bamboozled by the Jews into dazed semiconsciousness.)

But Jehoshua, the son of Pandira, can never be converted into Jesus Christ, the son of a virgin mother, as an historic character. Nor can the dates given ever be reconciled with contemporary history.
So much for the historic Jesus. And now for the mythical Christ. Here we can tread on firmer ground.
Massey’s conclusions
• “The Jesus of our Gospels is but little of a human reality, in spite of all attempts to naturalize the Mythical Christ, and make the story look rational.”
• “The Christian religion was not founded on a man, but on a divinity; that is, a mythical character. So far from being derived from the model man, the typical Christ was made up from the features of various Gods, after a fashion somewhat like those "pictorial averages" portrayed by Mr. Galton, in which the traits of several persons are photographed and fused in a portrait of a dozen different persons, merged into one that is not anybody.”
“It is not I that deny the divinity of Jesus the Christ; I assert it! He never was, and never could be, any other than a divinity; that is, a character non-human, and entirely mythical, who had been the pagan divinity of various pagan myths, that had been pagan during thousands of years before our Era.”
“There has never been a man like Jesus because there never was a man like Jesus.”

NTS Notes: OK, There are many that will disagree with John Kaminski at times, but he does bring forward some amazing articles that show a lot of fact such as this one..

I personally have never heard of this Gerald Massey before I saw this report come out.... But maybe its about time that I did some more research on him and his findings, for what is stated here definitely does shatter the perceptions of modern Christianity that we, including myself at an early age, were indoctrinated by from birth.....

And if the facts shown are indeed factual, then the entire New Testament does indeed need a "rework" and our modern calendars do need to have a serious readjustment of some 70+ years!  

Was the Jesus Christ of the "Bible" actually this Jehoshua Ben-Pandira?  And is the biblical tale of the New Testament based upon his life in Egypt and NOT Palestine?  Again, a lot more research needs to be done to prove fact from fiction....

More to come


Crisis In Venezuela: Canada Joins With Imperial Mafia To Threaten Venezuela

Many readers are aware of my stance in regards to this "crisis" happening right now in Venezuela... I am absolutely convinced that this coup d'etat attempt by the United States has long been in planning for the ouster of popular President Nicolas Maduro... It is a fact that the US has been "grooming" Maduro's replacement, their puppet Juan Guiado to be the new Venezuelan President and basically throw any vestiges of true democracy and the democratic process in Venezuela out the door..... Sadly, most people are being programmed and brainwashed by the liars in the Jew spew media and are not seeing what is really happening right now in that South American country...

I have also been attacking the criminality of the Canadian government over the last few days in regards to their blatant support of this coup in Venezuela.... The criminal Canadian Prime Minister, the most stupid Justin Trudeau, has thrown his full support over this overthrow of a democratically elected President in Venezuela and basically can properly be labeled now as a true pariah nation on planet Earth... It is so sad to see how far this nation, Canada, that I used to be proud of has now become a true criminal state...

Right now, I want to present the following report that comes from the Aletho News website, at, that is entitled: "Canada Joins With Imperial "Mafia" To Threaten Venezuela"... This article shows some clear evidence as to how this nation, Canada, has indeed been working over the last few years with the criminal "mafia" headed by the United States for the planned overthrow of the government in Venezuela, and basically throws out the notion that Canada had only joined said "mafia" just last week in support of that overthrow.... Here is that article, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada joins with imperial ‘Mafia’ to threaten Venezuela

By Yves Engler · January 27, 2019
Most Canadians think of their country as a force for good in the world, but recent efforts by Justin Trudeau’s government to overthrow Venezuela’s elected government have once again revealed the ugly truth about the Great White North. We are an important partner in imperialism, willing to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, up to and including the use of military force, to benefit the perceived self-interest of our elites.
Over the past two years Canadian officials have campaigned aggressively against President Nicolás Maduro. Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has repeatedly criticized Caracas’ democratic legitimacy and human rights record. Recently she said, “the Maduro regime is now fully entrenched as a dictatorship” while in September Ottawa asked (with five South American nations) the International Criminal Court to investigate the Venezuelan government, which is the first time a government has been formally brought before the tribunal by another member.
In recent weeks Canadian diplomats have played an important role in uniting large swaths of the Venezuelan opposition behind a US-backed plan to ratchet up tensions by proclaiming the new head of the opposition-dominated National Assembly, Juan Guaido, president. The Canadian Press quoted a Canadian diplomat saying they helped Guaido “facilitate conversations with people that were out of the country and inside the country” while the Globe and Mail reported that “Freeland  spoke with Juan Guaido to congratulate him on unifying opposition forces in Venezuela, two weeks before he declared himself interim president.” Alongside Washington and a number of right-leaning Latin American governments, Ottawa immediately recognized Guaido after he proclaimed himself president on Wednesday. Canadian officials are lobbying European  leaders to recognize Guaido as president as well.
Ottawa has long provided various other forms of direct support to an often-violent opposition. In recent years Canada channelled millions of dollars to opposition groups in Venezuela and 18 months ago outgoing Canadian ambassador, Ben Rowswell, told the Ottawa Citizen that “we became one of the most vocal embassies in speaking out on human rights issues and encouraging Venezuelans to speak out.”
Alongside its support for the opposition, Ottawa expelled Venezuela’s top diplomat in 2017 and has imposed three rounds of sanctions on Venezuelan officials. In March the United Nations Human Rights Council condemned the economic sanctions the US, Canada and EU have adopted against Venezuela while Caracas called Canada’s move a “blatant violation of the most fundamental rules of International Law.”
Since its August 2017 founding Canada has been one of the most active members of the “Lima Group” of governments opposed to Venezuela’s elected government. Canada is hosting  the next meeting of the “Lima Group”. Freeland has repeatedly prodded Caribbean and Central American countries to join the Lima Group’s anti-Maduro efforts.
In September, 11 of the 14 member states of the “Lima Group” backed a statement distancing the anti-Venezuelan alliance from “any type of action or declaration that implies military intervention” after Organization of American States chief Luis Almagro stated: “As for military intervention to overthrow the Nicolas Maduro regime, I think we should not rule out any option … diplomacy remains the first option but we can’t exclude any action.” Canada, Guyana and Colombia refused to criticize the head of the OAS’ musings about an invasion of Venezuela.
Alongside the head of the OAS, US president Donald Trump has publically discussed invading Venezuela. To the best of my knowledge Ottawa has stayed mum on Trump’s threats, which violate international law.
Why? Why is Canada so eager to overthrow an elected government? Recent headlines in the Globe and Mail (“Venezuelan crisis buoys prospects for Canadian heavy crude oil producers”) and Wall Street Journal (“Bond Prices in Venezuela Jump on Prospect of Regime Change”) suggest some short term reasons. But looking at the situation from a historical perspective confirms Noam Chomsky’s claim that international affairs is run like the Mafia. The godfather cannot accept disobedience.
Thus, while the scope of the Trudeau government’s current campaign against Venezuela is noteworthy, it’s not the first time Ottawa has supported the overthrow of an elected, left leaning, government in the hemisphere. Canada passively supported military coups against Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 and Brazilian President João Goulart in 1964 as well as ‘parliamentary coups’ against Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo in 2012 and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in 2016. Ottawa played a slightly more active role in the removal of Dominican Republic president Juan Bosch in 1965 and Chilean president Salvador Allende in 1973. In a more substantial contribution to undermining electoral democracy, Ottawabacked the Honduran military’s removal of Manuel Zelaya in 2009.
Canada played its most forceful role in the removal of a progressive, elected, president in the hemisphere’s most impoverished nation. Thirteen months before Jean-Bertrand Aristide was, in his words, “kidnapped” by US Marines on February 29, 2004, Jean Chrétien’s Liberal government organized an international gathering to discuss overthrowing the Haitian president. JTF2 special forces secured the Port-au-Prince airport the night Aristide was ousted and 500 Canadian troops were part of the US-led invasion to consolidate the coup.
With regards to Venezuela it’s unclear just how far Ottawa is prepared to go in its bid to oust Maduro. But, it is hard to imagine that the path Canada and the US have chosen can succeed without Venezuela being plunged into significant violence.

NTS Notes: Well, there you have it.....Canada, which used to be a "beacon of democracy" has finally shown its true colors in its disrespect of the democratic processes in other independent states....

It is sad that most Canadians are not even aware of the heinous and diabolical acts of the Federal Government in Ottawa in its actions to destroy other nations.... Most Canadians are still under the belief that Canada stands for "freedom and justice" around the world, and therefore what this article presents does represent a true "rude awakening" of the real policies of this nation...

Again, I as a Canadian do NOT support the actions of the Trudeau regime and will continue to attack that criminal outfit every chance I have.... I do want to see this nation return to its founding principles and a time when it truly was a "beacon of freedom and democracy" for the rest of the world to emulate.... But now what I see happening thanks to this nation's criminal actions makes me want to vomit!

More to come