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Gulf Of Oman False Flag Attack: Israel Did It Using Popeye Submarine Launched Cruise Missiles

I continue to see a lot of reports today where not only is the US absolutely continuing with the blatant lie that it was the "big bad Iranians" that attacked those two Japanese tankers off the coast of Oman last week, but they are supposedly well into the planning (which they had ready to go for months now) for what apparently will be a "retaliatory" tactical "strike" against Iranian targets inside Iran..... All this is being done while the entire world is now very skeptical of exactly what happened in the Gulf of Oman, and exactly WHO did the deed.... I for one have the answer and I will present the evidence here...

The facts are that the captain of the Japanese tanker, "Kokuka Courageous" that endured the brunt of the "attack" in the Gulf of Oman last week has stated clearly that it was NOT done by mines at all as the criminals in the US government continue to harp, but that he and others on that very ship witnessed an "aerial object" coming towards their vessel and witnessed it make full contact with the hull of the ship... Here in fact is the link to an article from the Washington Post itself covering this fact:

OK, WHY is the US government contradicting these eyewitnesses on the ship itself that most definitely saw missiles coming in to strike their vessel?  The answer is obvious, as the US is part of the criminal act themselves as they wanted this false flag to take place so that they could have their fraudulent excuse to go to war against Iran!

So... WHO did the attack and HOW?   I will state the obvious here:  The criminal state of Israel attacked these tankers using "popeye" class submarine launched cruise missiles fired from their German "donated" Dolphin class submarines....

I want to present here some facts on the "popeye" class submarine launched cruise missile for my readers to view... This information about the "popeye" comes directly from Wikipedia:

Popey missile.jpg
The "Popeye" standoff missile

Type: Air-to-surface missile SLCM 

Place of origin: Israel 

Service history In service 1985–present 

Used by See Operators

Production history:

Designer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Manufacturer: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems


Mass1,360 kg (3,000 lb)
Length 4.82 m (15 ft 10 in)
Diameter 533 mm (20 in)
Warhead 340 kg (750 lb) blast fragmentation or 360 kg (790 lb) I-800 penetrating

EngineSingle-stage Solid-fuel rocketWingspan198 cm (78 in)
Operational range: 78 km (48 mi)
Guidance system: Inertial plus IIR or TV
Launch platform: Fixed-wing aircraft, Dolphin class submarine (Popeye Turbo SLCM)

Next, here is a small article at Wikipedia that covers some facts about how Israel has indeed been building these missiles for the sole purpose of to be fired from their submarines:

"The Popeye Turbo SLCM is a reportedly stretched version of the Popeye Turbo developed for use as a submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM) was widely reported in a US Navy observed 2002 test in the Indian Ocean to have hit a target 1500 km away.

It is reasonable to assume that the weapon’s range has been extended to the point where it can launch against Tehran and even more Iranian cities from a relatively safe location. It can allegedly carry a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead.

It is believed that the stretched Popeye Turbo is the primary strategic second strike nuclear deterrent weapon that can be fired from the 650 mm secondary torpedo tubes of the Israeli Dolphin-class submarines. 

It is believed that the SLCM version of the Popeye was developed by Israel after the US Clinton administration refused an Israeli request in 2000 to purchase Tomahawk long range SLCM's because of international MTCR proliferation rules.

While the standard Popeye is 533 mm the Dolphin class submarines have four 650 mm torpedo tubes in addition to the six standard 533 mm tubes allowing for the possibility that a SLCM Popeye derivative may be a larger diameter."

OK, I have presented here the information about the "popeye" class submarine launched cruise missile that most definitely is in full production and is being used by the Israelis for their submarines...  And again, the Israelis are definitely the ones who have the most to gain by these attacks...

The question becomes; Has Israel used such missiles in the past, and the answer is a definite YES... As I have stated before at this blog a few years back about how the attack on the USS Cole has all the earmarks of being done by an Israeli submarine firing at least one of these cruise missiles into the port side of that American guided missile destroyer back on October 12th, 2000... Here in fact is the link to my article on the attack on the Cole:

But has there been any other incidents that show Israeli involvement and their possible usage of these missiles?   Well, About 9 years ago we have the attack on the Korean Republic's naval corvette, the "Cheonan", which shows all the earmarks of being hit by a missile launched from a submarine!  Here is the link to my report on that attack here:

I honestly would wish that people would get it?  All they need to do is to use common sense and see that there apparently is a common denominator to both of these attacks in the past which shows clearly that the Israelis would indeed be behind those attacks, and almost certainly behind the attack on the Japanese tankers last week...  (a) both attacks were obviously done by some submarine launching missiles, and we know who has at least 4 of these submarines lurking around our oceans sailing almost entirely undetected.... And especially (b) WHO has to gain from doing these attacks? .... You only need to look at one state on this planet with the means and the audacity to do these evil deeds and you have your answer...

Others may be yet to come to this conclusion that the Israelis were definitely behind this attack last week on those tankers, but I am NOT going to hold off and doubt the facts... The Israelis did this tanker attack last week by using "popeye"  class cruise missiles launched from their submarines, and I am standing behind that conviction.... I seriously doubt that anyone else will find evidence that any other party could have done this dastardly deed....

Mystery solved... Israel did the deed....

More to come


Attacking Iran: A Reality Check!

The countdown to a war against the innocent nation of Iran is definitely on.... Right now, the criminals in the US government are absolutely doing everything possible to try to finger the peaceful nation of Iran for that obvious Israeli submarine popeye cruise missile assault on those two Japanese tankers off the coast of Oman last week, and they are hoping that the more skeptical American public will swallow the bullshit they are selling and blindly support their criminal government for a direct attack on the Iranian nation... .It sickens me that the morons south of here in the formerly free United States of America will blindly and stupidly go to war and die for the criminal state of Israel that has wanted Iran destroyed for the last few decades!

So what is in store for the US military if it does go to war against Iran?   For a "reality check" on this upcoming war and what it does mean for the American nation, I do want to present the following report that comes courtesy of the Video Rebel's blog, at The article is entitled: "Attacking Iran: A Reality Check" and does indeed cover some details on how this war against Iran is not going to be a "push over" like so many other American wars against weaker nations.... Here is that article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Attacking Iran: A Reality Check

Iran’s Sejjil IRBM missile, according to Wikipedia, has a speed of Mach 14. And a range of 2,500 kilometers (1,553.4 miles). The warhead ranges from 500 to 1,500 Kgs (1,102 to 3,307 pounds.)
Iran has developed unstoppable cruise missiles with a range of 800 miles.
On 12-5-2011 Obama’s CIA made a gift of an RQ-170 drone to Iran which Chinese, Russian and Iranian scientists studied in depth. Today Iran has a fleet of drones capable of launching missiles at US ships and military bases from Diego Garcia to Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. All US ships in port or in either the Persian Gulf or the Indian ocean would be sinking minutes after an attack on Iran. Iranian attacks on US bases with fuel air explosives would eliminate most personnel. Survivors would be captured by ground forces in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
60% of American currency is overseas. Even if America responded with nuclear weapons, the people overseas holding dollars would dump them . They would be dumped as nobody wants to get paid in the money issued by the country that lost the last war. That would double prices thus cutting permanently in half the wages and pensions of most Americans.
So if attacking Iran does not make much military sense, then why do it?
We were told that Iran had used mines to attack oil tankers in the Persian Gulf but that has already been disproved by eyewitnesses much as was the Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam war.
The principle factor guiding behind our attacks on Libya, Syria and Iran is that Israel wants it thus.
America has been doing the bidding of Rothschild Zionism even before there was an Israel. One of the reasons America lost 130,000 soldiers in WW I was so we could make the war last beyond 1915 thus bankrupting our allies, Britain and France. Another goal was to secure Palestine as a British-Jewish colony. And there was a third reason. Jacob Schiff, a Rothschild partner, gave Leon Trotsky and 400 other Jewish radical a million ounces of gold sending them from New York to Russia to overthrow our ally. They set up a Jewish Communist state that killed 60 million Gentiles. 30 million were killed because they were Christians. Americans are forbidden to think those thoughts.
In 1982 Oded Yinon listed Iran, the Sudan, Libya, Lebanon and Syria along with Iraq as Israeli targets. The Jewish lobby is so powerful in both the Democrat and Republican parties as well as the media that they can get America to do their fighting and dying for them. Israel took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions on 9-11-2001. After 911 General Wesley Clark reported that the pentagon had a list of 7 Muslim nations to attack. It obviously originated in Israel. This list was: Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.
Syria never used chemical weapons against their own people. But has been bombed many times by the US because the Jewish controlled press told them to. The US government is definitely not Christian. They gave radical Muslims weapons, money, arms and training so they could kill tens of thousands of Christians in Syria. The Jihadis beheaded Christians and gouged out their eyes.
There is an economic reason for the US to confront Iran. Catherine Austin Fitts has mentioned several times in interviews. She tells us that America needs to use its military to force other nations to trade in dollars even though we make few things they want. They refuse to eat our GMO crops. Even our wheat is sprayed with Roundup so the farm’s crops can all be harvested on the same day which maximizes profits while poisoning the American food supply.
America’s problem is that she was become over populated by design. Since 1950 we have been importing natural resources though we had a temporary respite from high oil prices due to fracking which as a trade off gives us permanently polluted ground water. Essentially, the Deep State plan is to take down America and give the world a One Bank, One Vote global government. It was focused on making whites a Minority. That plan is on track.
The problem the Deep State faced while over populating America was that old law of Supply and Demand. But since they own the banks, they had a solution. So what if wages are forced down and rents up. Just print more money and hire 31 million federal, state and local government employees paying for it with I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes. Wages collapsing due to too many legal and illegal aliens? Ditto. Print more money and buy free things from overseas so even the poor can afford clothes, TVs and cell phones. And middle class people with either a government position or a job in a subsidized sector like healthcare or defense contracting can afford a new car.
President Trump has been put in a bad spot between a rock and a  hard place. He needs a strong dollar so our high standard of living continues to be subsidized by money printing. But he is entering dangerous waters as he needs lower interest rates to prop up the stock market. If the stock exchanges had a 20 to 40% correction, foreigners would dump their stocks and many would seriously consider dumping the dollar as well.
The US economy is supposed to be doing well if you believe the lies. But Reuters just said our budget deficit will reach a trillion dollars. So what happens, when, not if, our low interest rates double and that $535 billion annual  interest rate charge passes a trillion dollars?  Would you be willing to eliminate healthcare and education to maintain our trillion dollar a year subsidy to the New York Banks and the Federal Reserve?
Soon there will be a day when even the most ardent Zionist will regret having spent $7 trillion on killing Muslims and Christians living near Israel.
There is no rational reason to attack Iran. Probably the Pentagon leadership knows that we would lose. They would likely send the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff to the White House at midnight telling the President to forget escalating the war as they did with Obama. That was General Martin Edward Dempsey who went to the White House just before midnight. He also established a back door direct link to the Russian military to prevent any  miscalculations so the professionals in the Russian and American militaries survive policy errors from the politicians.
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Counting The Victims of Jewish Supremacism.

NTS Notes: Honestly, I have liked the reports from "Horse237" for the last decade from his blog, but I am still surprised at times about how he periodically supports criminal US President Donald Drumpf....  I do not support the idea that he is in a 'bad spot between a rock and a hard place' for  the reality is he is doing exactly as his Jewish masters demand.... He is firmly in the pocket of that sinister Benyamin Miliewkosky and his wicked ways in Israel, and has shown his full support for the criminally psychotic state of Israel by handing them over the Golan Heights while he had NO right according to International law to do so...

I have also been saying for the last decade that the US economy is on life support... And I have been saying that the criminals in the US government may be looking at this new war as a means of bailing out their stupidity by allowing the Jewish criminals to place them under crushing debt that they may have no other way of getting out..... But a war against Iran could escalate very easily into a full regional war and very possibly a global war as Russia and China are both allied with Iran....

And I too can state that Iran is not going to be a 'push over' as some have speculated.. The Iranian people are very intelligent and their military is actually very modern and well equipped with sophisticated weaponry... The American military may indeed eventually succeed in a war against Iran, but the Iranians will indeed give them one heck of a black eye in the process, where we could see dozens of US ships sunk, many US aircraft shot down,  and thousands of lives lost in this impending war..... I for one cannot understand how the American people will accept having their men and women fighting, and dying in Iran by the thousands, all for the glory of the psychotic state of Israel?

Let us hope that it does not come to a full fledged war based on lies... But the US is indeed following exactly what their Jewish masters want, and right now those bastards want the Iranian nation demolished!

More to come


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Sunday again... And better late than never here comes my weekend rant....

Yes it is Fathers Day, and I just spent much of today with my family that had a great day of activities planned for me, except that a lot more got ruined due to rain...  I have not been disappointed since they put up some effort and planning, and I have thanked them for that......But with some afternoon activities now gone by the wayside, it has given me this window of time to sit down and do this rant...

As I have said in some previous rants, I do not like filing weather reports, but what has been happening in these parts of north America should show everyone, especially those that make up the braindead in the Global Warming cabal of idiots, that the planet is definitely cooling... Temperatures here have been well below normal all of "Spring", with only about 3 days of hot weather since the beginning of April....Up until this year, by this time you would see everyone in shorts and t-shirts, but instead people have been wearing sweaters during the day and overcoats at night!.... This should be alerting everyone, especially those who make up the liars in our Jew spew media and our crooked governments, that we are indeed entering a very long cold spell.. However, I continue to see fraudulent reports from those ass clowns stating that this year, 2019, is becoming the "hottest year on record" (!)..... It therefore can be easily concluded that these idiots do have their agenda laid out for them by their Jewish masters and that many are of course paid well to lie, but it is surprising and ridiculous to see that they can continue to lie with straight faces!

And lets face reality here... We are definitely heading into a very long cold spell which is indeed a decades long "solar minimum".....   This cold spell that we are seeing so far is nothing compared to what is yet to come.... Summers will be almost non existent, especially here in a northern climate, with temperatures well below normal during this time of diminished solar radiation output from our Sun.... And needless to say, but winters will be brutally long and bitterly cold for the next decade at least..... BUT I do need to reiterate here once again that this is NOT the beginning of a "new ice age" as some of the idiots out there are falsely speculating as this is a natural solar cycle between high and low solar radiation output from the Sun that occurs at about a 44 year interval... Once the minimum is reached in about a decade or so, the Sun will naturally increase its solar radiation output and we will begin to see a warming trend right across the planet....

However, now we also have another cycle that takes place on our Sun, where solar magnetic storms fluctuate between periods of intense and diminished storm activity (sunspot activity) which occurs in a natural cycle of several hundred years or so... When this solar cycle coincides with the natural 44 year solar warm to cold cycle, especially when they are BOTH at a minimum, we have what is called a "grand solar minimum" with the Sun pumping out far less solar energy than usual and therefore a lot less of that energy hitting this planet.... The last time this "grand solar minimum" occurred, we had what was called the "Maunder minimum" or the "little ice age" which occurred some 300 years ago and caused devastating crop losses right across northern Europe due to intense cold.....

I can only imagine and speculate about the amount of devastation that we may see over the next decade as this 'grand solar minimum" takes effect on this planet..... Massive crop losses and failures due to increased cold could trigger massive famines across this planet which could lead to nations going to war just to gain food supplies for their starving people...... And yes, with this planet's present population being some 8 billion people, there will be a lot of mouths to feed....... AND again and most sadly, our stupid idiotic governments have been sold on the fraud of "climate change" aka "global warming" and have continued to try to sell their own populaces with the fraud that they must be preparing for the planet "overheating", but in reality these same idiot governments should have been working in preparation for this intense cold that is absolutely coming.... That refusal to prepare for what is reality may indeed doom billions to death from starvation...

I therefore once again must say to hell with the fucking fraudulent "Carbon Taxation" that our crooked governments have been ramming down our throats.... Reducing "carbon emissions" has nothing to do with saving the planet from what is coming, for Carbon Dioxide is absolutely NOT a greenhouse gas at all.... I have repeatedly stated this as fact and have backed up that fact here with detail after detail on how Carbon Dioxide is actually a coolant and absolutely does NOT absorb heat along the infrared spectrum of light..... Carbon Dioxide is in fact a most essential part of life itself on this planet as our plant life must absorb that vital gas for its own metabolic processes... To try to stupidly remove Carbon Dioxide from our atmosphere as is the goal by the numb skulls in the Global Warming looney bin, is suicide to life itself on this planet.... The reality is that higher Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere means MORE plant life and a much healthier planet over all!   I therefore will continue to hammer at this blog the reality that we are all being hoodwinked with the fraud of "carbon taxation" and that attempts to even further diminish our Carbon Dioxide outputs is tantamount to suicide... What we should be doing is in fact pumping out all the Carbon Dioxide that we can, and to tell the fuckers pushing the Carbon tax fraud to pound sand!

OK, enough of that reality check... Time to get onto the absolute fraudulent FALSE FLAG attack that we just witnessed in the Gulf of Oman a few days ago.... I have been watching the spin doctors in the Jew spew media over these last few days continue to try their worse to promote the lie that the attack on those tankers was committed by Iranian 'gun boats' putting of all things "limpet mines" on the hulls of those tankers, and I truly had to laugh.... But these ass clowns are so serious and have been promoting that cock eyed story in the hope that they can sell the most gullible and stupid people out there that it was  the "big bad Iranians" that did this 'heinous act'!    And sadly, it does show that a lot of Americans are truly morons, since so many are actually buying their bullshit!

And yes, I have watched that supposed video that the US government put out a day ago where they say "See! We have the evidence!  Look at the Iranians trying to pull off an unexploded limpet mine off the hull of the ship!"..... I honestly have seen poorly doctored videos before, but that one takes the cake... Besides the graininess of the video itself, the video does in fact show the evidence that the Iranians were actually removing victims from the ship down the side of the ship into awaiting boats that took the victims back to Iran itself for medical treatment!  The US government absolutely misses the key issue that as of right now, the sailors aboard those disabled ships that were wounded from the attacks are indeed sitting in Iran getting medical treatment and are as of right now being treated as guests of the Iranian government!   Pulling limpet mines off the sides of the ships my ass!   Who ever made those videos did a piss poor job of fakery indeed...  AND this fraud gets further destroyed as the captain aboard the Japanese tanker has stated clearly that his crew witnessed an "airborne projectile" coming in to hit the ship, meaning that the "limpet mine" bullshit promoted by the criminals in the US government falls to pieces instantly...

And the holes in the sides of the tankers is very telling, as they are sitting well above the watermark and therefore could NOT have been done by "mines" at all... In fact, any professional or amateur researcher can quickly conclude by the angle of the holes and their size that it was a set of missiles that hit the ship and NOT mines at all!   As I have said already in my previous article about this incident, what we have here is the tell tale mark of incoming "cruise missiles" hitting the ship, and we all know by know exactly WHO has the missiles capable of doing this dastardly deed....

I must reiterate here that back on October 12th, 2000, the USS Cole was refuelling in the port of Aden in southern Yemen, when at around 930am in the morning it suddenly endured a massive explosion against its port side hull.... That explosion ripped a large hole just above its waterline on its port side while instantly killing some 17 sailors and wounding dozens more aboard the Cole itself.... To this day, the US government has been lying its ass off claiming that the attack on the Cole was done by "suicide bombers" of "Al Qaeda" that came along side the ship in fibreglass boats to plant C4 explosives on the hull of the Cole itself..... But everything about the attack on the Cole shows the earmarks of it being a missile attack instead due to the damage to the ship itself and the size of the hole in the side of that guided missile destroyer..... And knowing from day one that Al Qaeda itself is a fraud and absolutely controlled by the US Government, we can only conclude that it was someone else that did this deed, and that it was indeed a missile strike... The question becomes who??  And lo and behold but we have the earmarks of the criminal Israelis here

I will also point out that the criminal psychos in Israel have right now in their navy at least 3 or 4 German built Dolphin class "stealthy" submarines that are equipped with "popeye" turbo class cruise missiles that have a maximum range of some 200 miles (320km) and can be fired from those submarines and definitely used to attack ships.... And we can see at least one other incident, the attack on the Korean military ship "Cheonan",  back in 2010 that was 'attacked and sunk' under "mysterious circumstances" by what has been concluded to be a missile off the coast of South Korea, and remains a mystery to this day!  Many of speculated that the attack on the "Cheonan" was conducted by an Israeli submarine using popeye cruise missiles, and was done to try to blame North Korea and force the cancelation of peace talks that were in full swing at that time for the reunification of the Korean peninsula.... I therefore have NO doubt that the Israelis have been behind the attacks on both the Cole and the Cheonan, and therefore it would not in the least bit surprise me that they did this latest attack on the Japanese tankers as well...

So what would the sickos in Israel gain by attacking those tankers by using submarine launched popeye cruise missiles?  PLENTY... For not only would they once again try to lay the blame on Iran, but at the same time that these attacks occurred, the Japanese Prime Minister Abe just so happened to be in Iran itself working on details on trade deals with Iran.... Having these tankers attacked and  having the blame put on Iran was obviously in the hope that the attacks would halt the Japanese trade dealings with Iran and hopefully have Japan join their little "alliance" for their planned assault on Iran....  Basically there is no "coincidences" when we see these bastards pull off these attacks, as they were hoping for their usual "two for one deal" where they would get their vilification of Iran as well as the Japanese halting their dealings with Iran to boot...

The reality is that ALL of the evidence now points to this attack being a missile strike conducted by a submarine..... And knowing that the sinister Israelis would definitely not think twice about doing this diabolical deed in their lust to have their nice little war against Iran off and running, we can safely conclude that THEY did the attack.....  Therefore all of the rhetoric we are now seeing over these last few days that it was the 'big bad Iranians' is absolute bullshit and pure propaganda brainwashing....  As I said in so many previous articles, the US/Israel alliance of evil is absolutely going "full throttle" now in wanting their nice little war against Iran off and running and they do not care that such a war will indeed cost the lives of thousands of innocent American lives..... Wake Up, America!

Well, I guess I have covered and ranted already about two of my most important pet peeves for this last week, that I have left little room for other important issues..... Needless to say, but it has been a stressful week for myself and I will probably be taking some time off once again shortly for a "vacation" and not do any blogging at all during that time frame... I will let everyone know if and when I decide to "take off" to "parts unknown" and let my Lynx claws get some much needed rest.... I  will say that I am still appalled at the massive amount of censorship taking place all over the Internet as the criminals in charge are now wanting to shut myself and so many others up that have been exposing their criminal actions..... Hopefully there will be avenues of real truth still available to anyone that surfs the internet, as people do deserve the truth no matter how brutal it may be...

OK, enough of my incessant ramblings.... Onto my last minute tidbits to cover what I have missed.....Yes, I have seen the reports about "malware" being installed on Russia's massive power grid, and hopefully now that the Russians can see the sick game the Americans are playing they will be able to get their technicians involved and have that malware destroyed.  And sadly two could play this sick game as the Russians may indeed plan their 'retaliation' against the American power grid as well with their own malware in place.......Readers continue to wonder why I put up article after article here about the failings of the US F35 flying piece of shit program.  Honestly, have you EVER seen anywhere in history a more wasteful program of corruption and mismanagement imaginable?  It is like throwing away 2 TRILLION dollars of US taxpayer money, instead of using that money for something practical like actually giving Americans a working and fully funded health care system!..... And speaking of health care, I see that some state governments in the US are actually considering jailing parents for not wanting to subject their children to the ravages of poisonous vaccines.  Honestly, how blatant does it have to be to have people stand up and say "If these vaccines are so good, then why try to shove them down everyone's throats?"........ I saw a laughable article last week where apparently Mossad agent Mark Zuckerberg is actually thinking of taking a big step and coming up with his own "monetary system" via his criminal enterprise called "Facebook".  Leave it to a snivelling Jewish prick to come up with yet another fractional monetary system to screw the Gentiles...... And speaking of rich Jewish pricks, there was a list that came out last week showing the richest people on planet Earth, and no shock here but the majority are all Jewish pricks.  Yes, we have indeed allowed these criminals to screw us royally and it shows by their outrageous wealth while most of the world lives in poverty...... I saw an article last week where apparently they claim they have 'solved' the MH17 shoot down over Ukraine mystery and that they have "evidence" the perpetrators were 'Russian separatists".  Of course this is bullshit as it was a failed American run false flag operation and as a method of getting rid of the evidence from their MH370 hijacking!  People need to get with the mathematical equation that MH17= MH370!..... I had an interesting thought; With all of the bullshit of having freak transgenders now compete openly against real females, where in the hell are the "feminists" in that equally fraudulent program? Why have those fools not come out against the insanity of transgender freaks competing against real women?  The answer is obvious as BOTH of those agendas are run by the Jewish freaks that want to destroy our societies.  Therefore you will never hear one peep from the 'feminist" idiots at all........Why is it the more that freak Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) opens her mouth, she keeps sticking her foot in it?  Honestly, is that ass clown out there only for comedy relief?..........Justin Trudeau has been strangely quiet this last while, and no wonder for the criminal Liberals up here in Canada are trying their best to have him not open his fat stupid mouth and stick his own foot in it as well!  Sometimes I wonder if AOC and Justin may be long lost twins for both are equally as stupid!...... The Syrians and Russians continue to pound the Idlib pocket, and their attacks to diminish the pocket itself are continuing.  Good for the Syrians, as that eyesore in northern Syria should have been eliminated years ago and finally put an end to "rebel" resistance in that part of Syria.  Hopefully the good news continues, and I do hope that the Syrians ignore the stupid calls for "ceasefire" and finish the job........No new news coming out of Fukushima this last while, but of course that disaster is still very much out of control and the criminals involved are unable to admit that they need serious help to clean up the mess left over from that Israeli Stuxnet virus attack of well over 8 years ago.........No shock here as the criminal Israelis are indeed gunning for "annexing" the entire West Bank and thus destroy the future of the Palestinian people.  I saw this coming for decades now, and I again will stand by my statement that the Palestinians have to fight back against these monsters or their future is gone..........I see that nations like Australia are already on the brink of full economic collapse, and I am not shocked at all for I and others saw this coming years ago.  Our economies can no longer survive the Jewish run fractional reserve system of endless debt, and the choice is either to end the debt and that failed monetary system, or hope for a new war to somehow fuel the economies for a very short time.  This may in fact be one of the primary reasons why the US is so hyped up on wanting their nice little war against Iran now, for the criminals in charge hope a war will "boost the economy".  World War III anyone?..........Someone asked me my opinion on the "abortion issue" that is once again gripping America right now.  I have never been either 'pro choice' or "pro abortion" for there is validity to BOTH sides in that never ending argument.  Lets just say that I prefer to stay away from that insanity like the plague.......The 50th anniversary of the faked Apollo moon landings is fast approaching, and I saw the report last week where NASA claims it will cost another "40 BILLION" or so dollars to "return to the moon".   Yes, NASA does need money to keep their frauds alive, and if given that money they will basically fake it again for they still have NO clue on how to solve the space radiation problems of flying in space........Women's World Cup is in full swing, and yes I saw how the US thrashed the team from Thailand by an outrageous score of 13-0.  What this shows is the massive separation in talent levels between a well run US team and a much weaker and less talented Thai women's team.  I do hope that some of the better teams give the US a better game, like maybe the team from here in Canada?.........The Houthis fire several cruise missiles at Saudi airports last week, and again all I can say is Good for the Houthis!  The criminal Saudis continue to starve and slaughter Yemen civilians enmass and they think they are not open to retaliation!  The war in Yemen is a long way from being over and I for one am glad the Houthis are giving those bastards a very large black eye.........Why am I not in the least bit shocked by the reports of the possibility of illegal African migrants now crossing into the US from Mexico possibly carrying variations of the Ebola virus?  It does make one wonder if this has been done on purpose to try to introduce that fatal disease to America.   We cannot forget that the criminal Jewish elite are still working hard on a plan to weaponize a dangerous virus as part of their Agenda 21 project to wipe out almost 90% of the world's population, so why not weaponize Ebola!..........And I am not in the least bit surprised by the continuing reports that Los Angeles and other cities in California have turned into open sewers where diseases like Typhoid, or even Bubonic Plague may make an appearance.  California has allowed its homeless situation to become out of control, and we can blame their own state politicians with their stupid "Liberal" agenda.........And finally, back this week to the insanity of Kardashian skank-ville;  I was scanning through the Talmudvision programming the other night and I actually watched 5 minutes of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" before my brain exploded, drool dripped out of gym mouth and onto my chin, and blood spewed out of my nose. It took the rest of the night to recover from that mental mind fuck, and I do wonder how anyone with any two brain cells to rub together can stand watching one of those one hour episodes?  Are Americans this brain dead that their mush minds actually can endure that garbage?

More to come



Saturday, June 15, 2019

Weekend Rant Will Be Delayed Due To Fathers Day

I will be busy tomorrow as I place myself in the hands of my family that supposedly has a long list of plans for me for Fathers Day.... My son has been keeping quiet about what he has in store for me tomorrow, and I am indeed wondering what he has secretly planned.....

Therefore tomorrow's weekend rant will be slightly delayed... If I have time later on in the day tomorrow I will do my best in firing it off.....  There are a LOT of things happening right now in our sick world, especially with the psychos in the US and Israel gunning for war against the innocent nation of Iran, that I definitely do want to cover in detail in my rant....

I also want to wish every father out there a very happy Fathers Day..... We are indeed not appreciated at times for our efforts, and we all deserve at least one day of recognition...

My own father passed away 20 years ago now from the ravages of Alzheimer's Disease, and in a lot of ways I still miss him to this day.... He was the one that in particular caused me to be the rebel and critical thinker that I became, and for that reason in particular I have him to thank....

Again, enjoy your Fathers Day everyone, and I will have tomorrow's rant posted the first chance I get...

And as usual....

More to come


The Continuing Sad Saga Of The Horrific F35 "Lightning II" So Called "Fighter" Plane Continues: F-35 Hit With Cluster Bombs Of Damning Reports, While Pentagram Orders It Into Full Production!

Yes, just two days ago I presented one of the most damning reports yet on the absolutely atrocious "F35 Lightning II" laughable "fighter' aircraft, at this blog.... That report showed clearly that this "fighter" could not even fight at all, since any attempts for it to fly at "supersonic" speeds above Mach 1 would basically tear the entire aircraft to pieces!   Honestly, I had hoped that evidence would be enough for people, especially those living in the United States, to demand an immediate halt to this ridiculous aircraft and demand that the US government (and other governments stupid enough to order these pieces of shit) to look to viable alternatives.....

Sadly ignorance is indeed bliss as the US government has ignored all the reports and warnings about this horrific piece of shit "fighter" aircraft, but according to the following damning report that comes from The Drive website, at, apparently in spite of the plentitude of reports that state that the entire F35 project should be canceled, the US Pentagram (Pentagon) has instead ordered it into full production!   Here is the link to that report, and I do have more thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, has the US government and its own military now gone totally psychotic? (Is this a trick question?)..... This abhorrent piece of shit aircraft should have been scrapped years ago once some of the original reports showing its short comings became apparent, and yet here we have the maniacs in control of the US government ordering it into full production and costing the US taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars on a project that will destroy the US's air defensive capabilities for decades to come!

I have looked at every single key issue that "The Drive" presents in this article in some detail in previous articles at this blog.... And it still amazes me that even more finer details of the deficiencies of this piece of shit does come forward!

I stated in many previous articles that apparently this entire "F35 program" is nothing more than a money pit of waste.... Apparently the more and more I think about it, it is nothing more than a way for the criminals over at Lockheed Martin to make BILLIONS of dollars in revenues while delivering a "fighter aircraft" that was never meant to fight at all......

And one key point... I honestly do feel so sorry for the poor pilots that will be assigned to these aircraft and are sent off on military missions where they may meet up with opposing and vastly superior fighter aircraft that actually are designed to fight... They will be blown out of the skies!  This sadly is fact and not fiction....

More to come


The Oman Oil Tanker False Flag Attack: More Updates On Situation As Criminals Running US Government Are Gunning For War On Iran!

I did screw up a bit the other day when I stated that the pictures of the "attack" on that oil tanker off the coast of Oman was a fraud due to the fact that there was no 'Oil slick'... But I was able to update that article a bit later when it was learned that the contents of that tanker was Methanol and NOT bulk crude petroleum at all.... The facts are that Methanol would not leave an "oil slick" as it blends readily with water...... Therefore those pictures of the burned "tanker" could be legitimate, although the circumstances of the attack and even the "holes" in the side of that tanker calls into question as to who would do the deed and why.... Safe to say, it was NOT Iran that attacked those tankers no matter how badly the criminals in the US government and their lackeys in the Jew spew media continue to proclaim...

Right now, I do want to present the latest update from Jim Stone's website, at, where  Jim has also 'redacted' on his original assessment of the attack due to the lack of an oil slick... And he presents some interesting details shown in this update where apparently the "attack" has all the earmarks of being done by missiles!.... Here is that latest update here:

I am now only partially redacting my "major screwup" yesterday

When the MSM lies so much you can't make heads or tails. The only thing that really needs to change with my report yesterday is that attacks did indeed happen. But they were not what we were told, which caused me to make a billion errors yesterday. My redaction of yesterday follows this ACCURATE report from NHK Japan, they got this right no if's or buts.

OK, that has been cleared up. We know it was not mines, and that the hole picture the MSM posted was fake, just like I originally said. Now to yesterday's redaction: 

Note here: "Yesterday's redaction" is in my previous article on this Oman attack... You can read that report there....

OK, Can anyone else say "Israeli popeye cruise missiles" as the weapons of choice for this attack?  I surely can, and it makes sense now considering the Israelis specifically targeted these Japanese tankers due to the fact that Japanese Prime Minister Abe just so happened to be in meetings with Iranian officials in Iran at exactly the same time these attacks were taking place!  Coincidence?  Only the most brain dead person out there would think so.....

And of course several other real truth seekers have been conducting their own investigations of this latest false flag incident... And right now I do want to present some interesting details that come courtesy of Aangirfan, who of course writes his/her blog at Here is Aangirfan's article here:

Saturday, 15 June 2019


The Trump government says that the oil tanker Kokuka Courageous was attacked by Iran, using limpet mines.

The president of the shipping company that owns the Kokuka Courageous has said that "a flying object" caused the damage the ship suffered in the attack in the Gulf of Oman on 13 June 2019.

Yutaka Katada, president of shipping firm Kokuka Sangyo, citing accounts from the ship's crew, noted that the damage was well above the waterline.

"I really cannot begin to fathom how stupid you would have to be to believe that Iran would attack a Japanese oil tanker at the very moment that the Japanese Prime Minister was sitting down to friendly, US-disapproved talks in Tehran on economic cooperation that can help Iran survive the effects of US economic sanctions.

The Gulf of Credibility - Craig Murray

"The Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous was holed above the water line.

That rules out a torpedo attack, which is the explanation being touted by the neo-cons.

"The second vessel, the Front Altair, is Norwegian owned and 50% Russian crewed (the others being Filipinos).

"It is owned by Frontline, a massive tanker leasing company that also has a specific record of being helpful to Iran in continuing to ship oil despite sanctions.

"It was Iran that rescued the crews and helped bring the damaged vessels under control.

"That Iran would target a Japanese ship and a friendly Russian crewed ship is a ludicrous allegation."

The Gulf of Credibility - Craig Murray

In March 2019, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel’s Navy could soon be ordered to target oil tankers to prevent them selling Iranian oil.

Netanyahu: Israeli Navy Could Target Oil Tankers

Iran’s foreign minister has labeled the reported attack on two “Japan-related” oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman as “suspicious,” occurring just as Japanese Prime Minister Abe came to Tehran for major talks.

Javad Zarif noted that the incidents on the two vessels, on 13 June 2019, had occurred as Abe sat down for “extensive and friendly” discussions with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

'Suspicious doesn't begin to describe what happened': Iran's FM 


As part of Operation Cyanide, President Johnson's government sent the USS LIBERTY to operate off the Sinai coast, where it was to be attacked by unmarked Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats, after which the United States would blame the attack on Egypt and launch carrier airstrikes against Cairo.



Above we see a small boat that may be controlled by the Pentagon or by the Israelis?


Honestly, does the American government think people can be this stupid to believe that this attack was done via "limpet mines"?   All that anyone has to do is to look at the pictures of the holes in these ships and they can see that it definitely was a cruise missile attack via a submarine launch.... And I am absolutely pointing the finger at the psychos in Israel who have used their German built "Dolphin" class submarines several times in the past to launch missiles at targets .... All that anyone has to do is to look at the attack on the USS Cole in Aden harbour Yemen almost a decade ago where an Israeli submarine launched at least one "popeye" class cruise missile at that American ship as proof of how low these bastards will go!

I for one am sick of the bullshit being pushed by the Jew spew media and the criminals in the US Government... Those bastards are hell bent now in using this definite false flag attack to blame Iran and have their nice little war against that peaceful nation off and running, all to please their Jewish masters and the psychos in Israel..

I honestly cannot believe that anyone with any common sense would actually fall for this bullshit.... People need to stand firm and not allow these monsters to brainwash them into the sick idea that we need to go to war against another innocent nation all for the sake of the psychotic state of Israel... .Take a stand everyone and get the truth out about this attack to anyone and everyone they can ...

More to come


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Truth Ruled Anti-Semitic!

I honestly am sick of the term "antisemitism" and "antisemitic"... Those terms are inventions of the Jewish criminals who have been using them for over a century now as their "tried and true" method of suppressing anyone who stands up against or points out their blatant criminality.... It is a FACT that the term itself "antisemitic" is a falsehood, because most of these criminal Jews are NOT even "semites" and do NOT have a single ounce of "semitic" blood in their entire clan... It is a fact that the vast majority of these criminals are actually Khazars who hail from the central steppe region of what is today the Russian Federation, and that these Khazars converted to Judaism sometime in the 9th century AD.... These Khazars are in fact Indo-Turkish in origin and are more related to Mongolians than to the REAL Semites aka the people who originated from the region of Palestine....  Therefore it is a fact that when you hear a Jew freak scream "antisemitism" against you, they are LYING their asses off as they themselves are NOT Semites!  But of course thanks to their control over our media and their control of governments, they are able to scream "antisemitism" and have anyone cower in fear!

Yes, the truth about Jewish criminality and their horrid crimes against all humanity is under fire today as the Jewish monsters are now going all out to suppress all free speech and force idiotic people out there to adhere to Jewish thought and Jewish control, all under the guise that anyone that stands against these criminals is labeled as an "antisemite"... That alone sickens me, as it does so many other real truth seekers out there... The Jewish criminals are indeed going for broke now in their lust for world domination, and with their suppression of the truth we are facing a world where the truth itself may shortly be ruled as being "antisemitic"....

I do want to present the following new article that comes from a fellow real truth seeker, John Kaminski, from his website at This article is indeed entitled: "Truth Ruled Anti-Semitic" and clearly shows how these Jewish monsters are indeed going all out to destroy the truth and to destroy anyone that stands up against their criminal actions...... I have that article right here in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Jewish version of reality
now new law of the land
Here’s the deal. The truth is anti-Semitic.
Understand this. The truth is one thing, the Jewish version of the truth is quite another.
The lies our governments vomit forth have been cleansed. They are now free of all charges against the Jews. Which do you choose to believe? The actual truth, or the non anti-Semitic version of the truth. The truth is that Jewish Israelis kill Palestinians for sick fun to demonstrate their death grip on the world, and regard it somewhat as a sport as they snicker about shooting children in the head and stealing their kidneys. The non anti-Semitic version is that brave Israelis are besieged by dangerous Palestinian terrorists. This fable is a parable of 20th century history, which has mostly been turned upside down by Jewish media.
The Holocaust? The World Wars? 9/11? The U.S. money supply? New incurable diseases? The truth about reality is one thing. The Jewish version of reality is completely different.
Perhaps the Jewish money grip on the world was best expressed way back in 1906 when the Rothschild agent in charge of America shut down Nikola Tesla’s grand plan for providing free energy to the world, thereby guaranteeing the violent deaths of millions of people throughout the 20th century in the constant wars for oil which continue today. Other than perhaps harvesting heroin from Afghanistan, there has never been a grander moneymaking scheme.
The Jews are not the Biblical Hebrews. Basically, today’s dominant Israelis are Asian nomads who never built their own societies but only plundered victim societies across western Asia and eastern Europe with superior battle strategies. Later, their mastery of money enabled them to nest in the capitals of the world. Today they control all the world’s security apparatuses and could kill us all anytime they wanted to.
There is no one on the American political scene who is not participating in the total Jewish takeover of the United States and the rest of the world. This will continue until the truth about 9/11 finally comes out, if it ever does.
Appealing to Jews’ sense of nobility is not an option. What part about Jews describing all non Jews as cattle don’t you understand? We are livestock to them. Jewish influence in the world must be neutralized, or humanity permanently degrades into a slave species, evermore unable to perceive the chains locking up their own brains.
The problem could have been solved long ago by mobilizing all the morality in the world and seeing these crimes for what they were. But as if in a line of dominos, one by one our leaders took the bribe and failed to stand on principle. Then the churches failed us utterly, and now public morality has fallen completely into the gutter, where presidential candidates guzzle the blood of children, and the human future can no longer reach normalcy without the assistance of some Earth-changing trauma.
Florida Gov. Rick DeSantis recently wiped his feet on the First Amendment to our Constitution to go to Israel to sign a bill determining what Florida schoolchildren would be allowed to think about Jewish issues. Among specific proscriptions that this demented new law prohibits schoolchildren from ever considering are:
• The Jewish Deep State was wholly responsible for the 9/11/2001 tragedy, reaping trillions from arms contracts and triggering a neocon war on the world in service to Israel and the oil companies. As they did with the British East India Company four centuries ago, Jew financiers have beefed up the U.S. military presence around the world to 190 countries, including completely surrounding Russia and Iran (making any and all observations about Russia’s threat to the U.S. absolutely ludicrous).
• Saying anything contrary to the conventional propaganda about WW II and the German work camps, challenging the mythical 6 million figure (the Red Cross said fewer than 300,000), or alleging Jewish world financial control since Cromwell killed King Charles I in 1645 and Nathan Rothschild stole all of England’s wealth after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
• Noting that the Centers for Disease Control is really a private business trying to sell poison vaccines for diseases that it invents. Ever wonder about why all those holistic doctors were murdered for administering effective cures for cancer? How do you suppose Big Pharma got a free pass from Congress for liability for the badly tested poisons it produces? Would it surprise you to know that all the pharma giants as well as the American Medical Association are all Jewish.
• Pointing out that Jews control all the presidential candidates in every election, as well as all members of elected bodies down to the local level.
• Mentioning that since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the true value of the dollar has declined by 99 percent. Especially bad is if you mention that the Fed has always been owned and controlled by 13 Jewish families.
• Explaining that both World Wars were the result of Jewish abuse of Germany rather than the other way around after Jews had once again flipped history on its head. Think Balfour Declaration and the Japanese oil embargo.
• Perceiving how our food supply has been permanently poisoned by the Jewish Monsanto family which has threatened — if not destroyed — the reproductive capacity of future generations.
These and tens of thousand of other legitimate complaints and observations are now totally off limits to Florida’s school students?
Why? Because they’re anti-Semitic.
Or you might want to say, because they’re the truth and anti-Semitic.
We’re setting ourselves up for an Eloi-Morlock confrontation. In H.G. Wells’ 1895 look at the human future — otherwise known as The Time Machine — where gnomes in caves feasted on the flesh of ignorant innocents, reminiscent of adrenochrome adventures of Hillary and her crime-riddled friends.
This is not what the American people say, but it’s what American politicians like DeSantis, totally addicted to Jewish campaign contributions, say: To hell with the Constitution, let’s protect Israel!
Florida’s governor has chosen the demands of Israel over the U.S. Constitution. He says freedom of speech is less important than being nice to Israel. I call this treason. Jews call it political correctness.
Because of our own gullibility and inattention, this is the swamp into which Americans and the rest of the world now have been plunged. Left untreated, souls suffocate, innocents die needlessly, and people who get those secret payments seldom look themselves in the eye.

NTS Notes:  Another fabulous article by John Kaminski... And one that others should copy, paste, and put up at their own websites...

I have already touched on many of the key points of conjecture that John presents on this article... But once again I cannot directly comment on the so called "Jewish Holocaust" of the second world war as I am Canadian and therefore live in a country where the truth about that part of our "history" is suppressed and distorted.  Anyone that actually challenges the "holocaust narrative" here in Canada directly can face severe punishment and jail time... My recommendation to everyone is of course to study up on that part of our "history" and come to their own conclusions about its "validity"....

Yes, anyone that dares challenge the Jewish narrative is absolutely labeled immediately as an "antisemite" which is so appalling and so untrue.... I have always wanted everyone to understand that showing the truth that the "tribe" is pure evil is not "antisemitic" but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth..... It is sad that in our day and age that we can face jail time for exposing the horrible crimes against humanity conducted by these criminal Jews.....

It is time for people to take a stand and stand up against these monsters... For unless we do take a stand, we are facing a future that is no future at all but one of perpetual enslavement and a time of darkness and evil that we have never seen before in our history...  I will continue to take that stand and will continue to file these reports here at this blog, until the day comes that I am removed from the internet under the falsehood and lies pushed by the Jewish controllers of the Internet of being "antisemitic"...

More to come


The Continuing Sad Saga Of The Horrific F35 Lightning II 'Fighter" Continues: Apparently This POS Cannot Fly At Supersonic Speed Without Risking Structural Damage!

I have put up about 30 articles at this blog so far covering the most horrible piece of shit "fighter" aircraft in the world today... That is of course the American Lockeed Martin F35 "Lightniing II" "fighter" aircraft that is such a dismal failure in almost all aspects and yet the American government as well as other governments around the world have been sold on this "lemon" that is an absolute pile of junk!

OK, So far we have a plane that can barely fly, cannot dogfight at all, cannot fly at night or in inclement weather, guzzles jet fuel at an outrageous pace that it cannot even stay airborne for too long, does not carry a decent amount of ordinance for any bombing missions, is over-matched in all aspects in comparison to Russian and Chinese modern fighters, cannot fly off of modern US Ford Class aircraft carriers, and its "stealth" capabilities are an absolute fraud as well.... That is only the short list of the woeful condition of this pitiful "fighter", and just today I want to add one other very important aspect of failure to that long list of failures as well....

According to the following report, that comes from the Defense News website, at, apparently one of the most important aspects of any modern fighter aircraft in the world today is missing from the F35 and one that should finally bury the entire project and force nations to scrap this POS as well... For according to the following report, apparently the F35 cannot even fly at supersonic speeds without causing severe structural failures to the aircraft itself as well as causing its "stealth coating" to fail miserably!  Here is that important report, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Supersonic speeds could cause big problems for the F-35′s stealth coating

WASHINGTON — At extremely high altitudes, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps’ versions of the F-35 jet can only fly at supersonic speeds for short bursts of time before there is a risk of structural damage and loss of stealth capability, a problem that may make it impossible for the Navy’s F-35C to conduct supersonic intercepts.
The Defense Department does not intend to field a fix for the problem, which influences not only the F-35’s airframe and the low-observable coating that keeps it stealthy, but also the myriad antennas located on the back of the plane that are currently vulnerable to damage, according to documents exclusively obtained by Defense News.
The F-35 Joint Program Office has classified the issues for the "B" and "C" models as separate category 1 deficiencies, indicating in one document that the problem presents a challenge to accomplishing one of the key missions of the fighter jet. In this scale, category 1 represents the most serious type of deficiency.
Both deficiencies were first observed in late 2011 following flutter tests where the F-35B and F-35C both flew at speeds of Mach 1.3 and Mach 1.4. During a post-flight inspection in November 2011, it was discovered the F-35B sustained “bubbling [and] blistering” of the stealth coating on both the right and left sides of the horizontal tail and the tail boom.
During similar tests of the F-35C in December 2011, “thermal damage” that compromised the structural integrity of the inboard horizontal tail and tail boom were apparent.
Vice Adm. Mat Winter, who leads the F-35 program on behalf of the Pentagon, told Defense News that the department has taken steps to mitigate the problem with an improved spray-on coating, but added that the government will not completely fix it — instead accepting additional risk.
As justification for the decision, Winter noted that the issue was documented while the jet was flying at the very edge of its flight envelope. He also said the phenomenon only occurred once for both the B and C models, despite numerous attempts to replicate the conditions that caused the problem.

“How often do we expect something like that to occur?” he said. “It's very, very small.”
Greg Ulmer, Lockheed Martin’s F-35 program head, said there have been no cases of this problem occurring in the operational fleet and that incidents have been limited to the “highest extremes of flight testing conditions that are unlikely replicated in operational scenarios.”
Winter acknowledged that the deficiency could keep the Navy from accomplishing its supersonic intercept mission — as the documents charge — if similar issues were being experienced more widely across the F-35C inventory.
“If you had that performance on all of your fleet, then you would have a problem. That’s not the case,” he said.
“We have put into place what we believe are the appropriate technical fix to ensure that our F-35Cs have the full envelope and capability to do the high-speed mission, if needed. That’s where we are. Right now, our United States Navy and Marine Corps flying the sea agree with that,” he said.
The new coating, which was introduced in Lot 8, allows the jet to withstand hotter temperatures caused by the afterburner, the documents stated. Winter characterized the material as able to withstand “what we call the thermal shock wave,” but declined to specify how the coating works or how much protection it provides.
“It may be some future advanced materials that can withstand the pressure and the temperature,” Winter said. “Then we see that, and we go, ‘Hey, look, we've got this on the book,’ [and] we do a test check to see if that new material solves that problem.”
The Defense Department has also instituted time limits on the number of seconds the F-35B and F-35C can fly at speeds in excess of Mach 1.2 while at full afterburner
However, those restrictions are somewhat complicated, and it is unclear how pilots are expected to monitor their compliance to the limits while in flight.

For example, an F-35C can only fly at Mach 1.3 in afterburner for 50 cumulative seconds, meaning that a pilot cannot clock 50 seconds at that speed, slow down for a couple seconds and then speed back up. However, the time requirements reset after the pilot operates at military power — an engine power setting that allows for less speed and thrust than afterburner — for a duration of three minutes.
The F-35B can fly for 80 cumulative seconds at Mach 1.2 or 40 seconds at Mach 1.3 without risking damage.
But for both the C and B models, flying at Mach 1.3 over the specified time limits poses the risk of inducing structural damage to the aircraft’s horizontal stabilizer.
It is infeasible for the Navy or Marine Corps to operate the F-35 against a near-peer threat under such restrictions, the documents acknowledge.

“Pilot observed timers are not practical/observable in operationally relevant scenarios,” one document read. Another document said that “pilots will be unable to comply with time limit in many cases due to high mission workload, resulting in lost missions due to aircraft damage.”
And when those timer violations occur, they will result in “degradation of [stealth], damage to [communications, navigation and identification] antennas, and/or significant [horizontal tail damage],” one document explained.
How significant is this problem?
The limitations on the afterburner, when combined with another deficiency pertaining to the plane’s maneuverability, could prove deadly in close-combat scenarios.
The concept of operations for the F-35 is to kill an enemy aircraft before it can detect the fighter jet, but relying on long-range kills is a perspective that, for historical and cultural reasons, naval aviation distrusts. In the Vietnam War, when air warfare began heavily relying on missiles and moved away from the forward gun, it caused a spike in air-to-air combat deaths.
The lesson naval aviation took away was to prevent the latest and greatest technology from offsetting the learning of fundamentals, and it was the impetus behind the formation of Top Gun 50 years ago, a naval strike fighter course for training and tactics development.
“The solution is: ‘Hey, we’ll just limit the afterburner to less than a minute at a time,’ ” one retired naval aviator said, when told of the issue. “Which, with what the aircraft is supposed to do and be capable of, that’s a pretty significant limitation.”
“If you want to use it on the first or second day [of a conflict], it has to be stealthy, so you can’t hang a lot of external stores, which means you have to use internal fuel and internal weapons. And that means you have to launch fairly close in and you’ve got to be close enough to do something to somebody. And that usually means you are in a contested environment,” the aviator said.
“So you’re saying that I can’t operate in a contested environment unless you can guarantee that I’m going to be however far away from the thing I’m trying to kill,” the aviator added. “If I had to maneuver to defeat a missile, maneuver to fight another aircraft, the plane could have issues moving. And if I turn around aggressively and get away from these guys and use the afterburner, it starts to melt or have issues.”
The issue is compounded for the Navy, which must operate forward for months at a time, because any significant issues with coatings or the structure of aircraft would require a depot-level repair. And so a damaged aircraft would remain damaged until its host ship return to home port, reducing the combat effectiveness of the air wing.
“We might have to be operating at sea for eight months, so if you damage something on week one, guess what? It’s damaged for the rest of the deployment. And it affects your ability to evade detection by the enemy — you just degraded that asset permanently until you can get it somewhere where it can be fixed, at great expense and time,” the aviator said.
However, a naval aviator currently in service said the afterburner problem may not be that troubling to pilots, who must frequently work around a jet’s limitations. The key, he said, is understanding how often the issue occurs.
"I think you'd do well to go back and look at all the times they used the afterburner and that didn't happen," he said. "We're talking about tens of thousands of sorties at this point that this aircraft has flown."
Other aircraft that the Navy operates also have afterburner limits, he explained.

“I think that number needs context,” he said. "It looks scary on its own, but [the Super Hornet] has afterburner limits. They’re not that restrictive, but they have them. The aircraft has an afterburner, you want it to work.
“But I would want to get context for that number: Does this represent 0.002 percent of all sorties? If that’s the case, I don’t give a sh--, and I’ll probably have 15 other things fail before that."
Bryan Clark, previously a top aide to former Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert and now an analyst with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, likened the limitation on the afterburner to similar restrictions on submarine and ship operations.
“I think the operational impact is not huge, since it only applies during a small fraction of the jet’s operational profile. In subs and ships, we have a ‘safe operating envelope’ that defines where the platform is engineered to operate reliably for a long time. We can operate outside the safe operating envelope for a short time, but there are risks to doing so. The operator or commander needs to balance those risks against the benefits," he said.
“That is similar to this situation," he added. "The pilot can be on afterburner as long as needed to evade a threat but has to know the risk of structural damage increases. The pilot can balance that against the risk of getting shot down because he or she didn’t evade fast enough.”

The most important piece will be how well trained the pilot is on the aircraft, he continued.
“As a submariner, I knew the risks of being outside the safe operating envelope and how those risks increased over time and would impact ship performance.”

NTS Notes: Well, that does it.... This thing is indeed a massive piece of shit and useless in modern warfare if it cannot even fly at supersonic speed for any length of time without damaging its own structural integrity!  The naval problems of "interception" according to this article are only a small portion of the problems with this plane if it cannot even fly above Mach 1 for any length of time without falling to pieces!

What we have here is the final nail in the coffin as far as I am concerned... If this thing cannot even fly at Mach speeds for any length of time, how can it even compete with modern Russian and Chinese fighters that can fly at well over twice its speed?

So what is the whole purpose of the $2 TRILLION F35 program?  Nothing more than a money pit of corruption, where a corporation like Lockheed Martin will make out with hundreds of billions of dollars in profits while delivering an aircraft this is NO match for any opposing fighter anywhere around the world unless you are flying propeller driven aircraft!  

The bottom line is this... There is still time for nations to halt their purchase of this piece of garbage and actually purchase fighter aircraft that actually works... I heard that the Russians are willing to sell their fabulous Su37 fighter aircraft, that actually can fight,  to anyone that wants to buy at a fraction of the cost of the F35, so why not?

More to come