Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Hits The 6 MILLION Mark For Readership Views!

I have been waiting a very long time for this... As of late last night, this blog has officially now surpassed the 6 Million mark for readership views!

It has been a very long time in coming.... When I first started writing here some 11+ years ago, I never in my wildest imagination ever thought that I would be able to attract 100000 readers... But here I am 11 years later and now passing the 6 MILLION mark and still going!  And yes, THIS 6 Million is REAL, and not some "historical fantasy"!

I want to thank everyone for their support here... I have done it all without any help at all.. Only by word of mouth and sticking to one basic fundamental of ALWAYS speaking the truth and never ever allowing myself to bow down to any special interest or retarded groups.....

So... Where to from here?  If the pricks behind Google would not interfere with, or have been 'distorting' my real readership numbers over the last few years, I would probably already be approaching the 10 million mark and climbing.   But the 6 Million mark is still something to be proud of....

Again, thanks everyone.... I do hope that I have earned your trust and I will continue to tell it like it is and never tell falsehoods here...  I really do hate liars as I find them disgusting, and I personally would never ever stoop that low..

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Saudi Oil Refinery Attacks: Have I Been Wrong? Has It Been Nothing More Than Yet Another False Flag Attack All Along?

OK.... When those two Saudi Arabian oil refineries run by Aramaco were hit on Saturday morning, I honestly thought that it was indeed a Houthi drone strike to hit Saudi Arabia where they could hurt the most, via economic damage...... Everything initially pointed towards this being a successful Houthi drone strike that was launched from northern Yemen and that the Houthis should be congratulated for this action and their sheer audacity..... I was applauding what appeared to be a Houthi attack, for I have been watching and posting articles here at this blog for the last few years talking about how the criminal Saudis and their "allies" have been MURDERING innocent men, women and children, in Yemen as part of a genocidal effort to wipe out the entire population of Yemen itself..... Therefore the Houthis had every right to hit back and hit back as hard as they could to make the Saudis pay dearly for their crimes against humanity committed against Yemen itself...

BUT.... Now some 3+ days after that strike, new evidence is coming out showing that this attack could NOT have been done by the Houthis due to the sophistication, the amount of damage inflicted, and pin point accuracy of these strikes, against those Saudi targets....And as a result of new reports and new evidence coming forward, I have to apologize to my readers, and state that I was WRONG in my original assessment of this attack..... I do make mistakes from time to time and will always admit right here at this blog when I have been wrong!

I therefore want to present some very interesting facts and evidence that shows that these attacks against those refineries have all the indications of being yet another "false flag" attack being done by either the US, the Israelis, or even the Saudis themselves, to have Iran take the blame and to give those evil bastards their "excuses" to launch a new war against the innocent nation of Iran itself...

First, I want to present the link to an ever increasing report that comes from a fellow real truth seeker, Aangirfan, who of course writes the excellent blog "Aangirfan" at that is entitled: Israel Attacked Saudis - To Blame Iran".... Here is that link here:

OK, Aangirfan brings forward some interesting facts and shows some real evidence that the criminal Israelis did indeed attack those refineries as part of a diabolical plan to have the evidence pointing towards Iran doing the deed.... In doing so, they would get their Jew spew media to scream at the American public that "Iran attacked Saudi Arabia" and would hopefully get their slaves in the American government to swallow the bait and right now be in a shooting war against Iran... However, over the last few days, the Drumpf administration has not yet budged and has refused to commit to a war with Iran and instead are awaiting further "evidence" before they make that fateful decision.... I for one do wonder if the American public will swallow what ever bullshit they produce to claim that "Iran did it"...

BUT things are always not as they seem... And yes, there is a lot of evidence that this was indeed a 'false flag" operation run by the Israelis (or even the Americans themselves) to lay the blame on Iran...

But what about the other notion that the Saudis may have done this themselves as part of a false flag operation as well?????  Well.... I want to turn to the following most interesting report that comes from Jim Stone via his website at For in this report, Jim shows some real startling evidence that this damage at those refineries was 'self inflicted' and was NOT caused by "drones" or even the latest notion of from "cruise missiles".... Here in fact is Jim's amazing article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Here is the main reason: Please explain how the fires resulting from the worst refinery attack in history on the largest refinery in the world were fully extinguished on the same day. That's BULLSHIT, it could have only happened if someone wanted to make a show, and did not set anything off that could not be brought under control easily.

Additionally, the pinpoint accuracy of the attacks reeks of a manually placed setup. It was just too PERFECT.
I have bumped this topic to the top of the page for the day because I posted it late last night.


Obviously there's no way to be 100 percent certain with this, but a referee would certainly call it for the following reasons: There was no damage to the oil facility. At least no damage to speak of. They can patch it up and get it going STAT because it was extremely minimal damage that did not wipe out actual refining capabilities, all it did was light big fires (that are already completely out) and make a bunch of smoke. If this was for real, it would not be put out already.
Another very suspicious aspect of this was how precise the "hits" were. It looks as if someone went up on the tanks with a man lift that could access the same spot on each tank easily, and put the absolute minimal explosive there manually that would be needed to blow the tank, without actually destroying the tank. There's not a chance in hell it was cruise missiles because if it was, there would be nothing left of the tanks. Instead, they are all neatly poked in exactly the same spot on each tank. The tanks obviously only need to be patched, they don't need to be replaced. 
Here's a HUGE reason to call the attacks totally FAKE, and I know this cinches it - 
First, an explanation to prove the scenario here - In industry, when repairs have to be made to any tank filled with anything that can explode when mixed with air - if it needs to be welded, welding can be done without worry provided the welding is done below the level of the liquid in the tank, down below where the air can reach it. This is even true on gasoline tanks. As long as you don't puncture the tank or weld where the air is, there's no chance at all of there being a problem from being welded, welding can be done below the level of whatever liquid is in the tank.  THIS IS EXACTLY HOW EVERY SINGLE "DRONE AND CRUISE MISSILE" HIT THESE TANKS.
Take a look at this picture. All the tanks were hit the same way in exactly the same spot, with precison that is not attainable by those accused, as well as precise limited damage not attainable by those accused. 
Look in the lower right hand corner of the photo. There is a car or pickup truck there. That shows how large the tanks are. Iran's smallest cruise missile has approximately a 290 pound warhead. If an Iranian cruise missile hit those tanks (as some have claimed) the hole would be approximately as far across as 5 of those cars if the tank was robustly built, and more if it was not. AND IF there was no additional explosive effects provided by the fuel in the tank. The entire story line for the refinery attack is an obvious hoax. There's no way a 290 pound warhead hit that tank.
This attack was prepared for, because NONE of the tanks exploded, UPDATE: These were likely natural gas tanks that were fully purged of oxygen and would not explode, but that still can't explain the holes that look like they were poked by needles. What are the chances of that happening at random? I'd say zilch, and am probably right.  AND HOW THE HELL ARE THE FIRES OUT SO SOON AFTER THE "ATTACK" THAT A PHOTO LIKE THIS COULD BE TAKEN RIGHT AWAY? These fires were out in ONE DAY. That needs some explaining, - explaining that can't be done outside of this attack being hoaxed for max impression and minimal damage. 

BOTTOM LINE: If it is all out so quickly and the damage is that uniform and the damage is that minimal, first of all Iranian cruise missiles did not do this because the damage is not enough (all of them carry 130 KG (286 pound) warheads and up) which would obliterate a large section of those tanks and not just leave a little hole (Oh, I know what did this, the Iranian navy put limpet mines on those tanks, YEP, that would end up looking like the photo) and magically and mysteriously got all of them right where they would not ignite any vapors and blow the whole thing. Forget about how they sailed into that refinery to do it, IRAN DID IT, IRAN DID IT, IRAN DID IT!!!!

The Yemenis did not do this either, they were simply not capable of that kind of precision. Even the U.S. would likely not have an attack pattern be so uniform and perfect, this looks like a hand placement job and someone was brainless about making it look credible. FINAL ANSWER.

NTS Notes:  OK, Jim does present some very plausible evidence that shows that those tanks could not have all been blown up ALL at the same time, and with apparently looks like the same type of holes.....And the pattern of the tanks all having the same holes at exactly the same positions??? I absolutely will say that something stinks to high heaven here...

And as Jim states; If this attack caused such a "horrendous" amount of fires as the Jew spew media was claiming, then WHY were they extinguished in such a short time???  That too has me thinking: "hmmmm..." and shows that something is truly amiss here... And I absolutely do smell a rat!

I therefore am no longer sold on the Houthis doing this attack, which to me is so sad.. I truly have been wanting them to hit those bastards as hard as they can to give them such a bloody nose and a couple of black eyes that they would be right now clamouring to get the hell out of Yemen.. The citizens of Yemen deserve that much...

The bottom line is this: This attack was indeed a "false flag" operation for nothing more than to get the war on Iran launched.... We must consider the fact that over these last few months, the Israelis attacked those two Japanese tankers in the Gulf of Oman using Popeye cruise missiles launched from one of their Dolphin class submarines, and therefore it is plausible that Israel struck those refineries... BUT now with Jim's evidence presented, it apparently does seem that the Saudis did this to themselves with the same goal being to get the war against Iran off and running!   What we have here is therefore evidence of just how low these bastards will stoop in their pursuit of murdering millions of innocent Iranians, and get the entire Middle East engulfed in a new horrific war..

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Canadian Federal Election: Believe It Or Not, But People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier Will Indeed Be At Several Future Televised Leaders Debates!

I have been absolutely annoyed and perplexed over the last while concerning the Jew spew media up here in Canada PURPOSELY avoiding any information, newspaper articles, television shows or commentaries, etc about People's Party leader Maxime Bernier.....

I have already written several articles over these last few days about the upcoming "election" up here in Canada where that heinous Justin Trudeau is seeking "re-election"from the gullible Canadian public that may be stupid enough to overlook his long list of crimes against Canada and actually vote him in for another 4+ agonizing years.... I have also stated that Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer is NOT a choice for Canadians as he has finally shown his true colours and is nothing but a Jew butt kisser who will bend over for his Jewish masters if Canadians are stupid enough to make him Prime Minister.....And I have looked at the New Democratic Party with their un-electable "leader" Singh, and the stupid and idiotic "Green Party" with their idiotic leader Elizabeth "the world will end in the next decade if we do not sign our lives over for the fraud of climate change" May, as being nothing but side show circus acts.....

BUT I found it most disturbing that everyone has been overlooking a REAL ALTERNATIVE for Canadians being the People's Party of Canada and their leader Maxime Bernier.... I have looked over the People's Party platform online (as every Canadian should..) and their platform and policies are things that should ring true with every Canadian!   Policies such as (a) Getting rid of the Carbon Tax... (b) Getting rid of Internet censorship... (c) Closing our borders to illegal "migrants" that are ruining our nation, are REAL policies that every Canadian should be backing, and they are ALL there as part of the People's Party platform!!!!!   So again, WHY is the Jew spew media and other outlets avoiding Maxime Bernier and his party??? Are they scared that Canadians may actually have a REAL leader that actually cares about Canada first and foremost???

Well... There is some good news, as my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, has just put out an article earlier today that states that Maxime Bernier will indeed be FINALLY allowed to debate the other party "leaders" in several upcoming debates... Here is the link to Greencrow's article on that important matter for everyone to see and read here:

I am absolutely glad that Bernier will be able to finally debate the other ass clowns that are trying to be the next Canadian Prime Minister... I do hope that he is given the time to speak some truths to all Canadians and not allow the damn press and the others that come to those "debates" to attempt to gang up on him and try to tear him to shreds along with his policies....

Lets face it... Canada needs a real Prime Minister that is not a crook, a clown, or one that panders to criminal Jewish interests.... We therefore cannot look at the Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP, or the Greens, for being a true leader for Canada..... But will Bernier be the right choice?  

I will continue to read and follow up here on information about the People's Party and give my honest truthful assessment in future articles here at this blog... And I will indeed be watching those debates closely to determine if Bernier is indeed genuine..... If he is, then I will indeed support him.... But if he shows himself to be nothing more than just another ass clown seeking the Prime Minister office, then we are again stuck with no choice for Canada come October 21st and Canada will once again be truly fucked.... Lets see what happens shortly therefore....

More to come


Drone Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities: Who Benefits?

I have been watching all of the recent news reports coming out of the Jew spew media concerning the latest Houthi drone strike against two Saudi Arabian oil facilities deep within Saudi territory itself.... I  can not honestly believe what I have been seeing from those consumate liars, as they are hammering the American public with the bold faced lies that this attack was carried out by Iran.... These lunatics are also frothing at the mouth for the want to see a war against the innocent nation of Iran be carried out immediately even before the proof is shown to the public that the Iranians most definitely did not carry out this attack and that all evidence (so far) shows that the attack was indeed carried out by the Houthis in Yemen!

OK, even with all of the illogical articles that have been coming out of so many Internet websites since the Saturday morning strikes by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia, I have been looking for the more logical and sane ones that provide real information about these strikes and exactly "who benefits?" from attacking Saudi Arabia at this time... And one of course came out earlier today, and comes from the Global Research group from right here in Canada... I do in fact want to present that article, from writer Tony Cartalucci, and is entitled: "Drone Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities: Who Benefits?" right here for everyone to view for themselves... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

“Drone Attack” on Saudi Oil – Who Benefits?

Global Research, September 16, 2019

Huge blazes were reported at two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia owned by Aramco. While Saudi authorities refused to assign blame, media outlets like the BBC immediately began insinuating either Yemen’s Houthis or Iran were responsible.
The BBC in its article, “Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes,” would inject toward the top of its article:
Iran-aligned Houthi fighters in Yemen have been blamed for previous attacks.
Following an ambiguous and evidence-free description of the supposed attacks, the BBC even included an entire section titled, “Who could be behind the attacks?” dedicated to politically expedient speculation aimed ultimately at Tehran.
The BBC would claim:
Houthi fighters were blamed for drone attacks on the Shaybah natural gas liquefaction facility last month and on other oil facilities in May.
The Iran-aligned rebel movement is fighting the Yemeni government and a Saudi-led coalition.
Yemen has been at war since 2015, when President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi was forced to flee the capital Sanaa by the Houthis. Saudi Arabia backs President Hadi, and has led a coalition of regional countries against the rebels.
The coalition launches air strikes almost every day, while the Houthis often fire missiles into Saudi Arabia.
Deliberately missing from the BBC’s history lesson are several key facts, leaving readers to draw conclusions that conveniently propel the West’s agenda versus Iran forward.
The US and Saudi Arabia vs. MENA
The war in Yemen was a result of US-backed regime change operations aimed at Yemen – along with Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Syria, and Egypt – starting in 2011.
Major hostilities began when the client regime installed by the US was ousted from power in 2015. Since then, the US and its Saudi allies have brutalized and ravaged Yemen triggering one of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century.
The UN’s own news service in an article titled, “Humanitarian crisis in Yemen remains the worst in the world, warns UN,” would admit:
An estimated 24 million people – close to 80 per cent of the population – need assistance and protection in Yemen, the UN warned on Thursday. With famine threatening hundreds of thousands of lives, humanitarian aid is increasingly becoming the only lifeline for millions across the country.
The cause of this catastrophe is the deliberate blockading of Yemen. Reuters in its article, “U.N. aid chief appeals for full lifting of Yemen blockade,” would report:
The United Nations appealed on Friday to the Saudi-led military coalition to fully lift its blockade of Yemen, saying up to eight million people were “right on the brink of famine”.
Essentially – the United States – with the largest economy and most powerful military in the world – along with its allies in Riyadh – are attempting to erase an entire nation off the map through bombings, starvation, and disease.
Saudi aggression carried out on behalf of Washington isn’t confined only to its war on Yemen. Saudi Arabia has played a key role in radicalizing, arming, and funding US-backed militants attempting to overthrow the government of Syria as well as extremist groups bent on destabilizing Iraq and even Iran itself.
Likewise, the militants who overran Libya in 2011 were drawn from extremist networks funded for decades by Riyadh. Thus, Saudi Arabia is not merely menacing neighboring Yemen, it is menacing the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and even beyond.
Saudi Arabia the Victim?  
The BBC’s recent article attempting to portray Saudi-Yemeni hostilities as a tit-for-tat conflict rather than Yemen’s desperate struggle for survival is yet another illustration of not only the West’s hypocrisy in terms of upholding or in any way underwriting human rights, but also the Western media’ complicity in advancing this hypocrisy.
Saudi Arabia is no victim.
If the US can predicate the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of its government on deliberately false claims of possessing “weapons of mass destruction,” wouldn’t Yemen and its allies be justified in using any means possible to attack and undermine Saudi Arabia’s fighting capacity as it and its US allies openly carry out a war of aggression unequivocally condemned by the UN itself?
Houthi fighters or Iran would both be well within their rights to strike at the economic engine driving what even the UN has repeatedly declared as an illegal war of aggression waged by Saudi Arabia and its Western sponsors against the nation and people of Yemen.
Unfortunately, provoking such attacks – however justified – is key to US machinations toward igniting an even wider and more destructive regional conflict.
Two Possibilities 
The alleged attacks on Saudi oil facilities mean one of two things.
Either it is indeed retaliation against Saudi Arabia for its criminal activities across the region – showcasing new military capabilities raising the costs for Riyadh to continue down its current foreign policy path – or it was a staged provocation that will be used by the US to station yet more military forces in Saudi Arabia and to ratchet up tensions with both Iran to the east and Yemen’s Houthis to the south.
The recent departure of US National Security Adviser John Bolton led many to believe the US may be changing tack on its foreign policy – particularly toward Iran. However, it was much more likely a means of portraying the US as a “peacemaker” ahead of another round of attempts by the US to escalate tensions with Iran and if at all possible, trigger a wider conflict long sought by US special interests for years.
The US already used recent and highly questionable incidents in the Persian Gulf to justify sending hundreds of troops to Saudi Arabia. The New York Times in its July 2019 article, “U.S. to Send About 500 More Troops to Saudi Arabia,” would report:
The United States is sending hundreds of troops to Saudi Arabia in what is intended as the latest show of force toward Iran, two Defense Department officials said Wednesday. 
The roughly 500 troops are part of a broader tranche of forces sent to the region over the past two months after tensions between Washington and Tehran escalated. 
Since May, a spate of attacks have left six oil tankers damaged in the Gulf of Oman, with Washington accusing Tehran of inciting them. Iranian officials have denied that claim. The downing of an American drone in June by an Iranian surface-to-air missile only heightened tensions, prompting President Trump to approve military strikes against Iran before abruptly pulling back.
With a growing number of US troops in Saudi Arabia, the US will be well positioned to launch offensive attacks against Iran in any future war, as well as carry out defensive operations to protect Saudi Arabia and essential infrastructure from retaliation.
This most recent alleged attack, along with a series of questionable incidents in the Persian Gulf have afforded the US justification – however tenuous – to further build up its military presence along Iran’s peripheries it otherwise would have had to carry out in an openly provocative and unjustified manner.
It was just these sort of provocations that were described for years by US policymakers who sought to “goad” Iran into war with the West.
For example, in a 2009 Brookings Institution paper titled, “Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran,” US policymakers would openly admit (emphasis added):
…it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be. Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. 
However beneficial this campaign of provocations may be for US foreign policy objectives, neither possibility – a provoked reaction from the Houthis or Iran or a staged attack organized by the US – bodes well for those ruling in Riyadh.
For Washington’s allies – the fact that they are just as likely – or more likely – to receive a devastating attack from the US itself than from their actual enemies – all to trigger an even more devastating war they will find themselves in the middle of – is added incentive for nations like Saudi Arabia to take the extended hands of future potential allies like Russia and China, and begin walking down a new and different path.
Only time will tell how far Saudi Arabia is willing to go down its current path, and how much they are willing to risk doing so, before they join the growing list of nations departing from America’s unipolar global order and choosing a more equitable multipolar future.
Whether the US and Saudi Arabia finally provoked genuine attacks from nations they’ve purposefully goaded for years, or staged the attacks themselves, a dangerous course toward war has been set – and a course the rest of the world must now work hard to steer away from.
*Tony Cartalucci is Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook” where this article was originally published. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

NTS Notes: I do agree with much of Tony's assertions in this article..... And he shows, as I have said for a long time, that the nation that best benefits from striking Saudi oil targets and hitting them hard is of course Yemen.... These strikes against Saudi oil targets IMHO being done for the years and years of Saudi criminals committing horrific acts of genocide against innocent Yemen civilians... The Houthis are strike back for those crimes against humanity, and payback is a bitch!

I have been seeing a LOT of articles come out today with claims that the strikes were conducted by (a) Israel, (b) Qatar and UAE, (c) by the US itself as a 'false flag' to blame Iran, (d) from inside Saudi Arabia conducted by rebels against the criminal Saudi family of criminals, (e) from inside Iraq, which I find so ludicrous.. and (f) from Iran itself.....  From my own logical thinking,  (a) I find intriguing, and possibly sinister.....But consider the facts that Jews run Saudi Arabia, I seriously doubt if the tribe would strike another tribe member....(b) also intriguing considering that UAE and Qatar are now basically enemies of the Saudi kingdom, but to attack Saudi Arabia would be tantamount to suicide for both of those tiny nations........ (c) is a possibility, but would the US be so bold and arrogant?. Absolutely, considering that the US wants a "false flag" to blame Iran to get a war going. I also thought that if the Houthis didn't do this attack, that it could well be a US false flag attack..... (d) interesting, but seriously doubt. Building and arming those drones requires materials that would be difficult to get to any 'rebels' operating in Saudi Arabia... (e) intriguing, but many reports have already dismissed that one! I honestly doubt that the Iraqis would be this bold....And (f) is exactly who the criminals want to blame, but even the Iranians are not this stupid....

Basically once you tear apart each false assertion of what is claimed to be the perpetrators of this attack, you are indeed left with the conclusion that the Houthis did this attack and are now scaring the hell out of the Saudis..... The Houthis are indeed going to continue these strikes, as they should, until the Saudis come to the conclusion that they have indeed lost their evil war against Yemen and should sue for peace immediately!

The scary part is that right now we could be on the brink of a new "Gulf War" with Iran being the target... And this is all based on the FALSE allegations that Iran did this attack... Common sense should be the rule of the day here, and should tell everyone that Iran did NOT do this attack simply because they are smart enough to see that such an attack would trigger a massive attack by the US that could cost the lives of millions and the destruction of their nation..... Therefore Iran did NOT do this attack, period...

More to come


Israel Did 9-11: 9-11 - Take The Quiz

There should be absolutely no shadow of any doubt anymore that the Israeli Mossad along with their Sayanim agents operating in America as well as the lackeys and traitors in the US Government absolutely did the attacks of September 11th, 2001 that took the lives of some 3000 innocent Americans...

Sadly, it is now over 18 years after that Israeli Mossad attack on America, and those criminals have not been brought to justice ever since that fateful day.... Apparently they got away with murder, and I can guarantee that knowing how easily they were able to pull that act of genocide on the United States, they are indeed preparing to launch another assault on America that may take even more American lives...

I was sent the following video from one of my fellow Canadian real truth seekers, Greencrow, who writes the blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at video contains a quiz of some 23 questions concerning the events of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on America, and I want to share it with my own readers... Please watch the following video and take the quiz for yourselves to see how well you really know what really happened on that fateful day:

NTS Notes: I took the quiz and got 21 out of 23 of the questions right.... The ones I made mistakes on were the ones with more than one answer....

But I have to make it clear that it does not matter how much we know about the truths behind the attacks of 9-11, for the general American public is still largely in the dark and has accepted the lies of the "official story" that is still being slammed into their gullible minds now some 18 years after that event that changed the world....

And again, I do not want to get into any of the "semantics" as to the how these criminals did that attack on America.... We all should be concentrating first and foremost on the WHO and the WHY to get everyone aware of how these criminals got away with murder... Clearing up the hows can come after that ...

I do recommend that readers spread this video around and get others to take the quiz to find out how much they know about the truths behind 9-11.... I can guarantee that the majority will fall within the 10-20 correct answer catagory and do need to get up to speed on the reality of that Israeli Mossad attack...

More to come


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Sunday, and time as usual for my weekend rant..

Many of my American readers are a bit pissed off that I have been running several articles this week concerning the bullshit Canadian federal election that is slated for October 21st of this year... Well, too bad, for I am indeed Canadian and I will tell it like it is up here in this formerly free nation called Canada from time to time... And my concern is of course how the gullible and idiotic Canadian public are about to once again vote to have that heinous Justin Trudeau put back into power up here in Canada for another 4 years.... But I am also telling it as it is when it comes to the "opposition" to Justin Trudeau's evil Liberal Party, for I see NOTHING from the clowns running either the Canadian federal New Democratic Party, the so called 'Green' Party, and the right wing Conservative Party as well.... I also raised several red flags this past week when that criminal Andrew Scheer came "out of the closet" and showed his true colours in being just another Jew dick licker when he had the audacity to claim that the psychotic state of Israel was the only real "democracy" and "peacemaker" in the Middle East... That should alert Canadians that a vote for Scheer and his Conservative Party is a vote for Jewish domination of Canada for another 4 years at least....

The only party that I see at this time that actually would work in Canada's interests is the so called "People's Party" of Canada with their "right wing" leader Maxime Bernier..... I actually sat down late last night and decided to "Google" the "People's Party" of Canada's website and read what they are all about (as every Canadian should as well..)....It is interesting that Maxime Bernier is not only for stopping the heinous "censorship" of the Internet that we are all suffering from, but he is also anti-Carbon Tax, and he is ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION as well!   Bernier's stand that Canada should close its borders to the slime that has been invading our nation for the last 4 years under the Trudeau regime absolutely rings true with everything that I have been posting here at this blog... It is also interesting to note that the Jew spew media has been trying their damn worst to vilify and condemn Bernier at every chance they can, which means that Bernier is actually speaking the truth and should spark a lot more Canadian interests in terms of being the man to vote for..... I am still awaiting to see Bernier actually speak to Canadians on a podium somewhere, and hopefully hear what he has to say.....

Readers to this blog know full well that I usually never "endorse" any politician at all, for to me most are nothing but slime buckets...But Canadians do need to get Trudeau out of power this October, and with Scheer and the other 2 "leaders" in both the Green and NDP being nothing but ass clowns, I truly want to see a "grass roots" effort by everyone to push for an alternative and someone that will actually stand for Canada and NOT American and especially NOT Jewish interests.... Is Bernier that alternative?  We shall see....

OK... Enough of politics.....We just had a successful drone strike launched by the Yemen Houthi resistance against two Saudi Arabian refineries the other day, and supposedly we still have the criminals in both the US and Saudi Arabia trying desperately to finger Iran for that successful and most damaging assault....And supposedly that heinous John Bolton in the US had the audacity to push for an "immediate strike" against Iran yesterday even before there was any hard evidence that Iran did the deed.... And then we have further news reports coming out that ludicrously tried to finger Iraq of all places as being the "launching point" for those drone strikes as well!..... To me, this is nothing more than the crazed criminals in the US and Saudi Arabia trying so desperately to get their nice little war launched against Iran, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with these drone strikes at all.. .In fact it was late yesterday when the Houthis in Yemen fully admitted and accepted full responsibility for those strikes... But even with the Houthi attack, we  have the insanity running the US government still trying to blame Iran, by claiming that Iran "supplied" the Houthis with the drones!    Madness seems to be running the ship now in Washington DC, but hopefully the criminal Drumpf regime will not fall for this "attack Iran" rhetoric, for a war against Iran right now would be catastrophic for American interests...

And yes, the Houthis did indeed successfully blast those two Saudi refineries yesterday, and as far as I am concerned I hope that they continue to blast those bastards and force them to realize that their bloody war against Yemen has been lost..... People need to realize that Saudi Arabia and their "allies" have been in a war of genocide against the innocent people of Yemen for over 5 years now, and the death toll from the Saudi attacks has been staggering... Well over a million Yemen civilians are in the latest estimates to have been slaughtered by the Saudis using American built weaponry... .It is therefore no wonder that the Houthis have been striking back and hitting the Saudis hard with everything they have.... And the Houthis have begun a most successful assault on what hits Saudi Arabia the hardest, which is in their pocket books... Hitting Saudi oil targets can eventually ruin Saudi Arabia economically and could indeed cause the Saudis to finally realize that they have indeed lost the war against Yemen..... I honestly want to see the Houthis continue their assaults until the Saudis realize that they cannot possibly win and will actually come to terms with their defeat in Yemen....

Someone asked me the other day about my thoughts on the recent calls by that criminally insane Prime Minister of Israel, the Lithuanian born and failed US New York used furniture salesman by the name of Benyamin Miliekowsky (aka Netanyahu) for Israel to 'annex' the Jordan Valley region of their occupied West Bank...... I said to that individual to read my long list of articles here at this blog that have clearly said for the last decade that the psychos in Israel do not want 'peace', nor do they ever want a "Palestinian state" in the occupied West Bank... All these monsters in Israel want is TERRITORY and to eventually gobble up ALL of the occupied West Bank area for themselves... In their sick mindset, they have the twisted notion that all of Palestine is 'theirs' and that the Palestinians should all be kicked out or wiped out in a full fledged genocide..... Therefore this insanity of Israel annexing more and more of the West Bank is absolutely what these monsters have wanted all along... They have never ever wanted peace with the Palestinians, period... They have always wanted to see the Palestinians 'eliminated' by either genocide or by permanent exile.... I have always said that there is NO future for the Palestinian people as long as the "leadership" in Israel is hell bent on having the Palestinians all dead or exiled.... Therefore I stand by my statements that the only future for the Palestinians is to fight and fight as hard as they can against such evil... It becomes a choice by the Palestinians to either fight for their very lives and existence, or to accept their own genocide.  With those two choices, I know which one I would take in a heartbeat!

I was also asked a few days ago as to why I did not post more articles concerning the 18th anniversary of the Israeli Mossad attacks on America aka "9-11".... I have already well over a hundred articles at this blog over the last 11 + years covering that attack and exactly who is responsible... I have also become increasingly disgusted with those who continue to argue the semantics of that attack such as the "no plane/plane" arguments, and to me they are the most stupid people imaginable... Honestly who gives a damn about HOW those attacks took place, when people should instead be focusing on the WHO and the WHY...... We can clearly see WHO did the attacks and who is to blame, but those Jewish and Israeli criminals responsible are still not being brought to justice some 18 years after they murdered some 3000 innocent Americans.... AND we can see the "WHY" for those attacks, as the criminal state of Israel did indeed have their "Securing the realm" documents well in advance of the 9-11 assault on America calling for the Greater Israel expansion and destruction of Israel's neighbouring Arabic states... The psychos in Israel needed to have the Americans fall for a "new Pearl Harbor" to get their expansion project going, and they used the 9-11 attacks to brainwash the American public into supporting going to war against innocent nations in the so called and most fraudulent "war on terror"...... 9-11 did all that, and sadly America is still in the fraud "war on terror" even today, which is actually nothing more than a war for Israel's criminal interests...

I have become increasingly alarmed at the rapid growth of drug fuelled crimes that have exploded right across my nation of Canada and especially in this region of central Canada..... Every day I hear and see more reports of horrible crimes  being committed against innocent people by criminals that are either already "high" on drugs such as Crystal Methamfetamine or Opioids such as Fentanyl, and I decided to do a bit of checking into the how and when this crazed epidemic started.... It is well known by now that Oxycontin is one of the key ingredients and the catalyst behind Methamfetamine production... I therefore began to do some research this last week into who is responsible for the production of Oxycontin, the key Opiod chemical behind this drug crisis, as it was introduced back in 1988, and lo and behold we find a company called Purdue Pharmaceutical that has been producing that drug since its inception in 1988.... And digging into who owns Purdue Pharmaceutical does bring no shock to me, for apparently a Jewish family named "Sackler" are the founders and owners of Purdue Pharmaceutical and have been making BILLIONS of dollars in profits from their introduction of that insidious "drug" from 1988 until this year!  It is also worthy to note that Purdue Pharmaceutical is indeed right now in court fighting against allegations that their chemicals have been poisoning and destroying American lives... And it is worthy to note that recent court settlements could mean the downfall of Purdue Pharmaceutical and thus putting them out of business.... And what about the Sackler family of criminals behind this disaster?  Well, apparently these criminals have been trying to hide their massive wealth and their profits from destroying American lives by sending some of their wealth over seas to be hidden in Swiss bank accounts.....Yes, readers, there is absolutely no end to the evil and criminality of the so called 'tribe' and all it takes is to do a bit of research to discover that the 'tribe' is once again responsible for the massive and ever increasing drug epidemic that is destroying our nations...

One last thing before I get onto my last minute tidbits... I got a few comments from the reject from clown college community aka the 'flat earth" group last week, and I truly have to laugh... Are those numb skulls actually real or do they know that they are nothing but a joke???  But seriously, the questions they ask of me are so ludicrous... One in particular is where they are claiming that there has to be a "dome" or a 'firmament' in the heavens above Earth because they say that the vacuum of space cannot possibly be next to the high pressure atmosphere of Earth... Oh, but I guess they have not a clue about Gravity, and how the Earth's atmosphere is thickest at sea level and gradually diminishes with rising altitude until it becomes a near vacuum as it touches space itself... Therefore the Earth's atmosphere as well as the atmospheres of other planets in the cosmos can indeed be in contact with the vacuum of space due to the atmosphere that is actually in contact is at or near a vacuum itself!  Yes, this is logical and is real science...... But tell that to the nimrods in the flat earth school of stupidity and you get knuckleheads who do not know their science!

Well, enough of basic Science 101 and rambling on about some issues that are on my criminal mind these days... Onto my last minute tidbits.......More fear mongering news coming out of the Jew spew media about North Korea doing more and more missile tests.  And what is wrong here?  Nothing, for North Korea has every right to test their defensive missile systems and be prepared against the evil machinations of the US government.  Basically leave North Korea alone, for they are not a "threat" at all.........More back and forth arguments and blithering from both the US and China that are  still locked up in that never ending "trade war" of stupidity.  I do wonder when they will actually act like grown adults and realize that they need each other and should sit down and talk sensibly at a bargaining table..... And not much news these days coming out of Hong Kong.  The "protestors" have been unable to get the traction that they want from the world community, and have been showing their true colours more and more as being nothing more than American paid agents.  The people of Hong Kong have to sit down and bargain in good faith with the Chinese, rather than stir up trouble and possibly lose what freedoms the Chinese have already granted them!.......An interesting report came out of Japan where apparently NOW (?) the criminals behind Tokyo Electric Power are claiming that they have to start dumping radioactive nucleotides in waste water directly into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima disaster site.  Honestly this is a bold faced lie, for TEPCO has been dumping their waste water directly into the Pacific Ocean for years now.... And about the Fukushima disaster itself?  Still going as strong as ever. But the Japanese government is stupidly now going to allow some people to return to their homes in Fukushima even though the radiation levels are still way too high for humans to endure.  Obviously the Japanese government wants to create the false image that things are "getting better" in Fukushima when the reality is they are not.......Has anyone else noticed that the criminals behind Google are now deleting sites on the Internet that show how Cancer can be cured by not subjecting victims to the horrors of radiation and chemotherapy?  I find this horrific, and shows that the criminals in charge do not want victims of Cancer to even see that real cures are readily available, but instead want to see them continue to pour billions of dollars into the frauds of radiation and chemotherapy that do NOT cure the disease at all.........Very quietly and without any fanfare from the Jew spew media, the US has been moving more and more men, material and weaponry into the countries that neighbour the innocent nation of Venezuela.  Yes, readers, the US is basically right now getting ready to attack Venezuela directly, for their present action of suffocating sanctions against that nation are not working at all..... Recent reports are claiming that the psycho state of Israel has long been planting "bugs" in and around the American White House to spy on the US President and other executives.  Honestly, of course those bastards are spying on the White House, but they need not even bother for they already control the American President like a puppet, and any American President does exactly as his Jewish masters command!.........Someone asked me my opinion of last week's US Democratic rat fest aka "debate", and all I can say is: "ZZZZZZZZ"  for it was a snore fest and full of a bunch of wannabes that are doing nothing except pander for Jewish money to get selected to run against Donald Drumpf...... And I was shocked to see that transvestite, Michael "Michelle Obama" Robinson is now slated to go on a "speaking tour" later this month into these parts of central Canada and is slated to come to the local arena here.   I have been trying to tell my fellow Canadians to save their money and not bother to hear that foul creature spew its insanity........Not much coming out of Syria these days, other than the Russians and SAA are now preparing yet another assault on the Idlib pocket.  Time for the good guys to say enough to the fraud 'ceasefires', finish the job, and free the Syrians still held hostage by those American run "terrorists" holed up in that pocket!.........And supposedly further Israeli air attacks against Syrian targets have been momentarily halted, thanks to the Russians finally defending Syria and saying that any such attacks will be met by air defences that will shoot down any Israeli intruders into Syrian air space.  Finally!  This action should have been done years back, as the psychos in Israel have always thought they could attack Syria without any backlash..........Let me get this straight, Drumpf fires Yosemite Sam Security Advisor John Bolton and replaces him with crazed "Nuclear War is winnable" Charles Kupperman?  All I can say is "Yikes"! as the US goes from the frying pan directly into the fire with this new ass clown. When will President Drumpf select someone for Security Advisor that is not a looney?.........Arsenal fought Watford earlier today to a 2-2 draw, which leaves the Gunners a long way to go to even get near the top of the table in Premier League action.  Luckily with Manchester City losing to Norwich City yesterday, more teams can now aspire to gain Champions League berths this season.   And again, I do miss watching EPL games, thanks to that abysmal pay per view bullshit that demands I pay an arm and a leg to view Gunner games..........Years back I read articles via the internet that showed evidence that Taylor Swift was nuts and possibly psychotic.  Well, her latest actions, especially in terms of her looney political views, prove them correct as the woman is truly insane.....And speaking of looney, apparently the latest insanity coming out of Kardashian crazy world has main skank, Kim, wanting to move her family 'part time' to the state of Wyoming.  Honestly, the state of Wyoming should say HELL NO just to keep their sanity from these rejects and media whores.  Yes, America is going to heck, but most of its citizens continue to tune in on the revolting lives of these has-beens on a weekly basis.  And again people wonder why I say America is truly fucked?

More to come


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Canadian Federal Election News: Moronic Justin Trudeau Shows His True Colours By Joining The Criminals In Israel, Saudi Arabia, And The US, In Attacking Both China And Iran!

Since the criminal Liberal regime that has been wrecking this once free nation called Canada for the last 4+ years finally called for a "federal election" coming this October 21st, I have been keeping tabs on the entire campaign, and what I have been seeing so far is so revolting....

Justin Trudeau and his gangster group of Liberal criminals in Ottawa are indeed seeking "re-election" and sadly when you consider the group of ass clowns (especially that heinous Andrew Scheer that has revealed his true colours as nothing more than a Jew dick sucker!) all lined up to oppose their evil ways, the gullible Canadian public are now most assuredly about to give these criminals another 4 years of power to further destroy and undermine this once free nation called 'Canada'!..... Sadly, there is almost no way that criminal Justin will not get "re elected" unless the Canadian people finally grab a brain and basically vote for ANYONE other than the Liberals......

However, I am still awaiting the official platform of Maxime Bernier and his new "People's Party" of Canada.... Maxime may indeed  be the 'real mccoy' here if he does pan out and is both a real speaker of the truth that Canadians so desperately need now and stands firm on abolishment of the heinous "Carbon Tax"......But when you consider that it takes big Jewish money to run and finance these campaigns, and how the Jew spew media in Canada has been avoiding as well as vilifying Maxime like the plague, in all honestly Maxime does not stand a chance in hell unless there is a grassroots push by real truth seekers in Canada to possibly get him and his candidates elected...

Well... Something major came my way today, and I honestly want to thank Greencrow, who hails from parts unknown in southern British Columbia, for bringing this important information to my attention.... For according to the following article from the Aletho News website, at, apparently that heinous Justin Trudeau has shown once again how he is nothing more than crook and a liar, by showing his subordination to criminal Israeli, Saudi, and American interests, in joining with those criminal monsters in attacks on both China and Iran!  Here in fact is that article from Aletho News, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Justin Trudeau’s Subordination to Israel, USA and Saudi in Joining the Attack on Iran and China

By Prof. Tony Hall | American Herald Tribune | September 14, 2019
The US and Israeli governors of occupied Canada have authorized their current puppet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to complete an anti-Iranian initiative commenced by former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Trudeau government completed the process of selling off about $28 million in property seized from the government from which the Harper government withdrew the Canadian embassy in 2012.
The seizure and redistribution of Iranian assets in Canada has beneath it a ruling by Judge Glenn Hainey of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Judge Hainey’s heavily politicized ruling in this case in 2016 has been deemed “an embarrassment both to Canada and the legal profession.”
The enactment that helped set in motion this fiasco is Canada’s Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act passed into law in 2012 (JVTA). This legislation of the Harper government together with the ruling by Judge Hainey have imported into Canada the results of a series of US court rulings. These US rulings gave a green light to sue Iran on the basis of the Foreign Sovereign immunities Act. By following the US lead in the treatment of Iran
Canada became the second state in the world to proclaim predatory jurisdictions against states that it lists on the basis of ideological criteria, contrary to the established international-law principles of state sovereignty, state immunity, and equality of states. Canada’s list contains solely Iran and Syria, two states opposing the ongoing US geopolitical machination for “regime change” by a covertly supported mercenary war against Syria.
Ottawa’s Prof. Denis Rancourt has explained that the 2012 legislation, including amendments to Canada’s own Sovereign Immunity Act, has been used
as a pretext to enforce the US rulings, while additionally making absurd interpretations of the text of the JVTA in order to enforce rulings that have nothing to do with Canada and that are limitation barred. There was not even a civil cause of action for “terrorism” in Canada at the distant time when the claimed acts occurred. Judge Hainey did not consider and misrepresented valid legal arguments of Iran.
Dr. Rancourt goes further, pointing out the joint Canada-US initiative in mounting economic warfare against Iran violated a UN Convention in a fashion that has become tragically common in the era of the Global War on Terror. Dr. Rancourt indicates, “Canada’s new laws are explicit violations of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (ICSFT).” The UN Convention was ratified by Canada in 2002. The Convention
delimits the conditions under which domestic-court jurisdiction can be established, defines the types of funds that can be seized, and constrains the state parties to carry out their obligations “in a manner consistent with the principles of sovereign equality and territorial integrity of States and that of non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other States”.
Canada is currently in the midst of a federal election campaign with a vote to take place on October 21st. How many will remind Justin Trudeau in this season of vote chasing that in his last election campaign he promised to re-establish normal diplomatic relations with the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
What is the worth of Prime Minister Trudeau’s political promises? In September of 2016 Stéphane Dion, Canada’s first Foreign Affairs Minister under the new Justin Trudeau government, initiated a move to return to normal diplomatic relations with Iran. Trudeau’s half-hearted attempt to resume diplomatic relations with Muslim-majority country ran into the concerted opposition of his handlers in Canada’s Israel Lobby.
Prof. Rancourt observed. “The Israel lobby has made it clear to Dion and to the Liberal Party that there will be a heavy price to pay for détente with Iran… The Israeli lobby’s wishes against Iran are bad for Canada and bad for the world.” As often happens with Justin Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau’s son chose to serve the war-mongering agenda of the Israel government over a peace agenda for Canada and the world. Trudeau has adopted from the previous Harper government the main outlines of the pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian platforms that have prevailed in Canada especially since the Harper neoconservatives took over in 2006.
When it comes to allowing the Israeli and US governments to prevail in determining Canada’s foreign policy, Prime Minister Trudeau is turning out to be a major liability. The failure to sort out a more productive relationship with Iran is not an isolated phenomenon. Trudeau has also carelessly sabotaged the health of Canada-China relations by agreeing to the US request to arrest in Vancouver Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei electronics.
Much like the politics underlying the federal government’s unilateral seizure of Iranian properties in Canada, the arrest of Meng Wanzhou came about based on an accusation that one of the Huawei family of companies had somehow violated US sanctions by doing business with an Iranian entity. Why did the government of Justin Trudeau order the arrest at the Vancouver airport of the high-profile Chinese businesswoman? Why did Canadian officials apprehend Meng Wanzhou based on US accusations she violated a US sanctions enactment never approved by Canadian parliamentarians as far as I know?
Trudeau’s decision to allow himself to become one of President Trump’s and John Bolton’s main enforcers on Iranian sanctions has had major implications for Canadian farmers and manufacturers. The products that these Canadians produce are gradually being shut out of larger and larger portions of the Chinese market. Trudeau’s responsibility for this commercial mess forms a marker of his political ineptitude when it comes to the highest order of international relations. To describe his police action as some sort of requirement of “the rule of Law” is very deceptive to put in kindly.
Justin Trudeau is entering this national election with a major scandal in the mix of issues he must navigate. Since January of 2019 Trudeau has had to respond to revelations by Canada’s former Attorney General and others that he and his office partnered with a large international engineering firm, SNC Lavalin, to change the law so that the company could avoid a host of criminal prosecutions.
According, for instance, to the investigations of the World Bank, SNC-Lavalin and related companies have broken international records for bribery and corruption. The array of criminal prosecution directed at SNC-Lavalin still has yet to be explained clearly and comprehensively to the Canadian electorate.
Trudeau has attempted to defend the Liberal Party from revelations that Canada’s criminal justice system is being corrupted in the effort to gain Deferred Prosecution Agreements for SNC-Lavalin’s many proven violations of law. Trudeau regularly tries to defend his political coziness with the corporate serial offenders by proclaiming his intention to protect 9,000 Canadian jobs, many of them in SNC’s Montreal headquarters. Never does Justin Trudeau mention that SNC-Lavalin also has 9,000 employees in Saudi Arabia.
While Trudeau has sometimes been pointed in his criticisms of Saudi human rights violations, the fact remains that Canada is in bed commercially and politically with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal dynasty is Israel’s closest ally in the Arab world. The Trudeau government goes along with the rest of the West in looking the other way when it comes to, for instance, Saudi attacks on Yemen or to Saudi violations of human rights including the torture and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Jamal’s Uncle, Adnan Khashoggi, was a CIA asset and an “arms dealer.” He was one of the primary figures who helped to set up another notoriously corrupt Canadian company, Barrick Gold, on the Toronto stock exchange.
Saudi Arabia, of course, has been a major source of funding, arms, drugs, and ideology establishing mercenary proxy armies like ISIL/Deash. The Iranian government has consistently fought to defend its own citizenry from ISIL/Daesh. The Saudi government often uses its own notorious approach to manipulating Islamic discontent to advance its own religious, ideological and foreign policy initiatives. Moreover, Iran has had to defend itself from MeK terrorists nowadays supported by many influential American and European politicians. About 35 MeK thugs attacked the Iranian embassy in Ottawa in 1992 as part of a larger effort of destructive intervention throughout the West.
Iran has been the subject of Stuxnet cyber-attacks emanating from the US National Security Agency in partnership with Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force. Other facets of these attacks have targeted for assassination Iranian nuclear scientists. Why is Justin Trudeau siding so pointedly with Saudi Arabia against Iran just as he has been siding so strongly with the United States over China? Iran is a country with far more viable programs of regular national elections, women’s rights and minority rights than the Frankenstinian regime of Saudi Arabia.
As we head into this election campaign in Canada, it is not very likely that we will hear the word “Palestinian” from politicians seeking our vote. As in many Western Countries, the Israel Lobby not only closely controls the policies of governing parties. The Israel Lobby also has great influence over the policies of the opposition parties including Canada’s New Democratic Party as well as the Green Party. The Green Party’s Elizabeth May, who emigrated to Canada from the United States, fought off a bold effort from within her group to institute BDS. In doing so she basically saluted the anti-Palestinian objectives of the Israel Lobby in Canada.
The result of all this is that we have little meaningful debate in our Canadian Parliament between political parties all of whom are tightly controlled by groups like B’nai Brith Canada and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, the CIJA. This pattern prevails as well in Canada’s mainstream media where discussion of Israel-Palestinian relations is intellectually and politically impoverished.
I was reminded of the biases of the largest part of the Canadian media by the prejudices and convenient blind spots in the article that alerted me to the latest anti-Iranian moves of the Canadian government. That article by Stewart Bell appeared in a Global Television news report today, Friday Sept. 13.
Bell’s article includes the following propaganda statement without even the slightest hint of proof, explanation or background. Quoting Danny Eisen representing something called the Canadian Coalition Against Terror, Bell and Global Television assert, “The Iranian regime unwaveringly and unabashedly provides tens of billions of dollars for terrorist organizations that have destroyed innocent lives across the globe, including those of Canadians.”
This kind of journalistic excess is indicative of the dishonesty that drives much mainstream media reporting in Canada. Bell’s emphasis on the unexplained accusations of an entity calling itself the Canadian Coalition Against Terror quite clearly embodies the worst kind of propaganda aimed at instigating the ultimate terror of aggressive warfare against Iran, a country of 80 million citizens.
Such a bellicose threat on behalf of war hawks can be described as the kind of provocation Justin Trudeau might very well embrace if he thinks it will serve his personal quest for expanded power. I sincerely hope I am wrong in this assessment and that Trudeau shows his dovish side as a proponent of peace in this national election campaign.

NTS Notes:  When I first read this report, all I could do was shake my head in disgust... Justin Trudeau has basically destroyed the image of Canada being an honest peace broker and true peace keeper on this planet and permanently!

Honestly, you will NOT see this report ANYWHERE on the Canadian jew spew media outlets, and it is up to everyone living here in Canada to take this report and show their fellow Canadians exactly how evil Justin Trudeau really is...

I again do want to thank Greencrow for bringing this most important bombshell to my attention.... For it proves that Justin Trudeau does NOT have the best interests of Canada at all in his mind.. All he cares about is pleasing his Jewish overlords and thus will lead Canada down the path to war with China and Iran as a price for such folly....

Again, my fellow Canadians, do NOT vote for this Justin Trudeau, period, end of story.... The man has ruined this nation and given another 4 years will destroy it as well..... We need a leader that truly cares about Canada and its citizens only, period!....

So... As October 21st approaches in this formerly free nation called Canada, we should be casting our votes to make sure that criminals such as Justin Trudeau are thrown out of office..... Canada needs true Canadians as leaders, and even that heinous Andrew Scheer of the Conservatives does not fit this bill as well..... Other than Maxime Bernier, whom we are still awaiting to hear from concerning his platform, is there someone that will come forward to save this nation?

More to come