Sunday, March 17, 2019

Christchurch Mosque Shooting False Flag: Proof Positive That This Shooting Was An Operation From The Get Go!

I have continued to observe the real news coming fast and furious via the internet that has now punched holes in the "official reports" on the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand.... I have called this one a 'false flag' operation from the moment it happened last Friday, and now I am even more convinced that it was indeed a well planned and well executed operation conducted by agents of a known foreign government... And I want to present further proof positive of that being reality here....

I first want to present the following very important article that comes from a real truth seeker who of course hails from the formerly free United States of America.... Greg Bacon has been writing his articles at his website, "Goon Squad" for almost as long as I have here at NTS, and what he discovered blows huge holes in the "lone gunman" lie that is being perpetrated by the liars in the Jew spew media and even the crooked government in New Zealand concerning the mosque shootings.... Here in fact is his latest work, that comes from his website at www.careandwashingofthebrain. that is entitled "One Of The NZ Shooters Fled To Israel, Got Help From Aides?.... This is a must read by everyone, and I do have it right here in its entirety... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

One of the NZ Shooters Fled to Israel, Got help from Aides?

Why am I not surprised?
The fifth suspect of Christchurch shootings has defected to Israel

Meanwhile, Israel has been using the NZ shooting to bomb the hell out of Gaza. Why am I not surprised again?
Israel launches Gaza air attacks after rockets fired at Tel Aviv

Israel has launched air attacks on Gaza hours after rockets were allegedly fired near Tel Aviv, raising fears of a major escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...
The Israeli military, in a post on Twitter, said it targeted 100 Hamas targets in Gaza, including an office complex used to plan and command the group's activities, an underground complex that served as its main-rocket manufacturing site, and a centre used for drone development.
Allegedly? Either they were fired or not. And if they were fired, you can bet a dozen bagels it was some Shin Bet types doing the dirty work to give Israel the excuse it wants to carpet-bomb Gaza.

Israeli CRIME MINISTER is using this to rally Israeli's to his cause, to vote in the corrupt SOB one more time.

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this report??  I stated a few articles ago at this blog that I sensed this whole thing being a well planned and conceived MOSSAD operation, and now we see the proof right here for all to see...

Obviously the so called "aides" that assisted this one person in that hit squad that conducted this operation to escape are none other than MOSSAD agents and other "Sayanim" operatives in New Zealand.... And of course now this criminal gunman is basically "scot free" for there are no "extradition laws" for the criminal state of Israel... Any sick and perverted Jew that is caught doing a crime anywhere on planet Earth can escape to Israel and the criminal Israeli government will protect them from ever seeing themselves prosecuted in other nations!

THIS, readers, above everything else that we have seen so far gives us the proof positive that this entire "mosque shooting" was indeed a massive Mossad operation in motion....

And on top of these criminals conducting this operation in New Zealand and flooding their Jew spew media with lies about the shooting, we have the psychotic state of Israel using the shooting as a cover for their now massive operation against the innocent people holed up in Gaza!   Those 'allegedly fired rockets" were absolutely 100% launched by Mossad agents from Gaza back into Israel (they never seem to ever hit anything of importance in Israel of course...) and this 'attack' has given the sickos in Israel their usual excuse to plaster Gaza once again and kill hundreds of innocent people in the process...

I also want to present the link to the latest findings from Greencrow, who writes her blog over at Greencrow As The Crow Flies at Greencrow has also been all over this "false flag" from the beginning and like myself sees this thing as an operation much like all previous false flags..... Here is that link:

I for one am glad to see that there are some real truth seekers in New Zealand exposing the truth about this entire operation...

I now am fully convinced that this was a set up, and even if some people did die in this operation, it was conducted for the purpose of scaring the crap out of the people of New Zealand so that they will stupidly follow their own criminal government's orders and surrender their guns without any thought...  I just hope that with our efforts, more people will be awakened to who is really responsible for this operation and not give in to the bullshit coming from the liars in our media and governments..

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Sunday.... And time once again for my weekend rant!

First, I do want to wish all of my readers of Irish descent a Happy Saint Patrick's Day.... I of course am 1/8th Irish, and I guess that calls for a beer later today... But Gosh darn, I do not have any Green beer in stock at the moment, so a regular Canadian beer will have to suffice.....

Yes, today is supposedly the day that Saint Patrick supposedly drove the snakes out of Ireland... But knowing these days that the Jewish pricks are the REAL snakes on this planet, I guess a new snake drive is required to get rid of that vermin from Ireland today....

Well, I do have some good news on the weather front... Now, thankfully and hopefully, the worse of winter has finally passed and these parts of central Canada are now going to get 'near normal' temperatures for this coming week, with highs just above the 0 Celsius mark..... It has indeed been one heck of a brutal winter, and the intense cold that we have in these parts show proof positive that the entire "Global Warming" scheme is indeed a massive hoax... Global Warming my ass, for the reality is of course that we are heading towards a Grand Solar Minimum, where intensely cold winters and shorter summers will be the rule of the day for the next decade at least....

But sadly, we now have 15 days to go here in Canada before that heinous and truly criminal Trudeau Liberal regime in Ottawa goes ahead and starts the raping and the pillaging of the fraud Carbon Tax on the Canadian gullible people..... It will indeed create massive hardship on a LOT of Canadians as they will be further taxed to death and sink further into endless debt with no way out..... This is especially horrendous when you consider that the Canadian economy is sinking like a stone as we head towards a massive "recession" that is in all actuality a brutal DEPRESSION.....

And what is the Trudeau regime doing right now to try to boost the Canadian economy to attempt to ease the pain and suffering from this economic meltdown?  Absolutely fucking nothing!  Good ol' 'Justin is instead now in hiding on a "vacation" in Florida in the United States, trying his damn best to avoid the flack that he rightfully should be receiving for his part in the SNC Lavalin scandal..... The fucker should honestly resign right now, for again he is unfit to be in the office of Prime Minister of this nation, especially now that we need desperate guidance from the government to save our economy!

OK, Early Friday morning, we had that apparent false flag operation in Christchurch New Zealand take place at that mosque during a prayer session, where some 49 people (number will definitely grow...) got killed while the same number apparently were injured..... I again cannot even understand how people can not see this for what it really is... This was indeed a massive operation being undertaken by a criminal group in New Zealand that was obviously done by a hit squad of at least 4 participants..... I am not sold at all on the lie of the "lone gunman" for I see that person as a patsy that was obviously brainwashed to partake in this assault and to take the blame for the entire operation...The real criminal shooters most definitely are now high tailing it out of New Zealand, and most probably heading back to Israel to report to their masters that the operation was indeed a success...YES, I am absolutely fingering the Mossad for this job, for they, and the criminal state of Israel, have the most to gain from pulling off this assault.....

And do not get me started about how the criminals behind so called "social media" are now quickly destroying all "videos" that originally came out showing the 'shooting' in progress.... And this action should have immediately raised so many red flags with everyone, for this shows clear evidence that the criminals in charge do NOT want people to see and scrutinize closely the "videos" of this "shooting" for I can guarantee that close examination will indeed show so many discrepancies with the "official story" of this shooting that the Jew spew media is trying to ram into our brains... This action by social media and other internet media providers shows clear evidence that what just happened in Christchurch is NOT what we are being sold.  And one other shocker to add here; Apparently the New Zealand government has now gone "police state" in demanding that everyone that has the videos of that "shooting" on their computers to ERASE that material immediately or face up to 10 years in prison!  Yes, even the New Zealand government wants to block any real investigation into that shooting in Christchurch via the videos to take place, and this shows that these criminals do indeed have something to hide!

I also have hit the nail on the head with the REAL reason why this attack took place at just this time... The government of New Zealand is absolutely not letting a great "false flag" operation go to waste, for they are now about to push heavily for gun control legislation that will strip the people of New Zealand of their last line of defence against the criminal actions of the Wellington government, which is of course their own guns for self defence!  Yes, this action absolutely shows once again "who benefits" from that mass shooting..... And sadly thanks to the heavy propaganda and brainwashing form this operation, the people of New Zealand will gladly hand over their guns without any opposition!

And lo and behold, but while the world is still mesmerized by this operation in New Zealand, here we go again with the psychotic state of Israel plastering the innocent people holed up in the world's largest open air concentration camp known as the Gaza Strip.... It does not take a genius to see how their patented method of operation is at work here, for they had a few of their Mossad operatives in the Gaza Strip huck a few of their bottle rockets back into Israel once again just the other day, where these "rockets" never ever seem to hit anything of value as usual, and the result is to see the criminal Israelis scream to high heaven that they have been "attacked" once again by "Hamas" with the usual reply being the unleashing of their military against the innocent people of Gaza...... And the timing is absolutely too perfect, for the criminal Jew spew media is of course reporting almost 'round the clock" on the "massacre" in New Zealand and absolutely avoiding this REAL massacre happening against Gaza!   Why does nobody not see that these "false flags" always take place at just the right time for the psychos in Israel to pull off these attacks??  Just another reason to finger the Mossad for being the perpetrators of the New Zealand mosque attack...

Well.... I saw the other day where the US Senate voted 54-46 to stop US "aid" to the criminal state of Saudi Arabia that has been used against the innocent nation of Yemen.... To me, this vote was indeed a small victory for the embattled and starving people of Yemen, but it may be squashed by US President Donald Drumpf, who of course wants to continue sending military equipment and supply logistics to the criminal Saudis to continue their killing in Yemen....

And I am not in the least bit shocked by the reaction of that heinous US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, who after the Senate vote came out saying that the US Senators are now "traitors" and that the vote was wrong for his insane claim that it does not "support the people of Yemen" (!) and will not stop the bloodshed and starvation.   He is also making the insane remark that thanks to the Senate vote, Yemen will now fall under the "Iranian sphere of influence" and be used as a "base" for Iran!   Yes, this lunatic is indeed this insane and rather than support the Senate vote, he wants to make sure the Saudis continue to receive US 'aid' so that they can continue supporting the Saudi genocide of some 16+ MILLION innocent Yemen civilians!  The man is indeed a raving lunatic that should definitely not be US Secretary of State, but instead should be locked away in an insane asylum...

Meanwhile, the Russians and Syrians have finally had enough of the stupid delays and politics concerning the future of the Idlib Pocket in northwestern Syria and have now begun massive air operations against the US backed "rebels" still holed up there.... These air attacks may indeed be the precursor for a new military offensive against Idlib that could start as early as this coming week.... And to me, this is long overdue for the Syrian government put a lot of faith on a negotiated settlement to get rid of these "rebels" in Idlib and have waited patiently for some 9 months since the initial ceasefire last year to reach a settlement... But patience is now gone, and I do support the alternative which is to go right in and clean the pocket out by force!

And with so much attention now still focused in on New Zealand, there has been a "lull" in the crisis still happening in Venezuela....The power has now been almost fully restored to the nation, and the attempt by the US to use that REAL terrorist act against the nation of Venezuela to get support for their criminal "Random" Guaido to seize power in Caracas has back fired as the Venezuelan people are fully aware now that the US did the damage to their power grid.... And with that backfiring in the US Government's faces, it is basically "back to the drawing board" for some new actions against Venezuela to ensure President Nicolas Maduro's overthrow..... But again, the next action that the US may take might possibly be a military attack which will now be opposed by not only the Venezuelan military but from Venezuela's allies in both Russia and China.....I for one do hope the Drumpf administration "thinks twice" before they launch a military action against Venezuela, considering that they may face both Russian and Chinese opposition for such stupidity and could indeed start a new world war as a result..... Basically the best thing to happen right now is for the US to keep their hands off of Venezuela all together as the world is indeed waking up to how truly diabolical and criminal their actions against that innocent nation is!

And while everyone is distracted elsewhere, the British Parliament has shot down any notion of a "no deal" Brexit to get the UK the hell out of the heinous and criminal Rothschild controlled European Union.... I stated a few months back with an article right at this blog that the entire Brexit is and always has been a SHAM!  For there is no way in hell the evil Rothschilds would ever allow one of their slave nations, the United Kingdom, to escape their grasp as they created the fraud "European Union" as their first step towards a world wide empire that they would control.... The British people were indeed absolutely right in voting to get out of that evil and criminal entity, but their own Parliament is absolutely controlled by Jew butt kissers who have their orders now to shoot down "Brexit" and cause so many new "delays" that they will get their demands for a "new vote" by the British people in place that will absolutely be corrupted and fraudulently show a "no vote" for the British to leave the European Union..... Britain right now needs a revolt by the people to force their treasonous government to resign, or to have the entire Parliament in London dissolved immediately, and then an immediate exit from the European Union without any delay!

Someone sent me an email and asked my opinion in the continuing "college scandal" in the United States where the crooked rich pricks that have already ruined so much of America's society, have been buying their children's admission into prestigious colleges and universities through massive amounts of money rather than have their children get admission into said colleges by their academic achievements.... I will say that this has been happening for centuries in not only America but other western nations such as France and the UK, for the simple fact that powerful and rich families have always been able to get their children, no matter how stupid or moronic they may be, into powerful and prestigious higher educational institutions and then using their children's phoney 'academic accreditation" through these institutions to guarantee them powerful positions in all levels of commerce and government.....Meanwhile, real talented and higher academic level children are not able to get into these higher institutions for the basic fact that they can NOT afford them!.... People therefore should not be shocked at all by this, for the facts have always been that money buys power!..... I for one am shocked that people are only now aware of this fact....

I have looked over as much evidence that I could over the last week concerning the crash of that Ethiopian flight last weekend from Addis Ababa to Nairobi Kenya, and yes there are indeed problems associated with the Boeing 737-9 Max aircraft's onboard computers, especially concerning the plane's supposed faulty "maneuver characteristics augmentation system" or MCAS for short.....Yes, there supposedly has been insufficient training for pilots on how that system works and how it can take over when the plane is not in 'stable' or "level" flight..... That may have indeed been part of the problem, but I have also looked at evidence that Boeing itself is to blame for the poor manufacturing standards that they are now using to assemble these aircraft... Jim Stone himself pointed out in one of his recent articles about how Boeing used to employ workers that cared about the product that they were assembling, but with the recent move to allow "equal employment" and to take on less skilled workers, there may indeed be flaws in their final product's assembly that could lead to serious defects where the plane would literally disintegrate while in flight....  Jim may indeed be right, and what should really be happening is a full recall of every single 737 Max aircraft immediately to determine if the aircraft do carry serious design and assembly flaws.... But Boeing is in the business of profits and presently will do everything to keep the profits flowing, while presenting the image that their product is fine for passengers to be flown in!   I for one would think twice about being on board a "new" Boeing aircraft in the near future for any upcoming vacation until they do clear up this serious issue...

Well.... I guess that is enough for the moment.... A lot of things have indeed happened over this last week, while there are other happenings that I have not yet covered here... I will, as always, try to touch on those other issues right here in my closing "Last minute tidbits"....... I see that we have now gone full circle in regards to North Korea, with the US government back to where they were well over a year ago, once again calling North Korea's nuclear arsenal a "threat" and putting new fears into the American public about a possible "North Korean nuclear attack".  This rhetoric could have easily been squashed if only the Drumpf administration was not so pig headed and actually came to a bargaining table offering something to North Korea tangible, rather than demand they surrender their defence against a US attack on their nation!.......The Yellow Vests revolution in France is still going strong, now over 18 weeks with no stopping, and the sinister Macron government is still somehow hanging onto power while still threatening action against the revolters. The facts are that these protestors have had enough of Macron's evil actions, especially in regards to France's insane immigration policies that have allowed every conceivable rat from third world shit holes to come flooding into their nation, and want some serious changes or to see Macron step down and have a government that will actually enact those changes.  I fully support these protests and again do wish that they would spread to other nations as well........I see that some clown by the name of Beto O'Rourke has now thrown his hat in the ring for the 2020 US Presidency.  My first reaction was "who the fuck is this Beto O'Rourke?, but after seeing his "platform" especially in calling for the lunacy of enacting laws to save the planet before it dies some "12 years from now", all I see is an ass clown that   has not a hope or prayer of getting the Jewish support necessary to be the next President.... And speaking of lunatics, why is that insane Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still out there spewing her trash?  I had hoped by this time that the American people would have been laughing her off of every stage, and auditorium that she has the nerve to appear in.  This is just another insane lunatic that has not a clue what the hell she is talking about.  Her "New Green Deal" is a prime example of this creature's insanity..........I hate to say that I am right again in regards to Canada's stupid and idiotic "immigration policies" that has allowed our borders to be flung wide open allowing every sewer rat from a third world shit hole to come marching into this nation.  New reports are showing definite proof that the "migrant policies" of giving these rats everything they want when they come into this nation are failing, with these rats doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return for Canada's charity.  They have instead been nothing but a burden and a poison on Canada's already overburdened social systems, and I will state it again that the best thing to happen to these rats is to have every single one of them shipped back immediately to the shit holes they originated from.......So let me get this straight; Libya's most powerful "warlord" is about to take over the government in Tripoli, and possibly kick the American goons that have ruined the nation since they murdered Ghadaffi some 8 years ago, and possibly look towards both Russia and China for support?   The criminals in NATO and the US have brought this situation upon themselves after having destroyed the nation for the last 8 years, and the Libyan people may finally have had enough and want to basically turn the clock back and be free once again.   It will be interesting to see what happens over the next while in Libya and if that nation can actually get rid of US and NATO interference once and for all....... It is now over 8 years since the US and Israel used their Stuxnet virus to destroy the nuclear power station at Fukushima Japan, and what have we learned over the subsequent 8 years?  Actually NOTHING, for that disaster of March 2011 is still going as strong as ever to this day as the melted reactor cores continue to spew their radiative hell into the Japanese countryside and the Pacific Ocean.  And there still is NO solution anywhere in sight, in spite of the false messages the Jew spew media tries to portray about Fukushima........I saw all the reports about the US nuclear doctrine calling still for a status of "first strike" in case of a war.  I have to ask WHY?  But obviously the lunatics in the US Pentagram err Pentagon still have the sick notion that the US can still somehow actually win a nuclear war.  And people wonder why we still live in a world fearful of real nuclear holocaust to this day?.........OK, I am still puzzled as to what in the hell is the delay now in getting that much needed wall built across the US southern border with Mexico?   If Drumpf was not as crooked as he seems, then he would have had people already putting up that wall right now instead of allowing "delays" to happen through the criminals in the US Government.  Just get the damn thing built for fuck sake!..........Arsenal did not play this weekend in English Premier League action, as they are involved in the Europa League and just beat the team from Rennes France on Thursday.  With 8 games left to go in EPL action, it definitely will be a dog fight between the Gunners, the Spurs, the Red Devils, and even the Blues, for the final Champions League spots.......And finally, from the world of Kardashian stupidity we have the following; Main skank Kim was out last week celebrating another skank, Paris Hilton, on her 38th birthday.  Yes, when it comes to skanks and trollops, Kim is right now the queen, but Paris Hilton in her heyday was honestly just as bad and laid the ground work for Kim, with her infamous "One night in Paris" escapade of over a decade ago.   Kim did her own soft porn crapola to follow and the world has been stuck with Kardashian lunacy ever since.   I for one long for the day that every single one of these insults to humanity would basically just disappear, never to be seen or heard from again!

More to come


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Christchurch Mosque Shooting: Something Definitely Does NOT Compute!

I have been receiving a lot of emails, and a few comments, from known supporters of this blog stating that I should be looking at the mass shooting in Christchurch New Zealand as NOT a "false flag" where people definitely were killed, but instead as a "false flag hoax" where NOBODY has died.... I have yet to find concrete evidence of the latter, but some things definitely do stink about this entire "mass shooting" including the following:

(a) No blood (at least from what I have seen so far).... 49 dead victims and the same number of wounded and yet we see no evidence of the massive amount of blood that would be on the scene from the "live" video put out by the supposed lone gunman shooter, and almost zero blood anywhere in subsequent videos from the shooting site...

(b) The quick movement of the initial reports about "multiple gunmen" present, to the tried and true use, repeated from previous fraud shootings, of there only being a "lone gunman"..... Too many times already we have seen this happen with previous fraud shootings, and the question arises; Is history repeating itself again with this one?

(c) The Jew spew news reports with the "survivors" show too much evidence once again of the usage of crisis actors with scripted statements being made on camera!   I have watched a few already, and I see the usual evidence of these "survivors" and "family acquaintances" and even some of the supposed "heroes" as being paid crisis actors ..... Gee, where have we seen that before???

(d) The quick release of a "manifest" where we have a "right wing" (or is it left wing?) nut job WHITE gunman supposedly talk openly about his hatred of non-whites, thus being used by the Jew spew media and governments to label the shooter as a "white supremacist" out to kill "nonwhites" and "immigrant invaders"... This is the usual bashing of Caucasians as usual with a lot of these shootings...... Who benefits from this white bashing but the usual "tribe" and those who want our nations destroyed by the flooding of illegals and other migrant workers from third world shit holes into our nations!....

(e) The quick push for 'gun control' legislation in New Zealand, and lo and behold but the Wellington government is now "considering" gun bans against "semi automatic" (gun man supposedly used an automatic gun...) guns all across New Zealand... Again, who benefits?  The crooked NZ government of course!

I have looked at this "shooting" with a lot of scrutiny over the last few days, and all I see is a definite set up happening here... And everyone should be asking the big question here: WHO BENEFITS? from this shooting of Muslims while in prayer???

I also want to thank Greencrow once again for bringing forward the following report that comes from her website at This one also asks a few hard questions, as you will all see here.... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Something Doesn't Compute

Why Pixilate the Face?  Doesn't The Public Have a Right to
Know?  What Purpose Does this Serve???!!!
Is This Individual Not The Same as Shown in Earlier Photos?

Saturday morning and, just having reviewed all the other newz and blog posts regarding the Christchurch mass murder atrocity...I'm more convinced than ever that it was a false flag and there is a remote possibility it was even a False Flag hoax or, a combination of the two [important link].  It was dubious from the start, taking into account the points listed in my last post.  Now, there are even more "red flags".

First of all, why on earth did they pixilate the so-called murderer's face?  Isn't it one of the rights of the people to see who is being charged with murder?  In the old days before pixilation, the murderer had the right to cover his face but other than that, he was shown in photos and on TV.  How else can the public confirm that the right person was arrested?  The above entity could be anyone and doesn't prove that anyone was arrested.  Such bullshit!

And, as Robin Westenra from Seemorerocks asks astutely:

What was Islamophobic terrorist doing in Pakistan?

It seems the guy was traveling all over the whose expense?  What did he do for a living?  Can anyone get hold of his bank accounts?  Or, is that kind of investigation too mundane for the M$M?  The serial liar BBC has now moved on to celebrating "brave heroes" who charged the killer.  These kinds of official stories always have to have white hats offsetting the black hats.

Stephen Lendman seems to have some doubts about the story already.  Always a bad sign, when even the recognized quasi mainstream bloggers are dubious right from the outset.  It can only go downhill from there.

Pretty soon, the Christchurch massacre will be like the 9/11 and Sandy hoax atrocities...only believed by the braindead.

IMO, this was a Mossad operation, soup to nutz.  And, IMO, theworse living conditions become in Israel...the more frequently these operations will take place in "Plan B's" all over the globe...laying the groundwork, so to speak.

NTS Notes:  I too was bewildered by the fact that they pixilated the supposed shooter's face?  The question that everyone should be asking is: WHY????

I have also watched as many of the reports from this shooting are constantly changing and still changing so rapidly......  Everyone should be asking the same question here that I have as to WHY can they not get their stories straight????

And I also have to ask the same question that Greencrow is asking:  WHAT IN THE HELL was this supposed "terrorist" shooter doing in places like Pakistan, and again, who paid and bankrolled for his travels abroad from New Zealand?????   This definitely points to this "gun man" as being part of an operation in motion and for him to be the one to take the fall for the entire escapade....

Again, things about this shooting do stink to high heaven..... I am not fooled by the constant bombardment and brainwashing by the Jew spew media as they continue to try to massage the brains of so many fools out there to believe their "official" (and yet ever changing) story line on this one....

I have also always looked at shootings like this one in the past, that may have actual victims involved, as being MOSSAD operations using one of their cells to conduct the operation while having a "patsy" involved to take the fall and all the blame for their attacks.... And yes, there seems to be a long history of Mossad operations in New Zealand, including apparently a Mossad operation a while back that targeted New Zealand's former Prime Minister, John Key for assassination!.... This is why I smell a rat here, and that rat has a star of David tattooed on its butt!

Again, I do want to repeat that I am not here to slander or slur the memories of the "victims" of this shooting in New Zealand... But I am here for the REAL TRUTH and will not be swayed by propaganda in wanting to question what we have been told so far.... There is a lot more to this than meets the eye, and people do deserve what really happened here...

More to come


Is This A Joke? US Drumpf Administration Gives $5 Million To "Heroic White Helmets" AKA The Real TERRORISTS In Syria!

With so much focus still going on today on that killing of some 49 Muslim prayer worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand, yesterday, there is indeed so much more happening elsewhere in the world that people should be paying attention to..... And what I found earlier today is something that is absolutely appalling....

Right now, I do want to present the following important report that comes from the Southfront website, at, where apparently the criminal Drumpf administration in America has just "awarded" some $5 Million to that known REAL terrorist organization known as the "White Helmets" for what these criminals are claiming is their "humanitarian aid" (cough cough) in Syria!   Here is that full report for everyone to see for themselves right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Trump Administration $5 Million For 'Heroic' White Helmets In Syria
ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Reuters / Khalil Ashawi

Actions of the administration of US President Donald Trump in Syria look more and more similar to those conducted by the Obama administration.
On March 14, State Department announced that the US intends to provide an additional funding of $5m to ‘heroic’ members of the so-called White Helmets, the group, which has become widely known thanks to its involvement in staged chemical attacks and large-scale media operations in support of al-Qaeda in Syria [Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and similar groups].
A full statement by the State Department (source):
At the direction of the President, subject to congressional approval, the United States intends to provide $5 million for the continuation of the vital, life-saving operations of the White Helmets in Syria and in support of the UN’s International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM) which is charged with assisting the investigation and prosecution of persons responsible for the most serious crimes under International Law committed in Syria since March 2011. Today, at the third Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, Special Representative for Syria Engagement and Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Ambassador James Jeffrey publicly announced these contributions. In addition to those made last year, these contributions to the White Helmets and IIIM demonstrate the United States’ commitment and ongoing support for justice and accountability in Syria.
The United States Government strongly supports the work of the White Helmets. They have saved more than 114,000 lives since the conflict began, including victims of Assad’s vicious chemical weapons attacks. With over 2,800 volunteers, they continue to provide search and rescue, emergency response, and early recovery operations helping civilians in areas outside of the control of the regime.
These heroic first responders have the most dangerous job in the world. In addition to operating in an active war zone and in dire humanitarian circumstances, the Syrian regime and Russia deliberately target White Helmets’ centers and volunteers; since 2013 more than 250 White Helmets have been killed—many in so called “double-tap strikes”—and 60 White Helmets’ centers have been damaged or destroyed by Russian and regime airstrikes and the regime. Despite these dangers, the White Helmets provide these services based on strict humanitarian principles and have become a symbol in Syria and world-wide for these courageous values.
Taking into account a recent warning by the Russian side that militants in Syria’s Idlib zone have resumed preparations for staged chemical attacks, it can be expected that soon we will observe a new wave of anti-Syria, anti-Russia and anti-Iran propaganda.

NTS Notes: When I read this report, I said to myself "Is this some kind of sick joke??" but I soon discovered that this is absolutely true and absolutely sickening...

Lets face the reality here... These "white helmets" are and always have been a fraud... They absolutely did NO such "humanitarian aid" in Syria at all, and were used as another sick weapon for the US/Israel/NATO sick goal of achieving "regime change" in that innocent nation.... They were also known to be the real instigators and perpetrators behind the fraud 'chemical weapons" attacks that were conducted as false flag operations in Syria!

I really had to puke when I read the part of the "official" US State Department statement LIE about how these criminal "white helmets" supposedly 'saved some 114,000 lives since the conflict began INCLUDING 'victims of Assad's vicious chemical weapons attacks'...... This is such a blatant lie that I am truly surprised that the nut cases in the State Department actually put it in this statement!

I do wonder exactly WHY at this time the US Government is coming out with this?  I have to wonder if this is either a "payoff" to these criminals behind the fraud "white helmets" (hush money?) or just the start of even more money to be sent to these criminals to keep them going in their terrorist operations against Syrian civilians and/or to help them to build more chemical weapons for a future fraudulent "chemical weapons attack" against said civilians???....  That, or the criminals in the US administration are definitely showing how truly evil and insane they have finally become?   It does make one wonder....

More to come


Friday, March 15, 2019

Christchurch Mosque Shooting Massacre: Why I Am Looking At This One As Another False Flag

I am like everyone else... I woke up this morning to the horrific news that some 49 innocent people were murdered while attending Friday prayers at a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand..... I watched the Jew spew media just go absolutely insane this morning with reports about this latest "shooting" with their usual numbed skulls trying to pin the cause of this latest shooting on everything from "radical white terrorists" and other so called "right wing" groups, until later they zeroed in on this one being done by a "lone gunman nut job" who "supposedly" loved US President Donald Drumpf..... As the story line progressed and was changing, I could not help but to think that this was once again one of the criminal Elite Jewish pricks' patented "false flag" operation!   And my hunch that we are dealing with an operation who's goal was indeed to shock the people of New Zealand into accepting "gun control legislation" blindly was in motion here.....

First, I will state that this one was a real shooting, with real dead bodies.... I must point out the FACT that a "false flag" operation of this type does include from time to time real victims and real dead people..... I am NOT convinced in the bullshit that the Jew spew media is trying to sell right now that this one was done by a "lone gunman", for the initial reports stated that there were "multiple gunman" at that mosque shooting at the victims.... And of course the notion that ONE MAN could have done all of this in that mosque by himself within the time frame of this shooting borders on lunacy.....

Well, apparently a few other real truth seekers have also looked at this very closely, and they too have their own questions and thoughts on this latest shooting.... First, I do want to turn to my fellow Canadian, Greencrow, who of course hails from the wild unknowns of southern British Columbia.... She has been all over this latest false flag apparently and has a great new article covering some of the real facts behind this latest shooting.... Here in fact is her article, from her website at www., for everyone to see right here.... I do have some of my own comments on her material to follow:

Friday, March 15, 2019

Christchurch - Where is Joe Vialls when we need him?

Christchurch Police

Another False Flag Friday on Planet Earth and I'm wondering... Where is the late, great Joe Vialls when we need him?  If Joe hadn't been killed years ago by a "fast acting fatal disease" (TM) he would be hard on solving the latest Christchurch, New Zealand mosque mass shooting atrocity case that occurred this morning.  HERE is a link to Joe's great investigation of the Port Arthur event which has some amazing similarities to the event in Christchurch today.

Joe was the one who first got me into Conspiracy Theory speculation.  He had his own blog way back in the days before blogging became commonplace.  He was a former policeman and honed his superb investigatory skills examining all the very first False Flags...back in the late 90's and early 2000's. Joe blogged from Australia and specialized in conspiracies that took place "Down Under". This was back when most of us accepted the various official stories we were fed.  But not Joe.  He was like a Pitbull when he got hold of a stinky story. the way this most recent incident in Christchurch stinks.  Aanirfan said it first.  

Hey, it's very early days to state definitively that it is a False Flag...BUT it has all the usual pungencies:

- It happened on a Friday so it can mesmerize the Talmudvision Watchers all weekend

- It happened in one of the NATO/Five Eyes vassal states....funny how these incidents almost never happen elsewhere

- It started off with multiple shooters then ended up with only one arrest...of a "lone nut"(TM) young white guy

- YWG [young white guy] fits usual profile and left an online "manifesto" for the convenience of the brain dead official story swallowers.

New Zealand and Tasmania are "Plan B" spots selected by the 'usual suspects' who hate that one of the major cities is called "Christ"church.  Christchurch has been the victim of several previous unusual catastrophes--including a rare earthquake and a previous massacre in nearby Tasmania.

But, most significantly, today's "senseless" atrocity coincides with several newzstories that are putting governments and leaders of the globalist demonic Deep State in uncomfortable positions.  It is bound to provide a distraction from ongoing embarrassments like the Brexit fiasco in the UK, the election in Israel where Netanyahu is facing corruption charges...the latest Israeli attacks on Gazacoinciding with the election...and the stalled/failing USregime change efforts in Venezuela, just to mention four. So, while distraction is an important motivator of the False Flag perps, the main purpose of False Flags/False Flag hoaxes is to maintain and ratchet up fear and terror in the targeted populations.

NOTE:  It is important to re-state that calling an event a "False Flag" DOES NOT mean that there was no violence and/or deaths.  There are False Flags...and then there are False Flag hoaxes.  The Christchurch event might well be a False Flag.  We know the Mossad is very active in that part of the world, including an alleged assassination attempt on the former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Like I say...where is Joe Vialls when you need him?

Joe Vialls RIP

NTS Notes:  Greencrow brought forward the interesting fact about how Joe Vialls was one of the first reporters to rip apart the official reports on the Port Arthur "massacre" on the island of Tasmania over in Australia almost 2 decades ago, that resulted in the nation of Australia to impose their bullshit "gun control" legislation on the helpless Aussies and thus keeping the proud people of Australia without the ability to oppose their own decrepit government and their criminal actions....  And I too have long wondered about the death of Joe Vialls, for apparently the authorities absolutely wanted to shut him up permanently and end his investigation into that supposed "massacre" that more and more through real research has been exposed as a false flag operation.

And again, a lot of the 'facts' that we are being inundated by the Jew spew media just do not add up... I again am NOT sold on this "lone gunman" ploy, for we have seen before where these "lone gunman" reports have always been proven false and that more than one shooter was always involved...

And of course this latest shooting has indeed happened on a Friday, which seems to be more and more the day of the week as the first choice for these operations, as Greencrow does correctly point out it leaves people with the thought about this "shooting" in their heads over the weekend..... Propaganda and brainwashing exercise at its best....

The one thing that I will NOT promote here is the "video" that was supposedly released by this supposed "lone gunman" as he proceeded with his shooting of innocent victims at that mosque.... I do wonder if that video was intentionally put out there to mesmerize the world with the usual criminal shock and awe routine as part of their brainwashing scheme....

I was also wondering where the New Zealand government in Wellington would go with this operation?  For this has all the earmarks of a planned operation to incite the people of New Zealand to blindly accept "gun control legislation" much like their neighbours in Australia so blindly did over a decade ago... And sure enough we have this report here where the Kiwi government will indeed use this shooting to push gun control down the throats of the good people of New Zealand!  Here is the link to that report here:

Yes, now the New Zealand government in Wellington will use this shooting to their advantage to ram gun control legislation down the throats of the people of New Zealand.... This alone should have a lot of people wondering about this entire "shooting" and whether it was indeed an operation to bring in "laws" in New Zealand to strip its citizens of their last line of defence against the criminality of their government.... This is why this entire shooting now "stinks to high heaven" and there is more going on here than what we have been told so far...

I will state it right here that I am not looking at this in any way shape or form to dishonour the victims of this atrocity..... But everyone needs the truth, and what we are being told is far from that!

More to come


Crisis In Venezuela: Updates On Present Situation, And Finally The Crooked Guaido Comes Out With His Plans For After He Steals The Venezuelan Presidency!

*Again, I had to take care of other personal and family business yesterday and could not get around to new posts at this blog until today..... Thanks everyone for their patience...

I have continued to follow what has been happening in Venezuela, especially ever since the blatant and most diabolical US attack on Venezuela's power grid using their patented "Stuxnet" virus to basically damage and/or blow up the Giri Hydro-electric facility that generates some 75% of the nation's power needs.... Slowly but surely now, Venezuela's power grid is coming back to a normal state, with fewer blackouts especially since those two "suspects" were caught red handed the other day in trying to once again cripple Venezuela's power grid through another virus....

I do want to present some of the latest updates on the present situation in Venezuela, courtesy of Jim Stone's reports over at Here are some of the latest reports from Jim here:

China has backed Venezuela's claims the U.S. took out Venezuela's grid

I have recently noticed Venezuela's power fell back down to 73 percent. To that I'd like to state the obvious: At this point, keeping the cyber attack going will only result in the risk of China getting ahold of the code.

Experts staunchly declare Maduro is to blame for the outage (still) but remember, these are the same "experts" trying to tell Americans that vaccines are safe.


As of 8:40 AM CST, Venezuela managed to get one of the newer Stux infected generators going at Guri. That's a LOT sooner than I expected, GREAT WORK. Power is now, at the time of posting this update, at 77.8 percent.

The times on the chart above are off a little due to the chart producing times based on GMT.
I'd like to state that I am not a fan of socialist countries AT ALL, but have sided with Venezuela in all of this because the U.S. screwing with them is TOTAL B.S. and the U.S. is getting a LOT worse than any socialist country. Facism combined with Pelosi is WAY WORSE.
For what the American people produce and earn, they don't get jack in return. It all gets taken via taxes, fake university induced student debt (and I say fake because the universities are indeed, now predominantly fake). Americans are also badly burdened by a hoax "scamming mechanic" medical system, and exhorbitant totally inexcusable rent and property prices, all made possible by free mason fronted city zoning and building permit codes.
It is specifically the freemasons that managed to get a form of totally uniform tyranny across all city and county governments for the purpose of screwing property values. The Freemasons are the reason why all city codes (which would be unique to each city if not messed with) are basically the same no matter what city you go to. Zoning and restricting building and building codes and permits are far too uniform in America to be for real, when there's no official centralized control of it all. It was the job of the freemasons to accomplish that. The property prices may be explainable in Hong Kong, where there's 120 million chinese trying to stand on the same floor tile, but in wide open America such pricing is an act of war.
Add to this rock stupid high phone, cable, and internet prices and Americans get totally tapped out, the only "good deal" in America is food, and with much of it now GMO who would want it? Lots of the world has banned it!

BOOM: If Maduro is an evil dictator who can't manage power, why did Suriname lose all it's power too?

ANSWER: It was fed by Guri! Almost the entire nation of Suriname was also fed by Guri, Venezuela was providing their power. This has never been mentioned by the MSM EVER. Why is Suriname not in the news with babies dying in incubators, a victim of an evil leadership? The exact same internet map provided by Oracle quoted below to show how much of Venezuela's power has been restored captured the same power outage in Suriname at the same time. None of the power Venezuela was providing Suriname is being restored yet, Maduro is taking care of Venezuela first. Take a look at both maps. There is a LOT more to this story than we are being told.

If Suriname was getting 75 percent of it's power from Venezuela, and Venezuela was such an unreliable crap provider, Why did the media never mention outages in Suriname over all these years? YOU GUESS.

Hint: it has something to do with oil.


As of 10:55 PM CST, Venezuela's power is 69.1 percent restored (up from 16.8 percent yesterday, ) when the Stuxnet virus guys were busted at Guri, subsequently triggering the U.S. to claim Venezuela has started anonymous and unjustified detentions of Americans which was used as a reason to announce removal of American embassy workers which would "allow more options" for the U.S. to "deal with the evil dictator Maduro". A fool could see what that means, cruise missiles are next.

The data is provided by Oracle, so it's not Maduro puffing B.S. As soon as the Stuxnet brothers were busted, Venezuela's electrical problems steadily rose from approximately 18 percent power to 69.1 percent power within a day as shown by this internet access map, which proves 69.1 percent of Venezuelans are back online. That can't happen without electricity.

Problems will continue as drones continue to drop conductive strands into substations to blow them up. This game is not over yet, but at least the virus problem has been confirmed, and obviously handled. There's no way the bust of two American stux spooks and restoration of power was coincidence!

If a virus shut it all down without damaging a whole lot, Venezuela will probably get up to about 85 percent power over the next couple days because it is apparent drones and other saboteurs have done a lot of damage to substations and transformers, it won't all come back up quickly.
My guess is that most of the substation explosions are going to be repairable, it all depends upon where a conductive strand got an arc established from and to. If all it did was blow the top off insulators and eat small transformers, that's an easy fix. If it actually ate a giant 50+ megawatt transformer, that's not so easy and will take a year or so. All such events are so bright you can't really tell what actually happened. But I'd bet that if left alone Venezuela could probably get power back up to about 95 percent restored in about 2 weeks. Many of the substations have more transformers available than they actually needed. Rolling blackout time for some areas. Better by a whole lot than no power at all.
Watch that Oracle map for updates on Venezuela's power situation, it is probably the most reliable reference there is.
There's a solid chance the power failure attack failed. Venezuela was definitely hurt by it, but not badly enough. If the U.S. got what it wanted out of this, it would not be calling the embassy workers home, obviously the war hawks know they lost the power battle and will now proceed in a different way.

Remember when I said drones as small as a DJI phantom can wipe out electrical lines and transformers?

There is a video that likely shows that happening in Venezuela.

As it turns out, Venezuela's transformer and power line explosions are likely to be exactly that. There is video where it appears obvious a drone is dropping conductive strands onto Venezuela's power lines, in the hope of getting a self sustaining arc going. There is video of this happening down the page a ways on this Twitter. The guy who posted the video assumed it was too much voltage doing this, but it is clearly not, the sparks are being caused by conductive strands being dropped. A real over voltage arc would happen in one spot only, and be absolutely immense, not the sparklers all over the place the video is showing.
This appears to be something dropping conductive strands on the power lines, in the hopes of getting a welding arc going. If such an arc is successfully started, it is pretty much game over, everything will get cooked.
Most likely, this is exactly how the substations are being torched off - drones are dropping these strands, which were well spoken about during the gulf war, for taking out substations. Once an arc gets going, there's no stopping it until it burns everything up. It is lucky circumstance that someone captured video of such an attack underway (unsuccessfully) being done, it failed to cause the lines to blow up in this case. However, this video proves foul play in the manner I described, there's no question whatsoever that the substations are being destroyed as an act of war.
So if the virus does not do it, the drones and conductive strands will be used.

Venezuela's power has fallen back down to this morning's levels, which were equal to what Guri could produce before it was updated in 2010.

So obviously, the 1980's vintage stuff is working normally, while the stuxnet compatible stuff keeps getting attacked.

Not a wise move with China no doubt knocking to get in to help fix this. What would China do with effectively captured Stuxnet code?

Probably following orders, Oracle took Suriname off their global incident map

This is because their incident map proves Venezuela was giving Suriname over 75 percent of it's power, and that Suriname is impacted as hard as Venezuela is by America's cyber attack. That did not "feel good" for a disinfo clown, so Suriname is now off the map. Don't worry, I have the link which proves it all HERE so you can see what is going on there.

HEADS UP: A NEW ATTACK ON VENEZUELA IS UNDERWAY, AND THEIR POWER MAY GO OUT AGAIN. I am just sitting here waiting for it to happen.

Too bad all their refrigerated food is rotten, so getting the power back for the better part of a day at this point obviously did not help them much.

The new attacks commenced when Venezuela's oil ports opened up again and began filling tankers. Coincidence? What is that?

At least all the phones and flashlights got charged, along with car batteries I am sure.

OK, That was Jim's post from two days ago, and yes, he is right about the fact that not only did Venezuela lose power, but neighboring Suriname as well....  The fact that Surimame was knocked out of power should have everyone realizing that it was indeed an intentional assault on the Giri facility, and that these criminals do not give a crap about how many people, or nations, are affected by their actions...

And yes, the fact that Suriname was indeed without power as well as Venexuela was not reported anywhere in the Jew spew media at all!  Surprise, surprise....

And here is Jim's report from just the other day in another update:

Maduro is hoaxing full power restoration

There's no way all power could be restored in Venezuela after all those electrical explosions, and via the trace map, I'd say a random number between 80 and 90 percent is restored. Not bad, considering how bad the attack was and Maduro ought not play "kim jong" by spewing B.S. about a 100 percent recovery when the U.S. and any other nation of significance including allies of Venezuela can look at the entire country from space in real time.
I will declare Guri 100 percent up and running when Suriname gets switched back on. For as long as Suriname is sitting at 25 percent power, there's no reason to say Venezuela got it all back. Above 80 percent restored such a short time after busting virus planting saboteurs is bragging rights, there's no reason to lie and say it is more than it is.
Update: It did become meaningful to post Suriname's data, because they keep removing it from the incident map by falsely reporting it has zero problems (probably because the truth about this has been revealed). I'll get to that later. Yes, oracle will bow down to the deep state and bury data. Too late, I have it.
Suriname was suddenly put back on the global incident map. I have their data captured in case it becomes meaningful to post it.

I will say that yes, Maduro did tell the Venezuelan people and the Jew spew media reporters from around the world that power in Venezuela had been restored... But the facts are that the power was still in the proces of being restored... And again, yes, when Suriname gets its power back on THEN at that point we can be assured that the damage done to Giri would have been fixed...

And lo and behold, but later that same day comes the following report from Jim Stone:

It appears Venezuela switched Suriname back on

Now it is possible to say the permanent damage to Venezuela amounts to approximately 15 percent of total electrical infrastructure. This will come back slowly over months.



The conductive strand trick is now approximately 15 years old. The U.S. started doing this to Iraq at around the time of "shock and awe".

OK,Now we can see the progression towards full power restoral is moving along nicely with power now restored to neighboring Suriname.....

But of course the US is now taking this power grid attack one step further by using drones to drop conductive filament strands across power lines in Venezuela to cause them to spark and shut down local generation substations along the lines.... That is of course another nefarious action by the US Government....

And here is another subsequent report from yesterday from Jim:

Study Venezuela

We are clearly seeing a new form of warfare. Study Venezuela and remember, because when the same group wrecking Venezuela tries this in the U.S. it will be helpful to have learned from this. What we are seeing in Venezuela is a combination of virus attacks, small drone attacks where the drones are not shooting or dropping bombs, combined with on the ground saboteurs.

They educated us with Venezuela

I think it is foolish for whoever is doing this to Venezuela to do it, because they are showing Americans the exact same guerrilla tactics that can be used against THEM, - like - All across America there are fuse disconnects on large power transmission lines that are only locked with a padlock, and a simple pair of bolt cutters will get rid of those locks and pull of a handle can knock power out to millions and such things are right out in the great wide open, not secured AT ALL. And it would not damage anything but it would take hours before anyone figured out what happened. Tons of substations are only protected by hurricane fence, and to wipe out a transformer, all you have to do is cut the fence and remove large plugs that are at the bottoms of all the large transformers to drain the oil which acts as an insulator, and they'll blow up without it . . . . . remove one of the plugs and RUN. . . . .this is the kind of crap they are doing in Venezuela, LEARN FROM IT, it will be useful in a civil war.
Stupid stupid morons teaching everyone how to kick their asses on their own home turf. Just to steal a nation's oil.

I agree with Jim that people in the US so badly need to be proper educated about what is really happening in Venezuela, for what has happened in that nation is coming to the US eventually!

And later yesterday comes this report from Jim about how it has not only been the hydro-electric stations that have been under attack by the US, but apparently they have been attacking the oil storage facilities along the Caribbean coast of Venezuela as well:

SURPRISE SURPRISE: Oil refineries in Venezuela are now exploding

Also, in at least one district, during the mayhem saboteurs connected oil lines to water lines so when the water came back on the entire water system got wrecked.
There's a saboteur based war going on in Venezuela. A coward's war. Someone is not brave enough to send cruise missiles so they are pulling other B.S.
Fact: Power outages do not mysteriously put oil in water lines at 100 percent concentration! A little skiff of oil might be believable from back flow after the lines lost pressure in a country full of oil but there's no way pure black crude would come out at full pressure instead of water. But trolls are hitting multiple forums and blogs, saying yep, it can, because "Venezuela is so incompetent under Maduro that this really can happen and the country needs a NWO jack boot savior! Maduro ripped the brains out of everyone, he's so bad that suddenly overnight everyone got stupid and can't tell the difference between an oil line or a water line, or an on/off button on a generator."

This is absolutely heinous, and shows how the US is still mounting TERRORIST attacks against Venezuela's infrastructure...

And late last night, came this follow up from Jim:

Most likely Venezuela is being attacked from space now.

100 percent of ALL substations in the state of Zulia and city of Maricaibo simultaneously exploded and burst into flames. Such timing is not possible, either these are now coordinated ground attacks, cruise missile attacks or these substations are being nailed by lasers from space. Once a laser cuts into one of these transformers even a little, it's kablooey. The only problem with lasers is one would think they'd be visible.
One way or another however, this is a clear and obvious war. Someone is destroying these substations no ifs or buts, "lack of maintenance" can't hit this kind of destruction schedule. All this stuff was working fine before the blackout, why would all of it blow up now?

THIS IS ALL THE WORK OF GUAIDO. There's no way Maduro would do it, which leaves ONLY GUAIDO.

Do you want someone who will destroy your country to become your president? It's as simple as that.

I for one am not yet sold on the idea of laser based weapons in Earth orbit causing the substations to blow up.... But I do agree with the facts that these attacks are all being done for the insane notion that they will somehow benefit that heinous "Random" Guaido, who has since the attacks on Venezuela's infrastructure, been attacking Maduro claiming that the infrastructure damage has been caused by the President's mishandling and corruption!  BUT the people of Venezuela are NOT this stupid, for they can easily see that these attacks have been orchestrated by the US and aimed at trying to get the people of Venezuela to somehow turn away from Maduro... However thanks to the logic of the Venezuelan people, these attacks have in fact galvanized the people into a firm support of President Maduro.... Basically it means that these vain and stupid infrastructure attacks have backfired on the US Government!

And today, I started to read up on further reports about that heinous Guaido, and on what exactly that criminal would do to Venezuela once he "attains" power through the criminal actions of the United States.... And according to the following link to a report from the Blacklisted News website, the criminal
Random Guaido is definitely going to "privatize" Venezuela's massive Petroleum wealth as one of his first orders of business if he ever becomes Venezuela's President!  Here is that link here:

Honestly, I knew that was coming... Privatization my ass... What the criminal Guaido would do once in power would be to hand over ALL of Venezuela's massive oil wealth to the greedy bastard American corporations... Such action would be a detriment to the Venezuelan people who would suddenly see their wealth stolen from them!

Yes, things are definitely changing on a daily basis in Venezuela..... I am still hoping that the US would not be fool hardy enough to invade Venezuela and possibly trigger a war against not only that nation, but Russia and China that are definitely wanting to see their own interests protected... But the American government is hell bent on grabbing Venezuela's oil (and Gold) wealth, and they obviously do not give a damn about how their actions could indeed not only trigger a massive civil war in Venezuela, but a global war as well...

More to come


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Economic Collapse Is Definitely Upon Us: 12 Statistics That Prove That The US Is Facing A Consumer Debt Collapse!

I do want to turn away for at least one article from the continuing crisis in Venezuela and of course the continuing saga concerning the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crash in southern Ethiopia..... For while the news is indeed bad elsewhere around the world, the real news at home here in Canada and the United States is the concern that our economies are indeed collapsing and that we are entering a deep Depression that pales in comparison the the Great Depression of the 1930's....

In last weekend's rant, I spoke about what I have been seeing happening here in Canada, as local businesses are now all hanging on for dear life for their survival while consumer spending has totally tapped out... Nobody has any money to do any purchases as we have been taxed to death and the majority of both Canadians and Americans are drowning in consumer debt.... I said that the situation is going from bad to worse and we are indeed teetering on full economic collapse...

I found the following report, by writer Michael Snyder, through the website "The End Of The American Dream" at, that everyone should read and heed its message... This report is entitled "12 Statistics That Prove That The US Is Facing A Consumer Debt Collapse" and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

12 Statistics That Prove That The U.S. Is Facing A Consumer Debt Apocalypse

In the entire history of the United States, consumers have never been in so much debt.  And that would not be a crisis as long as the vast majority of us were regularly making our debt payments, but as you will see below delinquency levels are starting to rise to extremely alarming levels.  In fact, some of the numbers that are coming in are even worse than we witnessed at any point during the last recession.  If things are this bad already, what are they going to look like once the economy really gets bad?  Because even though it appears that we are heading into a new recession, according to the Federal Reserve it has not officially begun yet.  That means that much worse is yet to come.  Just like last time, millions of Americans will likely lose their jobs, and without an income most of those that suddenly find themselves unemployed will not be able to pay their bills.  The stage is set for the largest tsunami of consumer debt defaults that this country has ever seen, and that will absolutely devastate major financial institutions all across America.

If you think that I am exaggerating even a little bit, please read over the following list very carefully.  The following are 12 statistics that prove that the U.S. is facing a consumer debt apocalypse…
#1 Total consumer debt in the United States just surpassed the 4 trillion dollar mark.  That has never happened before in all of U.S. history.
#2 When you throw in mortgages and all other kinds of individual debt, U.S. consumers are now 13.5 trillion dollars in debt.
#3 A whopping 480 million credit cards are in circulation in this country.  That number has shot up by nearly 13 percent since 2015.
#4 U.S. consumers are carrying 870 billion dollars worth of balances on their credit cards right now.
#5 56 percent of Americans that currently have credit card balances have been carrying them for more than a year.
#6 The number of “seriously delinquent”credit card accounts in the U.S. has shot up to 37 million.
#7 Americans now owe a total of 1.3 trillion dollars on their auto loans.

#8 At this moment, more than 7 million Americans are delinquent on their auto loan payments.  The figure has already surpassed what we witnessed during the peak of the last recession by about a million.
#9 The total amount of student loan debt in the United States has reached the 1.5 trillion dollar mark.  Over the last 10 years, that number has more than doubled.
#10 Right now, more than 166 billion dollars in student loan debt is considered to be “seriously delinquent”.
#11 Millennials are now more than a trillion dollars in debt.  No generation of Americans has ever been deeper in debt at this stage in life.
#12 One recent survey found that 78 percent of Americans “are living paycheck to paycheck”.  Suffocating debt levels are a big reason why that figure is so incredibly high.
Since so many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, that means that there is very little room for error.  During the last recession, large numbers of Americans immediately began getting behind on their bills once they were laid off, and we saw mortgage defaults rise to unprecedented levels.  Sadly, we haven’t learned from our past mistakes, and millions upon millions of Americans will find themselves drowning in an ocean of red ink once again during this next recession.
But even if you are not living paycheck to paycheck, carrying credit card balances is a very unwise thing to do.
Most Americans don’t realize that if you only make the minimum payment on a credit card every month, you can end up paying more in interest than you did for the original purchases.  The following comes from USA Today
If a credit-card borrower only made the minimum payments on $5,000 of debt, for example, they’d be in debt for more than 18 years and would end up paying $6,372 in interest based on national average interest rates, according to Ted Rossman, industry analyst for
If you keep playing this game, I promise you that you will never get rich.  Instead, the only people that will be getting wealthy will be the people that are receiving your debt payments.
Credit card debt is one of my pet peeves.  One of the best financial moves that anyone can make is to get out of credit card debt and never look back.
And that is particularly important at this juncture because the economy is really starting to slow down.  Compared to last year, U.S. job cut announcements were up 117 percent in February.
We haven’t seen anything like that since the last financial crisis.
At this point, even mainstream economists are openly admitting what is coming.  Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, sounded downright gloomy in his most recent article…
The economy is throttling back. Way back. That’s the message in the near stall out of job growth last month. Job creation probably isn’t as bad as February’s disappointing numbers suggest — unusually poor weather played a role in limiting job growth to just 20,000 — but it is weaker than just a few months ago. Businesses are nervous, and sentiment is at risk of breaking if anything goes wrong.
And plenty could go wrong. A recession could materialize swiftly if businesses lose faith, and there is a good chance they will.
And when the next recession strikes, things are going to get very, very rough for U.S. consumers.
A consumer debt apocalypse is coming, and it is going to be incredibly painful.

NTS Notes:  I must say that what this article states is happening in America is happening up here in Canada as well.... For recent reports about the Canadian consumers stated that for every Canadian dollar out there, the average Canadian owes over $1.60 in debt!   That to me is so alarming, and shows how consumers are indeed being crushed in perpetual never ending debt with no way out...

I have always been asked for solutions, and one that consumers must always follow is to never pay for anything that they can not afford... That is a simple edict and one that too few people follow, especially when they are inundated with retail stores claiming that they can "get it now and pay for it later"......

I have also marveled as to how poorly so many millenials out there even understand how credit card debt actually works.... They go out shopping and have no care in the world about how much they put on their credit cards and not even understanding how those mechanisms of debt actually work..... Many are stuck making their minimum payments, while watching as these cards with their 19.99% (or usually more) interest rates literally suck the life out of them...

I do have one suggestion for those who have a horrific amount of credit card debt and trying to find a way to pay them off, but yet have good jobs and decent income.... Most financial institutions will lend those with decent standing "lines of credit" at around 6% or less in interest rates.... I have always suggested that for those who have credit card debt to get a "line of credit" from banks and use those mechanisms as a way of lowering their interest from the 20% range to 6% or less.....  Then, what they should do is to basically either tear up their credit cards or to make sure that any balances owing on those cards are payed IN FULL....Paying credit cards off in full every month removes their interest that is owed by the user!   This is part of being a smart consumer and stopping handing over money to the criminals that run the credit card companies....

The bottom line is this... Consumer debt is indeed sucking the life out of so many people, and has created a situation where many consumers will never be able to get out of debt.... And yes, the situation is worsening as with this tapping out of consumer spending, we are about to see a retail apocalypse and full economic collapse coming very soon....

More to come