Sunday, December 30, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 30th, 2018

Sunday... Last Sunday of 2018, and time for my usual weekend rant..

First of course I do want to wish everyone a Happy New Year... And I do hope for the best for everyone in this coming year and warm wishes for their families.... From what I am seeing happen right now in terms of our collapsing economies, the year 2019 will most definitely be a tumultuous indeed...

I am slowly but surely recovering from severe back and neck pains that have been excruciating at times... I have been taking a few 'anti-inflammatory" drugs over the last while which reduces the pain but have the side effect of making me extremely sleepy and sometimes wanting to puke... I have always had a hard time with "prescription" drugs and have always turned to more natural remedies for what ever ails me..... The pain in my shoulder has subsided over the last week and I am getting better movement now in my back and neck area....  I am hoping that I will be back to my "normal" self within the next week or two, and am crossing my fingers that I do not do something stupid to fuck up my neck and shoulder again!

Lets face the facts here... I have been watching the retail armageddon take place at local retail businesses for the last month as fewer and fewer are able to contend with the fact that most consumers simply do NOT have the buying power they once had... We can thank the Jew run governments that have been taxing everyone to death as the main fault behind this economic standstill, and I am definitely going to state that after the Christmas and post-Christmas rush is over, there will be a lot of business in hot water and on the verge of bankruptcy.... The year 2018 did see a lot of retail giants across North America being forced to close their businesses due to bankruptcy, but that is nothing compared to what we will see happen very soon in 2019!

I have been getting some interesting updates via email and of course the comment section of this blog about what exactly has been happening in France as the "Yellow Vest" uprising is continuing... Most French citizens have had enough of the criminal Macron regime and especially his insane immigration policies that have turned most major French cities into open sewers infested with sewer rat migrants that have no business being in France at all... The people are still taking to the streets and apparently Macron is threatening a "crack down" on the people if the uprisings do continue... I can guarantee that if Macron does attempt to call in the military to punish the protestors in the streets, the French people will be in full revolution and Macron will be forcibly ousted..... The French do have a long and proud history of forcing governments and criminals to step down from higher office, and I do hope that this Yellow Vest uprising is successful and Macron gets his ass thrown out of office!

I am like everyone else in being absolutely astonished and aghast in reading the terms of the recent United Nations "compact agreement" on migration and the "rights" of the sewer rats to come into our nations and destroy our societies... Honestly, what kind of idiotic government officials would sign on to an international agreement that allows misfits and criminals to come flooding into their nations, allowed to collect welfare and do nothing to further and enhance the culture of the nations that they infest, and be allowed to rape and pillage at will while honest hard working citizens are forced to stand by and do nothing to stop them?  Yes, these conditions are exactly what the criminals in charge of the UN want happen to our countries, and they do not give a damn about actual citizens of said countries at all... The bottom line here is the criminal Jewish Rothschilds that absolutely do control the United Nations organization want to see their long planned destruction of nations take place as outlined well over a century ago in their Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion blueprint, and their present weapon of choice for destroying nations are these misfits and scum from third world sewers.... The real sad part is how so many European nations, and even up here in Canada, have gladly signed onto this UN "compact" against the will of the citizens of their own countries.... Every single idiot that has signed this UN agreement should be unceremoniously thrown out of office immediately for their treasonous act against their own people, and considering the fact that my own idiot Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was one of the first morons to gladly sign this diabolical UN agreement, he should be the first to go!.... I am sending this message out to my fellow Canadians that unless they all be made aware of how Trudeau has signed the death knell for Canadian society by ok'ing this "compact", and call for the resignation of Justin immediately, this nation will be truly fucked!

Lets be clear here, for I am NOT against immigration into any nation at all.. But the facts that there are legal methods to bringing in any new immigrants into this or any other nation... Said immigrants must have some skills and a decent education first and foremost and be willing to be part of a nation's culture and be willing to blend in as citizens and be willing to partake in their nation of choice's society.... If they are unable to meet these demands, then they should not be allowed to emigrate to any nation, period, end of story....But here we have the criminal United Nations and Jew run nations willing to open their borders to any miscreant that wants to come walking into their nation... These misfits and scum that I rightfully call "sewer rats" have NO skills, NO understanding of the culture that they are infesting, have NO desire to "blend in" to said culture, and in many cases are the most unhygienic human beings imaginable carrying an assortment of diseases that could harm the people of the nation that they are invading... On top of that, and due to their lack of education, or wanting to follow what ever primitive culture they came from, they cannot work and usually turn to criminal acts against the citizens of the nations that they have invaded... It is a fact that nations that have allowed these sewer rats into their societies have now seen a rocketing level of rape, murder, and petty crimes that in almost ALL cases are being done by these sewer rats themselves!   And the sad part is how our own governments have been bending over backwards to give these sewer rats every opportunity to blend into our societies, including free education, free housing, free health care, and especially free money... These sewer rats have paid back such hospitality by abusing the system and creating the most horrendous crimes imaginable.... I again am steadfast in my statements that this has to end by packing up all of these unfit and criminal sewer rats and have them shipped back to the hell holes they came from, immediately.

Well, I will admit it that I was wrong in stating that the US would withdraw from Syria when "pigs could fly".... The Drumpf administration is definitely pulling out the bulk of the US illegal invaders that are claimed to number only "2000" (My own estimate is some 5 to 10 times this number) out of the illegal bases in northern Syria and around the southern village of Al Tanf....  However, the facts are that the majority of those 'withdrawn' from Syria are being reposted and repositioned into neighbouring Iraq..... And on top of that we find reports that "advisors" as well as "Special forces personnel" are NOT leaving Syria at all, but are to be "embedded" with the Syrian Free Army (SDF) in northern Syria to still oppose the Damascus government... And I have found reports that the bases are to be turned over to the French, the SDF, and US "military contractors", meaning that a few thousand American military personnel and their support will continue to illegally operate within Syria itself.... This does mean that I may not have been entirely wrong when I said that the US was never going to leave Syria, and that they are still aiming for the dismemberment of Syria itself....

I said over a year ago that the Kurds had no future in trying to accept the "deal with the devil" in calling on US and Israeli support for their dream of an "independent Kurdistan" to be cut out of Syrian territory.... With the US "withdrawal" from Syria, the Kurds are being basically left out in the cold and at the mercy of the Turkish forces that definitely want them destroyed and eliminated as a threat to Turkish territorial integrity... The Turks have never wanted to see an "independent Kurdistan" cut out of their own territory as well as out of Syria, and have been planning a major offensive into northeastern Syria once the US has left..... The Kurds can see the writing on the wall and most definitely should accept the deal that Bashar al-Assad offered them way back in September 2017 that called for them to accept control from Damascus, but allow them a bit of self autonomy under the control of the nation of Syria....Honestly, that always was a great deal for the Kurds, and they would have signed onto the deal put forward by the Damascus government, if not for their sheer selfishness and idiocy in wanting an independent nation instead.... It is my hope that the Kurds do lay down their arms to the Damascus government and accept the deal for their reintegration into Syria itself, for the alternative will be more death and destruction...

I did see the reports last week where President Donald Drumpf and his wife made that "surprise" visit to the US troops operating in their illegal bases within Iraq... And when I saw the transcript of the "speech" that he made to the troops stating that they are still there to "fight terrorism" and being ready and able to go back into Syria at a moment's notice... That speech proved what I and others have stated about how Drumpf is NOT going to 'withdraw' from the Middle East at all, and how he is still under Jewish control that wants to have the US positioned in Iraq for a future war against Iran itself... The one thing that I found astonishing is how Drumpf, when asked about Israel, stated clearly that the Israelis were receiving some $4.5 BILLION in direct US "aid" to their criminal nation, and have the capabilities, thanks to that "aid" to "defend themselves" against any enemy attack..... This was one of the first admissions in a long time by any US President of the level and magnitude of that so called "aid package" that the US has been sending annually to the psychotic state of Israel... And the facts are of course that "aid" is coming at the expense of the US taxpayers that rightfully should see that money spent in America on Americans and NOT to some sick and twisted nation that takes the money to buy weapons to kill their neighbours!

I also read the reports of that Israeli "raid" into Syria on Christmas day where they attacked an alleged and laughable "Iranian base" near the capitol city of Damascus.... The facts are that out of the 16 or so "missiles" that were launched by Israeli jets against that "base" some 14 or so were shot down by Syrian air defences that have yet to incorporate the newer Russian built S300 systems and launchers but instead used older SA200 systems to launch defensive missiles against this attack.... It was a resounding success for the Syrians and a defeat for the psychotic Israelis, definitely... BUT the one thing that I found alarming was how the Israeli military admitted after this heinous attack that they used two civilian passenger airliner jets to "cover" for their jets as they made it to their launch points over Lebanon to launch their missiles into Syria.... To use civilian jetliners as a means to block possible defensive measures means that the Israelis put hundreds of innocent civilians on board those two planes at risk of destruction... This was a most heinous and barbaric act by the Israelis, but honestly these bastards do not care about human life at all, and would easily have hundreds of "Goyim" put at risk to achieve their goals.....And the facts are that this is not the first time the psychotic Jews in Israel have used this diabolical method to achieve their aims, and I can guarantee they will continue to do this criminal act in the future.... AND one other thought did cross my mind in terms of this heinous Israeli act, for there is the possibility that the Israelis definitely used these civilian aircraft to shield their operation in the hope that the Syrians would fire their defensive missiles against said civilian aircraft.... If the Syrians did hit the civilian aircraft instead of the Israeli F16 fighters, I can guarantee the Jew spew media would have been all over the Syrian response calling it a criminal act and calling on the world to retaliate against the Damascus government for killing those civilians!   Did the sickos in Israel therefore plan this type of diabolical act to take place?  I definitely would not put it past those monsters...

I recently came under fire once again by those in my "favourite fan club" meaning the Usual JIDF/Hasbara agents, and other numbskulls, that tried once again to flood my comment section here at this blog with their usual vile and stupidity calling me every name under the sun.... I have of course no time for stupidity and have banned as many of them that I possibly can and have of course refused to post their idiotic comments.... And I figure I would set the record straight here, and  try to make readers understand that I am NOT a "hater" or a "racist" or what ever the idiots out there want to call me.... I am against criminals, and I am dead set against a group of humans that somehow think that they are the "chosen ones" and that everyone else are to be their slaves and their "cattle" if they are ever able to achieve their sick dream of world domination... I have long called "Judaism" a fraud religion that is based on some of the most evil and diabolical concepts ever concocted by mankind... I have always said that if people want to see real "hate" and real "racism", just take a gander at the Jewish diabolical Talmud, which is the most grotesque and filthy concoction of garbage ever written... And again, I am not against all Jews for I am against those who do follow the writings of their "Talmud" and partake in the destruction and enslavement of the rest of mankind.... I have no place for such evil, and have always stated that if the Jewish people ever decided to give up on their sick dream of world domination and actually wanted to join the rest of mankind for a better future, I would welcome them back to humanity..

It has been getting much much colder up here in Central Canada over the last week, and considering this is only the end of December, the worse is yet to come with January expected to be near record levels of cold.... Yes, the world is definitely getting much much colder as I and others have long predicted and expected... Our sun, Sol, has now definitely gone 'cold' with solar radiation output dramatically diminished.... I will state however that this is NOT the beginning of some "new ice age" as this cold spell is part of Sol's expected 44 year or so cycle between higher and lower levels of radiation output..... And yes, we may be seeing a "Grand solar minimum" take place over the next decade that could see world agricultural outputs diminished and decimated... Billions of lives on our planet could indeed be at risk of a world wide famine as food production is decreased... However, I am not sold on the "doom and gloom" out there and hope that people around the world wake up to the fraud of "Global Warming" by putting that lie out of its misery, stop their own government's push for fraud "carbon taxation" and actually plan for a long cold spell and reduced food production for a few years.....

Someone asked me a while back what ever happened to "Whitewraithe" who was of course my former partner at this blog and her own over at "Pragmatic Witness" for years.... Wraithe and I did have a bit of a falling out a few years back as she was going through a difficult time in her life where she was struggling to get employment in her native state of Tennessee as well as having to address so many family and personal issues.... I did feel bad for her and for a time did try my best to lend support in what ever means possible, considering that I live some 2000 miles away up here in Canada... Wraithe of course stopped writing at her blog a few years back, and we lost touch over time..... I have always said that once she gets her life back in order, that she could contact me or even call me direct at any time when she was ready to talk to me...  And honestly, I do miss her input and her wealth of knowledge.....I probably will give her a shout soon, and I will let everyone know here at this blog how she is doing...

OK, I figure that is enough for the moment..... I will go back to stretching out my back and taking a few pain killers to allow my neck to heal... In the meantime, time to close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits........ The so called 'ceasefire' in Yemen does appear to be holding for the most part, but I have seen a few reports this last week where the criminal Saudis have been launching air raids against the city of S'ana itself.  There is still hope that with the new year much needed humanitarian aid will flow to the starving citizens there, for the alternative will be more despair and a famine that will see millions perish...... And I have seen new reports that the Saudis have been using child soldiers in their "war" in Yemen, which of course is in violation of every concept of international law.  But considering how evil and criminal the Saudis have been in their slaughter of Yemen's civilians, using child soldiers for the fight is minor in comparison......It has now been well over 2 years since criminal US President and Jew butt kisser Donald Drumpf was selected to be the US President and I find it so annoying that the Jew spew media in America is still trying to push the fraud "Russia gate" on the gullible American public.  And people wonder why they are sick and tired of the liars at those "news" networks and why those network "ratings" have been going to hell?  Nobody likes a liar, period!........And speaking of "Russia gate", I am still wondering what it will take to finally put that psychotic mass murdering freak of nature, Hillary "Killary" Clinton behind bars for being the real one behind the entire "Russia gate" fiasco?   Considering the fact that she and the Clinton crime family were the ones to make out like bandits with the "Uranium One" dealings, when will she be on trial for her treasonous deals with the Russians?  But again, this psycho may never see a day in jail, for she knows where all of the skeletons in the US government's evil dealing are buried!.........I have an interesting question for my American readers; If US income tax is still only "voluntary" and there is NO law that states that you have to pay those taxes, then why are you still paying them to criminal Jewish pricks?  Maybe its about time people truly understood how "income tax" really works and how it is nothing but a swindle?.....I saw an article where apparently a French writer has been slammed and had received a multitude of death threats for her criticisms of Islam.  I for one look upon ALL religions as fraud and nothing but for brainwashing of weak minds, and therefore every religion, including Islam, should be wide open for any criticisms and there should be no exceptions.......As I had predicted, the Ukrainian military has now received a wealth of brand new and more sophisticated American made weaponry and will very shortly turn those weapons on the embattled citizens of the eastern breakaway republics of the Donbas.  Yes, this was indeed the side effect of that fraud "Sea of Azov" incident of a month ago, as the Poroshenko government has a bunch of newer and more deadly weapons that he will unleash on the citizens of the Donbas shortly.  And we can thank the US for the new bloodbath that is coming.......Russia builds a new 60 kilometre long "barrier" along the border between Crimea and the Ukraine and everyone is calling this an "act of aggression" by the Russians? The Russians have every right to build such a barrier to keep the vermin and criminals from Ukraine out of Crimea, and the Crimean people as being part of Russia are all for this barrier in place.   And the facts are that Crimea was NEVER annexed by Russia as the Jew spew media still tries to portray, but in fact were so glad to vote overwhelmingly to get the hell out of Ukraine and join Russia just a few years ago!.........I again must ask WHY, considering all of the new evidence that has come forward that shows conclusively that vaccines are not for the benefit of people, does anyone still want to go out and get a "flu shot"?  I honestly think that either the propaganda is that powerful, or people are truly this stupid!  I am actually leaning on the latter these days.......The psychotic state of Israel is set to have "elections" come April of 2019, and I see that the psychotic Benyamin Miliekowsky aka "Netanyahu" is out there campaigning by authorizing the illegal building of another 2000+ settlement homes illegally in the occupied West Bank.  Yes, that mental case is definitely wanting to be re-elected, and considering how the entire state of Israel is full of mental cases just like himself, the bastard may actually win come April and we will see even more death and destruction rained down on the innocent Palestinians.........The world must be run by psychopaths when you consider that some Jew run publication proclaimed criminal George Soros as their "man of the year" for 2018.  Honestly, considering the damage that psycho has done to humanity, I am still wondering why he is not rotting in a cold jail cell for the rest of his miserable life rather than still being a free man raising havoc across the world?............I see Arsenal lost yesterday to a much more powerful Liverpool squad by the score of 5-1.  In spite of that drubbing, I saw a few large improvements in the Gunners that I have not seen in years, and even though this year may indeed be one of rebuilding, watch out for them in years to come......And finally, I am truly sick and tired of the Kardashians as others should be when you see a creature suck as that sicko Kris Jenner, parade into an airport with a supposed $16000 bag that has "Rich As Fuck" emblazoned on its side.   This alone should have people finally realizing how they have wasted their lives following these pathetic creatures and insults to humanity!  Basically the sooner these filth disappear from our lives, the better for everyone!

More to come


Saturday, December 29, 2018

UN Migration Pact Is Jewish Globalist Insanity - The Terrible Truth About The UN Migration "Compact" Agreement

I have been attacking Canada's present "migration" policies for years now... I have said and I stand firmly behind my statements that this nation does NOT need any of the sewer rats that have been presently flooding across our southern border from the United States, for the simple fact that that vast majority of those illegal "migrants" have NO future in Canada at all.. The majority can NOT possibly in any shape or form become part of Canadian society as they themselves are incapable of ever joining said society... The majority of these sewer rats are uneducated, mostly illiterate, and can not function in our society..... I have said that the best thing for the Canadian federal government to do is to detain these rats and send them all packing back to the shit holes they originated from...

I sadly have been proven absolutely right about what has been happening to the tens of thousands of these sewer rat migrants that have come into Canada.... The vast majority have been unable to blend in Canadian society and in fact almost ALL of them have been turned into welfare cases that have been collecting Canadian welfare benefits at the cost of Canadian taxpayers... They have been on the government "dole" and have brought into this nation their "standards of living" where many are unclean and have the poorest hygiene possible.. It is also a fact that many of them have crossed Canada's border carrying a vast range of new diseases that were previously unheard of in this nation!

I blame the Justin Trudeau regime for this mess as he himself has now become the worse Prime Minister in Canadian history and is unwilling to stop the flow and send the rats packing.... And apparently much of this present policy by idiot Justin and by the criminals in the Trudeau regime stems from Canada signing onto a recent UN "agreement" on "migration" called the UN Migration Compact Agreement!

I first became aware of the UN Migration Compact Agreement about a month ago, and when I recently approached several people while out and about over the last few weeks, I had this wild eyed look in their eyes as they said they have never even heard of this 'agreement'.... And when I checked into the local "news" and other Canadian Jew spew media sources, there have been ZERO reports anywhere about this UN agreement that was actually signed off earlier this month in Morocco.... But after reading some of the terms of this agreement online, I can see why the Canadian people are being kept in the dark, for if Canadians actually knew the real truth behind this insidious "agreement", they would be up in arms....

I first want to present here a link to a report about the UN "Compact Agreement" on Migration here for everyone to get up to speed on what the terms of this "agreement" are all about:

OK, I honestly want to cut to the chase here and spell out the real TRUTH about this insidious and diabolical "agreement"... And to tell the truth about what the 'terms' of this diabolical "agreement" is all about, I want to present the following video by Stefan Molyneux that gets down to the nitty gritty about this "compact" for everyone to see for themselves... Here is that video, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: THIS UN "compact" agreement is in my own assessment one of the most diabolical and ruthless piece of "legislation" that the UN has passed in some time... And it again is part of the Jewish global agenda of destroying nations by allowing every conceivable piece of shit sewer rat flooding into nations and destroying our societies...

I have found the "terms" of this "agreement" to be so disgusting, especially the parts that allow the scum of the earth to go almost everywhere they want and to be allowed to basically bleed our societies to death...

 I honestly cannot understand how any nation with any common sense would ever sign off on this 'agreement', and yet the vast majority of our countries have!   And sadly, here we have Canada's own criminal moron, Justin Trudeau, going out of his way to agree to every single term of this agreement almost to the letter...

It is also no wonder the general public is unaware of this horrific piece of filth, for if people knew the reality of what this 'compact' entails, there would definitely be hell to pay..

Spread the word, everyone, for the Jewish Rothschild controlled United Nations wants this agreement rammed down everyones' throats as part of their agenda of destroying societies for their long planned "new world order"... People must be made aware of what is happening here and stop this evil in its tracks..

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Update On Syrian War To Free Itself From The US/Israel/NATO Scourge: US Forces Are Indeed 'Withdrawing" From Their Illegal Positions In Syria!

I have indeed been following the reports closely over these last few days concerning the claimed US "withdrawal" from their illegal positions within Syria, and yes the US is indeed pulling out their forces from some of their "bases" across northern Syria, as well from their illegal position around Al Tanf in southern Syria... But rest assured, this "withdrawal" is absolutely a movement to take those troops out of Syria and redeploy them to the illegal US bases within neighbouring Iraq.... The facts are that the US is NOT going to do the right thing and send those troops home to the continental United States, but will keep them within striking distance of Syria, and if any US created "false flag" does occur within Syria these troops will be quickly sent into the fray... Therefore the sick desire by the US and Israel to have Syria destroyed and dismembered is not over by a long shot...

With the US "pullout" from some key positions in northern Syria, the focus has turned to the besieged town of Manjib that has been a major focal point of contention due to the fact that the Turkish armed forces have long been planning an assault to seize the town from the YPG/Kurdish forces.... But according to the link to the following report from the Southfront website, at, apparently the Kurds are well aware of the dilemma they face with the US no longer backing their positions at Manjib and have now had to turn to the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) for support and have allowed the SAA to move into the town to prevent the Turks from attacking Manjib itself....  Here is that report here:

One note.. This article says that the US may 'withdraw" from Iraq by the time that Drumpf's term in office ends in 2021, but considering the fact that the psychos in Israel are still hell bent on having Syria destroyed and will demand that their US puppets stay put in Iraq, the US withdrawal from Iraq is more of a pipe dream..

And here is a follow up on that report showing how and where the Syrian government forces have been deployed in and around Manjib to prevent the expected Turkish attack on the town itself:

OK, It seems apparent that the Kurds are now seeing the "writing on the wall" and will have no choice now but to seek an agreement with the Syrian government in Damascus to prevent their own destruction... The Kurdish dream of a "Kurdistan" may officially be dead with the US NO longer backing their want for independence, and as I have said before they should have listened when Bashar al-Assad gave them an olive branch of peace over a year ago and offered them a future within Syria and be allowed to have a sense of self governance as well as freedom of religion!  Here in fact is the link to that article that I posted up here at this blog a year ago showing how the Kurds ONLY future rested within Syria itself:

The fact is that the Kurds sheer arrogance in actually believing the criminals in both the US and Israel that they would "back" an independent Kurdistan is now blowing up in their faces....The US and Israel are basically now wanting to see the Kurds left to the mercy of the Turks who would invade northern Syria in a heartbeat and wipe them out, if not for the Syrian government and the Russians standing in their way...  The ONLY future that I can see that the Kurds have now is to beg the Syrian government for their help and to sign on the dotted line for what Bashar al-Assad has already offered them back in September of last year and be re-integrated back into Syrian society....

There is of course another situation that is now happening in northern Syria, where apparently a 'faction' of the Kurdish "Free Syrian Army", known collectively as the "Syrian Elite Forces" is in fact still wanting to sell their souls to the US/Israel/NATO scourge and devils, for apparently according to the following link to a report from Southfront, they are going to work with the US, France, and even Turkey, to keep a chunk of northeastern Syria away from the control of the Free Syrian Army and ultimately away from the control of the Damascus government at all cost... Here is that link:

What we have here is of course another US attempt to keep part of northern Syria out of the hands of the Damascus government after their 'withdrawal'!   This again shows that the planned dismemberment of Syria by the US/Israel/NATO scourge is still alive and well... Therefore even if the Free Syrian Army finally sees the light and makes peace with Damascus, this "splinter group" will continue with the fighting against the SAA in northern Syria and keep the war in Syria going with more death and blood shed as a result...

It seems obvious that the Syrian nation's wish to finally get the US the hell out of their nation may finally be happening... Even though the US is shuffling the deck and moving the majority of their illegal forces into neighbouring Iraq, the propaganda and psychological effect of seeing the US finally get the hell out of Syria is a godsend for the Syrian people and sends the message to the world that resistance against tyranny and evil can actually succeed if you have the people united and willing to fight against such evil....

And one other note... Apparently the fraud US "attacks" on that last fraud "ISIS" positions in the Hajib valley area of the Euphrates River south of the key Syrian city of Deir Ez-Zor may finally be coming to an end.. But of course the Jew spew media propaganda about this fraud "SDF versus ISIS" fight is still out there, and here is the latest report from Southfront in regards to this pure piece of bullshit here:

Yes, it should be apparent that this "fight" between the US run "SDF" forces and the US run "ISIS" forces is pure bullshit.... Honestly, can anyone with any intelligence honestly believe that we have two US run and controlled groups fighting against each other?  But it again makes for great Jew spew media reporting and of course to try to justify the entire fraud "war on terror" for the gullible American public...

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next while, especially in regards to the Kurds finally seeing that they have no choice but to seek peace with the Damascus government for their very future.... I will of course bring follow up reports  here at this blog if and when that news comes forward, so stay tuned..

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Newest Essay From John Kaminski: Swindlers And Pigeons

I am finally getting back to a sense of "normal"... My neck and upper back pains have been subsiding, gradually, and this short rest break has been good for my stress level...... I do want to thank those readers that have stuck by me as I recuperate...

I figure I have enough energy this evening to fire off a few articles, and I want to start with a real good one from a fellow real truth seeker, John Kaminski, who of course has been writing essays over at his website at This one is entitled: "Swindlers And Pigeons" and is a must read by all of my own readers... I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Feasting on the rotting corpses of dead countries
There are those who fight for the Jews. And there are those who fight for humanity. These groups are natural enemies. Swindlers vs. pigeons. Only one will survive.
Right now the Jew swindlers are way ahead. The world’s most untrustworthy people have long been in charge of the world’s communications systems, which means your expectations of getting authentic information from anywhere are profoundly slim. They control the universities, the TV networks, the Internet, the music business, the hospitals and our Presidents. And it is they who organized the recent African invasion of Europe as well as the busloads from Central America to Tijuana. Most daunting of all, they control the money, which means they control everything else.
The presence of the Jews is directly responsible for the sorry condition of the world. They are “the Chosen” all right, chose to test the integrity and perseverance of the rest of us. Their crimes have distorted the normal growth of human beings. Compassion for the less fortunate has been stamped out and everyone has been imbued with the notion that only members of their clan are the perfect humans, and the rest ought to be wiped out (which is also what all religions basically preach).
This is a perfect formula for permanent war — somebody is always fighting. For investors, war is the best investment. These kosher miscreants who make their money out of fomenting conflict and furnishing the materials for war to the combatants they have secretly enflamed have no regard for anyone’s rights or feelings. The justify their psychopathological behavior by saying “It’s the law” — but these are laws they have created for themselves.
Particularly since the beginning of the computer age, they have boobytrapped all systems. Check out the Talpiott program,(1) where every computer application known to man has a backdoor to Israel, and then troubleshoot what you thought was your intelligent perspective.
They have poisoned all ingredients, in your stomach and in your mind. Just look at how Google, Amazon and Facebook have redefined the etiquette of the world to resemble something like a Miley Cyrus lap dance. Look up Glyphosate,(2) maiming the genes of the feckless goyim for generations to come.
Wrecking families
Worst of all they have twisted the young into disbelieving their parents and ridiculing the truths they try to tell them. Let’s be clear about this.
First of all, the purveyors of most of the myths people believe do not believe in any kind of God normal people can recognize. Their G-d is Lucifer, practitioner of evil, eater of children. You can read about that in Deuteronomy of the Jewish Old Testament (28:56) where Yahweh commands women who don’t obey God’s holy law to eat their own children.
True, children can and do inform their parents about misinformation and myths they may believe, but this pales up against the unbreakable devotion that most parents feel toward their children. Leftist education and prurient media sabotage the belief in children that their parents love them, when in fact their parents are the only people in the world who actually do. All this is precipitated by Jewish control of media, preaching self-debasement as a sexual kind of pleasure. They let transvestites read to children.(3) It is the worst crime ever committed to lie to toddlers in order to mold them into sex toys and docile workers who will never challenge their superiors.
Jews in control of the U.S. education system are conditioning young children to think of homosexuality as normal, and a Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has openly endorsed pedophilia.(4) The high percentage of Jewish justices shows how far down the sewer we actually are.
We won’t even talk about (at least for now) powerful people who murder children and get away with it. Children quickly learn there exists a powerful presence behind the scenes that nobody dares talk about which controls everything. It is this same shadow of destruction that hangs over us now.
The kids are not alright
Observe how the younger generation, stupefied by the irrational behavior of their elders, is not getting married and raising children, resulting in the rapid disintegration of family structures, the bulwark of civilized and free societies. This fits in with the Jewish plan to destabilize societies so that everyone may be more easily controlled by an unchallengeable central authority.
Lost in the chaos of this deliberate deceit is the primary human need to be not only the greatest you can be but to leave a noble legacy of polishing the jewel of life upon which we all depend, and above all, by your behavior to be a shining example to others. To exploit others so you can get a bigger yacht, as Florida’s newest senator has done, should be a crime and not a badge of political greatness, as it is now.
True individuality is now a crime; disagreeing with the powers that be is punishable by time in jail. Most of us never discover that the powerful people who make these rules are criminals themselves, as the writer Frederic Morton pointed out in his otherwise flattering biography of the Rothschilds.
That we as a nation are governed by criminals should tell us a lot about ourselves, but, like that diet we refuse to start, we postpone thinking about problems that are difficult to solve. If we don’t solve this problem, we won’t get a chance to solve another.
In the future probability you try to ignore, all your problems will be solved for you. Count on none of them being resolved to your satisfaction.
Double vision
There is the Jewish version of reality, and then there is empirical reality, the one in which Jews have been kicked out of countries 103 times, always for the same reason — loan sharking. Through their magical form of behavior — bribery, blackmail and murder — today their reflexive criminality has spread throughout every nook and cranny of society, to every aspect of human endeavor
In the Jewish version of reality, the USA became the world champion of human rights. Overseas, everyone became addicted, not realizing it was a carefully constructed illusion. That so many immigrants have come to America and learned to become just like the ruthless Yanks is a frightening new aspect to the multiple sicknesses plaguing our dying republic.
Sociologically speaking, Jews are the drug problem of the world, clogging up systems of commerce with their unparalleled financial trickery and fouling the network of schools and universities by replacing solid knowledge with their depraved propaganda.
Humanity should be primed to march confidently into the future but instead it is wracked by rich men blackmailing the very fallible leaders of countries into betraying their own people and making many millions for themselves. The wish to dominate others to palliate one’s own suppressed fear of death spreads nothing but misery across the face of the planet, and, as with all crimes, the blowback guilt turns the country doing the persecuting into an emotional sewer of self-disgust, as America has now become.
There’s nothing to be proud about the work of our boys overseas, is there?
Jews help America decay
Laws prohibiting criticism of Jews enable them to conceal their constant and colossal crimes: 9/11, the World Wars, the debasement of the currency and the corruption of the American government and all governments of the world, immunity for Big Pharma Jews killing patients with untested drugs and ridiculous surgeries, deliberately causing mayhem in murder in other countries for the purpose of making money . . . I could go on.
By their insistence that Jews are the only true humans and other examples of homo sapiens are mere farm animals, it should be clear that Jews are the only social group on the planet who are NOT human.
It’s their lack of empathy that gives them away, their denial of fairness to everyone else, their insistence that they are not bound by the laws that bind everybody else. The noble humans of old were above all, fair. Jews have taken over all countries by peddling forbidden fruit to everyone and ruining societies. They got rich in old Poland and Russia by peddling booze, and you can bet today that Jews comprise the major operators in the world drug trade, not to mention white slavery, money laundering (their specialty) and assassinations.
Feeding themselves, and poisoning everyone else. That would be the gift of the Jews.
See also:
Kaminski: The Emissary (2005) 

NTS Notes: Again, I do want to thank John for his tireless efforts in trying to reach the masses about the danger that the Jewish elite and pricks are to our societies...

I absolutely do agree that the Jewish criminals are way ahead of the game and right now are about to crash our economies and cause chaos and havoc worldwide... They have been planning the destruction of our nations for centuries now, and may indeed finally have everything in place to bring the entire system to a screeching halt as part of their goal to force their "new world order" on us all..

And sadly I and others have been trying to warn everyone about the perils we face but to no avail.. Most people are oblivious to what is going to probably happen very shortly in this upcoming new year and will only react with a "What the hell just happened? Deer in headlights look of sheer stupidity and ignorance" after which it will be much too late to do something about it...

And again to those naysayers who complain about my placing John's articles here at this blog.  I again challenge them to show where in any aspect that John is wrong in his writings.   I have found that these idiots that complain have not a leg to stand on..

More to come


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Important Health News: BLOCKBUSTER - Italy Sacked Its Entire Vaccine "Advisory Board" And Quickly Discovered Vaccines Are NOT As They Claim To Be!

I have been saying for years now that vaccines and vaccinations are NOT for the betterment of society... I have stated with article after article here at this blog that vaccines do NOT work, period, and are actually being used to fry the minds of people and destroy our next generation of youth... I have been under fire from some readers who have called me a "nut" and claiming that I "do not know what I am talking about", and I have said to those naysayers to come up with their PROOF that vaccines actually do work and to look at the evidence of how they do horrific destruction to our bodies... Of course these naysayers have NOTHING to show, and I therefore stand firm on my statements that everyone must avoid these poisons at all cost..

Now, I want to bring forward a most interesting and blockbuster report that comes courtesy of Jim Stone's website, at Apparently according to the following article the Italian government has just fired their entire "vaccine advisory board" after evidence has come out that clearly shows that the so called 'vaccines' that were being injected into Italian children contained NONE of the necessary ingredients to actually fight the diseases they were designed for!  This is a most important article, and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:



Obviously the vaccines are not for the stated purpose. And if you want an example of snake speak, look at this report by Newsweek:

"The vaccine-skeptic Italian government has sacked every member of the country's health advisory board, raising fears that the populist administration will sideline accepted science and inflict long-lasting damage on public health.
Health minister Giulia Grillo removed all 30 members of the Higher Health Council Monday, arguing it is time to "give space to the new, " The Guardian reported.
The council is the country's most prominent body of technical-scientific experts, who advise the government on health policy."
This Newsweek report never mentions that in the VERY SHORT time after real people who were not eugenics plants and sell outs got put on Italy's top advisory board, tests have already been run on the childhood vaccine - Infanrix Hexa that is supposed to contain the following antigens: tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis toxoids; inactivated poliomyelitis viral strains 1-2-3; and hepatitis B surface antigen AND FOUND NONE of these antigens in the vaccine, meaning, that NO antibodies for anything advertised on the label will be created. So what does the "vaccine" really do? Short answer:

You can't have what is on the label get in the way of a social engineering vaccine that specifically reduces intelligence and makes a drone, and often induces autism as a side effect, so it is best to just leave it out!


Let's dissect the slithering snake speak in that Newsweek report:

"The vaccine-skeptic Italian government has sacked every member of the country's health advisory board, raising fears that the populist administration will sideline accepted science and inflict long-lasting damage on public health."
Ok, so an entire government has no credibility because it is "vaccine skeptic", cannot handle "accepted science" and is perfectly happy to inflict "long lasting damage on public health" with the sub tone being they are ignorant. Italy knows all about cars, advanced motorcycles and light aircraft engines, good food, is the home of the Vatican and is an indisputable first world country, but they are too stupid to test a vaccine and figure out what is in it. YEP. In reality, I think Italy out-classes the staff at Newsweek by a fair margin.
WEAK NEWS has the audacity to claim Italy can't handle accepted science, when Italy used science itself to prove the vaccines really were pure child sabotage that did nothing claimed, as parents everywhere have suspected all along. Use the wording Newsweek presented here as an example, when you see that kind of language you are being lied to by those who want everything about you wiped out.

Here's the real news not so "weak:"

Italy sacked it's vaccine scammers, and put in their place 100 percent new people who are not part of the global conspiracy to destroy people with vaccines, and then subsequently and practically immediately discovered that the vaccines have absolutely nothing they are advertised for, which begs the question: What the hell is really in those shots?

Vaccine advocacy group Corvelva, which is not compromised, spearheaded Italy's investigation into the vaccine scam

The Eugenicists are up in arms over Corvelva, a vaccine advocacy group appointed by the Italian government to investigate the vaccines which has now received over $50, 000 in funding to test all the vaccines and see if they are scams. And more, the Eugenicists are upset about WHERE the funding is coming from - top Italian medical science teams are funding Corvelva's efforts, unlike what this Sott article implies in it's headline and subsequently tries to state by claiming "scientists" are questioning the Italian government's actions that the Italian government is off it's rocker. That's not what the headline should be. Here is what the headline should be:
FIVE NWO approved science scammers are protesting a vaccine safety investigation being conducted by Italy's real top scientists who are rapidly and easily uncovering the truth about what the current childhood vaccines really are, and that they are not vaccines at all, they are something else entirely.
As it turns out, all it takes to find out what is really in the vaccines is to break rank, seize a sample of what is being injected into the children, put it in a real lab that is not compromised by kikes, and VOILA!!! suddenly it is known that the vaccines are not at all what they are claimed to be. You can't do that in the United States. No parent is allowed to walk out the door with a shot that has not been injected into their kids, take it to a lab, and test it. This is NOT ALLOWED. WHY? Italy just got the answer.
The MSM is holding this topic by the gills at arm's length like a diseased fish because of what Corvelva has found - that the vaccines really don't have anything they are advertised for and are instead full on scams.
You can't find a legitimate MSM report on this topic. Instead, the reports are all slander, calling Italians stupid, backwards, "conspiratorial", against "established science" and anything else they can muster, and they HAVE TO because the vaccine eugenics programs are one of their greatest treasures, with carefully placed totally compromised despicable hateful and soulless people in all key positions to keep a lid on the scam and allow the destruction of our children proceed without a hitch. Italy just blew the lid off the vaccine scam, and this one is not going away folks, Italy is NOT ZIMBABWE, they are clearly a first world country that can speak with authority. So the MSM is now trying to slander Italy because Italy uncovered one of kikedom's NWO eugenics plots.
As if we did not all know the vaccines were wrecking our kids all along, - Gee, one in 35 kids now gets autism and "nobody can figure out why??" They know damn well at Newsweek, Sott and more. The entire shadow government KNOWS IT and now that Italy broke free of their grasp they are trying to bury it. Instead, they ought to just put a fork in it. THANKS ITALY for finally putting it in print from an official level. We knew it all along, but it is nice to get real confirmation from the top ranks of a first world government.

NTS Notes: I do feel so vindicated by these findings..... And I do applaud Jim's findings and I do agree with his interpretation of these findings... These vaccines were indeed being used to fry the minds of the poor children that had them injected into their bodies....

Well, there it is, readers.... The proof that our criminal governments are in bed with the dastardly criminals behind the entire vaccine scam in wanting to destroy our lives by using these deadly vaccines as a weapon to turn us all into mindless drones... It is no wonder that the cases of Autism and other horrific brain diseases are on the rapid rise, thanks to these deadly concoctions..

And I do agree with Jim on the fact that this type of action by the Italian government to try to stop these vaccine bastards in their tracks may never be repeated in North America... Big Pharma is working with our crooked governments and the criminal Jewish elite in trying to ram these chemicals into our children's bodies at a near record pace to destroy their lives and basically destroy our next generation of adults by making them all Autistic and/or brain dead.... Honestly, what will it take for people to finally wake the fuck up and demand that vaccinations be stopped immediately???

One other note... I have never liked "Newsweek" for all I see is a propaganda piece of rubbish that is not worth its weight as toilet paper...

More to come


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

President Donald Drumpf's Syrian Pullout Is A Scam: Troops Are Being Moved To Neighbouring Iraq For Possible Future Operations Against Syria!

*First an important note:  I am slowly recovering from what the heck has been torturing my neck and shoulder for these last few weeks... I have been trying to get some much needed rest and relaxation and doing everything possible to alleviate stress that may be the root cause of my neck and shoulder problems... I want to thank my readership for staying with me while I recover, and I am trying to put up articles here when I have the time, and when my back and neck are more relaxed... 

I stated last week that the US was absolutely NOT going to be pulling out of Syria any time soon, in spite of the rah rah rhetoric being put out by the Drumpf Administration... And apparently there will be a "partial withdrawal" of US forces from Syria after all, while leaving the so called 'advisors' and US special forces in place at those illegal "bases" scattered across northeastern Syria and of course at the illegal position in southern Syria centred around the village of Al Tanf.... Basically I have been calling this withdrawal a farce and nothing more than pure propaganda and I am sticking to that assertion...

Well... Guess what... I have been right all along, for the reality is that the few "troops" that are being withdrawn from Syria are actually going to be re-positioned at the American "bases" located in neighbouring Iraq!   Here in fact is the proof, courtesy of the following breaking news article from the Almasdarnews website, at, that states that the American President, Donald Drumpf has stated that US forces are not going to be pulled out of Iraq, and in fact those forces could be used for a "future operation" against Syria!   Here is the link to that report here:

And here is the link to the source report from Russia Today at, for everyone to see for themselves here:

NTS Notes:  I KNEW that there was no way in hell the US was ever going to leave Syria... The US Government's Jewish masters have commanded the US President to "destroy" Syria and to make plans for an attack against Iran as well... This means that the US will not be leaving any time soon, and this entire plan of "withdrawing" US forces from Syria is a charade as basically they are just going to move the bulk of the forces out of Syria and reposition them several hundred kilometres away in neighbouring Iraq!

Readers, what we have here is nothing more than pure propaganda for the gullible American public... The Drumpf administration can come out now and claim that they have done one of their campaign promises by "withdrawing from Syria", but the reality is those troops are just being reshuffled over to neighbouring Iraq, and can be quickly redeployed back into Syria in a heartbeat if the administration wants to sometime in the near future...

AND we cannot forget the reality that the US forces being "withdrawn" from those illegal Syrian bases are being replaced by BOTH French and apparently by forces being sent by the Saudis to bolster the Kurdish forces there as well..

The bottom line is this... The US "withdrawal" from Syria is not as it appears to be, and basically the US is indeed staying put in the region by just moving to neighbouring Iraq....  People need to realize and accept the fact that the US is absolutely committed to the destruction and dismemberment of Syria as demanded by the sicko Jewish elite and of course the psychos in Israel.....

More to come


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Sunday.... And with 2 shopping days left until Christmas, here comes my usual rant...

First, I have indeed been suffering from some intense back and shoulder pains this last while... Part of it is due to my own stupidity when I was doing some home renovations about a month and a half ago and I tweeked my back... But rather than actually take a break and stop doing some heavy lifting and some major work I probably aggravated the situation which became more severe with time... I did go and see a doctor and luckily I did not tear any muscles, but I did do some severe muscle strains and pulls... I have been on some pain killers and have tried some ointments to alleviate the stress and pain, especially in my left shoulder... It does not help that I am left handed and when I sit down and type in front of my computer or laptops the pain flares up and I have to stop typing!..... It is therefore no wonder that I will have to do fewer articles here for the time being!

Well... I did come under a bit of fire for my statement last week that the "news" that the US was going to now withdraw from Syria is a massive lie... Lets be honest here, for the US has invested BILLIONS of dollars in building those illegal bases in north eastern Syria, as well as that illegal base based at Al Tanf in the south... Too much time and effort has been spent by the US military in these buildups and there is no way in hell the US would ever surrender those bases without a fight.... AND we cannot forget that the Jewish dicks that control America were the ones that demanded that the US get into Syria in the first place to destroy that nation for the goal of Israel's hegemony over the entire region.... Therefore all of this hype and rhetoric that the US is 'withdrawing' from Syria is sheer and utter bullshit... To me, it is done for pure propaganda and to create the illusion that US President Drumpf is keeping his "promise" to withdraw from Syria, and to create the illusion for the gullible American people that the US has achieved "victory" in Syria and that it is now the time to bring the troops home..

And lo and behold, but apparently I am absolutely right about this bullshit US withdrawal from Syria... For according to some reports that came late last week via the alternative media, apparently the US is NOT going to withdraw any of their "special forces" personnel as well as their 'contractors' and "advisors" from either the Al Tanf position or the multitude of bases in northeastern Syria at all! Considering that the vast majority of American forces illegally operating in Syria are indeed "Special Forces" and "advisors" it does call into question exactly WHICH US forces are actually coming out of Syria, if at all?   As Penny over at Penny For Your Thoughts and a few others who see through this facade have stated, this does remind me of the Hotel California song part that says "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave".... The bottom line is this; All of this rah rah and fanfare that the US is "doing the right thing" and "withdrawing" from Syria is nothing but pure hype and bullshit.

Meanwhile, with the "news" that the US is (not) withdrawing from Syria, we find reports that the Russians are going to build at least one major base in Syria, and with the help of the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) it is supposedly going to be right outside the illegal US base at Al Tanf in southern Syria... To me, this makes sense, for the US has for the last few years been using that illegal position at Al Tanf as their major staging area to launch their criminal "terrorists" such as "ISIS" into attacks across Syria itself... With the Russians and Syrians now building a new base of operations near Al Tanf, they can use that position to halt these incursions and attacks into Syria as well as basically bottle up the Al Tanf base permanently and destroy the US future plans of using Al Tanf as their jumping off point for any planned invasion of Syria itself.... This is a fabulous move by the Russians and shows that they too are no fools and can see the fact that the US is absolutely not going to withdraw from Al Tanf any time soon..

I have been watching the so called 'Yellow Vest' uprising continue on in France, and by this time I am really surprised that criminal Macron has still not been ousted from power for his sheer arrogance and stupidity... Lets face it, for the facts are the French have had enough of their government's bullshit acts of imposing a horrific "carbon tax" on its citizens and of course doing next to nothing to stop the flow of illegal sewer rat shit hole "migrants" into France.....The Macron regime has been following their orders laid out by their Jewish masters that want to see fraud carbon taxation imposed on the French people as part of their "new world order" agenda, and of course the Macron regime signed onto the latest bullshit UN accords that would make any outcry or uprising against illegal shit hole scum flooding into their nations.... Macron has NOT been following or obeying the will of the people who can see their nation in serious crisis, and that scumbag must be thrown out of office immediately.... Again, I am surprised that the French people have not marched on the French government offices in Paris and hauled that bastard out to be hung for the damage he has done....

One good news in terms of these "Yellow Vest" uprisings that are now spreading across Europe was to see this last week the Belgium government toppled and the Belgian President thrown out of office... Every nation in the so called 'European Union" should look at what has been happening in both France and Belgium and also demand they stop the flood of illegals into their nations as well... Germany and Sweden are the prime examples now of how those nation's "immigrant" policies of opening their borders wide open to those scum bags is a dismal failure and has now destroyed those nations....  The solution is therefore obvious in that every nation should and must slam shut their borders immediately to this foreign sewer rat onslaught and send those who have no future in the nations they have invaded sent back to the shit holes they came from!   If this action also sees the fall of the so called "European Union" itself, all the better!

It has now been two weeks since the Canadian criminal government in Ottawa basically bowed down to their Jewish masters and had that representative of Huawei Corporation arrested in Vancouver British Columbia for nothing more than Huawei doing business with the innocent nation of Iran that the psychotic Jews want destroyed... That arrest was absolutely the most bone-headed and stupid thing that idiot Justin Trudeau has done in a while, and it does show how he is nothing more than a Jew butt kisser who will bow down and do what his masters dictate without any question and in violation of his own oaths to the Canadian people.... It is also no wonder that the Chinese have not take this action lightly and have been targeting Canadians living in China as reprisal, and as they should and have every right to do......  After two weeks of being nothing but a douchebag, Justin should do the right thing and release the Huawei representative immediately, and actually send a letter of apology to the Chinese government for his stupidity....With Canada's economy teetering on destruction and the need to desperately do more business with China, this action against Huawei was indeed the most idiotic thing that Canada could have done in quite some time!

Yes, the economic situation in Canada is now in "dire straits".... The news everywhere is bad, especially with the fact that Canada's Petroleum industry centred in Alberta is nearing full collapse.... That and there has been NO action in regards to the closure of the General Motors facility in Oshawa Ontario last month, with news that other manufacturers may follow suit come the new year... That and recent reports showing the debt ratio of the average Canadian being absolutely staggering and at the point that few Canadian consumers can every repay their "debt", shows that the Canadian economy will most probably collapse come this January....I honestly had hoped to see that douchebag in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, come up with a "plan" via his crooked government to somehow save this nation, but he is of course ignoring the situation entirely..... Canada is definitely heading for a shit storm, and honestly the outlook is grim....

Well.... I have noticed how the US is stupidly trying to aggravate Russia, and seems to be hell bent now on a full scale war against the Russian Federation itself... We find reports this last week where the US is pushing their puppet regime in Ukraine to launch a provocation in the Sea of Azov aimed at further violating Russian naval territory and possibly aiming at the destruction of the Kerch Strait bridge linking Crimea to Russia itself.... The Jew spew media is of course adding fuel to this situation by claiming that American/Ukrainian actions in the Black Sea/Sea of Azov are being done due to "Russian Aggression", to which I again have to ask exactly what this "Russian aggression" entails? Of course these liars have NO proof of any "aggressive" moves being done by Russia, but instead continue to try to claim that "Russia seized Crimea illegally" as their excuse.... But again, need I remind everyone that the people of Crimea themselves voted overwhelmingly to leave Ukraine and join Russia a few years back, and that they had every right to do so! ... To me, this is a clear sign that the present regime in Washington DC is hell bent on a new world war and are willing to use their Ukraine puppets and the Ukraine people as their cannon fodder to launch that war...... The most frightening aspect of this possible war with Russia is still the fact that Russia is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, and such a war caused by the US could go nuclear in a heartbeat meaning the deaths of billions of people across the entire planet.

Someone asked me a while back why I have "stopped" reporting about the situation with the nuclear nightmare that is continuing to this day in Japan centred on the melted down reactors at Fukushima Daichii... I have been keeping tabs on the situation since my last reports and there has NOT been any change in the status of this calamity... The reactor cores are still in meltdown and Tokyo Electric Corporation (TEPCO) has still no access to these reactors for any possible clean up due to the tremendous amount of radiation that makes even robotic surveillance of the damage nearly impossible.... The best that TEPCO has been able to do is to continue to pour massive amounts of water over the failed reactor cores in the hope that water prevents and stops any further meltdown.. The problem is of course that the residue water from that operation is being dumped directly into the Pacific Ocean which has resulted in the destruction of marine life in the North Pacific Ocean itself....And we have the recent stupid move done by the Japanese government in allowing citizens of Fukushima to return to their homes, knowing full well that these people would be walking into a radioactive hell and potentially die from radiation sickness..... AND we have the situation where the Japanese government has been forced to lie to its own people about the real situation at Fukushima and have purposely forced the Japanese press to stop reporting on the disaster.  This is being done to try to create the illusion that everything is under control and "all is well" when it is far from it...... I also cannot stop from thinking about what will happen in 2020 when Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympic games knowing full well that athletes from around the world will be exposed to radiation from nearby Fukushima....It is no wonder I keep saying that athletes going to Tokyo in 2020 should bring along dosimeters and geiger counters, for they will need them!

Before I get onto my last minute tidbits and close this rant... I do want to wish everyone a joyous Merry Christmas, and remember those in need for this holiday season.... I again am not a religious man, and know how religion does destroy minds, BUT I do see the need for Christmas as its symbolic meaning of "peace on Earth" and "good will to ALL mankind"..... I would hope that those symbols of what humanity should stand for should not be left exclusively for just Christmas time, but should be everyones' goals ALL year round.....  And of course I do NOT ever want to see Christmas disappear as the Jewish pricks would gladly want happen... Never ever have the fear of saying "Merry Christmas" to everyone around you, and never fall for the bullshit of saying that it should be "Happy Holidays" to appease the mental midgets in the Political Correctness bullshit crowd... It is Christmas and should always be Christmas..... Have a wonder Christmas, everyone!

OK, I have to get off this computer very soon to take some muscle relaxants and try to rest my shoulder... So with that, here comes my usual last minute tidbits to close this rant...... I saw the news last week where the US Defense Secretary James Matthis is now wanting to resign over US President Drumpf's "withdrawal" from Syria.  To me, this is nothing but more bullshit fluff, as Drumpf is not going to actually "withdraw" from Syria any time soon.  Apparently this 'war hawk' has had his differences with Drumpf for a long time, and Syria may be his "excuse" needed to leave........I see that the criminal enterprise and Israeli based spy program called 'Facebook' is back in the news last week with damaging allegations that it allowed a private company to sell its users' information.  I am not shocked at all, for it again shows that I was right from day one in calling Facebook a criminal scourge on people.  Again, anyone who still has that "social network" deserves what they get in having their personal lives exposed and ruined.  My advise is again to close the damn thing immediately and never look back........Russia puts a couple of bombers on islands outside of Venezuela with the approval of the Venezuelan government and everyone thinks this is suddenly "Russian aggression"?  Must I point out how the US has been building bases around the world that encircle Russia itself as a prime example of hypocrisy here?  A few Russian bombers is not "aggression" by a long shot when we compare what the US has been doing for decades......As I had expected, any further 'deals' with North Korea, especially towards nuclear disarmament, have fallen apart thanks to the bone-headed moves by the US government.  But it makes sense for the US does not ever want to see a unified Korea for it interferes with their selling of weapons to their client nations in the region, and they need to keep selling those nations the lie that North Korea is somehow a "danger"........More US/NATO aggressive action I see going on in Kosovo as they are wanting to form a Kosovan "army" which flies in the face of any agreements with both neighbouring Serbia, and Russia itself.   Yes, the US and NATO continue to scream fraudulently about "Russian aggression" when they themselves are absolutely the aggressors!.......The psychos in Israel are at it again with their announcement that they will consider their illegal outposts in the West Bank as "part of Israel".  This of course backs up everything that I have been saying for over a decade in how those scumbag Jews want territory and want to destroy any chances of a Palestinian state permanently.  And yes, it justifies what I have been saying in that the only hope for the Palestinians is to fight these monsters by every means possible!....Two Scandinavian female tourists killed with at least one being beheaded by "terrorists" in Morocco last week, and I do wonder what the criminals in the US/Israel are suddenly doing with their fraud terrorists by doing such a dastardly action?  With their failure in Syria, have they now decided to target Morocco as their next nation for "regime change"and another war of aggression?......Everyone in America is wanting to see that wall built along the US/Mexico border to stop the flow of illegal scumbags into the US, and I do wonder what is the problem there?  Build the damn thing immediately, and to hell with the "snowflakes" and other sick freaks that are against it......Is it not ironic that with the announcement that the US is 'withdrawing' from Syria, we find that freak of nature Hillary "Killary" Clinton going on a new speaking tour and speaking out against said withdrawal?  That freak of nature was responsible for the entire Syrian civil war that cost the lives of at least a million people and now this murderous monster is against finally (possibly) ending the blood shed!  I honestly hope that vile creature rots in hell for what she has done to humanity........Seriously?  A new book by Michael (Michelle) Obama that talks about the 'rights' of transgender people?  Gee, what a great stocking stuffer, and shows again how that vile creature was and always has been a man and how that charade operated in the US White House for 8 years and right in front of the gullible and stupid American people!........Arsenal wins a key victory yesterday in English Premier League soccer beating Burnley by a 3-1 score.  Now the Gunners are tied with the Chelsea Blues in fourth place in the table.  Good news, and does show how the young team is doing better than I had ever hoped possible......... AND finally, nothing says Merry Christmas than a look at the scumbags and trollops making up Skankville, err, Kardashian insanity.   I saw a few articles where apparently main skank Kim has been going overboard n trying to keep herself super slim at the age of 38.  Yes, that skank is definitely trying everything possible now to keep her figure from when she was a piss poor porn star and she is wrecking her health in the process.  Honestly, the sooner these sad excuses for humanity get out of our lives, the better....

Merry Christmas to everyone... Keep the spirit of Christmas alive and in our hearts.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Status Of Northerntruthseeker

My apologies to my readers for my absence this last while...

As many are aware, I have been suffering from some severe neck and back problems lately, and after consulting a doctor, I have decided to take a little "mini break" for some much needed rest and relaxation to allow it to heal properly and to alleviate some stress that may be the cause of my pains..

I am therefore going to have to lessen the amount of articles that I write here at this blog for the next little while while I concentrate on getting myself better....I will do a few articles here and there, and will still do my utmost in getting my Sunday rants out in the meantime....

Thanks again everyone for putting up with me.... I hope to be back to my usual self very soon...

More to come


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

US To Withdraw From Syria? Maybe When Pigs Can Become Airborne!

I have been tracking the events happening in Syria for years now, with the emphasis on how that entire 'civil war' was nothing of the sort, but actually an attempt by the most evil and diabolical so called "criminal cabal" composed of the US, Israel, and NATO, to turn the nation into a puppet state so that they could extract Syria's oil wealth for next to nothing as well as have their newest Oil pipelines cross Syrian territory to feed markets in Europe for a song and at the expense of the Syrian people...

Most everyone knows by now that the US created the entire "civil war" starting back in 2010 when then criminal US Secretary of State, that psychotic Hillary "Killary" Clinton sent arms illegally and began to run insurgencies in Syria for the overthrow of the Damascus government... Since that time some 1+ Million innocent Syrian civilians have been killed by the US's attempts for "regime change" and the entire Syrian nation became a war zone and has been mostly reduced to rubble... It will take decades for the Syrian people to fully recover from this mess that the US is fully responsible for!

Now, some 8+ years later, and the Syrian people finally winning the war against US run "terrorism", apparently the US government is, according to the following report from the Zero Hedge website, at, claiming that they have "won the war against terrorism" in Syria and are going to rapidly withdraw their forces illegally operating in that sovereign nation!   Here is the link to that report, from Tyler Durden, here for all to see for themselves... I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I find it astounding that the US government has now had the audacity to claim "victory" in Syria, when the reality is that they have LOST this war, period!

I honestly see this as a ruse... The US went into Syria at the bequest of their Jewish masters as well as their controllers in Israel... The whole scheme has always been to see the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad's government and the imposition of a US puppet regime in his place, and to see the nation ripped into smaller states that are controlled by Israel and the US and to see the creation of an illegal Kurdish state....  Those goals have yet to be achieved, and to this day the US and their masters in Israel have in fact been looking for any possible excuse to escalate the entire conflict and to find their last ditch new 'excuse' to invade Syria directly....

AND we cannot forget the multitude of illegal "bases" that the US has in place now ILLEGALLY in both northeastern Syria as well as the key positions in and around the Al Tanf "bridgehead" in southern Syria... Too much criminal money and energy has been expended into the building of these illegal facilities and I seriously doubt that the US will leave these positions any time soon...

The bottom line is this.... I see this announcement by the US government that they are going to withdraw from Syria as nothing more than pure propaganda fluff for the gullible American people... The reality is that the US is still hell bent on subjugating and/or destroying Syria, and therefore their withdrawal from Syria will happen when pigs do become aerodynamic and can actually fly!  

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Forgotten War In Yemen: Exclusive: Vanessa Beeley Interviews Yemen's Minister Of Health Spokesperson, Dr. Youself Al-Haderi -Exposing The Real Truth About Yemen

I have been following the so called "war" in Yemen now for years, and I have had no qualms in stating the real truth that this war is absolutely a genocidal war being conducted by the criminals in the Saudi regime with the goal being the mass murder of Yemen civilians... It is also a fact that the US Government has aided the Saudis in the mass slaughter of Yemen's people through their weapons sales to the criminal Saudi regime as well as providing support and logistics for the Saudi onslaught....

Now, I was given the link the other day by a very astute and valuable supporter of this blog, a commentator known as "Wallflower", to a very important article from the 21st Century Wire website, at, where a writer for the 21st Century Wire website, Vanessa Beeley, did a recent interview with Yemen's Minister of Health Spokesperson, Dr. Youself Al-Haderi, about the real truth concerning exactly what is happening in Yemen right now.... This is absolutely a very important report for all to see for themselves, and I have the link to that report right here.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: As I have been stating for years now, we are NOT being told the real truths about how bad it really is right now in Yemen... It is indeed a genocide and it does sadden me that the entire world has turned a blind eye to the criminality of the Saudi regime as well as the actions of the US government for allowing this to happen.

Yes, the truth is absolutely that the "figures" for the death toll in Yemen being reported by the Jew spew media these days is grossly under-estimated... I would say that is being done on purpose, for if the real figures were revealed, then maybe the world would actually do something about this genocide...

I am also glad that Dr. Al-Haderi does not hold back in stating clearly who is responsible for this genocide... The US government is absolutely part of this evil mass murder of innocent lives in Yemen, and the American people must know the truth about how truly criminal their regime is...

The bottom line is this... Unless the world does do something to stop the criminal actions by the Saudis and their allies, as well as stopping US support for these criminals, then millions more will die very shortly.... I do hope the message here is clear...

More to come


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 16th, 2018

It is Sunday again... And 8 shopping days until Christmas... And here comes my usual weekend rant..

I was out and about yesterday, doing a lot of personal business as well as doing some Christmas shopping... But as usual I have found it hard to find anything for my better half, for she always says these days that she does not need anything.... It is typical and leaves me with having to figure out what to get her..... She does love jewelry, but with her "birthstone" being Diamond, the choices are very expensive....

I have still been suffering from a bit of neck and shoulder pain these days... I have tried every conceivable type of ointment, massage, and therapy for this chronic pain, and may finally have to turn to the 'quacks' in our medical establishment for some medical advice and possibly a solution.. Honestly, I have had chronic problems across my entire body for years now due to Arthritic pain that I inherited from my parents, but luckily thanks to some herbal remedies the pains in my lower joints and legs have now disappeared... I have even tried a variety of exercises these last few months to try to alleviate my neck and shoulder problems, but am still searching for some real relief.... It indeed could be related to stress and if so I am indeed in need of rest and relaxation and a possible long needed vacation.

Well... Yes, the French are of course revolting... And on top of that they are still pushing the Yellow Vest revolution that should see the toppling of the criminal Macron government... It should be apparent to anyone that the Jew spew media does NOT want the real truth out there that the French are finally sick and tired of seeing their nation go to hell in a hand basket with all of those fucking illegal immigrants and criminal migrant workers flooding into their nation... These illegals are nothing more than sewer rats with no aspirations at all of blending in French society.. Further more, we have seen the astonishing rise in crime across France where in almost every case the perpetrators are indeed these illegals.... But of course that fucking Jew dick sucking Macron has his "marching orders" thanks to the Jewish elite, and his orders are to bring in every scum of the earth possible to bring French society to its knees... It is therefore no wonder that the French people have had enough and are taking to the streets demanding Macron be removed and a REAL government that would both end the flood of immigrants into France and send every single one of the sewer rats back to the shit holes that they originated from...BUT now with Macron stubbornly trying to hang onto power and with no other choice for the French people, a real revolution and forcible overthrow of the present government is badly needed....

This "Yellow Vest" revolution happening in France should spread elsewhere, as every European nation under the criminal European Union is still being flooded by these same sewer rats that have NO future in Europe and have no place in European society, period.... It is a fact that with France teetering on a massive revolution and overthrow of their Rothschild puppet regime, many other Jew butt kissing leaders in Europe should be running scared, as the people are sick and tired of this push for the Jewish dream of a one world government and a collapse of European culture by using these illegals as their primary weapon of choice.... Germany is presently a mess as that criminal Merkel continues to allow sewer rats to destroy German culture, and we only need to look at what has happened in Sweden as that nation is now ruined by these illegals causing chaos and massive uncontrolled crime in that formerly great nation.... And yes, this is all part of the Jewish plans as laid out in their Protocols to weaken and destroy their primary opposition to their domination of the planet,  the Caucasian race, by having white people bred out of existence within a few generations by the introduction of these "immigrants"..  To me, this madness must stop and every single European nation should immediately close their borders to these migrants and send those who cannot function within their societies back to the hell holes they came from...

OK.... I have watched the stupidity of the Canadian government in action, in regards to the recent "arrest" of the daughter of one of the Huawei corporation's leaders over a week ago, and I still am amazed at how the Canadian people do not get it?  Our own criminal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has indeed shown how much he does as his Jewish masters demand by arresting this lady basically because Huawei is doing legal dealings with Iran... And it shows how much Canada does not take an independent stance in terms of the Jewish want to see Iran destroyed by obeying both the Jews as well as the US government by arresting that Chinese citizen in Vancouver.... I for one cannot understand what the hell our own Canadian government is doing and why the fuck are they bowing down to foreign demands????  On top of that, we now find the Chinese arresting several Canadian businessmen in China as retaliation for that Huawei executive arrest in Canada.... That was a justifiable move by the Chinese, and yet the Canadian government is now crying foul about this retaliation??  Honestly, this entire situation is one fucked up mess, and the real course of action that the Canadian government should be doing is the immediate release of that Chinese executive and allow her to return to China with Canada's apologies for being so stupid.... But will that happen?  Considering how much Justin Trudeau is a moron and obeys his masters demands, definitely not...

I saw several articles last week where the facts are now clear that the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad has definitely won the war to free his nation from the US/Israel/NATO scourge... BUT I have also said many times that the US/Israel/NATO scourge are indeed 'sore losers' and are definitely not going to give up their last positions in neither northeastern Syria or the illegal Al Tanf position in southern Syria without a fight.... The criminal American government has continued to build even more illegal "bases" in northeastern Syria with the ultimate goal of having that entire region turned into an illegal Kurdish republic.... The Syrian government as well as their Russian allies are never going to accept the Syrian nation dismembered and a Kurdish homeland established, but the real key to northeastern Syria apparently is Turkey which is now planning a major campaign to prevent a Kurdish republic on their own doorstep.... Turkey is apparently ready to attack the US supported Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria with their major target being the town of Manjib... Such an attack will bring Turkish forces in direct contact with illegal US forces operating in and around that key town, which could lead to a direct conflict between the US and their "NATO ally" Turkey....

One thing that I did notice late last week, is where the Syrians have now received a green light from their Russian allies that if the psychos in Israel launch any more airstrikes or missile strikes against Syrian targets, the Syrians will retaliate by attacking Israeli bases right in the psychotic state of Israel... I saw these reports and all I can say is "Its about fucking time!"... The mental cases in Israel have thought for the longest time that they had the "right" to attack Syria and not have the Syrians retaliate.. But no longer... And again, it does point to the fact that any nation on Earth that is attacked by a neighbouring nation has every right to strike back..... It will be very interesting to see what happens over the next while if and when the psychos in Israel launch a strike into Syria only to see the Syrians finally fight back by striking Israel..... This may lead to the dangerous scenario where Israel purposely strikes Syria and uses the Syrian retaliation for that strike to declare a war against Syria itself... And if Israel does declare war on Syria, they will have their American poodles in Washington DC come right into the conflict "in defence of Israel" and go to war against Syria as well....

I see that the US government and the compliant American Jew spew media are still harping away about Iran's new medium range missiles that they have had every right to test over these last few weeks... The Jew spew media has even gone as far as to once again falsely claim that these Iranian missiles can "target western European cities with nuclear warheads" without even explaining the fact that Iran does NOT have any nuclear weapons at all and that Iran has never attacked another nation in vain for at least 3 centuries....The facts are of course that these Iranian tests of their missiles is perfectly legal and are being used for defensive purposes as their real threat comes from the psychotic state of Israel that is armed to the teeth with a wide variety of nuclear weapons as well as a massive array of systems for launching them....  What we have here is more propaganda bullshit by the Jewish pricks who want to continue to program American minds with the bullshit that Iran is this "threat" and that America must destroy Iran for Israel...

Yes, I saw the news earlier this last week where apparently a "ceasefire" was "negotiated" between the Houthis and the Saudi allied forces, in Sweden... But I knew that this "ceasefire" was a mirage since the Saudis were bound and determined to negate this agreement and continue their slaughter of Yemen civilians.... And lo and behold, but within a few days this "ceasefire" fell apart as the Saudi forces launched new attacks in Yemen.....The good news is that the Saudi attempts to seize the key Red Sea port of Hudaydah have all been failures (so far), as well as news that the Houthis have launched successful strikes against the long supply line for Saudi forces operating near Hudaydah along the Red Sea coast.... Honestly, I had hoped that there would be a legitimate and honest "ceasefire" reached, as the real key issue is still the genocide being conducted by the Saudis against the Yemen civilians through mass starvation.... Millions of innocent lives are still at risk here....

Last Friday marked the 6th anniversary of that bullshit false flag "mass shooting" at that bullshit Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut where there were NO real victims and even the alleged "gunman" Adam Lanza was a phantom and did not even exist.... Yes, six years since that operation to basically scare the crap out of the American public to have them willingly surrender their last line of defence to their own criminal government, we still have the Jew spew media, as well as idiots in the "alternative media" that should be ashamed of themselves, trying to sell to the gullible American people that this was a "real event"... But of course there are so many holes in the "official story" that today most people are no longer fooled and look at Sandy Hook for the fraud it really is.... I for one am glad that from day one of this fraud, that I questioned EVERYTHING that was presented through the use of real critical thinking, and have not been afraid at all to show people the real truth that they have been lied to....  The sad part is how the crisis actors involved in that operation are still out there trying to sell their lies to the American people, and yes every single one of them should face trial for their criminal actions, selling out for nothing more than money, and acts of treason against the American nation.

I am so sick and tired of the political correctness bullshit these days... And I only need to turn to the "Miss Universe" pageant happening in Thailand as an example of how far this madness has gone and has to stop... That pageant which is aimed at promoting and portraying feminine beauty has now been ruined by the introduction of a transgender freak of nature out of Spain into the entire proceedings... This creature aka "Miss Spain" is being portrayed by the Jew spew media as a 'stunning beauty', but after just taking one look at this vile abomination, I thought to myself "who let the dog out?"... This thing is being passed off as "beautiful"??   I honestly have never ever had any qualms with beauty in females, but yes that should be left to REAL females and NOT some freak..... It should be apparent that the Jewish power elite want to permanently entrench their aspirations of having this 'transgenderism' be part of our normal culture, with the aim of demoralizing our societies, and are now ramming through this "Miss Spain" and will probably fix the final vote to have this vile creature win as well.... This absolutely ruins the entire concept of " beauty pageants" and has NO place in a moral society... Further, it diminishes REAL women who have aspirations and want to be beautiful.... And it does show how far our entire society has fallen down this slippery slope of immorality by allowing these disgusting transgender creatures to be passed off as 'women'....  The bottom line is this;  REAL women should only be allowed for these events, period.  Passing off these transgender freaks as women is beyond disgusting....

One last thing before I go onto my last minute tidbits... Many have noticed that I have taken a firm stance against the introduction of "5G technology" in regards to cellular phones, and it is due to the fact that with my expertise in both telecommunications technology and a firm understanding of electromagnetic radiation and fields, I absolutely stand behind my statements that this is a ghastly error on the part of our governments to allow this new technology to be put into our daily lives.... I have done enough research over the years to understand the dangers of this new higher frequency technology and the effects that their electromagnetic fields have on our bodies.... I can only state the truth that this could lead to a disaster and a massive upswing in Cancers and other dangerous radiation associated sicknesses, and there should be an immediate halt in any progression towards putting this new cellular networks into place until better research is conducted... But as it stands the telecom giants here in North American are hell bent on bringing in this new "5G" system and honestly do NOT give a crap about its adverse effects on our health.... To them, profit and greed matters most, as they will give people better and greater "cellular service" without giving a crap that their new service could potentially kill many....

OK, enough of my sinister ramblings and lunacy.... Onto my last minute tidbits to close this rant......I see that there is finally some talk going on between the US and China to solve the economic war that they have been embroiled in for months now.  This is a lot better than getting into a shooting war by a long shot, as long as the negotiations are 'fair and equitable'...........I saw reports that apparently that Mossad agent and head of the criminal spy program "Facebook", Mark Zuckerberg, is apparently not only in a lot of hot water with the people running "Facebook" but has also lost 10's of BILLIONS of dollars over the last year alone as "Facebook" slides into oblivion.  Honestly, good riddance to that filthy creature and his evil creation!  People are finally waking up to the truth about "Facebook" and how it is indeed a load of crap!........A report shows that some "40%" of all Americans have said NO to the latest and greatest "flu vaccine".  I do want to applaud those people who have seen the truth that vaccines absolutely do NOT work, period.  But I do feel sorry for those other "60%" that have still swallowed the "koolaid" and are willing to have criminals inject their bodies with poison.......I saw some reports where apparently the idiots out there pushing the Global Warming fraud are asking governments to spray the upper atmosphere with Sulphur compounds to "dim the planet" and prevent "Global Warming".  Honestly, are these morons truly this stupid?  Such a stupid and idiotic idea would push the planet, which is already cooling, into an even colder period.  Such lunacy has to be stopped immediately and I hope common sense prevails here.......So let me get this straight;  Apparently the criminal corporation Johnson and Johnson has known since the early 1970's that their "Johnson's Baby Powder" as well as other products was laden with Asbestos, and failed to alert the public for the last 4 decades that they were using Asbestos laden products?  And apparently did nothing to yank that dangerous Cancer causing mineral from their products?  These bastards should definitely be put into jail for this and their corporation disbanded and shut down immediately..... While I was out and about Christmas shopping the other day, I wished everyone I saw a "Merry Christmas", and did not give a damn about the dirty looks I got from some.  It is Christmas time and I will not allow the Jews to destroy Christmas as they have long planned. Hopefully others will not surrender to the bullshit of "political correctness" and wish everyone a Merry Christmas as well.....OK, the criminal Theresa May survives a "non confidence" vote in the UK parliament for her criminal actions in trying to block Brexit from happening.  And yes, she has now claimed that she will "step down" as Prime Minister shortly.  Honestly, the sooner the better that evil bitch gets the fuck out of the British Parliament, and hopefully the door does not hit her in her ass as she leaves.  The sooner Britain leaves the Rothschild run EU the better.......OK, WHY is the American Jew spew media still harping about the non existent "Drumpf Russia ties" now two years after his election when they have found nothing at all linking Russia to Drumpf??  Honestly, this shows again how hollow and ridiculous the American Jew spew media has become and why their ratings have fallen nearly to zero.  The American people are not stupid and they do not like liars.........I have seen reports about the "Strasbourg shooting" in France, and I absolutely can state that this was a staged event to give Macron an excuse to try to halt the "Yellow vest" revolution against him.  It shows how low our crooked governments will go to try to stave off a revolution......I was disappointed this morning, as Arsenal lost a key game against "lowly" Southampton Saints by the score of 3-2.  It does show that there is still a lot of work to be done for the Gunners to be a legitimate contender for the Premier League title, and how their best hope is still to achieve a Champions League berth.......And finally, YES!!!  Apparently as shown in last week's article about the demise of "skankville" aka the "Kardashian" madness, the American people are definitely and finally turning away from these morons and misfits.  Hopefully we will see the end of these trollops and their stupidity, and honestly that can not come soon enough.  Americans need to pay attention to what is happening in their country rather than fluff and stupidity...

More to come