Saturday, September 8, 2018

(Updated!) Update On Syrian War Situation: The Liberation Of The Idlib Pocket Has (Not Yet) Begun!

I and others have long awaited the expected offence by the Syrian government forces and their Russian/Arabic allies, to reconquer the Idlib pocket in northern Syria.... It has been painful at times to see the Syrian army (SAA) build up a massive strike force to retake their territory held by fraud "rebel" and US "ISIS" forces, for it has been the civilians in the Idlib pocket that have suffered from well over 5 years of illegal occupation and torture from these US paid mercenaries and operatives... Their liberation was also essential to finally eliminate the last vestiges of so called "terrorists" in Syria (not including the fraud terrorists operating out of the illegal US position at Al Tanf) and to give the good guys, the Bashar al-Assad government forces, their much needed final victory in preventing the US/Israel/NATO scourge from destroying their country..

Well, the liberation of the Idlib pocket has now officially begun.. For I received the following email from a close associate barely 1/2 hour ago, and I want to share it with my readers here:

Midnight, GMT+3, September 9th – The liberation of Idlib from US backed terrorists, has now begun. With weeks of preparation, on the tactical, strategic, infowar, and diplomatic fronts, the Russian and Syrian air forces launched their first sorties tonight, with bombers and assault planes attacking terrorist held positions between Hama and Idlib. So far there have been over 70 airstrikes recorded above several jihadist sites in northwest Syria in just the last several hours alone.
Previously the Syrian government confirmed that Russian and Syrian air forces successfully launched over 100 airstrikes in the last since yesterday, softening up peripheral targets and making impossible the possibility of any break-through or counter-attack, or other maneuver on the part of the terrorists.
It is expected, barring a major U.S counter-attack to protect their own assets, that the Syrian and Russian forces will heavily bombardment specific targets throughout the night, and into the early morning ours of September 9th.
SAA and allied forces have been making simultaneous preparations for the ground assault which will likely commence tomorrow. Syrian and Iranian intelligence operatives inside of Idlib had been successful, over the last few weeks, in documenting and noting the location of targets where terrorists had made their HQ. One such was a former hospital, fortunately that this premises was being used as a base of operations by terrorist groups was recorded on video, and presented to the international community via information war channels.

I am waiting for full confirmation from several other sources at the moment to confirm this report... And if it does pan out shortly, then this is absolutely some of the best news for the Syrian people in a long time..

Yes, the aerial bombardment that usually occurs just before the ground forces come into play has officially begun....  And surprisingly , you get your news on this fabulous piece of news from yours truly and others in the alternative media who of course have been spinning this planned attack around claiming that "Assad will slaughter civilians in Idlib"...

What will happen next?  I do see the SAA launch a couple of large ground offensive strikes within the next day aimed from the south and on the eastern flank of the pocket....And in spite of some initial resistance, unless the US/Israel/NATO scourge carries out their 'false flag chemical attack' in the Idlib pocket very soon, there should be no stopping the SAA from achieving victory in Idlib!

I will be monitoring the attack scenario over the next few days and have a few follow up articles including tomorrow's weekend rant to cover this important battle... The final victory of the Syrian people over the evil US/Israel/NATO scourge is indeed at hand..

I do want to see readers and other associates not fall prey to the lies coming out of the Jew spew media about this situation in Idlib... I can guarantee over the next few days we will see the media propaganda machine go into full force giving us false images of "civilians dying" from SAA "atrocities" in Idlib, and I can guarantee that every single one of these type of reports will be frauds and lies.... We must all support the Syrian people now in their want to end the brutal occupation of Idlib that has already cost the lives of so many civilians...

More to come


Important Update Sept 10th, 2018: Apparently I have "jumped the gun" a bit in filing this report... I got this information from a colleague who sourced it from several refutable Russian sources, and apparently the information was a bit 'premature"... The crux of the matter is that the Russian/Syrian air forces have indeed increased their attacks on the Idlib Pocket, but the expected ground offensive is not ready yet to get rolling.... 

I am apologizing to my readers, for usually I do pride myself on my accuracy of my reports, but this one is absolutely a bit premature....

I will be reporting on the launch of the expected operation shortly, for again it is indeed coming...

Thanks everyone

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