Monday, September 10, 2018

Update On Syrian War Situation: Still Awaiting Idlib Offensive Launch, While US Is Still Gearing Up For Its Expected False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack

When I filed my report on Saturday claiming that the long awaited SAA and allied forces offensive strike into the Idlib pocket of resistance in northern Syria had begun, I used several sources for that report including some that came from several Russian alternative media sites.....

BUT as I stated in my "updated" report of that initial Saturday report, apparently that overdue offensive strike has not occurred yet... And I do want to thank several other bloggers and of course my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, for setting the record straight and showing the "error" of my report.....

In fact, Penny has been following the events in Syria much more closely than even myself, and I do want to present here the link to her latest report that shows that the "big offensive" that everyone is expecting to happen almost immediately is still a bit off into the future as the Russians and Syrians continue their preparations for its launch... Here is that link here:

OK, YES this expected offensive against the Idlib pocket is not happening right now.... And sadly that delay is very painful to the multitude of Syrian civilians that have been brutally tortured and have had their lives made a living hell thanks to the criminal US "rebels" and "terrorists" holed up in the Idlib pocket....  It is essential that the Syrian Army (SAA) gets this attack going to save those countless lives....

Meanwhile, while there has been a delay in the launching of the Idlib attack, apparently there are further reports coming forward that shows that the US is indeed about to try one of their fraudulent "chemical weapons" attack in the Idlib area to try to convince a more skeptical world that President Bashar al-Assad has "gassed his own people"..... In fact, I found the following report from none other than the criminal Wall Street Journal website at to be one of the WORST pieces of pure propaganda bullshit that anyone has seen in a long time... This report has the audacity to state that President Bashar al-Assad has "approved" the use of "chlorine gas" on civilians in the Idlib Pocket which is utterly preposterous... Here is the link to this ridiculous Wall Street Journal report here:

OK, Now we know how much the Wall Street Journal is nothing more than pure bullshit and propaganda... I am truly surprised that they got away with publishing this piece of garbage....

AND it is not only the horse shit Wall Street Journal that is pushing this false propaganda that Assad is about to "launch a chemical weapons attack" on his own people... But the criminals over at the Right Wing Tribune at, have also climbed aboard the "chemical weapons" false flag bullshit by filing their own report... Here is the link to THAT report here:

I for one am truly astonished at the sheer and utter stupidity by these "publications" and their nerve to put out this pure piece of horse crap propaganda....

And I really once again have to ask everyone:  WHY in the hell would Assad suddenly after winning all over Syria and working towards freeing his nation from the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal, suddenly do something this STUPID as to 'gas his own people".... It defies all logic and common sense.... And in fact, someone sent me the following picture that sums up this fraud 'false flag' attack very nicely:

And we have this one that also sums up this "chemical weapons" bullshit nicely:

I do hope that everyone gets it?  This madness has to stop... The US/Israel/NATO cabal have all lost so badly in Syria and now they are trying this ludicrous "false flag" scenario once again in the hope that all of the stupid people out there will all "fall in line" and support the US as it once again attacks Syria... Only this time, these monsters are wanting to use this 'chemical weapons" bullshit to go all in in Syria and intervene directly into that nation.....

I will continue to keep on top of this one, and again I do apologize to my readers for "jumping the gun" in my previous report that the long awaited Idlib offensive by the SAA had begun... If and when that attack does happen, I will indeed be following it closely and have updates here at this blog... Stay tuned...

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Greg Bacon said...

Since we've been told a gazillion times al Qaeda did 9/11 and now, the Pentagon is using it's resources to fund, equip, train and protect al Qaeda and their CIA-created spin-off groups, the White House needs to answer this question:

Since the US is now supporting the terrorist outfit we've been told did 9/11, that means that either al Qaeda didn't do 9/11 and we've been lied to ever since or the USG is now officially a terrorist regime, since we support--in endless ways--the group that you said attacked the US on 9/11, al Qaeda.

They can only choose one answer.

Did Ynet make a mistake and accidentally release the pre-written PR too early?

Report: Chlorine gas attacks in Idlib
Ynet|Published: 09.10.18 , 10:36

Syrian president Bashar Assad used chlorine gas in his attacks on the rebels last stronghold in Idlib, reported an American source to the Wall Street Journal.

It has further been reported that US president Donald Trump threatened “a massive attack” against Assad’s regime if he commits a massacre in Idlib.,7340,L-5346705,00.html