Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Shootdown Of Malaysian Flight MH17 Unravels: Do You Need More Evidence? Yet More Documented Proof Of Kiev's Guilt In Malaysian Shootdown!

I decided to take yesterday off from blogging and take care of some personal business, as well as to purchase some more parts and fixtures for my next phase in my home renovations projects... But I have a few articles that I do want to get around to, so lets get to them....

Ever since Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17th, 2014, there has been a lot of speculation and so many fraudulent reports out there that are still screaming that "Russia did it".... I have said since that shoot down of that Boeing 777ER aircraft with some 298 passengers and crew members on board that the Jew spew media was lying its ass off and that everything that they were "reporting" was distortions and lies... ALL of the evidence that came out shortly afterwards showed that the plane was either (a) attacked by Ukrainian fighter jets which fired an air to air missile into the passenger jet, or (b) it was attacked by a BUK ground surface to air missile....

There have been many in the alternative media including my fellow Canadian truth seeker Greencrow, who have stated that the evidence points to an attack by a Ukrainian fighter jet that brought down MH17... And yes, I have seen both sides of the argument but I have been leaning for over 4 years now on the BUK missile shoot down... And lo and behold, but last week Monday the 17th of September, the Russians came forward with their hard evidence that yes, this was indeed a Ukrainian BUK missile shoot down!

In fact, I do want to present the following video that shows conclusive evidence that it was indeed a Ukrainian controlled BUK missile that shot down MH17.... The video is entitled: "Do You Need More Evidence? Yet More Documented Proof Of Kiev's Guilt In Malaysian Shootdown", and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I have my usual further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this?  It should be obvious to everyone by now that this was indeed a shootdown of this passenger jet to try to vilify Russia once again..But thanks to the investigation conducted by the Russians, all of the evidence now clearly shows that the Ukrainian government is to blame for this murder of 298 innocent people..

BUT I am a bit perturbed by what this Russian investigation came up with... They missed some other very startling evidence that shows that there is more to this MH17 shootdown than meets the eye... For they missed the FACT that when the first responders got to the passenger jet wreckage in eastern Ukraine, they discovered that when they pulled the bodies from the wreckage, they were already dead a long time with many in advanced stages of decomposition... That leads to the startling conclusion that the passengers were already dead BEFORE they were loaded into the aircraft!  But how could that be?

I have stated for many years now with many previous articles that the solution to MH17 is actually the final flight of the long missing MH370..... I have shown in previous articles as to how after MH370 was diverted and purposely landed at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean that the passengers were murdered and the aircraft was flown off as a "cargo plane" back to the US... Shortly after that, the criminal Jewish elite came up with a plan to use the Boeing 777ER aircraft as a flying bomb to attack the Iranian nuclear summit that was taking place in The Hague Netherlands.. Luckily the Dutch air force intercepted this Boeing aircraft and had it diverted away from Dutch airspace to land somewhere in Europe... The criminals failed in that false flag attack, but soon decided that they would use it in the MH17 false flag attack to not only be blamed on Russia, but as a means of disposing of both the Boeing 777 aircraft and the bodies from the MH370 incident... They reloaded the long dead passengers from the MH370 flight into that aircraft and then robotically flew it over Ukraine and had it blown out of the sky claiming that Russia did it.... But every piece of subsequent evidence after that attack has shown that not only is the aircraft the long missing Boeing 777ER from the MH370 flight, but that the passengers on board are indeed the victims of MH370 itself....  I have in fact found NOTHING that shows what I am claiming to be wrong, and I am challenging anyone to show me otherwise...

Yes, the mystery behind MH17 does continue... The evidence does show that a Ukrainian BUK missile did the deed in the shootdown, BUT once again we are only being told 1/2 the truth... The solution to MH17 has always been MH370!

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