Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Global Warming Fraud: Get Ready For An Extremely Cold Winter Coming..

I again have been busy these last few days, doing my home renovations... But yesterday I was so burned out from working and trying to do these renovations that I had to take a break..... I was not feeling too good yesterday, and instead of spending the evening doing some drywall painting and puttying, I decided to take some headache medication and boom, I was out like a light!   I woke up earlier today feeling a lot better after some much needed sleep and I realized that I was indeed overworking and putting my health at risk... I therefore am taking a bit of rest and relaxation for the rest of this Labour Day weekend and will fire off one or two articles tonight and hopefully my weekend rant on time tomorrow.. After that, I will get some much needed rest and spend the rest of this long weekend letting my body relax....

Well... I want to take a shot at one of my other "pet peeves" these days, which is of course the fraud of "Global Warming"..... I have put out countless articles over these last few years tackling that fraud and pointing out the evidence that this planet is NOT about to "overheat" as the liars behind the "Global Warming" scam continue to promote... I have shown that the evidence is that the planet is about to enter a long and very cold period due to our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, going into a period of reduced solar radiation output, which many call a "grand solar minimum".....

And in fact to help back up the facts that this planet is indeed entering a very cold period with very short summers and long and brutally cold winters, I want to turn to the following report that comes from none other than the Fox News Channel online site, at, that shows from evidence presented through the "Farmer's Almanac" that this upcoming winter of 2018-2019 will be intensely cold!  Here is the link to that article here:

OK, I do believe the facts presented here, for the Farmer's Almanac has been spot on in the past when it comes to their predictions as to what our winters will be like, and they have been mostly accurate for the last few years in their predictions of cold winters which absolutely plagued North America and especially this part of central Canada as well!

I have really had a hard time in dealing with the idiots out there that have said that this summer was the 'hottest on record' and have used the short amount of intense heat in these parts as their "proof" of Global Warming... But the facts are that it has indeed been getting colder right across this planet, and the evidence shows not only in the northern hemisphere, but elsewhere across the planet as well.. And to show the evidence that we are indeed entering the long predicted Grand Solarm Minimum, I want to present the following video that brings forward the evidence that we are indeed entering a long period of intense cold.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I am still shocked that people still do not get it?  The entire "Global Warming" scam is just that... A SCAM.... It is being pushed even harder these days on gullible people to get them to believe the fraud that we need to curb our man made "emissions" and especially "carbon dioxide" (which again is NOT a "greenhouse gas" at all...) and to accept the fraud of "Carbon Taxes" under the belief that these new "taxes" are for the good of humanity...But of course these 'taxes' are nothing of the sort, but are being pushed to fleece the populace and fill the coffers of our criminal governments...

I will continue covering the fraud of Global Warming and especially the fraud of "Carbon Taxes" in future articles at this blog.... I do want to see people wake the fuck up and realize that these are nothing but scams........

More to come



james ginn said...

The elites worldwide are running out of ways to make more money so yes they lie awake at night thinking up new ways such as the 'carbon tax'. It will not change in the future.

Greg Bacon said...

When I clicked on that link, here's what came up:

Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.376218b8.1535865452.51387744

Yet when I copied and pasted into my browser window, it worked fine?

This Summer in Mid-Missouri was hotter than hell, with a cooler then normal April, followed by a hellish May, June, July and August with only a couple of breaks of normal Summer weather.

The past two Winters we got around 2 inches of snow TOTAL, when our average is around 23 inches.

30 years ago, once could stop mowing their yard by late October, because it got cold enough--and stayed cold--to make the grass go dormant.
But these days, it's not unusual to be mowing the lawn into late November or even December.
Since trees exchange CO2 for O2, then why are we still clear-cutting forests for paper? That right their exposes their CO2 lies, the bastards are trying to scare people into demanding the US--and others--institute a carbon swap law, which will do nothing to remove CO2, but make Wall Street hundreds of billions handling the trades, while our utility rates skyrocket, as Dear Leader Obama admitted.

Ask Germany about their experiment with carbon trading, which they finally stopped, since they realized it did nothing to remove CO2, but did remove money from Germans. 11 billion Euros somehow disappeared and my money is on the usual suspects.

The weather is changing, but not due to CO2, it's from all the forests and jungles that have been cleared and continue to do so. To clear-cut forests to make paper, especially toilet paper, is beyond stupid, when hemp would do just as well, actually better.
But the multi-billionaire COCK brothers are standing in the way, fighting hemp legislation with massive amounts of money.
They have leases to and own millions of acres of forests, plus lumber and paper mills, so they don't want to lose that income stream.

Poor babies are only worth somewhere North of 120 BILLION, net, so I can understand their apprehension at losing a few hundred million a year in potential profits.

A billion just isn't what it used to be.