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Some Good News Coming Out Of Canada For A Change: Anti-Immigration Party Favored To Win Quebec Provincial Election This October 1st!

I have been sick and tired of the criminality of that heinous Justin Trudeau since the day he was 'selected' to be Canada's Prime Minister some 2+ years ago... Since that Federal Election, that ass clown has been the running joke of most Canadians and seen as an idiot world wide by other countries and leaders.... This idiot has stuck his foot in his mouth for so long and has been doing some serious damage to this nation with his lunatic policies....

I have already attacked Justin Trudeau and his cronies in the Canadian federal "Liberal" party for their lunacy, especially when it comes to their fraudulent "Carbon Tax" plan that will FLEECE the Canadian people out of their hard earned wealth and will do ZERO to affect the fraudulent "Global Warming" that in itself is a scam.... Trudeau is expected to pull in BILLIONS of dollars in new tax revenues from this fleecing that will definitely leave every single Canadian much poorer and quite possibly cause a massive explosion of advent poverty across this once free nation!

AND I have been attacking that idiot's policies when it comes to his throwing open Canada's borders and allowing every single sewer rat that comes from some hell hole elsewhere across the world to come marching into this nation and do nothing for the good of this country other than to be put permanently on the Canadian welfare dole and be allowed to keep their lunatic belief systems as well as their own foreign cultures!   It has done nothing to enhance Canada as these illegals have brought nothing to this nation to further Canadian culture.... This is exactly what has been happening in Europe as we all watch in disbelief that those nations have thrown  open their borders to so many illegals and misfits, and right now those nations are being destroyed by that insane policy.... Justin Trudeau is definitely doing exactly the same thing right here in Canada.

Well, we may finally be seeing some changes on the horizon right here in Canada in terms of the lunatic immigration policies of the criminal Justin Trudeau government... For according to the following report, from the Information Liberation website at, apparently the Canadian province of Quebec has finally had enough of these illegals and miscreants crossing their border to ruin their province and is about to elect an Anti-Immigration Party to the Provincial legislature in Quebec City come October 1st, that will definitely work to stop the flow of these illegals flowing into that Province!   Here is that article for everyone, and especially my fellow Canadian readers, to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Anti-Immigration Party Favored to Win Quebec Election, Plans 'Values Tests' For Newcomers
Chris Menahan
Sep. 14, 2018

Are we finally witnessing a turning of the tide?

From Bloomberg:

With less than three weeks to go before the Oct. 1 election, an upstart alliance that's pledging to reduce immigration is favored to oust the Liberal Party that's governed the French-speaking Canadian province for all but two of the past 15 years.

Coalition Avenir Quebec, the eight-year-old party led by former airline executive and education minister Francois Legault, is leading in the polls -- though recent surveys show it may lack the support required to win a majority.

The CAQ, which is also pledging to make government more efficient, has the support of 35 percent of voters compared to 29 percent for Philippe Couillard's Liberals, according to weighted polling averages compiled by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Ominously for the incumbent premier, 62 percent of voters surveyed by polling company Leger this month said they were dissatisfied with Couillard's government.

[...]With Quebec facing labor shortages in several regions and immigration now capped at about 50,000 people a year, the CAQ wants to cut the limit to 40,000 to better integrate newcomers. It's also vowing to give immigrants three years to learn French or face the risk of being expelled from the province -- a pledge criticized by Couillard, who says immigration will be the true "ballot box question" on Oct. 1.

The Parti Quebecois, meanwhile, insists immigrants must be better integrated and wants to make knowledge of French a condition for settling in the province.
They want to give newcomers "values tests," the Times Colonists reports:
The Coalition has promised to impose a values test and a French test on new arrivals after three years if it is elected on Oct. 1.

Those who fail would see their selection certificates revoked, leaving the federal government free to remove them from the country.

[...]The Coalition leader also explained the values portion of the test, which would quiz immigrants about the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"Do you think women and men are equal? Do you recognize a secular state and laws come before religion? Do you recognize we have a democratic, non-violent, respectful society? Do you recognize homosexuals have the same rights as others in our society?," Legault said, listing some examples.
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NTS Notes: OK, Some of the policies that this CAQ party wants to introduce to "curb" the insane flow of illegal immigrants into Quebec may not seem like much, but they are at least a step in the right direction....And if the CAQ does gain power in Quebec, we can only hope that other provinces see what is happening there and adopt the same policies in regards to these illegals...

As a Canadian citizen who lives on the prairies, and far away from Quebec in eastern Canada, I have watched in horror for the last few years as our entire southern border has had these misfits and rejects from some foreign sewer cross into this nation and absolutely destroy our culture and our social welfare system.... I therefore must applaud this good news coming out of Quebec!

Honestly, for decades I have not had much good to say about Quebec... That province which is of French speaking majority has always been a thorn in Canada's political system with their continuous want to take what they can from the Canadian Federal system, and if they did not get their way would threaten to "secede" from Canada and try to go it alone.... BUT I will say that the Quebecers are absolutely right in this regard and I do hope that this Anti-Immigration party does win a great majority come October 1st...

It is my hope that with this election of these Anti-Immigrants in Quebec come October 1st that there is a ripple effect across the rest of Canada.... Other provincial legislatures can take a hard stance and demand that Ottawa close the borders to these illegals and basically go back to the proper immigration system that was in place before Justin Trudeau threw open the borders... Basically every single immigrant that wants to come into this nation and become a citizen should go through the proper screening methods which determines whether they can be a great help to this nation... If they fail that screening then they should definitely be shipped out and sent back to the hell holes they came from...

And as far as I am concerned, the present policy of giving every single illegal immigrant that has come into this country free money, housing, etc must be halted immediately.... These illegals must also be re-evaluated and if they cannot conform or adapt to Canadian culture be sent back to the sewers they originated from...  The future of Canada is at stake here...

More to come


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