Sunday, September 30, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Sunday, and once again time for my weekly rant..

I had a family crisis occur last week when my aging mother once again had to be submitted back into the hospital after coming down with Jaundice... She had to be taken to the emergency room the other day after her skin turned yellow and there was some fear that she was suffering from organ failure, primarily with the Liver..... But it turned out to be a gall bladder infection instead and one heck of a large gall stone that they removed the other day.... This has been happening quite regularly now with her, due to the fact that she is now 88 years of age and not in the best of health... She has also not been eating properly if eating at all, and my brother and I have come to the conclusion that she does not want to take care of herself and basically wants to just pass away...

I have been spending the last few days going back and forth between my home and the hospital to check up on her, and the doctors are now wanting to have her released back to her senior's residence as early as tomorrow... BUT I have been pushing now to have her into a personal care facility since she is now needing almost 24 hour a day care due to her unable to properly take care of herself... BUT there is a very long waiting period for personal care facilities to come available in this province up here in Canada, and the best that can be done is to have her on a 'waiting list' until one is available... My fear is that she will not make it to that personal care facility and will pass away very soon.....

OK, enough of that worry... I really do not want to give another weather report, but lets face it.. It is so fucking damn cold up in these parts of central Canada, and yes that is highly unusual for this time of year... I have not seen it this damn cold for several decades, and yes it actually did snow here just the other day!  Usually we do not get snow in these parts until at least mid to late October.... What is happening is a definitive sign that the weather is very much indeed getting much colder and I can this winter season both brutally colder than previous years, as well as longer than usual......  

Yes, in spite of the  absolute proof now that the planet is getting colder, those sick bastards in the Liberal regime under that heinous Justin Trudeau are now about to ram through their "legislation" that will impose a fraud "carbon tax" on every single Canadian citizen.... And in spite of my best efforts in trying to awaken the gullible and stupid masses up here in this formerly free nation about this scam and the fact that they are about to be fleeced, most are too oblivious while others are too brainwashed with the bullshit of "Global Warming" to do a damn thing about it.... Starting as early as January of next year, every single Canadian will see their taxes explode as "carbon taxation" is forced on every poor sap in this country...And the cost of this fleecing will be enormous, for my own "carbon footprint" will see me paying as much as $1500 extra in "taxes" for 2019 alone!  And where will all that money that the crooked Liberal government will collect from the suckers living up here go?  NOT into "programs" to somehow "save the planet from Global Warming", but absolutely into general revenue where it will disappear into the usual black hole of government waste!   Again, I have tried my best to wake the fucking Canadian idiots up here into what is happening, but most apparently do not give a damn....

Several commentators and close colleagues have not liked my last few articles concerning the stupidity of that Brett Kavanaugh circus that has been happening in America... And all I can say is, too bad... .I am calling it like it is, and even though I know that Brett Kavanaugh is not only a crook and the one that helped the crooked Clinton crime family get away with the murder of Vincent Foster, but what the sickos in the Jew spew media and the so called "Liberal" freaks are trying to pull now with this bullshit "Kavanaugh raped me" assertions is beyond the pale..... This circus should have been wrecked the moment that lying sack of shit, Christine Blasey Ford, stepped forward and after a quick check was proven to be nothing but a liar... That bitch should have been arrested and thrown into jail for making the most stupid allegations possible and then not even remembering the facts about when and how she was supposedly "raped" by Kavanaugh.... But the circus continued and that lying sack of shit went onto the panel late last week and rather than back down, actually had the nerve to continue to lie her ass off in front of the entire world.... Again, Kavanaugh is as crooked as they come, but this Ford creature is a lying filthy bitch that should be behind bars for her falsehoods! That is my honest opinion, and for those naysayers that do not like it, too bad..

And I came under attack for my last post concerning Paul Craig Roberts coming forward and showing how this Kavanaugh bullshit has been a cover and smokescreen for what the US is doing around the world criminally and especially in Yemen..... Paul may be a fool for not realizing after all these years that the problem in America is and always has been the Jewish power elite that have caused the ruination of the republic, but he is right that the main concern of the American people should be how their crooked government is aiding the sickos in Saudi Arabia with the murder and genocide of millions of innocent  people in Yemen... THAT is why I posted Paul's article, out of concern for the millions that are now facing genocide in Yemen thanks to the US government aiding the murderous regime in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, while Americans are blindly being fed the bullshit of the circus of their own government's corruption, the nation of Yemen is teetering on the edge of a humanitarian catastrophe.... I have put up so many articles by now that show how the American government has been giving the Saudis both the arms and the logistics to help them in the murder of Yemen and its citizens.... It is so sad that now almost 5 years since the Houthis rose up and threw out the puppet regime in Sana, that the nation is dying at the hands of both the Saudis and the Americans..... We are indeed witnessing the destruction of a nation and the death of millions due to mass starvation, and both the American government and the Jew spew media are complicit in that murder for not telling the American people the truth and continuing to support the blood thirsty regime in Riyadh!

I put out one of my usual article at this blog last week ripping apart of US President Drumpf's "speech" last week to the UN General Assembly, and to tell the truth I honestly think that Drumpf made a complete fool of himself to the entire world with nothing but pure lies and falsehoods that many of the delegates to the General Assembly knew from the moment he opened his mouth on the podium... It is a fact that many delegates did indeed openly laugh at many parts of that horrid "speech", for they knew that Drumpf was indeed telling complete and utter bullshit..... I also saw some media reports that stated that Drumpf not only did not even acknowledge the laughter, but that he somehow thought the laughter was not pointed at what he was saying in his speech at all!  Honestly, is the US President this much out of touch with reality?  Or is he indeed nothing more than a puppet for Jewish interests and the so called "deep state" that he is oblivious to what he is saying?  I am leaning on the latter...

I did not tear the speech made last week by that horrific Benyamin Miliekosky (Netanyahu) to the General Assembly, for I thought it would be a waste of time... For in each part of that "speech" that I read, you could easily insert "Iran did this", or "Iran did that".... THAT speech by the sicko freak of a Prime Minister of that sicko freak state of Israel was nothing more than false claims that Iran had some "secret nuclear facilities" and how Iran was this "threat to the entire world" that we have heard so many times before from this murderous criminal.... Basically this monster went in front of the UN General Assembly to demand that the nations of the UN help him in destroying the peaceful nation of Iran..... And about this "secret nuclear facility" that this idiot was once again claiming; We have seen these false claims over and over again for some 30 years now coming out of Israel, and in every case they have always been proven to be negative... Iran does NOT have some "secret" nuclear facility as it had given up any ideas of building a nuclear arsenal for itself some 20 years ago, and both the Mossad and the CIA have reported that as fact..... Basically, with the sickos in Israel no longer able to change the outcome in Syria, at least for the moment, they are once again trying to focus the world on their lust for Iran's destruction for fulfillment of their sick and  perverse "Greater Israel" project....

Not much to say these days about what is happening in Syria... There are "negotiations" taking place to try to get the US bought and paid for so called 'rebels' and "terrorists" that are holed up in the Idlib pocket to accept the terms of the Russia/Turkish agreement and basically lay down their arms and cease and desist and further hostilities... But of course the US/Israel/NATO scourge is still looking at a way to try to 'wreck' that agreement and allow the fighting to continue... The scourge does not want to admit that their Syrian destruction project has basically come to an end, and I can guarantee these monsters still have a trick or two up their sleeves..... The situation in Idlib is far from over, and I am still hoping that the agreements will take hold to save the millions of civilians that have been under the occupation of these "rebels" and "terrorists" in Idlib and allow them to be returned to Syria where they belong..

The one thing that I found astounding about the Syrian war was how the US "admitted" last week that their operations in Syria and Iraq against 'terrorism' (which in itself is a joke..) has killed some "1100 or so 'civilians'... When I saw that report, I thought that someone made a mistake with the decimal point, for the real cost of these wars to try to destroy and decimate both Syria and Iraq has to be in the neighbourhood of at least "100000+" civilians.... The US murdered tens of thousands alone in their illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, and since their injection of their fraud "terrorists" into Syria starting in 2011, at least 100000 civilians have been murdered by those proxies.... Therefore I found it astounding and so openly disgusting that they have now come forward and "admitted" to such a pathetically low number of "deaths" due to their sinister operations across these two nations.... The numbers are astronomically higher and those murders are continuing to this day!

Before I close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits... I have been watching via the sports channels up here in Canada the latest propaganda coming out of that Jewish hell hole called "Hollywood" where they are promoting this "movie" that will come out in October called "First Man'... This  piece of propaganda and filth is to "celebrate" one of the greatest LIES in human history, aka the "Apollo Moon Landings" by putting liar Neil Armstrong on a pedestal!   The facts are simple,  in that Neil Armstrong along with that heinous Buzz Aldrin were NOT the 'first men' on the moon, for mankind still has NEVER sent human beings to the moon, period... The so called "landings" of 1969-1972 were complete and utter bullshit, and what was sold to the world was nothing more than a propaganda stunt using props and models... Armstrong himself did make it into low earth orbit with his Gemini flight in the mid 1960's, but he never ever made it anywhere close to the "moon".... It is also a fact that shortly after the fraud of Apollo 11, he basically quit NASA and became a recluse... Some say he even turned to alcoholism due to his knowing that what he did with Apollo 11 was a horrible lie.... Therefore, this crap of "First Man" is indeed nothing but propaganda fiction and is being shoved into the minds of gullible Americans to try to continue the bullshit of Project Apollo.....  Honestly, I do hope this "movie" dies and is a disaster, but knowing the Jewish elite and their "Hollywood" they will ram it down our throats and even have it up for their Jew "Academy Awards" come next year...

There... I have spewed long enough... I have left a lot on the table as usual, and will try to cover some of those other points in my usual closing "last minute tidbits"...... Yes, I saw how in Drumpf's speech last week where he once again attacked North Korea, and then suddenly talked beyond the speech about a new "summit" with North Korea by the end of this year.  Being two faced about North Korea? You bet!..... And I see how South Korea is again moving ahead with plans to get a peace agreement with North Korea on the table very soon.  Guaranteed the US government will try to ruin that agreement for they do want to stay in South Korea and continue to label the North as some kind of "enemy"............I saw a report just the other day about how Israeli soldiers have once again been mass murdering innocent Palestinians with the latest report about the IDF actually using "machine guns" against unarmed Palestinian protestors!  People need to realize that the psychos in Israel want every single Palestinian dead or in permanent exile, for in their sick twisted minds they want ALL of Palestine for themselves!.....  Still awaiting any further news on the Schaefers and of course Ursula Haverbeck, who are still in those bullshit "kangaroo court" trials in Germany for nothing more than wanting the truth about history.   But lets face it, for the Jewish power elite wants them and others muzzled and their "holocaust" to never be properly investigated and researched!  Are these monsters afraid that the truth may get out?  You bet!...........Amazed that few readers are paying attention to my last health report about the dangers of Fluoride in our food and water.  I have indeed been watching with amazement about how this new generation of youth appears to be dumber than the last, and I can state with certainty that one of the reasons for this dumbing down of society is indeed exposure to Flouride!........I saw how another real truth seeker, Michael Herzog, was attacked over at his site at, last week for his audio show on the real Adolf Hitler.  I went over that audio presentation again and again, and there is NOTHING wrong with what Michael states, and I do want readers to take a listen for themselves to judge for themselves.........What the HELL is going on with "Reddit"?  I saw the reports where that service has the nerve to "quarantine" anyone that questions the facts about the Israeli Mossad attacks of 9-11.  Apparently the Jews behind "Reddit" do not like the truth from getting out and they are indeed censoring anyone that goes onto their service and states the truth!..........And I saw articles where apparently that Jew controlled POS 'social media' platform called 'Facebook' has been caught in taking users' "friends" information and selling it!  This is absolutely deplorable and again I must ask anyone with two brain cells to rub together WHY they are stupid enough to even have a "Facebook" account?  Close the damn thing immediately!.......So let me get this straight; The US has created the mess we see now in Venezuela by both interfering in that nation's affairs along with its ludicrous "sanctions" that are presently destroying that nation's ability to conduct world wide trade, and now they say that they can "fix" the problem by invading that nation?  Does anyone else see the problem here???..........Nothing new to report on Fukushima Japan other than to say that disaster is still absolutely out of control with no "fix" coming any time soon.  Yes, 8 1/2 years after the initial calamity caused by the US/Israel Stuxnet virus destroying the safety systems in the now failed nuclear reactors and the world is still stupidly avoiding this disaster that is still spilling its radioactive guts into the atmosphere and into the Pacific Ocean...........Was that US F35 'attack' on the Taliban position in Afghanistan last week a 'publicity stunt' to try to make the claim that this flying piece of shit can actually work in "combat"?  You bet it was!  That piece of shit "fighter" program should have been canceled over a decade ago, and here we have this  propaganda stunt to try to fool the world into the false belief that it actually works...........Russia sells S300 anti-aircraft systems to Syria and of course Israel is pissed.  They want to continue to attack neighbouring nations via air attacks with impunity and now the Syrians have had enough of this madness.  Good for the Syrians, and I do hope to see some of those Israeli fighters blown out of the sky soon...... I see that Arsenal wins a key game yesterday over Watford and is now sitting in 5th place in the table after 5 straight wins.  The team is finally showing its potential, and I would love to see the Gunners in at least a Champions League position by the end of this season.  But winning the table is still a pipe dream....... I saw how Kanye West has gone ballistic since his appearance on that disgusting Saturday Night Live show, where he was disgusted by his treatment and their political stupidity.  He is right, for SNL is a shadow of its former greatness, and even I turned off that garbage years back due to it no longer being a 'comedy' but pure propaganda and bullshit.... And finally, in the world of Kardashian skankville, apparently skank Khloe is up in arms over how Tristan Thompson has been exposed for his infidelity and his 'cheating ways'.   Honestly, what did that skank expect when she has known for years that Thompson is unfaithful and once a cheater always a cheater.  But hey, I digress, for this is once again the type of insanity in Kardashian lunatic land that always goes on and is shoved into the minds of most Americans.   And people still wonder why I see America as a failed state, when this drivel is what infatuates most Americans?

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Where Does Our Attention Belong: The Kavanaugh Fiasco, Or The Genocide Happening In Yemen?

I am absolutely disgusted these days with the Jew spew media, and how those ass clowns continue to cloud the gullible and simple minds of the average American with the bullshit happening in these "Kavanaugh Hearings" and all of the really bonafide bullshit of "Brett Kavanaugh raped me" coming from those women out there that are so obviously being paid handsomely to go out in front of the American people and lie their asses off!....To me, this is so so insulting and shows how badly America has indeed fallen.... All we have left in America is such horrific corruption that it is no wonder the entire republic is on the verge of total collapse!

I just came across the following article from Paul Craig Roberts, from his website at, that mirrors almost exactly the same way that I feel ..... It is entitled: "Where Does Our Attention Belong: Kavanaugh Or Yemen?" and indeed shows the sheer stupidity of the average American these days that they are so focused in on the bullshit happening with Brett Kavanaugh that they are ignorant of how their own crooked government is assisting in the genocide of MILLIONS of innocent people in Yemen!  Here is that article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Where Does Our Attention Belong: Kavanaugh or Yemen?

Where Does Our Attention Belong: Kavanaugh or Yemen?
Paul Craig Roberts
There are reports that the Washington-initiated and militarily- supported Saudi Arabian war against Yemen have a starving Yemeni population eating leaves. 
The Saudis, with Washington’s GPS support, continue to target school busses, massacring children as an element of the terror assault against the population, trying to break Yemeni resistance by murdering children on school busses. Washington continues to supply the Saudis with the weapons to target school buses and the diplomatic support to protect the criminal Saudi regime from war crimes charges. The European cowards turn their heads. Even Russia is silent.
Putin’s “partnership” with the criminal state of Saudi Arabia is more important. 
Isn’t this a far greater offense, an offense that most definitely does not lack evidence, than the accusation that Kavanaugh, a nominee to the US Supreme Court attempted to rape a women 30 or 40 years ago, for which there is no evidence, only accusation, an accusation that the female defense atttorney who questioned for the Senate committee the woman claiming abuse found insufficient for an indictment. 
Of course, this report could be fake news. As in America fake news has taken over from truthful news, we have no way of knowing. All we can conclude is that America has again made a world-wide fool of herself. Thanks to the Identity Politics of the Clinton-corrupt Democratic Party, in the eyes of the world America has assembled a Supreme Court of serial sexual abusers. Makes one wonder why it is so important to the Russian government that Russia joins the West.
If Kavanaugh attempted to rape someone, why didn’t it come up in his previous judgeship appointment or in his other appointments? Is the reason that these appointtments were not relevant to Roe vs. Wade? Is all the MeToo and Democratic Party hysteria over fear that Kavanaugh will help a conservative court overturn Roe vs. Wade and force women into more responsible sex?
I have never understood why women have considered the termination of life to be a Woman’s Issue as if it is some kind of moral cause. However, I am certain that Roe vs. Wade will not be overturned. After all these years, there are squatters’ rights in women’s ability to choose abortion. The right has existed too long for statutory law to override common law.
Perhaps, instead, the opposition to Kavanaugh is that he is a white heterosexual male, thereby making the time too delayed before the Identity Politics Democrats can load up the Supreme Court with MeToo feminists, transgendered whatever they are, lesbians, homosexuals, and white-hating blacks (see: ) in order to “bring justice to the white male exploiter.”
It was left to a Russian publication to ask why CNN published a fifth accuser’s accusation after the accuser had withdrawn the accusation. 
The real question before the American people is why are they, the media, the government, MeToo feminists, the Identity Politics Democrats and liberal-progressive-left, and conservatives stone silent while Washington enables Saudia Arabia to murder the Yemeni people to the point that Yemenis have to eat leaves in a desperate attempt to survive.
Clearly, the American idiots have no idea whatsoever what a moral issue is.

NTS Notes: I will not pull any punches here... America has lost all facets of morality and is indeed a doomed nation..

The situation in Yemen is as bad as Paul states, and I have been doing my best for the last several years in trying to alert everyone to the reality of that slaughter by the Saudi Arabian criminals and how they have been aided in that mass murder and genocide by the American government!

And lets face the facts about Kavanaugh... The man is indeed a scum bag, for he was indeed the man who helped the Clinton crime family of mass murdering freaks get away with their murder of Vincent Foster.... That reality alone should have been enough for the American people to say "absolutely not" in regards to him trying to be on the US Supreme Court... But since most Americans are ignorant of Kavanaugh's real criminality, they are stuck with this bullshit of him "raping" women instead....

I am sick and tired of what is happening right now in America... I had hoped that the American people would have said "enough" by now in regards to the unending bullshit out of their media and their corrupt government... But sadly, most Americans are now too far gone and just lap all this garbage up rather than focus on the criminality of their Government in its unending wars across the globe for Israel as well as their assisting in genocide in nations such as Yemen!   And people wonder why I say America is doomed?

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Important Health News: Read The Shocking Conclusions From 28 Medical Studies Linking Fluoride To Lower IQ In Children!

I have been putting out countless articles over the last 10 years aimed at very important health news... And especially about the dangerous chemicals in our environment, as well as the food and water that we consume, that is harmful to our bodies..... And one chemical in particular has been a focus of my articles, and that is of course Fluoride which has and still is being added to our food and primarily into the water that we drink!

I have shown in many previous articles about how Fluoride was intentionally added to our drinking water supplies as early as the 1920's as a method of suppressing thoughts of revolt in our societies against the criminality of our own governments... It is a fact that the former Soviet Union added Fluoride to the water supplies in the Gulags as a method of preventing any prisoners in those prison camps from rising up in revolt against their prison guards... And that chemical worked like a charm, for the Soviets found that with Fluoride administered to their prisoners, they did not need as many guards and extra security to prevent riots or revolts!....

Basically, Fluoride has been the bi-product of the Aluminum industry as Fluoride binds to Aluminum in Bauxite ore and when Aluminum is removed from Bauxite, there is a vast amount of Fluoride bi-products left over as waste.... Back at the beginning of the 20th century, major Aluminum producers such as ALCOA in America had a problem, for they had dangerous and corrosive Fluoride piling up from their Aluminum smelters with no where or way to get rid of it... But sometime after the 1920's, someone came up with an ingenious idea, which was to dump that waste Fluoride product into public drinking water reservoirs and selling that idea to the public as a method of preventing "tooth decay" in teeth!...... Sadly the vast majority of cities right across North America, and Europe (including my own here in central Canada) fell for this scam and allowed waste Fluoride to poison our water supplies as they are still doing to this day!

I have long known about the physical damage that Fluoride can and has done to our bodies.. But my last few articles about the dangers of Fluoride have concentrated on how that insidious poison has been destroying our brains and causing a drastic drop in the IQ of our citizens....  And now, here comes a major report from the Waking Times website, at, where some 28 major medical studies have now found conclusive evidence that Fluoride has indeed been lowering the IQ of our children!   Here is that report right here for all to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


September 27, 2018

To date, there are at least 53 known international scientific studies concluding that fluoride consumption is harmful to the development of intelligence in children, it impairs their learning and memory capacity. Children are commonly exposed to fluoride from municipal water supplies, dental treatments, environmental pollution, and  in-utero.
Municipal water fluoridation is a state-mandated pharmacological intervention that ostensibly aims to fight dental fluorosis, but this claim is highly contested, and a growing body of research indicates that water fluoridation is linked to lower IQ in children. Medication without consent is a human rights violation.

In 2017, former EPA senior scientist, William Hirzy, PhD noted:
Here is a sampling of some of the shocking conclusions from these studies, as documented by The Fluoride Action Network, where a full breakdown on these studies, as well as comments about study methodologies and locations, may be found.
“Chronic exposure to high levels of fluoride in water was observed to be associated with lower intelligence quotient.” ~IQ Study #41: Nagarajappa (2013)
“School children residing in area with higher than normal water fluoride level demonstrated more impaired development of intelligence when compared to school children residing in areas with normal and low water fluoride levels.” ~IQ Study #47: Sebastian (2015)
“[C]hildren residing in areas with higher than normal water fluoride level demonstrated more impaired development of intelligence and moderate [dental fluorosis]. Millions of children including adults around the world are affected by higher level of fluoride concentration through their drinking water and are therefore potentially at risk. It is concluded that for the benefit of the future generation, urgent attention should be paid on this substantial public health problem.” ~IQ Study #50: (Das 2016)
“[S]tudents of the study area have less IQ than students of non-contaminated area, demonstrating that consumption of F also has a major role with the intellectual development of
children.” ~IQ Study #49: Mondal (2016)
“The data from this research may support the hypothesis that excess fluoride in drinking water has toxic effects on the nervous system.” ~IQ Study #48: Khan (2015)
“Fluoride in the drinking water was significantly related with the IQ of children. Along with fluoride, mother’s diet during pregnancy was also found to be significantly related with IQ of children.” ~IQ Study #46: Kundu (2015)
“Results of our field study raise a concern about the safety of elevated systemic exposure to fluoride from high concentrations in the drinking water.While topical fluoride treatment confers benefits of reducing caries incidence, the systemic exposure should not be so high as to impair children’s neurodevelopment especially during the highly vulnerable windows of brain development in utero and during infancy and childhood and may result in permanent brain injury.” ~IQ Study #45: Choi (2015)
“Exposures to fluorine and arsenic are deleterious to the development of intelligence and the development of growth in children” ~IQ Study #43: Bai (2014)
“We observed reduced AChE activity in [the high fluoride area] which may be directly correlate[d] with the reduced intelligence score of the subjects.” ~IQ Study #40: Singh (2013)
“The study found that children residing in a region with a high drinking water F level had lower IQs compared to children living in a low drinking water F region (p<0 .001="" and="" attributed="" be="" confounding="" could="" cultural="" demographic="" differences="" economic="" educational="" factors.="" general="" not="" social="" strong="" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; padding: 0px;" the="" to="">Karimzade (2014)
“This study indicates that exposure to fluoride is associated with reduced intelligence in children.” ~IQ Study #36: Saxena (2012)
“In conclusion, our study suggested that low levels of fluoride exposure in drinking water had negative effects on children’s intelligence and dental health and confirmed the dose-response relationships between urine fluoride and IQ scores as well as dental fluorosis.” ~IQ Study #35: Ding (2011)
“Based on the findings, chronic exposure to high levels of fluoride can be one of the factors that influence intellectual development.” ~IQ Study #34: Poureslami (2011)

“Previous studies had indicated toward decreased Intelligence in children exposed to high levels of fluoride and our study also confirmed such an effect.” ~IQ Study #32: Shivaprakash (2011)
“Findings of this study suggest that overall IQ levels in children’s exposed to high fluoride level were significantly lower than the low fluoride areas.” ~IQ Study #31: Sudhir (2009)

“High exposure to fluoride most definitely has an adverse effect on the development of intelligence in children, in particular on the capability of abstract inference.” ~IQ Study #30: Li (2009)
“This study indicates that exposure to fluoride in drinking water is associated with neurotoxic effects in children.” ~IQ Study #28: Wang (2007)
“In agreement with other studies elsewhere, these findings indicate that children drinking high F water are at risk for impaired development of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #27: Trivedi (2007)
“Exposure to high levels of fluoride is likely to cause a certain level of harm to a child’s level of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #26: Fan (2007)
“Based on the findings of this study, exposure of children to high levels of fluoride may carry the risk of impaired development of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #25: Seraj (2006)
“High fluoride burden has a definite effect on the intellectual and physical development of children.” ~IQ Study #24: Wang (2005)
“The findings of this study thus replicate those of earlier studies and suggest that a real relationship exists between fluoride exposure and intelligence.” ~IQ Study #18: Lu (2000)
“These results show that water improvement and defluoridation can improve the mental and physical development of children in a fluorosis area.“ ~IQ Study #16: Yao (1997)
“The results of the intelligence tests show that a high level of fluoride influences children’s IQ, which is consistent with some previous data. It is worth mentioning that the higher the degree of dental fluorosis, the more negative the impact on the children’s intelligence level. This is an issue which merits utmost attention.” ~IQ Study #15: Yao (1996)
“The results show that a high fluoride intake has a clear influence on the IQ of preschool children, manifesting itself primarily as damage to performance intelligence.” ~IQ Study #13: Wang (1996)
“A high fluoride intake was associated with a lower intelligence.” ~IQ Study #11: Li (1995)
“The results show that the level of intelligence of primary and secondary students from the high fluoride area and that of primary and secondary students from the non-high fluoride area had very significant differences, proving that high fluoride has adverse effects on the mental development of students. The higher the water fluoride is, the lower the level of IQ.” ~IQ Study #7: An (1992)
“The results of this study indicate that there is significant difference between the intellectual ability of the 7–14 year old children from the [fluorosis] endemic area and those of the control, and moreover that the average IQ of the children from the endemic area is clearly lower.” ~IQ Study #4: Chen (1991)

About the Author
Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.
This article (Read the Shocking Conclusions from 28 Medical Studies Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Childrenoriginally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Alex Pietrowski and

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by the findings in this important report?  I have been putting up article after article for years now almost begging readers to get off of Fluoride for their own health and to make sure that horrible chemical is NOT administered to their children as well!

Now we find the evidence that Fluoride does indeed lower IQ, due to the damage it does to our brains.... Fluoride attacks certain areas of our brains, and the damage is very apparent in terms of lower intelligence quotients in children today!

And yes, I have been watching for the last few decades how children that I have met seem to be more and more like walking zombies and absolutely not as smart now as in previous generations... Many have claimed that this is due to the poor education system that children are exposed to today, but I would say that the bigger culprit is indeed the foods that they consume and absolutely the Fluoride in the water they drink!

In regards to Fluoride; I have been saying for years to avoid exposure to this chemical at all cost, and if your municipal water supply contains this chemical, stop drinking it.... Push your local city councillors hard to have this chemical removed from drinking water supplies and absolutely make sure that everyone you know is aware of just how dangerous this chemical truly is...

More to come


Update On Syrian War Situation: This Is A Laugher! US Now Claims That Russia And Assad Are Responsible For Turning Idlib Into A Terrorist Stronghold!

I have been following the war in Syria for the last 6+ years now... Since the moment that the criminal former US Secretary of State, that hideous and insane Hillary "Killary" Clinton was directly responsible for the so called 'civil war' in Syria by injecting the US funded and run "terrorists" into that nation to try to break it up back in 2011, I have seen the lows, from the almost disintegration of that nation, to the highs which is of course the present situation where the good guys under the leadership of President  Bashar al-Assad are now on the verge of total victory....

We have seen the so US run and controlled "terrorist" now on the run right across Syria... The last vestiges of these fraud "terrorists" are now holed up in that pocket located in the northern province of Idlib, and they are right now faced with the decision to either accept a disarmament agreement that has been reached between Russia and Turkey, or face death by the hands of the SAA and their allies that are still poised and ready now to go right in and clean out the pocket and put them out of their misery....

It has been a fact that the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal have now been reaching for the most ridiculous excuses possible to still try to invade Syria directly.... They basically have now lost the war to have Syria destroyed and broken up into smaller nations as part of the criminal Greater Israel pocket.... And of course they are still running and in control of what is left of the "terrorists" in Idlib province in the hope that they can eventually use these murderous mercenaries and operatives to try to raise havoc right across Syria once again.... But the world is finally waking up to the reality of what is happening in Syria and most are now coming to the rightful conclusion about who has been controlling these "terrorists" that are still holed up in Idlib!

However, the criminals in the US will still try to sell their propaganda bullshit when ever they can, especially to the gullible American people..... For I came across the following report, from the Southfront website, as part of their usual daily "Syrian War Report" that states that the US is now trying to sell to the world that "RUSSIA and SYRIA" are the ones responsible for turning the Idlib pocket into a "terrorist stronghold"!...... I want to present that report right here for all to see for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Syrian War Report, September 28, 2018
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continues their slow advance on ISIS positions in the al-Safa area in the al-Suwayda-Rif Dimashq desert. The SAA reportedly ambushed at least two groups of ISIS members killing six terrorists and destroying a vehicle.
Nonetheless, most of the area remains in the hands of ISIS. At least 15 SAA troops have been killed in the clashes there.
A unit of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate (SAFID) cracked down an ISIS cell in the village of al-Harrah in western Daraa detaining. According to reports, five suspects were detained, at least one SAFID servicemember was killed and an unknown number of terrorist was eliminated during the operation.
In western Aleppo, Nour al-Din al-Zenki arrested several members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) accusing them of carrying out several attacks in the town of Darat Izza. Members of the group also captures several Hayat Tahrir al-Sham positions at the al-Shikh Barakat mount. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham responded by deploying additional reinforcements in the area.
Some sources speculated that a new round of tensions between various militant groups in Idlib and western Aleppo has been caused by the recent Turkish-Russian agreement to impose a demilitarized zone there.
During a House Armed Services Committee subcommittee hearing on September 26, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Robert Karem accused the Assad government and Russia of turning Idlib into the terrorist stronghold in Syria.
“There is no dispute that Idlib has become a hornet’s nest of multiple terrorist organizations. Regrettably, this is the product of the Russian and Regime approach to consolidating control on the ground in Syria. They have used de-escalation zones and local negotiated deals to purge areas in Syria and used Idlib as a dumping ground. And they have allowed the free transit of the worst terrorists to go to Idlib,” he stated hinting that the Pentagon’s official attitude is that efforts of the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance are allegedly leading to the growth of the terrorist threat in the war torn country.
On September 27, speaking at the UN General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again stated that Israel is adamant in its will to act in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon in order to deter what he described as “Iran’s aggression”.
He also made new allegations on Iran’s nuclear program claiming that there is a secret “atomic warehouse” near Tehran, which is capable of containing as much as 300 tons of “nuclear-related material.”
“Today I am disclosing for the first time that Iran has another secret facility in Tehran, a secret atomic warehouse for storing massive amounts of equipment and material for Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program,” Netanyahu stated adding that the data had been allegedly obtained as a result Israeli forces’ raid on Iran’s alleged “nuclear atomic archive”. A part of this data was presented by Netanyahu in April 2018 with similar claims that Iran has not abandoned its nuclear weapons ambitions.
Meanwhile, the US has renewed its efforts to create the so-called Arab NATO to confront the Iranian influence in the Middle East.
According to U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arabian Gulf Affairs Tim Lenderking, the new entity will be entitled the Middle East Strategic Alliance and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and Jordan would become the core of the bloc.
These developments show that the US-Israeli bloc is set continue its military, diplomatic and economic efforts in an attempt to reshape the current balance of power in the Middle East and to counter the growing Iranian influence.

NTS Notes: I did not know whether to laugh or to cry from reading this report about how the criminals are now trying to blame Russia and Syria for the mess that they themselves created!

It is almost Orwellian when you see how twisted the US and Israel have become in their illogical and laughable excuses for their involvement in Syria....  They funded, and set up these murderers and criminals that are holed up in Idlib and now they say it is Russia and Syria's fault?  How ludicrous and ridiculously stupid are these bastards, and the nerve they have to try to think that they can throw this at the gullible people to have them believe their lies?

I am wondering where the brainiacs in the Pentagon are going with this sad excuse for their own stupidity?   If they are expecting fools out there to believe this nonsense, then they really have another thing coming, for all they have done by this laughable claim is to make themselves to be nothing more than the laughing stocks of the planet....

And one final note.. Notice how that arch lunatic maniac criminal, Benyamin Miliewkosky (aka Netanyahu) had the nerve to speak in front of the UN General Assembly to claim that Iran has some type of 'secret nuclear facility' in Tehran?   Obviously that lunatic is once again trying to throw out his own propaganda bullshit to try to convince a more cynical world that Iran "must be destroyed".... Yes, Israel wants war against Iran, and they will still stop at nothing to get their US puppets to launch that attack and sacrifice US men and women for the psychotic state of Israel.

More to come